Macross Delta (マクロスΔ)

The priestess "The Star Singer" that's been passed down from the ancient protoculture has awakened, and there is imminent danger that the whole galaxy will be conquered by Windermere. If Windermere reaches the star temple that appeared on Ragna it is said that all of mankind will be swallowed by a huge living network through the song of the stars.

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Bow to the queen of galaxy!

>reuse Mikumo
Kay, I will put my hype for this episode down for a bit.

How mad will Bogue be when Roid tells him a filthy Walkure sings better than Heinz, the purest of Windermereans?

One can only imagine. He'd probably burn his runes out.

When are we going to have something like this?

Kawamori doesn't want to do the same thing lol

>Roid going on about how superior the star singer is
>runeaids salt gradually covers Bogue

He will then decide to capture a WALKURE, too.
Most likely that green hair Meltran.


What was the point of showing us he has a crush on her anyways? It can't possibly go anywhere in the last two episodes.

Ship teasing.

Anyone happen to know the release date of the second walkure album?

>die early because of skin cancer
>star singer looks more like human (no runes) and not like windemerians
>even the star temple is located on a different planet - Ragna
AHAHAHA, protoculture "heirs". Even fishniggers has more rights for that claim.

That subplot and how nothing came out of it reminded me of GC.

Inb4 Hermann pushes Bogue into an elevator in the last episode and tells him he's a good guy deep down before being gunned down

the tone or the vibe or whatever you call it of this series is such a fucking mess. It's genki nonesense intermixed with random bursts of ultraviolence that has no consequences.

And i wish they would just stop already with the retarded reaction shots of whats her elf face every time genki girl and mary sue talk to eachother.

>mary sue

It was literally 2 very short scenes. They never interacted and they don't even know each other names. It was for comedy purpose and nothing else.

So what do you guys think? Will Freyja simply have her flakes reversed or will her lifespan be extended so she can have that long life with HayaHaya?

Don't worry f/a/ggot, Hoina stop that bitch.

I keep mentioning it, but that shiwa shiwa obaachan and ojiichan tease in 17 sealed the deal. Long life end for HayaFre. Also I'm not in the habit of seeing children die even if they aren't my precious daughteru, so it's not just Freyja getting saved.

Chrono Crusade end.


She will lose and also die in 15 years or less

I don't know if they will fix the lifespan but I want beach sex scene.

I'm so sad that doujin wasn't scanned

The purpose of that scene is to show he can change. The most neonazi of the knights can change his opinion because he was exposed to the culture. The fact that his dick was doing the thinking doesnt discount the argument, especially in an anime that promotes crossbreeding between humans who might or might not have descended from clones and an alien race best known for galactic genocide over a period of countless millennia.

In other words, it's never too late for him to change.

>That Arad
Seriously, this fucking guy. I thought I'd like him since in F I loved Ozma, but the more I think about how in 7 years he seems to have done nothing to find out the truth about the bombing, the more he gets on my nerves. If Wright was his captain and he doubts so much that he dropped the bomb why hasn't he investigated anything?

He should have plenty of time to change in prison when the war is over.

I also that this may tie up with Makina being hurt, like maybe Bogue sees how it has affected Reina and he sympathizes with her easier because he knows the pain of losing someone. It doesn't even need to be romantic. They could also use Chuck for that, though. I ultimately think there's understanding coming and Knights learning that their own sorrow doesn't justify causing other people sorrow too (and Delta and Walkure realizing they have to think outside the box and stop believing everything big organizations like NUNS claim).

i want to fuck makina as she bleeds out, then make her cum as she fades away



hayate x mikumo otp

Report this pedophile.

Sometimes I forget that Reina is supposed to be part Zentradi.
Did she get all the short sticks of Zent genes?
>probably a weakass nerd
>no fighting instinct whatsoever
>probably can't macronize
>doesn't even have a gimmick like prehensile hair like Ranka ha
She only got a delinquent personality and green hair and elf ears.

She inherited desirable traits to make up for it.

>shy and keeps to herself, probably an animal in bed (which is why deadtits keeps her at boobs length)
>fun size
>willing to try fun and dangerous things
>gives the biggest smiles and surprised expressions, which means shes very emotive and goes crazy once she gets porked

Bogue will hook up with her to conquer her, but she will end up conquering him.

That's what happens when a proud meltrandi warrior decides to settle down with a filthy weak human man.

roid pls


I detect heresy in this sector and have arrived to investigate.

>Bogue will hook up with her to conquer her,
God please no, Reina doesn't deserve such shitty fate, it's better for her to also get shoot and die together with titsgirl than ending with Shitgue.

>Bogue will hook up with her to conquer her,
I'm glad we all agree on that.

But Reina is just a shitty cardboat cutout yuribait, she should be grateful that an actual character gives a shit about her.

Like seriously, Delta has lot of shitty one dimensional characters, but Reina and the twins are bottom of the barrel tier.

I think I would have liked it if Delta was told from Mirage's perspective. It would be the story of how a pilot lost at love because destiny was just not on her side, like how it wasn't on Hikaru's side either. Plus she wouldn't be such a who.

>a tragic story of a girl who was pressured into becoming a pilot to live up to the pride of her family name, only to fail spectacularly time and time again
>no victory or triumph is good enough for other people
>people constantly expect maturity and level headedness from an otherwise lonely person with no notable personal life to speak of
>desperately cling to a young boy because he was the only one to ever bother starting a conversation, despite how it was only purely out of spite and frustrations in the beginning

Lets call it Macross Suffering.

>said boy only sees her as a buddy and even makes her go shopping with him to buy a present for the girl he likes
>time and time again she has to see the boy she likes fall harder and harder for another girl

Maybe in the end, she finds another. Preferably a young zent who willing micronizes himself to spend time with her after the war ends. Lots of suffering but happy ending.

Song of the stars will give her infinite life.

Imagine being the twins' VA.

>first time playing a named character and not background Student A
>in Macross, a huge anime franchise
>characters appear on the first posters
>characters have tons of merchandise
And then you find out that your characters are glorified background characters with no lines, no story, no personality and completely irrelevant.

Come on, if Kawamori really wants to try something new, he should make a series with its lead protagonist a female pilot.

It doesn't matter what he wants. The sponsors threatened him at knife point to make Delta a triangle romance drama with 2 cours. He literally has to go overseas to make what he wants.

Have two guys compete over her. Or maybe have her and some other girl compete over a guy. As long as there's no yurishit.

>Punished Mirage

I'd still watch it

It'll be Bounen no Xam'd all over again.

>Freyja will take Mikumo's place as the star singer
>She'll be trapped in Protoculture ruins singing a song for the galaxy for all eternity
>Hayate vows to live a life that suits her song and travels the galaxy telling the tale of Freyja, galactic songstress
>Mirage only shows up years later in an epilogue


Before Delta's first PV came out I was pretty sure we'd have a m/f/m triangle and I was really disappointed when that was not the case. I like the current trio's triangular relationship but I'm not interested in any romance with Hayate and either girl.

>Kawamori harassed by sponsors
>End up producing Delta which is an Idol shit anime
Proves sponsors have shit taste.

>It'll be Bounen no Xam'd all over again.


No, the best solution would be to toss the shota boy in the damn thing nobody really gives a shit about him.

It was more idol show than macross show in cour 1. And that kind of worked, provided you were attached to Freyja's relentless campaign to spread Gori Gori across the star system and you didn't give a shit about Messer's completely bullshit death.

I'll find you and kill you. Heinz and Hoina are precious, Mikumo is an abomination and a plot device, let her do her job and die for the greater cause.

Personally, I think Freyja is totally getting her lifespan fixed. IMO it was a pretty high possibility ever since we learned that Windies only live 30 years.

And then the writers went ahead and made Freyja start "to die" much earlier than expected. Add to that the fact that she's been suffering non-stop for 7 episodes straight...

A happy ending for her is on its way.

Exactly one guy gives a shit about Heinz in the entire galaxy. Not even his father gave a shit. And that says something, considering how Heinz is the only heir.

> 3 years old

>Mirage is a tragic character
>when Mikumo exists, the lonely artificial being who's been used for her abilities, began to soften around her teamworkers but suddenly got kidnapped by the enemy and forced to face her friends.
>when freyja exists, the girl from the enemy side who loved singing and escaped her planet to realize her dream, found that her beloved songs are hurting her most precious person and are killing her as well.
>when fucking kaname exists, the hard working girl with no super supernatural ability who got overshadowed by two newbies, had someone she saved way back who's always been there for her and she didn't know of his feelings of grattitude until he died.

But user, shes been dying for a long time now. Its the price you pay for power.

Rewatch episode 15, everyone loves him. He's Windermere's idol.

Seto knows that feel

Fuck Hayate for ruining this perfect face.

Lets face it user, Mikumo had a pretty damn good couple of years. She pretty much hijacked Walkure from the get go, took all of Walkure's fame, and was the starlet of the star cluster. It wasn't until recently when she had a really bad two weeks.

He killed Messer, he asked for it.

They love his song. That one song. His only single. Thats like Kim Jung Un getting nothing but love for having the best haircut because criticizing it is banned.

And then Walkure put out that phone app and all the guys were secretly beating their sticks off to it. Once the war is over, Heinz's popularity is gone and j-pop will be the new gospel of Windemere.

Mikumo never cared about fame or wealth, singing was the only thing she knew.

She will get unlimited lifespan power to keep spread the Truth of Gori Gori accross the Galaxy.

And she sang a lot, she was great at it, and she was completely in bliss. Also, she really enjoyed being a mentor type.

Characters with actual sad stories are Freyja, Kaname and Mikumo.

Mirage isn't sad or unfortunate, she's just really pathetic.


Mirage is sad and unfortunate exactly because she doesn't have a story. She has a job because of her family name, and thats it. She tries to do her best, but its never enough. The laws of shounen heroes don't apply to her. The best thing she can do now is die heroically to save the galaxy for the man who will never love her back.

Mirage is a background character who somehow managed to become friends with the MC.

It's not the sponsor's fault. Kawamori and his writers are the ones at fault.

I would've preferred Nakiami be the love interest, but then we wouldn't have gotten Haru who was actually pretty good after the mid-point of the series.

But didn't what Nakiami did go completely against everything she was telling the MC about in the rest of the series, about living for yourself and such?

Mikumo never "lived" in these three years, she only existed. She isn't going to die now that she has had a taste of lie.

This would make a great triangle. I already can see Keith wins Mikumobowl.

She made the decision herself. Thats whats important. Thats why her sacrifice has meaning.

I hate it.
Seriously fuck that faggot

Mirage was not supposed to have any sad/tragic backstory that would follow her throughout the story. Her only problems are literally lack of self confidence and insecurity towards piloting. That's enough basis to give her an episode or two as spotlight and deal with them but it never happened, for better or worse. As a person, piloting aside, she is fine. Your usual cool,background character that keeps most things to themselves (thoughts,feelings). She is nice and all, but that's it.

Which faggot?

I could get behind this triangle.

Would be better triangle than what we got.

Mikumo deserves a prince like Keith.

You fucking pedo. She deserves a prince like Heinz, you know, the one who is child like her.

She deserves to be left alone. She spends her free nights alone ass naked singing to the moon. She has neither need nor want for the company of others, except concerning her obligations as a member of Walkure and as a senpai figure.

Giving Mirage an actual arc would've been a waste of time. She could've gotten over her problems a bit at a time as the episodes went by. Also, her character background is pretty boring.

Why the fuck would I want to go through 2 episodes of someone crying about MUH SELF-STEEM and MUH HAYATE'S DICK when we have better things like Mikumo's clone/star singer shit and Freyja?

No, thanks. Mirage is a supporting character at best.

Adrastia pls. Chaos is the only true answer. There is no Paul Dobson voicing Angelos in DoW3.

Mirage has an arc. The problem is her arc is shared with others. Her arc and development is literally background material. Her spot in the artificial triangular romance isn't even at face value. Nobody really treats her as a significant character or someone of special importance aside from Hayate. She is a main character with supporting character screentime and priority. Fucking Kaname has more priority than her, and shes devoted herself to chasing that old man dick and cleaning up after Walkure's mess. Thats whats pathetic.

That wouldn't be bad too. I wanted to say that giving focus to her "problems" could make the viewers sympathize more with her and even at least try and tie her story with the actualy story of Delta.

Well, it's over now. She had her big moment in episode 22 "saving" Hayate with her robohug and that's it.

>She has neither need nor want for the company of others
Because she is an autistic toddler who never experienced such things. She never ate delicious food either and look at how much she enjoyed sea spiders. Mikumo is an innocent child who'd live inside a cage for the rest of her life if someone told her to and needs to be freed to see the outside world.

being an autist doesn't mean you couldn't feel love and Kumo deserve being loved more than anyone in delta

Walkure isn't a cage, to her its freedom. Thats why she accepts her role in Walkure unconditionally, because she loves her life as a member of Walkure. Thats why it doesn't matter to her whether or not shes a clone or a secret weapons project or whatever, because Walkure is all that matters to her.

how, only two eps left

Mirage is fine, but she should have been secondary instead of a main. The third main character should have been a Windermerean like Keith.

Mikumo lost her virginity to megane right ?

Kumo is loved by millions thoughout the star system... well, before Windemere enslaved and drove them all out. She is so loved that all of Kaname's fans (minus Messer) abandoned her for the Kumo.

And main triangle Messer/Kaname/Keith. Hayate and Freyja are so perfect together, forcing them into a triangle was a mistake.

Kumo doesn't give a shit about fan love, she needs a family and true love

I'm not talking about Walkure, I'm talki g about everything in her life that isn't Walkure.
She's on a fixed diet, probably lives in some secluded dorm on Elysion and just strolls around Ragna naked if you leave her alone.
She said singing is all she cares about but she clearly enjoys delicious food and the companionship of Walkure. That scene in episode 23 was all about how she should look for things beyond just singing in her life.

>implying Kaname had any fans to begin with


Are you not watching the show? Walkure is her family. All she wants is Walkure. All she needs is Walkure.

>And main triangle Messer/Kaname/Keith

But he only gives a fuck about his otouto. He would never turn his eyes towards Kaname. The triangle should have been Messer/Kaname/Arad.

I mean Keith having the hots for Messer, a yandere homo, like the Sousei triangle.

>I'm not talking about Walkure, I'm talki g about everything in her life that isn't Walkure.

She idles, muses to herself, or sings when not with Walkure. Just like any busy pop star who is too famous and successful to be around most people, especially a kind of pop star who dislikes the company of sycophants. Theres nothing irregular about her behavior.

>Walkure is her family
she'll understand this truly in 26 ep after all this shit, 'cause now we don't know how'll she act towards them. now she stands at a crossroads as a half-windermerean and part of walkure at the same time

What is Hayate looking at? Did Bogue finally do the thing he was trying to do

now it's okay

Even pop stars know about good food, have a closest circle of friends and partake in social events.
Mikumo never did these things until Freyja's birthday and even there she didn't seem to socialize that much.
She lived on Ragna for three years but has never eaten sea spiders and never questioned living on a fixed diet because she thought only songs mattered to her.
She only thinks that way because singing is the only thing she knows.

So what are you getting at? Shes literally three, she has time to develop and have a life. Its developing around Walkure. You're acting like shes going to die.

Hopefully she won't die. Makina once said she would like to hear her sing after she starts understanding the joys of life.

Some user was arguing she doesn't need the company of others and only needs to sing.

She will. Eternal Mikumo.

Keith also likes to play with Messer (Keith starts to act like a kid when he gets to play in planes with Messer) so the triangle is more like Keith - > Messer -> Kaname.

Delta was pretty good until chapter 17 or so, what the fuck happened.

At that point it was better than Frontier at least, now it's bad.

Triangle should've been


Keith and Heinzrietta aren't blood related.

Keith would be the "brother" that loves her as a woman but keeps himself in check because he's a knight that must protect her and fight for Windermere.

Roid loves Heinzrietta but is misguided in his ways to rule over the Galaxy. Deep down he knows he is bad and that's why he refuses to allow himself to get closer to Heinz even though he loves her.

The shipping wars would be glorious. We'd be tearing each other's throats. I'd be out in the shipping battlefield screaming for Keith to win.

It was decent, not good. It had shit writing anyway but then they decided to fuck up pacing.

Ok, I accept this. Makes more sense in what we saw in Delta too.

I would watch the hell out of this. Keith should win but I think they would have both him and Roid killed at the end.

Any pairing here would be more popular than HayaFre, maybe Keith/Heinzrietta would be even more popular than messakana.

Typical. Side character pairings almost always manage to be more popular than the main couple.

Brotherly love is best. Fuck your shipping shit.

Not true. Alto/Sheryl was massively popular. HayaFre's 'problem' is that it feels too juvenile and thus even though it's well-liked it doesn't make that many people as invested in it as something more adult like messakana (desu I don't understand its popularity too much since I think there was no chemistry between them, or at least they didn't get close enough for me to discern what their dynamics could have been like).

I think the thing with HayaFre isn't that it's boring, because it's not. HayaFre is very cute but since it's so cute, you can't really go into full shipping mode like extreme flirting, jealousy drama, sexy teasing and stuff. And that takes a bit off fun out of it.

But still. HayaFre is the best because MUH UNMEI. Also, first Macross ship where the MCs aren't shitty fuckers and actually deserve each other.

Bitch please, Alto/Sheryl was only massively popular because of Sheryl herself. She could hook up with Brera and it would still be popular. Hayate/Freyja is fun because they're both fun to watch interact together. And juvenile my ass, the fact that Hayate is willing to be with her despite her low lifespan is itself enough to invalidate such an opinion. But hey, maybe a movie will give MessaKana the treatment fans are asking for.

Last post reminds me, what does Cred Forums think of the show's potential pairings? To be honest the one that could have interested me is Reina/Bogue for the laughs because of how different their personalities are and the irony of Bogue having a boner for a Walkure. I'm pretty indifferent about the rest. I don't care about the main triangle and I swear if Arad gets Kaname I'm going to be mad since he doesn't deserve her.

I want Keith/Heinz.

No, people were pretty invested in Alto's and Sheryl's relationship beyond the Sherylfaggotry.

>potential pairings
I'm fine with them all, except for the ones that involve Mirage. I feel that she needs to focus on her training and honing her skills instead of obsessing over the rookie and screaming his name every time they sortie. I'm also totally fine with Arad winning the kanamebowl.


Would you?

That looks horrifying.

Don't be mean.

Only bad potential pairings are HayaMira and AradKana. No matter what miragefags say, Mirage being able to talk to Hayate after he killed a guy or when he was hospitalized is nothing compared to his moments with Freyja. As for the other, it would be alright if Arad actually had chemistry with Kaname, but like Hayate and Mirage, the two never go beyond camaraderie. In the end, none of these two ships have had any romantic moments.


i can't get behind any pairing in delta if there isn't any substance to most of the characters
it's just mixing visually appealing characters together

Oddly enough, I haven't seen any MessaKana doujin. Only ones I've seen are HayaFre and one HayaMira.

You also can't into capital letters.

Didn't you see Keith's face when they mentioned MUH SHINIGAMI last episode.

Imagine if these two had started their rivalry long ago. I think I would have liked it better than Messer vs Keith. It would be a teacher vs teacher kind of rivalry. Both have their own hot headed student to worry about, and they would be fighting each other to see who is the better instructor. Too late now, but I'd like to see people make up some cool headcanons for these two.

but Mirage wouldn't stand a chance. She only gets to face Herman because he has a soft spot for inexperienced and young pilots and her group respected his teammate. Besides it's not like Mirage wanted to be Hayate's teacher.

This would make more sense if Keith was the one clinging to Roid.

He isn't a 3 yo little girl, user.
Also according to the artist's commentary, it's Keith->Roid

I miss Messer.

They aren't rivals. Herman is trying to make Mirage to stop sucking.

Keith pls

I want it all

>teaching an enemy during war

Delta truly hit rock bottom



All he did was telling her she sucks at piloting right before her "execution".

Manga or anime? The manga had a much nicer end.

>Zentradi near immortal
>Windkikes die quick
Why don't they just crossbreed?

Windies have beautiful genes. They don't want to taint their wind with sharp ears.

Enjoy dying by 30.

Oh my...

Valkyrie outfits when? I'd buy a whole set.

Why doesn't Japan solve its problems by mass importing Mexicans?



How does this make you feel Cred Forumsnons?


Control your boner, Hayate.

We can all say it's the pacing, but it's not just that.
Yasuda is better at bright slice of life without wartime tension, but he's awful when he has to do serious scenes. I think that's the main reason why the 1st cour was better when things were more episodic.
Kawamori can cover for him in the battles and the music scenes, but there weren't that many in the second half of Delta.
As a result, Delta had critically lost the momentum that makes Macross Macross.

I feel like I wanna see a male version of Freyja now with a pilot suit on.

Basically you axe the writers and hire some competent director who knows how to create tension.

So what the fuck was that sound that played when Bogue grabbed Freyja

Why Bogue is still alive? Why jewbros are still alive?

Rune changing color, not sure it was Bogue's or Freyja's.

is this kaname with hayate's hairstyle?

Freyja's a QT.



What the hell? How is this allowed?

Fuck all of you RoidKeithMikumo fags

mikumo x hayate otp

Will there be a Delta movie?

Every show has had a movie so there's a good chance it will.

You think we'll see a Freyja paint job on Siegy-chan during the final battle?

There wasn't enough of the Walkure girls bullying Mikumo.





Hoina is too precious to Hayate for him to allow such a thing.

Yeah, he might use chibi art instead because MUH WAIFU'S PURITY. I'm craving for lewd one because we might get Freyja's nudie figure.

So, which girl won?

This one can remove Ranka's bikini.


So far Freyja is winning, but we won't know for sure until she and Hayate kiss, hug, or at the very least hold hands.

I wouldn't mind chibi Freyja on his Siegfried, as long as Hayate goes into battle proudly showing off his waifu love, I'll be happy.

i want hayate's gun pod to scream RUNEPIKABEAM when it's in beam gun mode

I want him to go for the gori gori attack and put his rune pika beam in FreFre's hoina and release all his bucha

Chlore pls.

To my surprise, Asami seto is definitely one of the decent looking VA in the anime industry.

Based on how the radio show got a renovation I've seen some speculation online about a third cour or a movie.

Meaning the whole Delta series is just a build up for the movie as the finisher?

I don't know how usual or unusual it is for radio shows to still go on once the series has ended, but to be honest there's too much to resolve in two eps.

Unlikely. This has never been the pattern before. But admittedly, that's how it looked like it'd be earlier with the 1 cour and movie situation.

Eh, not really. The exact same argument was said about Frontier too.

We don't really need a long session explaining Lady M or anything. If you've paid attention to the show you know the outcome of the triangle, it just needs to be said in show. Windermere just has to be beaten and Roid foiled, and shit resolved for a feel good ending.

I'd be a happy with another season if only because I don't want Macross to end so miserably.

What about this guy?

Didn't he die in episode 15? Forget where I heard that

If you have been paying attention to the series and the side materials you will have noticed that besides Roid and Windermere there are like two or three conspirancies happening behind the scenes. Lady M stealing Mikumo from the ruins, the bombing of Carlisle, NUNS's shenanigans and Epsilon's true plans.

I don't get why so many people think he died in ep 15 when he never shows up in that scene, not even suffering from VAR. Unless I see him dying on screen I'll just assume he's alive scheming somewhere.

>need a long session explaining Lady M or anything
> Windermere just has to be beaten and Roid failed.
Porblem is if loose ends like Lady M and Roid's are solved what about the Major Valak and his shady superiors, see ?

I would be fine with a movie because that means I would watch it in a year or so. But please, no new season. I want off this ride.

This show actually has potential to be a 3 cour series if done right.

The smartphone game is coming out next year. It would be the right timing for a movie.
Assuming anyone cares about Delta anymore that is.

3rd cour won't happen. A movie isn't impossible but unlikely, unless we're talking about a normal retelling type movie, which is likely.

Most probably will be a retelling and some proper arrangements.

If IBO got a S2 then Delta can definitely get a cour 3

So... I haven't watched this since ep 17. Are there many good songs in the 2nd cour, or were they all included in the first?

They could try to tie up all the loose threads but I think it would be very rushed. For example, in Frontier by now we knew exactly who was behind the conspirancies, and yet ep 25 felt a bit rushed. In Delta we only have vague hints scattered here and there, and Hayate and co. don't seem any closer to the truth behind the bombing than they were eps ago.

And it would also be good timing to release another Walkure album.

>truth behind the bombing
Epsilon makes a move, reveals they manipulated Wright. Done.

A movie of 2 hours or so (4 episodes in anime schedule), it's more than enough for this. I really want a movie because I don't see the need for another cour of 13 episodes about something that can revealed/resolved in around half.

>Epsilon makes a move, reveals they manipulated Wright. Done.
So the misunderstanding from the Windies is solved in within 5 mins.

And what IBO getting a S2 has anything to do with Delta's own production?

3rd cour does not necessary have to 13 episodes, 4 - 5 more would be okay.

>Hispanic Activist Who Criticized Trump’s Mexican Rapist Comments Arrested for Raping Illegal Immigrant
They really are.

That begs the question: are humans the equivalent of Mexicans in the Macross universe? I mean, all indications are that humans go to all these virgin worlds, colonize them, and interbreed with the populace. We have half-Zentrans and half-Zoltans now.

well the bomb wasn't the start of the independence war, but the end of it.

And honestly, can it go any other way at this point? Wright clearly didn't drop the bomb of his own volition, as its a heinous act to all involved parties.

Given the horrible quality of Delta storywriting, Epsilon will be the most likely scapegoat. Bonus points if Lady M and Epsilon are really ex-Grace agents who weren't able to join her in time for the Vajra takeover, and see this as another shot to take over the galaxy.

A cour needs at least 10 episodes to air like an anime. It would also be difficult to find a channel to air so few weekly episodes because it would also disturb the airing of other shows after it's finished. A movie would be better for this kind of time frame.

Maybe Wright did drop it of his own will, because he knew how dangerous the Windies were.

I mean, these are the winners of that revolution, and look what they do. They strap on gliders so they can rip and tear their enemies to shreds when they execute them while screaming CAW CAW CAW.

Lady M is a codename for that UN Spacy guy from episodes 13-14.

Harmony gold should die already

This thread is pretty much dead.

I actually think a bigger moment for her was telling the other two to calm their fucking runes and stop moping. Showing some actual confidence and leadership that actually lines up with the fact she's supposed to outrank them.

I thought both that scene and the other one was shit.

Humans cloned themselves and went out to colonize the galaxy in order to prevent another Protoculture extinction event. Its a matter of preserving Protoculture first - everything else is secondary or tertiary. Racemixing with other humanoids and aliens supports this purpose of propagating and protecting the Protoculture.

That's cool. You are entitled to your opinion.

I don't think Mirage has been particularly fantastically handled. Still, one of the few things I did like was her telling both of them that she loves them.

I'd like to see it all end with Philia between the trio, rather than Eros being involved.

> I'd like to see it all end with Philia between the trio, rather than Eros being involved.
Kind of difficult when they wrote both of the heroines hold romantic feelings for the MC. If they wanted friendship, they should not have made Freyja and Mirage fall for him. The writes could develop their over growing friendship, bond and trust with no need for romance.

That's the reason I don't understand why the writes don't want winners and losers in this triangle. They should have done a non-romantic triangle as they did with Keith/Heinz/Roid.

Because sponsors and merchandising obligations. Commercially, the series is being promoted on this triangle. They have no choice but to keep pushing the fake triangle or else face accusations of false advertising.

Sponsors never ever said this.

The problem is her word and advice didn't solve any thing, Hayate still goes nut when Freyja sing.
They want to make everyone feel good, to be honest how can anyone feel good with unresolved triangle?

>Kind of difficult when they wrote both of the heroines hold romantic feelings for the MC. If they wanted friendship, they should not have made Freyja and Mirage fall for him. The writes could develop their over growing friendship, bond and trust with no need for romance.

Oh, I said I'd like it.

I never said I expected it. I expected basically what going on now, a shitty love triangle where I honestly feel every single member of it would be better off using the time spent on it with other character development.

Mirage's character development got basically shot in the back with all these scenes that are just 'Delta-4!'. They could have really done a lot with her lack of confidence and refusal to let herself go with a pair of supportive friends she can be herself with rather than freaking out over maybe liking a guy.

The message that Freya is doing this so she can sing for everyone even if it means opposing her planet would be stronger if it wasn't overshadowed by 'Maybe I like this human on the other side'.

Hayate could have...well, ok. Hayate has gotten a heap of character stuff because he's the main character of the entire series but they could have done more with the idea of the unit being a family, rather than it containing two girls he'd like to bone.

>I'd like to see it all end with Philia between the trio, rather than Eros being involved.

Yeah, Mirage being a huge cockblock for the other two would do wonders for her overall impression, right?

Except they trying to push her again in last month, the only pathetic of this show are the staffs, they seems don't even know what are they doing and complete lost it in 2nd cour.

>The message that Freya is doing this so she can sing for everyone even if it means opposing her planet would be stronger if it wasn't overshadowed by 'Maybe I like this human on the other side'.
Her main reason is to stop the wars though.

Trying is the keyword.

While being a living weapon, more or less so?

No it wasn't. Her main reason was because Windemere life sucks and she wants to do something exciting for a change, like audition for Walkure.

>Also Yasuda wasn't really saying he was proud but that he thinks they did carefully portray how her encounter with Hayate and Freyja changed her

Her arc is basically botched, since we never able to get the message from the director.
Or more directly, Yasuda sucks.

I'm actually expecting Mirage to be like Klan or Emilia's level of prowess.

Pretty sure they seriously think they did a great job about to Mirage's development, so we should supposedly feels good about Mirage getting "main focus" in magazine again.

But end up not even Miragefags feels good about it.

I just expect writer will make her do something more than MIA or yelling Delta 5/4 after first cour, but nope, only suddenly powerful if the scene needs her(same for Arad anyway).

Thinking about it, I believe that one of the reasons Windemere has serious issues as the opposition is just how little we've seen the civilian population.

It doesn't really feel like they are fighting a planet of people. It feels like they are fighting a half dozen belkan knights who are shitted off that they nuked themselves.

Some of the Windemere time would have been really better off used showing how the common person feels about the NUNS and what's going on with them. Make it feel more like actual people and cultures clashing over a legitimate issue (Windemere wanting to be free/having legitimate grievances with the NUNS) rather than just half a dozen assholes who need to calm their runes.

The planet just feels...empty and lifeless.

only initially. did you just gloss over the entire arc Freyja's reason for singing was questioned? where she found a reason for it in saving people and trying to end the war? its all in cour 1 so you might be forgiven for your short memory

I was thought episode 15 would be about Windermere's civilian, but they fucked up.

Well you do sure complain about it a lot like a bunch of whiny entitled babies, that's for sure

I'm really shitty about the missed opportunity even more recently.

>Hey, my village is right there in line of sight!
>We are on the run from people.
>Should we try and visit there or ever show a single person from it on-screen?


Then they failed. Both at the market target and what they wrote. Many fans are not happy by this. I believe they could have a romantic triangle at first that could end with friendship but man, you need really good writting for this and of course the staff of Delta can't pull it off as we know.

> They want to make everyone feel good, to be honest how can anyone feel good with unresolved triangle?
Well, that's the thing with love triangles. There is a winner and a loser. One side will have pain. I think a good feeling love triangle is to give moments, scenes with the 3 characters involved that tie to their character/relationship development plus being tied up strong with the main story. Sadly, Delta doesn't have this, especially concern omg Mirage.

Hayate has character development. Freyja and Mirage had character progression mostly. Freyja stole the spotlight and became the main heroine while Mirage's problems faded to the background.

For a love triangle their relationship is lacking in the friendship department too. I never felt anything strong between Freyja and Mirage.

You don't 'end' the war. You win it. Fucking japs pls.

Don't worry, the problem list of Macross Delta never ever only about Mirage, she is just one of the problem.

White Peace is very much a thing.

>especially concerning about Mirage.
Sorry, autocorrect.

>stole the spotlight

as if it wasn't hers to begin with. Bitter pathetic miragefags droning on and on about Mirage. Well fuck you.

>expecting anything from a show that spend 13 episodes in Ragna and never portrayed the planet, its people and its culture as anything other than brown people who scam white tourists and are obsessed the jellyfish

Not when your enemies are buttdevastated spess Belkans who use MC tech.
Why did they slap Jenius name on her?

Find a different show?

Why is that even an issue to you? Mustn't taint the legacy or something? Mylene didn't already?

>For a love triangle their relationship is lacking in the friendship department too. I never felt anything strong between Freyja and Mirage.

Yeah, which is unfortunate. About the only stuff we'd had between the pair almost feels more like shipper fodder trying to tease people with 'Maybe they'll get together!' (The pair sharing a cockpit etc) than any real friendship stuff between the pair. Most of the time if Freyja and Mirage are talking Hayate or everyone else is in the same scene.

They could have done some good scenes with Mirage's worries about her own ability to live up to his family name and Freyja's 'Life is only 30 years long, go for it full force!' intersecting.

Mirage's problems only needs some progress in each battle episodes, personally i think it's not hard to write about it, sadly she almost went MIA everytime.

>I never felt anything strong between Freyja and Mirage.
The staff think it's strong enough, i guess that's why episode 20 happened.

>Miragefag wanting the show to end with a friendship only sky end.

Oh the sweet sweet irony.

Freyjafag here, ignore this post, it's not about Miragefags(or Freyjafags) in this discussion, do not reply to shitposters.

I am a Freyjafag and I don't see what wrong I said. Maybe I should have worded it better, so here:
What I meant was that from the moment you have 2 heroines, you are supposed to give them both equal spotlight or at least focus. Mirage had it during the first cour and till up episode 13. While not the heavy importance of Freyja as an idol and being able to resonate with Hayate, she was still involved around.

But starting 2nd cour this was deleted. She faded to the background and didn't have any involvement in the story or at least with the other characters besides concerning herself with Hayate.

Freyja on the other hand had more to over come and focus on. Her writing, while not as strong as I would like, made her look and be the main heroine.

>feel good triangle

As a Freyjafag, I feel pretty good. But you know what'd make me feel better? A fucking HayaFre kiss or at least a fucking hug.

>normative nonsense about how you are supposed to handle your characters.

No fuck you. You're just an entitled bitch, "Freyjafag"

I don't feel good because i don't like Hayate.

A kissless macross is just wrong.

Are you autistic or something?

Says the mentally retarded fucktard who just keeps droning on and on about Mirage. This is the very definition of autism.

Hayate has vastly improved from the start and at least he's not bland but I'm not much of a fan of him either.

I'm not sure what I'd have done main-character wise instead of him though (Because god forbid they just make one of the other two the initial focus character and skip out on romance.)

Agreed. Hayate needs to man the fuck up and kiss Freyja already.

Are you seriously suggesting they should have dropped Hayate altogether and focused on Mirage and Freyja instead, or am I reading this wrong?

Are you really that autistic to care that much about shitty fictional characters?

I don't see the staff would let Mirage equal to Freyja, though i still agree that they should write her something about herself, not just blushing when Hayate is with her.
Better yet, let her separated from Hayate.

Thanks for calling me a shitposter when I was trying to make a normal conversation here. If some disagree with me, that's totally fine. We are listing opinions and impressions afterall. If you have nothing to say regarding my post besides acting like a shitposter, don't even bother then.

You forgot to take your pills apparently.

>Are you really that autistic to care that much about shitty fictional characters?

Right back at you. You're the one who keeps droning about her.

Did you forget to take your pills? No one cares about cardboard cutouts, there are no good characters in Delta.

It's because Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma is miles better than Hayate.

Hello AC shitposter. Guess I should have realized sooner what with your obsession with Mirage.

Well, more 'I don't know what sort of male character would have worked better than him, even if I'm not very happy with him'.

Though tying it with just Mirage/Freyja could have been interesting. The pair already are the 'Singer/Pilot' pair of characters that a Macross series needs.

Mirage could have honestly have served his role as the 'Pilot who needs to learn a lesson/improve' and Freyja could have served his role as 'Outside person who doesn't know stuff about Chaos/The setting' though.

user, take your pills.

Or you know, it could just have cut Mirage.

I'm bored with boy meets girl Macross, time for girl meets girl Macross.

You could have cut like 2/3 of the cast and it won't make writing better anyway.

Mikumo Freyja then.

>Or you know, it could just have cut Mirage.

I second this notion.

/u/ can fuck off.

Then you lack a pilot character. Girl/Girl would be less dramatic than somehow having Macross without a main pilot character.

The story progression till episode 20 did suggest Mirage going protection mode for them but it still didn't convince me. They did not execute this idea well and it felt kinda flat for me.

Yes, it lacked in her character altogether not just her connection with others. I wasn't expecting her to be equal to Freyja because as I said, Freyja is the idol plus she resonates with the MC so of course her story involvement would be stronger than Mirage's.

I don't think her separation from Hayate would either be good or bad. It has to do with writing. She could still love Hayate but also have her own story involvement and relationships with the rest of the cast.

Lady M LITERALLY when?

Triangle should've been

Hayate Freyja Mikumo

Hayate loves Freyja and viceversa.
Mikumo loves Freyja's songs and viceversa.
Triangle ends with Freyja realizing she loves not only Mikumo's songs, but also Mikumo herself. She blows off Hayate and marries Shinpi.


Only if Mikumo is a pilot.

By the way Mirage isn't last group of characters they created, she exist since 2014(can't find the magazine anymore sorry), though her original design was tomboy like, with cool, lack of emotions personality.

Never. NUNS fleet or that CIA guy also never.

Who gives a shit?

Of course it would be good. It'd be good to see her move on from her infatuation with him. The OTP couple gets together, the third wheel, moves on, is happy with herself, and has overcome her rejection without Ranka's melodrama from Frontier.

Hey presto, a feel good triangle.

>people actually still giving a shit about Mirage

Agreed. Just let it go.

It feels like even a Freyjafag could write a better development for Mirage.

No /u/ allow in Macross.

> though her original design was tomboy like, with cool, lack of emotions personality.
I'm so mad.

>Hayate & Freyja leave to travel the galaxy with the few years she has left alive
>Mirage reaffirms her role as a protector
>"I'll keep Ragna save for when you come back"

Only way it can end now

I mean it's not rocket science. If you want it to be feel good, you must A) have one side win clearly and decisively. Unresolved just annoys both sides, as does having a 4th person swoop in and steal it.
B) having the losing side get a clean break from it and move on. The sooner the better really.

I mean you can do whatever you want with your triangle. Troll everyone, piss them off, be brutal about it. But if you want a 'feel good' one? The above have to pretty much be followed. Heck the above isn't all there is to making it feel good, but a bare minimum.

No fuck you, Freyja will get a long life.

Why does anyone even care about shitty jap romance?

You don't need to make it so bloody obvious, Miragefag.

Hello Mr. Basement Dweller.

Get back to your chink or gook ghetto

I actually really like Hayate's and Freyja's budding romance, thank you very much.

I need to buy this doujin as soon as it comes out

Really? I mean I think Hayate and Freyja's relationship have an actual development.

Hayate and Mirage were mistakes.

This really seems like one of those 5 stages of grief or whatever. It's just a little on the nose with this one
>Because my horse lost, it's just a shitty jap romance

He's a shit pilot but still a great MC.

I was thinking the same, but not really sure how to get it from abroad.

He has no character except screaming WAIFU every single fight. Delta is aimed at otaku crowd so whatever.

Yeah no.

Hell yes. That and plot armor.

He's got a very established personality, just because you don't like it.
>plot armor
Stop wasting my time.

Oh, did I trigger you? He has no personality except for screaming WAIFU every single fight and basically waifuism incarnate. Clearly shows target audience.

He's just boring and empty. Maybe he might have become interesting if we saw more of him without Freyja because now there is nothing else to his character.
Even Amata was better.


>plot armor
I'm getting tired of retards coming here from tvtropes.
Aloways lurk more before using unfamiliar words.

Why you people don't like waifufaggotary?

I wish Delta was airing mid-week.

When summer ended shitposting dropped a lot in these threads. It seems majority of them went back to school and couldn't shitpost 24/7 as they used to do. But weekends are still exception.

A necessary sacrifice. Japs need something to self-insert into. At least he's not a dog yet.

It's boring.

>He's just boring and empty.
Only if you're blind and mentally handicapped.
They constantly showed his personality, traits as well as their gradual change. Hayate is light years better than Hikaru and he is not a total faggot like Alto-hime.

Full star song when?

He is a bum who happens to be a talented mecha pilot and a fold quartz necklace which carries him through the story. Outside of that, he is literally all tropes with no real foundation to support his character. His dad died and he became a bum to get away from it all, and he doesn't kill knights because he is a moody hippie. That's it.

Star song a shit.
Full Love Thunder Grow when?

>he is literally all tropes

Shit meme. Sorry.

>Hayate is light years better than Hikaru
>Hikaru plane
>VF-1, robust fighter without ex-gear and fuckton of electronic assist systems
>no fold quartz, no "muh wind", only pure skill

It's a story about pilot and his idol (read 'magical buffs out of the ass') so that was expected.

Hayate can be summed up in two lines
Muh Freyja
Muh wind

Why did they think this would fly with viewers?

Delta should've been about Hayate dancing through the galaxy instead of some pseudo war drama.

Better as a character.
But you probably one of those Miragefags who measure characters in piloting skill only.

I'm pretty sure he meant in terms of likability, not skill. Hikaru may be a good pilot but he is scum, treating Misa like some backup. Hayate's just a better boy because he isn't an indecisive fuckwit. He knows who he wants to be with.

>But you probably one of those Miragefags who measure characters in piloting skill only
>sticking labels

>measure characters in piloting skill only.
>measuring pilots with piloting
Ah, well, take your pills.
Every macross MC was either faggot or a dick. Now we have self-insert material.

All early Macross MC's are sort of scums.
Hikaru, Isamu, Guld.

Basara was autistic and Alto was A-grade planefucker.

Just because MC is devoted to protecting the girl who made him look at life differently doesn't make him a self insert. He's just a better MC than the trash we got before.

He's worse. He got no character to allow nips to self-insert. Only waifufaggotry.

How will it be if Theodor was Macross MC?

>implying the nips don't self-insert as Hayate because of his waifufaggotry for the Hoina

Hayate would have been better if they gave him some scumbag traits.

I wasn't wrong. Look, turns out is that retarded ace combat shitposter throwing new buzzwords he learned few days ago on Cred Forums.

He's practically Isamu-lite. Go back to TV Tropes.

He's a slacker who only does what he likes.

They do, that's the point of his character.

No. Hayate is better precisely because he isn't scum and actually treats his waifu with care and respect.

>shit pilot with absolutely no charisma whatsoever who can't even fuck anything
Sweet delusion.

He even recognizes when something is bothering unlike the others who act completely dense and insensitive. Then again, Freyja has a rune which tells all her emotions, so in a way Hayate has been given a cheat.

Nah, he's still a Freyjafag who notices every little thing about her even without the rune and goes out of his way to put a smile on her face.

That's my boy.

>his waifu

She hasn't won and she will never win

Hayate is the less annoying version of Bogue

Why Bogue is still alive.

>She hasn't won and she will never win

Not all pilots have to fuck something to show their charisma. Isamu is also scum. Completely unlikable if you look past his WAIFU-19 faggotry.

Ended in episode 3 and Hayate has been static since 6, and not even 10 because it doesn't feel like Messer's death changed him in any substantial way.
Maybe there is something more for his development depending on how the writers choose to conclude his father's subplot, but it's looking to be more of a mystery than something that is crucial for his development.
That makes him good boyfriend material and isn't alone strong enough to make him carry a Macross TV show.

yeah he really hasn't danced nearly as much as you'd think he would
that is until he saves the day by doing it in the last episode

Almost no MC in Macross was good enough to carry a TV show, that's why they had two other characters. Macross 7 needed Gamlin. Macross Frontier needed Sheryl. This time we have Freyja. Hikaru is really the only MC that had the most screen time out of the others but he is scum.

ITT: HayaFrafags would rather watch a SoL romance about them that didn't involve space cancer

That's waifufags in a nutshell.

>shippers are dumb for enjoying their ship and wanting them to do cute things together


That means Freyja isn't close to Gamlin or Sheryl then.

What logic is that? Freyja best girl.

It's not that hard to be best in shit show.
Not dumb, autistic. That's their way to escape reality though.

Macross has pretty much almost always been pretty disappointing with MCs.

>That makes him good boyfriend material and isn't alone strong enough to make him carry a Macross TV show.
True but at least we're not calling him a shitter or an autist


・ドラケンの形式番号についているSvはSlayer Valkyrie(もしくはVF)で統合戦争の恨みを忘れていない


But the show isn't shit.

Because it does. The overwhelming majority like it when he fags over her. He's usually a calm guy.

"Pass peacefully in his arms after all the excitement has ended" is also okay.

Do you really need more than that? I mean, he's just a regular guy who found a waifu and something that he's good at.

Personally, I care less about the "complexity" of a character (especially since attempts at "complex" oftentimes just becomes hamfisted and overwrought) and more about the way they comport themselves. And while Hayate doesn't have the most engaging personality, he's not as bland as a bag of bricks by any measure.

Is this a summary on Kawamori's interview? I can't read kanas so I need someone to interpret it

No death! At the very least Freyja should be covered in flakes right before the effects are reversed so she can reunite with her husbando.

>"Pass peacefully in his arms after all the excitement has ended" is also okay.

Fuck that shit. After all the shit Freyja has been through, she deserves to get her lifespan fixed and be happy.

She's definitely going to "die" before the lifespan thing is fixed and she gets "revived". Freyja needs to become the Windermere jesus.

the movies are gonna be so much better than the show

>Freyja needs to become the Windermere jesus.

And I will be a devoted and loyal follower of her Gospel of Gori Gori.

You were the only redeeming quality, Messah-kun.

Have you accepted Jesus Freyja Wion as your Lady and Savior?

No, there's one mecha Jesus and his name is Kira Yamato. Heretics can fuck off.

Who is this character?

>Jesus Freyja Wion
Oh, I see it.
Hayate decides to finish his dad's job and deploys 2nd nuke on Windermere. Freyja gets caught by explosion. But in the she survives the nuke without any explanation and becomes the new Jesus.

No, it's a different Kawamori interview.
The Windies may have been a defensive weapon against the Zentradi and their 30 year lifespans are their limiters.
The wind singers are the activation device for the ruins and a safety mechanism to prevent them from being activated by the star singers alone.
Some other lore about cloning and info about the inertia control technology.
Dr. Chiba attended a lecture by Mao in his college years and completed the fold wave theory after Macross 7.
There really should have been 7 Walkure to match the seven notes of the musical scale and that there are Walkure in Norse mythology.
I think we might get a final song with Minmay, Basara, Sheryl, and Ranka joining in to complete Walkure.

This makes Freyja Jesus very sad. Hopefully you will one day see the light of your sins.

Have a very Gori Gori day.

>I think we might get a final song with Minmay, Basara, Sheryl, and Ranka joining in to complete Walkure.

I doubt it. Minmay is fucking lost, Basara is fucking around the Galaxy. Also bringing in Ranka and Sheryl wouldn't be right since it's not their "battle"

>Kawamori wanted 7 idols
The madman.

>The Windies may have been a defensive weapon against the Zentradi and their 30 year lifespans are their limiters.

So if Windies were a defense against the Zentradi and they needed "limiters" doesn't that mean Windies>Zents in terms of power?

Add 2 previous members (blond girl and fishgirl) and you have 7 Walkures. So it's not like they dropped that reference completely.

I'll be amazed if they somehow salvage the second cour and give us a finale on par with Frontier's last episode.

Did you miss the thing about the galactic mind control network?
The other singers can join in through that.

Perhaps. But if we got past singers joining in to help fix things, it'd feel like a cop out to me. Like Walkure wouldn't have been able to do it on their own so they had to bring in past Macross Idols to get shit done.

But past macross idols have no fold receptors, it is a mutation caused by fold bacteria left by Vajra.

What was the point of episode 19 then?


It was to show that songs have saved the Galaxy for ages. It doesn't mean past idols will make a comeback.

>Past singers have no fold receptors
But they have anima spiritia.

That's Basara and his crew.

Anima spiritia isn't the same as fold receptors.


7 Walkure

Maybe Hayate will sing. He sang in the manga didn't he?

So in other words Heinz and Freyja will have to team up to take down Mikumo. That EXPLAINS why Mikumo resonates with them.

*62位/*68位 (**6,793 pt) [*,*14予約] 16/09/27 マクロスΔ 03 [Macross Delta 03] (特装限定版) [Blu-ray]

The effect of the Walkure's event ticket for the 2nd concert in January.
It seems Walkure is more popular than the actual show.

But still they have the sound system to amplify fold waves. The only way to explain Basara have fold receptors is in the movie where he literally sang and bridge muh understanding with space whales

I don't remember but he sang the runepika song in the radio.

Yes, Windies are peerless as pilots too. In short, they were too OP so they nerfed them with the lifespan.

Walkure are the face of Delta, that's the reason why pilot character got shafted.

>But past macross idols have no fold receptors
Did you watch Zero, she maybe just like Heizn a descendant from a Star singer.

He sang runepika!?! I need a link or something!

*Sara Nome

Because the current situation happened because the predecessors did a shitty job. Specially Sheryl and Ranka who were unable to persuade the Vajra to stay so we had Var as result.

Yes, please. Thematically it would even make sense.

Why if end game lifespan of windies were fixed?

Sara and Keith share a connection in the video game, so they are likely distantly related or Shin is getting cucked.

>going to a Walkure concert
These poor people. Their ears. Should stick to the CDs, those sound really good.

Idolfags are the lowest lifeform, user.

We don't know if it's getting 'fixed', it could be just that Heinz and Freyja will be age more naturally as their people are supposed to do.

Anyway, Mikumo is their mother figure now. The wind singers are officially descendants of her original self.

Sheryl and Ranka were the faces of Frontier too. No one gave a shit about Alto.

They need to fix the crusty flake skin at least. It's clearly not part of their natural aging process probably has to do with fold waves.

It's because they were too OP, they put the limiter.

I'm convinced this will get a third cour or a movie because there's nothing to end on right now.

This kid....

> but he sang the runepika song in the radio.
Singing delta 5 when?

The current situation happened because Galaxy fleet toyed with powers beyond their understanding, committed widescale conspiracy ranging from local revolt to rebellion against humankind, and instigated a catastrophic interstellar war which nearly resulted in the unjust genocide of an alien species.

If anything, the real culprit is that the Protoculture fleets and colonies have been given too much freedom to the point where rogue states are sowing widespread chaos and destruction across whole star systems. Strong central government needs to rein in all the planetary states and fleets before more damage is done to the dimension.

That would include a general call to arms to assemble a coalition fleet to destroy the Windermere kingdom and subjugate it's people.

My SMS wingman.

>second cour is mostly filler, infodumps and nothing happens
>third cour
Not gonna happen.

what happened to the macross 7 fleet after dynamite

No, Roid, your starsinger is in another macross

>another macross
Hopefully, they will get rid of this "tradition" bullshit with the next macross.

>all you wanted to be is a Space Marine
>still no mod where settlers use power armor and keep using it without leaving



I'd honestly just get rid of the love triangle. Love triangles have never actually been fair in Macross, except DYRL.

Tradition is what made Macross the franchise it was, fuck off newfag.

Can Macross survive Delta?


who fukin care?

Event ticket volumes always sell 1.2 to 1.5 times more than usual Cred Forumsnon.
This time it is most likely the ticket resellers who are purchasing the volume so they can resell at ten times the original price.