Danganronpa 3

do you know why

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Chiaki's scream makes for a great text tone

>Be Juzo
>Get btfo by blonde slut and his grunts
>Reserve course trash makes fun of you for loving your best friend
>Blonde bimbo ridicules AND blackmails you into lying to your husbando
>Things go ok for a while
>Chisa starts acting weird
>Constantly flaunts about personas big dick when she's alone with you
>Makes homophobic jokes when the three of you are together
>You are forced to laugh with them, albeit awkwardly
>'hehe yeah q-queers are a fucking joke'

Ouch. I want more Chisa/Juzo friendship doujins.

Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.

You know why.

Not long to go before weedman saves the day.

Are you ever tired of posting that?

This pleases me.

Junko, is that you?


I want to marry Junko and have lots of mentally deranged children with her.

Being Juzo is suffering. All he ever wanted was Munakata's hope stick.

Threadly reminder that I just don't know anymore.

I have Chiaki's "ne ne" as my text tone

Also, post comfy

Can somebody with hands not out of ass make Wolverine edit already?

Reminder to all Chiakifriends, Kirigiribros, and Chisapals that this will have a happy ending.


Has Munakata gone a single episode without getting a new meme attached to him?


Why does Junko have Kyouko's clothes back there? Sneaking into her room at night for panty raids?


Trips confirm

I encourage Juzoboys to root for Weedman this time


I'll be upset until the end of the universe.

W-we just have to believe in weedman bros, believing in hope it's the best thing we can do.


nice digits user

I thought 1/3rd of the characters will have a happy ending

How will Kodaka make this angel suffer?



you know, i hated Juzo at first, but his character became one of the most entretaining ones somehow, i cant hate but like the guy.


Chiaki, Chisa, Juzo, Kirigiri. Loved, hated, presumed dead. Three men without waifus, one man handled. Truly, this is Despair. But there is Hope, too. Hope moves forward, Naegi said. Hope and Despair lead to the future, Hajimeme said.

Believe in the ones you love, and maybe, just maybe, you will see them again. Hope devours Despair, and creates the future!

Everyone is gonna have a happy ending when they live in the virtual reality

Increasingly non-canon as the days continue, but w/e

so kirigiri is the mastermind


Can anyone read Moonspeak and tell me what this says?


Follow the light man, Miracles will save us.

By killing her waifu, how else?

The guy is a walking meme.

it's always the same shit with the assholes

> byakuya
> fuyuhiko
> juzo

I actually like Chiaki after her death

It's strange


You knew everything.

Kaede-san, it appears my circuits have become water-damaged.

I wonder if V3 will get us as invested in their characters as we are with the DR1-2 ones.

We have no idea who the mastermind is. Be patient and find out on Monday.



One of the good things about Chiaki is that she gets so much comfy art, I love it.

I want to fix her with lots of hope, love and cuddles

I would handcuff myself to her and show her how immune I am to her attempts to despair me, I would become her only hope in the world.

Having her cry softly in my arms about all the evil she has done and telling her I would love her no matter what she does would feel like heaven.

Go advertise your shit elsewhere.

>juzo turned out to be gay
>suddenly Cred Forums loves him

We wanted to know, and now we know too much.

Danganronpa was a mistake

Hajizuru Mikan daughter soon

I've been around long enough to know lies when I see them.

Add faggots to the dislikes

Post the exact pic you want. I've got it setup and ready to go in PS

You gotta go higher than that. Her husbando, too.
Plus, since she's the leader, she's going to cry when death keeps piling up. I hope she has some really pathetic, pitiable, despair-inducing expressions like Komaru did.

Juzo went from "hope he dies quick" to must entertaining and understandable character in series, as a Mukurofag, I hope he is crawling to safety as we speak.

>tfw you couldn't protect that smile
It hurts.

Everything about me.


I've liked him ever since Future 8, and the JUZOBOYS have been riding the Juzo train as long as I can remember

Miracles? Please. No way that would happen!

Just more complaints about how it's brainwashing and not individual manipulation.

Even my despair.

Izuru will save Nanami, r-right? t-that's surely a posibility right?
>take nanami
>use his super ultimate skills to save her
>leave to never see her again

why do the best girls die?


feels bad man

Not the user your replied to, but I'd love one of pic related

So what if instead of getting rid of the brainwashing, Junko had offered each of the remnants a personal deal and she got to control them, using the brainwashing, as their part to her? That way you retain the personal responsibility of each character while having a sensible reason why they went that far off the deep end.

... But maybe, just maybe, there will be.

Killer photo, my dude!

Where have you been in the past two months?

Is this Monaca space son?

Not just best girls.


Didn't the Juzoboys come into existence around Future ep 3?

Yes. Komaeda onii-chan came inside her, probably crying out Chiaki's name, and then she got pregnant.

I can never get enough of Togami look here, it's hilarious.

I hope she gets good character development.

I'm on it user, it should be finished later tonight

The world isn't fair user, bitches like Junko exist to ruin everything, Nanami could have lived a comfy life playing videogames with Hinata until the end of times, but we got despair instead

kek,I was kind of surprised he reacted to her death the most.

Man is he going to feel dumb if someone from the island is the mastermind.

Please post more live action, specifically more HOPE.
Did Cred Forums watch the live action together and i completely missed it somehow?



i thought everyone hates juzoboys


The brainwashing combined with motives a la 1-1 and the student council would've been the most effective and satisfying, probably.

I doubt Hinata will settle for that kind of games alone with a girlfriend this sexy.

>has to be a joke
>fine tumblr
>no really this is parody art
>Pansexual/ Quoiromantic
>Agender; They/Them pronouns
>Art School
What god allows this abomination to breathe but lets Origa die?

Man is Junko going to feel dumb if Chiaki is alive and a miracle really did happen after she taunted her about it.

The entire series was virtual reality. DR2 was a simulation in a simulation.


You are so fucking retarded it's mind-boggling. Did you just now join the threads?



They did got to meet again user...

I want a stupid and generic happy ending that will enrage most people in here where Nanami gets to live and she gets to see that she was right, things work out somehow if you believe in hope because Hinata is back as his old self.

The more i think about it the more despair i feel,

Who else here fapped to Chiaki's death?

No? They're just waifufags with a different name.


Oh of course they'd eventually end up doing that user, but you gotta start with the videogames.

I fapped to her screams.

Nanami would have a shit life if she lived too. Every day she would happily go to the park bench just to play games with Hinata. Every single day he would just moan about muh talent and muh limp talentless dick to her while being a downer. Every single day she would have to listen to this pussy because he moistens her pussy. Just for the off chance that he would quit being a pussy, every single day, she would go to that park bench with talentless loser Hinata for the off chance of him taking her to bone town USA, home of the crushed pussies.

That was her HOPE!

>tfw fapped to Chisa's lobotomy
>couldn't get into it when Chiaki died

I guess I'm not despairsexual after all. I'm just a filthy degenerate

why are you doing this

I want it too, user, and believe me, I know how the despair keeps accumulating the more you dwell on it.

All we gotta do is have hope!


Not OR, but that's perfect!


This is the only other one I have

You know why.

NO!!!!! Chisa never did this... r-right?
God I bet Junko told her about him. Now this is true despair.

I might've fapped if Chiaki got swirly eyes of despair, but Junko decided to not torment her about Hajime for some stupid reason and I was left feeling hollow.

Th-Thanks, user

Komaeda was in love with Chiaki's hope

A reason why Mukuro's so messed up could possibly be because Junko murdered their parents horribly in front of her eyes, and mindbroke her.

And it'd be the same person making both look dumb.

But nanami did convince hinata of believing that he didn't need any talents to be somebody, it was Juzo that enraged Hinata so much that he lost focus and went for the dumb transformation into Izuru.

Hinata is not a pussy, if you've played the games you'd see that he's more of a man that Naegi ever was, he'd eventually man up and pound that pussy just Nanami wanted to.

Hajizuru isn't the mastermind.

>tfw fapped to both
Am I too far gone into despair?


I feel like i should abandon the idea so if it doesn't happens i don't lose all hope and go full-despair.

But in the end, the best thing we can do it hope.

>Fapping to Chisa's lobotomy
But she might have peed a little




How come dub Izayoi has more personality than the original?



What did he mean by this?

What is this even from?


People who aren't fags like himself.

>Fucking hetshitters

She just wasn't lucky enough user.

The fuck were you tryin' user


Delete this

Is it strange that I know what game they used as a template to draw that?

Funi does something right for once


>should I kill her?

I find it 10/10 how he's also talking about people making fun of his queerness in this scene


Pretty good but she's got nothing on Toko.

Can there be more?

Dub Ruru sounds cute

Will Kaede get to feel those thick thighs on her face?

This'll probably be it until Monday.

What could have been.

The point is that Junko doesn't exist, if she doesn't exist, Hinata will still get punched by Juzo and made to eat dirt going all the way back to square one. Hinata is a pussy, he needs a Nanami to counteract how much of a depressing, piece of talentless shit he is. He will never be more of a man than Naegi, who has been punched by Juzo and not turned into a spineless bitch.

If only she could have been in class 78, maybe she wouldn't have fallen for Hinata the pussy.

>nip izayoi: no, not now.
>murican izayoi: STOP. NO. KNOCK IT OFF.

the dub is a treasure

The proportions warp all the time, if there's a CG you can bet she'll look thicker there.

Well you tried. J u z o b o y s.

>the reason Peko lost was because she subconsciously recognized a fellow Heterocrusader and held back

A miracle is not going to happen fags. Your waifus are dead.



>JP Izayoi: Not now
Where did it all go so right?


Or you could just abandon it. It'd probably be for the best before things get any more retarded.

My sides

is kaede a top or bottom

how do lesbians work


Is kirigiri the traitor?

Even if it hurts, you have to go full steam ahead. That's the only proper way to do it.

>dat prolonged STOP

Kaede's both at the same time.

Dub Izayoi>Nip Izayoi


Mukuro is the queen of thighs.

It's all a question of who initiates and who's laying there and taking it. Sometimes they're equal, but those are rare moments.

Kaede's a switch.

Say "Aaaaaaaaah"!


So why are people mad about the brainwashing thing again?

It was already established in DR0 and DR2, and it's really the only Junko could have feasibly gotten all 2357 Reserve Course students as her personal army, ready to off themselves on her command.

There's no way she could have used anything *but* brainwashing without making it seem like an absolute asspull.

Going through some of the FTEs in 2 again just now, I can't help but wonder - why are some of the characters so much milder in the anime? I used to think that only Chiaki (for obvious reasons) and to some extent Mahiru were different, but I'm starting to notice a serious pattern here. Hiyoko's a clear-cut case.



Mukuro's got those muscular after-workout thighs. They're firm and great for choking people out.
Toko's are soft and perfect for squeezing.

/r/ing 'Dewicious babe' from the dub

You despair because you hope. You cling to hope because you despair.


Strap ons

Because they're not in a life or death situation anymore? Are you perhaps autistic?

Needs more hina, less monaca.

Either by strapon or by rubbing clits together

two sided dildo


I like these two together.

People are more angry at brainwashing the DR2 cast, not the non important reserve course nobodies.

I always thought that to keep the Monokuma-Doraemon connection they should try and make him sound like Winnie the Pooh in dubs or something like that.

They didn't go gay enough. For Junko to be blackmailing him with this and have it seem legit, it should have been more candid. That might have made Juzo look like a creep, though.

He hated it so much. All that despair from seeing their class rep get murdered.

He truly is lucky.

>Hinata is not a pussy, if you've played the games you'd see that he's more of a man that Naegi ever was

Final Trial
Hinata: Baaaaaaaaaaw, leave me out of this fight. I don't even have any talent.
Chiaki AI: Hinata wear some pants and tell that despair to fuck off for your FUTURE

yep totally manly there Hinata after finding out he had no talent

>"How to tell if your imouto is a siscon"
>All those Monaca messages
>Link to Despair Anime
Hopebook is the best

well shit fuckin hell. i see kaede more as the taking-it type than the doing-it type then.

It devalues the whole falling to despair thing quite a bit. Entire cast of SDR2 is no longer people who got onto the wrong path, but just victims of a plot device.

Oral(69 or one-sided cunnilingus such as facesitting), fingering, strapons, tribadism, nipple play, kissing, it goes on and on, and yes, quite a few things lesbians do are things that straight people can do as well.

>Kirigiri fucking dead
>Chiaki fucking dead
>Chisa despairslut, also fucking dead
>Juzo gay, also fucking dead

Unfortunately, there is no way in hell that they could afford Jim Cummings.

except take a dick

The DR2 guys were also chumps to Junko

This fanart after Future ep 5 is sad in hindsight. If only Chisa really did only have good intentions for Munakata, I really hope she does.


>Hold onto your ass
Juzo turning out to be gay is the best thing to happen in the series.

>Funi knew Juzo was gay all along
Why didn't we listen?

But the DR2 cast are also non important nobodies.

Dont be a love interest/or a man with a crush.

>hold onto your ass
Goddamnit I love this line

well i'm fucking ready for the doujins then

Yeah, that's one of the things they can't do. Your point?

That's the shit

In Mahiru's case in particular it has absolutely nothing to do with the situation. She's completely neutered in Zetsubou-hen.

Can someone post the rest of the Hopebook images?

Yeah, in the end they are just useful idiots for Izuru to enact his plan. Chiaki is the only important one because she made Izuru FEEL.

Nigga, how do you think thick ass toned thighs like that feel when relaxed?

Not denying Toko's are any less perfect, though.

>"Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?"

Gay guys have much more to go with then lesbians.

Mukuro is a lot less redeemable now. Previously it was "anyone who comes in contact with Junko turns to Despair because Junko is just amazing like that." now Mukuro is the only character in the series that's under Junko's thumb without some form of additional brainwashing.

We need a compilation of dub Juzo lines

Well, even in despair some characters offer helpful advice. Chisa asking Naegi to try and understand Munakata's viewpoint and work with him really did happen, and Junko in AE told Izuru that something even he couldn't predict might happen, and sure enough a miracle happened in SDR2.

Their entire relationship is really sad in hindsight. No wonder Munakata was such an extremist.

Hey, you try and struggle with erasing your existence and you were the reason you were put in a killing game.
I would cry like a bitch. Naegi is lot more confident and manl(et)y in future hen though.

People dont have to put down Naegi to talk up Hajime and vice versa.

This is just one downward spiral to despair. It isn't fair. None of this is fair.

How can a dub both give us great stuff like "STOP" and "Hold onto your ass" but then give us shit like Asahina and Monokuma?

I'm guessing you know from personal experience?

>people actually cried at Chiaki's death

I'm always impressed how invested some people can get.

I want to lick Toko's entire body clean.

Not really, if you consider that girls have two holes instead of one

Requesting Izayoi version of this pic

Because she is among her classmates and not people she doesn't knows

They didn't though, they translated his conversation with Chisa by having him tell her he'd die for her.

The mandatory

>hold onto your ass
>big guy

They'll probably all be futa.
Kaede a cute.

Why did this goddess have to die? I like that she played a big reason for Hajime going for it but I HATE that it caused no tension between Fuyuhiko and Mahiru or anything more other than crying about it.

Hinata don't deserve her love!

I find it ironic that swirly eyes is despair and not red eyes since hypno despair anime

Fiction will always be fiction, but if it has nothing to do with you simply not liking Chiaki then this might not be the medium for you.

>There's no subtitle translating the NG codes


Go for it, big guy.

I didn't see this coming, damn.

Underpay a translator and this is what you get. Voices are a different story.

Sweet Jesus that is terrifying

>Go for it big guy
What did he mean by this?

They use flutes.

Unfortunately, in 99% of them one of the girls will magically grow a dick within two panels.

>Forgetting about Matsuda
>Forgetting about the Warriors of hope and Monaca
>Forgetting that Mukuro has it worse due to being build as a tool for despair ever since she was a kid

What the everlasting fuck is up with Monokuma's voice? I feel like killing myself now

Peko already had red eyes from doing yakuza shit.

>mr CHAIRman
>gunning for a piece

I've almost shed tears at movies and stuff before. I think it has less to do with being invested and more like... your brain registers it as sad, and makes you cry. Although being invested surely helps.

Tried putting up more videos on youtube but they took them down.
There's this part where he shouts "Munakata is the future!" My sides.
Can't wait for the lines we'll get once they get to ep 9 of Future and 10 of Despair, though we won't be having these threads anymore by then will we?

>inb4 kodaka pulls some bullshit like 'Junko was hypnotised to like despair all along'

it always feels weird listening to dubs

>Chisa asking Naegi to try and understand Munakata's viewpoint and work with him really did happen
That's a phrase I find really weird if she is despair. Why encourage Naegi to understand Munakata? It's counter-intuitive. You're not talking to some scrub, you're talking to a HOPE + LUCK combo who stopped Junko. Ah, I'm sure we'll get to know more about Chisa's motivations later.

>Junko in AE told Izuru that something even he couldn't predict might happen
That was just Junko taunting Izuru and ultimately trying to use him again, no advice there.

[Questionable screaming of Kodaka's name in the distance]

I wonder if it can mean something combined with Komaeda saying Junko a shit.

What if mastermind behind Future's game is mastermind behind Junko and Junko was brainwashed into getting Mitarai creating brainwashing anime in similar fashion

It all ends in despair user. There is no hope or anything convenient like miracles.

Reminder that this strongly suggests Junko was hypnotized into loving despair too and she actually is like Ryoko deep down.

Who could do that, though?
And why would they do such a thing to an innocent, quirky and smart girl?

But I thought Danganronpa Togami wasn't canon? Because that assumed Junko was hypnotized and the reason was incredibly shitty. So if they try to pull a "Junko dindu" then they'll probably use that trash.

I wasnt sad that it was Chiaki, just a defenseless girl getting tortured.

i miss nanami


That's the thing, it might have just been them taunting, but they inadvertently helped the protagonists out.

Also, there's something about Chisa's theme that just makes me feel sad.

Must've been awkward as fuck when Tengan reveals his NG code.

Didn't they say that Junko despaired the moment she left the womb though?

I didn't even know that was canon in DR:Togami. Holy fuck that's stupid

>Monokuma's laugh

It depends from person to person. Chiaki's "death" didn't really affect me, and she still went out relatively honorable at least. Chisa's "brainwashing" broke me however. To see such a love-filled person get warped against her will going against everything she stood for... Imagine if she did turn back to normal, how would she live with herself. Is that why she's crying in her death?

I was really hoping she'd realize that something isn't right upon seeing Chisa. It would've fucked with Junko big time.

She said that, and she's basically a fucking chuuni hyping herself up all the time.


It's just weird that they had the exact same swirly hypnosis eyes that Junko had. I'm not saying it'll happen, but Kodaka literally excusing away every single action Junko ever did like that would be a tooth-grinding yet also hilarious way to truly finish off the HPA saga.

Junko is not the most reliable source of info.

I have never watched anime dubbed with the exception of pokemon but that "hold onto your ass" line is hilarious. Also
>Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

are you fucking kidding me? the point of lesbians is that there aren't any dicks involved. i'd be okay with strap ons but christ

The entire scene was akin to watching someone kill a defenseless animal. Not surprised some people cried.

Some of us have something called compassion.
Search your heart for it, you know it's there hiding in your edgy layers.

Munakata's a big guy.

Head trauma was too much.

I question how she was still able to talk to Izuru and suck Hinata's dick in that situation.

Post characters who did nothing wrong

Ah I forgot she said that herself. Nevermind.

I never thought I'd miss Teddie's voice but holy fuck

Weird thing is I cried when AI Chiaki got executed, teared up when I replayed the game and teared up as well when Seiko died, but didn't shed a tear this time around, maybe I already got used to my waifus dying, after all they also faked me out with Asahina

>requests people post dindunuffins
>posts suspect numero uno for the mastermind

Maybe the fact she's the protagonist will increase the chances of a true yuri doujin happening. They can be pretty hot.

Munakata is a big guy, for despair.

>we all made fun of DRT for the despair book
>despair arc introduces despair ANIME

drt probably isn't canon but damn we're reaching similar levels of retardation

hey if kirigiri somehow got 2 i dont see why kaede cant

>there are people posting in this very thread that unironically watch the dub

Why does Seiko always look so worried? I want to hug her.

She either likes to bullshit
Or the world is really that stupid

Or both

My favourite charcter in DR3, fuck you Munakata

For real though, what the fuck is Junko's problem?

I like Danganronpa, but she really is a shitty villain

Naegi kun it appears that I am dead

I was distraught but didn't start to cry until the final moments were she plopped down and Izuru cried and I started singing along to the ED

Why are you do pussy holy shit

This anime has confirmed Mikan as pig shit. I knew she was worst girl

is this the game of thrones of anime

>Anime starts
>Chiaki dying is assumed
>was expecting something similar to the DR2 execution where she gives some words of encouragement and faces her death with a warm smile

I'm not even a chiakifriend but that was really despairing

Its even worse knowing that it won't happen to shitty Mikan. Hopefully when the DR2 survivors woke up they chucked her pod into the ocean.

>"Go for it big guy!"

Everything is better with a penis.

That's why I'm really hoping for a miracle to happen and Chisa's body was a fake one. Junko is getting my hopes up saying that word. Mirai-1 being the end of Chisa is depressing.

wait what the fuck juzo is actually gay?

I hate get so much. Fuck this fashion normalfag slut.

Tengan was right

gas all hopefag extremists

Despair NTR is the only solution

Why are you don't gramma holy shit

i hope so. dicks in doujins sometimes make me cringe with the way they're drawn.

You know why.

I know. Isn't it great?

> Mukuro, Chiaki
> both got pincushioned
> Mukuro died almost instantly
> Chiaki survived long enough to have a monologue
that's what happens when you minmax an evasion build and put nothing in constitution

post scenes women will NEVER understand

>Why are you do pussy

What did he mean by this?

they're talking shit

She just wants to be happy and have someone to hold and love but her talent doesnt let her be happy.



Though it was by equally stupid methods, I felt more for Chisa falling into despair than Chiaki being tortured and dying

>Keereegeekeeh good to see you!


Fuck off


Juzo is gay if you know what I mean

Oh god damn it, forget tooth-grinding, I'll admit it, if this really happened I would cry. I would cry so hard that a maiden was reduced to a monster that I hated so goddamn much. It already hurts hard enough with Chisa and Mikan, and the fact that the possibility is there at all for Junko gets to me. I can actually feel tears welling up in my eyes right now at the mere thought of this stupid plot development.

Thankfully it won't happen.
But if it did, it would be a twist!

Hey, I'm here because you invited me you dork.

>Expect Chaiki to just get stabbed by Izuru or something
>Spend about 20 goddamn minutes having her be impaled, beaten and tortured
>When she finally reached the goal
I swear to god that shit was intentional, Junko's despair anime may have been for Class 77 but Kodaka's despair anime has been setting up for this exact moment

> "Juzo, let me destroy the world or I'll tell your best friend you're gay."
> "Yeah that sounds fair."

Reconfirming that boxer really is the most retarded character in the entire series.


So did Chisa and Junko swap places or what?

I doubt that. Even among dubshitters the DR3 dub is generally considered to be pretty bad. Plus the actual market for the dub is insanely small since people either played it in Japanese, or don't like the changes in english VAs.

This is depressing. I hope she's alive and he can cure her.

Most do, considering that being impaled by multiple spikes from various angles should most probably have you bleeding out in seconds, if not dying instantly.

Unless Junko, since she can apparently do everything, calculated Chiaki's reaction in advance just right so that the skewers ran her through in non-vital areas somehow.

I thought Kodaka was going to leave it to our imaginations but he actually had the balls to say Juzo is gay and brutally murder Chiaki in the same episode. This man has nothing to lose.

He just got told that he doesn't exists anymore and that he's the reason his friends ended up killing each other, anyone would freak out after that, even Juzo or any tough guy.


This is a retarded theory.

Junko would be way too bored pretending to be Chisa.

Thanks dude.

Post more of these nigga


holy fuck


i don't know what you mean
p-please tell me

>thinking she is like the joker or some super cool villain that used her charisma, intellect and beauty to convince people to come join her side through calculated methods thought several steps ahead
>Kodaka intreprets this by making her run around like an idiot, doing whatever she wants, and using hypno anime

Delete this, Kodaka
Delete the anime out of existence

>Unless Junko, since she can apparently do everything, calculated Chiaki's reaction in advance just right so that the skewers ran her through in non-vital areas somehow.
Maybe Izuru is just lucky.

She'd feel despair at her own intense boredom

Best one so far.


Junko had been brainwashed. By the true Ultimate Despair.

But if I told you who it was you probably wouldn't believe me.

Alright lads, let's solve the sleep murders. What's their commonality? Any possibility one of them is fake, and they're trying to pass it off as a sleep murder? Or are the sleep murders fake to begin with and replaced with fake bodies? Remember the typical DR shakycam. That must have some significance.

>Only Chisa doesn't have a red light blaring. But there was a screen in the room so if the brainwashing theory is right... Either way I'm 100% sure she's the one who threw the sleeping gas ball so whatever
>Only Seiko's eyes are obscured sadly but the rest had something notable about them. Namely the women (Chisa/Ruruka) crying, and Gozu's being wounded.
>Only Ruruka's body wasn't found suspended in the air. Her body was gruesomely wrecked. The differences between the deaths supports the alternate attackers theory. Gozu could've bodyslammed Seiko like that, while Seiko would go all out on Ruruka and forcefeed her the candies she kept pushing on Seiko.

Oh yeah, and the attackers clearly come from the vents. I assume the 16th person wakes them up and then explains the game/project they're in currently. They agree to cooperate.

So is Komaeda still pretending to be straight?

>Get the superest mega hope boner from a man, Izuru.
>Has to pretend Chiaki's hope is comparable to glorious SHSL tsumaranai.

>i don't know what you mean
What did he mean by this?

>Let Junko go away because he didn't wanted to get out of the closet

What if Tengan was reponsible of hypnotizing Junko to loving despair, after all she got into HPA by recomendation of a Top member in the organization.


>What did he mean by this?
What did he mean by this?

I don't know about her, but I know I did.

rip my sides

>but they took them down.
Nothing gets taken down from DailyMotion.


Is Despair the TOR of DR at this point, considering how much it fucked up Junko's character?

No, his first hopelove in HPA was Chiaki. Ideally he'd probably like to fuck Chiaki while getting fucked by Hajizuru.

Just watched the episode, I don't usually feel anything when emotionless characters cry but holy shit Izuru crying at the end was beautiful

We have to believe in hope user, that's what Nanami would have wanted you to do, don't lose hope.
S-she'll be fine, just believe.

Still waiting for Chiaki's.


I assume his first hopelove was Chisa, then Chiaki, then he went gay. And he erased his memories and met Hajime and was gay again.

>Everyone falls asleep
>One person is woken up
>Mindhack anime is being played on the monitors
>They kill themselves in despair

Supports the different attackers evidence, as the attacker is the victim themselves

>chisa on chandelier
>gozu a little lower, hanging
>seiko a little lower than that, on the wall
>ruruka on the ground

I'm grasping at straws, but here. Also, the 16th participant has to be someone who at least showed up in Zetsubou-hen, if not Mirai, right?

He's in denial. He's thinking his ex can beat his new hope love. Chiaki made a nice stepping stone. Congratulations, Nanami.

Juzo is a fucking faggot.




>the strawberry shows its face three times.

I swear to god if Junko is still alive. I hope it's an AI if it is her.

He always though of Nanami as the class hope not Chisa.

It wouldn't have mattered either way, Nanami was done the moment she stepped into Junko's lair with her friends.

>waifubait dead and gone
>Juzo serving Junko so she doesn't tell P4 about his faggotry
Is just us HOPEboys left now?

no no, he's not a fucking faggot. he's the one that gets fucked, get it right

You think juzo is ever gonna get his husbando?

He's such a moron. The biggest meh talent in the class.

I was promised someone's mind being taken over by her

Still banking on Aoi if Kirigiri doesn't deliver

>why are you do pussy holy shit

She is alive and will be fixed.

He already got penetrated once, I'm sure he's happy.

>Weedman actually says "man" in the end of his sentence like a crack head

If Chiaki was just a stepping stone to him, he wouldn't be bawling his eyes out when she died. He really liked her and his old, really bad luck of "everybody you love dies" came back to haunt him and that probably broke him incredibly hard. Even if he woke up from the simulation he'd probably have broken free of the brainwashing and turned catatonic over what happened to Chiaki.

>new Hajime

these are fine

>everyone else

This is why dubs get a bad rap, especially Monokuma holy shit. I've been a big defender of his English voice in the games but there's no defending how he sounds now.

>the junko AI from DR2 was from Shirokuma's AI
>the junko AI from DR3 turns out to be from Kurokuma's AI



>Munakata's blade is inside me.... It feels so hot...!!

Talent isn't everything, maybe she was just his type of hope.

>despair arc

Three times? Get ready for the sixth

I love these

What if it's just Chisa brainwashed into thinking she's Junko. I dont want Chisa to be dead since she is alive in that theater.

You think he came from that?


junko isnt any different than how she was in Dr1.

>Bring Chiaki back
>Kills her again
I feel heartbroken, Kodaka killed my hopes in the same way Junko does.
What Kodaka did should be illegal.

Please no, Kurokuma was fucking unbearable.

I had to skip past 95% of his dialogue.

Question to the Junkofags in this thread, do you consider yourself a masochist?

>Junko in Chisa's body fucks Naegi in front of Aoi and Munakata

ok but to be fair he says "dabe" at the end of his nip sentences


She is still alive, I shall never give up on my HOPE

>implying any of the 3 waifus will die

I still prefer JYB for Hinata. I usually don't like him that much in his other roles (most notably P4 Hero), but he was honestly perfect for him as Hinata.

>Talent isnt everything

Not what he believes and that is why Hajime is his type of hope.

He only liked Chiaki because she was the class rep and tried to bring people together. Hajime was the one to understand his line of thinking and he connected with him.
It absolutely destroyed him finding out Hajime was normal.

What's his name, Cred Forums?


>literally the exact same swirly hypnotized eyes as Junko
What would people' reactions honestly be if Junko really turned out to be brainwashed and somebody who would never have done the things she did if she hadn't met "That person"?

The Future arc has been ok honestly. The meme magic might be a big part of that enjoyment though, and at least there's still some murder mystery and plot twists coming.

But holy shit, Despair arc was a mistake. It ruined basically every character it touched except maybe Izuru, Imposter, and Seiko.

> You killed our friend so now we'll serve you!
Fuck off with this bollocks.



>like a crack head
You do know crack and weed are entirely different, right?

Yes, to a degree

Munakata "Slay the Gays" Kyousuke

chisa and chiaki are dead as fuck, kirigiri might have a chance cause offing all 3 heroines might be a bit too much even for kodaka.

oh, I loved JYB as Hajime and I wish he returned for the anime dub, but the new guy sounded alright at least. Other replacements like Monokuma and Weedman were embarrassing though.

No matter how I tried, I can't give two shits about Juzo, Munakata and Chisa, they are fucking horriable charcters. I guess Komaeda-tier charcter is a sheer of pure luck from Kodaka.

It turns out the true mastermind of DR1 was actually Naegi, the entire killing game was organised by him and Junko as pro-Naegi propaganda. DR2 was him getting rid of the excess despairs he didn't need anymore, and DR3 is him finishing off the other members of the FF so he can rule the world alone.

>Go for it big guy.

I dunno, they seem to be doing a pretty good job of it so far.

Pure love

happy cause it'd give her at least something more to her character than "lol despair"

we DESPAIRboys now

Why have Junko when her sister is the best girl?


Not really

>implying they'd care, seeing as Aoi only loves donuts and Munakata pretty much knows its not his old waifu anymore

but strawberrys are red

>swirly eyes as he says that
He's lying.

Junko is actually a far more consistent in the anime, with her working towards an actual goal.
In the games, we mostly got "lol, the game's almost over, so I gonna mess around with the survivors a bit"

Kyosuke "If you're gay, you don't belong in my anime" Munakata

I mrsn he's a drug addict only in memes. Why is funimation make him look like he smokes weed

They've already ruined DR2 at this point, may as well retroactively screw up the original too.

>liking the smelly, stupid and ugly sister

You don't seem to understand what "all or nothing" means. You either finish the job or don't do it at all.

>cure w
>keep her alive so munakata can commit seppeku as redeeming sacrifice
Chiaki's pretty dead, man. Best we'll get is Izuru using his SHSL everything to make her an AI.

Yeah, I was willing to forgive Zetsubou-hen before, if only because I don't like memes as much as the average person in here which made Mirai-hen a lot less bearable, but it's absolutely shat on most of the characters and SDR2's message. The last few episodes have completely pushed it over the edge.

Yeah Monokuma's laugh was just awful. I don't know if the Voice Director is to blame or the actor, but seriously, what were they thinking?

I think Chiaki and Kirigiri are a tier above Chisa but 3 waifus isnt too much

This is great and actually kind of sad

Makoto being Ultimate Despair would be believable enough. None of his extreme optimism that he preaches actually works for anyone else (be it assholes or genuinely nice people) in this series without it blowing up in their faces somehow, because they don't have Luck.

>tfw it turns out there was no real reason Munakata killed Juzo other than that he was a massive homophobe

>Likeing the objectively worst girl

Blast off to space and never land on me or my planet again.

nigga all or nothing doesnt fucking apply to this cause chiaki was dead before any of this started, just cause they brought her back to blatently kill her off doesnt change that we are just back to the status quo with her dying.

Giri will survive regardless, kodaka doesnt have the balls

>Kodaka intreprets this by making her run around like an idiot, doing whatever she wants, and using hypno anime

To be honest, swap anime with gas, and you have basically got modern Joker.

Did you know there's three Jokers now?

Are you really this dumb? He can use SHSL everything to regenerate her wounds and restart her heart if needed.




Then it'd be revealed that "That person" was hypnotized by someone else who turned out to be brainwashed by somebody who would never have done the things she did if she hadn't met "That that person." Then, "That that person" would have met "That that that person" who turned out to be brainwashed by somebody who would never have done the things she did if she hadn't met "That that that that person." "That that that that person" would turn out to be brainwashed by somebody who would never have done the things she did if she hadn't met "That that that that that person," which would turn out to be brainwashed by somebody who would have never done the things she did if she hadn't met "That that that that that that person." Then, Naegi will wake up and realize that he was that that which was that person. That.

>swirly indicates lying
Asahina: whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Goodbye, Nanami-san.

People need to chill out about the Chikakoma thing here. Komaeda never liked Chiaki for Chiaki the girl but Chiaki the HPA class rep. He liked Hajime for Hajime though and also his hope.

I just realised that netorare and despair work in the same way after this episode.

No SHSL power brings people back from the dead, maybe if he tended to her earlier this could of happened but that moment when any sign of hinata showed up was definitely after she had already died

>Kill yourself.
someone give this poor guy a hug

In Game
> Junko accepts defeat and doesn't try any final tricks


Lets not forget Nagito is a crazy shit no matter what.

Who else watching this only to see how much more awful it can get?

SHSL Necromancer, fuck it. This series doesn't care and goes from having kids who are exceptional in certain fields to just being super human creatures who are gods at whatever they do.


Junko matured some after her rebellious phase

>He liked Hajime for Hajime
Yeah, he sure showered him in love once he knew he had no talent.

It just hit me that this is how executions looked like from the characters POV in the games. I want to replay the games now.


Junko broke the rules in-game too.

Pretty much everyone closely affiliated to muh Hope vs Despair has plot armor for days, even the games themselves don't even bother taking it too seriously.

Yes, it "fucking" does, because Junko mocked her for believing in a miracle and that's exactly the kind of thing that was referenced in SDR2, and AI Chiaki's belief in a miracle was proven right.

You don't seem to understand that the status quo has shifted. At this point, you either go for the maximum hope-filled ending of all three girls surviving, a bittersweet bronze medal-filled ending with Aoi and Mikan, or a DESPAIR WINS bad ending.

>Hajime sending Nagito a FR
Post Chiaki's, I'll take a shot for every hinata-kun.

Kill yourself

> Junko accepts defeat and doesn't try any final tricks
except she did have final tricks, remember the whole ai junko shit. And her death is the definition of zany.

UDG could have been an amazing game if the antagonists were the RoD instead of the warriors of hope, if instead of fighting shitty monokumas and robots you fought psychopaths and those genocidal monsters, and Komaru actually had a real reason to be scared witless, by being assaulted by something more terrifying than plushies.

Junko in the anime figures the despair she would get from converting Chiaki's entire class is better than the despair from Chiaki surviving and her plan being ruined, whereas DR1 it's half/half of her getting Naegi executed and getting killed.

Well, in fairness, that currently seems to only apply to Junko and Mukuro and maybe Mitarai beyond Izuru.

I meant he's actually Ultimate Hope, but that Ultimate Hope is just as bad a thing as Ultimate Despair.

It would've made more sense if it was 14 likes, Chiaki doesn't really like him but she doesn't want him to die.

What part of
>regenerate her wounds
>restart her heart
Do you not get?

Are you telling me that his whole "but I can't help but be drawn to you" stuff right before you enter Case 4's trial wasn't gay as hell?

With what equipment? I don't think he has a crash cart hidden away someplace nearby.

Even if he wanted to, at that point there was nothing Izuru could do.

I want to marry Hiyoko!

He was still obsessed with him though. Even going to tell him that he's just like him. In his video confession after chapter 5, he regrets making fun of him. Nagito has his most human interactions with Hajime.

13, Teruteru wants to pound his boipussy

I want to put salt under Hiyoko's eyelid and hold it there

>This series doesn't care and goes from having kids who are exceptional in certain fields to just being super human creatures who are gods at whatever they do.

did you forget sakura exsisted....or junko....or chihiro. DR has always had superhuman shit

Everyone who accepts him dies horribly.

Just look at his parents, his dog and Chiaki.

SHSL MacGyvering. He could do something.
Like Joseph Joestar in Part 3!

sakura is a maiden at heart

had so much potential. darkest entry in the franchise by far regardless

what about the part where he failed to tell the truth regarding junko to munakata and thus prevented munakata from preventing the despair from spreading?????

did you even pay attention?

I threw up a little, thanks faggot

I want to give her all the love Cred Forums refuses to give her.

Do you honestly believe a normal girl liek Komaru would stand ANY chance against the Remnants? They're responsible for the death of hundreds, if not thousands of girls like Komaru.

Danganronpa may focus on absurdly talented students, but with an extremely small handful of exceptions that may actually consist of Despaired Gundam it's not like they actually have fucking superpowers and can raise corpses from the dead.

>Only Chisa doesn't have a red light blaring
Technically there is one, at the start of episode 2.

She survived a helicopter crash and explosion. She'd probably win the HPA lucky lotto if she tried it.

Imagine it as a survival horror, you're exploring, for example the Metro line, instead of Monokumas, brainwashed psychopaths, leaded by one of them, Teruteru, for example, with him creepily mentioning the kind of things he would do to Komaru, once they meet face to face.

And yes, with kids as villains, and plushies as enemies, it was still the game that showed that the end of the world was real, and nothing was safe from despair.

Millions actually.


Are they parents even still alive?

I wonder how do they feel for birthing a satan spawn

>tfw missing the ride because I'm too lazy to start the games yet

Do you not understand what I'm saying? Is this the extent of your mental retardation that you need somebody to repeat the same thing to you again and again?
>regenerate her wounds
This is shown as possible via Seiko's SHSL Pharmacist talent.
>restart her heart
This is possible with normal equipment, and Izuru, at minimum having the talent of the SHSL Health Committee member that is Mikan, would know CPR.


This is cute and retarded at the same time.

Nanami-San was our hope!
That was cute, Iam really glad everyone in class liked Nanami.

Were the Remnants aside from Nagito even anywhere near Towa, anyway?

For what it's worth, in UDG, Komarub as shown to have the ability to talk to ghosts. So with "I see dead people" powers are on the table, there's always potential from some similar bullshit

add doors to hated

Your desperation is amusing, really.

>SHSL paramedic
>SHSL surgeon
>SHSL blood donor
>SHSL luck
>SHSL dontlefherdiekodakayouhack

Where is that from?

Reminder to use this thread next.

Nope, just femdom.

>implying they wont kill him before he gets out of the pod.

Even the stinky one cried for her, did the hamsters cry too?

She could have rigged the last execution and no one could have stopped her. She has the button.

Of course she wouldn't have ANY chance, that's why as a survival horror it would've been awesome, you cannot fool them for long, you cannot even possibly think about beating them, so you evade them, try to only take on the flunkies, and see the hopeless world Junko envisioned.

she is fucking lewd, fucking this must be heaven

So you really are just a retard. You're incapable of comprehending what I say - or perhaps you're doing it on purpose to enrage me - and act as if you have the high ground. What I'm saying is that we -know- of at least two talents Izuru has that, in combination, should work to heal Chiaki and restore her life functions.

"That laugh... that completely unrecognizable laugh that we've never heard before...

Then he proceeds to make fun of him till he dies.

Jesus, the threads aren't slowing in speed.
Not even Kirigiri death had this much reaction.

Hamsters don't give a shit, they're hamsters

Fuck Mikan getting Gundham and Nekomaru despair'd.


I get it!

Is that doujin on sadpanda?

Izuru was, but he may have just been rounding up Junko to lure her into his trap at that point.

> everybody who knew Chiaki is either a hypnoslave or dead
> Izuru taps into Hajimes memories
> Is able to help Naegi and friends build the Hope Island and then goes out to capture Despair and fix the mess he could have stopped at any time


No actual Junkodom though


Hamsters only live for two years user. The four in the game were long dead and were just AIs too

Usually from Cred Forums threads you can understand what the fuck is going on in the show(if you're not watching it of course) but for this one i literally have no clue

shits all over the place

Get in here nigaligs


>RBG's stupid copypasted fullnelson anal
fuck off

I didn't even know the source.

Did you say... main dish?

Because Kirigiri is alive

>It was Komaeda's bad luck that inflicted Nanami's death
Deepest lore

why would you do this

Chiaki barely knew who he was.