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Praise David


I wish i was the villain, but the manga already exist.

I didn't realize today was /apol/ day

Gappy makes me happy


Did you pay the toll /jojo/?

The real question is does killing little boys make Kira get a BONER

Is reading all of jojo worth it?
I'm at part 5 now
I'm assuming that due to the fact that because all the memes are part 1 - 4 that beyond 4 isn't worth it

Is the new OP next week or the one after?

Was Kira always this much of a fucking dork?

Joshuu makes ME happy

yare yare NIGGER!!!!!?????

FUCK YOU ARCADEEEFAGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good one...


It's worth it, all parts are great.
Get out before spoilers, please.

It's left, you can tell by the shadow

Killer Queen Tiddy Attack

Inspired me to draw this.

>there will never be a JoJo episode with Dennis, Mac, Charlie, and Frank being retarded and posing as fashionable superheroes

arcadefag should've stuck to 2d sprites


oh my actual fuck

Jotaro would fucking love Gyro huh?

>Somebody say some-


Could Pearl Jam cure Kira's fucked up brain?

>plan kton

I cant sprite 2d sprites. sorry

>rewrite the universe so Joestars have no curse

But that's a bad thing, though? If you change their lives then you change who they are, they'd be different people entirely

They might as well be dead

I always knew Joutarou was red pilled.

How is it still ongoing
hasn't this shit been made since 1987

Gappy make me fuck off


Oh come on, people can't be this retarded.
The guy's probably joking... right?

>he's making me steal money now
>how the mighty have fallen
>where's my bowl of fucking milk

It's because the anime hasn't gotten that far. JoJo is much better from Part 4 onwards, anyway. Even Part 2 is pretty shitty, all things considered.

I'm assuming he was just reacting straight away and worked it out by the end of the episode



>a family of strong willed and good at heart people are only as strong and as good as they are because of some shitty curse
Thats pretty saddening.



Would it be better?


Part 4 is so fucking boring, when are vampires gonna be back? Shit sucks to be honest, yawn

I'm talking about their memories. Total amnesia is basically the same as dying, so if, say, Jotaro never went on an adventure to kill Dio, how can you even call him Jotaro?

(part 2)

>"I'll rip your fucking breasts off!"

Yes, and it's still one of the better long running manga series out there.

Are you one of those idiots that only hop on what's cool and trendy and like shit only for the memes and references, or do you like actual quality?

>kokako and yuichi

Yeah he worked it out by the end of the episode

Would you date-o?

But Jotaro did still kill Dio after the reset. His name was just a little different.


This is every shoujo ever user.

I know, but I'm talking about a hypothetical universe where the Joestars have no "curse"

Vampires are gone forever. I suggest you to drop it at this point if you don't enjoy it anymore. Anime is just a hobby not a chore man.

I imagine them being the same, but anything caused by DIO wouldn't have happened. Giorno also wouldn't be alive.

Joshuu makes me HORNY

Todays poll was requested by Kakyoin and Okuyasu

He'd still be a tough, smart, observant guy who deeply cares about his loved ones, even if he can't show it well all the time. He'd still be a marine biologist, he'd probably still have to go fuck up kira in morioh, and so on.

My one question, though, is what about diavolo and giorno? Do stands even exist in the new universe, so is diavolo rocking a stand user filled mafia with control over everything? Is diavolo still bouncing around deathloopland? Does requiem still exist? Is giorno still existing, since he was the son of dio? Did GER protect giorno from MiH replacing his soul?

"Hey, remember me?" said Speedwagon, now chubbier than ever.

So just to be sure with Part 6's ending
in the irenverse,every part besides 6 happend as normal
SBRverse has nothing to do with the ireneverse

So part 1 never happens, part 3 never happens, part 4 never happens, and Diavolo is free to take over the world with an army of Stand users.


Because he's having such a good time?

This, yeah. Except maybe part 5, its kinda hard to say.

delete please?

Holy shit watch his rant at the end, he literally goes on about how Part 2 was the best and he misses Joseph and hamon, he is the quintessential animeonly

Just watched the episode, SHINOBU A CUTE
>tfw you will never have a wife that will love you for stealing and murdering people for hands

Wouldn't all the parts not happen if there wasn't a curse? That'd involve Diavolo, too.

Giorno wasn't killed by Pucci, so he'd be entirely unaffected by MiH

He might remember the pre-rewrite timeline like Emporio thanks to GER, but we'll never know









Am I fitting in now ?


I want Kokako to stalk me, kidnap me and use his hair on my peen

>Not voting Lisa Lisa

>you'll never have a killer cook for you

Joseph has no personality beyond I TRICKED YOU MASTER TROLE 1939

But where's girl Koiichi's super saiyan hair?

People are being stupid

The reset only affected the people specifically killed by Pucci

So the only ones affected are the Part 6 Gang, Jotaro and Pucci when he ultimately dies under the effects of his stand effectively retconning him out of existence

Dio, Jonathan, Joseph still exists

Stardust Crusaders still happened with a somewhat different Jotaro with a different name but the same soul

Part 5 also happens because Dio still fucked another woman

Not necessarily. Diavolo actually was the real villain of the series post-BT, since he gave stand arrows to enya and allowed dio to find the path to heaven. Diavolo operated independently of the curse.

>Kakyoin, Okuyasu, and Joshu are the MILF hunters of JoJo

No, shut up.

So that means we don't stop him now?


Yes, Jojo as a whole is shallow written garbage that lacks character depth.

Is it just me or did Shinobu look extremely reminiscent of Araki's modern style?

Or, rather, people are talking about different subjects and confusing each other

Some are talking about the reset, others about a hypothetical universe where Dio's antics never happened

>upper right face
>when she sees your dick

>The reset only affected the people specifically killed by Pucci
Isn't it anyone that died while time was accelerating?

Why are you here, then ?

Oh, it's YOU again...

>tfw no spinoff story about emporio somehow meeting with giorno and them reminiscing about the old universe, and what happened during MiH


>took the bait

Highway Star in 2-3 weeks. How nervous/excited are you, /jba/?

I guess if you wanna have a good time, then give him a call

Gives me hope Jolyne will actually look hot in part 6 and not like a tranny

Something need doing?

Good job, you've finally done it.

That seems to be the case, yeah. There's also the fact that Weather Report came back after the second reset, so who actually survived and who didn't isn't exactly set in stone.



>reminiscing about the old universe
But Giorno has no knowledge of the events of Part 6 anyway, and doesn't know Jotaro, so even if he remembered the time acceleration it's not like he'd even notice the difference

I'm more excited for the 100th episode, 'Jan Ken Boy is Coming', tbqh honest famiglio

Stitches when?


Anyone whose death was caused by Pucci's actions.

What's there to reminisce about? Both universes were identical apart from the Part 6 cast having different names.

it's only the people specifically affected by Made in Heaven the ones whose fates Pucci can alter

the effect on everyone else is that they vaguely know their destinies. So the suffering that Pucci provoked to her sister Perla would never happen to anyone else, since they would accept the bad shit that happened on their lifes

Too bad Pucci was still a murderous motherfuck


So Perla is still alive?

Why is she so cute?

>falls in love with a transformed Kira
deepest lore

On a rocket ship on his way to Mars

That's not chubby, it's in humanely obese.

I'm sure he'd be freaking out over why time would be accelerating, then wondering why he ended up at some point a few weeks before, then wondering why everyone seemed to have precognition like Diavolo, then wondering why he was suddenly warped again.

It was a real bait

>2 minutes in
>"He just eats, sleeps, and works, Isn't that like every man?"
Does this guy not understand hobbies, banging your wife, having romantic dinners, being interesting, being passionate, being fun or being engaging? Does he think all there is to life is eating, sleeping and working?

He's an atom bomb, he's out of control

Wouldn't everyone on the fucking planet be thinking that? And if everyone had their memories effectively wiped after the second reset (i.e. Josuke not remembering Jotaro as Jotaro, but as the Alternate version of Jotaro in the second reset), Giorno would probably be the same.

What's with Araki and dick sucking lips?

not that I'm complaining

Would you go inside fem!Rohan's heaven's door?


tfw you'll never come home from a long day at the office and make your lazy bum of a wife a freshly prepared dinner
>You'll never have her gushing at the legs for this simple act
>You'll never have her horny as fuck after tricking your cunt of a landlord into taking his own money

I think deep down we all want a Shinobu in our life.

No it fucking wasn't.

Dio was erased, pucci was erased, this is signified by jolyne being much more proper and getting an actually loving boyfriend because jotaro was there for her insteas of fucking around with kira and whatnot.

Oh my god... it was right infront of us this whole time...

Post the best Araki moments and quotes

>When DIO is chasing Joseph and Kakyoin, I drew him marveling over modern automobiles. Only an immortal vampire could experience changes in technology like that. I wish I could experience it for myself.

>I think being a vampire would be fun as long as you could stay healthy. You wouldn't get sick, either. (Laughs)

Who's the dad ?

I don't trust her. She'd probably activate heaven's door and make me do weird shit. And she'd just be kind of a smug cunt the whole time.


Multiply Shinobu's ponytail a few times and they'll have the same hairstyle. Doesn't she also have a rose pattern on the skirt she starts wearing later in the part?


>Dio was erased

no, he wasn't you fucking fucktard, Dio was still there, the only one that was erased was Pucci, for fuck's sake, pay attention to the manga

And the best part is, she'd be horny as hell and pining for him, and he still probably didn't fuck her.


Can't wait until he gets the melon hair and stops look JUST


oh my god is he actually a fucking vampire

That's not true at all. Part 6 was the only one that had its events altered by MiH, and that was only after the second reset.

>Smug expression
>Exposed shoulders

Loved this shot. Kosaku looks even better than in the manga.

Where'd all my wacky color shifts go?

She's really cute

Maybe. Araki doesn't seem to have thought it through very much. We'd have to assume the "Weather Report" seen at the end was actually Wes Bluemarine, but then he was a single birth and not part of twins... ?


I would nut in fem!Joshuu


right into the latest episode, when daddy kira is going to knife josuke

are you fucking kidding me, this episode had a massive one

We don't know if Pucci was changed, either. It wouldn't really affect much if he was.

I'm not that user,retard

>i was thinking of joining a gym
>is already ripped

I can't wait for part 5 so every male character isn't a fucking bodybuilder


"I know you are but what am I?" Jolyne pondered before sucking up a rotten strawberry from the towering person above her.

>Polka dot dress

Hnng she's cute as fuck.

yes because every single one looking like a twink pornstar is better

>barefoot leggings

I guess he was talking about Giorno because he was theorizing he could somehow become inmune to MiH with GER.
Not that it'd do anything for him anyway, he's never met Jotaro or any of the part 6 gang

You know people can naturally look like that, right? Kira's already got god-tier facial genes. He's not even that big, anyway. Just really defined.

What's wrong with twinks?

People can naturally have a six pack?

Gappyna make me cummie

We don't know if he's met Jotaro or not. He didn't need GER to be immune to MiH, anyway.


OP title: Great Days

Josuke: Gureato-daze

>Not canon Joshuu
What are you, gay?

This looks like one of those paintings where people are being slaughtered with blank expressions

Are you just being stupid intentionally? Of course they can.

You don't just grow abdominal muscles through working out, anyway. Everyone on the planet is born with them.

youre l8 m8. Im sorry to tell ya.

There's only one boi-ass I'm after user

If you live the ridiculously healthy and metodical lifestyle Kira does and do stretch-ups and crunches every single day then yeah.
He's ripped but he's not a big guy

Not being immune to MiH, being immune to having his memories rewritten by the altered timeline

Emporio only remembers because Pucci accidentally freed him from fate, as far as everyone else is concerned there never was any time acceleration

Genderbend Zeppeli looks like Mary Poppins.

would girl gappy have 4 uteurs

How do I get a wife like shinobu?

Fixed it

Oh, then maybe. But as you said, that wouldn't really change much.

أين هو روهان ؟

you seriously want a wife that marries you without love, lazy and that almost hates you?

2 vaganias

What changed exactly?

If we're talking exact analogues then she'd have four ovaries, but then it needs to be something that Yasuho can see

Although I really think she'd need a pretty good look to spot four balls, so clearly she's a closet pervert

Kill someone's husband, steal their life.

This episode was surprisingly good. Despite Koreans, it actually looked solid and I really liked how they handled the new life segment. Maybe it felt a tad rushed, but looking back at it, I don't think we really needed four pages of Kira looking at a safe.

Araki thinks this is a dog

I never thought I'd get hyped up over Jotaro beating up a photograph.

No, 4 balls


Do you have any evidence that this animal is intended to be a doggo?

Trap Koichi? But that's gay user, boys can't love boys like that!


i want fuck her.

>hates husband
>doesn't cheat on him
She's better than you give her credit, user. Loyalty is hard to come across in a woman these days

4 nipples

Who was Shinobu and Hayato's voice?



All I'm saying is if you took Koichi, changed his hair, gave him some makeup, put in in a dress and made in wear a padded bra there'd be no difference

The amount of effort they put into even the really non-important episodes is kind of amazing. I was expecting some grade-A quality.

The pillarwomen are made for _____

Nigga if someone has four balls even I'm gonna fucking notice that, and i'm as hetero as you can get.

Maybe fem Gappy would have enormous breasts? Or two navels? Or maybe the irises are two different colors?


Rate my taste in JoJo.

>implying I'm wrong

>wouldn't he have a bigger dick

Actually seems to think Kira stole his guy's body.

>he's not a big guy

People that have autism

2 nipples on each breast

Does Aya Tsuji fondle his dick?

she doesn't cheat on him because it was 90's japan, fucktard, and japanese society frowns upon women cheating

You would know, now, wouldn't you?

Fuck, this is big.



The top half would be tight and the bottom half would be loosey goosey because femKira is pure and Josefemi is a dirty slut

The only panel I wish they hadn't cut this episode is the one where Shinobu internally chews off Hayato for not being able to divorce because of him.
Guess it'll make her seem like less of a bitch.

I don't get the logic behind favorite crew.

>Wham still has those daggers inside his knockers

Exactly. So she kept her morals intact because of her upbringing. She wasn't a whore.


I just appreciate what they attempted.

Actually, to his credit, he seems to mean "wouldn't Kira have a bigger dick than Kosaku, and wouldn't Shinobu notice it"

womyn can't do no wrong
no, she didn't fucktard, the only reason she was on it was because if she cheated on Kosaku or tried to divorce him she would have to sustain him herself

seriously, stop behaving like drawn women are somehow better than real life women, it's pathetic as fuck


It should be obvious from Shinobu's opening monologue this isn't a couple who're having sex very often.

Actually, I think it's pretty contrived that Shinobu just happens to be monologuing about how much she hates her husband on the day he gets murdered and replaced

>We need six chapters adapted this week, stat.
>Say no more, sir.

Does anybody have that image that show's Jotaro's inner monologue where he's getting excited about getting to deliver a one-liner?

I think it was against Steely Dan.

>Twigs as Piller Woman

But drawn women are better than real live women because they're free of impurities.

I can tell you're a woman, and I can tell your butthurt because you can't possibly compete with an ideal.

You respond by calling me pathetic, even though we're on fucking Cred Forums of all places, only proves how self-conscious you are, in that you feel threatened when someone compares real women to a fucking cartoon that doesn't even exist.

Why is Jotaro so fucking esoteric sometimes?

>I've given up
>[dramatic pause]
>on stopping the old geezer but I devised a clever way of defeating him by using his own power against him

>Kira gets caught because of his dick size
Wouldn't that be something?

I commend the attention to detail.


I'm not the dude you're talking to, but I am a dude with a full-blown penis, and I'd like for you to know that you are pathetic.

Looks like shit user, looks like she needs to eat more Vampires with that barbie figure

I have Araki's phone number and I am talking with him. What should I tell him ?

actually it's pretty rare for japanese couples to have sex at all, it's seen as "impure". Cheating is extremely common.

>muh drawn woman are pure :(, how dare you say what the author intended us to think!
>y-you must be an evil woman!

I'm a dude and you're a poor sad fuck

Shinobu was intended for Araki to be a bitch, far from pure. For fuck's sake, she married a man because she thought it made her look cool.

>stirrup leggings
>dick status: ultimate lifeform

Who let the faggot robot in Cred Forums?

>eat more
Do you not see the skindentation on her thighs and hips? She needs to eat less.

"Eat shit, asshole"

Tell him yourself.

To be fair, it's internal monologue. She probably has this conversation with herself every day. If you weren't aware of how often I think about how much I hate my commute or how much I hate paying for stuff, it'd seem apropos if someone gave me a new sports car if you're only privy to those thoughts immediately beforehand.

Just ignore him user, let him fap with his webbed fat greasy fingers to chinese cartoons

"C H E W"

Fucking virgin

You have the Daiya one of that image?

Tell him he has soft hands.

Tell him yourself.

Then why the generic "uguu~" kawaii face user?

How thick is too thick?

Anyone else feel like they've stepped down their SFX game this season? I feel like there's a lot less miscellaneous sound effects which can usually add a lot. One example is they never have a "swoosh" effect on the "to be continued" every week.
Might seem nitpicky but I feel like that kind of stuff adds a lot of personality.

So was Kira just not at all surprised that the hand he cut off zipped back to him and reattached itself?

What if it hadn't? Would he have slipped into his life as Kosaku, but without a hand? How would he explain his suddenly missing hand to Shinobu and Hayato? Is Kira a giant idiot?

He thanks you.

>casual toplessness

I want Fem-uu to crush me between her thighs

2016 US also frowns on women cheating, but they do it anyway.

Japan is just a different type of society is all

>grabs dick
>"what do you feed this thing?"

>"M--my husband isn't this big"
>"My Husband can't last this long!"
>"My Husband isn't into hand holding"
>"And he's certainly never licked my hand like this.

I want to be eaten by Kars

Shinobu eventually stopped thinking, and took the dick in stride


That's got to be the closest representation I've seen of how pillar women would have looked if Araki showed any in part 2. They look a lot like the women Gorgeous Irene fought, especially Wamuu with that hair.

>How would he explain his suddenly missing hand to Shinobu and Hayato?

Would've faked it or simply killed Shinobu and Hayato.

I want to get the suck from Kars

Taking a guy's identity, and then having his wife and kid suddenly disappear would have been a monumentally stupid move for someone who wants to remain undetected.

One, one thing about jojo villains is how they're protected by fate

Two, kira might've just patched up the wound, hid it from shinobu, and gotten a prosthetic later.

Three, the guy was in a lot of fucking pain and couldn't think straight.

You know Josuke could probably make them a happy couple by reattaching her severed hand every time he felt the urge.
I want to dominate Santana

And I love how there is a more mature outlook in their faces, and not some generic moeshit look to their faces like

He saw that Josuke's Crazy Diamond healed Koichi and Josuke from fatal wounds, and he knew that Josuke would try to fix the severed hand to track him down. Kira's a pretty smart guy.

>She had flexibility, I had reach

So no one is going to talk about how Jonathan fed his dog a grape in Part 1?


yeah, I should've added that cheating is only seen as "bad" when you get caught

That seems to be a trend in japanese society, you can do all kinds of wrong shit as long as you don't get caught by the law

but for someone as Shinobu, if she asked for the divorce or was caught cheating, she would face the biggest consequences of the divorce and even forced to pay for it

heck, I remember that she was wished for Kosaku to never come home

I'll show you who's the boss of this gym

Shinobu didn't really appear to work and didn't seem to have any friends, and he could've just told hayato's school that hayato was planning to transfer.

Remember, luck was on Kira's side no matter what, until hayato broke it in the last battle

Fuck you catman

He was a kid and it was the nineteenth century. He also talks his pregnant wife into drinking alcohol later.

>You will never go back in time and kill everybody at david studios so that jojo`s anime was never made.
>You will never kill an animefag.

Or how Iggy was fed Coffee-flavoured gum. That's a double whammy of poison for a dog.

>I didn't notice this either

He just wants to be cool. He literally tells josuke to say something cool in the last episode.

>Actually Kira was 10 steps ahead of everyone all the time and he was totally cool and collected and knew exactly what would happen in a situation he was reacting to on the fly and had never ever dealt with anything similar to before.

Come on. I see this sentiment on this board so much and it's retarded every time. Kira is a lucky dumbass. He is not Japanese David Bowie Batman. For the entirety of part 4, he's getting by by the skin of his teeth. It's all luck. It has nothing to do with any sort of inferred preternatural reasoning and planning that Cred Forums seems to think Kira has.

Did anyone make a 4 you jojoke yet

Why don't you take off that uhhhh jobroni haircut

It's coffee flavored though, and coffee kills dogs? I thought it was the caffeine .

Part 9 must be a pro-wrestling story

I can't be the only one excited about Hazekura joining up along with Josuke burning down Rohans house am i?

How about that new Kira theme? Felt incredibly fitting, and I'm just relieved they're not going to be reusing the same old piano track for another 13 episodes.


user anon user.

It's fine. Everything's coming up Kira.

I feel like /JoJo/ is getting better

Fuck you satan

It gets better and then it goes down the shitter a few days later. It's progressively getting worse in the slowest and most painful way possible.

One of my favourite things about kira is how he spends most of the story thinking "oh fuck why is all this bad shit happening to me".

The only time Kira fucks up is moments after bragging about how great and unstoppable he was. That's his biggest fault and the ONLY reason he ever gets caught.
He would've mopped the floor with the gang using BtD if he didn't use it to just torture Hayato over and over and over.

Look really close at the shadow. See that solid part near the bottom? Thats the dong

>this summons naranciafag

Interesting that they drew Dio in part 3's artstyle. I hope they do that for all flashbacks throughout the series.


Cha is fucking based, can do 6 chapter episodes and make them fucking stylish and good too.

what a handsome beast

Is Kira a virgin ?

It'll look weird by the time Part 6 comes around, especially since there's quite a few flashbacks involving DIO.

How confused are animeonly's about to get about mikitaka existence?

This episode was really bizarre.

post worst things to happen to jojo.

Good thing this series isn't called JoJo's Normal Adventure.


I can't wait to see her crawling and playing like a cat

>Enrinco Pucci

>enya and kakyoin

I can fell the urge of her wanting to jump his Killer D even better than in the manga


This. Actually, saying kira got by purely on smarts and not luck and fate defeats the point of the character.

He's constantly able to get out of any situation, things go mostly his way, life isn't challenging for him and he lives as he likes, and fate seems to favor him. He gets cornered? He gets a new face and a family that wouldn't immediately suspect him. He's getting tracked by a bunch of angry stand users? Thank goodness his father's getting more to fight with. He gets found out? He gets an ability to turn witnesses into walking landmines.

The reason why fate's favor over him breaks is purely due to the one boast he ever makes in his entire life by calling himself kira in front of hayato, where he reveals himself and breaks his own luck.

One can only hope he'll work on some of the upcoming 6 chapter arcs like Superfly and Cheap Trick.


It says Enrico you fuck

think about what you just said

They'll either blindly praise at as THAT'S SO COOL xD, think it's the dumbest thing ever, and a rare few will catch on that, y'know, he's not a fucking alien he's some chuuni kid whose Stand doesn't work properly


So, what parts do you think they'll be able to swiftly move past in the anime in little time?

>Atom Heart Father fight done well
>Yoshihiro's voice is alright
>Shinobu is fucking hot
>David even managed to fix Kosaku's shit hair

8/10 episode, very done.

Uh, Mikitaka is an alien, dumbass.

Has anyone even posted Hirohiko Araki's Manga Technique Book online?
I've trying to find it but i can't even find the japanese version online, that books looks so cool and informative, i really want to read it.
Do you anons know if i can find it online?

>search bar

The pastebin here:


I remember the first time I've read it, I started genuinely laughing, this shit is so ridiculous and over the top I couldn't believe that this was actually happening.

Can we please get some fucking fanart of anime Shinobu going?

If you insist.

He has a Stand stats page, what more proof do you need it's a Stand

>not killer peen

Book store scene Or was it library, I don't remember

Come back to bed, Shinobu

RPS kid in general is a top tier fucking arc, it just blows everything so out of proportion and is surreal as all hell

Does he make your heart go "Doki doki" user?



It'll most likely be Cheap Trick since it's a Rohan episode.
Can't fucking wait, this and the I Am An Alien arc made part 4 my 2nd favorite part, it was so fucking hilarious and fun reading them both that it sold me on JoJo completely.

>Kira is the best villain because he's smart and planning and he isn't dumb like the others
>no wait he's actually the best because he is just a lucky bastard trying to get his quiet life back

I just hope they don't cut out Joseph again.

I feel like i'm the only one who doesn't like RPS kid

Aliens can't have stats now? Huh? Asshole!?

thank you very much user!

Good for you user, want a medal for that?

Where fuck new jojolion ???????????????????
Where fuck chapter 58??????????????????????

This may be some of the worst taste I've ever seen aside from favorite villain and favorite Jojo.

Because you are the only one, Rohan.

>The Bat People

Was he a good father anons?

It's three days away.

>Not wanting to see Rohan punch a faggot kid in the face
What are you? Gay?

It's one of those charts that's meant to be from the perspective of a certain character.

Watch anime.

Better father than literally any Joestar.

Rohan liked that shit though, he definitely enjoyed the last throw.

We don't have enough context to see if he was a good dad. Did he make him get some psychiatric help? How did he raise him that he turned this way?

RPS kid in one episode seems like a challenge considering it's pretty packed event wise.
I hope they don't cut out Joseph in the beginning and just have Rohan narrate what's happening or something.

I wish the story of DiU just abruptly cut off after Kira made Shinobu wet. I want them to have a happy life, I don't want to see depressed Shinobu waiting for him to come home.

My sides what the fuck am i reading

What did he mean by this?

need lewd edit

>implying Jotaro isn't simultaneously the worst and best dad in the series

>enabling his son to kill instead of seeking help

>George wasn't a good dad

I kind of like to think of him as like the father of Dexter from Dexter, where he knew his mind was fucked from the beginning and had good intentions.

But in the end bringing your psychopathic son to a psychiatrist was probably a better idea

for part 6 they will probably change his style , but until then they can totally use part 3 for the mentions of him

Diavolo is trying shitposting anonymously.

I hope we do get something at the end that subtly shows shinobu knows her husband's not coming back. Having all the crying on hayato felt kind of wasted, still effective.

Why not?

Why did bowie turn into michael jackson

arcadefag is a werid guy.

>No fisting you say?

>DiU ends with Kira living with the fact that he might have feelings for shinobu
>ends with Hayato knowing Kira isnt his original father but is better than him
>Final shot is him walking past The Josuke gang
>"Hm? Was that Josuke and Okuyasu? Oh well... i wonder what kind of Chocolate shinobu likes..."


I don't get the PB and Fungami bit, though.

He is fucking prefer Dio over his own son, which was by himself many years, worst fucking father.

(just a thought, not an excuse for the guy's actions)

>not believing in your own son
>took him until DIO went full vampire to realize he was a prick all along
He wasn't.

He wasn't. He was a gullible idiot that died because he let some nigger kid into his house. He then let that fucking nigger kid sway him into treating Jonathan like shit.
George was the worst father out of the bloodline and is literally the cause of all this

Your least favorite fight is Giorno's hair vs the wind?

Im glad araki's the one writing, not shippingshits and fujos like you peiple, holy fuck

I thought it was like fate and shit.


I want this despite all my moralfaggatry, why do I want this so much anons?

They also fixed Kosaku's shit face.
Not gonna lie, he looked fucking ugly at first.

>cause of all this
That'd be diavolo

Yes. George was fated to be a fucking idiot that trusted someone that was obviously a piece of shit.

>Implying Dio isn't muslim

>happiest moments of her life from someone posing as her husband followed by abrupt end

Being Shinobu is suffering

template plz.

Let us dream user

I think the flaw in your reasoning is assuming that a father is or should be responsible for what his son does in life. If he didn't do anything directly to fuck him up, who's to say he should interfere in his son's life? Kira's clearly smart and able to achieve what he wants in life, a lengthy psychiatric evaluation might have messed him up more rather than "fixing" him. There's always "why not turn him in to the police?" but the issue with that is that most fathers (I assume) are not too keen on turning their offspring over to the law, especially their only son, and don't pretend you wouldn't at least second-guess yourself in Yoshihiro's situation. What I think it comes down to is whether you prefer the safety of a bunch of people you'll never meet, or your own kid.

>People think this hag is waifu material
>Dating a guy to make her friends jealous
>Turns out he's a boring loser
>Decide to marry him and have a kid with him because _______
>"Ohh woe is me! My life sucks! Who knew that loser I dated for years would be bad husband material?"
Fuck right off.

>The second he starts stealing shit she's ready to fuck for once in her life
Of course.

He is evil, makes sense

the jew fears the samurai

Just finished part 5. Should i reaf part 6 or skip to part 7?

No, it was Kars.

The cause of all this was Dario, or whoever the fuck Dio's father is.

If he hadn't stumbled across the carriage or treated his son like shit, JJBA as a whole would be nonexistent

>Only wanted the best for his only progeny
>Had little reason to assume Dio was putting on a facade until vampire surprise

Why wouldn't you read the fucking ending to the story?

for the world , but now if we want someone to really blame in part 1 , that would be Kars for making the stone mask

I indulged that anons dream of Kira having his quiet life after all, of course if that was the true ending, that would be jarring but damn user, let us dream.

Why I'm I crying over a serial killer?

No. If it wasn't for George DIO wouldn't have met enya and wouldn't have used the arrow. If DIO was out of the picture Diavolo would just be doing his normal gangster shit and the arrow would have never pierced DIO, it would have never gave the Joestars their stands, and it would have never got to Morioh.

[في جميع أنحاء العالم السماء]

I don't care, but whatever you do, you should get the fuck out of here you dumb asshole.

Heard part 6 was trash. No reason other than that.

What woman hurt you user?

> DP fucked up KQ
> Improved Kosaku
Balance restored.

fuck off you and your islamophobia!!

Well I'm sorry not all woman are perfect Mary Sues who cook dinner and suck your dick user.

If you haven't noticed, said "husband" is a fucking serial killer, that sounds a lot more "problematic" than being a hag.

Whoever said that is wrong. It's one of the best parts.

And why would you want to read less JoJo? You made it through the first three parts, and they're garbage.

I loved the way he first looked

so unsettling

Kitty takes priority over receding hairline salaryman any time

>I can tell you're a woman
Jesus christ. Best laugh I've had all day.

Do you know what a receding hairline is?

He accidentally fixed one marriage and family relationship

Then died and left them with nothing.

Being Shinobu is suffering. You've been wedlocked into having a kid with your school sweetheart and now he's a total deadbeat in life. Then suddenly he comes home and he's the hottest shit ever for a week.

Then he dies with no explanation.


And before anybody responds with this with "this doesn't make any sense!" well.... yeah, these are characters with "flaws" that make them interesting. It's fun to watch how far this man will go to let his hand-crazed killer of a son kept his "normal" lifestyle.

>animeonlies are convinced kira's going to kill shinobu

zenith hue

>Is the son of a piece of shit that George KNEW was a piece of shit
>Immediately entered the joestar house and disrespected their loyal companion and his son
>Beat the shit out of his son multiple times
>Pulled a knife out on his son
>Set their loyal companion on fire
>Was a snarky piece of shit while George was on his deathbed
>Poisoned him
>"Woah DIO is a vampire? This is the last straw"
If george didn't know DIO was an asshole then, again, he is fucking stupid.

Read the manga. It was much more entertaining then the anime for me.

Is Part 7 good?

if you manage to get through shit like VA, go for it, SO is slightly better.


Part 6 is not that "great", it's just good to me. But it's worth reading.

Yes, it's this

inb4 muh mature hairline

None. Not anymore. 3D belongs in the trash.
But people are riding their collective dicks saying their such a cute couple.

One is dead, and the other will most likely die along. And poor Hayato had to deal with that shit.


That's called a widow's peak, retard.

That's a widow's peak, you idiot. Receding hairlines tend to be more curved.


>3D belongs in the trash
Dramatical is that you?

>MrDonutTheDonut still hasn't made a Sheer Heart Attack Anime Musical Leitmotif


But... Is Kira going to fuck Shinobu?

Because Kira and Shinobu were both happier near the end of DiU than either of them was prior to meeting each other. Kira felt invincible and Shinobu was finally happy in her marriage. They got pulled apart by the heroes of the story.


Yes actually

It's made JoJo great again.


Do you hate fun user? It's called Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, where you can have a woman get unknowingly get NTRed by David Bowie with a giant cat ghost.

You can watch a bland SOL if you want something more "realistic"

Literally who?

>yfw you found out RPS Kid is just one episode


Keeping Up with the Kawajiris proves more anime needs actual adults interacting

i love that panel so much , the first time you see it , you are just left speechless and scared of what his new ability is , because suddently he look more menacing than ever and confident as fuck
also reminder that even with Bite The Dust : killer queen developement was still : FUCKING A let that sink in for a moment

Anyone have a webm of Oku cackling?

This. it was weird as fuck. I loved the reveal.

>Paranoia Agent theme plays in my head


Some faggot who deletes comment sections that trigger him... oh and he makes decent Jojo music videos

wheres the new op?

If stando's are supposed to be you're spirit animal than why isn't jotaro's a autistic dolphin

Araki is holdong it hostage.

not before Im an alien episode

Next week or after that

WTF?! In the manga he was forced to steal money from a landlord, but in the anime he just go for it, stay low my ass.

Okay. We get it. Jotaro is a marine biologist. Funny meme. You definitely are original.

>Austistic Stand User
>Gets stand that's literally OC donut steel
>Makes up shit that it can do on the fly
>Has retard strength

I want Kira to tell me I am a whore

27 or 28 episode.

Lewd user

Shut you filthy mouth.

Nigga, they got some guy to make a "Bang" sound effect with his mouth.
Watch the new episode, seriously, I fucking laughed when I heard it

Kiras 3rd form is my favorite. Hes reached his zenith of crazyness
MOMS GONNA FREAK characters are my favorite araki villains. High DIO, bite za dust kita, and diavolo

He was still forced. He didn't know the combination for the safe.


That was extremely jarring.
I'm not sure if it's actually someone doing it with his mouth or if it's just another weird sound effect that happens to sound like it.





>Kira will never develop the ability to create Sheer Heart Attacks from every part of his body
>ywn see koichi 3 freeze kira's killer peen

Yeah I think that's what Araki was going for. It's almost like Kira didn't fit in Kosaku's face for awhile , until he gains more confidence

He sounds like a 12 year old

>Japan things having sex with THE PERSON YOU MARRIED is somehow "impure"
I enjoy the moonlander's cartoons but what the fuck is their damage?

Make an explosion sound with your mouth, and try to tell me it doesn't sound exactly like it

What did he mean by this?

Thank you, user. You are doing God's work.

I fucking loved how smug he was

Colectivist society based around war, and mixed with a heavy dose of radiation.

>THE world had a B in developement
>Killer queen had A
>King Crimson is unknow but was probably a D or E
>Made In Heaven was A , FUCKING A !!
>D4C was C once it gained love train

the vilains could have been way more broken than what we got

Now that i think about it he does have kiras hair...someone add the black strands

Notice how all japanese porn features the women screeching in pain

They're not "supposed" to enjoy it

And mercury poisoning thanks bloodborne

Why is Kars a loli?

w-what's wrong with feeding grapes to your dog user?

Because weebs are faggots user

>it's pretty rare for japanese couples to have sex at all

no, shut up. this is completely ridiculous and you need to provide a source before other retards start believing you

>Made In Heaven was A , FUCKING A !! grapes

Kira is a good boy!
I want to protect him at all costs!
None of you will ever hurt Kira as long as I exist!

I wonder if the past self-imposed isolation from the outside world played a major role on what Present Japan turn out to be.
Seems like every insular culture is a bit ass backwards, England and Japan being the polar opposite of the spectrum.

Can someone explain the MOMS GONNA FREAK meme? Is it in a trailer? Does Joker say it?

>not syria 2


it's true as fuck, they have some sort of madonna-whore complex, like "you can't treat the mother of your offspring like a whore"

they cheat an awful ton, you can look it up. Japanese is one of the societies with most cheaters.

Why did Yoshihiro need the bird when he can just fly around of his own free will?

I rushed it.

/JoJo/... I love you.

So basically Part 8 anime would look about the same.

Good shit.

read this link

>The general consensus seemed to be that men are more likely to cheat once as a random, drunken act or out of an urge to satisfy physical desires

why wouldn't you satisty your sexual urges with your wife? that's right, because for japanese society is uncommon as fuck

Flying off a crow is cooler.

>made in heaven develops the ability to redevelop the universe instantly
>made in heaven develops the ability to shape the universe just the way pucci wanted it


>There are people that have to read subtitles out loud

And faster.

That does not say anything about the number of times married couples in japan have sex. There are a number of other factors that could lead people to cheat besides lack of sex at home

this explains everything. thanks m8
i miss my doggo

Thanks doc

this new episode was so fucking stupid. why didn't Jotaro just fucking stop time and put the picture back?

I love you too user, I would totally suck your dick in a completely platonic way


Dio only burned Danny to end his suffering from a very slow grape-induced death

Jonathan is actually the real monster in this scenario

read this link then

I made my research user

Why didn't Josuke heal Kira's old fingernails?

>why didn't Jotaro just fucking stop time and
This question can be asked for every single confrontation Jotaro is part of from the end of part 3 onward.

Just turn your brain off and enjoy the ride, dingus.

Wow! Um... thanks.

Give him some nice thick brows

also this

>55.5 of the married couples in Japan think they're sexless

Are those horses dead? That's brutal.
Steel Ball Run in Canada

>It becomes enjoyable when you ignore what makes the show good or bad

autism at its finest

Maybe his nails aren't considered "broken"

Will we ever get some real answers about JoJo prime?

He can freeze time for one second, user. You can do fucking jack in a second. Yoshihiro was already across the room and swiped the arrow while josuke was distracted

They're just sleeping, what do you think?

The guiding principle of the cancer that is "fandom"

Quality doesn't matter, only feels and shipping and flanderizing all the characters into 2d parodies of themselves for shitty fanfiction (pleonasm much)

Wowie, thanks.




Relax, Araki is a hack and shitting out diarrhea of plot holes.

Why is there an absurdly large amount of fanart where Jolyne and Ermes are kissing Foo

not that i mind

Men who have affairs often start acting very different around their wives, being more outgoing and confident, and doing romantic things like bringing their wife flowers or whatever to help assuage their own guilt as well as to try and keep their wife happy.

When Kira disappeared, Shinobu probably came to the conclusion that he'd found another woman who'd made him happy, and that's why he'd been treating her so differently.

Does /jojo/ remember?

>Implying you would not kiss cute plankton all the time if you could



>Shinobu probably came to the conclusion that he'd found another woman who'd made him happy, and that's why he'd been treating her so differently.
Alright that sort of hurts....

Looked Asian as fuck.


what did shinobu do to deserve this?


Of course I would.

I don't think that's a comfortable or healthy way to sleep. I feel sad

Why would you do this to us senpai?

Because Josuke and co. are the real villains of DiU

who /trump/ here?



This niggas name is koichi hirose AAHHAHAHHA

They probably reported his death on the news though. He got ran over by n ambulance in public after all.

>tfw we live in the jojo universe where theres no stand power

fuck you pucci

>Shinobu didn't even get to be with Kira in the afterlife because he's stuck wandering the Earth as a ghost

>all this great taste
>unique things
>least favorite jojo is Giorno

way to ruin things, pal

Someone make Abdul's hand a

look on the brightside
you could be whisked to the jojoverse by trump

Well that didn't work

I am here to remind you that Mikitaka is, in fact, an alien.
Have a nice day.

Before getting killed by the ambulance he said to the woman his name was Yoshikage Kira, to activate bite the dust, so Kira will be the one reported as dead in the news.


>Current era
>STILL liking Giorno
somebody erase this man's shit taste

His skull and dentistry would've been turned to mush, they wouldn't have been able to identify him.

So now that they've finally begun animating Shinobu, can we get more porn?


What stand is this /jojo/?

Wallet and ID.

>its never specified if he is or not its left to the reader to decide
>couldnt see crazy diamond
>arrow bounced on him

Kira brought it upon himself by being so totally paranoid, denying his very apparent affection for Shinobu, and not doing anything to fix his mental issues. There was no way Josuke and his friends would have killed him or left him to die in the middle of the street, nor would they have anything to prove his crimes in court. Kira most likely had information on what all of his pursuers' Stand powers were through his father's spying, and I think he probably knew what Heaven's Door could do before the events of Another One Bites the Dust. He could have gone up to Rohan, prime him, and threaten to blow him to smithereens if he does not turn him into a book and overwrite his murderous instincts so he could never kill another person and erase Hayato's suspicions and memories of the incidents so the Kawajiri family might lead a peaceful life. Hell, I'd wager Josuke would have gotten Rohan to do just that if he didn't get run over, if he wouldn't daga kotowaru. It is pretty fucked that they did nothing about Hayato being traumatized by the whole thing since the kid's like 11.

hayato goes back and tells her doesnt he?

harvest requiem

I dunno, it specifically said in the epilogue that Shinobu would be waiting forever for him to come home, so I don't think she ever got closure.

Kira probably wasn't carrying Kosaku's shit like that anyway, Koichi got his name from his own wallet so I wouldn't be surprised if he was more cautious from then on.

If there is a forgiving god then let us pray he will have mercy on us

diver down

>year of DIO sama 1888 + 128
>not liking Giorno

>tfw Rohan used heaven's door on the ambulance driver to kill Kira

>Hey mom, just so you know Dad got murdered a few weeks ago and the guy in the house who you loved and made you happy was actually just a serial killer who stole his face and used us as a cover so he could keep killing without being caught. What's for dinner?
I hope not.

>some poor ambulance driver lost his job because of Jotaro's faggotry

Fuck you and read everything. Why is that so difficult for you people? How can you be a fan if you're willing to discard entire parts based on what some reject on Cred Forums tells you?


Trolley Problem

If you pull the lever, Kira is dead, but some man's life is ruined. Would you still pull it?

>post implying Giorno is good
>image stating Giorno is shit
You seem awfully confused

yes you can

>heard 6 was trash
>but read VA, that, in addition to being one scarred with shit scanlations for years is also hailed as a heaping pile of trash to those who could read it and talk to the english audience
>one of THE MOST debated parts in terms of pure writing quality in /jojo/
>skips Part 6

No, I don't want to kill Kira.

of course not. I wanted Kira to get away and live a quiet life with shinobu who hopefully doesn't end up dead

maybe they could go kill people together and kira could use the arrow on her so she has a stand too

killer queen and killer king

I think one guy losing his job is the lesser evil compared to hundreds of women losing their hands and lives to Kira's fetish.

Nah son.
Before I read up to that part, I thought it was unfair.
Now that I'm reading that part, definitely na. Kira got what he deserved.

They could have (and I'm sure they would have) finished Kira off themselves if the ambulance hadn't all taken them by surprise.

Goddamn though, imagine being that poor ambulance driver.
>Get into a job where you help people
>It's risky work and many of the people you reach die anyway, but you keep doing it because someone has to
>One day, while confidently responding to a call for help, you hear a sickening crunch and feel a horrible bump
>This is not helping people
>This is not helping people AT ALL

>Rohan used heaven's door on the ambulance driver to kill Kira
>then used it on his boss so he doesn't get fired
Based Rohan saving Morioh from Joestars incompetence

Go write your shitty manga, Rohan.

I want to hug Hayato.


He smells

>"who knows where they're taking you but I doubt it will be peaceful" - Reimi, shortly Kira's ghost gets "killed"
Kira comes back as a chill ghost ghosbusting other ghosts in Morioh
Did Reimi get cucked by the alley hands?

>pink dark boy
I loved it, I reread every chapter until a new one comes out. Art's great, story's great, and the little foreword I put at the start about my life is always entertaining. Author seems like a great people person with a funny sense of humor.

Rohan can write manga but Rohan can't write a girl to like him

Good art is good. You got a tumblr or somethin' I can follow?

I made a sneak peak of a femdom doujin user

>can't understand when others call out his shit taste

I came here to laugh at you.

That wasn't even me.

You posted an image of Bruno licking Giorno and calling him shit.

We didn't get any Aya porn, even though her design got 2 big upgrades, so the chances are very very low.

sadly no.

You realize how fucking hard is for a couple of that age to give birth, a healthy child at hat. Kira was a gift from heaven for them.

Kira is a legitimate autist tho.

Physically, he is ok

>You realize how fucking hard is for a couple of nip to give birth to David Bowie. Kira was a gift from heaven for them.

What the fuck is wrong with you?
No, I'm genuinely curious.

Why is Enya standing on DIO's dick


He's integral to this fight