ITT: Anime that will never EVER happen

ITT: Anime that will never EVER happen

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90% of Sunday and Shokakugan
Fuck Previous Sunday's EoC and his 52 new series



Parasyte got an anime nearly 20 years after the anime finished. I'm still holding out hope that someone Trigger can make Biscuit Hammer happen.


His other 2 big manga are better and even less likely to get an anime. Truly suffering.

Best Mizukami work.



lightnovel or manga?

Trigger would be great. But I hear complaints about how they shouldn't do it or whatever.


Too much sex


Spirit circle and ?

Why was the edge so good in this?

it was spaced out and context appropriate.

Spirit Hammer is really, really fucking shitty.

Spirit Circle is an actual good manga that deserves an adaptation

Sengoku Youko.


So is she a god or something?

Just a Youkai, that's not the only age gap romance either.

I wonder how many Parasytefags from those days actually lived to see it animated.

The Japanese cold is merciless.



rip best girl ever

I'll give you that Spirit Circle is the best one but Sengoku Youko is the worst of the three if only because of the middle part.

But that's the best part.
If anything the first 6 volumes were really mediocre even if enjoyable, it got really good after changing MCs.

It was shit for a while after the MC change and then gradually got better than the first part.
I mean, that's just my opinion but i will stand by it.

Also, Franken Fran anime never

I would be happy with some OVAs, but that will never happen either.

This. I really wish the Minus arc was animated, it was honestly the best arc of the series. The other arcs were good too (just finished Jet Black Bride), but nothing can compare to the Minus arc.




Already announced.


good, they would butcher it anyway

Anta baka.

Boku Wa Beatles

The rights to the music alone would scare off any sane company

>posting the actual anime
But I agree, I'd love seeing the final arc animated.

Enjoy drama CD.


How do you sell anyone on a female Initial D

This scare thing?

Fuck you bitch

That time this was mentioned in Spirit Circle was kinda cool. I wonder if it was just for fun or if there is supposed to be some overall connection between some of his stuff.

Uh, actually found the Japanese one after more than 2 seconds of searching.
This sounds spot on for the most part. I want it so bad. ;_;

If you read his early one shots everything connects, though he has kinda dropped that for his main series aside from very subtle stuff and throwing that bit at the end of Spirit Circle.

>best part will never be animated
This is truly sad.



Why don't you raise money?

Read a few chapter of this years ago, I remember it being really weird.
Just what the hell was it about anyway?


I'm actually surprised that Mahou Shojou of the End doesn't have an adaption.

Characters & Voice Actors
Amamiya, Yuuhi / Kakihara, Tetsuya
Asahina, Samidare / Mizuki, Nana
Shinonome, Mikazuki / Shiraishi, Minoru
Crezant, Noi / Nishimura, Tomohiro
Animus / Asumi, Kana
Nagumo, Soichiro / Inada, Tetsu
Dance=Dark / Kiyama, Shigeo
Hakudo, Yayoi / Kuwashima, Houko

It amazes me that there are Jump series that just get completely ignored like a red head step child. MxO is another.


> How do you sell anyone on a female Initial D

That's a perfect tagline

Why is that not an anime?


thanks based user

Good, because it really wasn't as good as Cred Forums made it out to be.

yeah i always kind of pictured this getting an adaption.

I don't like mikazuki voice, I can't really think of him when he is serious. Fucking shiraishi

yu,, nui, dance, and hime are ok

moon, nagumo, yayoi and anima are perfect

I have the speed painting of this thing.
was amazing

they'd ruin it, just like they're going to ruin magus bride and otoyomegatari

If it weren't for the music, it could have had a decent chance. Kawaguchi's got enough of a name that odd things from him could get adapted, but licensing Beatles' songs for TV anime is beyond anyone's pull.

Karakuri Circus

It's not about cute girls, so it'll never happen

>he says while posting a manga from a man who's gotten multiple other anime adaptations with no cute girls in them

Point taken

From the top of my head
Hi score girl
Voynith hotel

>Voynich Hotel
2 cour anime with a Nickelodeon chapter in the middle or at the end never ever


The one I'm writing.

Probably will never happen but if it did.

That Norse/Viking soundtrack

also update fucking when

my nigga


Good. Should've ended after Aizen's defeat.

>Kaguya wants to be confessed to
>Jitsu wa Watashi wa, in a format that's not total shit
>Kumo desu ga
>Double Arts
>Okusan (animated by Xebec)
>Ichinensei ni Nacchattara (same)
>Shiori Experience (just tone down the suffering)


I wonder if any of them liked the anime.

never ever


>best part will never be animated

It is the way of things.

Is Helck popular enough?


I think a holyland anime with simple, faithful animation would be pretty good

Forget anime, I just want it out of the eternal hiatus it's into at this point.

Alternatively we could ask Nana to will it into existence.

For this, I'm somewhat glad. I don't think any animator could capture Dorohedoro's art

mah nigga. rip in peace

this deSu

Why do people want adaptations?
It's more than likely that if it happens it will never satisfy expectations.

This probably will, though.

more threads most of the time turn into circlejerks about studio or seiyuus


>he doesnt know

>Twilight of the Gods never ever



one can only dream



>Wolf Guy will never get an anime
Why live?

I want it to be done by the same people behind Mushishi

I think an anime of Punpun would lose some of the charm.


Where would you end the first season?

The whole thing is a bunch of loosely related arcs with a very gradual sense of progression, and the best parts have absolutely nothing to do with the main plot.


Good desu, the designs dont translate well to anime and I fail to see a studio that can do the story justice. Even, if it did become an anime and was magically good, it would probably be popular at plebbit and end up ruined either way.

hope they don't do cgi or something

Man, that first panel looks so similar to Kouta Hirano's style for that a second there I thought a new chapter of Drifters had released

>we got a Nozaki kun cartoon instead of pic related


Imagine if Franken Fran would have been made during the OVA boom

No studio could do it justice.

You know they'd fuck it up. Soundtrack would be metal derivatives
Farmland would be cut short.
Shit budget and half-assed animation job.


I would like to see a live action of this though

>inb4 porn flick

That's why they didn't play Get Back at the end of JoJo first season. Fuck this world.

Japanese hate Ainu so will never happen

Just like a WW2 anime will never happen

Did Araki originally plan that?
Incidentally, I wonder what Roundabout cost them. Very few things are Beatles sized, but Yes isn't exactly some small-time name either.

>Did Araki originally plan that
I was referring to Joseph listening to Get Back on a casette at the end of Part 2. It was in the manga but anime couldn't pull it off.
But yeah, when I heard Roundabout ending, it was such a surprise for me.

>hiding the best part of a manga behind some 3-4 arcs that are shit so people do not read your manga
Was it his master plan?


>Just like a WW2 anime will never happen

>part 1 animated
>part 2 animated
>part 3 animated
>part 4 being animated
5 years or so we will have it

is the LN still ongoing?

Just as Barefoot Gen both do show the struggle of innocents in wartime, but do not go into the conflict itself.
There's Cockpit and Zipang, but that one's also time-travel shenanigans.
Of anything else I do not know.

Here's to hopin',user. Implying we even get a Part 6 adaptation,seeing how Japan hates it so much.

this could be great or really shit. If they never let punpun speak and really nail those key scenes, I'd watch the shit out of it though.

I would love for either that or Mahou Shoujo Site to be adapted. Preferably the latter, since the End has confused the hell out of me for the last few chapters.

Um no Cradle


ded thred

this thred is kill

Come on japan.
12 episode, the story is short, and it's good.
You can't fuck this up.


It would be shit because nips keep forcing CGI and people don't want it.

by KyoAni

Not worth animating

I just want to see realistic political intrigue and legitimate military tactics animated, is that too much to ask for?

Reverse trap tomboys are an added plus.