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How would you go about making the ideal ace fighter pilot anime?

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Cute girls
Childhood friends.

Top Gun with cute girls as pilots.

Sounds good, but it's important that none of the cute girls wear pants

If they're not wearing bodysuits I'm not watching it.

Don't adapt any of the ace combat dramashit stories.

Macross Plus is already this

make it semihistorical and about WW2 for once, and i'd make a srs anime, not something like strike witches

>TLS still active
>frontal assault
RIP Cypher.

Also, adapt 3. They already went full anime in that one for Christ's sake.

>he doesn't want to dance with the angels
I bet you like F35s too, fag.

no idolshit
no memes

Thats a funny way to spell Area 88

Make it an isekai BUT instead of the MC getting isekai'd in some fantasy world, he gets isekai'd in an alternate version of our world where the cold war ended up in WW3 and is forced to serve as a fighter pilot as the conscription age has gone down dramatically with the death toll of the war.

>introduce a cast of cute girls who also happen to be pilots
>spend a couple episodes on character building, fanservice and cute stuff in general
>make the audience develop a bond with the characters
>start methodically killing them off, one by one
>not too often, just enough to keep people on their toes, just make sure once every couple of flights someone doesn't make it back
>keep it up with the cute though, for that sweet contrast
>gradually bring down the tone from mildly bittersweet to straight-up depressing
>make the eventual victory feel really hollow
>finish it off with the saddest hot springs episode ever made

Catch 22 with cute girls, basically.

Remove Belka

B-but then there would be no reason to make a good anime of AC


>no memes
But then it's no fun

Heavy Object spinoff featuring aces like Burning Alpha and Ice Girl in a world where aces are no longer needed.

Only something like Girls und panzer but with planes.

>Girls und panzer
Get the fuck out.

Leave it to fucking moeshit loving faggots to make something as cool as tanks really fucking gay.

Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere animated by Ufotable.

But it's already been done. It's called the sky crawlers matte.

>the saddest hot springs episode
Holy shit let's do this.

WWII setting.
Cute girls.
Starts off light, gradually delving into the horrors of warfare.
Western front where pilots have a sense of chivalry and honor. I doubt historically accurate Japanese practices (shooting parachuting pilots) would sell too well there.
Some romance I guess.
Oh, and Nazi wonder weapons are an absolute must.

it's the correct way

>no Ace Combat animu ever


[YES] [NO]

Make it so the MC is talented but isn't retarded OP, but instead works with his wingman to achieve victory.

His wingman dies half-way through though, after that he goes full edgy mode until hes shot down and gets healed by a cutie tomboy maintainance engineer

What are you doing on Cred Forums faggot?
Go back


Strike witches, but with planes instead of strikers. Strikers were a mistake.

Take memoirs of the fighter pilots for a basis.
Adopt certain stories unedited.
Female characters are reduced to the minimum.
Kill some characters for real.
So this would share something with "Only old men are going to battle" movie.
Nice idea either.
>Western front where pilots have a sense of chivalry and honor.

AC 5 would make a good anime if not for Nagase and her muh peace


Make it about the Tuskegee airman and make the Airmen Women.

A squadron of anime negresses?

A show about german pilots getting out of fuel

I really need to get into Macross

>Leave it to fucking moeshit loving faggots
That's the only option to see planes as general characters of the show and pass beyond ovas. And you know it.

You just gave me an idea about an episode about germans starving and freezing in Stalingrad.
Go ahead. Even though there's not so many screentime for Roy and Claudia.

Leiji already did it.

On the one hand, this.
On the other, Pixy as a little girl.

Holy fuck, buddys are multiplying. Anyway, AC anime never because bamco went full jew loooooooooooong ago.

Just make an anime of Ace Combat 5.

But they Released Infinity for free to us.

> Pixy as a little girl.
But then he'll lose his ness.
>pee ass 3
Whatever. It's either they rerelease it on PC/PS4/One or they can go fuck themselves. TGS with NO Ace Combat 7 for fucks sake bamco.


>Pixy as a little girl.

user, I would travel back in time and invent Strike Witches.

>Whatever. It's either they rerelease it on PC/PS4/One or they can go fuck themselves
Double this
Go to hui and take your little girl shit with you.

Does it have cool music?

It's MUTAT you filthy Belkan.

Patrician taste, friendo.


>it's a tsundere Belka-chan episode

That cover is amazing, I really like that grimy Gulf War type of aesthetic

Yeah sure, why not?

We all do. Too bad the series is pretty much dead. No fucking Ace Combat on TGS of all things. And the only plane-related anime this season (Delta) is a pile of shit. Sasuga bamco and Kawamori.

Shaddap Osean filth


loli pilots

>this shit with your typical singing japaneese girls

>generic pop-rock


Burning Alpha deserved better in the adaptation.

We just have to hold out hope for two more seasons so we can get him bullying Ice Girl. Can it still be called hope we know it has no chance?

>Patrician taste
Just as any other soviet ace.

Sorcerer 1 to all planes

You boys ready for AC7 and vertically flying up that space elevator?

Fine, have it if you want it.

It wouldn't be so loved if it wasn't cool. It's like smoking, everybody does it, so we know it's cool.

Something like GuP with planes, like the Shirobako OVA about planes.

>still butthurt he lost at the round table
Perhaps using meme magic to strengthen your own enemies wasn't a good idea, don't you think?

They probably cancelled it already.
Strangereal emblems are THE shit.


I'm mostly hyped about flying my plane-fu again.
And to see what Belka has been up to all these years.

> Fine, have it if you want it.
What. Boring as fuck.

It wasn't cancelled, it became a pachinko machine.

Ace combat zero anime, but Cipher and Pixy are little girls, with Yuri undertones, and Cipher goes mercenary ace route.

>became a pachinko machine.
Don't do that user.

Strike Witches anime, but with more witch Neuroi.

>All those SW/little girl posts
You make me sick

Stalin pls. You still have hohols to genocide.

What's that supposed to be, John Williams making a baby with Danny Elfman?

Hohlomor is a meme

Cred Forums pls.

At least it should have some life in it. Like Megazone 23 or SDF Macross music.

Considering Strike Witches is generic fanservice shot, it fits.


Why are Ace Combat OSTs so good? An anime wouldn't be able to match how the vidya uses tracks to match with mission so well.

>Why are Ace Combat OSTs so good?
Mix of talent and passion i guess. I wish anime had more OSTs like that. Japs CAN, but they DON'T.

Let's just solve our problems with the music of flying. Kenny Rogers.

Only the last one can solve shit

Yes, his roasters can solve that problem.

>The Liberation of Gracemeria
Jesus, the track is God-tier even when compared to wealth of other epic AC OST tracks.

Close second:

Make it an action comedy where the pilot and his rear man (radio operator? I don't know the terminology too well) absolutely fucking hate each other. I mean they argue over the radio on missions, get into fistfights in the barracks, and generally get into trouble and are only kept around because they're damn good. Add in their wingmen egging them on for extra fun.

>rear man
so basically a fujoshi show

AC OST is great.

Make an actual 1:1 adaptation of Area 88.

Just make Ace 3 anime already

No fujos, just bros.

During WWI it was the observer.
During WWII - radio operator and rear gunner
Nowadays - I'm not sure. Second pilot, navigator?

You can have unique sound directors, or guys who just re-use and recycle their OSTs for different series, like Sawano. But Kobayashi, Ace Combat's music composer, is a godsend.

I support you

Even Ace Combat 2's OST is GOAT

>expected typical LN shit
>got two bros demolishing shit with explosives
It happens sometimes.
All 4 guys behind AC OST's are gods among men.

>zero was 10 years ago

Depends on the platform. Before computers got good, they were necessary to operate radar and guided missiles. In some modern platforms they do electronics warfare or anti-ship warfare or anti-submarine warfare. Pretty much anything too complicated for the guy actively flying the damn plane to do.

>tfw I can't emulate PS2 Ace combats
Either the textures have to suffer or the entire game would have a snail speed

I feel you mr. Putin. Now make Russia not-shithole again.

>doesnt sense my trigger inputs

>Cute girls

But the planes are already cute girls.

Remastered AC games on PC never.

FALKEN best girl i guess.


>tfw grew up with a Gamecube instead of a ps2 and didn't come across AC music until too late
At least Infinity was pretty fun until it crashed my ps3 with no survivors and I've been too lazy to get it fixed.

Make a sentient planes anime like Cars.

>posts AC2 music
>not Fire Youngman

I fancy diapason. It sounds like a sort of inspiration for Liberation of Gracemeria and they both play during a mission involving the liberation of a city.

>Hey Cipher, hear all those people screaming for freedom? That's where we come in!

I fancy Ace Combat Zero as a whole, though. I wouldn't mind an anime adaption of it because more Pixy. But that will never happen.

Yukikaze and The Sky Crawlers have their moments. It's anime so we kind of expect a scifi setting, an alternate history setting, or an alternate universe setting. That's all fine, but there needs to be elements of realism to back up the fighter designs. It's probably pretty hard to animate a fighter plane in combat in a way that is both realistic and exciting.

Reminder that F-22 will always be best girl


Did you know that they made a movie called "Planes" too?

There's a greater horror than lack of remasters. The Assault Horizon port quality. Like, when the controls change with the weather on Venus.

>The Assault Horizon port quality
People liked AH enough to care about the port?

I like Fire Youngman but I can't get over that glorious fake bass in Sunset Glow
It's damn good


>can't buy Fires of Liberation on XBL
I'll never forgive my brother for scratching my disk.

>It sounds like a sort of inspiration for Liberation of Gracemeria
Yeah, can definitely hear it.

Oh fuck you belkan scum. i just wanted to post it.



Haha yes my friend, glorious song, let the bells toll. No Belkan supporters here, no sir.

I would try to accept the shitty story, but those controls. At first I thought that the problem is with my joystick. I turned it off.
Then I tried to set the controls for myself. And the game has changed them in the least desirable way. I couldn't get past the first misson after the prologue parts because of total disgust


Various names like Radar Intercept Officer, or Weapons Systems Officer, or Electronic Warfare Officer, though it looks like the new name is Combat Systems Officer.

second this opinion

I still don't understand why Macross fanbase says Plus is shit.

Now I understand why everyone misses Cipher so much by the end of AC0.

It has been so long, when is he coming back ;_;?

Never. Just as Mobius One.

because it is, outside of the art direction and animation.

Still better than modern Macross.

that's nice.
still doesn't make me want to sit through any non-VF portion of Plus again.

Delta is the best one in the series though

I've never made this connection before. Is this purely BS speculation or is there some hint of truth to it?

Pretty sure it is canon that Pixy gets himself involved in the war featured in AC4, though.

>non-VF portion of Plus again.
That can be said for any Macross period. Japs can't into romance and plot is usually meh.

Someone hasn't watched the Frontier movies.

> Pretty sure it is canon that Pixy gets himself involved in the war featured in AC4, though.
Yes, but not as a pilot. Anyway, AC7 never, time to bury the series. It was a good ride.

They were decent but nothing outstanding. VF-27 looks cool i guess. And big NUNS fleet doing it's job for once.

I only ever saw SDF but I thought the take on the aliens was unique and interesting even if super cheesy. The romance was garbage though

>Anyway, AC7 never

It's too early to give up hope.

I really liked the 7 Dynamite's non-VF scenes though, mostly because Zola was really cool.

On an unrelated note. What did Cred Forums think of the Sky Crawlers?

7 was pure 40k-tier madness and that made it good.
Zents are barely alien. All protoculture races are "humans, but X". Vajra are the only actual aliens there.

What's up with Aphex Twin and anime?

It's TGS and there is no Ace Combat. Bamco are either retarded or they scrapped it.


What does this mean?

Tokyo Game show

Tokyo Game Show.

get an autistic child and train him myself

They're just actually making the game right now instead of showing powerpoints like Kojima did

Anyway, i wanted them to shwo SOMETHING. Gameplay, new trailer, whatever.

>Bamco are either retarded or they scrapped it

Oh, I see.

That's a fair comment. MGSV's trailers were quite literally too good to be true.

>textures have to suffer
Lucky you. I get afterimages, no collision detection with the ground and missiles randomly deciding to ignore collisions as well.
Somehow the AI gets retarded as well and doesn't actually fight, sometimes.
Why the fuck did they port AH and not the main titles is beyond me.

Because AH was the game they tried to tailor toward the western audience.

Kamachi was definitely playing AC when he wrote volume 5 of Heavy Object. The Harpuiai is literally the Fenrir from ACX, microwave weapon and all.

Let's have them fight off.

Considering how dumbed down it was, I can see it.
The only saving grace of that game was Gotta Stay Fly, and even then it deviates from previous OSTs.

Is AC even popular in Japan?

Where is that from?

Who knows, Kamachi apparently plays a lot of games since HO became AC, GTA, MGS, Spec Ops: The Line, and a few other games during different novels.

He's basically Hirano of LN authors.

I remember hearing this in the demo. The demo ultimately told me that I didn't like what the game was doing and so I didn't buy it (fancy that), but I didn't hate this soundtrack.

Make badass characters.
Not fucking cute girls doing cute things.

Cute girls sell.

ace combat 4 was my favorite ace combat game.

>Tfw you are the bad guy

>Tfw you are the bad guy
I wonder who's behind this post.


NEETs can't fap to Nosferatu or any cute plane period.

yellow 13 did nothing wrong.

No one did anything wrong. They were doing their job as soldiers. Windies from Delta feel like a VERY bad ripoff from Yellows.

Yeah, it's a mix of that track. It only plays in the credits unfortunately, though iirc a couple of mixes are thrown in in some missions.
Don't bother even pirating it. 90% of the game is based around forcing you in dogfight mode since enemy planes can evade everything.
Some are outright invulnerable until you follow them in DF for half the map.
All the fun shit like suddenly braking and letting a plane overtake you and catch them off guard is done with a button press, for fuck's sake.
Also nothing on the level of fighting Pixy.
Goddamn that fight is beautiful.

>have all the Ace Combat PS2 games

Just animate all of ace combat 4
man that was a great soundtrack

Make it about cute girls flying cute WW1 or WW2 aircraft.

>Make badass characters, who also happens to be cute girls

You get it

But cute girls are boring, there's tons of cute girls shit every season.

But none of them are badass.

It's still a flavor of cute girls.

The best kind

Any kind of cute girls is boring. It's cute girls.

Isn't AC7 in the works for being VR compatible? I remember losing my shit at seeing the trailer from E3.

WWII anime focusing on various grunt fighter pilots. Every story takes 2 or 3 episodes. This gives you a good view of every side in the war.
Final episode revolves around the remaining pilot drinking himself to death after the war.

Hey Gurls und Panzer was pretty manly. It's about stepping up and taking the reigns as a leader, and always doing your best no matter how the odds are stacked against you. It's about being a good sport. Gurls und Panzer is cool, but in a sports anime sort of way.

I'm sorry about you faggotry illness user, I didn't notice.

It still has cute girls in tanks. Tanks are for men, not little girls.


High quality plane-fu taste right here. Dem wings

Too bad SU-47 is a meme. Flanker > every other ruski plane.

>Catch 22 with cute girls, basically.
oh fucking yes

There's nothing wrong with memes.


Berkut-chan is actually being funded again, with new/updated prototypes out sometime in the near future.

It's a flying lab anyway. Looks cool.

No girl as MC. Turns military anime to drama or comfy shit. Not saying they're bad, but I want my AC anime full of planes and action.

Also base it on Skies of Deception.

>make it so the jets can transform into robots
>throw in some idols too because they're popular

Aww yeah, I think I have a recipe for a sure hit here.

Skies of Deception and Fires of Liberation are almost exactly the same, except they traded out enemies shitting their pants when they see you and calling you "Nemesis" to some feel good shit about angels.

Despite how absolutely jewtastic Bamco is, it's really bizarre how the only remasters they've released are for Tales.

Is the 3DS ace combat game any good?


Shit niggers, I was going for a wank, then saw that thread, and now my desire to play AC4 or Zero (I don't have anything against AC5, I just re-finished it recently) have overcome my sexual needs. Fuck.

Anyways, I see everyone talking about cute girls, or WW2 or shit. It could be nice, but not an Ace Combat adaptation. Why wouldn't it possible to do, well, an adaptation? Keep the characters, storyline, just in an anime?

Because Ace Combat isn't relevant enough.
Its not 2005 anymore.

Maybe it could involve all the main characters (Scarface 1, Nemo, Mobius 1, Cipher, Blaze, Talisman, I'm not sure who else I'm missing) from games past meeting up with each other for one reason or another. Not sure where to go after that. And NO LITTLE GIRLS!


Go dance with the angels mister.


No cute girls.

Cute Cakes flying fighter jets, now THAT'S a boner inducing idea. It's cute AND it is slightly realistic so muh serious fags can't complain. Only problem is /k/ might complain about feminism or some shit and totally miss the point that we just want tot see cool and cute females do cool and cute things.

Female fighter pilots exist in real life though, unlike female special forces or female soldiers.

That's why I said slightly realistic. But /k/ would still complain about women in muh weapons.


>for one reason or another.
World War level conflict where the nations work together?

>PoV character is a pilot from a small nation, one of the best pilots his nation has to offer
>He ends up working with pilots from other nations, and eventually, the famous aces
>He meets the more elusive aces who are not really tied to a nation like Cipher and Blaze when they intervened in a dogfight to help him when he and his squad is outnumbered, they don't stay around until the final battle since they are not officially military pilots, at best they are considered mercenaries

Literally just set an anime in Strangereal. You could do literally anything in that setting and I'll watch/play/read the fuck out of it.
I bet you're a fuckin' Belkan spy.

ACZ best AC.
Cipher strongest ace.
Pixy best buddy and rival ace.


The B-2 is Shoji Kawamori's favourite aircraft design, after the XB-70 Valkyrie.

>PS2 still alive
>Have AC4, AC5, and AC0

No pic can describe my happiness

Good job user

That could actually work.

It would be a simple formula of cute TIE pilots doing cute TIE pilot things, like getting badass facial scars from running into closet doors.

Yellow 4 needs some fanbase

How does that happen that aviation anime thread is full of Ace Combat discussions?

It's time.

Ace Combat is pretty much playable anime.

I'd prefer a cold war or '90s setting and a sports-style anime plot that focuses on Red Flag or fictional equivalents. It could actually teach people about how real fighter pilots fight. Some good tech info dumps and BACT maneuvering fundamentals would give me the biggest boner.

Maybe in season 2 or 3 the protag and squadron would get involved in some sort of conflict and have to put their skills to the test. Start it out as a low intensity conflict where they're gunning down Jihadis and downing MiG-23s and then the conflict escalates as other large nations join against the protag's nation. Now they have to fight real, modern, highly trained opponents and it proves more deadly than they anticipated.

just make an 18 episode adaptation of either zero or 4 and keep the original OST. use the levels as a 1:1 storyboard. go MAX BUDGET and try get the same VA's
pic related

>>finish it off with the saddest hot springs episode ever made
> some of them covered in bandages
> some missing limbs
> a few are horribly disfigured
> some are staring into empty space, broken by PTSD or hallucinating their long dead friends
> after a few minutes of silence, main protagonist starts weeping silently, as the credits roll

Good tastes

Everyone likes B-2. I like Tu-160 too.

Basically this
Based Tom


Anyway, why there's an Ace Combat thread on Cred Forums?

Gunbuster already exists.

Technically, it's a thread about anime about fighter pilots.
Which obviously means AC. Electrosphere was anime, after all.

And that's great. These were good games.

I liked it, but I couldn't really understand the main character's sudden motivation in the very last scene. The buildup of the world and the society that exists around the characters was fantastic.

Yukikaze minus some of the retarded shit like the jam psyops.

So when the fuck is the area 88 manga going to be translated? It's been 25 years.

If an Ace Combat were to be adapted into an anime, OVA, movie,
Which one to adapt? Out of the best 3 games?

Electropshere. The others should be live action where they belong

>American version of AC3 got me into the series
>Everyone hates it
Granted, I was 10 years old. But now that I'm old, I want to see the difference in the nip and NA version. I've heard the nip version really is like playing anime though.

It is. And it got several endings.
Nah, 4/5/0 would work fine as anime.

>4/5/0 would work fine as anime.
Zero would have to be the live action. Too used to the fact they used actors to film the cut scenes and such.


Going without pants doesn't make sense if you can't see the ass.

>No idolshit
The idol songs are what make Macross's dogfights. You can't just get rid of that.

With background politics, cute girls, nice dogfight coreography and loads of Flamenco.
Actually, scratch everything else, all we need is the Flamenco.

>I want to see the difference
A couple of years ago a group was trying to translate it in-game. Dunno if they managed it, but they did have a page with a rough translation of the scenes and some mission lines.
And yeah, completely different. It actually has a story, branching storylines and multiple endings.
A couple planes and a lot of missions got cut in the NA/EU version, as well as a simulator to replay missions.
5 and zero had callbacks to it with the Falken flight systems.
It's actually a prototype of the COFFIN system of 3.

Frontier has a horrible art style

Are you talking about project Nemo?
I've been checking a few times what they're up to. Hope I can play the translated version one day

Flamenco > Idolshit.

Yes, I think that was it.
Following a translation while playing is kind of annoying, I'll admit.
The wiki did have a summary of what happened across all timelines, though I'm pretty sure during one of the routes it spoils the epilogue reveal, which you're supposed to get only after you clear all the storylines.
It's annoying, but playing and reading at the same time is still better than nothing, I suppose.

>Anonymous August 3, 2016 at 8:55 PM
>Q: How likely is this project going to be completed in 2016?

>Anonymous August 22, 2016 at 9:39 PM
>Q: so, it means that the final patch is around the corner ?

>A: I think there's a strong possibility that we can release a patch for all missions at the end of this year but I would hesitate in calling it "final."

>disc 1 translated
Nice, the version I played only had some menus translated, and even then they might have been in English in the jap version as well.


>what is Macross most SDF, DYRL, Plus, 7, Zero

StrikerS was great!

>live action Zero

Maybe have it sort of like this:
>First few minutes of each episode (or story arc) starts off as a Live-Action Documentary like in the game, with a different pilot talking about their involvement in the war, and how they met the Demon Lord.
>Cue fade to black, and the middle of the episode is all animated from the pilot's perspective of the events they were talking about
>We never actually get to see the face of Cipher, only their helmet, a very far distance shot, or other tricks to obscure them
>At the end of the episode, it goes back to Live-Action with the pilot ending the interview.

>inb4 Pixy becomes the closest thing to a main character in that show.

Ace Combat X/Skies of Deception anime when? Gryphus One is the CUTEST and BEST MC in AC of all time. Mobius One fags need not post.



I don't see any red Zakus

Isn't that just Yukikaze?

check out Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta

>rifles on planes
>ideal fighter pilot anime

in WW1 the early pilots shot at each other with pistols
also the body count is damn fine in Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta

Stories say that the Red Baron's first kills were from being a rear seat gunner with a shotgun.

Also that he was from the DaisyHill Puppy Farm, and vowed his revenge!


I don't believe there has ever been a war in which the population of any faction's civilian population has decreased dramatically.

she is a total cute

>dat wing logo

This feels 2real4me

The Mongolians will gladly provide you an example.

Sorry, no modern war. I don't count genocides, or targeted destruction of civilians, I mean a war that was so drawn out that the population ran too low on people too conscript.

Give the heroes a flying aircraft carrier to deploy from for a change.

Cancer:the post

>look at the CFA-44's nozzles
>3d TV inside the paddles

And then the charleston from Evil Dead starts to play as the weeping sounds go.

>things that do not exist
never change, japs

Would you fripside for ace anime OP?

>> some of them covered in bandages
>> some missing limbs
>> a few are horribly disfigured

We are talking about planes here, either they come back with relatively minor injuries or they die.

If it's made, I hope whoever makes it realizes there's more to air combat than loops, barrel rolls, and Pugachev Cobras.

There also needs to be at least one scene where the pilot(s) take a suicidal path through a tunnel of some kind.

Set it in a world with no boundaries.

Or alternatively, make the protag does whatever he needs to do to complete the mission.

Ace Combat 4 was the last good game.

The rest are cringe shit.

Alexey Maresyev and Douglas Bader came back without legs.

Shit taste. Even 6 with it's cheesy ass story was a good game.

>world with no boundaries
A rebel army fights for the better world against governments and financial elite using the doctrine of air superiority.
That's something I would watch, if there would be a good political explanation.

Gundam 00?

Nah. More like Dougram-tier of politics mixed with soviet movies about revolutions and shit and with great air fights animated by someone like Ichiro Itano.

So Ghost in the Shell meets Syndicate with planes a la Yukikaze.

Won't sell and costs a lot of money. Is Itano even doing animation anymore?

Dougram have sold pretty well, since during work on Votoms the crew got creative freedom.


What is this from?

It was back than. Now you need to sacrifice character and/or plot to make shit sell.
>What is this from?

That's not fair.

If the show is well-made and interesting, then people may like this. Gundam has also failed in the ratings .

Amuro Ray falls in love with Sayla Mass.

Unable to confess, the Newtype is gifted by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to Char Aznabel's sister, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. Sayla is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of CHAR.

Stop posting that because it's already a thing.

>Gundam has also failed in the ratings .
Guess what, TV Gundams since 00 were sorta trash. ConRevo was well made and interesting and it did not sell.



Because Concrete Revolutio had awful advertising and came out around the time of IBO translation.

>no. 1 movie in Japan
>no. 1 anime on MAL

So this is the power of memes. Not bad.

Damn, that is good.

It would not sell either way.


>Keit愛 OST


OP Full:
ED 1 Full:
ED 2 Full:

>Keit愛 TVアニメ

EP 1:
EP 13:

>you have summoned Keith-Ai posters

Fuck off.
I hate you fucking faggots who are always spamming this shit.
No one wants to see it anymore.
Don't ever post about Keit-ai again.
Shitty memes like these are the cancer killing Cred Forums.
And you faggots always get away with it too.
Why the fuck mods don't crack down on it more, I'll never know.
Anytime someone even mentions it it gets hundreds of replies and Cred Forumsermin crossboarders.
You should consider suicide if you engage in that kind of behavior

>power of memes

> Cred Forumsermin
You are posting in a thread directly linked to vidya games francise. What are you doing here?


I watched one episode of Delta and now I feel obligated to watch the whole series because I'm hooked.


Nobody would fund a communist anime.
Only opportunist, like IBO

It is decent till episode 10, tolerable till episode 13 and then comes the wave of shit.

And Trump is going to be POTUS.

Tis stronger, more potent meme magic we have in 2016 compared to 2012.

Cred Forums, fuck off already. No one cares about murrican politics.

Wyvren all day every day.

Nothing special.
Actually, I suppose I should try it.

It's great. And s2 turns into more generic Zeta clone but it's still decent.

The Third Girls Aerial Squad,

still play 4 and 5 on my first gen Ps3, i copied over the save files from my memory cards

Fund it.

And lots of despair!

im sold, where can I watch this?

modded ps2 4 lyfe

This fucking music. Alect Squadron is nothing when this plays. The Armada tho.

I thought it was Catch-22 adaptation.
Anyways, even those two you mentioned are extremely rare cases. Most time, if the plane is shot in a way that injures the pilot, the plane either will come crashing down, or the pilot won't be able to properly maneuver or eject.

If we're going the generic MC route, I'd choose Skies of Deception. I dunno about the other AC games, but Gryphus One turned the tide of a war in just a few weeks to the point that they invaded the enemy itself, even though they only had one decrepit airbase left, and almost no ground forces. That doesn't include the usual shooting down of flying fortresses or super weapons. There's also so much MC wanking in the game.

The MC wanking was fun though, I loved how everyone freaks out when you show up to kick their ass. Leasath had it coming.

those ecm pods near the nozzles always triggers me

Thought anons would hate that wanking. Was great for me too, especially at Gleipnir/Alect/Fenrir missions.

>"There must be some kind of mistake. Fenrir's been shot down!"
>"Completely destroyed...Looks like the Southern Cross was the real monster!"

>I was just a child when the stars fell from the skies. But I remember how they
built a cannon to destroy them and in turn how that cannon brought war upon us.

>dunno about the other AC games
Pretty much the same.
OR, pretty much the same except the enemy surrenders, and two months later they declare war again because they didn't get it the first time.