How do you feel about Misty?

How do you feel about Misty?

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Indifferent. She's undeveloped and a complete bitch.

Anime Misty is the worst Misty. Gen2 Misty is pretty good though.

High maintenance bitch.
May can do better with less nag



Not into redheads, but manga Misty > game Misty > anime Misty. This is indisputable.

Another reminder.

Shit taste confirmed.


Ash should've been fucking her

Did she really have to throw that Pokeball in such a dramatic fashion? Does anybody else think that's weird?


That's why she's cute.

Would you?

I want to lick her flat chest.


Sabrina is cooler and is a better Gym Leader.

I really hate when they give girls cowtits for no reason.

You're gay if you cant find the reason. Checkd.

They like to ruin a perfectly good character design?

>milkfags ruin everything
Kill yourself

How does this make you feel?

Misty was a good character
With more contrast than all the pokegirl that follow her

>good character design
pick one.

Still waiting on subs

May had potential with those spats, but she wasn't even a Gym Leader.


Dubs confirmed.



>That full second linger on her thrust-out chest and tight little ass flexed inwards



Pokémon looks so great.

How many years has it been since she made an appearance in the anime?

On one hand:

On the other:
Like said


This. She was perfect for the show at the time, the only Pokégirl that would call ash out when he was being a dumb ass, but also support when he was down for losing a match or jobbing in a gym/league. Serena did this not too long ago though, but it was different since it was more about the Greninja power-fusion gimmick.
Then there's Iris, but you all know how that went. Gee, ash! You're like a little child! x-entire series
I just really like the synergy the original gang had, then again, those were other times, perhaps she was deemed as "too aggressive" for the target audience and had to go, which I can understand, lil nips from gen 3 era may not appreciate the violent onee-chan type.
Also since gen3 started with its own fem mc from the start unlike Johto which by the time they had added that in Crystal, the show was already rolling, they figured it was a good marketing move to shill new fem mc ever seen and heard the male mc on the show talking? Me neither. from newer gen games. except Unova, fuck Iris and Alola apparently

May was nice, started the whole "girls for the contest" gimmick so that the show wouldn't exclusively be all about ash's gym/league battles.

Dawn had that sweet "girl next door" thing going on albeit being a little bit more bland, sometimes it felt like the freaking Piplup had more character then her.

No comments.




Fucking trash

Clearly referring to yourself there.

best pokegirl

but also this

Generations one best and sexiest girls: Sabrina and Lorelei, rest are irrelevant.