His AOTS isn't New Game, Amanchu or Amaama

>his AOTS isn't New Game, Amanchu or Amaama

>Amanchu or Amaama
Boring, and this is coming from someone whose AOTS last season was Flying Witch.

They're all pretty shit.

Let's just get this out of the way:
Show that I like = AOTS
Everything else = shit

Flying Witch might be AOTY if Hibike S2 wasn't going to happen.

Amaama is boring as fuck for anyone whocdoesnt eat japanese food, and that loli voice is annoying as fuck.
Amanchu is literal yuri drama wierd faces garabage, dropped after second episode.
New game is alright, I'll give you that, but it became shit when nene became the focus, should have shifted to yun and hifumi early
Ange vierge is AOTS

>implying he watched anything this crappy season

>weird faces

All three are boring and disappointing. Flying Witch was better.

>Amanchu is literal yuri drama
There is barely any drama and almost no yurishit
>Ange vierge is AOTS
Kill yourself

>Ange vierge is AOTS

That's only true if you like Thunderbolt Fantasy and Love Live Sunshine.

>Thunderbolt Fantasy

I'll give you that, but there's no other argument against TF that's less strawgraspy.


>Having an AOTS this season

it's all shit

I'm not watching it so I can't really argue about it, but I was under the impression people only cared for it because of muh Butcher and funny puppetry.

But Amaama is shit. The other two are great though.

Every season.

Mine is Quality Code, I haven't seen something with godly animation like that in quite a while.

This season ends up being bad as expected. You shouldn't be forced to choose an AOTS because the best shows are all just on par okay shows that fans of that genre enjoy.

i think all you numale faggot cucks meant to say re zero


Right on time.

Gen and puppets is a pretty effective hook; even you recognized that as much.



Why are you mentioning your home board?

ill just return by death



That can't be right because:
1. I never bothered with it.
2. Anyone who would use 'numale' and 'cuck' in their post have no credibility.

You should stay there then. Your feelings won't get hurt that way.

>replying to 0/10 bait
You're all new and gay. Learn to report and ignore.


pickone newfriend

do all you cucks really think your cute girl simulators can compare to this masterpiece of animation and storytelling

That's cute, I bet you think you're making us "mad" or something.

gonna keep spreading the quality because you fags have no taste

i dont spread truth for reactions, i do it because i want to

Ok tell me, why re zero is AOTS?

this is what a real best girl looks like

suffering, based MC that has real development and learns from his mistakes, a cast of cute girls that are more then fan service,well placed cliffhangers to draw you in and hypes you for the next episode,10/10 animation . of course this is just all my opinion but thats why i believe it to be aots

I keep forgetting that's what outside of Cred Forums is like. Have fun with all the attention, though.

Ange Vierge has all those things plus good comedy and lesbains.
You just enjoy self inserting ad a male MC

i guess so user.

i also have huge suffering boners, ill look into ange vierge


>moe shit

>ever a candidate for AOTS

The best shows this season are 91 days, Mob Psycho and current Jojo arc.

Nothing else is interesting besides cute girls

>good comedy

"Moeshit" is almost always Cred Forums's AOTS.

You're taking a stupid joke too seriously. Quit it.

>fujoshit are candidates for AOTS
Landwhale please

It's clearly a two-way fight between New Game and Konobi.

At any given time the Cred Forums catalog will usually consist of well over 50% images containing "moe" stylized females. This is accurately representative of Cred Forums's demographics regarding anime preferences. It isn't a joke. It's blatantly transparent reality.

Mob Psycho is shounen OPM wannabe garbage. 91 Days is poor man's Baccano. JoJo went to shit after Battle Tendency. New Game is the only show that will be remembered.

That shows you have garbage taste.

Explain Code Geass.

I'm sorry i like hot older girls, not ugly moeblob bitches that have a body of 5 year olds.

Newgame? More like NewTrash of the season

>New Game is the only show that will be remembered.

Poor mans Yuri Yuri with vidya

Mob Psycho is the obvious AOTS.

Second will be 91 days if the ending is good otherwise its New Game.

Then Amaama because Saori is a queen.

I don't know if Ange Vierge is AOTS but it's the surprise of the year for sure.

Trash taste as always.

go jack off to your fanservice pedoharamweebshit user

Ange Vierge > *

Fuck off LNfag

I'm with you, bud

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What is there to explain?
Fall 2006 AOTS: Kanon
Winter 2007 AOTS: Hidamari Sketch
Spring 2007 AOTS: Lucky Star, which is a better anime than TTGL

Aqua is shit

Cross Ange is still AOTS but this comes closest in this thread.

What older girls?
The shows you listed are all filled with homosexual men
Please jerk off on your fujoshit somewhere else

>>mfw i dont read ln
fap more to your pedoshit Chinese cartoons and pretend their good and wont be forgotten the moment you lose your boner

Please, my taste is actually good.

I wonder if re:tards willingly make their show the biggest cancer of the century, or they just don't realize what they are doing with their posting style.


Entry level meme waifu

>a show from the spring season
>mattering at all in the summer season rankings
Doesn't work that way fag.

Remove Amaama and I agree

stay mad at my superior taste pedofag

I want to _____ nenecchi!


It's just crossboarding meme loving kids. Unless it gets a sequel it will be forgotten like nearly every other normalfag flavor of the season show. How many Steins;Gate or Aldnoah Zero memes do you still see floating around?
Also nothing will ever be as cancerous as Fateshit.

Let a prophet speak with your cocksucking lips. I hope I'll never see this shit show after the last episode ends.

there are alot of steins gate post user, what board are you viewing>??

>ugly moeblob bitches that have a body of 5 year olds

They at least keep it contained in a general.
The only aggressive cancer that is still remaining is umaru and fate

I never bothered to watch New Game because it looks like boring moeshit. What's the appeal other than, you know, moeshit?

I think Mob is the AOTS, but i respect your different opinions. Also the manga is better than the anime.

>mfw I dropped all three

The plot is deep.

I don't think you understand how seasons work user.
And I'd love to know how you rationalize I'm a pedophile from my AOTS in spring being ConRevo, and my AOTS in summer being Active raid. At best I'm a justicefag.

Don't even bother. I expected something like shirobako-light and got '2nd season of k-on'-light instead.

No appeal, its moeshit, lets go back to Cred Forums to discuss superior manime together ok? Cred Forums is filled with icky moeshit lovers which will make us gay

If you've seen any CGDCT, you've seen New Game.

Its plain fun.
Not everything have to be muh deep,dark,suffering thought-provoking shit to be good.

>No appeal
But it has Nenecchi.

>expected something like shirobako-light
Thats your fault for being retarded

>show about adult developer
Gee, I dunno.

That's not how you spell Kou.

>Mob Psycho is shounen OPM wannabe garbage.
What ? Isn't urasunday a seinen magazine ?

Amaama > Amanchu >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> New Game
I still don't know which one is my AOTS, Amaama or [/Handa-kun.spoiler]

I'd agree on New Game
Amanchu was my favorite till episode 6, but then Teko and that useless male charcter started to get annoying and now it's just ok.

This might be the first time when I don't have some kind of favourite in the season.
Every show I watch has some flaws.
Might as well name Twelve kingdoms my aots, since I'm enjoying it the most.

Unlike Shirobako it was an adaptation, you really could've known what to expect or not just by searching or lurking a bit.

>not reading the description
>not knowing its a kirara adaptation
>not just looking at the cast (all girls) to know what kind of show it is going to be
Yes you are retarded beyond repair

>adapted from manga

Successfully trolled

This kokujin knows what up.

>haha i only were pretending

>not bonered for delicious brown Umiko

I was just pretending to be retarded

I love New Game! and Amanchu but Amaama to Inazuma just bores me with how similar each episode is.

>looking up source material before watching adaptation
Way to spoil it for yourself. The description said exactly that 'meet the CUTE girl and watch her WORKING'
There is almost no working and I didn't find the rest entertaining.
I'm not saying you can't enjoy it, I say that I don't enjoy it.


Forgot the meme arrows

>10/10 animation


Did Amaama improve after the first few episodes? It seemed to be pushing the sentimentality thing a little too hard for my taste.

>It seemed to be pushing the sentimentality thing a little too hard
I think you meant Amanchu

>he thinks Cred Forums's favourite anime of all time wasn't AOTS back then
Newfag pls

>The shows you listed are all filled homesexual men


You're describing Fafner, but you posted an image from another show. Sadly Fafner can't be AOTS this year, but it came really close last year.

>AOTS Summer is Active Raid
Mein neger of good taste. The showdown in the church was amazing

>he can't explain why he finds it fun

Confirmed for a garbage show

CTRL + F "Bananya"
0 hits

I am disappointed.

>Jojo went to shit after Battle Tendency
>being this wrong

>Liking Nene
I don't understand. New Game is pretty good when she's not around, gets much worse when she speaks.

>Not liking Nene
I don't understand. New Game is pretty dull when she's not around, gets much lively when she speaks.

Who the hell is "Rem"? Maybe attach a picture of her next time.

Nene is cute, fun, pure sex and would be best girl contender in any show without obvious best girls like Kou.

>New Game
Dropped at E1.
>Amanchu or Amaama
Literally who?

What is 'dee autcast-o'?


This is the kind of retard you attract when you mention AOTS in the OP. How could you not know this already? Starting threads by mentioning AOTS or similar makes them unusable due to some people taking them seriously and thinking they need to vomit their bad opinion all over everything.
Please just let this thread die and talk about how much you want to Nene later. I used a sage to post this by the way.

God Tier

High Tier
Kuromukuro, 91 Days, Amaama

Mid Tier
Mob Psycho, JoJo, Macross

Low Tier
HxH, Berserk, Active Raid

Why the hell did I watch this? Tier
Taboo Tattoo

8/10 animation - Mob Psycho

5/10 animation or less - everything else

Thus the AOTS is obvious.

I like the sentimentality of both, but I'm a softie like that. Tamayura: More Aggressive pushed it way harder; that was the one time it was overbearing to me.

>JoJo went to shit after Battle Tendency
It went to shit when it was conceived.

I agree. Fun things are fun.