Good god, this manga is awful. Forcing a little girl to do work without pay while her father is out of town

good god, this manga is awful. Forcing a little girl to do work without pay while her father is out of town.

Cute goburin thread

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goburins don't have human rights so it's okay


why are there so many father daughter mangos coming out? or did i just happy to read a bunch at once

Japan loves its Usagi DROPPED stories.

Huh, is this chapter three? I can't find it scanlated anywhere.

so there are more?

She does get paid though. She even goes to school later on. Fuck the teacher seriously.

Chapter 3 just came out! I'll dump the entire chapter

well, this is the translator's website. Presumably the bigger websites will upload it eventually.

Hold on to your diabetes medication for this is going to be a sweet ride.


HNNNNNG, A smile that must never be sexualized.

Ore no musume ga konnani kawaii wake ga!





so where's the goblin



I once saw someone who had taken too much insuline, got seizures and got blue.

I'll let my own body adjust my insuline thank you very much.

This is some high-grade sugar.

>Your daughter will never say "have a safe twip!" to you ;_;
>You will never have a daughter



10/10 nice girl

>15th century European town

immersion ruined



>You will never have a daughter

I don't know, if I have kids there will be about a 50 % percent chance that they're a girl I guess.


Is he autistic? 100% serious.

Holy shit so fucking kawaii.



Holy shit. Too much, too much cuteness.

That was the end of chapter 3. Thank konobuta for the scanlation.

>"Quite the small girldfriend you got there"
>That pervert face at the top.

If spoilers are real this isn't as endearing as it looks at first.

>Quite the small girlfriend you got there!
Top kek.

Is it Utachi Gob?

Elaborate you son of a bitch.

Afaik she falls in love with him.

Nah m8, she goburin.

Sounds for the course.

you cant sexualize her yet!

you will have to wait till she is 18 to do that!

Usagi DROPPED end.

thank you very much asshole!
just slap it in my face the fact that i've lost my genitalia because of a fucking device


She's still cute, nice. Was expecting gross cow tits.

>just slap it in my face the fact that i've lost my genitalia because of a fucking device
Shouldn't put your dick into meatgrinder, mate

Do not stick your dick in androids.

now i really want to know the story behind this one!

>15th century European town
>half demon child

immersion ruined

irc, by 15th century the Portuguese had already established banana plantations in Brazil.

What do you mean? Age gap romances are the purest form of love.

She was in love with him from the start. Dale was never 'Dad'. Dale was always her special person. Dale kind of had a big moment when he realized that Latina was thinking of him in that way the whole time.

The story isn't over yet though. They get together and stuff but then the plot comes up. Like regarding why Latina was exiled to die and stuff. Hints are that Latina is going to become a Demon King.

Bananas last a week at most after harvest. unless they have magic ships there's no way they can get them to market in time.

seeing as theres magic, they probably use magic

Latina is the cutest goblin.


why is this bitch so dumb


dont say stupid things

>They get together.

No, that's a fucking drop. I'm sorry, but this idea of 'raising a girlfriend' needs to stop. Why can't we just have cute dads doing cute things?

shut up normalfag

Its not "raising a girlfriend", it is "grooming a waifu"
its pure love.

It's not normalfag, it's not being a pedo.

That's called being a pedophile.

Does he daughterzone her?

Don't worry, the manga or the translation will likely be dropped before we make it that far

It's not pedophilia once she turns 18.

Enjoy fucking used up whores for the rest of your life then, faggot.

Nope, he comes to terms with it and accepts her feelings. It's not like Dale was ever very dad like with her. He was more like an older brother at best. The people that actually acted like her surrogate parents were the inn/restaurant couple.

>Implying I 2d

Nah, then you're just a creepy old man fucking a teen. She sure is gonna want your impotent dick.

You have to go back

What are some other good fantasy adoptive daughter manga?

the fact is not "i'm rising my own wife"
the plot that we love about it , is that silly dumb idiotic plot called "i'm rising this girl, i'm going to be a good father loyal to the desire to protect and raise her properly!!" adding just a bit of spicy " and in the meantime she develop an Electra complex while turning first into a teenager then into a fully grown woman, i'm going to stay a goddamn wizard couse i know it wouldn't be healthy for her if some psychological influence broke in her home assaulting her father and giving her some inferiority complex!"

only after when she realize to be totally in need of turning her father into her husband , and he realize to be a failure without any option other than bend his head and accept the subconscious love that he have for his surrogate daughter that this shit turn into that goddamnt clichè...
not a bad clichè but still too much "spanish drama like"



ESL user is right. I'll stand by him