Childhood is idolizing Yusuke. Adulthood is when you realize Kuwabara makes more sense

Childhood is idolizing Yusuke. Adulthood is when you realize Kuwabara makes more sense.

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You're not wrong. I always liked the underdog. Had a better personality as being the bro that has your back. I like friends like that.

Childhood is idolizing Sensui. Adulthood is when you realize Younger Toguro made more sense.

Yusuke never grow up. In the end, Kuwabara stopped caring about trying to be the strongest and settled for a normal human life.

Kuwabara was always the best. He went to hell fight demons out of boredom while the others had all kinds of debts.

Yusuke also went back to a normal life, didn't he? He was making ramen and was probably going to marry Keiko.

I still think the Demon World power struggle arc was great closing it up with a tournie. Also seeing no-body demons beating the main crew was great. I like that.

After spending 3 years in Demon realm he just went back to honor his promise to Keiko. I don't know if he'd settled for a normal life until Keiko dies so he could go back to Demon realm once more.

True adulthood is realising Kurama was true god and savior

I dunno, Kuwabara's been my favorite since I was 12

I never watched the last arc because he'a not in it.

The whole main cast is great, too, but Kuwabara is best.

dun > sub

He leads a pretty normal life after returning in the manga, tackling some spirit detective cases on the side to gain money since humans learn about demons. The anime has the whole "only arrives 3 years later", but doesn't really explain why that's happening, so it's hard to tell if it's going in a different route from the manga with his character overall.

He did go back to the human world and married Keiko and worked in her family's ramen shop. But Yusuke eventually went back to demon world to fight in another tournament. Kuwabara went with him that time.

It's not said who won but it's implied Yusuke did.

So he became king of the Demon realm in the end?

Where does it say that?

Nah, gets beat up by a blind guy who then gets beat up by one of Raizen's (Yusuke's demon ancestor, reason for his demon powers) old sparring buddies.
Its really kind of a poor ending to such a great show

>Watched the anime as a kid
>Enjoyed the ending
>Read the manga recently
>mfw this whole extra arc where terrorists are trying to nuke heaven and Yusuke has to defuse the bomb

Oh also, this is the guy who won.
He looks like my dad.

I mean, the second time Yusuke fights in the Demon tournament. The one said Kuwabara goes back with him.

Ohhh, I wasn't aware. I just remember the first one when Kuwabara had to hang back.
Glad he became relevant again

Were you guys really like this? You preferred Yusuke?
I watched YYH as a young teen (14?), so I don't know if that's young enough.

I was okay with him losing because it was already kind of dumb that he was challenging the strongest demons in demon world. Yomi, Mukuro, and Raizen had been warring to a stand still forever. It felt better than he lost, but was regarded as an equal that could possibly defeat them in the future.

>Felt better that he lost

It was implied with the end of the series. I don't know if he actually won but he did go back to the demon world.

Where? In the last chapter? Can't find anything suggesting that he fought again.

Never mess with Kurama's mom.

>It's just 2 chapters

Still mad

I actually like the line in the dub better
"surely you believe in mercy?"

You mean Kurama
Also Botan best girl

The YYH dub is actually real fuckin' good

Such a shame the dub OP pales in comparison to the jap.

>Childhood is idolizing Yusuke
>Edgy teen years is worshipping Hiei
>Final years of Uni is when you realize Kuwabara made more sense
>Fully-matured and educated adulthood is when you finally see the light and understand that Kurama is best boy.

I've never seen the Anime, does it hold up to the Manga? The manga is probably one of my favorites.

It's better.

I don't really like how they did the art compared to the Manga. It might just take some getting used to though.

Kurama was always my favorite ever since I saw him change form and summon those flesh eating trees int he Dark Tournament

The art style in the anime shifts a decent amount. Probably due to different animation directors.

Kuwabara has always been the best though.

Is it worth re-watching the show subbed? I heard that it was fairly different from the dub.


I kinda like how Yusuke was more or less unlikable. No good qualities and yet he still got pussy. Kuwabara was pleasantly refreshing.

Kurama best boy

No sexualizing.

I hate Kuwabara's dub voice and no one can convince me that it's not terrible.



But that's literally the best dub voice

I guess second after Golden Boy



Kurama>Yusuke>Kuwabara>Sensui>Chu>Toguro>Everyone else


tier list of what?

Go back to your thread

You're a real fucking idiot. There are too many good characters in this series to try to rank them.

cute girl rankings

>funimation cocksuckers: the fanbase

>dubbed anime is highly criticized for being lackluster
>a dubbing company does an above average job
"OMG why do you enjoy this thing that most of you grew up with!?!?"

>watching dubs over subs ever
Nah bro.

Kuwabara at least has being the strongest human being and being a powerful psychic going for him.

>Sensui and Chu on the list

>But somehow no Jin

The shittiest of taste

I'd forgotten how good the dub OP makes me feel.

I really really hated they made Yusuke a demon. I just pretend the series ends with the Dark Tournament.

Genuine weeaboo detected

Sensui arc is still worth it imo

But yeah, that was bullshit

Other way around. Sensui made more sense than any villain in the series and he only wanted to blend societies and break down barriers after being used by one side for a life time to indiscriminately murder.

Kuwabara and Yusuke are the only YYH characters better than their HxH ripoffs.

>People actually like the butchered english version over the ultra funky original

I feel like there is a Trump meme in there somewhere

Yusuke > Gon
Hiei >>>>>>> Killua
Kurapika >= Kurama
Leorio = Kuwabaa

I liked sensui a lot more until that stupid multiple personalities shit came up.

For the songs, the original is clearly better, but doesn't have nostalgia going for it for most people, so less warm fuzzies.

Kazuya was entertaining as fuck.

Killua isn't that bad.

Why does this new season of jojo feel like a lost season of yu yu hakusho ?

>Teenagers in a small japanese town acting as detective to solve supernatural crimes

Gee I wonder why

Kurama was my first husbando. His dub voice certainly helped and I liked him from the get-go. I still think he's one of the most badass characters out there.

But YYH is a rare case where I really like all of the main group. Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei are all genuinely loveable and I don't think "how dare you" if anyone says one of the other three are their favourite. They're all great.


Hieis disfigured waifu was best girl.

Kurama a best girl.

There just wasn't any need for it so i totally agree with you there.

It was only there to exaggerate the effects of what his trauma did to him and how fucked up you'll become being a spirit detective, but it just come off as goofy and out of place.

This man is correct

I really really hated they made Goku an alien. I just pretend the series ends with the Piccolo Jr..

Kurama/Kurapika is equal as well as Kuwabara/Leorio.

Also Yusuke and Hiei are Ging and Feitan respectively, Gon and Killua are actually pretty original.

I know you're probably making fun of my but I honestly agree with you that Dragonball Z was a mistake.

I'm parodying you but I actually agree too.

This isn't even a controversial statement though...

Goku being an alien is obviously Xenophobia
Japan hates China so making China's most well known myth an alien and marrying a Japanese girl makes perfect sense

Chi-Chi is Chinese.

Bitch please, I wanted to hang with kuwabara from the beginning.

He seems the most fun to hang out with.

>Such a shame the dub OP pales in comparison to the jap

Get out.

I really liked how there was three types of energy: Spirit, Demon, and Holy, ranked in the following order: Holy > Spirit > Demon.

Yusuke had a lot of Spirit energy but was being beaten by Sensui's Holy energy, but then he came out of nowhere from behind with shitloads of Demon energy that totally overwhelmed Sensui's holy energy.

That turnaround always got me going. Fuck yeah, numbers kicking ass.

If you love YYH, then yes.

>In the end, Kuwabara stopped caring about trying to be the strongest and settled for a normal human life.
Wasn't he actually the strongest human in the end though? Didn't he become S-class?

Yeah, Kurama is so goddamn sexy as it is.

I swear I'm straight.

Left or right?

Mukuro best girl hands down. And that's an honor in a series filled with fantastic women.

Cred Forums - bringing people together


Choosing Juri over Koto is blasphemy.

Though I certainly wish I could've been the one to turn that water nymph into a water nympho.



When I first watched as a kid, I thought this nigga was stupid for dying for love. But holy shit could I relate later in life.

it was always weird to me how they had cute announcers refereeing matches between the strongest bloodthirsty demons

I liked this guy.

Left is bland
Right is entertaining

Fuck Left
Marry Right

I liked Yusuke, and I still like Yusuke, though Kuwabara was cool. I liked it best when Yusuke and Kuwabara were working together, without the rest of the group. It creates a nice semi comedic combination.

I always liked Kurama, he reminded me of Shun(he's based on Shun) so I liked him even more. Never liked Hiei though but Kuwabara and Yusuke were great.

By the way, google searching Kurama gives you Naruto nowadays

After Sensui's death and Yusuke's transformation yes. But there was a huge gap between him and the others.

My favorite part before the Dark Tournament was Yusuke and Kuwabara (and Botan I guess) going to save Yukina. Those two busting their way through the forest and mansion was great.


It's funny.
Back when I was a kid, the Three Kings arc was fucking terrible.

Then when I got older, I love everything about it EXCEPT the fighting. I can't give a shit at all about the tournament at all

Teenage years is when you like Hiei

Kurama has no character

>dub kurama
I'm sure he turned some guys gay.

I was actually getting hyped about this.

>Kurama's real form.

Nah. Goku was revealed to be a Saiyan at the start of the new series.

Yusuke was revealed to be a demon when he "died", and it also served as a power up for him, in a series where Yusuke already keeps pulling out extra power against certain opponents

Demon Yusuke is the fucking worst

I need to feel the touch of a friend

Just ask Yusuke, he'll touch you a lot.

Would you?

She probably emits energy like crazy while fucking and reverts back to her ~18yo self with young tight pussy, so yes I would. Though she requires a strong man like this glorious motherfucker right here.

> mfw just rewatched YYH for 7th time

When does this get funny


I know this is a filthy meme, but for you once have a point.

What's with this "music is the worst part in YYH" meme? I really like the music, it starts a bit bland, yes, but it gets really fucking good at the tournament arc and amazing at Sensui arc.

The part where Sensui gets beat to a pulp in mid-air is still one of the most satisfying moments in all of shonen anime for me.
It's been many many years since I watched the anime and that scene still stands out in my mind through 1000s of episodes of other anime through these years.

and the cycle goes on.

So the English dub is superior to the Japanese one? I didn't expect to read this here.

Botan's dub voice is fucking amazing.


Dub is superior, one of the hallmarks of dubs.

theres about 3 series where dub is acceptable: Yu Yu Hakusho, the Dragonball/DBZ/whatever other spinoff series cause jap goku is absolute shit, and cowboy bebop, pretty much everything else is sub only and you have no excuse.

No, maybe Goku, Krillin, Vegeta and Piccolo's voices are alright but their dialog is absolute shit. Chain smoking granny Frieza was apocalyptically bad. Dragonball and Cowboy Bebop were perfect as far as I remember.

i just really fucking hate gokus voice in japanese that much, it might be the single worst miscast ever, its literally more apparent as time goes on that its absolutely atrocious.
the worst part is that the actor can do better, she does plying the baddy in the new arc, but japs once again prove they have shit taste and enjoy metal on chalkboards.

I'm going to post this on my facebook right now
can I use this image O_o?

For some reason they decided his voice should never change when he became an adult which makes me imagine if in the dub they kept his original voice at the end of DB and into DBZ.

>mfw I just realized Frieza and Genkai have the same VA dubbed

like i said, its because japanese are genetically retarded when it comes to entertainment, they can entertain as well as anyone else, but they are genetically bred to have the worst taste in literally everything known to man, and you can't even blame america for this because they were doing this retardation in the 1800's as well.

its ok to hate m8, theres other threads you can probably enjoy, provided you haven't lost the ability to enjoy things after your 20,000th shitpost.

>idolizing a jobber

Maturity is when you realize Kurama being a boy is not a reason to not want to fuck him.

Kurama isn't for lewd, you cunt. He's too good for your filthy hands anyway.


I've never understood what a giant ginger with a dildo for hair was doing in a Japanese high school.

Kurama is Shun done right.

What do you mean by "makes more sense"?

Nostalgiafag please end yourself.
The English OP isn't bad, but it's not even close to the greatness of the jap OP


conflicting opinions here

underated post

Fuckin' SJW

I-I don't remember this scene

>maid kuwabara


Agreed, sub fags who don't even speak conversational Japanese to properly judge a nip performance can fuck off.

Just finished Chapter Black story arc. I guess I'm missing out a lot by not reading the manga.

Yu Yu Hakusho is a show that went from goofy detective, gets more gritty then battle tourney and had a really comfy end. Kuwabara was part of that charm too.

Baccano! and Golden Boy

Maybe Space Dandy

Oh and IGPX, but that's not really good in the first place.

And Orphen.

I think that's the whole "better dubbed than subbed" list.


Best fight of all time right here.

Faggot detectef'd

>Bui never shows up again after the Dark Tournament

Probably the only thing I wanted that didn't happen. I wanted Bui to just show up out of nowhere, not say anything, and fight for Makuro under Hiei.

I really liked the OPs of the series, especially when they updated them to match the current arc.

Kurama got the most interesting battles. Didn't this nigga basically hijack an infant's body while it was still in her womb though? I forgot if he possessed an unfertilized egg or a developed fetus and kicked out its soul or something.


Whoa! I see a pattern here.

Same, dont know why i like this character, probably because he looks familiar in my mind

gonna have to call a question mark here, what about old berserk

Space Dandy dubbed is definitely better

What if the autistic kid Yusuke saved was never born?

that was a pretty good one

The idea of Ghost!Yusuke being bored/lonely and just chilling in Keiko and Kuwabara's dreams until he gets back into his body always gets to me. Fighting away nightmares and/or bad spirits for them, the sadness they might've felt if they remembered when they woke up...

I wouldn't have been against seeing multiple attempts to get the 'kiss me and I'll be alive again, damn it' message across, either. With both of them. No censor blocks, though.

Nah, Kuwabara was always best boy for me. I was all-in from his 'honor' episode onwards. May or my not have skimmed through the Three Kings Arc a little quick knowing he wasn't in it.

Muh Nigga.

A little hit and miss, but I loved Yusuke and Genkai in the dub. Botan, too.

I don't mind the Demon!Yusuke thing, but I wish it'd been hinted at somehow leading up to it. Might've been interesting for him to actually die (again) too, and see how the rest of the crew keep going.

I always had a crush on granny genkai.

If it was hinted in the beginning do you think Genkai would've given her power for Yusuke?

I have never watched the show, and I think its too late to enjoy shonen now that Im 20, but still might give a try.
Does it have comedy or just full of shonen tropes?
Also, theres about 100 episodes right?
Manga or anime?

>20 is too old for shonen
>yes, it balances well between comedy and action
>why not both?

Honestly, yes. We know she faced off against demons in past tournaments, and likely met a few good demons similar to Jin and his team. Genkai also said that she didn't care much about who won the right to be her successor, human or demon.

Even if she was suspicious of Yusuke's origin, I doubt she would be suspicious of his intentions. The guy was emotionally stunted, but not exactly capable of hiding ulterior motives. An idiot, maybe even a demonic idiot...but a good one.


Yusuke vs. Minoru was good stuff, and then suddenly it turned into DBZ-lite with the fight against Shinobu.

Even though Genkai at the beginning said that they wouldn't be able to beat the psychics by DBZing it up.

Juri is best girl. Koto has best personality.

>that one episode where Yusuke almost cucked himself by proxy

To be honest I always found Keiko pretty bland. I wish Togashi did something interesting with her.

Keiko is wife material. She's smart, loyal and truly cares about Yusuke when no one did.

As said, while she may seem bland to you she gave a shit about Yusuke before he went all MC power king-of-demons special snowflake. She loved him for who he was when he was literally a piece of shit.
That's a true waifu for you.

So how exactly did it not become worldwide breaking news that a Japanese boy came back to life?

While I do wish she was given more development, she served her purpose as Yusuke's waifu. She loved him since the very beginning.

I liked Keiko well enough, but I never got invested in her character. There's honestly nothing there besides 'responsible student' and 'cares for angry loner main character because she sees beyond it'. Show me a goddamn hobby, at least.

>cares for Yusuke when no one else did
Now see, if we'd gotten a little more backstory between the two of them, it might've helped my interest in Keiko.

Bullshit. He gets mistaken for a girl. Even in the anime at least once right at the end. One of Kuwabara's friends thought he was a newhalf. Prime lewd material

They are childhood sweethearts.

I wanna look at Botan's breasts and nipples with the see through glass.

>not wanting to be kurama
This show confused the hell out of me as a kid. Also, rewatching it later in life, I come to realize that Kurama is just a masochist.

I like that though your not suppose to be interested in her because Yusuke was interested in her and vice versa you generally like the relationship because it seems genuine

I wish I had a girl like Keiko. ;-;



Kuwabara's voice is kinda cringe, regardless of whether it's sub or dub. Still a great character though

Your loss

FMAB is at LEAST tied

That's interesting, I always heard on Cred Forums that FMAB is the very best of the best English dubs.


From the limited amount of sub I've seen of FMAB, it's pretty good, so I don't really have the authority to say dub is BETTER just yet. That being said, yeah, the dub's top quality

>Remember watching YYH as a kid and seeing how stupidly strong younger Toguro is.

He was legitimately a scary villain, it's a shame that he actually wasn't that powerful compared to the bigger fish in the demon realm. Dark Tournament was before the power levels went apeshit and I loved it. In the end I could relate to him, I understand the fear of growing old and losing your ability. It happens so fast as our lives are very short.

>Niggers think homoChrollo is a better villain than based Toguro

Who would win: Goku SSJ5 vs. Demon Yusuke?

I want to see a good Toguro cosplay but it's difficult to pull off when the source material is 9 feet tall and built like a tank.

Demon Fox Sage Form Naruto

It was crazy when they said that he was only considered an upper B Class in terms of strength.

I liked the dub better for FMAB. It just fit the setting better than Nip. That goes for a lot of anime that take place in western settings like Baccano and such.

I wish we could have seen this fat fuck fight. Watching him beat Yomi and Mukuro would have been fun, despite them being weakened from their matches with Yusuke and Hiei.

Also his wife was best girl.

>Brock Lesnar dyes his hair black and wears sunglasses

That'll work, then all we need is a long haired manlet to ride on his back and it's golden.


>longhaired manlet as Older Toguro
>mfw the first wrestler I think of is Neville

SeeIn the end Kuwabara is the same as Yusuke but weaker.

>Hiei is a Feitan




Fuck off


>I always found Keiko pretty bland.

Same here. Yusuke should have dropped her and make Photon his girlfriend instead.

>Fully-matured and educated adulthood is when you finally see the light and understand that Kurama is best boy.
I already knew that since I was like 8.

Not talking about them, they're perfect.

>Kuwabara is supposed to be 14 years old

But I always preferred Kuwabara.

He has the cooler power, too.

>Lil' Me's first gay ship
>Literally started from pic related
>Censored dream kiss 3 episodes later

No regrets, no shame.

Yep, Keiko doesn't even have one good hentai fanart (and only like 2 that are at least showing nipples) while Botan has pretty much the best hentai of all the girls and lots of it.

Keiko? More like bland-ko.

That's because Botan is a slut and Keiko is pure.

You say slut, I say experienced.


I have man crush on sensui desu
One of my all time favorite villains.

I could've sworn she had no eyebrows. Did you she decide to grow them back for her tournament debut or am I remembering wrong?

An experienced slut.

Nope, Botan is literally the purest girl in the series.

>Frieza was apocalyptically bad


Something tells me you'd make for a very short-lived Spirit Detective.

Kuwabara won the bestest girl

Childhood is liking Shoenen. Adulthood is liking Moe to deal with your depression.

Pure slut.

I believe they mentioned it was already in the womb but hadn't formed a soul yet, hence he could easily take over it in the first place. He was injured and all at the time, so kicking out a pre-existing soul sounds like it would've been more work anyway.

Hiei best girl


You're a Meshi

Felt pretty good to me.

Am I a good meshi?

>pussy so good demons kings will actually kill themselves
Best girl by default

It hits me hard to see him all grown up. Compared to when he first started looking like a street urchin and in this video he's got the confident look like he's got what he's looking for. Man, he went to places.

>middle school Asian chicks worshipping Kurama and tracing picture of him to adorn their subject binders.
>Normies liking Hiei the most, autists trying to put on their best Hiei in the school yard (later switches to their best Itachi)
>shy guy with a strong heart wanting to be more Yusuke
>the doofy friend who always gets shit on and likened to the Kuwabara of his friend group even though everyone knows in their heart of hearts Kuwabara is the truest character and the best bro in this life

Thank you for sharing this moment with me.

>only 28 years old

No wonder she was a hot mom. Also a massive slut for having a kid at 14.


this made me XD in real life


too bad she only likes trannies


>watching this ending again
>just broke up with my high school girlfriend after 10 years together

Feels like death desu

Some of the episodes look really fantastic and it has a great 90's synth sound track that perfectly sets the mood.

Get into it!

These two episodes where Yusuke was fighting doctor looked incredible.



Fuck off

but Sensui wanted to tear down the wall

The OVA implies this




I want to cross Botan's river styx

>No Cromartie High
come on now

Going on 10th time, my man




Horrible taste.

Wow, I knew you were gonna post this before I even opened the spoiler because I fapped to that yesterday.


>tfw just found out the singer of favorite EDs had died years ago



My closest friend died of a heroin overdose a few years ago, which was pretty much my only friend that meant anything

Yu tell Meshi.

Alright so based on the initial statements she makes? She's not wrong, but she's not right either. Yusuke is only alive because he agreed to work off his debt as a trouble shooter for the spirit world. At no point in the series does Yusuke go out of his way to carelessly make her worry.

He died because he thought he was saving a kid.

Besides training, I don't recall any other period of time where he was missing in action for a significant period of time with her not knowing if he's alive or dead.

Still, seeing someone march off to war like ten times before they are twenty could do a lot to fray nerves.

>try to make someone feel better cause we are all friends here
>Fuck up make it worse
I'm sorry user

Interesting, Kuwabara is the only main character who doesn't get to fuck Botan in fanart.

At least he left this world while swimming in an endless sea of pleasure, with no pain or worries at all.

What if Yusuke was never born?

Keiko would die with her hymen intact.

Yusuke had the right balance between being alpha and caring. Nobody else could have nailed Kaiko's sexual expectations as Yusuke did.

Nah, I would penetrate it.

Janky animation and all?

Why did they completely stop paying attention to Hiei after he was shot by Yusuke in the 8th episode? Like he gets shot and that's his last scene until the end. Sure, they had to heal Yusuke's girlfriend but don't just forget about him.

what two chapters?

I still cry everytime Kuwabara almost dies and when he fake dies [/spolier] and who can forget when he watches YUREMESHE dies

nice spoiler tags dude

is YYH better than HH?


Even though it has more pullass?

At least it's finished.

>mfw both of their Japanese voices sound almost the same.

Even weirder is that Shigeru Chiba also voices Yoshikage Kira's father in Diamond is Unbreakable.


It wouldn't have been so bad if he didn't suddenly grow a fucking gun arm out of nowhere.

>not liking the spirit arm cannon he sacrificed his arm for to kill more demons

I actually liked most of the dubbed OPs and EDs.

I didn't like yu yu hakusho in the end. Making demon yusuke a thing meant even if he had lost to toguro he would have resurrected as demon yusuke. Nothing was on the line in the toguro fight because of this. You know, the whole fight the show centered around?

Jumping Yusuke from B to S class also was bad because we could have had enemies stronger than toguro and not as strong as an S class and had the series last much longer before he got that strong. I didn't like how demon world saga just tried so hard to wrap everything up.

And of course the worst of it all is now that yusuke is as strong as an S class it's hard to write in any new enemies that can challenge him at all. It's not like a super saiyan where they could make something stronger than a super saiyan. No, in that world S class demons are pretty much top of the food chain.

Sigh its too bad I liked the show growing up

I hate how they just completely forgot about her during the dark tournament arc.

I don't think Yusuke's mazoku thing would have activated if he was only a B class fighter when he died. He was an A when he died against Sensui and got pushed to S.

I think you're right about the power levels. S class is the widest class though, compared to the 3 kings some S classes are like bugs. The focus would have been as it was in the beginning, Yusuke having assignments that do not call on his raw power to complete.

Last arc was a shit because of the tournament thing. It could had been an arc where Yusuke lost its kingdom due to not being strong enough to fight the other two kings and went training and knowing other demons until it could being a new triangle balance.

This is why we need a remake of YuYu Hakusho.

I like the English dub OP, it's very cheerful and funky.

Yusuke's father should have been black.

Yukina's close enough

I rewatched the entire series recently and realized something. Everyone always remembers the Gamemaster episode. For the longest time I figured it was mostly because videogames were real. But then I realized it's because it's a fucking heartbreaking episode and an amzing charactet moment for Kurama.

YYH is some real shit. The first arc with Yusuke watching his own funeral and then throwing the spirit egg into the fire to save Keiko is so well done. Dark Tournament and Chapter Black are both legitimately amazing. Three Kings gets a little goofy with powerlevels but is satisfying.

The music is real good too. The "sad" theme has stuck with me for years.

So it's a step backwards?

Dark tournament is the best shonen tournament arc, debate me

They flat out used him as their hand of death to any invading demons on Earth and mistakenly set up the whole Black Club investigation that sets him off when he learns the of the depravity that makes him snap.

Yusuke's adventures are purposely blatant in basic morality in the first half of the story to contrast how fucked up Sensui's life was in proving that humans can be just as evil if not worse.

This is why Three Kings was always a step down for me. Dark Tournament and Chapter Black were so creative in the useage of powers that the final arc just felt like DBZ power wanking. No real creativity in peoples' powers or logical thinking to fights.

Dark Tournament is 5% good and 95% bullshit filler. The longest arc with the least happening in it.

>We're gonna fight Toguro!
>... after all these other prats

I honestly can't think of a good tournament arc (I'd say the Chuunin exams in Naruto but that doesn't count really). They all tend to be so shit.

I wish Toguro'd shown up again. Maybe team up with Yusuke in one mission where Yusuke has to go to inferno.

Yusuke couldn't just become a demon whenever he wanted, he actually needed to be strong enough. By the time he fought Toguro, he wouldn't have been strong enough to be reborn as a demon. Even if he somehow did have that power, you're assuming he'd still be on the same level as he was when he fought Sensui. This wouldn't be any further from the truth, and his inability to grasp that power, much like his inability to grasp that power in his fight with Sensui, likely wouldn't have made a substantial difference against Toguro

Just a minor concern with the S Class part, it's the peak ranking, but they've explained that it's like and endless basement. Virtually everyone of importance that fought in the Demon World Tournament was an S class of some sort, and yet there was a grossly large gap between most of the fighters. Yusuke still has a long way to go, but I understand your point

Fucking awful tastes

The fact that its a tournament in the Demon world is a shitty move - sure the reason behind it is cool enough, but we'd never gotten to properly explore what the Demon world is like before the tournament, and then bam it's back to everything being set in a stadium. I thought it was a shitty move because I was antsy to see what it was like. When was the last time they were in the demon world - the Dark Tournament? Or was that the spirit world or Earth?

I would've loved to see Yusuke and co. walk around some demon towns and cities, see the weird little cultures, maybe even run into the demon equivalent of a high school/pachinko parlours and run into demon delinquents that remind Yusuke of his former life. The last one's just a silly idea I just had though, but it might've been neat to have as a setting for a final arc to tie everything together.

We never saw the demon world until the Chapter black arc. Dark tournament took place on earth I think and the only thing really close was the 4 Saint beasts which took place...I don't know where.

Thanks, that clears things up a little. Still annoying though - it felt like the demon world was a mysterious place in the background that we never got to see for so long, and then they squandered it once we finally got there. The fact that Togashi's art in the manga by that part was almost entirely scribbles made it feel like even more of a tease. Which reminds me - did he fix up that art in the recent re-release of the manga?

kind of weird thought that Yusuke

Thank Norio Matsumoto for those legendary episodes

>that rendering style
God DAMMIT just do a remake of the series already, or a movie, or an OVA. Anything for fucks sake.

YYH OST is godtier

>You can't judge the quality of a voice regardless of language

There is absolutely no such thing as a superior dub. This thread is filled with plebes.

Absolutism is always wrong.

I recently watched the entirety of YYH with my 30 year old brother and that nigger loved it. Fuck off with this age expiry shit.
Who are you quoting?

And I guess being in the middle of growing up is to think Kurama was the coolest.

>Arnold Schwarzenegger ripoff
>any real or at least interesting character depth
choose one

I always say, there's only two dubs that are actually good enough to watch. Cowboy Bebop and Ghost Stories, both for obvious reasons.

Anyone who thinks YYH's dub is better than the original audio is pretty fucking stupid.

>tick tock tick
>not chi chi chi
Dubfags are the worst

lol no


pass the blunt, son.

Read Sakigake!! Otokojuku and then you can speak

Scriptwise: Dub is far superior and far funnier.
Voice Actors: Some are better in one and others in the other. Kuwabara sucks in both but he's a great character.
I'd pick dub anytime. Nostalgia isn't a factor as I'd take Jap over english Tenchi for example and probably Love Hina too.

It's hilarious.
I'd pick anime. However the beginning and end are different in the manga but nothing huge, so you can switch the order or just read those chapters separately.
You can still enjoy it. There is a bit of normal bullshit shounen tropes of course, especially during the tournament but it's well worth it. Chapter Black in particular is great.

What makes you say that?

No, Negima's tournament is the best. YYH is possibly second best.

You can guess the outcome of most fights in tournaments, but Negima's had characters who care about fighting each other and you didn't know who to root for.
Also, it was done by rolling dice so nothing was planned out by Akamatsu.

Toguro might be designed off him but the personality is totally different. Watch his last episode, when he's in Spirit World. Or when Genkai dies.

I want to fuck this newhalf

Toguro has way more depth than Sensui. All Sensui did was decide that all humans are bad m'kay because he saw a few of them torture some demons one night. Boo hoo. Then it was revealed that his REAL desire was to fight a strong demon. Well, so was Toguro's, and at least Toguro wasn't a pretentious whiny faggot about it. He laid it out from the start that he wanted to fight Yusuke. That, and his reason for being so strong in the first place were better than Sensui's. He hated weakness because his own weakness is why he couldn't protect his own students. He couldn't care less about that whole "destroy the world" nonsense.

Do you think "her" dick is bigger than "her" horn?

By the way Yusuke was talking when grabbing her crotch, without a doubt.

>Watching the dubs/subs.
>Witness the split personality that is koto.

In English she is one bloodthirsty bitch, why did the English team decide to make her like that?

Because it makes sense for a demon announcing a really bloodthirsty tournament and doing little dances about it

But shes too much of a qt to be doing that, its like a teddy bear covered in viscera.. Juri was more relatable. Speaking of which I wonder if she lost her virginity thanks to Koto.

this is so comfy, why cant modern animes look like this?

>Weebs pushing an opinion that's gone too far into conflicting what the show was intended to be and seek a deep meaning in it somehow.

For the values and morals it shows it's pretty blatant, but if cucks want to use this thread as a means to find piss-pots then have at this shit thread.

OP fuck off.

Is this 1080p release [DHD]?

Looks familiar though i ain't 1000% on it

japanese schools are really bad



>Yusuke and co. walk around some demon towns and cities, see the weird little cultures, maybe even run into the demon equivalent of a high school/pachinko parlours and run into demon delinquents that remind Yusuke of his former life.
I would prefer that 10x more and then have the shitty tourney after that. A all-out war with Yomi would be too dramatic.

The full song is really cool:

Good taste m8

>tfw no doujins
He was too pure.

Disgusting faggot demon.

YYH always had great OST's.

What is it with Togashi and clowns?

>Demon [male]