Episode: 24
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Episode 25 preview





So it's 224 years before the enemy arrives?


>So it's 224 years before the enemy arrives?

Muetta is Sexy

Yeah, shes best girl

But she's literally Yukina with another personality.

no, see

>More interesting story
>Longer hair
>Sexier voice
>Wants to be a little white animal


OP I hate them

Fuck off Refill is a Oni

>worst girl won bowl
>no one cares about Yukina or a forced pairing and incredibly bland with the worst girl for convenience only.

P.A. Works remains the same fucking shit.

Rita dies

So was the Ride worth it?

oh hell its not even over yet

Who was phone?

Sebastian is alive

Sophie's character development dies

>The three retards
they're in fact usually annoying, uninteresting and bland like Yukina

she needs more screen time.

Shes perfect

My waifu died and I have even thought about suicide.

Use the catalog dingus

Are you crazy?


How long till the ending? Waiting for netflix release.

I like it

>How long till the ending? Waiting for netflix release.

"Kuromukuro" Season 2's Netflix Debut Scheduled

The first half of P.A Works' 15th anniversary mecha series Kuromukuro debuted on Netflix's streaming series July 4th following its spring Japanese run. That pattern continues as the complete second half, which was broadcast in Japanese this summer, will be presented to international audiences with a complete drop on October 10th.



>October 10th.

I want to put my life IN Yukina, if you know what I mean.

>the best everything
>the worst adopted name


Literally worst girl

I must say that the soundtrack was top tier in this episode.

Continue being mad as fuck, Muettafags.

My God this series soundtrack has been so consistently high tier since the beginning. Makes me yearn for the pre-Gundam SEED days before shouting rampant J-pop became the thing.

>the soundtrack
It's the best part of the show.

fuck off o one cares about Yukina

Just reddit

Come on user, there's no need to be so sour about Muetta getting blown the fuck out (they even tried to pair her with Yukina's leftovers last episode). Please accept that Muetta never stood a chance.

Mechs cute

>Crying just because killed someone first time.
What a shame.
She needs to learn some shit from this guy.


Shes not a action character and much less a Mecha character.
Shes just a typical PA Works girl in a mecha action series


So you still trying.

Trying what?

This anime is pretty straightforward with explanations, so its a reasonable approximation. I like how they went over the administrator bits just to establish that Earth has no chance to fight the empire in the next thirty thousand years.


poor mirasa

Her consistent fuckups over time led to her demise. She even struggled against a schoolgirl.

but she died a virgin.

good news

I really loved her because she was not afraid to say the truth.

We need to fight

This makes the series less realistic

It was incredibly boring to watch Mika's non-reaction to everything. No one should ever learn anything from IBO, I'd rather rewatch SEED.

Best Moments of Akagi

The writers hate that dude.

I doubt it very much, the fact that he survived death several times confirm this.

He is always fucking shit up!


>>Hiromi and Yukina
And, don't forget Manaka from Nagi no Asukara.
A wrost girl always win in a PAW series

Everyone was worst girl and boy in Asukara (except the fish god).

no, Miuna best girl

yes, Miuna is a special kind of worst.

What makes Miuna so Popular?

This episode was pretty based, not gonna lie. Although I thought the effy dogs would put up a better fight.

She was the perfect girl and you actually got to watch her grow up.

Death flags: the episode

Was that missile that almost hit him dead on - a dud or are those particular types only programmed to detonate with their original target?

yeah, They've won very easily and battle lasted only one episode.

>You will never ask Yukina to be your bride

Sophie died

No one wants that.

You lost, Muetta, get over with it.


>dying for real


Yeah I mean he's just cryogenically frozen rite

then you just have shit taste, mika being a look at how innocence can be robbed from a child by forcing him onto the battlefield his whole life and how it results in their emotions being kept bottled up even against their own actions is far more interesting than anything that gary stu kira did. IBO also has the major benefit of making the gundam a massive double edged sword that more or less fucks the pilots up beyond repair rather than just be come toy comercial to always look cool.


I like Sophie

a teddy bear.


Shes best girl of this show

Muetta really is the best character of this show. She totally outshone Yukina. That's simply marvelous and extremely pleasurable.


they gave up this episode, even did 4th wall shit with muh death flags with sophie saying it of all people

Muetta is getting the headband guy

They're annoying

>October 10
h-he's fast!

Time for your medicine Stilts



Super hot MILF with sexy tan lines loves to fuck free.

There's nipples in this show? Why didn't you fags tell me?

>China got BTFO so hard in the last fight that she was relegated to armed escort
You had one job, titty monster.

>titty monster

Don't use terms you don't understand

>separate genre called anime action
>the anime tag wasn't descriptive enough
>alien mecha fight a school girl boogaloo, btw an ancient samurai
Is it bad that i find stuff like this ordinary? I kind of feel bad for normal people.

Kung fu

Because Sophie bore all his weeaboo sins on His body, she had to die on the episode.


Alright then. You've got a minute to convince me that she's flat as a board, smart guy.

In all likelihood, yes.

This isn't a Xebec show kid

>titty monster.
A poetic record of the Bruce Lee

She has an exemplary behaviour


>Miuna best girl

>Samurai turns curry chef

when is the threesome with Kennosuke, Muetta, and Yukihime coming?

Never, you dumb shipperfag bastard

Muetta a cunt

fuck off, you dumb t.yukina bastard bastard and lover of moeblob

They're dating!

NO, but China love Tom

I want to gattai with Muetta

Fuck off from English boards if you don't know this language enough


You still trying?
fuck off go back to your thread or reddit

don't encourage the shitposter user.

Shes cuck

I hope Muetta don't die on the next two episode so she can gattai with boys before she died

Fuck off, you retarded spic

she will not die. Stay calm and remember that they never die or if they die, they never stay dead.

She only need to gattai with Yukina

>alien invasion just barely foiled
>it's actually a small vanguard
>main force is already on its way
>humanity literally has several generations to prepare
This could make for some interesting viewing if they continue milking the franchise.

Should I watch this series?


>> 147233799
pls /u/ user get out


Isn't there supposed to be two episodes left? What now?

yep, but it's going to be a SoL episode

Now you brace yourself for a shitty ending

Cockpits in the upper part. Only way she would be hurt/die is if the fall does it.

224 year timeskip.

>Tom gets a glongur

Fuck yes.


>>Tom gets a glongur

war! we're going to war!

Either the last 2 episodes are SOL, or the plot revolves around the cast going full madman status and activating the hinge so they can take on the main fleet.

That 960 degrees all scope shot.

Tom is best girl and China is best bro.

Fucking wrecked.

But cute exchange.

Can't believe Yukina scored a kill.

Next episode will undoubtedly be slice of life with a little talk about what to do with the hinge stone and Sophie popping out of nowhere to show that she survived, sparing my dick a lot of grief.

Last episode will be a massive ruse operation involving cloning the Kuromukuro cast into Efidolg officers who will send a false report to headquarters about how they conquered the planet and are prepared to fuck off for parts unknown. Earth is saved, no one will ever find out what happened for the next eternity, and Kennosuke marries a dumb bitch who is too retarded to live in her own.

on here

>Stabs her comrade in the gut
>Gets stabbed in her robot's gut


Using an Carl Gustav indoors and at point blank range.

Absolute fucking madmen.

It's not like they have a choice anymore. It's do or die at this point.


Oh shit, with them doing all the dumb amateur movies you may just be right.

>lighting det cord

You what, mate?

This looks incredibly likely.

He's fucking French Solid Snake, he aint gotta explain shiet.


Is there any downside to being an alien?

I mean it's not like Ken and Yukina are any different.

Is that lighter normally used for flambe?

s e x

>worst girl won bowl
Thank you user. This show actually looked interesting for a while there but you just saved me from unessusart rage.

>Ouma and Efidolg
They've superhuman strength, but Yukina has not superhuman strength.

I don't know how a hotblooded guy like Kennosuke could be attracted to a complete twit like Yukina. Their personalities are like oil and water like some shitty shoujo couple.

Cheeky girl. Like her sass.

That's just Ken being a badarse.

Doc House confirmed they they're just about the same as normal humans.

I think he would've mentioned super human strength if there was something there.


"0 degree all scope" probably works better.

Technically, them cawadooty kids call using the scope correctly "hardscoping," but that term is equally stupid so who gives a fuck.

PA Works always do that.

so how much you guys wanna bet that they are going to

unlock the hinge stone

after they send it flying into the sun. Extra crispy Efidolg anyone?

normal humans don't fight "on equal footing" with Mechs

You know your subs are shit when you have to advertise it on Cred Forums or no one would ever download them

get out of here, kami devs

>Kennuske? Isn't that a girl's name?

what is kami at all, another lulzy "user sub group" made out of impatient faggots who know no japanese?


only other english based sub group I know of working on kuromukuro, at least on nyaa.

>yfw it won't be a 224 year timeskip where the Efidolg fleet arrives, but they find themselves outnumbered by a now growing Earth army, which has out-teched them through sheer human creativity for war.

Seems completely unrealistic to me. People are mostly attracted to others that have lots of personality similarities but just enough differences to make you interested in them.

These two are just straight up completely different.

I want to make Yukimum feel younger again.

If you know what I mean.

I agree with you, this user describes perfectly the ideal couple.


I love the major in the background:
>Bitch, you can be glad if you're not getting court martialed after this.

Truly the best girl.

Capping fools in the leg like its nobody's business.


When will they fuck?

>When will they fuck?
no, it's Grahn x Rita


>We have over 404 pages

Next episode is about Oni.

Next episode is about Oni because he will eventually have to make the difficult choice to become the Efidolg commanding officer in the last episode, subbing in as the dead clone commander in order to trick Efidolg. It will be his last night on Earth, and it will be sad.

>it's ok if I can fuck them in the ass


No, it will be Oni talking about what happen in past, the title pretty much says it.

The major is totally into her. He now knows that the way is free, because her husband is dead.

So, what the fuck are the next two episodes gonna be about?

So is this worth watching as a mecha fan?

It's more SoL than mecha desu

You think its mere coincidence that he is the same race as dead commandant? This is how a ragtag group of puny Earthlings and their clone and alien friends 'beat' an empire with over 80k battlegroups in 2 episodes.

Then why does it have the best mecha fight choreography this decade?

How would he be no longer human? ISn't he just implanted with nanomachines?


Efidolg nanomachines and an Efidolg robot which is registered to an Efidolg observation fleet in galactic records. The conclusion writes itself at this point.

It's kind of a mixed bag
>crazy good mecha action 1/4
>Ken hilarity 1/4
>boring, cringeworthy school shit 1/2

At least that's how it feels.
Hell, they managed to have 2 SoL episodes directly before the final battle. Fuckin' hell.


How do you not find this school life hilarious?

>dork babe teacher no one takes seriously
>teacher father who physically abuses his kid in front of witnesses on school grounds
>slutty cosplayer being the most socially responsible person in the room
>all the girls responding to Kennosuke's 6pack
>school festival where the highlight is revealing classified state secrets live on Youtube
>Sophie with catears

You have 10 seconds to explain his purpose in this anime

Comedic sidekick who occasionally acts as a plot saver because his dick compels him to act heroically.

Because I've seen all that shit a million times before.
Ken is the only legit good source of comedy.

To get cuck'd.

When you run reasonable estimates on the Efidolg population, you get the result that their population is about twice Earth's.
Even if the information they got from Earth made the Efidolg send a respectable invasion force (in their own terms), humans will have over 200 years to get their shit together - breeding like bunnies and building up their technology.
The invading Efidolg force might meet a human race spread out all over the solar system, with a powerful fleet that used reverse-engineered Efidolg tech as a starting point and built up from there.

Fuck yeah, humanity!

Akagi is based on the cuck character from mecha series, The cuck character is a mecha trope, there exists at least one cuck guy in each mecha series.

Wait there are mechs n shieet in this anime? I read the synops for it and said something about a friggin' dam and a lone samurai awakens.


Might have to download an episode or two and look around.

Who's the cuck in valvrape?

Shoko, obviously.

The guy next door suitor who'd win the girl if she hadn't turned out to be a genetic simulacrum for a medieval princess mecha navigator. His existence serves to telegraph the distance between you and I and the elect warriors who, though still in high school, are nonetheless destined to save the world.


I don't think he'd have won Yukina even without Ken desu, he's just that lame

Hey d-joe, you are obsessed with random comment from anicobin

>a medieval princess mecha navigator.
Are you retarded?
Ken is the PILOT

She was never interested in him. He didn't even have a career plan, and her mother would have never approved of him.

told you she'd die this episode.
and of course it's the good old mecha "enemy is incapacitated let's stab them in the cockpit to make absolutely sure we don't get a prisoner"


Muetta best girl

She finally did ONE, I repeat, ONE cool thing and immediately invalidates the badass card she got.

Man fuck the shut up, Yukina. Even Shinji would call you a pussy.

To be fair, the supplementary material makes it look like everyone gets cuck'd by Ange in turn.

I agree with you, Yukina uses and abuses to the last drop the "damsel in distress" trope. ''13 EPISODES''

Man fuck the shut up, Yukina. Even Snow White and Rapunzel would call you a pussy.

She killed an alien pilot with her brain. She has spurts of amazing clairvoyance when she actually gives a shit.

>''13 EPISODES''
a new world record

Best girl right here.

That military operation was good.
Also how the fuck did Sebastian survive


Pls K-ONfag get out
Yukina nearly drowns in swimming pool in episode 12. and she nearly managed to get herself killed in episode 22 without ANYBODY'S help.


Retard moe

Why didn't they launch their attack sooner? A little bit later and the portal would have opened.

They had to make a movie.

Just another Monday morning.

>when the shrooms kick in.jpg

That's not 4th wall breaking. That is just implying that current day entertainment exists in a current day setting.

Why are people complaining about him when the camera-autist exists?

>A wrost girl always win in a PAW series
How many shows have you watched? Like 2?

4600 series
693 mecha series

So who wants to bet that the original Efidolg already died out long ago?

How does he grow a beard that fast?

He is a time traveller.

The slutty cosplayer is my favourite side character

She's a virgin so she's not slutty. Showing her body is just part of the work.


>She's a virgin
Nice delusion


Fuck off with your shitty charts, shops and webms, stilts




Virgins can be sluts too. Have you never met church girls?

>the Polish shitposter has arrived in this thread
This thread is lost.

He was here from the start of the thread. It was lost since the beginning.

When even Poland hates you, you know you're sewage.

>Polish shitposter
Hey shit Polish
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>the Polish shitposter has arrived in this thread
This thread is lost.


Mirasa is a virgin



Not by choice.

Please no bully!




No Mika to sincerely hug you.


>season 2 confirmed
>175 year time skip
>Earth is now protected by a number of reverse-engineered Dimensional Super Fortresses
>ken, yukina, muetta, Tom and his chinese waifu Liu all still alive because they gave up their humanity to GIANT ROBOT
>Sophia and Sebastian bred a line of combat butlers who follow the Bushido code, represented in s2 by Graham Akre
>Mirasa is the commander of the advance vanguard of the Edifolg Mega-Fleet
>j-pop cosplaying idols are still irrelevant to the fighting

Ken and Yukina being tsundere to each other was fun.

Why was Yukina crying? Because she killed the Efidolg?

Tom Aznable

is this Yukina?

I hope that by the year 2191 J-pop cosplaying idols have been hunted to extinction.

Are you intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor.

Kawamori is gonna be dead


Muetta is cute! Cute!

The track they were using around 09:16 is not on the OST, or at least I can;t find it. Anyone know the one I'm on about?


He's a grown man.


we are anticipating a miraculous resurrection


Muetta broke some poor engineer's neck.

They ever explain what muetta fake memories were, like how theres humans on another planet

Definitely not. He pretty much blew his chances with Yukina when they were kids and he was one of the people teasing Yukina, calling her an alien, etc.

The fake memories were just that, fake memories. Happy memories of her homeworld were part of the programming meant to make a cloned soldier loyal to Efidolg.