Alderamin on the Sky

Lelouch vs Schneizel 2016


does this show get better after first 2 episodes
I liked the artstyle, but dropped it because of the edgy MC and stereotype characters

it gets worse

Try watching a bit of the latest episode (11). If it piques your interest, go back to where you stopped and watch everything. This is the arc where all the good stuff starts.


I want to kill all those fag manlet spirits.

>it's a Suya can't handle it episode

A modern day Socrates

the end of the episode is the reason why womeon should not be in army

Is this show AOTS?
I enjoy it a lot so far. Yatori is best girl!

>edgy MC and stereotype characters

Fuck off.

I think it was good part. We understood why Ikta did what he did.


>don't like something
>post in the thread what is about the thing I don't like

Fuck off

well you already understood it after him switching eye contact with yatori.

Same, MC so edgy I almost cut myself

Didnt red just prove otherwise? Saying she ´ll kill the MC if she´s ordered to and shit.


nice meme word faggot

How is he edgy?


MC completely ruined it for me.

help me, i'm retarded
i started this series without checking beforehand if it was an adaptation
now i like it
how do i stop missing to check for this basic shit?

She is more of a machine brainwashed by hundreds of years of retarded loyalty and less of a woman. She said it herself, 'If I have to kill you, first I'm going to kill the part of me that's a woman'

And still she's best girl. Why the fuck do they try to push the princess to be the love interest? So far the anime has done jack shit to make her likeable, and it seems in the LN she gets worse.

>So far the anime has done jack shit to make her likeable,
Nobody is really likable here so I fail to see your point

Start by learning basic punctuation.

>this is totally not the Hot gates guys

I really liked this ep. All that talk about their motivations and ill feelings was well handled. The scene discussing the future death of Ikta was poignant, his hate for the empire and how it will clash with her ingrained loyalty is promising.
Thank Allah they aren't focusing on the minutia of genius tactics with cool names and instead treats battle as a matter of timing in comitting or withdrawing resources.
I can understand that this anime has a very niche appeal but I happen to be in that niche.

I like this dynamic though. The best friend/brother sister style is comforting without limiting them I hope they never get together

So will there be a second season?

>samefagging this bad
Also they are called 'opinions' faggot. It's not just famous series like Reshit & DB Shit that should only get criticized.

when will this adorable thing be back?

>Also they are called 'opinions' faggot.
You said your piece, now fuck off and watch the series or some other animu more to your tastes.

>wow people die in war

How the fuck did they not figure this out when they fought against the tribals?

Is there any confirmed info on a second cour? Cause it's pretty obvious at this point they'll end with a successful retreat into the empire which leaves the whole story loaded.

Shitty shoujo anime.

>Yatori is best girl!
Yatori is dead girl!

I want to rape loli princess in all her holes.

>not consensual, scandalous and explorative sex in a shed

I dont think madhouse doing any 2nd season nowadays and its probably an ad for the LN and the manga foremost.

>chill guy is now consider "edgy"

Wow you guys can be cut even by your dull life.

Are they skipping lots of material?
I rarely complain about ln adaptations, but pacing here feels all fucked. Almost like it's jumping from event to event just by giving you enough information to understand key plot point and leaving everything else out.

Ah great I forgot madhouse was doing this anime, well there goes my hopes and dream.

Let's just hope for second cour atleast.

Nana dindu nuffin.

There you go.

Pacing seems fine to me.

Feels like lots of world building and character interaction is left out of the picture.

>mfw I just read spoilers
I'm both pleased and disappointed at the same time.

Dissapointed about shipping?

Cheesy as fuck. I was hoping to see some internal bickering at least from the nameless foot soldiers too about the sinack joining them right after the sinack rebellion. Guess with what happened this episode, Ikta got the sinack honour/respect by the balls.

Glad Yatori died, her character annoyed me. Sad that Haro is evil and that Chamille goes from innocent loli to dumb bitch supposedly.

If you haven't read the summaries, don't read this. Major spoilers.

Doesn't she turn into the icicle and not die, technically? With Ikta looking for a way to free her

>enlisted being retarded again
>it's a woman too

I heard he froze her, but I really hope she's dead. That would ruin a lot of the story and setting imo.

That's fake spoiler, nothing suggest at all he's trying to revive her while he's holing himself up in the princess' room for 2 years

You got memed

Even with the fucked up art style, she ended up being the cutest girl.

>edgy mc
The dude literally likes to spend his days laying in a hammock and getting laid. What part of that is actually edgy.

Nothing at all, just some buzzword-fags

>What part of that is actually edgy
His mind, because SCIENCE!

That edgy? Don't you mean euphoric?

Not the original poster, I thought a joke about a sharp mind and science/knowledge would fit there.

Oyea, the air rifle was cutting edge too.

they're burning straight toward an anime-original end

the most important thing they skipped was the princess asking Ikta to lead the empire into "losing the war without losing everything" before all of this bullshit happened in the north

even if they bring it up now, the campaign will taint the reasoning behind his response due to sciencegirl dying a pointless death

do you read light novel? what vol3 ending looks like?

huh guess Im not that EDGY to get it.

only up to vol2 ch4 currently, which is them burning down the village and moving the villagers

Code Geass wishes it were as good as this show.

code geass was actually fun to meme and not as dead

>code geass was actually fun to meme
True, but I still hate it.

i think this will not end with anime original ending. it will end with princess and ikta promise moment. After that like overlord ending, they will introduce next volume character with op song and left us hanging.

Ok through out the years people compare at least one or two anime with Code Geass every season, I don't like to compare code geass with this anime, heck with any anime as if Code Geass did "everything" I dunno I'm starting to feel like this some sort of meme and I just didn't get the memo after all this time because the lack in interest. sorry for being slow

That's okay
you wasn't here when it was airing.

wait 4 Oct, got announcement for Alderamin at Dangeki Bunko fest.

Pacing is fine. 1 chapter per episode.

Code Geass was very different from this show. It did some things better and others worse.

anime original are always better than adaptation for this kind of things.

>hating code geass
Even if it weren't ten years too late for that, give it up. Move on.

>Finally a competent enemy general
>Can't win even though he outnumbers them 10000 to 600

Uh huh, sure he didn't lose.

Winter war all over again?

Why was she crying?

Thinkgen of betrayal

RIP short-haired qt.

>it's a girl
biggest plot twist of this series

don't die yet, I haven't finished watching

What are these? Orders for ants?

I was so sure that was a man.

Turns out when you deliver long messages by carrier pigeon you have to reduce the type size. Can't fit A4 paper on a pigeon foot.

Will we see it in the show? Only 2 episodes left

When do they fuck over the general or what ever of the North Garnison for keeping the fucking spirits locked and starting this whole mess.
I really hate how badly constructed that part is.


This show is so irrelevant that nobody would care in a week after this end

>when will this adorable thing be back?
once she is done growing up.

Not with that attitude, you can't. I will train my pigeon differently, just you wait.

I read some of the spoilers, but something was left unanswered for me. After Ikta starts doing shit again, recreates his father's regiment and tells everyone who he is, what did he do about the princess turned empress? Does the old plan get put back on track, or is he doing his own thing? Did he ignore her and do everything with her tacit backing, or did he at least tell her to turn down the crazy? Also does anyone know if there are any translations?

Maybe when they have another bald moustached officer to fix it up.


She's like 12 right? She could look like that in a matter of like 2-3 years if her genes are good.

sky going to translate this

yes. why havent you read fma?

You mean they brought him back just like ed bring his mom back?

yes but it worked and everything was happy the end.

Yatorishino Igsem or Xem?

The lack of Hime has made me realise that I only liked this show because of her.

I'm really getting tired of the strong female swordsman thing.

No matter how gifted your family is, or how many years you've trained with the blade, or how much combat experience you have, the melee combat prowess of a single human is limited. Especially a busty female without any significant amount of muscle mass and hair far too long for any military regulations. The issue is emphasized even further by the fact that she doesn't wear any armor.

Yatori should have been shot or stabbed a million times by now. Same goes for the little brown girl.

>muh realism
>in anime

Everything is contextual. Internal consistency should always be maintained.

The series tries to portray military in a serious manner and emphasizes tactics and technology. Then in the middle of this serious setting we have ridiculous sword fighters that make the series seem like Dynasty Warriors the animation.

girls are powered up by magic not physics

I want to cum inside Nana's ass.

well, this is not his country army, he probably wants to weak them a little