[HorribleSubs] Momokuri - 23+24 [1080p]

[HorribleSubs] Momokuri - 23+24 [1080p]

Momo-kun doesnt give a shit anymore

Stop this lewd.


What about this lewd?


It's nearly over and I still can't tell if this show was targeted and men or women.

He should just rape him already.

Sexy Yuki

I want Norika to finger my prostate.



What show is this?

Is this the last episode?

Next week is last

How can other girls even compete?


By being this cute

They can't.

Dat shape

How I met your mother


Are you blind or retarded?


>Snow, huh?
This is why we need translator's notes
TL: Yuki means Snow
It's so simple and helps most people. #bringbackTLs


>flash is in wrong place
What did they mean by this?

did they fugg?

They fugg


Can someone move her 180 °?

I want her to sigh on my dick.

I figured it out. They are genderbent.

>tehe pero

Norika likes Yuki doesn't she

Just fuck her. It's like all the hormones in this relationship are in Yuki.

Best show ever!

They are best friends after all

I hope those two gonna fuck too.

>It's like all the hormones in this relationship are in Yuki.
Not really, all she does is take pictures and collect his used stuff

Momo is the one who always goes for psychical contact

He got NTRd last ep

>not rly
M8 she doesn't need hands for masturbating.


Here you go.

This girl needs diapers for all the vaginal semen she is producing.

>She almost raped him this episode
She needs a dick and she needs it fast.

>implying she cant rape without one


Is she not wearing underwear?

It's pyjamas so probably not.

That's pajamas dude, of course she is not.

Didn't know this before

I thought girls wore underwear under pajamas.

You can see the curve of her buttocks so no.

I want to molest Norika.

>Hot springs trip next epsode
Will Norika finally let her hair down?

I ended up loving the OP.

Deadpan teheperos are so good

Holy SHIT.

I like the ED better.

Skip it most of the time, but after listening to it i have to agree

So many best girls, yet so little fanart.

So is the dyke actually really a dyke?


Perfect, thanks man


I want to cum on Yuzuki's armpit.





when is he gonna rape her for reals


Should I pick this up before I forget about it?
I watched the first episode when it came out but I felt like I was getting too close to diabetes and couldn't go on.

It's diabetes all the way to the end.

>too close
We went way beyond that

First time posting in a Momokuri thread but I wanted to say that this show is my favorite this season.

I love it so much I always melt watching it. Love the OP and ED too. I'm gonna be seriously sad once it's over.

you should watch acchi kocchi

It's on my backlog actually, I'm planning on watching it once Winter hits as if I'm not mistaken Acchi Kocchi has kind of a winter feel to it.

what did she mean by this


I guess you could say that.

But Acchi Kocchi is cute as fuck.

wew, want to plow

Please let there be at least one sweet ultra diabetes tier doujin about this.

Why such a big thread this week?

Yuri route when?

She meant that she's currently wearing pic related

He tried this time actually

Don't die yet, I still have to catch up.