The Kansai Dialect is dubbed with a Southern accent

>The Kansai Dialect is dubbed with a Southern accent

>watching dubs

>watching dubs
Check' em

I watched yours
Now watch mine

Are there rednecks in japan?

Yes, people who speak the Kansai dialect.

There jus' ain't no easier way to translate it, ya know?

In Northern Japan

>The Kansai Dialect is subbed with a Southern accent


Hello Commie.

This. Never watch dubs. It's almost as bad as streaming.

I see you speaking of your "dubs" and i raise you mine


is it really so hard to believe that there are good dubs even if they are a minority?


Not even the best of dubs can match the original seiyuus, so it's a pointless discussion.


Mine too?

Honestly, what could dubs do otherwise?

Reminder: Japs speaking English is worse than English people saying Japanese words


Your dubs are stolen by me.

I disagree. YYH Dub's writing > Original

Kurama VA in Dub >Original

We can do better


Kansai should be New York and Tohoku should be Southern, based on the stereotypes.

Check em


you got a better idea? or maybe you probably should stop being a pleb and watch subs instead


>implying the Abenobashi dub isn't godtier

Kansai people are a bunch of fucking hicks.



Wop your wad, wop your wad, wop your wad on the countah

Fuck off 3DPD.

>English people
Oh and Burgerclaps severely overestimate their own abilities when it comes to foreign languages. You are painful to listen to.

>The Kansai Dialect is dubbed with a New Yorker accent