ITT scenes women will NEVER understand

ITT scenes women will NEVER understand

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Anything really about loyalty, camaraderie, or honor.


>mfw females interpret camaraderie as sexual tension

They really can't comprehend any kind of connection between two people besides taking dick, can they? Stupid fucking sluts. It really reflects on their own mental state when you realize the only kind of relationship females can fathom is dick.

I wish I didn't sound so much like a /r9k/ loser, but it really is poetic how there is literally nothing else they can think about.
>these two characters are close?
>the only possible explanation is that they want dick!

Reason and accountability.

anything that doesn't involve shopping and sex

>I wish I didn't sound so much like a /r9k/ loser
Go where you know you belong, virgin.

Anything involving getting hit in the balls. A pain only men know.

Fuck you. It's my favourite chinese cartoon.


/u/ does the same fucking thing with chicks, man

Some people are just obsessed with seeing fictional characters bang

We may not be /r9k/ but that doesn't make us Cred Forums faggot. Virgin isn't an insult here.

The whole point is that women can't undergo camaraderie, so any interactions between them must be love or hate.

perhaps the problem is that anime attracts fic writers and fujoshits

then I stopped to think about novels and whatnot and I realized you are actually right. fuck!

Yeah I know that was your point, and it's retarded

>Go where you know you belong
But I don't enjoy shitposting about a lifestyle all day, 3DPD porn, and clinging to various "females" despite professing my hatred for them every other hour of my existence.

I don't say they're losers because they're virgins, I don't really think that matters. I'm saying they're losers because all they can do is whine about it all the fucking time. They complain and complain about other people instead of just finding peace with their own life.

You're not a loser because you've never had sex, you're a loser because you whine about it all fucking day and never do anything to make your own life better in more fulfilling ways.

Says you, virgin


Fuck off normalfag.

More like shipperfags in general. They're delusional enough to interpret standing next to each other as a concrete sign of impending relationship.

you will never know the bliss of pumping your entire load into a vagina


Naw, right on the money. Women are even more capricious than children, with barely a fraction of the emotional depth of men. They know lust and hate, and not much else.

That guy wasn't me. And prove me fucking wrong, you can't. I have 4 sisters so I've seen what they're like in every aspect of their lives. I know females better than I wish I did.

All through childhood they would ask me to confirm for them that "guys and girls can't be friends, they only can have romantic feelings for each other". Which is kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy because while a guy could have platonic feelings for a girl, most girls will end up eventually having romantic or sexual feelings for the guy. I saw this happen many times throughput their lives.


Not that guy but
>Implying I care


Yes, and most shipperfags are girls, as evidenced by tumblr, or fujos ruining everything they touch. I wouldn't go as far as the other user was going, but he's pretty spot on when it comes to teenage girls, they project sexuality and romance onto everything. There's a reason most shoujo revolves around these themes and not adventure or camaraderie.

lying to yourself is not healthy, user


Projecting this hard must be painful.

>I know four women raised in the same household so I know about all women


Your sisters sound like sluts though


even the women in the series don't understand it




Anything that is meant to invoke an emotional response really.



normalfags out


I think their relationship is what I enjoy most about the old Gundams and it's kind of a pity it isn't found anywhere else in the franchise.


Only filthy animals think like that, abstinence is the true way of living.

>12000 years have passed


Let's talk real shit.

Women will never truly understand Gungrave.


Those filthy animals are the only one who'a genes will survive

Even if you're right, it won't matter, and life will slowly select away from people like you and me until none of us remain.

As far as nature is concerned, your only measure of success--the only thing that gets you anywhere--is how many kids you can bang out and how ready to bang out kids those kids are.

I wish I could unwatch Gungrave to experience it for the first time again

Man if there was really an anime a woman would never understand it's Gungrave. Honestly I would say Trigun would fly over most of their heads too.

The biggest fan of this I know is a girl

She's also got a large shelf of her figure case dedicated to idolm@ster


Take it all filthy hoe

I'm a woman and I don't understand anything in this thread how do I submit this digital reply

This shit has huge female following. Did you think all those lesbian worshiping shippers were dudes or something?


Should I really skip the first episode of this anime?

Am I really supposed to skip the first episode or is that a meme? If I do skip it, do I have to watch it later? Why even is it that people say I should?


Yes, always. It spoils almost everything.

>lel women can't understand
Stfu stupid cunt anyone is capable of understanding these feelings. You guys probably never even got to actually meet and talk to a girl right? It sounds so pathetic is not even funny



No. They wouldn't have made it if it really ruins the experience. Once you get taste you stop caring about spoilers anyway since all of the best things are even better on subsequent rewatches.

>tfw can't tell if mad roastie or just b8

Women can't even make friends without talking shit behind each others' backs all the time. They might understand that a scene involves camaraderie or honor, but they will not feel the importance of them.


What's the point of these threads really? Baiting girls? LONDON? There's /soc/ for that.
Moreover some people might actually think you're serious and soon we'll find ourselves in the company of idiots who think they're at home.

Literally any lesson or theme from any episode, especially the last one, would fly over their heads.


We must prepare a home on Cred Forums for the beta uprising, praise KEK

If you really think like that I feel sorry for you. You're just as ignorant as everyone hating on girls in this thread.

>If I do skip it, do I have to watch it later?
The first episode is shown again towards the end with nothing in it changed.

>i'm beta because I don't shitpost about girls on an anonymous board for weebs

In what way is it not serious?

Women don't understand loyalty nor camaraderie.

Underrated post

Roasties please leave.

You cannot seriously believe this is true


Literally the only accurate post in this thread


Cred Forumsirgins, Cred Forums and Cred Forums cross boarders

There's a reason this thread was started with a fucking Gurren Lagann OP

He probably has 10 Cred Forums tabs open about "muh SJWs" right now.


Cred Forums was made for anti-SJW rebellion so I don't see what your problem is

Here's a real answer

Women don't understand this is fanservice unless someone tells them

They aren't missing anything.

>Cred Forums

Is it true? It's still this easy to get replies and make people mad on Cred Forums?

>there are people who will believe this
SJW wasn't even a word back then.


What the fuck happened there


You better learn to like them user, because roasties are probably the only kind of vagina you'll ever get. And you'll be so thirsty for cunt you won't even turn them down. That's how desperate you are.

Scenes women cannot understand for they are brainless non-entities. They are fictional and only exist as scenes for real humans to gaze upon. The same holds true for scene men, scene girls, scene boys, scene lolis, scene futas, scene robots, scene deities, scene animals, scene aliens, scene monsters, scene plants and other scene objects.

If you didn't give captain Okita your full respect at this scene, you are not a proper man.

But then again it's kind of the point of going to Cred Forums.

U wot

>Women can't be lonely
>Women don't know loyalty and friendship

Can we just not? All these misogynist made me..ugh!


Before this thread gets deleted, who is your favorite youtuber who talks about camaraderie and is forever alone?

>using the m word
Well played user, well played.

If there's ever comes a point when I can trade the kids for anime merch then I'll start caring but "nature wills it" is not a reason for most people to care.

Fuck off tumblr cunt

If it makes you feel any better, evolution is moving in the direction of a lifeform that is singular in existence and does not need to reproduce to sustain it's existence. So, you could say that these failures in the form of men who do not wish to have sex are really the foreshadowing of a change in the way animals, specifically humans and their descendants, survive.

I also believe that the creative human mind is not an natural thing, but that the way that humans mold and change the world around us is simply the next level of evolution for nature. Mans next evolution will not be one of chance, but one of his own making.

Yes hahaha I'm such a fucking weird nerd for thinking about this stuff aren't I. Because ridiculing people for thinking beyond this simple life is so superior isn't it?

trolled hard

>idiots will actually fall for this
well played, user-kun

Are you literally retarded?


well your a blue pill fag

Who gives a shit about nature, by the time my genes make an impact on humanity I'll be long dead. Asia's got the reproduction thing covered so I can enjoy doing whatever the fuck I want while I'm alive. I ain't having no kids.

I can't believe one of these retards actually bought this.
Another thing I can't understand as a woman, I suppose.

Not even trolling but can someone explain this "woman can't be lonely" meme??


its over. Cred Forums has won

Not if cloning, biotechnology, and the soon to be complete understanding of D.N.A. have anything to say about it.

I'm playing for the long game in which I become one of the immortal super elite of humanity.

Not even an /r9k/ shitter but I do not believe they feel a sense of honor or camaraderie as deep as men. Personally, I've never experienced it. The one time I saw a pair of girls get along that well, one of them was a lesbian and in love with the other, so I think it's shouldn't really count. I find that while women can make friends with each other easily, hang out and enjoy each others company, I do not perceive it to be on par with the same kind of intimacy the brotherhood of two really close friends who are both men is. While their friendships may be sincere, it always seems more casual if you wish.

Go back to Cred Forums


Crossboarders please go

It has only gotten worse so far and it can only continue to get worse from now on.

I think you missed the point

That was the mosr obvious fucking bait in the world and you replied to it anyways

...unless I'm being reverse baited right now

>they are people who actually believe that women can't experience the same feelings as men
Fuck Cred Forums I knew you guys were autistic faggots but that's beyond stupidity


The first episode is episode 17, so don't bother watching it unless you want to spoil yourself.

>personally, as a man, I never experienced women's camaraderie
Well color me surprised, I suppose.
No but seriously, it's okay that you have your own opinion, but I disagree.
I fucking cried in front of TTGL. Surely these could only have been manly tears.

Good luck with that being viable in your lifetime.

I mean, genuinely, I wish you good luck.


/r9k/, I guess
Now obviously most women can't understand male camaraderie and brotherhood, that's just to be expected. We are different sexes after all, somethings just differ.

It all started just by me saying women can't understand close male relationships. I never meant to start a fight, it just always bothered me how women interpreted any male closeness as sexual tension. That is something I can tell they don't understand because I've witnessed their confusion over it. They interpret all male closeness as homosexuality, which wounds me because they fail to understand the true noble nature of male camaraderie. I did use harsh words, yes. I'm sorry I brought /r9k/, Cred Forums, and Cred Forums here. I'm sorry.

This might be the most accurate use of "women will never understand" I've seen. A good kek was had.

Kind of got me thinking though. Obviously, these threads are typically for jokes, and throwing out a huge generalization of "X will never understand" is silly, but there is definitely material out there that one group would relate to more than another.

Evangelion deals with some hang ups men can have about women that women don't think about. I remember talking to a girl about that scene where Shinji starts having anxiety at the thought of Misato having sex. She thought it was creepy, and while it's not a pleasant state of mind to be in, a lot of normal men have that kind of madonna/whore shit going on. Most women don't know it because most men aren't characters in an anime where the inner workings of their psychological issues are explored.

they'd have to learn to pay attention first

women r dum i no cus im a dude
muh honormuh dick


>they interpret all male closeness as homosexuality, which wounds me because they fail to understand the true noble nature of male camaraderie
Fuck off Reinhard, you wanted to get into your childhood friend's pants and no amount of praising "the noble nature of male camaraderie" will change that.

Most women don't understand it because they don't understand a scenario where they CAN'T get sex.

It's one of those threads were /fit/ pretends they are not huge homos?

>Good luck with that being viable in your lifetime
Hey, we can already clone sheep and other animals flawlessly, and understanding D.N.A. is only a matter of the current project to study how viruses transfer genetic code bearing results. Once we "get" D.N.A., a whole new world of genetic manipulation will be opened up. Personally I wish I could be the one to do it, so that I can release the knowledge to the whole world for free. I would be very disappointed if someone ended up making a selfish monopoly off of something that could save the human race from most of it's problems. Disease would never be a problem again, Cancer would go from being a feared word to no more dangerous than a cold.

I'd just patent it, then license it to the entire universe for $0.00

You're just proving my point. In fact, I'm almost sure this is falseflagging intended to bait me.

Alright fair. Personally, I've never really observed it. At least not anywhere I've worked at or studied at and so on.

But then I thought about the otaku girls who go through similar shit as guys do in their situation, and how close they can be with their friends perhaps. Think maybe it's a cultural issue? I didn't mean straight up "they can't cry to the same shit we do", but more they think and work differently as a result of thousands of years of evolution. Historically speaking, I can understand why women might stick out for one another but also be cold and competitive, whereas men's friendships can be really close to the point of being borderline gay.



Oh look, another guy who thinks women are walking sex robots who don't have any kind of anxiety about having sex and interpersonal relationships.

That's probably the reason why they watch fujoanime.

This might be a new concept to Cred Forums but it's not a new concept to the world at large.

Literary writers, filmakers and playwrights have known for hundreds of years that women simply don't understand a number of relationship concepts the same way that men do.

It's even funnier when they come out of the woodwork en masse to say 'of course I understand it!' and then their descriptions entirely miss the point. See: apocalypse now

Oh look, another guy who doesn't associate with the vast majority of women.

Just because you don't see it kid, doesn't mean it isn't a thing.

One dude's not going to fund the research himself and the backers are going to want a return on their investment


Is this a nature thing or a nurture thing?

I didn't skip it, and although it does 'spoil' some things it's not like the series particularly hides exactly what's going to happen.

That said episode 1 has no relevence to anything as it literally gets repeated almost scene for scene later on in the series and you're honestly better off just skipping it.

The only reason it exists is because Gungrave is based on a vidyagame and the entire first half is the prequel to the video game so they put that there so you know you're actually watching the vidyagame the anime

I'm sure you have one or two guys you strongly dislike too. Yet should I take it one step further and say "Some guys might stick out for one another but also be cold and competitive"?.See how much of a platitude it is? It is so obvious you might not even have typed it. I wouldn't have.
Everyone has friends, and people they'd rather not hang out with for different reasons (competitiveness, disgust, dislike, fear, etc). I don't see how gender factors into this.


As always, it's a bit of both. Women probably don't process these feelings the same way we do because of all the difference in hormones and the biology of the brain, but the environment and culture they grow up with probably doesn't help either. Put a bunch of girls to watch a war movie and maybe a little handful will enjoy and sympathize with it out of the majority who probably wouldn't bother to watch it all. I can guarantee you that those girls who do will have "nerd" "geek" or otaku tendencies

Nature. Men and women are fundamentally different creatures, regardless of what the liberals tell you. We don't think the same way.


"I don't get it, why is he so hung up on what he promised to some dead guy?"

No man would ever ask such a question.

sure is Cred Forums leaking here

women have a brain and women are also humans, so dont think that women are some alien like creatures you fucking virgins

>When you tell the emperor to go royally fuck himself as you drink yourself silly as your fleet gets fucking vapourized by the man you just insulted

>children have brains and are human
>they must think just like adults

Shit argument.

I'm not denying that. I'm just saying that within those friendships, there's a difference in the nature of the loyalty, devotion and honor between female and male friendships. Even after years of knowing one another, female friendships aren't as intimate as male friendships. It's a different chemistry.


This. We are biologically different along with the fact that we were raised differently because society has different expectations of us. It's not as black or white as some Cred Forumsnons would have you believe. But some scenes depicting male camaraderie or boyhood friendships can be interpreted differently or not understood at all by some women. The same goes for men not "getting" scenes that only women would understand. What those scenes would be I don't know, but I'm sure they exist.

It's the same concept as someone from mainland China not "getting" some US thing. We can't just get rid of the thinking our culture has carved into us.

yo my dog has a brain too doesn't mean it has insight into human emotion

keep crying and blaming Cred Forums though

We're all human beans in this game called life, man.

Yeah but they empathize with different stuff so it's worth discussing even if it veers into some non-pc territory.

I watched a conference on the human brain some time ago. Most stuff we believe to be common knowledge about the differences between female and male brain (like right and left brain, women can do many things at once but men can't, etc) are bullshit spawn by erroneous conclusions to biased studies made in the 60s. Everything that's there in the male brain is also there in the female brain, we even have conclusive evidence thanks to scanners monitoring the activity in the brain while they're thinking about a specific something that they activate the same areas of the brain, be it for emotions or mathematical reasoning. There are differences, but they're not gender specific.

>comparing children and dogs to women

welcome to Cred Forums everyone, enjoy your stay

Except for the pope. That's just a disguised lizardman.

This. There's a big difference in how they work. Adolescent brains are different from adult and children's, and it's all because of a variety of different reasons. Just as how men are genetically disposed for combat and women for child rearing, there's plenty of other instances of biological differences playing a role in shit even as simple as friendships. It's not racist, sexist or what have you, it's observable fact.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that women wouldn't understand that bond between boy apprentices and man mentors, between brothers and friends, between fathers and sons. It would be ridiculous to ask that they understand something that might as well be an alien world to them. It's not fair to use situations like that. Just as there are, probably, relationships within female circles that we don't understand, they can't understand EVERYTHING about male society. It's only natural.

Women can surely understand things like friendship, which is something both sexes share, they can understand those kinds of feelings I'm sure. There are many things that men and women share experiences in.

I mean, we're all little girls here anyway.

>comparing women to men

>not understanding how an analogical argument works

Try harder.

This is a good post. The madonna/whore complex present in adolescent boys has a lot of stigma around it specifically because it's a psychological phenomena present in adolescent boys and thus never really addressed. Yes, Shinji was being kind of creepy but it's a lot more normal than other people, especially women, would believe. It's all just a matter of how one deals with it as they mature.
They weren't saying that. They were simply addressing how men and women differ when it comes to sexual validation. Get off your high horse, user.

bideo games

Cred Forums animu and mango

>I remember talking to a girl about that scene where Shinji starts having anxiety at the thought of Misato having sex.
I don't remember that, do you have the episode number in mind?

What would be a scene that only women could understand?

No wonder women can't understand anime because anime is for literal children

>One dude's not going to fund the research himself
Yes I am. I taught myself most of what I know, which means most of the research is simply going to be computer simulations and study, which in this day and age will cheap if you're not an idiot. The actual, physical research can certainly be done for a decent price. It doesn't need millions or billions, probably just a few thousand, which I could get back anyway by being the first person to utilize this information in medicine/biotechnology. It's not that I wouldn't/won't get any money at all, I just wouldn't have exclusive rights to use the knowledge to do stuff. I want the knowledge itself to be free, and the use of it in medical fields to be unhindered by licensing rights. It just means that everyone can use it, for monetary gain or not, without worrying about paying someone else for the information.


Thanks TG, tumbrl is now so deep up our asses that a thread that has been for years has turned to shit beyond the shit it already was.

bideo games

Jokes on you virgin, i had sex with 11 girls.

You tried so hard but you're not going to get any more (you)s

Don't forget self-depreciating humor.

Women are physically incapable of self-depreciating humor.

I know it exists but what do you want us to do about it? We don't exactly have control over what you think of us. Moreover we usually end up suffering because of this too, neither girl at either end of the madonna/whore spectrum is exactly lucky.

can someone redpill me on anime

No. It's fucking terrible and you should stay away.

Unfortunately no. I watched it only a few weeks ago too. It's very brief so it's easy to forget. A lot of stuff was running through his mind at the moment I believe. Paraphrasing, but Shinji's inner monologue was something like, "Could it be, Misato does something like that" as images flash of her having sex with Kaji.

its degenerate, thats all you need to know

No one is asking you to do anything about it. It's just how it is.

This thread is shit and everyone taking it seriously needs to fuck off back to whatever third world shithole board they crawled out of.
If you don't feel indifferent to the foolish masses then you need to fuck off.

I found discussion in this thread to be alright.

Anime is pure and encourages virtuous conduct.
Basically the opposite of western shows that promote degeneracy and selfishness.

Actually can't decide which post is better.

>1. Women are smarter than men.
>4. Women are cleaner than men.
>6. Women tolerate pain better than men.
>8. Women handle stress better than men.
>9. Women are better at multitasking than men.
>10. Women are better computer programmers than men.
>12. Women make better leaders than men.
>13. Women are better drivers than men.
>16. Women are better with money than men.
Is this a 2008 Cred Forums YLYL?

Is it you again autist-kun? Didn't that other guy tell you to fuck off back in the DR thread?
Please close that window, we're having a discussion here.

Which post in particular was the one that triggered you, sweetie?

In my experience, women don't understand anything with masculinity as a central theme

i miss the misogyny on Cred Forums that wasn't associated with Cred Forumsshit.

Fuck off retard.

This is truly a great anime-related thread.

Kill yourself.

they don't understand anything that doesn't involve relationships , i mean why do you think that every girl into anime is only in it for the ships?

>Cred Forums
Cred Forums is the only board on Cred Forums that matters in the year 2016 cucklord


fuck off, you people are fucking parasites.

Any scene that doesn't have to do with taking 20 cocks

these are all spooks. Women are the least spooked gender because of their innate lack of these qualities and inability to manifest them. It hit me pretty hard when I realised women were right all along.

I wasn't arguing for any kind of acceptance of the madonna/whore complex. I was simply stating that it's incredibly common and shouldn't be disregarded as simply creepy. A common element of a male-oriented narrative recognizes this and focuses on how the character handles this. A positive character will learn to discard such a black and white interpretation of women in favor of one that's healthy and well-rounded. A negative character will maintain it past adolescence into adulthood where it will manifest in negative ways.

>missing actual degeneration
If it's any help, I think it's still there, just buried under the growing influx of girls posting.

Preferably with men taking 20+ dicks in them.

Mods really need to crack down on this thread.

Holy fuck.

no you're pretty much vermin, you mindlessly hurt your own cause in the same way Cred Forums ddos itself years back.

This and Jin-Roh

Reminder that this is a 100% serious thing.


Oh fuck off already Max.

Too soon lad

Dumb teenage boys-crap.

Just because you're triggered doesn't mean mods should delete it, there's been some decent discussion amongst the shitposts.

women don't understand true loneliness

Stacy's idea of being lonely is not receiving a text in almost 30 minutes

so ronery

name one red-pilled anime, you literally can't

You know this is true

believe it or not there are ugly lonely girls out there just like you

You'll be told to go back to /r9k/, but this is actually true.

I'm so glad I'm gay.

boku no pico.

Spot on.


The Animatrix.

Defend this shit whales

Ugly girls band together and form a network of other ugly women. Even 4/10 women can manage to get a Tinder date if they put in a few hours of effort.

Ugly men hate each other and are a dime-a-dozen on Tinder.

the only reason they're lonely is because their standards are too high

i was that girl

>just like you
I mean im sure they have their own set of problems and tribulations, but i just doubt that they have any problems that are in any way relateable.

I'll be goddamned.

taking screenshot of macross plus reminds me of how fucking good looking it is

r9k is trannies and race bait nowadays,
got invaded by the worst of both worlds, and in some strange bizarre way /lgbt/ and Cred Forums seems to coexist with each other there.

This is very true, but also not anime.

>maintain it past adolescence
Let the irl bullying begin.


so shot in the dark
can we make this into a femdom thread?

wtf i hate women now

Are you unfamiliar with the "Fat Acceptance" movement? There is literally no personal flaw, of their own fault or not, that women will demand men overlook, and there is no shortage of men who will indeed overlook them.

The same can not be said for the reverse.

fight my champion desu



Not into the whole s&m shit but I do like gentle loving femdom.

to be fair, even some men don't understand this fight

And this is why Cred Forums is single. No one can ever dream of understanding women

you mean the homoerotic undertones?


Women literally only care about 2 things. Being able to have sex with tons of men without being called a slut and being able to kill the baby when they get pregnant.

Keep trying.


Nobody should ever tolerate fat ugly men. Not even other fat ugly men. Because those other fat ugly men are going to steal all the food, which means less food for the fat ugly man.

i'm single because i understand women now and realize that we are incompatable on too many levels and i'm not sexually aroused by men enough to be gay

thats not /lgbt/
this is

So you're just a loser.

how many of you own gamergate (tm) fedoras?

I never got this fetish. As a girl I could never get the idea to getting off to someone weaker than you. I especially don't get why they can handle the guys being shorter?

We all have our preferences, and I want a guy that towers over me, like at least 6'4", since I'm 5'4. It would help if he was baramode, too. I guess that's why I'm alone.

Is it the idea of holding power over someone that arouses the women into this stuff? Genuinely asking.

I hope not


Sounds like you just need to try harder.



Gamergate is obsolete, everyone's moved on to trumposting by now

Can't give you more than 2/10 for that. Sorry.

>loser, virgin, fedoras, etc
Classic women.

>guy having a shitty day, possibly crying
>his friend casually sitting near to him, seemingly apathetic
>neither say anything
women are always the ones who wonder "why aren't you saying anything?" in any context
why don't you talk, user?

Angel Cop. Are you new?

yes user, thats where you belong, you gay homo.

Dammit. I'm behind the times.

I will never get why girls like machos with grotesque bulging muscles

why did two girls kiss?

I presume its the same impulse that drives some guys to like short girls: The satisfaction that comes from protecting and caring for someone.

gender is placebo

To prevent any electrical infetterance

trump admitted obama was born in the u.s. he's cucked you all.

They don't. They like sensual fit men with no body hair.

Because they love each other.


An emotion that /r9k/ will never understand.

I'm single because I want a wife, not just sex

this Cred Forumsin't your safespace

we're allowed to have threads about anime discussion even if you find them 'problematic'

the r9k now isn't the r9k of a few years ago,
things have....changed

/r9k/ is like 80% women pretending to be robots though.


>blogposting is anime discussion
how do I become an anime like you

Fuck off i hope seven iggers rape you, though you probably would enjoy it filthy slut.


You need to stop hanging around fujoshi, user.

is it gay if two women dress like men and kiss?

There has barely been any blogposting here though, the imouto threads are where the real blogposting happens.

t. triggered manlet

The entire match

This is the ideal man.

What blogposting, you blind fuck?

>why i hate women general
>not blogposting


we use to have these all the time , then normals moved in.

I don't think you quite understand what a blog is.


Reminder not to reply to the baiters trying to derail the thread.

you forgot
>why you normalfags don't understand us women who are also normalfags

>normalfaggots talking about 3D gender politics
>300 replies
mods are dead and we have killed them

Why are /r9k/ and Cred Forums here?


You were doing well until baramode desu. Everyone knows only gays like bara.

Most sports anime is like that but goddamn, this is a shining, legitimate example.

It's funny that you posted a pic of Joe, because there was that scene where Nori-chan wouldn't understand why Joe refused to stray from the path he was staking, to the point where she was crying and just stopped bothering with him for the most part afterwards. Yoko was an example of a woman which did understand the feelings of men, but it took her until the end to really feel it.

I blame Cred Forums to be honest.

>tfw sonohana next gen is coming with uncensored CGs
Can't fucking wait.

>posting in this thread at all

around long enough to know that Cred Forums is a shithole, and you should bring your ebin meme threads back there.

If you don't understand how to use a word, don't use it.

It's something you should have been taught in elementary school.

Memeyoiga truly was great.

I don't follow.


There was a digibro shilling thread up yesterday that devolved into shitposting within 3 posts. It lasted an hour. I'm not convinced that mods were ever a thing. What we interpreted as bans might just have been server glitches.

>don't post in a thread because it hurts my feelings
Kill yourself already.

I don't really understand the point you're making user, could you explain?

>local girl's school experiences what doctors are calling "mass sexual awakening"

>starts blogging about education

when will you just stop?

do they still banepost?

I hope the Legend of the Galactic Heroes remake in 2017 will go full fujopandering.


Then why did you just call it meme?

>Eyewitness reports show the smell was noticeable for at least 3 miles

It generates memes.

thanks for Correcting the Record



You should all watch the upcoming Koe no Katachi movie.
It's about a boy who doesn't understand that bullying a deaf girl is wrong, until he gets bullied himself. Then he understands and tries to apologize to her.

>normalfag whiteknights on one side
>Cred Forumstards on the other
I hate both of you

How old are you? You're not doing good because you are here.

>apologizing to a woman

didn't know it was a comedy.

You're talking about it as if half of Cred Forums hasn't read the manga already.

It was pretty meh by the way, should've stayed as a oneshot but I'm looking forward to what KyoAni are going to do with it since they are known to take some liberties with the source materials they adapt.

a single group of shitposters holding a fake argument about gender politics on the anime board

KinoAni is the only studio that understands men.

Man I miss late night tangentially anime related Cred Forums threads.

Unless they're fat. But do fatties even count as women, really?

>not apologizing for being a shitstain after realizing the error of your ways

how edgy are you?

>this thread
Apparently different opinions is another thing women can't understand

The entire ending to Honey and Clover.

A woman will never understand how it feels to be a guy who does everything for a girl only for her to say she loves him but no.

>They really can't comprehend any kind of connection between two people besides taking dick, can they
Anons here do the same with every airing series, don't pretend that's just a female thing. Just go to any Love Live thread if you want proof.
Horny otaku with too much free time on their had will ship everything with everything regardless of genre.

Boku dake is proof that Cred Forums doesn't read manga.

Why should I? This board, along with the universe, is my property. I own this board, you spooked fool. Get off MY board!

>advocating apologizing to women

not a cuck like you.

Not even memeing here. I don't think that you can truly appreciate Nichibros if you weren't a dumb male teenager doing dumb shit with your friends.

Any joke from any comedy anime.

Teenagers are something that nobody will ever be able to understand. Not even other teenagers.


Fucking this. It genuinely made me reminisce about being a massive spaz with my friends during freshman year of high school.

Being ill adapted to social situations seems to be one of the most effective ways to attract bullies. I was also hoping in hindsight far too subtly to point people towards concluding this results in a Rodger Elliot type.

Bullshit. Women love nichibros. There's a ridiculous amount of artwork for every ship.

No wonder you were bullied.

>I will whine about it in a image board that spawned from a board called Anime Death Tentacle Rape Whorehouse, bases 99% of it's operations on male pandering, male topics and that has a history of hate for women large enough to have a derogatory term for them that is accepted by it's whole community.

>every ship.
Literally proves they don't understand it.

>There's a ridiculous amount of artwork for every ship.
Case in point.

Oh, then you're correct in regards to them developing into someone like Rodger Elliot, among many other negative personality types.

Make that the entirety of Joe.

>every ship.
thanks for proving him right

Who are you quoting, Cred Forums-kun?

Fujoshi delusions != getting the joke

These quads PROVE women will NEVER understand

Right and all the rapey porn created for stuff like Love Live or Re:Zero means the male fans don't understand it.

Fucking hypocrites

as I've already stated women don't understand things that don't relate to romantic relationships.

Oh shit, a woman got quads?

Are you retarded or just a woman?

Isn't all the rape porn drawn by women for women?

a troll you retarded newfag


Kill yourself

so ronery


There are a lot of posts in this thread replying to no one in particular attempting to refute nondescript arguments with cavalier comments.

Guess you can count this comment among them

Probably all made by one woman.


>see thread
Meh. It'll probably be deleted soon.

>3 hours later
>it's still here

Reply to this post, I am really a woman from another website and I think you are triggering

I dont think theres anything more to those show other than being waifubait

Cred Forums is just slower Cred Forums now

>Today on Cred Forums: autistic /r9k/ shitposters fights against tumblr landwhale
Just nuke this thread into oblivion

And after this one gets to bump limit, a new one will be made for the continued ebin shitposting.

all me btw

>wildlife experts fear this "outburst" may lead to an increase in bears wandering into urban areas

kuma shock


Jesus fuck I only just made this connection
for over a decade I thought the word was a reference to sea ships shooting canons at each other.

Nice projection there roastie. Not him btw.

Yoko understood Joe more than any other character.

But the question is: can they beat the cock?

Remember to do your part.

Why the fuck would ships shoot perfectly fine cannons at each another? Wouldn't it be better to shoot cannonballs?

Because their standards are too high. That or they delude themselves into thinking that people aren't worthless.

Women are retarded children


Check what?

well if thats the case , children are sexy.

/r9k/ killed


The absolute joy when facing somebody who's just as good or perhaps better than you on even ground.
The knowledge that you're preforming as best you can, hell even better than you thought you could and that the guy opposed to you is doing the same as you're both pushing each other further.

You can't help but smile, because it's the best match you've had in however long. Nobody goes away from that a loser.

Another way of looking at it is that initial joy that got you into the game, that's been dulled and snuffed out by going competitive, being reignited.

>There's a ridiculous amount of artwork for every ship.

They love it for the wrong reasons and because they don't understand it, retard.

that sounds kind of gay desu

So true. I've become complacent.

Thank you, editfag.

How about this 4?


A fujo would think that.


Is daijobu. They have the same interests as gay men.

good dubs

By the end, sure. She knew Joe the longest out of all of them apart from Danpe and the kids but I really loved her character development and maturity throughout the series.

However, Rikiishi was the one who understood Joe the most, followed by Carlos. They just weren't around long enough.

If the cock forgets things after three steps, then easily.

Is tumblr any good?

only for the porn

What about reddit?

in the same way that not all of Cred Forums is Cred Forums or Cred Forums not all of tumblr are sjw, its a good platform to follow artists on.

There's nothing gay about two bros feeling a special connection between each other and feeling great joy from being within close proximity of one another.
Nothing at all.

It's got some great artists and funny absurd/ironic memes. You won't really find animal-kin retards unless you go looking for them.

If you have girl parts and are considering going there. Please do and don't come back. It's a modern Live Journal with horrible tagging and "comments" system.


Regurgitated content and memes from Cred Forums and tumblr. Has an upvote downvote system so you can circlejerk and collectively hide comments that hurt your little feelings.

I like the
>I cri evrytiem

Had no idea why people complained about Twitter until I came across an account by someone I casually knew on a forum. We never really talked but she seemed chill. Holy fuck it was basically the female version of /r9k/ & Cred Forums


I literally don't understand how Tumblr and Reddit work.
I think I have lost the ability to use any other site that isn't Cred Forums and pixiv

>I literally don't understand how Tumblr and Reddit work.
neither do people who use those platforms
apparently there are browser mods made to allow people to make heads and tails of the discussion there.

How is this message/concept exclusively aimed at men or inaccessible, though? The episode always struck me as the kind that could move anyone to tears, precisely because it actually goes far beyond the scope of a mere ping pong match or the joy of competition. It's a culmination of all the themes previously addressed in the show, which were admittedly much less about the sport itself than they were about the people.

If anything, limiting one's appreciation of the match to that is kindof doing it (and the episode as a whole) a disservice.

reddit's just a message board with an upvoat/downvote system.
It does feel clunky compared to standard message boards though.
But the subreddits can be fun.

The fuck is wrong with you man?

fuck off

he made a post that detailed which ones had repeating digits at the end of their post numbers.
seems obvious to me.

To be fair I don't think even the author understands anything anymore

But why?

All images and resulting discussion should pertain to anime or manga.

It is an important achievement for when we get screenshotted on r/Cred Forums.

Women can't understand MANLY friendship and MANLY tears, like the ones displayed in Fist of the North Star.

What if is a woman incapable of understanding Tumblr and Reddit?

>projecting this hard

Reddit has its place on the internet.
Just like Cred Forums its not a single entity. Biggest subreddits are analogous to boards but there's a subreddit for literally everything. Most of these are obviously slow as fuck but think of them as kind of permanent threads.
You can find a lot of interesting stuff on the appropriate subreddit.
As a platform for conversation it doesn't work as well, but it also doesn't work much better or worse than Cred Forums does. It's just a different kind of not being prefect.
Cred Forums is an anonymous anarchic clusterfuck, Reddit is stiflingly polite and constraining because of its community driven content "management", i.e. "downvote what I dislike"

But thunderbirds is anime

Mainly I think it's because women don't tend to get into that sort of 1-on-1 competition, usually it's team sports, not saying that it doesn't apply to that, but at least from my experience it's much less often.

I do get what you mean though.

>Although an organisation numbering in the thousands, the same five-person team is always dispatched to the danger zones.
That organization sucks.

>downvote what I dislike
Makes sense.

I prefer Non Non Biyori.

this will literally be the beginning of heaven for the extremely small number of people and the beginning of hell for the most

some will live forever, others will die in their 50s from pollution, lack of resources and overpopulation plus trashy gene base

Literally impossible for women to understand

Making everyone immortal is what the rich people want to, though, because immortal poor guys working for them forever means that they'll never have to hire new workers and train them anymore.
The poor immortals don't need to be perfectly superhealthy and pretty, just healthy enough to be able to keep working.

cade XD


It's just a construct of the mind anyway.

rich people want to have fun too
once you start living forever most things appear boring
however using the fear of death as stigma for manipulationis very very fun, i think
that would basically make those in power gods

>is an anonymous anarchic clusterfuck

This largely prevents circlejerking and putting certain users on a pedestal for seniority or post count. Unless it's a general.

Just use guns and shoot people if you wanna instill fear of death in them.

I remember the good old days when women just got called bitches and whores and that was the end of it.

This thread is complete cancer.

Always remember, 3D is PD for a reason.


i wouldnt really call here anarchic
its more like the order of things is just unusual for most people

Never got this meme saying. Everything in sociology is a construct, if we didn't have them we'd just be animals. That doesn't mean you can twist it to your convenience.

>prevents circlejerking
This thread proves otherwise.

anyone can use a gun, most can buy one,
but i dont think there is anybody alive who can look forward to living forever, at least for now

>current year
>not recognizing sociology as a meme

If you ignore every post deriding the thread, a lot of them, sure.

Thanks to the red exclamation notification and the (You) attached to the quoted post counter, Cred Forums is extremely easy to navigate anyway.

Why pay attention to something boring?

You can only see what you want to see, like everyone in this thread. I am no exception.

it also takes 5 minutes to get appchanx and make the website even better

I think you accidentally did, but I'm not so sure.

doge kyat hursh

Is this /s4s/'s new favorite meme girl?
What about buripink?

That is really incredibly adorable.

Really, the entirety of Heaven's Feel is straight up courtly romance right out of a European fairy tale. I could hardly imagine a more ideologically gendered genre of story.

Man goes on a quest to rescue his beloved from an evil monster. Experiences unbelievable hardship and is willing to give up whatever it takes to do what he thinks is right.

Fuck, Heaven's Feel was such an awesome story.

CRISPR is moving incredibly fast. Also a scientist modified genetically modified herself for starting a revere aging process and hasn't reported any side effects yet

You can actually hit women in their ovaries and make them feel similar pain.
Also, some men like having their gonads manhandled roughly by women wearing stilettos.

Best reply

Only little boys and older women can appreciate that scene.

Gloval's a better captain anyway.

>all this SJW shit

Never watched it but does the MC get at least something out of it? Or does he just get fucked over?

How does this have no replies. I'm tearing up just seeing the thumbnail. It is all too true that women will never understand this

I don't understand.

Why those two vastly different demographics?

please be in mitakihara

>How does this have no replies.
By not understanding why it didn't get any replies except from yourself, you just have exposed yourself as a woman.

He got experience and memories and shit

Kill yourself, Cred Forums.

Fuck that.

They appreciate the same things.


>women will never understand something written by a woman for women
Is this some death of the author shit?

it's actually layers of irony

Not really.

Does Cred Forums still have that problem with childporn and blacked-threads?

Yes it is. I bet you think you have no need to be ashamed of being a filthy weeaboo here either do you?


Go hang yourself on a sakura tree.

This is a nice thread and all but, I wonder what the opposite would be
I.e. things that women understand but men never will.


It would be yuri paradise. No filthy males to ruin it.

princess jellyfish

Nobody here on Cred Forums understands aidles.

So /ss/ truly is the purest form of love?


what's the difference?

bump limit
sasuga Cred Forums

Cred Forums is definitely anarchic when you compare it to most public messaging platforms and forums.
Anarchic doesn't mean a mess to use. The anonymity and style of discussion and posting make it that.
Even though through the years Cred Forums has become more widely known, it still is a really "wild" place if you're looking for discussion.
Olden time Cred Forums wasn't anarchic and wild because it was a niche secret internet club but because it was, and still is, anonymous.
You do not need to concern youself about offending anyone.
You can speak your mind without moderation backlash about not being nice.
You can't do whatever you want because there are rules, but the rules do not pertain to expecting particular good social conduct.
Even in this day there are people who are afraid of coming to any board of Cred Forums because of two things and they are that they either associate the entire site with the old Cred Forums or because they can't deal with the mordant criticism

Yes. Something that no man will ever understand, because they ceased to be little boys. They cannot understand anymore.

I'm a girl.

No, it's an abnormality on par with down syndrome and being a jew
You should kill yourself as fast as possible.

Post titties pl0x

Gotta have to disagree with this one. My little sister watched Gunbuster some time ago and while I never saw her reaction to the ending, she was very emotional when I asked about it.

This was the most disappointing shitpost magnet ever. No real angry outrages, not enough reaction images, not enough fuck-offs.

No, that's Yuri. It's pretty close, though.

As long as it doesn't involve adult men, it's pure.

>not enough reaction images
I can help you with that senpai.

Fuck off normalfag.

why should we tolerate fat women then?


Because muh vagina, and "oh it's just babyweight."

They're thicc.

Dumb memeposter.

You just don't understand.

>good story

This is what Fatefags believe.

shit can also be pure.
it's still shit.

No, you're just completely retarded. An obese woman is, and will always be, fat. No amount of memes, movements, and pridewalks will change that.

Reminder that women are objectively the inferior sex.

This is truly a superior post

>Go where you know you belong, virgin.

Found the woman.

Please user, I don't like your shitty shonen trash that you think is top tier writing. If Heaven's Feel was Illya's route instead of Worm slut though.

I want all the roasties to leave this board.

This thread says so much about how differently men and women think.
just look at some of the replies for example.

you can tell when it's a women because of how they try and attack the status of whoever they're replying to by using descriptive words like virgin,loser,neckbeard, etc.
Just goes to show how materialistic they are, and it's funny because everyone here is anonymous so attacking status really wouldn't matter if you've grasped that concept.

Those poor triggered misogynists. In the end, they got beaten in their own thread.
They can never understand.

There are no 3D girls on this board.

It was just guys trolling guys trolling guys.

Sex with women is objectively superior.

>There are no 3D girls on this board.
I'm pretty sure Cred Forums had a poll done once right? or was it Cred Forums?
I'd guess there's somewhere around a 5-10% make up of girls on Cred Forums.
the only thing stopping me from believing though is that this website is way too archaic for there to be a higher percentage of girls on it unless they're old.
However /cgl/ exists so thatshould say something.

I really wish that was true.

And you give a shit about that poll why exactly?

Don't worry, nobody likes you anyway.

I vaguely recall that poll although I can't remember if it was this board. The problem with those polls is the self reported women could easily have been some I wish to be the little girl types or outright trolling. It's not that I doubt girls watch anime but I find it extremely hard to believe Cred Forums of all boards would appeal to girls.