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Mikan is not exactly the best of all friends

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I want to fix her with lots of hope, love and cuddles

Having her cry softly in my arms about all the evil she has done and telling her I would love her no matter what she does would feel like heaven.

Even if this kills me, I would still be making the world a better place.

I always felt bad for Mikan, but she's a fucking piece of shit. It was all her fault. I hope Mitarai dies too.

You knew everything.

I remember reading some nice DR2 non-h doujin about the despairs waking up that focused on Mikan, Mahiru, Saionji and Ibuki. Was it ever translated?

>start thread like this
Hoo boy, here we go

Everything about me.

So I did another character design thing this morning on the Myers Briggs personality types that the user suggested yesterday, and I built the character first before moving to the design phase. I used a random number generator to determine which 4 letter personality I would start from, got ESTJ, here's the character description I wrote up:

ESTJ: controlling, traditional, organizer, belonging, social events.

This person organizes parties and events on large scales. They have a tendency to manage things, primarily focusing their management on traditionalist ideals. This person orders people around efficiently, but the way they treat them is inconsistent and varies between traditionalism and submissive attitudes. Making and keeping friends is difficult, as they're very abrasive to some people, and softer to others, but the way they interact with any given person will change to a near complete opposite in the time that they grow closer, leading many to be alienated from them.
They're very untrusting of people, a potential symptom of mild BPD.
When they do place their trust in someone, is is absolute, and they easily becomes upset or depressed if someone betrays that trust, leading them to be less trusting of others, while still keeping their trust in the person who betrayed them, as they latch to the only people who can provide some level of support.
Looks, acts, is referred to as, and kind of sounds like a boy, but is secretly a girl.

Potential quirks: ???


After that happened, I drew up a sketch, trying to avoid making the same mistakes I did last time, which is pic related.
Thoughts, suggestions, critique?

Even my despair.

>Every night I can feel her... the girl I've lost... the harem I've lost... it's like they're all still there. You feel it too, don't you?
>Junko sent us to hell... But we're going even deeper! Take back every girl that we've lost!

no shut up though

>that "eh?" from izuru as he notices he's crying
my heart

Fuck me.


Now that's just silly user

Post Manlet/Junko

Knowing Junko, she'd probably fake it and still do despair-fueled activity on the side

That was fucking moe.


irrelevant except showing us hinata is trapped somewhere deep in there

The only thing that can fix her at this point is lobotomy

Juzo did everything wrong to keep everything right. Purest maiden, best waifu.

A few weeks ago an user told me Chiakifags would only be sad if she died, not mad. I think he was wrong, especially since she died horribly.

Chiaki is not dead.

What did she meme by this?

The only thing that can fix Junko is double tapping her two times in the back of the head with a silenced pistol

I say "silenced" so she can't even rejoice in the .2 miliseconds of despair she'd get from hearing the bullets fire

w i s h f u l t h i n k i n g

How did Kodaka write a character so pure?

making the class kill her would have been much worse

Izuru won't save her, he'll just be confused and feel hatred for Junko, not knowing why.



I'll get the last laugh when Kirigiri, Chisa and Chiaki are alive and well by the end.

So wait. If Junko appears in Mirai it means that we'll see a timeskipped adult Junko.

My body can't ever be ready.

Mikanfriends report in!

Do you think there's a chance Mikan will wake up? I'm personally not optimistic, but nevertheless the amount of screentime she's gotten has given me hope!

J U Z O likes B O Y S

I wouldn't be surprised if she somehow isn't, in all honesty.

>green hair
>purple eyes
>did everything wrong
>same stupid "goldfish crap" metaphor


That's the spirit, we believe in FUTURE.


I knew this was going to happen to chiaki, but did it have to be this way?


Reminder to all Chiakifriends, Kirigiribros, and Chisapals that this will have a happy ending.

Reporting! Honestly speaking though, she may be harder to save than the others, since she got mindhacked twice, and if the Despair disease made the effects worse in real life too + her already shitty past influencing it all.

Even if her chances of awakening are higher than the others (except maybe Komaeda who's insane anyway), is she best off in her comatose state or waking up to be a puppet again?
Even if you converted her back to normal, she may try to suicide after she realizes what she did as a Despair...

Say hello to this bisexual

I miss Ishimaru.

There's only a 30% chance of that happening.

I know people have been defending the UDs for being brainwashed, but to me, I really feel like they're still "them". They're still them, but they're looking at the world with a different perspective and are acting accordingly. I can't look at Chisa the same way.

At this point I won't be surprised that Weedman is the mastermind, just look at those black and white shirts, don't they look like Monokuma?

He was too good for this world

do you realize how fucking high that probability is

everything's gonna be fine


I'm hoping Hajizuru's SHSL therapy will help her.

and her daughter

Highly doubt that she will wake up, but it has been nice to see her so much in the anime.

Chisa and Mikan are the only people I can't bring myself to forgive.

Can someone make webm of Komaeda's crazy hope talk with sound? Ogata absolutely outdid herself on this one.

People like you don't deserve to have your waifus survive

Once she has hope in her heart, she will find despair more and more boring

Ishimaru was the only good gay in the franchise
Juzo, Teruteru, Mondo and all the dykes did absolutely everything wrong

It would have, and I would've appreciated how far Kodaka was willing to go. Still, yesterday's torture execution took some balls to put into the story. Bravo.

Can anyone explain me wtf I'm reading? Is this taco version of uchiha madara?

Junko with her hair down and a more mature outfit, huh? I'd like to see that.

I want to believe that Kirigiri will be okay. I wouldn't mind it if Juzo survived for a little bit longer as his death was pretty anticlimatic. The same goes for Chiaki, minus the last part; I would'nt mind seeing her.

Izunata and Hopeman better be relevant soon or I'll shit a brick mansion.

But Junko already has hope in her heart. She's got more hope in her heart than just about anyone else, that's why she gets off on despair.

>People like you don't deserve to have your waifus survive
But Junko is dead?




Yes he does!

requesting that uglyass tumblr junko fanart with the leg hair freckles and shit

where's the black and white one from?

>not ending it with a segue to nagito's laugh

similar to this, anyone have the sound webm with munakata's scream replaced by the loudest male orgasm noise?

The way I describe junko's character:

She loves the despair she feels when she realizes she loves hope and naegi and that something so simple as love can overcome her mental fortitude and devotion to despair

it's pretty complex


DR1 anime

requesting that you ignore this request.

>That filename
None of her spawn should be allowed to be created and let loose on the world.

>did it have to be this way?

Yes, it did. The mindhack livestream wouldn't have been fully effective if she was just stabbed. Junko wanted the UDs to be full-on despair fetishists, not slightly kinky mini despairs.

Posting the sexiest Junko.

There's absolutely nothing gay about loving your best bro.

is that seriously hinata screaming during SDR2? I could have sworn cucksoda screamed even harder at some points

Nips speculate that Twintails and Kaede are her twin daughters

Hello. You're cute.

>Filled with hope
I think she'd rather get off on all your hopeful attempts to purify her

Has he ever gotten a single prediction wrong in the entire series?

Oh you actually added Makoto's scream, looks more complete now.

guys i fixed it.

Where do I read this speculation?

>82 posts
>not one post completely destroying Mikan
It's doing good so far. Must be a record.


Even the japanese are shitting on Kodaka for the brainwashing.

Has anyone thought that maybe Kaede was framed for a crime committed by the red uniform girl? The thought sort of crossed my mind since they share a music motif.

Well it's a good thing that it's just speculation then.And anyway who would willingly procreate with her is crazy.

Him laughing in the background while Junko was monologuing was just as scary as Chiaki's execution. I almost regretted wearing headphones.

what a slut.
fuck dis bitch

I'd fuck her alright

Mikan could be their mother.

I forgot the picture...

>not one post completely destroying Mikan
Mikan is objectively the worst girl, no need to say it every thread.

He couldn't get any gayer, user even if he tried.

She'd look sexier in Naegi's outfit.

i want mikan to sit on my fucking FACE

Pretty sure it's Naegi's reaction to finding Sayaka's body in the DR1 anime.

Anything particularly notable that they're pointing out? I can't read.

>BD bonus posters are "Heroines and love interests"
Really now, how would you feel if Mikan won the Hajimebowl after everything she did?

There isn't, but in Ishimaru's case he was pretty damn gay.

>mfw i read that as shit

>You will never kiss Queen Junko's royal toes

You have a chance. She wants to be saved.

Junko's PTA in SDR2
>I don't want anything. I don't want to lose anything. The future's full of lies. You have no argument. The future will make you suffer. Any choice is despair. Just give up already. You're not hope. What is this crappy feeling? A miracle won't happen. You won't be able to do it. You won't be able to do anything.

I know her standard PR reason to outward parties is that she's bored of everything because she knows the outcome thanks to her talent. I'd go further than that. Because she knows the outcome she fell in despair. She knows when she'll fail, she knows when something will break, she knows when she'll lose someone, so instead of that, why not toss everything away and break it before it has the chance to? Because of her talent she never attempted anything nor felt any reason to. More than anyone she would be familiar with her own faults and confronted with them daily. This would be nice characterization for her while still being in-character.

This reminds me that she's similar to Bernkastel, who as the Witch of Miracles, knows they don't exist so relishes in despair instead. They seek their comfy refuge in despair because they don't want to be betrayed by the future. Despair is constant and reassuring while hope is fickle and unreliable.

This but with Mahiru instead

>implying there's a difference

Buddy, Ishimaru loves Mondo as much as Hajime does Chiaki.

It was your subconscious trying to tell you something.

Kind of a specific theory, so I don't think anyone has thought of that yet. Would be interesting.

I hope that turns out well.

They are saying the same stuff as us and using the same screenshots as evidence.

I'd be so glad

I wanted to protect his smile. Fuck Celes.


He became shitty after his hair turned white, glad she killed him.

>Asahina wins the Naegibowl
>Mikan wins the Hajimebowl

I wouldn't complain. Naegirifags and Hinanamifags might make these threads slightly more hilarious.

Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.

I love Mahiru so much it hurts.


Best girl.

with blood

Naegi-kun, it seems that I am about to die.

I didn't care before but fuck it, now I'm sad. I want all three of them back.

It's gonna happen. Mikan Izuru child incoming

user, it's time to stop. Not to stop posting and loving Junko, but to stop believing that she wants to be saved canonically.

She was basically born as Despair incarnate, and corrupted her sister (who was free from Despair for a while). You cannot fix what isn't broken; Junko has been herself since birth.

user, I swear to God.

goddamn it, I laughed

Naegi-kun, it seems rules of this game are OF THE NATURE

To cope with despair she had no choice but to embrace it fully.

Don't worry, Kirigiri-san. You'll be able to meet her soon.

Would you a Junko?


I am afraid you're not going to win this one.

I want Chiaki and Kyoko back but we don't need Chisa.

>Mikan + Izuru = tsundere Kirigiri

Kaede better watch out

Men deprived of their waifus.

I didn't know postmortem excretion happened this fast.

He just wanted to honor the lost of his bro, and Mondo was literally the only person who he was able to connect with emotionally and didn't treat him like a nuisance. Best, purest, and most loyal waifu.


Who won the komaedabowl?

What do you want to see happen in the last 3(?) episodes?

>Chisa being redeemed

Aaand that it's. Grant me this, Kodaka. Please.

Forgot pic

Red Junko a shit. I would a real Junko, provided I am the exception when it comes to being corrupted by Despair.

If and when Kirigiri comes back, I'll edit both middle pictures with a laughing Kirigiri/Naegi.




Fuck you, pal. Chisa was a cute and she loved her class. All three deserve to live.




>I'll edit both middle pictures with a laughing Kirigiri/Naegi.
Better to just put both of their overjoyed faces when they see each other again.

This is your date tonight.

This, fujo projection is as bad as /u/

>She was basically born as Despair incarnate
Not him but she became despair because of her talent. See Ryouko.

I would, as long as there was as little masochism as possible involved


Hack writing aside, can we talk about just how great KanaHana sold this performance? I've never heard her play a character in a situation quite like this, but it sounded absolutely perfect.

Chisa to fuck some people up
More of Tengan (somehow, I dunno) being a savage
Izuru to do something
Monaca not coming back like Komaru's line implied she would
This mastermind business to not be terribly disappointing

my face is a toilet for Ibuki


Stellar voice cast is like only reason to care about DR at this point.

>this delusion

She's quickly becoming one of my favorites.

That's what she says but Junko is the epitome of unreliable narrator. Also I'm not saying it's canon she wants to be saved but you also can't exclude that possibility, I feel like. Look at how Despair Chisa's been acting in Future. Perfect actress while killing toddlers, you would never suspect she was ever innocent. Same could apply for Junko. I'm not even a big Junko fan, I merely want some depth to her and it wouldn't necessarily contradict with anything she said before.



Jokes about Hope/Despair itself aside, honestly, Despair set up Komaeda loving both Chiaki and Hajime pretty well. Especially the former, there was definitely a connection there and there were casual references to it throughout instead of just one big scene. Hajime/Chiaki/Komaeda is a pretty popular threesome so it was nice to see it get at least somewhat acknowledged on Nagito's side.

Yeah I didn't want to say it because I dunno if I'm just unaware of a major role where she does do something like that, but it was pretty unsettling hearing one of her characters getting fucked up like that.

DR has pretty solid voice acting in general, including the games.

help me Cred Forums

thanks for the laugh user

this chiakifag needs it now

>Chiaki alive
>Kyouko alive
>Chisa redeemed and alive
That's it. Full stop. That's what I want to see happen.

Oh, you're right. Good idea.

Oh, that's how? I haven't read Killer Killer or 0. Hopefully that doesn't make me a secondary, considering I've done everything else.

Everyone wants to believe that anyone is redeemable. Sometimes it just isn't possible, but that shouldn't stop you from believing or seeking it.

100/10 holy shit

-Juzo lying to Munakata and then crying himself to sleep at night with his munakata pillow over it

-Izuru creating the AI Junko's for Towa City / Jabberwock Island, and then moving the ultimate despairs over there via train

-the ultimate despairs reactions to Junko's death being broadcasted worldwide

>[email protected]

i told you she'd live

Y U NO!?


That's so fucking sweet, got anymore?

Whoa, slow down there user. We'll get a happy ending for sure, at least to some degree, but that is some maximum hope right there. That kind of hope will lead you to despair, and pretty damn soon.

on the bone meat





>Two men are very close they must be gay

A woman like you wouldn't understand their true manly bond.

Well, yeah, she just did what Junko told her to do.

And it brought her closer to her classmates, even Hiyoko praised her.

make that shit happen user, it will be glorious

I want to marry Sonia!

Wish I did, but unfortunately not. Artist is @barehoku on twitter, by the way.


It'll be ok, Hajimebro!


I don't care!
Hope thrusters at maximum power!
It's either this or a bronze medal ending with Hajime/Mikan and Naegi/Asahina with Munakata dying or something, I guess.

It's just bad writing with individual actually well made scenes that are retroactively ruined by bad writing, nothing scary. If you've played DR before you should get used to it already.



It's HajIzuru's turn now.


Stop being such a little bitch

Yes Aniki, fuck those whores who don't understand us
Now let's go get naked and bond a little bit more

Her range might be average but HanaKana is immensely talented. Whenever she's cast you know she'll do right by the character.

(I'mma add Chiaki to this after season's over.)

> purifying Junko

Matsuda tried, it didn't exactly go well.

Why. Know You

recent research suggests that every despair fag is literal fag or at least bi curious
remember to daily stab faggots in your neighborhood
watch out for juzo boys

I want to be Junko's little bitch


Its fine she lives on in cyberspa-- oh.


Do you now?


>juzo died thinking Munakata killed him for being a pounce

hadahadam is so good.

Please punish my cock with more Junko.

You don't purify her, you use hope to corrupt her. You put it in her head as a disease, get her to depend on you to a dangerous degree. Keep undermining her ideas and decisions and shattering them with Hope bullets. Confuse her, have sex with her, inspire her with hope and tell her she smells nice.

It'll all be over soon, Junko. Suffer and give in to the hope.

Source where it says that? Would be fine with Mikan winning Hajime bowl.

Does anyone here still actually buy kirigiri surviving?
>No mention of the bottle at all last episode
> multiple characters touched her body and didnt comment on her being passed out
> journal very clearly was her final thoughs cause she knew she wouldnt survive
> chiaki died brutally so its not like kodaka is afraid to off the waifus

At this point the medicine bottle likely was something that let kirigiri wake up in the night and solve the mystery before her NG code killed her.

Depends on if I get to suffocate between her thighs.

Boobs are fine too.

servs him right

>Does anyone here still actually buy kirigiri surviving?
Yes. Do you have to ask stupid questions as part of your NG code? Is this your first thread in the past week or more?

user, seriously. Give me a break.

Ishimaru didn't have many flaws in comparison but he was annoying as fuck
Also worst death

>Oh, that's how? I haven't read Killer Killer or 0. Hopefully that doesn't make me a secondary, considering I've done everything else.
In DR:Zero, she forces her childhood friend to erase all her memories. The only thing she remembers are her feelings for her childhood friend and takes the name Otonashi Ryoko. As Ryoko she acts cheerful all the time and pretty much acts like a normal girl.
See danganronpa.wikia.com/wiki/Ryoko_Otonashi

And yes, you are a secondary, reading DR:Zero is important for the plot.


Kodaka is a hack so yeah I do

Meta-wise, her chances have gone up after this episode.

If there's one thing Danganronpa consistently excels in, it's great voice acting. Even with all the contrived bullshit leading up to and including Chiaki's death, Kana's trembling voice is what keeps unsettling me every time I rewatch this episode. Replace her with some average seiyuu and the scene loses literally all impact it had


>every despair fag is literal fag or at least bi curious
Chiaki blushed quite a bit when she got attention from Sonia and Chisa...
Does that mean she was despair?

I think Weedmans prediction will turn true in the end, and only the people from the "bad" end of DR1 survive


It's too perfectly despair-inducing to have every single main waifu die, which sets up a meta flag that, somewhat counter intuitively, predicts that all of them will be alive.

>And yes, you are a secondary, reading DR:Zero is important for the plot
s-sorry. I didn't want to disappoint anyone, I thought I was doing okay.

you know the answer my dear friend


>Izuru has the hairclip
You're killing me.

>I lied when I said it was my safe day, you know
I always practice my filename game.

man that shit was so unnerving

She's a teenage girl. She doesn't understand her feelings yet.

God I fucking hope so. Chiaki/Sonia was my delusion ship of choice in SDR2 so I'm glad to see it actually have some merit after DR3

could hajizuru bring her back to life?

You would need to be able to influence her to this degree, while also being invulnerable from her inevitable attempts to kill you. You'd also need to prevent her from doing despair things on the side.

You would need to be literally Izuru to do that.

Heterosexuality is a meme

>Anal with Junko
>She switches hole right after she tells you to finish
Is there anything more despairing than that?

i see damage control is still happening, fine anons ill take a bet, if giri is alive ill record myself shaving off my pubes and shoving them into my asshole then secretly upload it onto motherless or xvideos. You'll need to do the investigation to find my ass, dont lose hope

Izuru happens to also have the talent of SHSL lesbian. Don't ask how that works.

You're a meme

Thats not the real weedboy. Kanon Nakajima gave him some of Leons DNA

Most of us made a grimace over it. Watching fags get BTFO over it does help though.


Probably the UT infection she'll get

>every single talent, including at minimum the ability to make Seiko's WOUND-HEALING DRUGS, Matsuda's NEUROLOGICAL TALENT, and LUCK THAT SURPASSES NAGITOS

Well... Maybe, maybe not. Maybe his luck just wasn't good enough to bring her out of a coma, for instance.

>A woman
Uh, nope. Sorry user. It's just that you can't understand the deep bonds that guys can share between each other.

She did that scene so well I started to actually feel despair

Why didn't they just put Junko in NWP?







I don't care about that, you gross person.

Juzo pls go

Absence of life/body.

They hadn't made it yet?

What was his name again?

>"special" Ep 12 of Despair
>Everyone from the NWP wakes up from their coma
>Look for Izuru to thank him
>He's still caring for Chiaki's comatose body in a separate pod

Sounds like a typical Kodaka bittersweet ending

nwp was only made after the survivors of the first game got out

junko wouldn't let them out without dying first most likely


Do you remember who did this?

The only way to salvage this is to make it all be an anime within an anime.

My boy.

UDG had a happy ending that bent over backwards to try and tell you that it wasn't 'that' happy, though.

His arm not being in one of his sleeves is bothering me. Otherwise his sprites seem cool though.

I need an edit with Chiaki in this instead of Mahiru

Amaze me edit fags

not him but @kobeni_risako

Cutest fuck toy.

Post more sexy Juzo

When I think of hope my painties get wet

Why are they so perfect?

I finished watching it.

Holy fuck i've never cried watching chinese cartoons before, i've come close to it, but watching Nanami lose hope at her very last moments was painful, i had some deep hope within myself that she would survive somehow.

But Junko did it again.

It was worse than i imagined, i'm starting to lose hope, despair is getting to me atleast i wanted her to see Izuru cry and be at peace knowing he remembered.

What did he mean by this?

I can't get enough of these eyes especially on Fuyuhiko

Don't worry. You just need to give in to the despair and everything will get better.

Now taking predictions


Does this happen to anyone else?

Short one is a mary sue.

You know what.


Thank you, my friends

What if Juzo didn't know?

I don't want to go any further after this one though.

Why the fuck would he get brainwashed anyway? He didnt seem to care about his sister.

I knew she could be saved when I saw this scene. She is suffocating inside of herself because she wants hope, but nobody is able to give it to her.

You just have to physically chain yourself to her somewhere where nobody will find you, and resist all the despair she can throw at you. If you can become her unpredictable hope, she will overcome despair but at the same time won't be able to live without you anymore.

Remember the way Chiaki looked up from her game at Chisa at the end of Zetsubou 1? It started from there.


Come on guys, he's 160 and she's 169.

>mary sue

>tfw felt the same despair they felt watching nanami die and not being able to do anything about it.

In the end, i really wasn't ready to see Nanami die again, i should have never watched this shitty despair anime.

Because Junk used some brainwashing techniques on the video or something

All of Juzos scenes with Munakata are adorable now with the context that he's crushing on him hard.

Because brainwashing filter.

She got skewered like a kebab man, the only reason the shock didn't kill her instantly was so she could have one last cringy scene to show Hinata is still there but he won't be in control till after sdr2.

I want Naegi to hatefuck Junko

Unrelated question but what is the song lyric when "hello, hope's peak high school" comes onscreen in the opening? Sounds a bit like hello minnasan

>He didnt seem to care about his sister.
Did we see the same episode


Kirijunko and Chisa
Makato almost falling into despair because of kirijunko
Munakata vs Chisa
Izuru doing something
Ryota getting a kool moment before he dies
Aoi doing something
Munakata finding out that Juzo had feeling for him from either chisa or kirijunko

Your on full wish fulfillment mode. They both werent gay.

>literally flawless
>everyone loves them
>made center of multiple character universes

>not a sue
You what?


Seems like funimation have been trying to foreshadow that Juzo was gay in their dub. It's a shame that Juzo is pretty much the only good thing their dub has going for it.

>mfw Juzo love even stronger after episode
This is good.

I really believe he'll get through this. He has to.

Fucking murdered the dyke while showing everyone else his strong side, my boy is strong, but not strong enough to deal with memehakk.

It's pretty funny to go back and rewatch some of these moments


I'm fairly certain it says "Hello, Ultimate Hope".

Mind Hack.



I just don't want the hamsters to die

They d-don't, right?

So, what's left for the last episode of despair?

Foreshadowing to Kirijunko

>literally flawless
She didn't achieve a single thing. She laments about this in her dying moments too.

Just call her boring.

Sakura, Nidai, and Gozu need to let their cleavage show like Juzo does.

Their recent dub episode made it more obvious than ever that Juzo had feelings for Munakata

>pretty much the only good thing their dub has going for it

Munakatas NG code is not being able to open doors, how can Juzo come out when Munakata can't open the door of the closet he's hiding in?

If Kodaka does this, I will go and actually buy all of his games.

>fails in defeating despair
Yup, flawless.

...did the hamsters get brainwashed, actually?
Or do they just obey despair Gundam?

Why the fuck do people think characters who are shown to be killed and covered in deathflags are going to live in fucking danganronpa?
Kirigiri is the only one who has a chance of living. The fact that Juzo is gay only makes him more dead.

I agree. Also that picture is horrifying.

Or the door to his heart?

that fucking "STOP"

It's me

Tying up loose ends. Mitarai, Munakata, etc.

Something to tie into the last two Future episodes.


hinata-kun..... kiss me.....

I want KiriJunko to fuck me to literal death.

Now that I think about it, wouldn't being fucked to death be the most personal experience you can have with another person? You die in the arms of someone while engaging in the most intimate action two people can have together. Who would have thought being fucked to death would be so vanilla.

Ryoko cameo, Warriors of hope cameo lose ends and 78th class cameo

Don't forget:
>Her obsession with games caused a rift between her and her classmates before Chisa fixed it

I wish the dub was slightly easier to stomach so people would start noticing how hilariously bad it is.

I bet the hamsters loved Chiaki too, man. They're despaired as fuck.

>Fails to save her teacher
>Fails to save Hajime
>Fails to save her teacher
>Dies alone

How did i never see that before?

kiri is dead stay mad

She managed to attend one of the most prestigious schools in the country, has a recognized talent, got a class full of friends who worship her and became class representative and their literal hope. The fact that barely anything else is known about her and she hardly got screentime after Hinata left doesn't change the fact that the show repeatedly rubbed her perfection in the audience's faces while every other person is a mindless plebeian of insignificance.

I was going to add that too but he probably doesn't know what character development means either.

They're hamsters. Can hamsters even get brainwashed? do hamsters think?

Juzo needs to man up and come out like based Kaede.

>using shitty DR3 to prove your point
Ai Chiaki is a mary sue
real chiaki is a pathetic cuck

>Why the fuck do people think characters who are shown to be killed and covered in deathflags are going to live in fucking danganronpa?
Aoi was stabbed in one episode's cliffhanger and the next episode it turned out to be a prank. Stranger things have happened.

>being killed is a character flaw

What do you think animal taming is?

Fails to save her friends*

Not sure why i thought about Chisa twice. Must be her sexy body.

>They're hamsters
they're devas of destruction
can elder gods get brainwashed?

The closet Juzo's in is made out of fucking glass. The man has a framed picture of Munakata for Christs sake.

So, what is Ryotas NG? Feel hope?

Nuh uh, no one else was stepping up to make friends with anyone else in the first place

The hamsters were actually the real Ultimate Despair all along. Junko was their puppet.

Goodnight Cred Forumsnons, I hope your dreams are with your waifus and filled with hope.

Who's her girlfriend?



You have no goddamn idea.

Big red

Whoever the lowest common denominator picks as their V3 waifu.

Of course, the entire universe is in love with that mary sue

By your logic Kirito would not count as a gary stu
>implying her entire class didn't want to save her but were mindhacked
>implying wasn't by her side and she managed to make fucking IZURU cry through sue magic

Will gundam keep up his roleplaying now that he's brainwashed by the way?

It's to not be alone in a room

Stretched out Monaka.

Molegirl can go suck it.

Tell anyone that Kyoko is the mastermind not even herself


Anyone got any good Danganronpa wallpapers?
I know I saw a few good ones but I can't find them anymore

Is this acceptable?

Gentle Giant

His UD look seems to indicate so.

>mfw her husbando will die

It IS a flaw. She got injured multiple times and eventually got killed, why? Because she was just your average highschool girl and nothing else.

Marie can be scary but she's quite alright.

>Ai Chiaki is a mary sue
I'd argue that's the point. She's literally the fake virtual flawless waifu.

Steam punk junko (Monaca in disguise)

I want to marry Junko and have lots of mentally deranged children with her.

There was a rift between most of them since they were barely in class. Then she got autistic about games once and everyone started worshiping her and decided she has to be their class rep.


I hope its not weedboy conman becasue i dont want him die in chapter 5

and she still dies


This supposedly sheltered high school girl character is voiced by KanaHana and fell for the guy whose problems could be solved by just manning the fuck up.

I am not talking about Danganronpa



is this the game of thrones of anime?

Do you think you could rope non-despair Chisa into having a threesome with Chiaki?


But we can go so much farther.


Rize ?

What does that even mean?

One of my favorites.

Dying isn't a fucking character flaw and even the show didn't paint her in a bad way for being murdered.

It's Persona, without the guns or the NTR

I would never.

I want Junko to dom me

Mixing games only works for sports.

So is your only evidence of chiaki being a mary sue that the rest of the cast liked her? She didnt even get a dignified death she was just left begging not to die.

I used to be a Junko-fag, but after watching her strip literally everyone of their hopes i just can't help to hate her.

Anime is from this season.

I want Junko to bully me.


Challenging everyone to get a 777 GET using this picture for the GET of all GETS

I just want to save her more. You're weak.

kek haven't watched Re:zero, does she really die like that?

Mukuro is so fortunate

At least give me a real challenge

i used to think she was an entertaining villain, but despair arc just made me outright detest her.

Honestly this is much better, all things considered junko kind of flopped as a villain cause she wasnt that threatening, jsut crazy enough to be entertaining, now shes just deplorable.

Do it faggot. Just look how cute and innocent she is past all that silly small stuff you mentioned.

Red eyed twintail girl.
Boyfriend will probably be baseball cap guy.

If there's one thing the anime did well it made Junko more dislikeable

That just made me love her even more.

Hey what are you two planning? Drop them guns right now.

>Fuyuhiko smiling like a dumb fuck in love at Peko
So there is hope in the world huh

Once, Petelgeuse plays twister for keeps.

I thought her performance was incredibly average and overwrought, forced drama tier. I couldn't take it seriously even while she was getting penetrated, I was grinning the entire time and even burst out laughing when that happened.
There's nothing she could do with those hackneyed mary sue lines anyway, she had a lot better material to work with in the game which is where she shined. Here it just felt like she was phoning it in.

>play your two SHSL Luck students and your SHSL Gambler student at mahjong
>get hit with a kokushi, a daisangen and a chuuren on a triple ron
Come the fuck on, Jin.

No u

You first Carlos.

Mary sues can die as long as they die as a jesus-like figure (nanami did this)

i thought that twister was photoshoped in there for a sec

How can they make Junko's breakdown in DR3 surpass DR2?

Who is your favorite out of class 77?

Like, the one you really like, and whose death you are painfully mentally preparing yourself for?


Juzo actually looks pretty chill in that shot

Oh, a new one, saved

Ladies, please put down the gun

>as a jesus-like figure (nanami did this)
So she's going to come back?

>Still hasn't appeared or had any mention in Despair side

I want this to be true so fucking much

>he's still at it


Do japanese people know what a mary sue is? Do you think they have their own word for mary sues?

Don't make me jump dimensions


Too pure. Too innocent. Too gay

She did, remember? But then she went away again.

Hey thanks

I was preparing for a long time but I still couldn't handle it.

She's the root of all despair, she's beyond saving.
Yeah i used to like how entretaining she was as well, but i guess Kodaka decided that wasn't the point of the character and showed the world why you should hate her.

Now, now, children shouldn't be playing with guns at Hope's Peak Academy™

How did trap even know Chiaki to make her into an AI, much less the intricacies of her personality?

Jesus died weeping like a bitch saying they failed to do anything?


kek, how upset did people got at that scene? watching their waifu die like a dog

the cute one

Give me back the waifu.


>Junko will never touch your ahoge
Why even live

>"man, I can't wait for that bitch to stop talking so I can go back to my room and look at my munakata pictures"

Probably the parts where characters keep getting killed off for no reason but shock value, and the villain gets turned into a colossal Sue because the guys in charge have completely lost it.

I've been expecting Kirigiri and Chiaki to die so them actually dying didn't actually move me all the much but if Sonia dies I fucking riot. She doesn't deserve to die.

>much less the intricacies of her personality?
well clearly they didnt, ai chiaki and real chiaki are super different personality wise.

I'm still upset.
I knew i shouldn't have watched this shitty anime

Which means she'll come back and stay this time.
Third time's the charm.

very well

>The fact that barely anything else is known about her
Kodaka will release a light novel starring her.

I liked how sane she was than most of the classmates


Yes. It's a borrowed word, they just say "mary sue".

I just hope we get to see some SERIOUS FUTURE soon or I will riot.

They are the same (pre-class rep) except one is sleepy.

Junko having her Monokuma pins in any context that isn't the final confrontation in DR1 triggers me.

At least she isn't wearing that blatant shit in the anime.

Sanity is lack of character in Dangaronpa.

Do you anons imagine Juzo going to get his Munakata picture framed?
>i-it's a gift for someone, surely not for me

If she's a video game character, she need 3 hits to die, r-right?

I still want to fuck this strawberry

I'm upset on multiple levels.
I'm upset that she died.
I'm upset that it was so forced.
I'm upset that they didn't go far enough with Junko's manipulation of her and laying all the blame for Hajime becoming Kamukura on her so that she'd die with swirly eyes, showing that she had fully given into despair instead of merely despairing as she died.

>Ultimate Gamer

This is enough for her to be a mary sue


>her inevitable attempts to kill you
She is just a normal girl on a physical level. Just keep dangerous things away from her and chain her up for the night, but always cuddle with her for the night for maximum hope.


It's funny how more shit Despair gets, better Future gets, desu.

Hopelet vs. Yu was pretty hype even though it was mostly grunts.

I'm laughing so hard.

Sorry boss

Pointing a weapon towards your own students Jin?
Don't you know guns aren't allowed inside the school environment?

It was before she said Munakata. He thought he hadn't been found out.

You don't actually know any gamer girl irl do you?

>New content of this sweet strawberry
Yes, yes this is good

For Mahiru sanity and normalcy is pretty much her character.

Probably wasn't hard for Chihiro.

>cute gamer classmate with big boobs and moe outfit
>i don't know her personality, but what if this girl acted exactly how my ideal girlfriend would?

All she needs is time travel powers


I went into this thinking I wouldn't give a shit about future and would love despair and it ended up being the opposite. Then again I was expecting the DR2 cast to do more than stare at MINDHACK ANIME and ask "WHERES NANAMI?"

its my time to shine

I'm also upset at myself for believing in the hope that she would somehow survive.

H-how possible is it for Izuru to take Nanami with him and leave?

i don't want her to stay dead, i want a happy generic ending solely because i don't want Nanami to die

How desilutional am i?


I think you might be thinking of one of these guys.

Stealing 777 for hope

Why didn't they just tear the place down? I'm sure if they wrekt it hard enough they'd find her.

Just believe in Weedman.


Culprit-kun soon

NEVER give up on hope

I like all that mahiru love

Same as me.

She has canonically the best legs of all of the DR2 girls, she's thick but fit, instead of thick but fat like Mikan

Wrong post

No, she isn't. Everyone can be saved. That is the true power of hope.


I hope we get to see her being a cute psychopath next Despair Ep


Both Sonia and Gundham
By chapter 4 I was mentally preparing myself for their deaths. I was sad whern Gundham was executed and in chapter 5 when Sonia went to the military base I thought "oh shit she's so gonna get murdered"
But thankfully she make it

she gets her monokuma pins in Dr0 though ironically its Juzo that gives her them while she's ryoko

Probably uses her legs a lot when looking for a perfect angle.

Well she is the best girl afterall.

It's kinda funny seeing all the Mahirufags coming out of the woodwork when some threads ago people were complaining that they got Mahiru in that personality test or whatever.

Nice going idiot

>yfw this ends up canon

>You will never have Junko strap you to a chair
>You will never have Junko make a special brainwashing video just for you
>You will never have that video be just a reel of her removing her shoes on loop
>You will never become obsessed with Junko's legs and feet to the point that you'd obey her every command just to hold one of her shoes, let alone have her step on you
>You will never know the feel of having her make you an addict to worshipping her and having all of your senses dominated and controlled by her
>She will never slowly start denying those things to you to make you hungry and desperate as you fall into despair from it
>You will never be used as video bait to show the world how good it feels to obey Junko

Why even live?

I would've agreed with you before, but she literally repeats one of her 2-6 lines in this episode. Their differences are a bit harder to take for granted now.


30% d-doesn't seems like a lot user, and even so, i think his prediction wasn't taking Nanami and the others in account because he didn't care about them
do you have more live action HOPE? i would apreciate it
>tfw Komaeda's crazy laugh cheered me up after watching my waifu get slaughtered
We have to believe user.

We won't know how they'll act as a despair until I assume the next episode. Mikan and Hopeman are the only ones I actually could easily see not actually changing all that much.

It's nice

Man, even her methods are underwhelming

Why did Junko regress from Virtual Boy-tier 32-bit graphics to 8-bit black and white for DR1?

Despair made me not get that 777.

What stuff is that?

Living is despair inducing, that's why we live

Wait, Juzo's in DR0? How so?


It's probably one Mahirufag spamming, I refuse to believe there are more than 2 for someone as 5/10 as Mahiru

>brainwashing sucks
>remember that time they said they were brainwashed in sdr2?

I dunno man, Chiaki's are great plus tighthigh.

I hope she photographs Chiaki's corpse and masturbates to it.


>30% d-doesn't seems like a lot user
Everything is gonna turn out all right. Weedman was never wrong.

So that means real Chiaki already had Chihiro's ideal personality.


You can't fool me, Mahirufriend

it wouldn't have worked, Junko was always bad. It's a Hope restoration plan. Junko never had hope

But they didn't say they were brainwashed in sdr2, did they?

I do. Juzo being hopelessly in love with Munakata is all I've thought about for the past day.

>We have to put up with kirigirifags saying shes not dead all the way till the end of episode 12
>now we have people saying chiaki survived.

jesus christ so this is despair, being an asshole helps me cope with them dying and setting my expectations low enough that ill be a happy hopeful little shit when either survives

It's probably 2 or 3 that took one mention of her and ran with it

They did.

We saw them at the beginning of Mirai 1. And we've seen UDs in DRAE.

Chiaki is still great, she is in fact my favourite, but as a leg man, i can see the truth in the fact that Mahiru has the best legs of the cast.

I've been a Mahirufag for a while now. I assume the same for others, and we're only seeing more of them now since Mahiru is less stigmatized than she was before.

Yeah naegi actually outright uses the word brainwashed. The thing people are pointing out as evidence for them not is a info file placed by junko before the trial.

It's all or nothing at this point.

Is one of the survivors your waifu or something?, you don't truly believe in despair until you see your waifu die either murdered or executed twice.


we didnt know at the time but he's the security guard that ryoko meets

and Chisa is the monokuma maid

>tfw my favourite girls are Mukuro and Mahiru

The NWP also is said to exist to counter brainwashing

SDR2 Chiaki was also loved, retard

Which says that they were manipulated or something, right?

Good taste m8, When I started playing DR2 I though for sure that Mahiru would be my favorite but her death was played badly and kind of stupid since they didn't even know if the game was correct or not.


Nah i dont know about that, chiaki was already accepted as dead before this anime started so its more or less a return to the status quo, kirigiri is the one thats always been the 50/50 chance of living or dying before this anime even started and we knew chiaki would be "back"

That said the fact that they did slaughter chiaki means kirigiri's chances are significantly lower to actually all be a ruse hence why im setting my expectations super low that the bottle was anything to cure the poison and was likely just used for her to stay awake during the sleep time and solve the mystery

Munakata penetrated Juzo.


new thread


>being an asshole helps me cope with them dying and setting my expectations low enough that ill be a happy hopeful little shit when either survives


I wish I had normal feeling towards these things. I'd be easier to entertain if I did.

They're both going to be fine user, believe in hope.

No, you don't get it. If a single one of those characters gets a cop-out "I was still alive", you are inviting people to ask "Why not this other character?". It's significantly, exponentially higher for other main characters, and especially heroines. Therefore, you either pander to all, or none. It's as simple as that.

Mahiru became one of my favourites after i replayed the game, the first time she died so quickly that she couldn't leave that much of an impression on me to care too much.
>tfw had to withness Nanami die twice
>tfw now i've done it three times

>finally get to play as a girls drv3
>shes interested in other girls
no homo but wtf man

We were only on page 6 you faggot

She'd take a picture of you making an embarrassing face while fapping and would post it everywhere.



I actually finished the game a month ago so as much as I want to replay it I should hold out for a bit, since I didn't get to finish her and Ibuki FTE because they both died when I was doing them.

>because they both died when I was doing them
you monster

She probably swings both ways.

posting waifu

Really disappointed they went with this brainwashing route. Just feels lazy and downgrades Junko more. I thought she would have gotten to everyone on an individual basis instead.

i cant believe my boy juzo is gay

its almost like the 2nd game outright said they were brainwashed

We never saw them speak in the first episode is what I mean.
It's weird, Hopeman in AE seemed to be written around the idea that he was manipulated by Junko to work for her, like he encountered her and decided she'd make a good stepping stone for hope. I mean he didn't have red eyes back then, so I didn't really count him as a real despair.

It's been a while since I played it, when was that said? I actually don't remember if it was said or not

They didn't speak, but they were doing things that were just so THEM. UDs evidently still retain some of their personalities.

My conflict is that I know they're brainwashed, but I still consider their UD selves as a part of them and their characters. I feel like I shouldn't, but I also feel like I should.

Hopeman is definitely a special case though, yeah. The UD part enhances him.

Naegi mentions it once. No one else says it and Naegi has no means of knowing that this was what really happened either though.

I don't think it's them, but rather a perverted image of who they are.

I hate to use this example, but I'm kind of reminded of the shadows of Persona 4, where their current selves are an incarnation of a darker side of their personality..