Yama no Susume Saturday!

Yama no Susume Saturday!


Fuck Kokona

Is that an order?

>we heard you really liked one of us!

Certainly not you, Kaede.

Certainly you, Kaede.


>m'ountain loli

Is an horse a mountaineer?



In a perfect world, this show gets a third season.

>Aoi fantasizing about having a boyfriend

I want this.


Why did this show get so lewd in S2?

Maybe you just didn't notice the lewd in S1

So i can't tell. Is this for kids or salarymen?

Of course it's Hinata.

Why not both?


how do little girls feel about seeing naked lolis?

Perfectly natural.

Season 3 never

They love it.

Hinata's smile.


Season 3 never.