Can someone explain the appeal of Maison Ikkoku? Three episodes in...

Can someone explain the appeal of Maison Ikkoku? Three episodes in, and it's just an SoL about MC living with really horrible, nasty, obnoxious people that indulge in schadenfreude.

You just answered your own question

It's all right OP, you have the right to be a faggot nobody's judging you

I really didnt like the actual show when I first saw it.

then again i read the manga first and really liked it so maybe that spoiled it for me

The appeal is the manga.

Let me rephrase then: why is it appealing? I can understand it in Urusei Yatsura where the MC creates a lot of his own problems, but here, the MC is just trying to study for his exams and his roommates keep fucking annoying him and laugh at him when he fails. Why would anyone want to watch that?

That's one way to admit you're an idiot; fail to provide a constructive response and call him a faggot. If retards like yourself are the kind who love this show, then I guess I'll drop it.

It's a comedy aimed at college students. If you're in college the situations are relateable and the comedy is good. I liked it when I was at uni and I watched it with a group of friends. But if you're not into it maybe try the manga. It's better and not as time consuming as watching the anime.

Where's the comedy in:

>but here, the MC is just trying to study for his exams and his roommates keep fucking annoying him and laugh at him when he fails

I'm in my 3rd university year and don't see how this is funny.

Sounds like you have a dildo up your ass.

If you don't think it's funny then you don't think it's funny. Nothing wrong with that. But I don't see how I'm supposed to explain anything to you. It's sophomoric comedy on purpose. It jives with some and not with others. Just move on and watch something else.

Sometimes, it's funny to see logically sound people suffer at the hands of ridiculous assholes. That's really all there is to it.

Because the way I see it, it's a really bad sophomoric comedy that appeals to retards like , and I'm interested to know why it gets so much praise.

>it's a godai fails his exams and everyone mocks him episode

>mfw I'm actually laughing just thinking about it

I don't know why it's so hard for retards like you to accept that people like things you don't and move on. What an unnecessary thread.

It gets praise because people like it. Why else would it get praise? Are you that much a retard that you can't comprehend people liking a comedy you don't like? Take that giant dildo out of your ass and just let people enjoy what they enjoy. You sound like a stuck up prick.

Back in the day this is what we had for romantic comedies, some people came to like it.

It's basically the only Rumiko Takahashi series where she takes the romantic development seriously. But, yes, cast of assholes, something she loved at the time like in Urusei Yatsura and to a lesser extent Ranma.

If you don't like assholes being assholes you probably won't enjoy most of the comedy, yes.

Don't worry, I was just labeling you an idiot for liking utterly juvenile humor.

I've only watched one episode of Maison Ikkoku so far, planned to watch the rest later, but is that literally just the ENTIRE series?

I was going to be able to deal with it if it were just the first 10-12 episodes at most, but 96 episodes of that being the sole comedic premise is a bit much.


Weird because I love Urusei Yatsura, and so far, can't stand Maison Ikkoku.

It's funny to see Ataru suffer because he creates a lot of his own problems, and makes bad decisions out of pure lust and greed. With Godai, he's just a normal guy trying to study, and for no reason, the characters are intent on fucking everything up for him, and laughing/mocking him when he fails. What's supposed to be entertaining about that?

You get love triangle, family drama, spying on people.
And lots and lots of booze.

Isn't Maison Ikokku's central theme unrequited love?

That and schadenfreude, evidently.

It's a shit show.