I'm going to post this everyday until you like it

I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.

Stop it already.

Why is this a thing?

I am the fin of my fish.

I like it, user

I hate it.

I am indifferent to it.

I hate fish!

He hates it.

Why was the fish kill yesterday, anyway?



But you didn't post it yesterday.

I thought I wanted to do it once.

But he did it once.

Because you touch yourself at night.


do you think hiro was popular in high school


Are you sure you're old enough to be on this board?

If your parents never gave you 'the talk', then listen up:

When a Woman loves a SakuraFishâ„¢ very much...

Just take it already.

If i went to high school with Hiro i couldn't stop myself from touching his cute bunny ears.

Well, that's fair enough.
But no, really. Just a mod being a faggot or what?

W-why would you want a screenshot of me touching myself at night, user?

>good student

I bet with those ears, he had to be a good listener!

If i remember correctly it hit page 10 and then it just got purged, nothing special.

You don't deny that you touch yourself at night?
Geez lewd Cred Forumsnons should be punished.

He would also make a cute slut.


He actually went to MoonSchool, so he probably wasn't poplar but had a hidden talent (pen flipping/sewing/gaming) like most of the students in manga/anime


Hello! I am from the anime community on reddit dot com! We also enjoy dank memes such as this one. I don't really understand this one tho :(. What is it it about? Its so confusing lol.


I think it's about time to make a FAQ for this.

Q: What is it?
A: It's a fish

Q: No, really, what is it?
A: It's just a fish. That's all there is

Q: I understand it's a fish, but what does it mean?
A: It's a FUCKING FISH! Are you stupid or something? F-I-S-H FISH!

Q: Fuck you

This will be updated as events dictate.

Be careful when eating fish.

Cat creatures prefer fish

>page 10
Nope. Yesterday it got deleted.
Didn't even have anything different from the usual threads, pretty sure we didn't even get to the keit-ai poster.


lol upvoted XD

Best guess, some mods dislike fish

Best guess, some mods HATE fish

Best guess, some mods enjoy hating the fish






I date fish!


>Remind them


Of what? For fuck's sake, can't you be more specific?
How can I remember something I don't remember if you don't give me a hint?
Do you enjoy causing suffering in others?
What have I ever done to you?
I hate you almost as much as I hate AoG.




AoG, please, show up.

that this is "/AG/ Autism General : "

AoG finally gave in to his drunken desires.
He is with Cirno, now.

Forever together in Gensokyo

Stupid dead fish.



Thank God the body is still there.



Best manga

I don't really like it
but I love you all

It's really bad

I'm going to reply with this everyday until you like it.

What sound does the fish make?

>What sound does the fish make