Love Live Sunshine

Fuck, marry, kill.

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Marry Umi.

Fuck Chika, marry You.

user is a giant baby!

Fuck, marry, kill.


I couldn't kill any of them. Please replace "kill" with "forehead flick"

Is Umi the Mugi of Aqours
think about it, they are both masculine girls.

Marry Ruby
Fuck Ruby
Kill Riko

Thank you for your brilliant post you massive faggotron, now I have to drink semen.

Marry You
Fuck You
Kill yourself, OP.

>Umi the Mugi of Aqours
You mean Muse?

>Constantly shy in public
>No fun allowed
>Yamato nadeshiko character
She is clearly Mio of Muse

Mugi of Muse is Kotori.

My brethren of high melanin content.

Marry Kanan, slap Chika.

Fuck You
Marry Mari
Kill Aqours

Kurosawa Ruby is a giant Baby!

Kill OP, Riko, & Chika
Marry Maru
Fuck the rest

I can't help but enjoy reading You not as the character but as the pronoun whenever someone mentions her in these threads. Like when some types "I'm going to marry You!" they're saying they want to marry the reader and not You Watanabe.

Ruby is the cutest raibu.

Oh I see. Then Umi is the Kaede of Aqours.

Fuck Aqours and marry burd.

I want to have my way with this Kurosawa

Reminder if you don't own legit German flecktarn and at least 1 (one) Mosin Nuggets You will never care about you

Marry Riko
Fuck Yoshiko during her camshow under the premise of occult sex magic
I don't really want to kill anyone


Fuck Mari, kill Yohane because that crazy cunt will probably summon the Antichrist, and marry Dia

Umi is an alcohoolic and her voice is superb, the metaphor is flawless.

I wonder which uniform gives You the greatest high to wear. Do You think she owns a nazi uniform?

I know, right? Same happened to me last season with Captain Mike, except this time it's even funnier and prone to cause confusion.

An alcoholic?
did i miss something?

If she really is into surplus, she should have at least a flecktarn and MTP. And also ACU because she's a dumb gook

>Official art
Why did they fuck up her breasts? They shouldn't be that big.

You literally drew a soldier with the body armor on top of his jacket, she's not /k/ at all.

I don't think that's too out of line, given that a swimsuit will accentuate them a lot more than the loose clothing she usually wears, and the swimsuit (unfortunately) probably has some padding to prevent visible nipples

At least one of us is smart

Fuck Mari
Marry Mari
Befriend the rest

sasuga nicoshitter

>megane Shukashuu

Fuck Aqours, marry µ's and kill the OP of even mention it.
The raibus are made for love and marriage.


I desire to have unprotected vaginal sex with Kanan.

Who literally Nico here?

It would be nice to see her make that face when you proposition her, followed by a bit more blush and "m-maa, ii kedo"

Respect the Ruby, or else.

Kill Ruby and Nico.


Kurosawa Dia is also a giant Baby!

Kill yourself.
CYaRon is still the best sub-unit.


Muse: Fuck Nozomi Marry Maki Kill Hanayo
Aqours: Fuck Yohane Marry You Kill Ruby

Whatever you do, don't forget to do your rubiest!

Fuck Maki
Marry Umi
Kill all the Shitshines

Fuck Nico
Marry Maki
Use Maki's money to buy all the love lives to gain polygamy end for myself

Is Kotori the only straight lovelive?

Fuck Yohane, marry Yohane, kill those who are against Yohane. ALL HAIL YOHANE! ALL HAIL YOHANE! ALL HAIL YOHANE!

We need 4 more PVs of this

Umi is a pretty girl.

Even in the PV You got left behind, just look at how sad she is. Chika chooses her other childhood friend Kanan and the two look happy.

Will Kanan finally dive for once?

Do people only like Kanan for her assets?

Kotori is atleast bi, prefers boys though

I like her and her assets.


>Riko's gaze pierces straight through You and goes to her future bff
Also, its neat that she's wearing her old uniform

Good to know Riko had this coming to her.

Now it looks like You Watanabe is the giant baby. It seriously looks like she's gonna start crying.

That's the only thing she has.

Chika probably flashes her pantsu a lot with all her running and jumping and clumsiness, and I feel like she wouldn't care too much, which is sexy

She was just surprised because Chika fell over.

>Skinny Hanamaru
Guess that got retconned too

I like her hagus.

Fittest, sexiest girl.

Het doujins when?

Never. I've never liked a raibu ship as much as I have KanaMari.

>Get into Love Live five years after the fact
>Binge watch all of it
>Start Sunshine
>That's literally the plot
Chika is my spirit animal

Your spirit animal is Rat, then.

>my spirit animal

So you're a dyke with shit taste, then?

dat yoshimaru closeness

this is my favorite forced meme

>spirit animal
It's like I'm really on tumblr.

No, that's You

Wow Chika so pretty!

oh shit

This picture is so hot but I wish she didn't look in distress. I guess that could be a sultry, in-heat kind of look, but it's hard to say

>they appeared at the same time
Really makes you think.

'forced meme' is my favorite meme.

I just done with homework user.
We are not the same, I report him always.

Yeah I'm not sure either. It might be an embarrassed lewd look, from her skirt it doesn't seem like she's wearing panties.

How do we make (You) gay?

Which is like the hottest thing imaginable, but only if she wants it to be that way

Humans don't go into heat, they're menstrual, not estrual.

Fuck, marry, and kill except with these ones?

Can I just kill them all and end their misery?

Don't let me see that abomination again

Shhh lesbians are sleeping


You is always hot, she can't help it.

I don't know why anyone gets so upset over these
It's just a thing that exists
Over there
Away from me
You know?

That Nico made me laugh.

People who draw these must be mentally damaged or something

I always wonder how they managed to make anime targeted at otaku appeal to girls.

In fairness, my thoughts are consumed by imagining schoolgirls have sex with each other, but I'd rather have this kind of mental damage than theirs

that's just different culture
The culture of ameriburgers


>In fairness, my thoughts are consumed by imagining schoolgirls have sex with each other

How is that a bad thing

The cast is 100% girls and it doesn't really go blatantly overboard with the fan service in the way some shows basically reach out and start rubbing your dick for you

That's basically it really

>Rin's character arc was about her finally expressing her femininity
>Tumblr misses the point completely and depicts her as masculine as possible
>Probably also believes she's really catkin

What is catkin?

a mistake


Okay, thanks. I didn't know.

You're better off not knowing Chikafriend.

Shipfags will warp any event, no matter how minor, to fit their pairing dreams.

That YoshiMaru closeness

>het doujins when
Now comrade.

I'm sure there are better Jones out there though...

Kanan is my waifu, but even I'd be happy to get cucked by Mari, that's how much of a OTP they are together.

How can you get cucked by Kanan's girlfriend

Aw you wanna marry me? That's so sweet :3

But I'm not gay...

>But I'm not gay...
You're not fooling anyone.

We have several shows that fit this description every season and nobody except otaku gives a fuck.


CHIKa! Rat!

>Yoshiko & Zura are side by side again
I think Sunrise just realized that RubyMaru was a mistake.
But it's too late, I think.

Fuck Kanan, Marry You, Kill Yoshiko

If we are talking about the original LL then: Fuck Nozomi, Marry Nozomi, Kill myself because Nozomi doesn't exist.

Which Aqours has the biggest futacock?

Why is Kanan so sexy?

Her design didn't even seem that good when I first saw Aqours but my dick is now her slave.

Maru will forever have to carry that giant baby and Yoshiko will always be number two in You's priority list


Those shows are also more boring

Which Aqoufrs would be in a threesome with NozoEli?

>just realized
user, that's from the first PV from almost a year ago.

Chika Blyat!

>Like this.
Yes, she a girl but she also a JAV.

Dia, it's not even a question.

Well Nozomi is the top and Eli is the bottom, but if they wanted a threesome it would so Eli could dominate someone together with Nozomi. They need someone that wants to sub deep down, but they're too proud at first so they need breaking. Dia.

Dia really is the Nico of Sunshine

Don't say bad things Eli.

>tfw no yukata Riko to pair up with my banana Yoshiko.

Remember that Dia is an Elifag, she wouldn't care what happen to her since she get to see and touch Eli's naked body.

It'll happen

Did she get happy about getting a Riko?

ugugu desu wa

>next pair will be ChikaYoshi
It's unintentional comedy.

I prefer Dia being a Nicofag but you are entitled to your opinions

She literally said Eli is her favorite.

I love Nico but I agree with the Elifag reading, it's like she aspires to Eli's stern nature but can't stop her dork from flowing out

>Yoshiko ships are popular
>Sunrise wants Chika to be popular at any price
>YoshiChika is now a thing

That's a nice way to look at it.

You're clearly gay and clearly 14.

I'd ship it

>YoshiChika is now a thing


There is no such thing.

>Maru turning away because she can't stand the NTR

We're talking about the game.

>Chika x anything

I'd rather see the raibus getting horribly tortured than being paired with Chika. It's probably less painful for them as well.

Hell, I wouldn't mind being beaten with an iron pipe and having both of my legs broken if it meant I wouldn't have to be with a girl as ugly as Chika. Have you even seen her fucking hair?


Take this as consolation.

>Niconiggers being this stupid
What else is new?

You are thinking it too much.

>I'd rather see the raibus getting horribly tortured
>Hell, I wouldn't mind being beaten
Somehow I doubt this is about Chika, is there something you want to tell us user?


No. I meant that I'd rather be kidnapped by terrorists and be decapitated in the middle of nowhere by a 12yo muslim kid while they record it and put it on the web with an ISIS flag than being within a mile of chika.

Yohane is the most feminine Aqours and that plays a big role in why she's generally considered the hottest.

>generally considered the hottest

>Chem exam today
>Skipped a few lectures throughout month
>Literally didn't study at all
>Prayed to my goddess Umi that whatever I had to guess on I would get right
>Literally had to guess on half of the 50 question exam
>Prof gave answer key after the exam was over
>Praise Umi-sama

Yoshiko is not any more or less feminine than the rest of the cast

I'm sorry you feel that way. I love her

Hey Chika is a solid 7/10 with her retarded hair and a 10/10 body

You have to be at least 18 years old to be browsing this website.




Please use report instead of reply so mod remove the user.

But calling Chika an ugly rat is not breaking any rules?

It is shitposting

Replying to every pic of Chika with the same meme is clearly breaking global rule #10, at the very least. Not to mention the obvious fact you only do it to troll, which breaks global rule #3.

What does Chika taste like?


New episode today can't wait

What meme?

>Replying to every pic of Chika with the same meme
But this doesn't happen.
At all.

Stop with your persecutory delusions, chikafag, if anything, you should be the one b& from filling up every single thread with the same pictures.

But why we can't post Chika when user can post Riko and You and so on?

Yoshiko is like Umi anyway who gets to pair with any girls.

Because there is more than two people posting Riko and/or You.

>calls other people delusional
>proceeds to be delusional
Good one fag.

Official Aqours femininity ratings

1. Yohane
2. Ruby
3. Riko
4. Hanamaru
5. Kanan
6. Chika
7. Mari
8. Dia
9. You

>filling up every single thread with the same pictures
Holy shit, he actually does. With the same words even.

We are many Chikafriends!


So there's only one person calling Chika a disgusting rodent?


>Yoshiko calling herself a demon
>she can't even show her stomach or wearing mini shorts

Her mother surely knows how to make her babygirl a good girl

I want to teach Zuramaru the pleasure of being cummed inside.

She is not a demon she is a fallen angel

>implying her parents aren't dead

nico butt

They say that females cant feel semen flowing inside them, besides the penis convulsing during ejaculation. I am a 29 years iold virgin but i think its true.

People only like Nico because of her sexy body, how pathetic

>her loli body and sluty body

It depends how much semen

I don't think it works that way, user.

Nico's body is super cute, man.


The place she lives and her attitude really makes me feel her parents are actually dead

She's just being independent. If her parents really dead she could have been rebelious by now.

She believed she was an angel when she was younger because her parents always called her their little angel, and she took it literally. Then they both died, and Yohane started calling herself a fallen angel from the shame of being unable to save them.

How do we fix Ruby?

Have her turn into a traitor like Rin from Cinderella Girls.

More screentime and cuddles

If people in these generals would start respecting her then maybe we could make some progress.

>car crash
>Yoshiko's in a coma
>wakes up hear both her parents died
>my parents went to heaven but I couldn't so I'll live on as a fallen angel

>Yoshiko's parents are alive
>But she pretends they're dead as part of her character and as a running gag

I respect her worth as a high quality cocksleeve.

Piss on each Aqours' bed during a sleepover at Chika's house, and blame it all on Ruby.

I thought Yoshiko just enjoying being a chuuni just to entertain people.

Did you miss the part where she tried to get rid of the chuunibyou

Apparently Yoshiko's parents don't care about her missing 2 weeks of classes for no reason

Really makes you think

I don't know about that, Yoshiko is still a good girl, though.

It's hard to respect (or think anything of) someone who's been a non-character for the past 5+ episodes.

What would you do with this little demon?

She's already on the road to being fixed, the focus has just been on other characters since her introduction so it's never highlighted.

If anything, all she needs fixed is more screentime.

>unironically watching the same series twice

Why would you do this to yourself?

user. Stop. That's too sad. But then again they made Nico a poorfag with a dead dad so I guess it's possible...

>Because Yoshiko is smart.
That how she gets away acting like a chuunin and missing school.

Her parents are dead though

There's also the fact that she stopped going to Hanamaru's school for some unknown reason

Being smart doesn't stop you from repeating a year because of you didn't respond the attendance

You're thinking too much.

you know what does help though?
when you're fucking the school chairman

That was not in the anime so it's not canon.

ive only watched the first season

then honoka ruined everything and i dropped it

It's not my fault she keeps giving me the dead parents vibe

They are like sisters you sick fuck

It was in the SIDs, which I consider canon along with the anime. Everything is canon, but when things conflict I consider SID > Anime > Dengeki > SIF > Manga.

Still doesn't make sense that she doesn't act like rebelious.

What would it be like to fuck You in this position?

You can't rebel against what isn't there


I want to orally service her after she wins gold in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Firm body with soft massive tits.

Batman was also a good kid I think

Her thumb has one joint too many.

>Yoshiko episode arc
>Yoshiko comes home from school
>Walks over to an alter and prays
>Think it's going to be some demonic ritual
>Photo of her parents and her when she was a child on it instead
>Written in the bottom of the corner
>"Rest in peace"

Lewder than I'm willing to describe.

She said to herself that she can't get rid of her chuuni mode so no.

More like she has a right hand on her left arm.

Letting go of her chuuniness is the same as letting go of an important emotional connection to her dead parents

And while we're at it, she has two left feet.

Too much You posting, not enough Riko posting

what's wrong with her face?

Holy fuck that would be way too sad. God damn it.

But that's why. She can't get rid of her chuuni mode because it's her way of coping with her dead parents. She wants to quit being a chuuni and find another way to cope with her parent's death while also being a normalfag.

Riko is beautiful.

The tables have turned.

What does Riko taste like?


She can't molest her comatose friend anymore

Agreed. She could have won the Chikabowl on looks alone, but she has the personality to match her beauty.

Nothing wrong with spicing it up.

I need to give her chin in hand kisses.

Riko is handsome

But is she the most handsome?

Literally who can compare to this beauty.

Who are your 3 favorite Aqours?

Who's her pair?

The second years.

Dia for some reason

Mari, Yoshiko and Dia

Yuru Yuri hajimaru yo~!


The third years. Bet you can't guess the order though.

Yoshiko, Maru and Mari

The lets have some fun girls.

Yohane, Zura, (You)

You, Dia and Mari

Umi, Kotori, and Eli

Fuck Chika, marry Chika, Kill myself.

I guess it's a cultural thing nips don't liking Mari considering how popular she is here

I want to be part of Kanan's idol harem!

Mari is popular outside of Japan
Also You is the new Maki



>Girls hating Umi
Why am I not surprised...

>Maki and You are the most popular with guys
>Nozomi and Mari are the most popular with girls

Poll discarded.

>favorites are more popular with girls than guys
H-Have I become the little girl?

I want to sniff and masturbate into her used swimsuit.

>Nico 4th, Rin 5th
>Dia 6th

Into the trash

You, Kanan, Zura.

>those yellow bars
Thanks for the laugh.

Only thing I agree there is Chika and Honk's positions.

What are they? No gender specified?


People who don't identify as male or female. Basically tumblr special snowflakes.

>7th in male favorite
What a gay poll. Sasuga /r/SchoolIdolFestival.

>Girls don't like You


>that EliUmi closeness

You, Zura, Mari

Other really likes her tough

>You first
>Zuramaru second

This pleases me.

So fat chicks really hate Umi?

3DPD Girls in general don't want to become Perflat.
Eli & Nozomi body are model material.

You isn't first.

>Mari , Maru and Yoshiko
> Girls's most favorite

Good taste girls.


So like attack helicopters?

>Riko average at all points
Just how I like it. Being right in the middle of popular and unpopular perfect for me.

You 4th. Mari is 1st in that Gaijin poll.

Among guys she is. I doubt she ever stood a chance overall.

Why do girls like Nozomi and Mari so much?

>You is the new Maki

Uh oh.

Wait, I am fine with this anyway.

Sasuga boys

Well to be fair they are both the best girls in their series.

>Kotori and Yoshiko are both 3rd


>Honks 9th
>Chika 9th
What a cuck leader.
At least Chika follows Honks path correctly this time, by being 9th.

Nozo & Mari has the best body in their own series.


I wonder what else she will do to follow Honkers

Those lesbians and girls do love Yoshiko too.

A better question: Why do guys like Maki s much?

Same goes for You, surprisingly.

Carry on the tradition of having an amazing ass

I'd love to see Anju doing JAV.

As a male, I failed to understand their logic too.
Maki is generic tsundere girl #17354898.

Maki is an entry-level raibu.

Eli in a turtleneck is too sexy.

Because her character design is appealing I guess

Most guys can spot easy targets

Probably because You's a tomboy with an appealing design.

I want to blackmail Maki during a hospital checkup and turn her into my personal cum dumpster while slowly teaching her to love dicks.

>likes tomboy
>no personality

how does that work?

Guys like the tsurime eye design.

>Maru - 2nd , 2nd , 6th
>Yoshiko - 3rd, 3rd, 1st

I kinda like this number

Do you really need to ask.

>implying she needs teaching

>No Youfags could even answer this question


Guys are morons

Nope. If only she have Kotori gentle & feminine personality.

YoshiMaru is my favorite Love Live charactere

Guys probably like rough girls, like Maki and You

Good taste, Ruby.

How is that possible, I thought we were all little girls?

No, really. The more you make her cum, the more she grows to like the dick. Applies to lewd things as well, from pissing in beakers to speculum play.

It's a Unity hentai game where you do lewd things to Maki

purple is guys

red is girls

what the fuck is yellow? transgender?

I didn't know girls like tsundere maki and beta You.

Other. That includes people like me, who sexually identify as attack helicopters.

I think so.

Lesbians and Gays?

Maki is mid-tier at best.

Maki and Nico have A+ bodies with C+ personalities, like Azusa from k-on

Transgender and nonbinary

could just be people who don't want to answer

Those are sexual orientations, not genders. Unless you're implying lesbians aren't female and gays aren't male.

>one low-pressure and cute instance of jealousy and self-doubt = instant full-on beta

You is wonderful, actually

Lesbians and gays still identify as women and men

Girls don't like You, though.

What the fuck does being lesbian or gay have to do with gender?

Actually, forget I asked, because someone might actually answer, and I don't want to open up a can of worms in this thread.

Post nico instead.


You obviously can't be a boy lesbian

>Join idol group was a mistake.

I-I love You...

Ruby got NTR'd too.

>Download the μ's Live Collection.
>Sit through an hour and 20 minutes of µ's performances.
>Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari starts playing.
>Manly Tears Were Shed
I miss them Cred Forums

>Yoshiko's best girls are on the top 2 on west


Are you a little girl?

>Watching love live for the music

I hate tomboys but You is fucking hot. Never thought I'd have a tomboy best girl in a show.

>he says this while posting the most shallow character in the show

You, Dia, and either Yoshiko or Mari.

>Not knowing japanese.
>Not watching LL for the music.

She's not that tomboy though
Kanan >Yoshiko > You in terms of tomboy-ness.

Don't be mean to best girl!

Why does tanned You look extra delicious?


Funny how she likes to wear skirts/thighs/pure dresses.

I would consider Kanan more tomboyish, but not Yoshiko. She's just Chunni.

Yoshiko is just like Umi, though. Also I agree that she's just chuuni.

My friends just found out I watch this show, how do I explain it to them?

"I am a ginormous faggot and if you don't like that then you can fuck me in the ass."

Say you watch it for the music

>I like lesbians

Say you watch it for the girls.

"I like it."

KananMari is best


Tell him "My Biology Professor recommend me this series".

It's simple, you stop talking to them and become a NEET like everyone else here. They'll understand.

Chuuni has a big butt


Walkure > Aqours

Kill them, kill them all.

It's a show about a group of dykes regularly posting amateur videos of themselves singing and dancing online to save their school from being shut down.

Complete with cucks, dog fuckers and edgelords.

> save their school from being shut down.

sunshine still have tha?

tell them you learn about picking up girls from this show

I want to comfort You and lovingly hug her.

she's not the only one.

They explicitly said Chika just used it as an excuse to start an idol group if I remember correctly. I doubt anyone really cares.

>Mari is sensitive

I learned something new

Slam them against the wall?
Bury your face in their crotch?


Why is Mari looking at Kanan like that?

>what happened to your breasts? it seems small

Yoshiko doesn't strike me as the chubby chaser type unlike the slav

Mari is bigger than maru, though

Walkure > Muse > Aqours

Because Yoshiko is shy and not a pervert.

Eli is slav, Mari is American.
I think he mean Maru is not as fat as Nozomi.

Umi is a huge slut.

Do you guys think she likes it in the butt?

Probably not.

Only Honk and Nico will take it in the butt.

How long until schools in Japan actually start up school idol groups IRL?

I wonder if he draws yaoi before.

Honk doesn't, she fucks her friends in the ass instead

I figure most schools won't have girls with the talent and resourcefulness to compose, arrange and mix songs.

I only came here to post my photoshop OC and now I'll take my leave to sleep.
Nighty night, champs.

Fun Fact. The SS uniforms were designed by Hugo Boss.

Stop insulting You. She clearly won back the Chikabowl last episode.

Burd feels like a buttslut.

It would instantly turn into commercialized crap like Im@s instead of cute indie girls doing music like LL

im gay

Not every high school is gonna have girls singing and composing music at a professional level. I mean the last one I can recall IRL was ClariS
Unless Japan wan't to deditcate specialty arts high schools for this shit, Love Live won't ever be a legit thing in our time.

I miss when Aqours used to be just the six good members.

>Chika's shaved ice is colored with You's colors!

Rikofags fucking destroyed

This finally got scanned. It's all right I guess. Yurifriends don't click

Will they show up tomorrow? Would my dick survive?

Would you guys actually waifu a rabu raibu?

Can't rape the rapist.



meh, as a yurifriend I only accept doujins where the raibus get raped and blackmailed because they wouldn't fuck random guys otherwise

>People are actually this desperate.
If it was a red strawberry flavor, they'd start shipping ChikkaDia.
If it's Riko, yes. She's perfect wife material. Issue is she's already in love and I'd rather she be happy the way she is.

>doujins where the raibus get raped and blackmailed

Unless you have examples, all the girls are pure except Ruby

Yeah, as a tame yurifriend I mostly check out vanilla stuff just to see the girls naked

I really like this guy's Honk , but other than that I don't really really remember other het doujins

I'm starting Love Live from the first season
what am I in for?

Why the fuck it's Chinese...

>Would my dick survive?

That depends on whether you have any self-control.




Stop playing around

of course it wont survive

saint snow is trash

I want to use her twintails as handles while I roughly fuck her in the ass until she cries.

This girl is actually cute

Calm down Dia

What did she mean by this?

Honoka had a few het doujins.

>Fuck Yoshiko during her camshow under the premise of occult sex magic
holy shit, i woud kill to read that doujin


delete this please whoever drew this needs to be killed RIGHT NOW

>create circle first then boom

This gurl is awesome

marry riko, kill chika, fuck yoshiko

Fucking beautiful.

nico looks like the monkey from powerpuff girls

It's still too soon to say, but I'm leaning towards yes. You is love.



I'm really anxious and excited for the new ep

>reading anything other than vanilla

Zuramaru is OLEV.

Next episode can't come soon enough

Time to fap to raibus until I fall asleep and wake up in time for the livestream.

The main reason I like yuri is because I think it's least disruptive to the official material. It's simply easier for me to imagine the girls dating each other than them having secret boyfriends.

Vanilla that's focused on the girls' bodies is cool. When it's focused on dramatic penetration and fluids and pained expressions, it doesn't do it for me. Just one fag's opinion

The life

Here's some help from my waifu

Have mercy


Time to make Ruby and everyone else here cry.

Dia's Graduation

That underboob is killing me

About time they got rid of that mole.

That why the SS was /fa/ af.


Remember when the YoshiRiko shippers got together to 'spot every YoshiRiko moment in Sunshine'?

Turns out one of my favourite artists joined in on that lulzy bullshit.

They are very cool indeed

That's a given, since that's her only role in the group.

Somebody forgot to tell him about the new hotness

>Those legs

Jesus Christ, muh dick.

It's a her. She also used to draw ChikaRiko before moving onto YoshiRiko.

Kinda strange but people tastes change

Half of the group have less of a role then hot body

Loved it and replayed it numerous times.

What if You's new phone is a Note 7?

As if nips would buy korean phones

Why do childhood friends never win?

yeah she is super cute there. probably what jumped her up to 1st on the ranking

Yoshiko won...

Yeah you keep thinking that..

yoshiko always win

My wife You-chan is the best!


Miracle of the universe


You mean MY wife.

Imagine a BokuHikari with Aqours.

Thousand Songs (Chika), Pears (Riko) South (Kanan), Dazzle/Shine (You), Ruby, Diamond. Luck (Yoshiko), Flowers (Hanamaru), maRI (Jasmine)

Objectively the best subgroup.

So Mari center of GK confirmed?


Ok you know what I don't know anymore

I wonder what's the deal with her new phone, they mentioned it like five times already in the show. Chekov's gun states you don't mention something unless it will later play a role in the plot.

So the collabs have begun eh? If Rin, Maki and Hanayo did ramen, rice and gum ads, what products would the Aqours girls shill?

(PLEASE) stop NTRing me.

Please stop posting like a fag and misusing NTR.

What will happen in this episode?

Fuck Ruby
Marry Riko and You
kill Mari

Right to left

Why are you being a sperglord all of sudden?

What was the best part of the Final Live and why was it not thousands of fans in the Dome and across the world at livestreams yelling in one voice to send off their beloved Idols 'IMA GA SAIKOU!'?

Because you're posting like a fag and misusing NTR.

That's sounds nice I don't care for seiyuushit.

I'm not in both cases. So that's my point, you are being a cunt for no reason.

Maybe, just MAYBE it's not a movie/cinema so these thing don't apply

If Ainya and King were on the center I would believe it.

>I'm not in both cases
>in both cases
So you have no idea what NTR even means. I wish you fucked off entirely, but please at least lurk more.

1. It's not my fault that you are so new you are not used to that to the point of getting bothered by it
2. I'm right because you don't actually like her but you just want to feel part of something then you claim You as "your waifu". I wouldn't be surprised you if had forgotten about her by Oct. No one uses the term NRT strictly as well, newfriend.


>so new you are not used to that
Who the fuck posts like that on Cred Forums? It looks like shit you'd see on youtube comments.
>I'm right because you don't actually like her but you just want to feel part of something then you claim You as "your waifu".
What is this I don't even
How does it even relate to NTR in any sense? Or the conversation for that matter? If this isn't projection, I don't know what is.
>No one uses the term NRT strictly as well
Yeah, might as well assume you're just a memelord spouting how your wife is so cute.

Ignore weak bait.

But you were the one memetexting like a retarded Cred Forumsermin and who threw a weak argument used mostly by newfriends still trying to auto affirm themselves.
What's next for you, "I-I was just pretending to be retarded?". Do yourself a favor and stop posting. You are hidden now.

>open thread
Time to leave.

>But you were the one memetexting
Have you completely lost it?
>You are hidden now.
Sasuga faggot.

Chika super school idol!

Chika's really fucking hot.