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Precure thread?

Precure thread.

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cute kitten

This Precure?

A kitten is fine too


NO Farts
NO Blogs
NO Maho

>Siren's ass
Who has the best non-human ass in Precure? I think Pafu does. Super plump and very soft.


Dumb mahoposter.

Fuck off, furfag.

Post toys.


Stupid Goprick.





At least I made the OP correctly.


I would have chosen yours if this one wasn't already here.





Go to /c/ if you want to imagedump.

And this one was a legit image and was first by a long shot, and most importantly, was the one people chose. It's a shame, but just goes to show that being correct isn't everything.


Why are you so mad?

mad, goprick?

Don't you ever fucking call me a Goprick again.

delet me

What the heck, I love you now.

134 days until Maho ends.

When will you change the picture?

That sounds like effort. I wouldn't hold your breath.


Got something better to do here?


did the guy that was watching HaCha come back?



Fuck off

Stupid autist.


What's your favorite thing about your least favorite season?



Are there really girls here? I'm honestly shocked how they can stand it.

No. Only traps and trannies. You should know that.

Gopri was the best thing since hc.

Why is Seiji such a dumbass?

t. goprick

He loves Megumi, and you're surprised about this?

we're all little girls here user

I love Megumi too though.


theres nothing good about MH

She really does look like some evil tranny.

Hikari is good.


fuck off

Who are the four kings of Precure?

Towa's dad, Hime's dad, Ako's dad and Aguri's dad.

Mana, Mana, Mana, and Mana.

>No Coupe-sama

Oh hey look, I missed the point. Never mind.

You will never be as stylish as a maho precure.

even tho they arent really sure if they are being stylish themselves...

Miracle of all the impossible and possible universes.

MiraRiko is a miracle of the Precureverse

Miracle could poke an eye out with her nose.



Purikyua Purikura


post butts



I second this.



My personal favourite.


The episode with Sanae's nuked backstory.








Precure fans are ass connoisseurs, I see.


Stop spamming

Got something better for us to do?



Lurk and do something else. You're just killing the file limit early.


Okay, guys. That's enough butts for now.

I just got here though, I wanted more butts.

Stop doing nono things

What did he mean by this?

The only thing that people of darkness wants to do to mortals.

Yayoi a cute.
Post more Yayoi.

Farts come out of butts. Just mentioning.


Molestable indeed.

What is Precure and why should I care about it?

fuck off, we don't want any more newfags blogging and shitting the threads up.

So does shit but you don't see any of us posting that. Though you may want to find a new fetish. Not that any of us are stopping you from posting farts. Just annoyed/weirded out by it.

That's an old maymay though.



>bare feet

Dat next part.


Where this retard came from?

stop samefagging

I wonder why so many little kids want to be marine biologists.

Well /pc/? Should we tell the lovely cat that we can see her butt? Or are we just going to enjoy the moment?

Let's enjoy the moment. Looks like she already knows what we're looking at anyways.


They think Jotaro is the coolest

Can I impregnate Hummy?


who is the one that sub mahou why he is so slow?

Sorry, me no speaky Espanol.




This is a good thread




the carriage was released today, how long do you think until a big friend leaked all the sound files?

A what?


A big friend. An adult that likes precure. Unlike us.





But that's wrong.



Is anyone still alive?

maho killed /pc/

I'm not.


Don't worry about it.

Mana should have been the MC in Sakamoto desu ga?

We will be when Maho airs.


komachi's daughter would get bullied so much for being part squirrel

too lewd

Is there anything this girl can't do?

I'm not sure Natts is a squirrel any more than Tarte is a ferret.

Flacidify a penis.

No, I think a half-squirrel magical girl would actually be pretty popular.


Honoka has a really fat ass.

Riko made my waku-waku goes mondaa

Hibiki is ultra-mega cute.

It was rather distracting in the 2nd movie

[insert webm of me waving that some bugger already posted]

>cares not about the meme but the anonymous recognition that (You) are the one posting it

That's pretty pathetic.

naw, I just wanted to wave to buki that's all

Fuck off.

It's maho saturday

I want to die.


I'm still waiting for subs from 3 weeks ago

How popular would Precure be if it had pantyshots?

Imagination Station are only 1 episode behind, but that will be 2 episodes tonight.

dead since that would exclude the main targeted demographic

ahh that's where its comes from

honey sure likes her rice

Throw big tits, rape, sex and fanservice in and it would be even more popular because young girls and lolis.

But muh Madoka.

apples and oranges - precure is about toy sales and viewing figures

Loli fanservice shows aren't very popular these days.
Hence why there are so few of them.
It would only hurt Precure if they went that direction.

Se-se-sekai wa rabu rabu raaaabu
Ando pissu de minna hapiii~

>Hence why
Ah, an intellectual I see.

ah, uneducated trailer trash I see

>Muh Madoka
Madoka is aimed towards males.

Precure is aimed at preteen girls.


they're really doing this a lot

It gets used a lot less often later in the show.
It's funny, though.

Hime is actually a mermaid

So she shakes her hips and gets fucked silly so she can make the best food? Who would have knew.


I'm nearing the middle of Max Heart does this show ever get a budget?


I here to farm rice and pick up hoes, and I'm all out of rice.

Mirai is the cutest girl in the whole world!


I can't see honey ever running out of rice

She really does like it a lot doesn't she.

Rice is a metaphor for her happiness.

>26 hours late

You totally forgot.

I didn't forget, I've been in bed sick.

Did THAT guy married Haruharu?

Feel better.



You might say it's her only thing. Ever.

You'd be wrong though.

Yeah, her other thing is being fat and taking huge shits. So yeah, she has more than one thing going for her.

And where is your evidence? I counter your non-point with her daily jogging to stay fit.

Not me, but I am currently watching hacha as well. Am on episode 15.




oh lawdy,it's starting isnt it?

There's no NTR.

>tfw /pc/ has been lying to me all these years

now megumi is at it too

Hey, it's the 500th episode.

yep - which means im up to 200+ hours of watching precure

great stuff!


>It's like I'm wearing nothing at all

stupid sexy honkers

How big is too big?

Best Cure





now this is a fetish id allow in here

Fuck off

t. butthurt GoPrifag


>quality posting

/pc/ sucks.

Leave then.

I'm trying.








Oh, no. It's that terrible chinese stream today.


>semen demon today
>stream lags
Great. Why bother, I just go back to skyrim conjuring my own.


>Yurusen is a cat
Well fuck this. Also fuck the stream, this is unwatchable.





Why do we always get dumped with a trash stream?


We are bad big friends



Why he is wearing mini skirt?



Can precure exist outside capitalism?


He knows!

Can anime exist outside capitalism.


She is posing like kirara in that pic with meteor shower.



research > daughters

Dad bonding is cool.



Is Maho good now?




How would papa react to ruby form?


Hmm, armpit.

Wow she's the lewdest villain.

perfect, author? Google says "clothing"




But she has tail


Why are precure so young and lewd


Because you're a pedophile.


translate pls w

You're a dumbass.

How was the episode?

>those soulless expressions


Four translated raisuta doujins.


I want to fuck the hubba bubba babe

muh penis

literal semen demon/10

Not the guy who posted it, but apparently Kazuma Muramasa.





I love how fuwafuwa that hair is.

Finally, the team is assembled.

Good, especially when compared to last week's. Some father-daughter development, plot development, some but not enough explanations, new villain is hot, and the first half of the episode was handled by Nakatani so there were some fun faces there.

We learned that there are more ancient relics to be awakened, so the villains are really disposable this season.

While the second half gave us this gem.

>not Haa
What a fucking ripoff.

Haa-chan was a baby not too long ago. She hasn't developed enough to understand 恋愛.


That's why the next episode is about a side character!




Was there a reason in particular that the comments and screenshots about today's episode just suddenly dropped off once the fighting started?

That's been happening for a while.

>Voiced by Kikuko Inoue

She voices some crazy bitches

>only recognize three of her charas:

>Kasumi Tendou (ranma 1/2)
>princess Tatra (rayearth)
>I-NO (guilty gear)

>said 3 characters are on this pic's exact corners.

>Godess of NTR
>Princessfrom twinbee game
>Brown Ritsuko
>Panther from Saber Marionette


Later shows she voices alomst nee-sans and cakes

>[CommieRaws] Mahoutsukai Precure! - 33 [D0C90B85].mkv







Just kill me.

>all these Studio Mizuyokan doujin english releases
>lewd djinns generals

It's time to go back into precure.


I wanna die dude.


Stop being ded, onee-chan. I'm going to bed and can't save your thread anymore.

Just let it die idolfag.



Sometimes, A show comes along with one Character who can do Everything Right and thus is perfect an all Categories.
That kind of Character is what most ppl Including me Call an "Gary Stu" if the character is a male character or "Mary Sue" if the character is a Female.
These Characters however for me more often Transform into Characters who are so poorly written that they might have been written by a person who only has 5 seconds to Create a character because said person is a bit to lazy al while having no Idea what a Human is.
They are Mostly poorly written because, well They are to perfect for the Situation where the show takes place in because Most of the Situations Rely on Tension "will Character X survive or win?" and that Tension is just gone when I know that the Character is Perfect or has Gary stu plot Armour.
I like Characters who have Clear mistakes like a Ninja who is poorly skilled in Ninjitsu and the art of Silence or A guy who made Mistakes in his past which Costed him a arm and a leg.
I like these Characters because I can see them Grow and overcome their Flaws.
With Gary Stus, I hardly see them overcome their flaws because They "OFCOURSE!" have no Flaws to begin with.

So can a Gary Stu character work Good in a show?
Well, it can as long as that character is:
1. Aida Mana

Here Enters "Doki Doki Precure" with the Character of Mana, or as we call her DA BES because she is "Better" but in most cases "DA BES".
Her Character basically Screams out "MARY SUE!" because she is so Perfect,
While all the other Characters just Bask in her glory.
So did the Show do the 1 thing I mentioned earlier?
It fully embraced it like it should.



Not with that face. That artist needs to work on them a lot.

Eh, they are alright.

It just doesn't work on every character, but yeah, they aren't that bad.

Itaoka tends to draw odd expressions where you can't tell what they're meant to convey. /pc/ likes to claim Twinkle's expressions were changed because of the lewd when Nakatani corrected the stock, but they were honestly just weird.


That's one awful Honoka.


Fuck off.

Wow, they're fucking vicious. If only they could treat their enemies half as well as they treat their friends.

New best girl in the entire show.

Precure teaches girls to be sluts

Can't even afford a backdrop

Fuck subs, I'm going RAW

They managed to have really strong writing this episode with Riko and her father, using nice parallels with the bike riding girl and splitting up the two of them, plus they even went all the way back to the episode Riko first met Mirai's mom and used her statement that all parents care about their children. Then they ruined it by having Mirai come out of nowhere with a speech to the villain that she shouldn't have made. It seems to be a constant theme that the battles feel like totally different episodes from the rest of it.

But next episode with their friend falling in love looks like it'll be great. Hopefully the stream won't be so shit.

10/10 would bang. Is Maho saved?


Is this Maho?

Most of them don't or at least not something proper.

>Then they ruined it by having Mirai come out of nowhere with a speech to the villain that she shouldn't have made.
Why not?

it has better writing than maho

Earlier, Mirai tells Riko that her father must care about her, because all parents do. Okay, this is fine. But then her speech is about how loving your family is the greatest strength in the world, and that it'll help get your feelings across. What? That doesn't follow at all. She may still be talking about families, but the point changed to her convenience. Maybe if during the fight the philosophic debate was about how dad didn't care about Riko it could've worked, but it was just unrelated.

>But then her speech is about how loving your family is the greatest strength in the world
Mana must love her family a lot

Emily or Emily's mom?

is grandma on the table?

Is it even a question?

Precure one-hour draw:

It's the very cute Panther Pink. You know what to expect.

Also, fuck you guys, Maho is cute and cuddly.


Precure is stuck in a Zelda cycle. When the next season comes and is even worse than Maho, people will look back as fondly on Maho as they did on gopri after Maho started.

You only get 2 options. Either left of right. Now, which will it be?

>Won't be able to fap for a week
Yeah, good timing, Maho.

Left then.

Saki's butt.


No they won't.


Is that lyric intentional?



krg has way too many autists.

I want to bury my face in Mirai's most witchy parts


Are you talking about her vagina?


Kanade > Hibiki



Not with those small hands and over-sized head.

how does this even work?

I hope for Mirai and Riko.

She's a big girl.

Take your tumblr meme and fuck off.


English Dub


It's not bad.

I was expecting worse, though I wouldn't call it "good".

Listening to people redub songs in other languages with lyrics largely translated directly word-for-word with callous disregard for things like meter and the differences in language between poetry and prose has to be the cringiest thing about seeing anime localized. And it gets very very bad.


What did he mean by this?


>tfw blocked by pine1go
What did I do wrong? I don't even tweet, I just followed her.



Rabu rabu




I respect artists who do their anatomy homework

Is it okay to sexualize Rabu?

A good mix between reality and 2D. Are you sure he is not tracing some junior gravure idol?

Are you kidding?
She was DESIGNED to be sexualized.

I dunno, she seems pretty innocent to me.

I want to make love to Love
Against her will

Maybe one day they'll name the sex offenders registry for precure-related crimes after you.


But then it wouldn't be love.


Didn't somebody compile the previews of Twinkle's transformation into a webm? Does anyone still have it?

Yuri can finally pretend she has a fairy.

>Those pants

That bitch needs to stay the fuck away from Tarte. I'll never let her kill him.

It's a rough kind of love

Pantless version
For u

Rape isn't love. Besides, Love would never love your ass.

why there is no sub who is responsible for this?

Fuck off

Is there anything that can be done to revive /pc/?


How do you feel now that kamen rider has had a cat as a villain and a fairy now?

Gonna post any?


The demise of Maho and an actual good season for 2017

She's right, you know.

Sounds like some cheap knock-off.

>Next year
>black-haired pink
>delinquent, has always gotten into trouble because she and lashes out
>outwardly confident and standoff-ish but secretly hates herself but is gradually convinced by her fairy and teammates to believe in herself, just as she teaches others to do so
>team is a band of misunderstood misfits that grow to support one another when they get past each others' fronting
>villains are manipulative sneaky types that prey on people's self-doubt
>themed on seasons and change
>Koharu is Cure Spring

Hey /pc/. Haven't been here for a good while. Have the Mahos used the not-cinderella toy yet?

It's the new team finisher.

>Full Full Full-Full Linkle

I wish i had friends

Don't worry Faiz. Maybe your old buddy Kusaka will be willing to keep some secrets from you.

How long before Pixiv axes this guy's account?

Why would they?

All the uncensored you-know-whats.

The only good thing about Maho is Riko reactions.

>next pink a bitchy Queen Bee-type of girl that's selfish, mean and posh but from time to time shows good qualities and grows up as the show progresses
>next blue is a total punk, she is wild and aggressive but she has a strong sense of justice; she acts first and thinks later
>next yellow is a serious nerd who genuinely believes exams and academics are everything in life, she had no friends before becoming a Precure

I can't wait for early leaks so everyone can deny their legitimacy and break down in tears when they turn out to be real