Dragon Ball Super

No new episode this week. However, new dragon ball super manga chapter leaks soon.

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>still watching Super

Jsut rewatch GT, its better in every way.

7 hours until Xenoverse 2 and Dokkan Battle TGS conference for any of you that care about the vidya side of the franchise. Will be streaming on youtube.

>pink hair

actually super made me want to drop it to rewatch gt with mentions of older trunks and pan. I feel like the only one that loved gt.

so you just have to kill u10's god of destruction to kill zamasu and black, right? assuming black isn't u10's god of destruction in goku's body.

Super is not canon.

Just look at that image, pure deviantart fan-fiction garbage.

No thanks I'll check back again once this shitty drawn out arc is over.

Why did future Zamasu grow interest in Goku if he never fought him?

What a great way to start a DBS thread

So did Zamasu wish for Goku to "be black"?

> SS2 Trunks can keep up with SSB Goku

>has a ssj2 on par with goku's ssj3 with the god training goku as gotten
>with vegeta's training he was able to keep up with zamasu immortal and ssjr goku black

>has a ssj2 on par with goku's ssj3
in the manga not the anime.

Future zamasu is present zamasu with a couple years on top of him.

> Trunks has a ssj2 on par with goku's ssj3 with the god training goku as gotten

And he now has Final Flash. Trunks is improving astronomically

It's because he's a saiyan-human hybrid. He gets much more of a power boost from emotion than pure Saiyans, so he can surprise powerful opponents in brief spurts like this fight.

> in the manga not the anime

It was mentioned in the manga, but it was implied in the anime.

I mean, just look at Goku/Trunks vs Black/Zamasu in the anime

What does Black do while Goku/Vegeta/Trunks are in the Present?

"I wish that no one attacks Earth ever again!"

>but it was implied in the anime.
No it wasn't.

That was before training (with Vegeta and solo)

He's gotten much stronger since then.

Please that little sparring wasn't training and that still doesn't change this I'm not btw

I'm betting the manga drops them in the time chamber afterwards if the sparring is even included just to iron the discrepancy out a bit more.

There was some off-screen training (there was a small time skip before they went Back to the Future)

Vegeta trained him, and taught him Final Flash. A DBS anime commercial bump also implies he taught Trunks Galick Gun

>but it was implied in the anime.
No, it fucking wasn't. Goku blocked Trunks' punches a few times, caught his fists with ease, went SSJ3 and kicked his ass to the ground. That's all that happened in the anime.

Actually you need to speak the god language to get a wish from the Super DBs.

And I doubt Beerus/Whis would wish that for them

So how will Goku obtain super saiyan white?

>There was some off-screen training
Well that's bad writing then.


Fuck I meant

> GT
> good

I love vados-chan!

>ywn mating press Vados


didnt get enough power boost when his mom or gf died tho

seriously too cute

Oh user-kun, you're so cute.

>I feel like the only one that loved gt.
I do too.

maybe because he was unfocused or hopeless. he did need to see gohan's family to know what he was fighting for and vegeta to tell him to try to overcome everything for extra motivation. though desu it's dragon ball, in its creation I doubt anyone was checking consistency.

I think he means the future Zamasu shouldnt be the one Goku met, since they are from different timelines.
Timelines affect the gods as we found out when Trunks said he met Kaioshin.

I´m still waiting for them to adress this.

> Vados destroying planets instead of Champa
> Vados doing Champa's job

Why is this allowed?

No wonder she's always such a bitch to him. Lazy cat won't even blow up a planet now and then to keep his quota up.

>A DBS anime commercial bump also implies he taught Trunks Galick Gun
Gonna need a source on that.

I wish for toei to deliver better animation
This wish is beyond my power

I'm talking about this commercial bump pic

Ah, that, I didnt read that much into it and expected a commercial video, thanks.

I'm starting to wonder how quickly this arc would have been over had someone fused, gotten Buu to absorb, or otherwise.

that reminds me that future buu is still sealed somewhere waiting for someone to unseal him.

There's no one left to unseal Buu

plus supreme kai stated that buu would die of starvation after a long enough time being sealed up so theres that

I'm pretty sure Trunks could defeat Buu now.


what was deleted pls be something hot this time...


how soon?

>when I realized that there's not enough lewds of her
Just kill me now.

True love overcomes all obstacles

goku is already a shitty father I can only imagine what he would be like if zamasu did


Uhh, never.

the return of broly as supah sayajin bloo godo when


Why are there so many Trunks fans here?



What other fighters are there to like besides Goku and Vegeta?




trunks is consistently the 3rd most relevant saiyan ever since the first death of frieza


mai calm down





Episode spoilers have leaked out confirmation that Trunks will indeed become a SSJB

Uhh no, Trunks is the weakest.

1. Mystic Gohan
2. SSJ3 Goku
3. SSJ2 Vegeta
4. USSJ Trunks


>THE Gohanfag has awoken from his slumber once more
Brace yourselves everyone

Trunks is useless.

>H-hey guys in 3 years there will be 2 androids
>turns out there´s 6 androids

I can understand why Vegeta hates him.


t. butthurt Cell

Cute Mystic form ....kid

>stating facts makes you a ``Gohanfag´´

You sound salty.


Don't be so mean user, I always help anons posting TruMai pics. ;_;

>Gohan at the end of DBZ: 90,000,000,000
>Trunks when we last see him: 1,700,000,000

Gohan could kill Trunks with his eyes closed and hands tied behind his back.

Even Gotenks is stronger.

gohan literally turns mystic to make buu stronger for goku/vegeta. he sat on a planet for like 20 episodes all to become a living plot point. look at that mystic form for resurrected frieza. sugoi!

>resurrected frieza

Not canon.

>False power levels at that
>In his current state
Here's your reply

Gee, Calm down!
That's too much even for me.

>saved the world
>now a succesful and smart guy

Stay asshurt, Cell/Trunksfag.

Goku saved the world user, NOT gohan.


Superfags are gay, what a shocker.

Nobody watches DBS except gay people with shit taste. This explains alot.

There's never too much Trunks, user.


>he didn't hatefuck 18 even once
Trunks failed again

Is there a shittier dbz game than sagas?
>no buu saga
>story is out of order and is missing information
>every one just plays the same
>bad AI
>annoying difficulty

He's a serial hand holder, not a rapist, user.

kinect or final bout

>He didn't hold 18's hand in front of 17 before to kill her.

He missed that chance.

trunks galick gun incoming

here wait for manga realease
When number 16 appears click on it.
It could be in 15 hours from now.

Advanced Adventure for the GBA
Attack of the Saiyans for the DS

2 great Dragon Ball games, real gems.

First one is a beat´em up that starts from the beginning all the way to King Piccolo.

Second one is a RPG that starts from 23rd tournament to the end of the Saiyan saga.

>mfw when Trunks does a Kamehameha instead


Too many trunksfags/superfags, abandon thread

>Trunks kills Black via Galick Gun x Kamehameha beam struggle
I need dis.

Wrong board kid
>>Cred Forums

Join us, fag...

stfu butthurt cell fan

>Dragon Ball Super thread
>t-too many superfags
No fucking shit, genius.

Can't wait, hope the fight choreography is on point.

As expected from the best boy, he was saving himself for his waifu.

Not canon.

Mai has blue eyes.


Nah, black eyes are canon.

But this is canon Mai

absolutely false

>being a mangafag

kill your self

Enjoy your inferior version



Cell is literally the best and the most perfect villain in all of DBZ. Prove me wrong.

The Cellfag has awoken from his slumber once more

Brave yourselves everyone.

I really Future Bulma asking Trunks if he's gotten a girlfriend before he confronts future cell in the context of the current arc.

Anime is superior to manga.

How are the Pilaf gang kids again in Super? Didn't they make that wish in the first epi of GT?


Super and GT are different timelines.

DB and DBZ are canon.

DBGT and DBS are fan-fiction.


If you're autistic, that is


They still didn't state when Trunks met Mai in the future timeline, did they? It's possible that Bulma could be teasing him about Mai.

Then why are they so young in Super?

BOG was Toriyama shitting on DB evolution and separating his series from GT and the Pilaf gang were one of his tools to do so.


who cares, it's all shitty entertainment

you should watch BOG, you'll get your answer.

Possible but unlikely, Bulma didn't really seem to have an inkling on who the mystery girlfriend was. FBulma and Mai did interact at some point though.

So when we inevitably get to the multiverse tournament arc, what do you think will be the most likely possibility?

Toriyama cribs off of DBZM and includes universes where Cell wins or Vegitto stays fused or Frieza never existed?

Lesser characters like Picollo, Krillin, 18, and Gohan get their chance in the spotlight?

More Monaka tomfoolery?

Goku wins everything and everybody else basically fades away until the series is called The Goku Show (guest starring Vegeta)?

don't bother replying to him

>trunks and mai making eye contact

>Toriyama cribs off of DBZM and includes universes where Cell wins or Vegitto stays fused or Frieza never existed?
Are you stupid?

>The last wish on the Dragon Balls in Trunks' timeline was this

That's fucking hilarious.

this makes no sense, Future Mai should be older than Bulma, not yonger like Trunks...

>Future Mai should be older than Bulma

No, GT just isn't canon.

I'm hoping that some unknown force will try to use the tournament for their own gain a-la the Buu arc but Goku and Vegeta are too dialed in to the tournament itself to notice and the other characters get to play sleuth a bit (kind of like Yamcha uncovering Jackie Chun's real identity) to expose the threat.

Question: Why didn't Trunks travel to Namek to wish the Z fighters back to life after he returned to the future for the Cell Battle?

They don't know where New Namek is.

>this stupid question again.

Pretty sure that the excuse is that King Kai never told him where Namek was and they lacked the capacity for Spacetravel.

oh that's way better than what I thought.
Pretty convenient though but that's dragonball for you.

Why do people keep watching dragon ball?
just end it already god damnit

Mai is just a lewd Mio lol


I don't hate dragon ball, it was my childhood and i rewatch it from time to time, but i think there was no need to continue the story with super, the movies were fine and they did a good job of continuing the story without dragging it TOO much, but super is just fucking retarded to the max, black edgy goku? pink super saiyan? REALLY user? i mean honestly, REALLY?
Why do people keep reading Toriyama's retardation? he clearly doesn't cares anymore.

Of course it'll never be Z but just let us enjoy it if you don't man it's all good

every time monaka comes up I think of this and then feel extremely bad. poor guy gets punched in the fucking face by goku of all people and tries to keep his composure despite that.

Then don't watch it.

Well fine, i guess if people can enjoy watching fairy tail and one piece """"ironically"""" they can also watch DB:super


Current Zamasu is black.

>all fights are atatatatata or standing around
>this badass weak green guy sets up a win against a stronger foe using his brain and several special abilities
piccolo's fight was the best of dbs prove me wrong

>still loses

only because vegeta is a bitch nigga that told piccolo to forfeit and not disqualify frost



Boooooo. Who cares?


Does this show get any better?

I stopped watching this show after Vegeta defeated frost or whoever that Frieza clone was. Only stopped because the show was getting boring and uninteresting. Even on the golden Frieza saga it was boring.

>Does this show get any better?
Nope, go away.

Yes, the current arc is way better than the tournament.

>Actually you need to speak the god language to get a wish from the Super DBs.

"!niaga reve htraE skcatta eno on taht hsiw I"


I can see the shitty fans


Requesting that picture of Zamasu watching the TV with the Pokemon tournament finale episode whilst wearing pikachu ears.

They did it during cell saga in each story

Fuck off

ep47+ has the potential to be. before ep47 it's extremely bad/boring. I wanted to drop during beerus. if you made it that far you may as well keep going.

Learn to read retard

Make me, bitch

How can you even argue about canon if you don't like the manga? You must be a literal retard.

why no new episode?

Stream starting if anyone cares about the games

Gt is fucking crap. Only thing good about it is it's ending. But that's only because compared to DBZ's ending, it was what everyone wanted

they'll air the last episode of kochikame

I pretty much dropped beerus since I watched the movie and came back when Frieza finally appeared.
Did the same thing in the Frieza arc too.
Then I came back during the tournament hoping it would finally be more interesting since it's all new stuff. And what a disappointment it was


damn black goku doing the interpretation

he had the best introduction ever

shun shun shun shun shun shun shunkan!

>skinny Buu weaker than Fat Buu
>He literally took most of his power

Mr. Buu and Majin Buu are different you faggot

Also Mr. Buu and Skinny Buu were equal in power its just that Mr. Buu's good nature was holding him back from using his full power unlike Skinny Buu who had no restraints and went all out

Angry Majin Buu and Super Buu should be equal in power, at least in theory.

None of the anime are canon

I hate this ED so fucking much.

But why user, it's cute.

I just had a thought.
Replace all the scouters with monocles.

Even if you're right, you're still wrong for posting those stupid made up numbers.

khhk khhh hk kkkhkhkhkhkkk


Fuck off Trunks


Why is this objectively his best look that we'll never see again (with blue hair or not)

Can we all agree that Gohan's best hair was when he fought Cell? The fact that Goku cut it in a form similar but not identical to his was a nice touch.

Early Buu was okay too

I want these two to interact more, user


He only had that look in one of the movies. They could at least bring back his long hair, though.


videls fat ass got in the way of brother bonding


>Its a "Everyone is jobbing and Vegeta comes to save the day only to job himself" episode
Getting really tired of this

I really like the Shadow Dragons arc of GT. In my opinion it is the saving grace of GT, and the whole arc is symbolic and is full of symbolisms related to past events in Dragon Ball. Just the thought that the final bosses Goku faces were the dire consequence of too much dragon ball abuse really makes you think. And the cool ass elemental dragons were dope, not only that but the first appearance of an actually dangerous villain team, not counting the Ginyu Farce obviously. Also elemental attacks finally become relevant, and with their cool ass tactical use they are very good. Really makes you think why Goku and co. didn't bother to learn any, just learning electric techniques to paralyze opponents would have been enough, Frieza, Cell, possibly Buu would all be stopped in their tracks, and then it's killing time.

Shadow Dragons are good though.

It's the only reason for me to stick around.

Garland is god tier

I agree that the shadow dragons arc is good on paper, the way they went about it was just terrible. Although I will say they made that arc better then the last ones

Is he wrong for hating filthy ningen Cred Forums?


Now go make me some tea

No user, he's right. Gowasu is the one who's wrong, not to mention he probably closet hates ningen too

>Pic related


Any monkey could learn final flash after seeing Vegeta do it. It's not complex.



Goku is a thug and a bully

We should get leaks on the next manga chapter either today or tomorrow.

Hopefully it will contain new stuff like the last chapter.

What are some favorite characters you had as a kid but now like someone else?

I used to love Vegeta, he was so badass. He had a big K/D on Namek.

After becoming a born again Christian at the age of 22, I started growing fond of Gohan more.

where are the gook leaks

as a kid i grew up with the toonami re-runs as most people did

i thought yamcha was a relative of goku because they looked so similar. really liked yamcha because of his badass haircut and scars. chicks dig scars.

now my favorite is zarbon


I'd be cool if the final boss(es) of Super had inspiration from the Shadow Dragons

Are Tien, Yamcha, Krillin, Picollo, Gohan, Goten, Trunks standing with Goku and Vegeta in the third ED a foreshadowing of them becoming relevant again?


Gohan is stronger than Goku or Vegeta.

Why are there so many retards here that never watched DBZ?

Gohan is irrelevant in Super you stupid Gohanfag

>Gohan is stronger than Goku and Vegeta
My sides are in orbit

No, Gohan isn't stronger, he just has the potential to be stronger


Super Goku is a bastardized abomination of a once-good character, but Kid Goku is one of my favourite Shounen protags of all time.

Mystic Gohan: 90,000,000,000
SSJ3 Goku: 32,000,000,000
SSJ2 Vegeta: 8,000,000,000

Stay butthurt.

You responded to a Dragon Ball Super comment, of course Mystic Gohan was the strongest in the Buu Saga, but in Super he isn't

Nobody cares about DBS. I've never watched it and never intend to because it's not canon.

Just like GT.

>being this retarded

How is Super Goku a bastardized version? HOW?

Dragon Ball was just comfy

Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball Z
"Bardock father of Goku" special
"History of Trunks" special

>not canon
Dragon Ball GT
Dragon Ball Flash Vaseline Edition

Anyone who claims otherwise is baiting.

What's taking so long?


Battle of gods
ressurection F
dragonball minus
super (manga) since anime incorporated the bulma ginyu filler which automatically makes it inconsistent to the canon world.

not canon
Dragon Ball GT
Dragon Ball super (anime)
Dragon Ball Z
"Bardock father of Goku" special
"History of Trunks" special


This is dumb and unnecessary.


Only correcting the previous user

either frieza is canon or whole super is less canon than gt, decide

i stopped caring when you said dragonball Z canon

super isnt canon too

finally someone who gets it


spot the samefag.

Yamcha is probably Toriyama's biggest design-failure. He was generally very good at making characters stand out from one another with distinct silhouettes etc. but Yamcha's design keeps changing and still always gets muddled with Goku/grown-up Gohan.

But then it was Yamcha's design first. Before Goku grew to normal size that was his look.

>tfw no Dragon Ball Xenoverse general

He's way dumber, more selfish, and more of a bully in pursuit of his one-note characterisation.

because it's a game and that goes to Cred Forums

Ooh right. Thanks for the words, user. Got any pictures of Turles?

Actually I'm talking about Goku's origin retcon.

if you can suck up super you should be able to accept minus.

it copied sonic back by becoming a pallet swap of design.

critical hit!

I tried to post several this week, Cred Forums just isn't interested until one randomly takes off

trial and error user.

Can we talk about Dokkan?
Is this pull any good?
I feel these ssr characters are pretty weak especially the Gohan.

Enjoy them for what they are. You can use Gohan and Trunks when Vegito arrives.

3D > 2D

>anime kill people

Dragon Ball Minus is not canon, fuck Toriyama that was stupid as shit. Gine a qt though.


>Don't worry kal-el we will find you one day
Still mad.
People joked he was the japanese superman but now he really is the japanese superman.

Jesus Christ this shit triggers me so much.

Taking responsibility for defending your own life and property instead of relying on big Mommy Government to do it, is somehow undesirable and unmanly now.

I can't, I treat it as high-profile fanfiction.

it's ussually 17th of a month possibly a delay of for tomorrow.

Me too, Minus was shit
Bardock movie was better.

Gine sniffling though, user. And at least they told Raditz.


The only problem I really had with Minus was his armor. Looked really lame. Him being skinny didn't help either.

This armor is better.

Where the fuck are the manga leaks? I wanna see how it handles Black vs Goku

I have them but they're shit quality.

These are made up numbers. Stop posting them you fucking retard.


Akira doesn't draw edgy buff characters anymore.His saiyan saga days are over.

The fact that you feel a gun is important for that proves how pathetic you are. You're a failure as a man.

There's nothing edgy about having muscles. Or thickness.

Because we live in a feminist homosexual degenerate sodomite culture where men are discouraged to be men.

This is why Shituper isn't canon.


It's canon guys just take a deep big breath and let it go. I mean you guys accepted frieza 1st form one punching gohan. So this must be nothing.

The tit inconsistency triggers me

It's not like his 1st form is Namek saga tier, he trained as Gohan got weaker.

that's toei design. The flat girl is from toryiama.
for exemple in super goku and vegeta still show some muscles.

What the fuck..

>frieza 1st form one punching gohan.
You do know that Gohan got weaker after the cell saga right?

While prodigy Freeza trained to be stronger than SSJB Goku and Vegeta. The madman.

so we ignoring that he got this boost?
Yes i know during RF arc he was nowhere near this strength. But he shouldn't lose to 1st from frieza who had a powerlevel of 1.3 million stated in the movie.


Gohan kills Frieza with 1 punch.


>coming from a Ginefag

t. butthurt frieza

i am not a friezafag.

Black is Goku from another timeline who didn't hit his head, right? It's the only legit explanation which makes sense.

Black is not canon.

The only "Black" there is, is General Black.

The one 1.3million after his training was dumb... but its probably just toryiama forgetting how high powerlevels his characters should have at this point.

Gohan sure loves Super Sentai

>The super isn't canon fag is also a powerlevel wanker
How's it going, José ?


t. low test cuck

doesn't change the fact that it doesn't make any sense user.

Tao is such a smug motherfucker

You forgot to put the movies in non canon and if by dragonball you meant the manga then yeah you right.
Besides that I gotta agree with you.

>I gotta agree with you

Are the kanzenshuu forums any good?

you know i am right.

Besides being a total fag and posting stupid bait.jpg what do you do here?

Kanzenshuu is the most intelligent DB fanbase, they know their shit.

How much does Zarbon rank on the PrettyBoy scale?

The site runners do. That says nothing about the people on the forums

>most intelligent DB fanbase, they know their shit
the same fuckers who post post namek arc powerlevels?

manga leaks when

Get that ugly Ningen out of my sight.

when the korean scanlator is done playing dota2

He's easily one of the prettiest for sure.

I agree except for these two:
Since the trunks special was basically an adaptation of a manga special of trunks from the future. And Bardock's makes more sense than the special with Gin and Bardock.

>"Bardock father of Goku" special
>"History of Trunks" special

What no episode this week?

>retards with shit taste who claim Super is canon

>"Bardock father of Goku" special
>"History of Trunks" special

yeah no you see first off in the manga trunks is already ssj before gohan's death.
And it doesn't matter what makes more sense really because at the end of the day akira decides but you can keep your headcanon.
officially though the specials are not canon.

They were nice specials but liking something has nothing to do with it being canon or not

No one cares about the manga.

This is an anime board.

Friendly reminder that nothing past the first dragonball martial arts tournament is canon

DB and DBZ

GT and Super

F Trunks is always stronger in the manga

Wtf you talking about its an anime and manga board.

Reminder that none of dragon ball is canon. It isn't even real, I haven't found a single dragon ball irl!

>No one cares about the manga
That's why people are waiting for the new super manga scans ?

Don't take the bait user.

You mean a tiny minority that most DBZ fans laugh at?


Is the fight any good?

>anime canon
Yamcha perfect cell level

It's fantastic, user.

Yeah why not? Powerlevels are bullshit anyway even in canon trunks can block and kick ssr black.

That's not how canon works user.
Ok for all you plebs out there.
Everything make by the original creator or the one who has the most rights to the franchise in this case akira toryiama is canon.



why does trunks have blue hair in super? in bulma's family do you go blue before gray when you get older?

Would have been a nice explanation. Sadly, they retconned him to having blue hair even as a child.


Who is ready for Future Mai and Trunks living in the present once this is all over?

Why didn't Goku inherit Bardock's complexion?


fuck toriyama man

didn't he had a scar on his face ?
Nvm this shit ain't canon

It'll be alright, user. Gohan will fuck up Black. My boy will prove everyone wrong.

Just the angle, friend

Where did all this canon purist come from?
Let my dragon fist , garlic junior and yamcha beating recoom alone.

>Mai = Gohanfag losing his bet
>Old guy = anons

I'm glad anons still remember his bet. Can't wait for him to get proved wrong


You heard me, get outta here Zarbon!

It's shit


What the fuck Gohan

Ok well technically you might be correct but I tell you why bardock special should be canon and minus disgarded. Without the special bardock wouldnt be even canon in the first place. Its only because toryiama liked the ova so much that he implemented it into the manga.

I like that picture

It's called retcon now go cry somewhere else.

Is it time to sexualize Broly?

he's basically a noncharacter now, the saiyan yamcha

>the saiyan yamcha

He's not alone in this.

Try me!

Ningen are truly disgusting


remember the time people wanted non sayajins getting some love?
now it's when do non godly characters get some love.

>the saiyan yamcha
I like that.


you forgetting someone

>remember the time people wanted non sayajins getting some love?

I didn't think it'd end up like this. Give the Saiyan kids some love again, please.


F Trunks doesn't have god ki. Well, at least not yet, but still.


>in 2030 dragonball super duper releases
>people make fun of vegetafags because he's irrelevant now
>everyone is wondering when non-dragon gods will be relevant again
>dragonball super duper threads are entirely people arguing over what's canon and what's not



cute dress, videl


you forgot something
people ignoring the shitty animation because of evil gohan.




you know, if he does have the highest potential then zamasu fucked up choosing goku and could have had an ez genocide choosing gohan or maybe even frieza lol

>nutted but she still suckin'


Everyone thinking the midget was gonna be goku's assistant. Turns out he is one of thr top5 characters and makes whis look like a jobeta.

only funifags hate GT because how lame GT is in dub. No wonder DB heroes is all for GT because JP fans don't hate it at all since it's good.



we don't know yet how future zamasu knew about goku. The current one saw ssjblue kaioken and was like this is what i want.

Lads is it time again?
Time to mock le eternal jobber?

I used to like Vegeta when I was younger, then I turned 18.

No please

it is never not the time to mock virginia.

If he manages to beat a major villain. It should be prohibited to make fun of him but until then memes out.

Dad, Vegeta, Trunks. Leave Black to me.

Akira giving vegeta the time light. Remember when the fucker said the next movie he wanted vegeta to play the major role? He ended up cucking so hard that goku stole his kill.

I wonder how many years he'll have to spend on the kai's planet this time to be relevant

Head trauma

Also, do we or do we not have new DBS episode tomorrow?

While they're in the past how come they can't make Trunks a god? I mean they have enough saiyans if yime is an issue they should fuck off to the hyperbolic time chamber


Ugh... S-sorry but he was too... strong

No episode this week.

because holding hands is gay.

Black is the God of Destruction for universe 10
he manifested after Zamasu became U10's Kaioshin.

A legit plot hole, Trunks meeting future Supreme Kai proves that the Kaioshin of the split timeline are also different, so that Zamasu would never have met Goku, and has no reason to be doing any of this.

The problem is that they're acting like Zamasu continues from the present-day into the future timeline, but the future timeline world is still destroyed by the androids, it's a completely different universe.

>A legit plot hole

It's not a plothole because it hasn't been explained yet. You can't give out everything in one go or else the mysterious feel goes away but for now its evident that there is something missing.

Ok? But they haven't even acknowledged it at all, they're just acting as though present day events somehow eventually progress to future trunks time, even though thats not the future, but an entirely different universe all together.

that's only whis assumption and that's what they want the watchers to think but i bet there will be a twist if not then you right.

Time rings, user.

Did anyone else find the Tree of Might slightly boring? I liked the idea and the film itself, but there were some lags in it.

I don't care about this argument but man old DBZ art is so cool. I'll never get tired of it.

the only good dragonball movie is fusion reborn.

>I wish for my time ring to be able to move back in time as well!

In the manga he's not that dumb, in the anime though...

You think xenoverse 2 will be any good? Also how could they fit this trunks with time patrolling trunks.

>implying Future Mai will ever go to the past

She has to help the resistance, why would she live in the past? Future Trunks may stay, though. Who knows, he might even get a love interest in the past. F.Mai could've been it, but since she isn't interested I guess he will have to do with Present Mai or 18. With Krillin's consent, of course.

Are you retarded? They literally explained this already, one of the time rings that was recently created goes to a different timeline which is Future Trunks' world.

I just want Piccolo to do cool shit again. Is that too much to ask?

Once it's all over she could go to the past with Trunks for a visit. I don't think they'll stay there for good though, since they need to take care of their own timeline.

>only funifags hate GT

You've got it backwards you fucking spic, Funifags and Mexicans like you are the only people who like GT.

namekian god transformation when


Just wanted to mention that Trunks' blue hair in Super actually suits him way more and I'm glad it triggers all the cancerous Z-autists posting here.

You faggots sound like Chrischan with his constant "MUH SANIC'S ARMS AREN'T BLUE".

the blue change would work well if trunks stuck in the past time or trunks went back in time again in the future when present trunks is grown up makes you think

I prefer his old hair color, but the blue hair looks good too.

as if a retard whiteknighting a random Toei Animation turd is any better

why do people keep shitting on this guy?
It's not like goku never lost.
Heck at least he is still relevant compared to gohan,piccolo,buu.

Its because he is still kept relevant and still ends up being a warm up for the new baddy that he gets shit on. Its so predictable that it became a joke.

F Mai loves him, user. She's even the biggest Trunksfag in existence.

>stronger than ssj3 gotenks

The autist who made this list isnt even functional

>literally using made up numbers to argue

This is the state of gohanfaggotree

How is this an answer? The Namek dragon balls were given a power boost after the Frieza Saga.

Said noone ever

He is the designated jobber of the team that gets btfo to show how strong the new big bad is.
And so far it has happened 3 times.

*in super.

does somebody have that webm of side by side hit and black owning vegeta?

Can we all just stop pretending Gowasu isn't suspicious as fuck?
The whole arc it feels like Gowasu is actually corrupting Zamasu in secret to make him do what he wants him to do.
First, Zamasu isn't the only one interested in Goku's power. Gowasu was shocked after seeing Goku's power when he fought against Zamasu, comparing it to that of a God of Destruction. Also, he was watching Goku fighting against Hit with a very suspicious look and he even invited Zamasu to watch it too.
Gowasu knows Zamasu has doubts about humans, he could've tried to show better examples of humans but he decided to show barbarians instead, with no guarantee their society was going to evolve in the right direction. Why be so careless? It almost feels like Gowasu wants Zamasu to hate humans, and I believe that is the case. I don't trust Gowasu at all, people are assuming Future Zamasu killed Gowasu and stole the time ring but just because Present Zamasu will probably try to do just that it doesn't mean Future Zamasu went the same way. Besides, maybe dying by Zamasu's hands could be Gowasu's plan all along.
Mind you, I'm not saying Gowasu is Black. I'm just saying Gowasu might be the real villian behind everything. Who knows if Goku Black wasn't actually his idea?
More on it:
The biggest hint about Gowasu is actually Future Zamasu.
Let us estabilish certain things here:
-A time Paradox is not possible. Future Zamasu cannot be evil because of Present Zamasu's fight with Goku.
-However, Future Zamasu knows Goku and despises him.
-Future Goku is dead and even if he met someone in the afterlife he would probably be weaker than Present Goku because he would lack God ki.


Never happened in the manga

In fact the entire end of that tournament went different in the manga.

>yfw no ssjblue kaioken

Let us not talk why F.Zamasu knows Goku, let us talk what that means. If F.Zamasu dislikes Goku just like Present Zamasu that means something will trigger it no matter the timeline.
What we can assert both timelines have in common for Zamasu? Gowasu. The reason there is a Majin Boo crisis in both timelines is because of Babidi and Dabura, although it ends with different resolutions. Somehow we don't have a Goku Black in the Present, but there is one in the future. This means focusing on Black might not be the best course of action. We should just focus on Zamasu instead.
We have a Zamasu turning evil in the Present and an already evil version of him in the Future. What is always there that could trigger Zamasu's fall in both timelines? What is the constant? GOWASU. IT IS FUCKING GOWASU. HE WILL MANIPULATE ZAMASU TOWARDS HATING HUMANS NO MATTER THE TIMELINE. The old fart is actually evil as fuck, people are being fooled by his gentle demeanor and silly jokes just like they were fooled by FUCKING FROST.

when will come out super hentai with mai and trunks?

who needs capsules when you got that big ass magical pussy pocket.

Again with the made up numbers

How dense are you?
Do you even know what canon is?

If you had read the manga or watched t anime, that'd be obvious you twat. Gotenks fought a roughly even match with Super Buu, even at Super Saiyan 3. Gohan humilated him, it wasn't even a question who was stronger. Gohan was the strongest unfused character in the manga, that's not even a debate. Vegetto being the strongest overall. Whoever thinks Kid Buu is stronger that Super Buu, especially Buuhan is retarded. And if Goku had used instant transmission to grab Gohan and have him fight Kid Buu, it would have been over in a few minutes

Japs are probably waiting until the arc is over.

No, were laughing at you

How big is Vegeta's dick if he can make a slut like Bulma feel pleasure?

t. retarded Zfag

Literally when has a ki barrage ever worked??


I was attempting to translate a specific line uttered by Piccolo in this page.


But apparently 壞 is too obscure for both Google Translate (Chinese works tho, but it's not accurate) and Excite to pick up, so I looked for every compound kanji using the furigana as a reference (かい), so I finally picked it up after some searching on WWWJDIC. Basically it means destructive, breaking, demolishing.

Then I looked up on Unihan's page, and...


>kJapaneseKun KOWASU


trunks has been training for 10 years last time we saw him but goku has been training for 7 in heaven and 3 with whis and vegeta(time chamber). Goku's base should be a lot higher than trunks and yet trunks ssj2 is the same as goku's ssj3? Either half sayians grow super fast in power with less effort or this shit doesn't make sense.

dude, you just selected the wrong kanji.
It's 壊 not 壞.

壞 is the Chinese\obsolete Japanese character from which 壊 is derived.

破壊力 is simply "destructive power"

>Either half sayians grow super fast in power
correct full blooded saiyans grow slower but half saiyans grow in power fucking faster the problem is the drive they don't have unlike full blooded saiyans to get stronger thanks to being in a hellish timeline trunks has no choice to become stronger or die unlike his alternate time counterpart in a peaceful timeline that doesn't need to get stronger.

Trunks being SS3 level with SS2 is never mentioned in the anime even once, it's just a manga-only thing because Toyotaro is a fag.

Half breed bastards do indeed grow much stronger in power faster. Look at how early kid goten and trunks went ssj.
Its just that it comes with a drawback that they are not as fighting hungry as pure sayajins but since trunks was constantly fighting for his life for 10 years he had to put in work. It was stated in the manga when nappa talked with vegeta about gohans power level. Look it up

I think the Dragon Ball limits have more to do with how the other world works than plain magic power.

Yeah but it does make sense for trunks being this strong or else he wouldnt be able to keep up with ssr black at all.

Vegeta also powered up to SSj3 level while in SSj2.

If anything that is another clue(alongside the massive energy drain) the SSj3 transformation is incomplete, more a "Grade Three" of Super Saiyan 2 than an actual new transformation.

Oh, fuck me then. Still, 壊's old pronounciation is kowasu, right? I thought it had something to do with Gowasu.

Reminder that she's only with Vegeta out of pity because he looked lonely after yamcha cheated on her for the hundredth time.

Nah. That doesn't really imply that SS3 isn't the "next level" because it is, it's just that it's also possible to power SS2 up to SS3 levels of strength without transforming.

How is this a rebuttal?
>The Namek dragon balls were given a power boost after the Frieza Saga.
Which said nothing about removing that limitation.

Why can't Toyotaro reuse some of his old AF designs in Super or let anyone that's not Toriyama make some new transformations?


transformations are over, now its only normal and blue,, we wont even get blue ssj3, not to mention NEW forms, power level also means nothing anymore, ssj truks = blue goku, kys torijama

being this retarded

PROTIP: Future Zamasu is Black
The Zamasu you see with Black is Present Zamasu - time traveling.

>that hurts my feelings
>stop it
>i said stop it!!!

this looks uglier than super saiyan god

Oh piccolo daimao wants to rule over the world?
imma just sit here and watch with my black friend making toast.

>unironically liking AF's transformations

It's hilarious because you faggots are also probably the people who bitch about the recolors being "DA tier".

who you calling black?

recolors are no new forms retard, literally everything would be better than blue

Seriously wtf were this two doing?

Bullying goku

why would zamasu turn himself into a filthy ningen

how present zamasu know whos black?

making tea

Damn I totally forgot that super anime had indeed the bulma-frog filler in it.
Well guess the super manga is the canon to follow even though I hate how they did goku vs hit.

the copy-vegeta arc should be enough evidence to point out that the anime is not the real canon. Anime never are canon except if they follow the author script to 100 percent but we all know toei mix in stupid bullshit. I bet the tagoma/ginyu battle was their idea and not akira's.

Hit vs goku in the manga makes a lot more sense then the overpowered shit show we had on tv. Only manchildren would find it cool.

>time period




Canon babies at it again.
Just stfu and enjoy the show fuck.
No wonder dragonball has the worst fanbase. I dont see other animes debating about canon or not.


Who's worse?

gohanfags and gotenisblackfags


different earrings

Why discuss something?
Just stfu and enjoy the show fuck.


But black is goten.
My theory:
After travelling to U6/7 to wish for immortality future zamasu went to some planets and started eradicating some filthy ningens.He then went to earth thats where he discovered a wasteland left by the androids. Thats not all as he looks at the devastated state of the planet with his disgusted look on his face he finds a baby crying all alone. That baby was goten and he raised him to become goku black. Black being goku can't be since future zamasu has no knowledge of goku.

if goten didn't die in goku's diseased nutsack, he died in chichi's abused womb


Maybe bardock spent more time on planet beach? My dad's way more tan than I am because he spends a lot of time fishing.

Bump limit reached, new thread

He's literally the Worf of Dragon Ball, user.

it's almost like dragon ball is based on chinese mythology and the gods are all a part of a ridiculous bureaucracy

shut up!

goten isn't born cause of androids. Read the manga.

>Goten does more in the opening than in the series.

I'm so disappointed.