One Piece

Reminder Dadji has some type of bird Devil Fruit.

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Nami will kiss Sanji on the lips

Reminder that like a moth to the flames, he'll go down to Sanji's Diable.

Pudding is CUTE

Her true form is better


I've never understood that stuff. On the pic it looks the current Vinsmoke are fighting yet njiji and ichiji are way too young to be part of these legendary stories, so what the hell?

it's just based on his nickname, "garuda"

which he apparently gets from his fighting style

What's his endgame?

>yfw Sanji was the black sheep of the family because his eyebrows go in the opposite direction

Why has One Piece been so shitty ever since the timeskip?

No one going to point out that they're literally based on Nazi's?

Did Hitler also have some type of bird Devil Fruit?

that fucking timing

Why point out the obvious?

This dude's power is so cool.
Been interested with him since Sabaody.

because oda doesn't like his job anymore (see his recent comment about kochikame's author being free) + all his interviews where he says he is tired of drawing. He lost passion and the manga's quality with it.

Look at the bottom picture not the top one you faggot.

Just looks like a cape to me.

People have suddenly jumped on his dick this arc.

He's been "the worst supernova" all the way up until his reintroduction.

>he is tired of drawing
He really said that?

its been years he is saying that

they actualize the characters

Luffy's ally at the end war

I have so many questions about how his DF works, but I could say the same thing about most OP characters

Capone turns on his subordinates.
He's out as a potential ally.

I seem to remember he swore revenge on the SH for bringing an admiral to shabody pre TS.

I'm on the hype train for Urouge to join now.



I hope sanji at least has Pudding as his girlfriend. She's cute and it wouldn't be somethign they are forced to do from families but as individuals interested in each other.

The worst nova for me is the generic looking guys like the dinosaur and the voodoo man.

national emblem of indonesia, featuring... the garuda.

>yfw it's not nazis

the voodoo man and kid are the best

what was gol D. roger's power level at his peak?

Won't happen. Never. This is one piece. Go read something else if you want shit like that.

Sanji will forget about her after this arc. Just like he did Viola

they'd make a cute couple for sure

>if you want shit like that.

wew lad. What's wrong with decent romance? It's not even between crew members. And it would give character development so that he's not over every girl he sees all the time.

That is a Phoenix.

>He thinks Sanji will stop flirting with girls after getting with one
>He thinks Oda will add romance right now
>He thinks pudding will be relevant after this arc

The same as Whitebeard's at his peak. Blackbeard is stronger than either ever were.

just realized that one piece has no shipping and no death and still managed to beat every manga out there wow

>acknowledging you-know-who
wew lad.

>no death

When will this meme end.

Won't happen though. We will never see pudding after this arc.

germa 66 = german SS
you're pretty late

>No death

Germa 66
Order 66
>implying Oda doesn't know about star wars

>Twin Lightning bolts
>Aryan Quadruplets
>Biggest enemy of the WG in the past
>Bioengineering untermensch fodder soldiers

Does anyone find it jarring as fuck how blatantly Third Reich Sanji's entire kingdom suddenly is? This page hit me hard in the fucking face and it's fucking hilarious.

>all of dadji's kids are master race
>dadji is pleb race so he clones his master race wife to make sure his kids are pure.
What a good dad.

Oda here, Bonnie is Big Mom's daughter.

The Real Oda here, One Piece is 1 gold doubloon.

No, Sanji will end up with Nami. Nami will end up marrying Sanji this arc.

>Fan of WB
>Got her ass kicked by BB
>Some potential connections that worried Akainu
>Has done nothing post TS but eat pizza and read the newspapers
Not a great deal we know about her.

I'm sure Oda has something up his sleeve for her but I'd like to find out sooner rather than later.
I don't want yet another reaction shot like pic.

what the fuck?

I ship it.

nami will marry jinbe

she loves fishdick

Luffy x Bonnie eating contest when?
After they fugg each other ofc

blackbitch has nothing on prime Whitebeard

Having the coolest crew.


is this vito's evolved form?

You have to wonder, just how strong IS the barrier?
So far it's immune to
>explosions (and presumably cannon fire)

it's indestructible

Then why is it so gay

I think arlong gave her enough fish dick. She don't want no more

Literally indestructible

she's been itching for more ever since

fortunately soon she'll have jinbe-chan to keep her company.

anyone else notice that with how wide the gaps were in the birdcage everyone could just walk out?

Could be.

Nah, Yonji will just be the less cunt of the brothers in the end, and he may change after seeing his brother and his friends' strength

Reiju on the other hand, is probably the one who actually beat up that girl, she's enjoying herself with the brother's fighting and may be the most loyal one to his father

Oda is clearly making her look ambiguous so waifufags get tricked into believing she may be good

>one of Luffy's lieutenants has potentially the strongest paramecias in the series

This is why I get mad when people shit on the Armada, Luffy has some good men backing him up in the NW

None of the women could

Oda has also made the point that she at least respects Sanji for his strength to stand up to their father and commented on how much of a gentleman he was. She may be ambiguous and the real villain, but in all honesty it doesn't seem that way to me. Seems more like she actually does respect Sanji deep down somewhere especially after seeing how much he's willing to backtalk and the strength he's acquired. Perhaps its something she wishes she could do herself? Who knows though, I don't think she's going to be a problem as it goes on. She did apologize to the Straw Hats and didn't want to start a fight. I mean she could have let Luffy die if she had wanted.

>one of the strongest

No. Reiju is acting exactly like Robin when she was miss Sunday.
Reiju will be an ally

I still find it stupid that Doffy wasn't weak to Fire or Swords and could just slice up meteors and virtually anything. Its like his devil fruit legit doesn't have a weakness, which is kind of annoying haki or not.

Reiju will be an ally bud.
Yonji might be too

She beat up Cosette to earn favor from her father. When he doesn't show her affection for her loyalty she will begin to resent him. Sanji will whiteknight and protect then she will help the SHs out.

Nah she plans to usurp Germa from her dad from the start

she's scum and doesn't care for sanji, but finds him useful to her plans

She did not beat up cosset. That shit is retarded.
Oda will not do something like that

Reiju seems like she got the brunt of it from the father because she was the first born and not a son. So she just sort of fell in line and dealt with it, unlike Sanji who just ran from it and all and now here he is causing a commotion. Reiju seems like what Sanji would have turned out to be had he stayed, someone who just fell in line but will inevitable end up betraying when she truly hits the fan because she's a girl (much like Sanji was the black sheep), she just got lucky that Sanji came along with his weird reverse eyebrow direction.

Robin beat up Pell

this meme again

>people actually think Reiju will be the final end game and causing the most problems as far as Germa is concerned

How blind you people must be.

Dispute it

Robin caused problems then helped out quite a bit. Reiju will probably do the same

>quadruplets born
>I'll number them 1-4
>"haha papa what number am i?"

>tfw Luffy saves her instead of Sanji
>tfw she becomes another Boa and is always trying to flirt and kiss him

at least nami would be happy

>tumblr artist uses headcanon to make nami lesbian

or the fact that Oda nerfed Doffy in luffy's fight?

definitely seems like judge only appreciates his sons

And Vivi, and tried to kill her steward with a bomb she actually detonated. Raiju is angelic in comparison so far.


Not him. In chapter one the red hair pirates slaughtered all of Higuma's crew. I agree with you that Higuma survived and will be relevant in Shank's death, but in chapter 1 people were already dying.

You are a pleb.

Nami literally came to bring him back.
What kind of shitty drawing is this?

Reminder that if Sanji hadn't objected to his brother not eating his food the chef wouldn't have been beaten up.

Pirate King.

>I agree with you that Higuma survived and will be relevant in Shank's death,

user, please

You are a cuck. The fact that she is in a situation where she can be freely beaten is what Sanji will fix. This isn't the first time they beat her.

Reminder that is Oda's fault and not Sanji. Sanji would be smart enough not to do that but his shitty Hack is losing his touch.

>the man responsible for a yonko losing an arm
>getting eaten by a fish
you got rused.

higuma the bear is an endgame villain

>implying anyone but Shanks was actually shown on panel harmed by the Lord of the Coast.
>implying Himuga could not swim.

Nami's a super lesbian, man.

>wrecked Shanks immediately before with a smoke grenade.
>shanks lost his arm in their second encounter.
He is alive.

>Point out that Sanji made a bad situation worse.
>Somehow a cuck.

Your headcannon is not real.

True. Oda is trying to make Sanji's family as evil as possible to justify beating them up.

>ironically reading wan piss
seriously why are you doing this to yourselves?

The situation was the same regardless of what he did, only now he is fully aware of it.

>tfw she and robin sleep in the same bed
>tfw nami masturbates to robin thinking she's asleep
>tfw she's not

Sunk cost. I just wanna see Luffy be the pirate king already. When is he gonna find the one piece

What wrestler do you think would be good in the One Piece world? NJPW wrestlers need not apply.

>Robin pretends to be dreaming
>Arms start to appear and grope Nami
>Nami moans her name

He's the 6th admiral after fujitora defects.


If she is revealed to have beaten Cosette, i hope Sanji will smack the shit out of her. That would be actual devellopment for once.
Who care about this rancid cunt happiness?

it's okay user just unzip those pants and let that boner be free

They wouldn't have beaten the chef if Sanji didn't complain that his brother didn't eat his food.

No, they did it deliberately to piss off Sanji

pls continue

I'm at work though

it's ok user find the one piece

And if that didn't happen, Sanji would not have known that they were that despicable. To him beating a woman is worse than using warrior male human shields. From his sphere of understanding, what happened was almost a complete impossibility. From childhood he was raised only by men with their alpha obviously chivalrous as fuck. It is the opposite of what you say, inserting your understanding of the world as Sanji's. It is great writing.

Sanji will kick big mom. Or no one at all.

>it's Oda's fault for keeping in line with Sanji's character and his attitude about food since day one
sure thing kiddo

>Nami wriggles as she hears Robin begin to mutter in her sleep, anticipating her favorite time of the night
>Flower petals begin to fill the air around her as arms sprout from the bed, each gently caressing separate parts of her body
>Her breath becomes strained, her hands getting closer to her weakest spots
>She had already taken off her clothes to give them full access

if he's gonna kick a woman at least make it a woman who actually looks the part

>I hope sanji at least has Pudding as his girlfriend.
Will never happen.

Pudding will either be a bad guy or will like Sanji and wait for him to return or some shit like that.

>generic looking guys
>no mention of Law

Reminder that Sanji is a master swordsman who's used a bladed weapon the same number of times he's pointed a gun at a girl.

I bet Sanji gave her that heart full of chocolates.

Jamirolaw is cool, okay?

>tfw will never lick lick you

There's nothing to disprove. You never made an argument, just reposted a meme.

>or will like Sanji and wait for him to return
this is the most likely outcome

>Talking shit about a motherfucking calamity

Every else is doing fancy silly bullshit like Roukishi, silly paramecias like biscuit or using more than 2 swords.

This nigga turns into a T-Rex and bites your head off.
Keep things simple.

>mfw sanji goes on a woman-beating rampage

The worst Supernova is objectively Kidd. Killer was cool but his post TS design is garbage to his initial look.

There is also the time one of the girl minks made her orgasm.

Nope, Oda already foreshadowed her outcome.

If anything, Sanji will gentleman so hard, Big Mom won't be able to resist.
And then her ex is going to get mad jealous, get some balls and reignite the old love

But for real. Nami is "Lola's Sister" which makes her BigMom's daughter by proxy.

Which makes Nami a perfect canditate to marry Sanji and It won't really matter to Mom because lolfamily

oh you're right

guess she's joining the crew as sanji's wife

>Slowly, the fingers found their marks and slipped inside her
>Nami gasped before quickly biting down on her pillow
>The hands knew every spot to hit
>Two had already grabbed onto each plump breast
>One had grabbed hold of her hair and pulled it back
>Another shoving fingers into her mouth, muffling her sharp moans

>implying the lord of death Pluton was not shown as a falcon statue surfacing from underground and the spontaneously exploding before Pell the Falcon and Guardian of the nation which possesses Pluton was saved.
The panel is there.


big mom only gives a shit about blood relatives, retard

>jobber lightning breeze.jpg

Think Enel will ever come back?


Is he one of the sweet commanders?

>first son of Big Mom
>minister of Candy
>has the candy fruit

These things alone make it seem that his importance shoudl be equal if not greater than Cracker.

>giant scarecrow monster
>giant dinosaur man
>less interesting than a rip off from Wacky Races


I hope he doesn't show up till the final fight and he hits BB and Luffy with a fully charged attack knowing Luffy will be fine.
He owes Luffy a great debt.

how will he react when he hears about celestial dragons calling themselves gods?

>And if that didn't happen, Sanji would not have known that they were that despicable.

What about how they treated him in the past? What about how they treated him at dinner; such as joking about him dying, and threatening to cut off his hands and kill his mentor if he doesn't get married?

>From childhood he was raised only by men with their alpha obviously chivalrous as fuck.

He was initially raised by his family who consider beating women fine. He was then raised by pirate chefs, who were unlikely to object to beating women. At no time was Sanji raised by anyone who would can be considered chivalrous.

>It is the opposite of what you say, inserting your understanding of the world as Sanji's.

Sanji's past makes his world view even more irrational. Zoro's dub back story would make more sense for wanting to protect women.

>It is great writing.

No it's awful writing to create bland 2D heroes and villains.

she killed her own son.

i dont think she gives a shit about anyone.

How will Urouge react when he sees Enel is back?

Literally nothing says so,Bartolomeo hasn't even blocked any attacks from a strong opponent using his barrier,stop assuming shit you cunt.

That's a foreshadow for 1 more member and that will be jinbei..
How are you even comparing those 2 pictures?
If Luffy literally says "fuck that let's go stop that wedding" afterwards.
Are you just retarded?

>sanji will marry jinbe

>final villain is weaker than the dude who was bested by the guy the main character is trying to emulate

You don't read many stories, do you?

So you are retarded?
He was talking about jinbei. Oda was foreshadowing the crew having 1 more member after this arc.

That's why Luffy later said he was going to stop the wedding.

I want to see an Enel x Buggy alliance
their chemistry would be perfect

>has a great personality
>has stronger lightning powers than Enel
>has beaten an admiral off-screen
>Luffy said right at the start of his adventure that he always wanted a rabbit girl cheerleader on his crew
next crewmember confirmed

she'll be the new captain

luffy can be the lookout

>has stronger lightning powers than Enel
I get you're just being cheeky, but man... I wish we could've seen Enel vs someone at a high level that wasn't Luffy. Like, Enel vs some of the supernovas or something.

You already know he is. The story of Luffy finding One Piece and becoming Pirate King is just a canvas to write cool fights, adventure and comedy on. It doesn't ever have to end, because the "story" doesn't matter.

Luffy will be Pirate King. There, you're free.

Carrot will join the crew.

That is all.

They locked him in an iron mask and left him in a dungeon as a kid, and that's just a little of what we've seen from his past. He obviously thought they were awful enough to run away from before, so it's not like he's unaware of how despicable they are.

As it stands, those panels are meant to show off the differences between Sanji and his family to us, the audience. Sanji knows way more about how terrible the Vinsmokes are than most, considering he was raised as one for years before running away.

we did it reddit!

>Shirahoshi will join
>Monet will join
>Rebecca will join

Now it's carrot.
Joinfags, please just stop.

It would've said it if he were. Not everyone in her family is also part of her crew.

Except that second one is true.

>He doesn't know of Queenzflips famous words

Two more members are joining, user. Try to keep up.

Jinbe, Bartolomeo and Carrot have been the only characters post-timeskip with any real chance of ever being a Straw Hat.

>Jinbe, Bartolomeo and Carrot have been the only characters post-timeskip with any real chance of ever being a Straw Hat.
>>Jinbe has been the only characters post-timeskip with any real chance of ever being a Straw Hat.


Actually, that scene was to setup a reason for Sanji to want to fight Niji specifically, so that Luffy gets to fight the stronger Ichiji instead.

>2 joining
No, only jinbei will officially join.
Carrot and Caesar will travel with the crew but won't join this arc at least.

Traveling with the crew does not mean joining the crew.

Maybe Oda keeps it for a later reveal and i know not everyone int he family is part of the crew,btu he seems to be the most important one of them all.

I really want Sanji to solo the vinsmokes


>Traveling with the crew does not mean joining the crew.
I remember a lot of Momo/Kimemonjoinfags used to be around too.

Carrot sticks out from the other Minks like a sore thumb and actually wants to go out and see the world. Her masters were both cabin boys for Gold Roger. One of the most easily foreseeable cabin boy gag would be for Chopper and Usopp (and maybe Nami) to treat them like they're below them due to their positions, even though in reality the cabin boy is stronger than them, being between the Middle Trio and Weakling Trio. This gag has already happened between Carrot and Chopper. It would also make sense for this character to be naive and also a girl as the Straw Hats like to go against norms and the position's name is traditionally masculine. Carrot's a girl.

One other potential issue with the Straw Hats is they've been on so many adventures already, a new character would feel a little lost in the crew's history. Fans years and years ago predicted one of the new crew members would be a Straw Hat fanboy to make up for this. This is the reason people originally thought Monet might join, because she read about the Straw Hats a lot, but then Oda added a literal fanboy in Bartolomeo. He didn't join and he's not going to, but it would've made sense.

Jinbe also has just as much stuff going against him joining as he does going for him.

I want Sanji to solo his brothers one after the other and then take down vinsdad. He doesn't have to take down the butterfly sister, she's a cutie and she can swoon for him instead. It counts as a defeat too.

The Grand Fleet is the last major development of the SH crew. Jinbei gets to join because he technically did before both the alliance and the fleet.

Jinbe will obviously join and he obviously doesn't fit with the crazy antics of the rest of the crew. Therefore when Jinbe joins it will be on his own ship, marking the start of the Straw Hat Fleet.

No reason to do that and he already is important, he's the Minister of Candy and her eldest son. He's one of the people who built her territory. Doesn't make him a pirate.

Luffy wants 10. Just like Blackbeard. He has 9. 2 more are joining. Stop talking, newfag.

nazi's allied with italy in the war, maybe that means the vinsmokes are planning to ally with bege. Maybe germa66 moves into bege and he becomes a new yonkou.

>Luffy wants 10
>He has 9, 2 more will join
>2 more
I never said 1 only more was going to join.
I said only 1 was joining this arc. You dumb retard. Stop trying to fit in.

I've always wanted to write smut, but I'm worried I'd ignore the character's personalities.

>He doesn't know how to do math
Pay attention in school kid.

Does Law have canned heat in his feet?

Shirhoshi was never gonna join because she wouldn't fit. Rebecca wouldn't join because she's a princess.

Now, Monet was fun. She had the hint of giving the note, had a sweet as fuck design, cool power, easily could fit the mold as a lookout, and had some fun gimmicks. Only downside is she's, like, 99.99999% dead right now.

Carrot has about the same chances as Monet, though.

Who the fuck ever seriously thought Shirahoshi would join?

>Where do you guys read the colored One Piece chapters?
we don't.

>She had the hint of giving the note
Law did it.
Fuck this theory.

>Shirhoshi was never gonna join because she wouldn't fit
Hey come on, their ship is huge! She only needs to occupy about half of it.

I'm not saying it was a strong theory. Just a theory.

Luffy doesn't count himself as one of the 10, friend. Does an actual One Piece fan have to explain this to you?

And why is only 1 joining this arc? What magic did you use to come up with that? Because Luffy isn't beating a Yonkou without a full crew and Kaidou's only a couple arcs away.

Okay so who will join then tell me?(other than jinbei)
Pudding? That useless princess will join? How will she contribute to defeating Kaido of she is weak as fuck. Tell me who

>"Luffy wants 10. "
>"He has 9. "
>"2 more are joining."

math friend. read your posts next time

Carrot's odds are pretty good. Almost as good as Jinbe's. I'm not saying either of them will join. Carrot doesn't look good enough yet and Oda has stalled with Jinbe for no good reason. Jinbe's plot with Big Mom doesn't need to exist when he was already coming here for Sanji.

Maybe one will join and they'll get someone new on Wano. Maybe they'll both join. Maybe neither will and they'll get someone on Wano and a fucking nobody they find stranded out in the sea will join.

I don't know, but saying "one is joining this arc" is pretty presumptuous.

Also, whoever joins will be stronger than Nami, Chopper and Usopp, so they'll be more valuable fighting a Yonkou than those three will and you're not advocating them to be removed or something. Stop being a fucking idiot. You don't think Yonkous have weaker crew members? There's a reason they all have 3 special commanders.

>Luffy doesn't count himself as one of the 10, friend.
Don't worry, pal. I understand you have special needs, so I don't mind repeating myself.

exactly. by your statements we'd get 11 + luffy.

user jinbei is confirmed. So unless he dies then he will join.
That's why I said only him will join THIS ARC. I'm not say forever, just this arc.
There are no good candidates.
Carrot and Caesar will travel with them to fight Kaido regardless if they join or not.

So that's why I said only jinbei this arc. It's common sense.
Unless Oda goes full miss Sunday with Reiju and she joins. She is acting like her after all.

Luffy wants 10 and he doesn't include himself in it. That means Luffy + 10, or otherwise known as 11. The entire crew, Luffy included, right now has 9. That means 2 more are joining.

If you ever need help with your 1st Grade math again, don't be afraid to hit me up. Your sempai is here for you.

You literally said Luffy has 9. Do you know that means? Is English not your first language?
You were not counting Luffy there. Adding 2 would be 11 without including Luffy.

>user jinbei is confirmed.
Hey, I remember you. You said this before and I asked you to post where Oda confirmed Jinbe was joining.

You couldn't and looked pretty stupid.

>The entire crew, Luffy included, right now has 9.
so you finally noticed your slip-up? good.

You know what I meant when I said he has 9. You're just shitposting now. Everyone knows there'll be 11 Straw Hats.

>Where Oda confirmed jinbei was joining
>I remember you
I don't know who you were talking to but holy shit you are a retard.
Reread Fishmen island faggot.

I read it once. I remember Jinbe saying he wants to join, but can't. Anyone who has ever read a book knows that means he won't join, 'cause he could've just joined then and there.

>it was to setup conflict with Big Mom!

Like what kidnapping Sanji did?

>you will never EVER lick Perona's sweaty dirty sour lolita feet after a hot summer day


Getting some serious Nazi vibes there.


Perona also would've made a great member. I was really hoping her body would've accidently been on the ship

>Reiju seems like she got the brunt of it from the father because she was the first born and not a son.
Where is evidence of this other than it being a cliche in storytelling?

Dadji has not yet spoken a single ill word about Reiju and Dadji has only mentioned the older Brojis more because they've been waiting for them to return from a war.

If anything I wouldn't guess there's any tension between them since loli Reiju apparently stuck to Dadji's side in her childhood while the Brojis were being douchebags.

it's just the garuda from indonesia's national emblem

Please kill yourself or bait harder next time.

But Oda couldn't make him join at fishman island because he was with Big Mom.

If someone wanting to join the strawhats and being invited was all it took then we'd have vivi years ago

Jinbe is a martial artist that swims really well, sanji already does all that shit

I'm pretty sure he said he wanted his sons to fuck him in the butt. Not Reiju though ;_;

How long is this arc going to last? To stop the wedding Luffy will have to defeat:

>Big Mom's crew
>Big Mom's 3 executives
>Big Mom
>The Vinsmoke family

He should have brought his entire crew so there'd be enough people to fight everyone.

Also his cover story happened a long time ago

Fighting Big Mom is not the intention here, but at this pace, with a long backstory to be told (I suppose), perhaps we might move on by january. Well, who knows? The tea party is about to happen, anyway.

Sanji will beat Vinsmokes. Luffy and co will ESCAPE from Big Mom.

Sanji will probably take care of most of the Vinsmoke family along with Yonji and Reiju, at least Reiju. Luffy and the rest will take care of Big Mom.

I imagine this arc will last probably until March or April.

>He thinks we'll be near the end of the arc in 10 chapters


Fuck, you are right... So many breaks to come. Fuck this life

This arc will probably be a 50+chapters arc. There are a lot of characters to deal with, maybe a flashback too. Sure, Luffy and co can leave with Jinbe and avoid a big figh against Big Mom but I wish it's not happening. I want Big Mom to fuck up Luffy, this kid needs to learn his place. He has been way too cocky since the timeskip and he's got a lot of help and luck. I want to see the New world that Oda promised me, not a walk in the park.

Jinbe has a boring as fuck powerset that sanji and zoro already cover, no haki and gear 4 takes the oni design niche he had

He ovjectively doesn't bring anything new to the crew dynamic. Luffy likes him but he likes vivi too.

Jinbe will die so luffy and koala can angst about it, guarenteed. It's been way too many years without him joining.

This arc started with chapter 823, so we got 17 chapters until now. Fishman Island, for example, which didn't involve a lot of characters but had two flashbacks (Tiger and Orihime) had 51 chapters. I think this arc will last around 70 chapters, so it will end between 890 and 900. I don't think it will be as long as Dressrosa.

Jinbe is not dying he carries both origins and Fisher tiger wills his plot armor is as strong as Luffy. He is the only one who can lead the fishmen once they reach the surface at the end of the series.

He carried their wills down to the rest of his crew

That scene where they gave him permission to do what he wants for once in his life was deathflag as fuck, only missing him talking about how he is 3 days from retirement and looking at a picture of his estrainged fish family

will laugh at posts like these when he joins

Monet was in the perfect position to throw Chopper the note, and she saw him escape after and said nothing. Law never mentioned he'd thrown it and he'd had to have performed a whole bunch of other steps to write it with his mind. Steps we would have seen if it was him since Law loves explaining Room shenanigans.

Is this official? Because Pudding looks really off

So jinbe is losing and arm/leg?


he lost his pride

No, just shitty fan art.
She looks ugly as fuck in the manga too.

Who do you think should've joined that didn't, Cred Forums?

Bonus points if you can talk about where they would be in the crew since they joined and how they'd improve.

Okay, Sanji looked almost exactly like Oda's style, while most of the other stuff looked like another artist, so it was sort of uncanny valley territory

Here's some official art from the OTP

Bon clay.


dumb frog poster

She always does

I hate how Nami started acting hot around thriller bark. She was good back here.


upper mid-range fighter in the crew. improves by learning to use his fruit in more complex ways

She always looks off. She is a mutant triclops. What do you expect? She ugly bro

um, actually, I unironically read One Piece

Frankly, nobody

Everyone that people ever wanted to join but didn't has way too much overlap with an existinh strawhat

The only exceptions are monet and ceasar but those are a minor character these threads memed into continued relevance and way too blatantly evil reslectively for me to ever consider it seriously

ceasar's relevance is no meme, he's played a role in every arc since his introduction

At least Monet is slightly less evil than Ceasar. Bellamy, but true.

Though, if you give Monet a sad backstory, you can make up for anything. Coughrobincough

>his eyes are doflammingos glasses

monet is also undyingly loyal to doflamingo, as is her sister.

>Bonney won't win the Luffybowl
are there people who actually believe this?

In a few months he'll have been around for 200 chapters with the crew.

Besides Robin has any other villain done this before?

bonney is technically his sister though

being ace's twin and all

Franky was a villain.

I meant monet is the meme

Ceaesar is just too blatany evil to ever be a strawhat and multiple chances to show hes not that bad have been passes up. People will try and compare him to ro in or franky but those were far more grey than ceasar "laugh about genocide and get kids addicted to crack" clown

Fun chatacter though, I can see him being a part of the strawhat fleet with law or something

Filler only be damned. Her and Bon Clay.

Franky redeemed street punks and hunt the bounties of pirates, the majority of which are objectively bad

He was an antagonist and water7 thought he was a weirdo but he was never a villan

you fell for marine propaganda.

I think everyone could see him being the crew's unofficial crew member as their constant prisoner for his continued importance and seeking sanctuary with them.

He's a fun character but also remember we've yet to also get Kaidou involved with him around, he could be with the crew for much longer after this.


how's the water?

>Steal Usopp's money, designed to make a ship, even though he doesn't have a bounty
>Beat him to near death
>Only show remorse after his comeuppance

Franky was an asshole before we found out his backstory.



>His gang stole money from a pirate and then he beat the shit out of said pirate
What's wrong with this?

I'm sick of you faggots downlplaying the importance of Luffy constantly bringing up his want/need of a bronze statue, as if it's not a key piece of information in this elaborate story.
The bronze statue is clearly a reference to raftel, which can also be linked to black beard being a cerberus (as indicated by his jolly rodger). How you wonder? Simple. A cerberus has 3 heads right? Add 2 and that's the same number of old men in the gorosei. Are the gorosei one pieces illuminati? Doubtful but worth mentioning. One things for sure, they're up to something, the evidence is there.
Now back to all blue, i have a theory that pluton, uranus and a new unheard of weapon called Esper IV is hidden on the moon which enel will bring down when he descends from the heavens.
Ever wonder why Bartholomew Kuma willingly subjected himself to Dr Vegapunks experiments? Me either, but allow me to segue by saying Buggy the Clown is an interesting one. He's about around since the very first episode, before we even see Luffy himself actually so would it be out of the question to say that it's actually him destined to become the next pirate king while luffy becomes the next shanks? Think about it.
This Sanji arc is the spark that will light the fire, I assure you of that. The kaleidoscope has been shaken, the pieces are in flux, soon they will settle again.
I swear, i'm calling it now, I've watched enough theory videos to be well versed on how this is all going to play out.
Screencap my fucking post if you don't believe me, you'll be slapping yourselves across the face though when this all comes to fruition.

Nice blog, where do I subscribe?

>Luffy dies before they reach Raftel
>a bronze statue is made of him and put on Raftel so he symbolically finishes the grand line

Jinbei seems like such a bitch, he doesn't even have a dream of his own; he was Fisher Tigers bitch as well, literally always 2nd the character.

Ceasar would be great because; they have no logia's and he seems to fit in with the crew but i agree he's too evil and his skillset doesn't really lend itself to combat outside. It is strange that it is still following him in the story though, they could've written him out easily enough.


Did they even know he was a pirate? Just a dude hanging about with a lot of money, about to get ship repairs.

So who the hell is going to be wearing the eye patch? I don't want to wait until the final fucking chapter.


Usopp when he's telling the story to his grandkids 40 years from the end.

Sanjj will get his covered eye ruined so he can mirror zorro and will wear an eyepatch to keep hair out of the wound

Nami-san will protect his beloved Sanji-kun

>mfw patiently waiting for Bonney to join

meh, still the worst supernova

Bon Clay can never join the crew by virtue of him and Franky having the same actor and even sharing some personality traits. Except instead of Okama jokes, it's robot jokes.

Wtf has Hawkins done ever?

Too much depth for a shonen i guess.

Good thing the anime has literally zero influence on what Oda decides to do with his manga.

That's because Oda created Franky after hearing how good a job did Nakai did as Mr 2, to give him a permanent role in the cast.

but cappone did nothing great, pekoms and caesar are actually jobbers

Pedro and Carrot will be the following nakamas, they already are the Nekomamushi and Inuarashi of the mugiwaras

To crash the wedding.


he's taking out Big Mam

but fucking why is still needed

but then again probably the same reason all the other novas are going after Yonko's, for street cred

Him not freaking the fuck out in front of Kizaru and then taking multiple attacks was pretty sweet. Also disposing of Brownbeard was cool.

>cute Monet

I would fertilize the fuck out of this dead bird's eggs. Burnt to a crisp under falling rubble I don't give a fuck!

Survived a direct assault from an Admiral and got away from him too

he also might have slithered away from Kaido during his mood swing while Kidd got his ass handed to him

Luffy, after losing an eye fighting Akainu

Zoro will where it

when someone he falls for tells him his scar is ugly


I love them.

How long til their red wedding? Only difference being is sanji will get his random power up and be the one doing all the murdering

Come on man spoiler tag this or somethin cause damn that shit is gross

Why do you do this?
No one likes the ugly mutant. Delete this

>T-that's gross.
Well get use to it

I think it's funny you actually believe that, but the post under yours is basically the gist. Anime and manga are not always so disconnected and that is definitely not the case with One Piece (at least until the pacing filler began where half an episode is just half or the last one and the intro).

>king ("can take out a yonko") punch
>birdcage didnt do nothing
>hakuba slash

>He thinks we will see the mutant after this arc
No need, she will be gone soon. Forever.


Not naming Dadji "Oyaji" was the biggest mistake Oda has ever made.

Too obvious

Vinsmoke D. Sanji

>king ("can take out a yonko") punch
a rumor the king probably started himself

>birdcage didnt do nothing
Now that I think about it, bird cage > barrier. Pushed Zoro and an Admiral's haki together, enveloped the entire island, pushed back Bart's + an army's unstoppable barrier with no damage, even meteors are shit, etc.

you guys would never fuck a carrot, right?

Am I the only one who thinks Sanjis sister will join? She's been pulling the Nico Robin smugface all along.

Idk about joining but she has been acting exactly like Robin when she was miss Sunday

No, I'd eat it.

Have you worshiped your Goddess Pudding today Cred Forums?

I have to commend Oda, neither Caesar's kid experiments nor Doflamingo's bullshit on Kyros got much of a reaction out of me, but he fucking knocked it out of the park in making the Germa 66 hateable. All this bullshit we have to endure with Sanji unable to do a thing is getting me seriously pissed off.

It's gonna be so sweet when they get their smug faces broken.


The anime does not, has never, and will never dictate or restrict what Oda can and can't do within his own manga. The fact that you think the other post somehow disproves that is funny in its own right.

Oda drawing insipiration for creating Franky from Bon Clay's VA is a completely different situation from the original claim that Bon Clay wouldn't be able to join the crew because him and Franky share the same VA.

The former isn't the anime stopping Oda from writing OP how he wants while the latter is exactly that. To claim something like that would stop Oda from doing what he wants is laughable.

The fact that Dragon saved Luffy at Loguetown proves that Luffy is simply a tool being influenced and guided. To trigger what still remains to be seen.

Rebecca had a chance for a few chapters before she went weakling.

The king punch is still powerful. A partially charged one blew away a mountain of rock (pica's body). The excessive charge up time means it strong, that's the trade off.

We've never seen the barrier broken, and it was attacked by Hakuba, that explosion from Gladius, and a fully charged King Punch.

It is probably not indestructible, but honestly it so strong that it might as well be.

Oda's very good at making the villains get under your skin.

>not a single person in all of Skypeia knows CoA
Those fucks are lucky they're ten thousand feet above the sea, or they'd get raped on a daily basis

Why did BB sack Baltigo? It doesn't make sense to me, he's already a Yonko, so he does the WG job for them right after they got in a dispute with Akainu? Is he trying to get sponsored by WG to go to raftel or something?

What is he charging? Haki of the Conqueror?
Shanks was able to cause structural damage to a Yonko flagship with his.

I just had a realization that pisses me the fuck off.

Niji couldn't have possibly beaten Cosette, because Oda is a fucking idiot hack and will make it that Reiju did it.

He will never show man on woman violence.

Unless the woman is ugly, of course.

they'd be in paradise anyway so no they wouldn't

>beat the shit out of a guy who helped stop a genocide immediately beforehand and then stole his earnings.

The sniper.

>He will never show man on woman violence.

Except for the fact that he has, on multiple occasions?

$10 bucks says Oda's actually going to do this. Once Sanji gets his wrist bombs taken off, he's going to make a bee line straight for his shitty family.

Along the way he will obliterate the Germa 66; They'll probably get told by Vindad that Sanji is no longer his son and that they can kill him. Not that it will help them since Sanji will tear through them like chum. Once he's laid waste to the army, hes going to confront his family, probably talking about how all the crap they used to beat him before (bomb bracelets, soldier walls, etc.) is no longer an option and that they''l have to fight him themselves.

His brothers will try to face him one by one, confident in their own strength, and his pops is going to trust in their ability to do so. Of course, one Sanji has handily dispatched his brother after realizing how vastly more powerful he is, Vindad's gonna go full rage mode.

He'll put up a fight, but in the end Sanji's going to prove that he has outclassed all of his family members and kick his dad's ass off into the horizon.

After witnessing, I think Reiju's gonna be traumatized as fuck. She's not going to even try o fight Sanji, and he's not going to fight her, probably telling her to tell their pops never to fuck with innocent people ever again, or the next beating he dishes out is going to be much worse.

at least I hope it ends like that.

Does cloning explain the abundance of Namiface in the One Piece world?

You can never have enough Nami's.

Luffy going into disguise again

Was Whitebeard making fun of Akainu for sleeping with Big Mom?

>when nobody protects your smile

>Was Whitebeard making fun of Akainu for sleeping with Big Mom?
not bad

why didn't sanji hear her crying?

Jam/Chocolate are the other Sweet Commanders.

Perhaps she was knocked out instantly.


What did user mean by this?

Luffy said 10, AT LEAST. It doesn't mean he'll only limit himself to JUST 10. Hell, the fact he has a fleet, technically, proves that.

Reminder that Cavendish in Hakuba-mode was able to defeat one of Doflamingo's top officers (a human/fishman hybrid) with such ease that he couldn't even see the attacks.

Considering everyone else had tough fights with the lieutenants, does this make Cavendish the strongest fleet member if he can control Hakuba?

Easily, if he ever learns to control it
but knowing Oda's hack writing I can see it being downgraded if he ever learns to control it

I swear, Robin is just a prop after the time skip. I feel like a cardboard cutout would do her job.

but a cardboard cutout doesn't have tits

I wonder if Carrot will end up with a bounty on her head. If she does that would imply things.

Don't bully Robin!

any good spy would make you think they're useless

reminder that this will be canon soon

Robin is only useful when Oda wants her to be
See Hakuba fight

Jine won't join
The "I'll join you next time we meet" was a giant red flag

Can't wait.

Remove meme gas man then it's perfect.

How long until it collapses?
Fuji couldn't have picked a better moment to enact his plan.

>depraved prince of dressrosa
>pirate expedition society

How upset do you think Mihawk will be over the death of his senapi?
Or is that why he might be upset?

Weevil is a Moriah zombie

not for a while, since the new replacement they got is super powerful.

pic related


Luffy's motivation and haki is likely influenced by something he has no control over. That's the will of D.
>Luffy starts a war as was fated by the Ds
>near the end of the manga, Luffy rebels against his destiny
>he does this not for his nakama
>he does it just for himself, to be the most free man in the world

Calling it

I like this. Who's shadow is inside being that beastly though.
> mfw Moria stole WB's shadow post-BB 21 gun salute

>Sanji rematches papa Vinsmoke
>Zoro comes in and 1 shots papa Vinsmoke
>Luffy defeats Big Mom after 70 chapters of dirty fighting

Little Oars Jr.

Holy shit

Can someone please post the comparison picture that show how shitty Chopper has become compared to his older version?

shirohige's real child maybe

Anyone notice this?

Looks like they're cloning women too

I don't see nami going with sanji maybe usopp

I can't wait for all the tears when Nami screams "I am against this marriage".

NijiĀ“s personal sex slaves

maybe that girl is one

we've seen female soldiers

Did mods purge the hell out of shitposters ?
One Piece threads have not been this good since forever
Seriously though, haven't seen a single frogposter in weeks

Why do you blame him and not the guy that does this for fun&giggles?

People that don't see this are blind as fuck.

saw a frog chain get nuked the other day, so probably

there's still that one guy though

>frogs=all the shit posters
They also only come out during release day.
New or what?

Does this mean the clones can breed?

>thinking they are clones
What's with this meme?

>thinking they aren't clones
What's with this meme?

Basic reading comprehension. The last page suggests that vinsmokes have several categories/types of soldiers to produce continuously. Maybe they aren't literal clones but pointing that out is low pedantry. Clones is the best description given the information we have.

>different type of soldiers
They are blood types user.
They are healing

Really? Some frog pictures are what bothers you?
Not shippers? Not BTFO fags? Not 'Oda is a hack' posters? Not Monet/Rebecca fags?

>Not Oda is a hack
You don't like people pointing out all the mistakes daddy Oda does?
How does his dick taste like?

whatever helps you sleep at night.

Unless Japan denotes bloodtypes differently than A, B, AB, and O, and that the translators failed to notice this, you are wrong.

They also mention needing more resources to create MST type.

They are not clones.
You do know clones look alike right?

You're like a new atheist who thinks he must enlighten everyone. Kek tip your fedora and maybe I'll stop liking odas dick.

>clearly see three different bodytypes
>t-they're just bloodtypes!

Like I said, low form pedantry.
They are soldiers with the same underlying foundation that can continuously reproduced. I.e. clones.

Also, no, not all clones look the same.


Yes they do. Nigga do you know what a clone is??

Luffy's blood type is F

That picture was taken after Nami finished fucking Sanji's horse cock.

Prepare your anus for me.

>No. Clones do not always look identical. Although clones share the same genetic material, the environment also plays a big role in how an organism turns out. For example, the first cat to be cloned, named Cc, is a female calico cat that looks very different from her mother.

it would be nuts if cavendish got some sort of sleep-sleep fruit.

Do you?

>Oda can't achieve anything as impactful as Ace and Whitebeard dying for years now
>few small things like Fisher Tiger dying, Otohime dying with her sons trying to cheer up their sister meanwhile or Rosinante but nothing on par

You guys know he will kill off Sanji after this arc, right? He will get some comic relief stuff and some more cool moments and than that's it.

Keep in mind, whenever Oda killed off some big character, there always was some clone ready for at least some kind of replacement. Whitebeard => Kaido (basically Whitebeard 2), Blackbeard (his power), Whitebeard's "son" (comic relief related to Whitebeard and his appearance), Ace => Sabo (i.e. Ace 2), post Alabasta Mr. 2 => Bartolomeo etc.

With Sanji we just got a whole kingdom and probably literal clones. One of his brothers even shares his trait with women. Not to mention Sanji's "dream" is by far the most expendable one and they can easily get a new cook.

Sanji will get killed. Definitely. Saying this for years now, though. This new arc around him literally out of nowhere just reconfirms me. And you will all cry like little faggots the moment you see Zoro, of all characters, getting the exaggerated crying face for the first time since he lost against Mihawk when clicking "next page".

Sorry for possible spoiler.




I felt a lot more at Rosinante's death than Whitebeards. We never really got to know Whitebeard and he gets shanked in the back by that moron Squard almost immediately.


Sanji will not die before getting Nami pregnant.
That is a FACT

who is Spandam?

who are Merrigold and Sandersonia?

nami is already pregnant with jinbe's fishbaby though

>Sanji will get killed.
Yeah and OP would lose half of it's readers.

Fuck off. Every single panel with him demonstrating that fatherly bond between him and his crew, especially Ace, was pure magic.

>was I a good father?

Also that King Kong effect, the most fascinating beast around but it's so uneven, you just have to endure seeing him getting teared down more and more.

Why do you ship a lesbian with a homo?

Brulee is CUTE!

>tl;dr YOLO
Every important dead character gets a clone, Sanji just got one with the same fucking traits.

Besides, One Piece will lose more readers when it doesn't offer some more manly tears scenes again.

Guess what made faggots like Naruto so much despite being a piece of shit. The drama.

Nami got pregnant by Sanji when they were alone in Zou or while traveling to Zou.
Notice how she was sleeping during the day?
She didn't party either which means no alcohol.

She already has Sanji's baby in her belly.

help, Cred Forums, i can actually see it...

her motherly insticts awoke after fishman island (the PH kids, doting on momo).

she got knocked up by jinbe. she'll have cute half-fishman daughter



No one would have seen it coming, same with Ace back then, and you just ruined the moment for everyone.

you're delusional

He isn't even that famous anymore. Not that Oda would give a shit about this.

Well, Kaido fills the huge guy/strongest dude alive gap pretty well which was the biggest trait WB had going for him.

Sanji wont die.

>doesn't give a shit
>Sanji is ranked 3rd in popularity
>getting 2 arcs for himself
>Oda's self insert
Is that what you tell yourself to sleep good at night Zolofag?

>Sanji is ranked 3rd in popularity
nah that's zoro

sanji is 4th

Oh yeah forgot about law. Still same shit

>sanji won't die
Friendly reminder

>ugly mutant

Ace was and still is top 10 which a) didn't give him immunity which also would be dumb and b) means more people will be sad and affected.

Those polls are completely irrelevant and just some kids picking whatever character they'd wish to look like anyway. We haven't seen Sanji for a year and it didn't hurt the sales figures.

You're ugly.

>American Debate Association

CUTE mutant

their children will be cuter though

I'm saying this myself for years. Doesn't really look like the right moment, though.

>the moment you see Zoro, of all characters, getting the exaggerated crying face for the first time since he lost against Mihawk when clicking "next page".
those would be the feelest feels in all op so far.

i don't get it.

>o-oda does care about sanji
>has him job to nosebleeds
>only SH who needed help with his FI fight
> gives him the worst Haki
> jobs to vergo without much of a fight
>jobs to doffy while being laughed at
>lost in negotiations to Capone
>took 5 or so months for sanji to make his first in time appearance
>jobs to his dad without even being able to land a single single hit
>shivers scared when "muh big brothers arrive"
>couldn't save chef waifu smile
Oda hates him. If judge wasn't there I'm positive sanji would have just took that kick to the face, flew back and reminisce about how hard he had it as a child.

I'm sure her and Yonji will have ugly kids.
I'm glad we won't see both of them after this arc.

How will you feel when we have three eyed swirled brows baby running around by the end?

>implying that pudding wants a women beater.
>implying sanji won't kill him
Get over it SANAfag, yonji isn't a redeemable character. Ichiji is more redeemable then him.

>I want Sanji to be just like Zolo
>Oda doesn't make him like Zolo so he doesn't like him
Sure user, he doesn't like him that's why he is getting 2 back stories

I hope we don't see her and Yonji's kids.
>women beater
>When the person you are arguing with has to lie to prove something then you know you are right.

I'm glad best couple is getting a lot of fanart

>I want him to be like zoro
Never said that but oda didn't have to do him this bad post TS. He could have let him put up a better fight against vergo to say the least.

>a lot
Literally like only 10 fan arts.
ViolaxSanji has way more

The two most under used devil fruits


Are you 12? No one cares about your Edward/Jacob war fantasy.

Sanji will die, get used to it. And I like him just as much as Zoro.

don't worry they'll get more once the arc progresses

what we have is quite a lot considering they haven't even been shown interacting yet

Why are there so much porn of Jinbe? Do people really fap to him?

>boogers explode
Yeah, amazing possibilities.

>he doesn't know the horror of barafags
you're still innocent user. stay safe.

He can make any part of his body explode.

>Yonji will see pudding and get mad as to why Sanji has to marry her.
>Sanji then will tell him to marry pudding if he wants to.
>Yonji will then help Sanji escape.
Screencap this!

>implying oda wasn't hinting at him doing it
>he wasn't raised around his royal family not to care for peasants
>him being totally cool with her like that doesn't show he doesn't care about women being beat by guys.
SANAfag you can be as delusional as you want but he's just as much as a women beater as his two older brothers that he looks up too. The only one who has shown class so far is reiju.

The guy who sanji head is photoshop on died at the end of the movie saving the girl

the power of two dicks

>Yonji is not a whiteknight
You always come up with this weird headcanons
>if doesn't do this then he is this
Oda is setting him up to help Sanji.
Stay delusional

Yonji is the only one who'll be good
Reiju is a bitch


>yonji will see pudding
user your argument is based on the idea that he hasn't already seen her. Which I doubt, seeing as even reiju has met her.

>he will get mad for why sanji is getting to marry her
I doubt it as he was raised by his father and seems to follow his ideas of what Royalty is about. so one of them marrying a deranged pirate daughter is out of the question.

>sanji will tell him to marry pudding
This most definitely wouldn't happen. sanji doesn't even like yonji

>yonji will help them escape
Also something that won't happen. Yonji doesn't like sanji and wouldn't betray his family for a female. Plus escaping is no longer the only problem. Sanji could just escape with the SH but then zeff would die. Now the only one who can save sanji, the SH, and jinbe is wait for it......pudding.

They were so forgettable that Oda completely re-used her devil fruit

>I doubt
So what you are trying to say is that you are delusional?
I have never been more positive on something.
Trust me all that will happen
Screencap it

Reminder that Hajrudin lost to a single punch from Luffy but was able to send a 10 million ton weight flying hundreds of feet into the air.

>yonji is a whiteknight
user this is more headcanon then mine. He didn't even want to help Nami save luffy or clearly didn't care about the chef. You clearly let that one scene make your delusions run wild user.

>oda is setting it up
Stop with the headcanon. only thing he has shown so far is that yonji hates sanji and acts like a royal brat. Nothing shows that he will be helping sanji.

>took "I doubt" out the whole thing
Well I'm positive that everything you're thinking is delusional. He won't get mad as he sees pudding as a deranged, psycho pirate daughter.

I was not saying he is a whiteknight.
I was pointing out he wasn't one but still goes crazy for pretty girls.

Oda is setting them up.
Him and Reiju got introduced together because they are the less "bad" ones.
They will be the ones to help Sanji.
I'm sure of it.

>I-Im positive you are delusional
Yeah that's what you tell yourself to feel good. But you and I both know I am right.

so either he blows up his own limbs, or he throws booger/hair/nail bombs

that isn't really proving him wrong, "exploding projectiles" is probably the single most generic power you could have in a shonen besides "be big"

Oh just like you were right about pudding lying and getting her info on sanji from his wanted poster. Sure

>you said that
I don't recall me saying that buddy.
You don't only argue with me I'm sure.

No, he can make any part of his body explode without harm to himself, including his breath. So he can punch someone and create an explosion leaving unscathed. He was also immune to any other explosion.

"I can punch you with some sort of energy" is the last in the trio of generic shonen powers

it's like making a cape who's only power is flying, nobody cares because everyone can do that

Machvise and Gladius are just the New World's version of Miss Valentine and Mr. 5

>he goes crazy for hot girls
Ok that doesn't mean anything, I'm willing to bet the other two brothers will have the same reaction to Nami.

>they are less bad then the other two. That's why they were introduced together
What are you talking about? yonji has shown clear signs that he is just like the other two brothers, maybe even worst since oda has seemed to get the more immature, rash personality. The only reason why they were shown together is more then likely because they are the weakest of the group. And because of plot reason.

Nah With those delusions. I'm sure you were one of them saying that

>that doesn't mean anything
Kek how delusional are you?
>plot reason
Your delusional amazes me.
Your tears are going to be so good

why does sanji's eye squiggle is on the left of the eyebrow, but his siblings' squiggles are on the right?

black sheep

Because he's a failure.

Why do so many people say Charlotte Pudding is a triclopes? Is it just headcannon/fan theories, or am I a Mach 20 reader or something? I thought Oda made a big deal of these kinds of things.

Because we've already seen a girl with three eyes that looks like Pudding

>Why do so many people say Charlotte Pudding is a triclopes?

I wonder.


Delete this abomination.

Is she autistic? Does she not know how to open her 3 eyes at the same time?

>Is she autistic? Does she not know how to open her 3 eyes at the same time?
She's showing her disdain towards Big Mom

i would believe this if it was expanded upon besides a flashback of sanji getting bullied.

She has her top one open.
If she was doing what you said, she would have the option closed

>Every single panel with him demonstrating that fatherly bond between him and his crew, especially Ace, was pure magic
Not really


Did pudding lie? Tamago makes it seem like pudding is against the marriage too.
Maybe pudding does have a twin.

Just look at those puddings

Same user here, thank you user, do you remember what chapter that was? Looks like I need to reread some material.

>double trips
how fitting

That's kinda hot.

>trips for triclops

Pudding next nakama confirmed.

651, "the voice from the new world"

Reiju did nothing wrong.

Why not cheese?
Are there any islands that exist which aren't mentioned in that pic?



New thread

We don't know for sure if that's her.

Thanks user



Episode of Jack tomorrow

>it's delusion
user you're claiming that since he went crazy over Nami he will change over and help sanji. That's the definition of delusional.

plot reason as oda needed a convenient way to save luffy and reiju wouldn't have been able to just kick ichiji or niji to the side. They probably wouldn't have even let the SH leave without a fight.

> that fucking t-shirt instead of the swagger shirt
> the goddamn douchey beard

she sticks out as much as the wano citizens, shes just along for the ride and the last member is going to be jinbei

theres really not much to discuss here, he left big moms crew and has been hinted at joining since fishman island arc and will probably be an official member after this arc

>>sanji will get his random power up
>train 2 years with the okamas
>unlocked CoA
>haven't had a proper fight since the timeskip

I'm not a sanjifag but at least try harder user... If zoro, luffy or even nami shows a new technique would you call it random just because it hasn't been shown yet?