Drawfag Thread 1862

Drawfag Thread 1862

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Draw Friends Booru!

Please help a little by tagging and uploading pics!
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Thread 1861

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gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=rachel_alucard swimsuit

Requesting Kanata from AKB0048 in JoJo style posing menacingly, with her Kirara as her stand

Can someone give Reoko-sama a hug?

Humbly requesting Arturia in her beautiful one piece dress, basking in the sun's warm light while it makes the dress translucent.

Requesting succubus Saten sitting on your window with a smug grin, as she's holding your box of tissues in one hand and pointing at her mouth with the other. Saten is taunting you, asking you "Where are you going to cum now?"

Requesting a parody of a skate magazine cover with Killua

Requesting Rachel in her swimsuit and Hazama/Terumi having hatesex, while viciously insulting each other's sexual prowess or lack thereof.
gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=rachel_alucard swimsuit

The naughty parts could be hidden, if you'd rather make it semi-SFW.

FYI, toku isn't /m/

Requesting Leona Ozaki trying out Alphonse (the mech) for the first time, while Noa Izumi tries out Bonaparte (the tank)

Requesting a 2 panel image. The first one having Aika (left) telling drawfags to stop drawing her in with gags and have them do Neena (right) instead. The second one having Neena lying on a couch in full view with her mouth taped shut with a disinterested/defeated look on her face. Bonus points if a third panel has Aika in the exact same manner with a "not this again" expression on her face.

Requesting Chihaya taking a cute photo of your waifu

Requesting Dimaria Yesta and Chronos from Fairy Tail stopping time and posing as Dio and The World from JoJo.
Clothes/pose/expression as you wish, but bonus for Dimaria clicking her theet as she unleash Za Kuronosu. Thanks.

Requesting Rukia doing something cute or cool with a Salamence
A few ideas:
-Them performing a Dragon Dance together, just something silly
-Them both taking a nap
-Her using a TM or some kind of explination to teach it Earthquake
anything else nonlewd/nongore is fine between them

>Dominion Tank/Patlabor request
This gets a well deserved seconding

Requesting Seaport-hime as a thick milkmaid.

Requesting Isonami Kirara in nothing but panties and a huge T-shirt.

Requesting Diego Brando and Funny Valentine in an extreme jousting duel with spears, on motorcycles
(Ignore the knight armors in the ref)

Requesting a cute pic of Sotomura with the hairstyle she has in the red circle.

Requesting current Bossu in her uniform but with her younger self's haircut.

A Taihou automaton version please or ditching her bowgun for a Tommy gun

except it is

Requesting Ellen and Hayato eating at a diner countertop while the latter mutters something about recently wanting to kill his boss.

Requesting Chris, Kirika, and Shirabe in lacy lingerie, licking each other's navels in a threesome daisy chain.

Wh-what? How can you have a three-way navel lick?

Think a regular daisy chain position, only a little bit higher.

I think I get it, this daisy chaining is a new term to me

Requesting Erika with massive fuel tanks and/or wearing sexy "bikini" armour based on her tank, the Tiger II.

Requesting the Dark Knight Rises pic (right) with Oshiete! Galko-chan characters.


Requesting anything with the Chaikas from Chaika and the Biblioprincesses from Dantalian like tea party or dressing up

Doublas is cute!

Raphtalia wearing a wedding dress please, or some kind of shrine maiden outfit please?

Requesting Yuuko and Shadow Yuuko clashing with whatever weapons of your choice.

Requesting Kongoubutt.

Requesting a tired, slightly hungover Masane on the toilet.

>toku is /m/
>show is clearly mecha musume
Nice try

Request Reina as a naked catgirl trying to ignore a feather toy dangled in front of her face.

Requesting Sophia dressed as a lewd school girl using Tanukichi's back as a chair.

Refs: i.imgur.com/zyOGKDX.jpg i.imgur.com/IRVkkdJ.jpg

Requesting a simple tea party between Pixie (Monster Rancher), Angewomon (Digimon), and Gardevoir (Pokemon)

>page nine

Requesting Agiri offering Hikage some marijuana.

>page 7
Requesting Hoppou and Battlecat hijinks

Where did everybody go?

Lewds or suggestive please


Requesting Panty from Panty & Stocking being so hot with a bed sheet covering her body.

Good one Leon

See through nightgown

To the WWD since this place's deliveries are too slow or too much ebin lewd/beast memes as usual.

Place will restore itself as the shitposting there gets worse or people get delivered

How about Blue Rose or Dragon Kid/Lin from Tiger & Bunny with huge tits, the latter unzipping her jumpsuit to reveal her huge chest.

Adlet and Hans spitroasting/DPing Chamot from Rokka no Yuusha after all the shit she put them through, as she's bound up or not if its just spitroast then have Adlet using a dildo on her ass

Reeqeuesting John Wayne as a western-themed harem MC.
The girls need a real John Wayne experience.
Female tropes you could follow:
injun QT
irish patty
chinese honey
mulatto sweetie
Murican cowgirl

Requesting 2 ghosts lifting Teacher Ritsuko's mini skirt exposing her panties with an ashamed face like in the upper left image meanwhile Nube is watching with a crazy face like in the reference.

Very appreciate if both of her butt and crotch are being shown.

Well shit, I haven't been here in awhile and I was hoping to get my waifu drawn. But she only has a 4koma

Asking for Ayako from slam Dunk posing like in the reference.

uni wearing gothic lolita clothing

Requesting Princess Knight going down the stairs with a view like in the reference.

Requesting some crossover of I-58(left) and Haruka(right) with Sukumizu please.

Something like I-58 is happy and hug Haruka because she though Haruka is a new submarine girl/kanmusu.

Gumi driving a flamingo pink Cadillac and wearing aviators
SeeU in the passenger seat could be nice

Requesting Igawa, Sakura, and Murasaki wincing at band names suggested by fans.

Requesting a Hassandam.

Requesting Hiroyuki trying to murder Yotsuba just for the recent events.

Requesting a short comic (or even just a portrait of a select moment) about The Waifu Your Waifu Could Be Like, starring Waifu-tan.

Karas fighting Garo, in a city at night, or teaming up to cleanse the foul demon scum from the streets.

Requesting a picture of Karna, thirsty, spotting Jinako's 'lemonade' and drinking it only to discover it isn't lemonade

Also, Jinako wearing a Zero Suit or Eva plugsuit

Here it is.

Effie with black sclera and as a full-dom but with a hint of gentleness, like a succubus.

Requesting more lewds of this cute semen demon, Sakura Chiyo.

Naizuri would be nice.

Or her as a succubi, trying to get Nozaki Umetarou's semen and failing at it

dat ass

So like that a corrupted Effie? That sounds neat, good luck user.

Its finally done, delivery for the Hibiki Ren user.
Hope you can find it.

Good work!

Rokuro from Sousei no Onmyouji wearing this outfit on the left

ty good sir.

Requesting Fin E Ld Si Laffinty from Rinne no Lagrange as a male, and being taken advantage of by Madoka and Muginami.

I'd like Homura wearing a watermelon bikini like Momiji's.

I would like to see Weiss surf on a giant icicle, Tao Bai Bai Style.

Just a bump, don't mind me

perhaps some form of human centipede arrayed as an ouroboros

Glad you like it, kobori user.

Requesting BB-tan bunny girl

Requesting Yotsuba in a coffin.

Requesting Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell) and Saya (Namco X Capcom/Project X Zone) making a non-descript shota feel uncomfortable

Requesting Leroute showing off her body or just some lewds.

Requesting a giant Brandish μ and Mount Lady preparing to fight in front of a city.


Requesting Reinhard from Re:Zero going against Komaeda from DanganRonpa. Both are just standing in one spot while shit blows up and flies towards one another while missing them.

Requesting a leather-clad dominatrix Tamamo

Requesting big sopping wet Nero titties.

Don't know if I can do something like this, but can I request Choji from Naruto Shippuden as a sumo wrestler, wearing a white mawashi? Full color please.

Kuroha having her breasts fondled by Murakami, and she's smiling while holding 1000yen

Requesting Pearl from Battlerite drawn doing Jotaro's signature point.

That's not Cred Forums

LED Mirage mecha musume girl please and thank you? the normal form works, as does the Boomerang Unit.

Requesting Monaca taking it in the butt while making that face at the bottom.

Requesting Crusche fucking Ferris' tight boy pussy with a strap-on.


Requesting Misaka Mikoto and Cole McGrath in this pose, make Cole wear his shirt and shorts and Misaka these clothes. The pic is censored coz I couldn't find one with clothes.

Ravel wearing a babydoll or a rainbow-striped bikini, or phoenix-inspired armor.

Nel in a sexier version of her white uniform please.

Requesting Char and Kamille in a pillow fort which says no girls allowed

Requesting Nero in this gym outfit, bending over or stretching with a focus on her ass.

Requesting more source and adaptation versions of girls together


Requesting a color of both Nana's hugging

here's the ref for color

Thank you!

Draw what you like of Mira, or just draw an older version of her, like cake or MILF.

A picture of Tamamo like this but with even bigger breasts, a large Kimono/emperor robe would be cool, and sarashi + fundoshi and/or her also lying on a bed seductively luring the viewer

Requesting Risty butt.

I want WAN WAN to sit on my face~

Requesting Nero in a tight red, body stocking.

please draw Hime from QUALITY Code on board of the titanic and screaming I AM THE KING OF THE WORLD!

Requesting Blake Belladonna from RWBY posing like Diego Brando from Eyes of Heaven

requesting miyano from tanaka kun for that top down bodypillow position

Requesting Ayame Kajou as a stereotypical obnoxious internet personality on Twitch/Youtube.

Ed as Katsuragi, Edd as Mirai, Eddy as Ryobi and the the jawbreakers as a Daidouji oppai mousepad.

Would've it kill you to say Double D?
Do you know what episode's that from?

Ed or Tails. Was watching and noticed how the package looked like boobs.

A lot of things remind me of boobs

Here you go, any critique would be helpful

draw some porn of her i dont care what

I'd love a drawing of Murakami and Kuroha making love outside under a sky full of stars. Alternatively Murakami posing like a boss with his harem (Kuroha, Kana, Kazumi, Kotori)

So peaceful in here.

Requesting buttpad rough concepts. Feel free to finish if you insist.

>still no Jack buttpad

Requesting Niekawa and Anri from the Durarara!! series being together such as symmetrical docking

Requesting Chirico wiping moisture off his helmet like in the middle image.

Edited this just now, so you can custom print it.


Good enough for me, thanks.

I have lost control of my life

Requesting a mini Hakase riding on Sakamoto's back.

>this kills the cat

Mini Hakase, like Mini-Ika.

Bondagefag here.

Taking a bondage quickie request. You know me. Hot, tight and dirty, SFW or NSFW.

You bastards don't have an excuse to bitch about anything now that i'm announcing myself before delivering so you know what you'll get.

Draw suzuha from steins;gate

Nero tying her master to her bed, to ravage her with a strap-on

Tamamo on the bed tied up with the rope on the wall, the red one.

Tamamofag we are going to meet in the streets and fight it out already.

chan.sankakucomplex.com/post/show/5567797 her spear instead of the sword?

I'd suggest someone, but you told me in private that you're not interested in her. Good luck with whoever you choose.

Try Kii from Monster Musume, with vines? Against a tree or something?

Under her dress or not and on her back, happy, like danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2451292 danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1764397

You did Estelle Bright a time ago, would you be okay with doing her again and involving her staff?

Requesting Nero in this pose with some guy rubbing his dick between Nero's ass.

Looks pretty small and flat

Your dick and/or tits are small and flat.

Bound and gagged in frilly purple lingerie with noticeably erect nipples through her bra


Sawyer in her panties and undershirt, with her wrists handcuffed to her ankles, sitting in a pose not dissimilar to this: gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=3342261



Requesting Elsa Granhiert and her Weavile attacking an unsuspecting target.

Rape is never funny or nice....
Unless it's lesbian rape. Then it's great

OR here, those expression are priceless and make the image golden. You rock and are my brother of unknown descent.

Elle topless handbra with or without leaking milk


No, piggyback your own request.

Requesting a mecha musume Dantalion styled like the Automaton on the right

>tfw I do literally every request for practice but never post any of them

every drawthread I encounter.

Cool story, bruh.

Is there any more info or pics with that cutie Automaton?

Requestan Guts and Goblin slayer hugging and comforting each other. Something like "i know your feel bro"

KC has yet to release full art of the Automaton, and fanart is very miniscule at the moment.


Oh nice, I love robot girls. Hope she becomes popular.


>page nine


here ya go.

I wonder why he requested again after getting a delivery on Cred Forums from borvar. Not bad though.

my style kinda resembles Borvar, but i'm not the guy.

Hope OR likes this.

I know you aren't he got a delivery days ago on Cred Forums from him.


i see.

requesting Vert, Noire, and Blanc as honey-bees like this.

Requesting Haruka Gracia in Mario Basketball 3 on 3's White Mage's clothes embarrassed that they barely fit

I'm just practicing. Feel free to re-request.

awww this is super cute. thank you very much.

OR here, thumbs up drawbro, Nero ass is just as good as big fat Nero titties. Thank you.

I have been bumping the thread with nero requests, so once it reaches page 9 I just make another Nero request.

Np good sir.

Artist, fuse yourself with a dbz character using the Metamo-Ring.


>waifu-tan has the keys of your house

>page nine

>page 9

Could anyone draw Saitama in the same pose as Shu Yun?

Or could you just trace Saitama over this bigger picture?

This was already delivered a couple of months ago. Fuck off with haste please.

With Masane instead? on lingerie or with her clothing, maybe her pants pulled down a bit to see a nice whaletail?

Anybody have any guides for shoulders?
Gonna fix the boobs/arms/ass/head in a bit but I have how-tos to help me with those. Shoulders are another story; I have so many issues with them and just readjusting until it looks right doesn't seem to be helping.

Any other advice is greatly appreciated. Haven't drawn much of anything before and I'm a stubborn perfectionist.

/ic/ intimidates me.

Requesting Keiji pulling Kanetsugu's leash back as she pounds Kanetsugu's ass through her ass window with a strap-on. Loud moans of "Wan, Wan" are escaping Kanetsugu's mouth in the process.

Your shoulders lack depth I'm pretty sure - considering the angle of the body.
I'm not that good myself so take my advice with a bucket of salt.

/ic/ is a better bet than here unfortunately unless an actual good drawfag comes along.

Requesting Bouya Harumichi riding on a giant crow - Tony would be best - with Yasu freaking out behind him.

Airi wearing a sexy bikini such as a sling bikini

More and better refferences or gtfo.

That isn't a requirement.
Ignore him.

>not even a character sheet
What the hell?

Sexy lewd Horn

Requesting more lewd bump pics

Requesting Fuu in a modern bikini of any kind



This one?

Cute Tenkawa Maihime wearing a cute summer dress please.
Or shrine maiden outfit.

What the fuck


this is how you link other boards.

>teaching newfag shitposters how to shitpost better

It is good to have some friendlyfags around.

More like this: i.imgur.com/Spe8koG.jpg

Fukken saved

And people say Tamamo requests are bad.

Neither of you are.

Tamamomishaguy, shut up.

Fucking done.

Exposed version

Very nice!

Wow, this came out nicely. Very fitting for her.
I have to say that I hope you draw my waifu one day.

Requesting Junko molesting Monaca.

I know he doesn't want to draw my waifu, and it feels bad.

requesting corrupted Abyssal Iowa

There are a number of artists who've told me they dislike (or even hate) my waifu's design too, so I can relate. All that matters is your love, user.

Requesting pov things with her, like cuddling with her, taking cozy naps. Eating her cooking, drinking alcohol with her.

This idea wasn't bad: Tamamo performing a strip-tease or something along the lines of a gravure video or intro to an AV in her swimsuit - in, coming out, or midway in the water.

Requesting Attila getting her battle hardened delicious tan skin covered white with cum.

I want to rub my dick on that camel toe.

While cross board requesting is poor form why are we trying to shitpost the guy that actually uses the appropriate board for porn requests?

Not even Cred Forums

Taking attention away from his own

Lord Ainz for Overlord and Dark Lich for secret of mana brofisting

Requesting any of these 3 milfs wearing Wicke's outfit and glasses:

1 - Hoshizora Ikuyo
2 - Iori Rinko
3 - Katsuragi Mari

Requesting Chisa naked apron.

I wish an editor fag could add a raging wojak behind the pepe PUNCHING REALLY FAST,kinda like a stand from JJBA.
would be 10/10 if you could give the Pepe Jotaro's hat and Wojak star platinum hair

I love her tits

I can't tell you to get raped fast enough.

I need more of Tamamo in her frilly nightgown
If she were sleeply that could be pretty nice too.

Really nice

>page 10

May's soft mountains.

Haruka's huge hills

Requesting both Harukas symmetrical docking

How about both switch roles? And don't just switch their clothes, draw how they would dress like for their new life

>tfw you can only think of Haruka in a May themed version of her normal get-up using a Torchic and a Zigzagoon for her experiments
>May ends up Daidouji lite in tighter spats


Requesting straight loli

Requesting Nero on all fours like a dog, giving her hand out as if it were a paw.


I must bump the thread, this is the only way.

Plus if people draw more Nero, I wouldn't complain. Love the spunky Emperor.


Requesting your favorite actor, movie scene or musician lolified

Draw Maihime please

Don't expect anything less from those who request girls from Fate Extra

I am just bumping the thread, requests are better than just yelling bump at the screen. Tell me what you want me to do?

Fuck off you entitled prick

There's some guy on pixiv with lots of resources but i can't find it right now, it's probably on the OP pastebin.
But yea one tip i can give is to look at live ref, just go take a look at boards like /s/ that are bound to have nudes. Even yourself, just get a mirror.

You mean the one who does this?

Requesting Motoko in Raven's outfit from teen titans.

looks like it

did a nip draw the right?

Yep. Pretty sure.

Requesting Yoko Littner teaching her class in her space outfit

It's natsumemo.

Can Someone draw Sakamoto in a Bright outfit slapping a spacenoid Kirino?



Eating grapes
or drinking white wine

I hope I dont get banned.

Full shitposting ahead?

Shitposting aside, invisible girls are a miracle of the universe

Requesting Otoha giving a barefoot footjob

Someone like John Wayne or the Stranger wouldn't cut it as harem MCs, they aren't beta enough.

I didn't know I wanted this.

But alpha harem MCs could be possible.

I like alpha MCs but it feels like everything else gets weaker in quality because they can only focus on an MC who doesn't live in fear of vagina rather than world building or fleshing out the "cliches" in the girls.

Requesting Hibiki and Ren giving each other pedicures.

Would rather have a MC that has all the pussy chasing after him but wants to invest on his crush only, like MANkoto was before he started fucking everyone in the cast.

Requesting a parody of this with Uranami youtube.com/watch?v=QiqqC_fbP1c

Or anything of her at all.

Requesting any girl wearing this bikini. Preferably big tits.

Requesting Hifumi surfing


Coloring WIP on the left, request on the right:
Requesting a girl of your choice touching another girl's boobs and narrating how it feels


Good night!

Great work. She looks pretty hot with that outfit.

>page nine

>page 9 again
I swear this thread is dead as fuck

nice job user

Artist gone extinct

Way to feed him

So if I spam my waifu she will get drawn a lot?

If you use her to bump

very cute character might color lineart/color it if time allows.. have a good day!

It seems all Tamamo requests get done since drawfags find the meme absolutely hilarious, so try requesting Tamamo with your waifu's figure, hairstyle, eye color and outfit. It'll get done.

I finished the dancers pic user.

I was wondering if a almost naked fat gay is okay here?

Cute work, thanks.
>might color lineart/color it if time allows
I would appreciate it if you're able.


thread don't die!

Requesting Cornelia li Britannia from Code Geass wearing the outfit on the right (highlighted in green). Reference source is Mon-Mon.

That's pretty cute user

Requesting Shizuno titties.

Last WWD is done soon. Prepare for refugees.

They have been here all along.

Requesting cyberpunk Midori.

OR here, looks sexy as hell drawbro. I love the curves and the nice way you drew the eyes. Thank you man.

It looks like Artoria to be perfectly honest. While Nero and Artoria look similar in appearance, they share a few differences here and there. The most obvious is bust size but if you focus on their heads, their hair is always depicted differently. Nero has bang arcs and Artoria does not. Just the little things in subtly is all the sweeter.

Requesting Rori draw some lewds of mirai

Brace yourselves.

What did we learn this weekend?

If the bottom 2 were drawn by the same guy like it looks like then yea there are differences. If not they might just be style choices, other than the tits ofc.

All Sabers look alike anyway.

noone cares about youre waifu

Yes, the bottom two were drawn by the same guy, that is why I put them close together. There is a difference and more than one artists has drawn than with that difference.

Very untrue, look beyond the surface level.

Are the two anons who sent a message here but couldn't get through still around? I hope guerrillamail is fixed now.

I'm thinking about switching waifus for a kantai collection ship. Maybe having a daughteru is the best route for this.

Might as well just be a haremfag


If you try to steal my waifu I will shitpost you to oblivion.

Succubus Patchouli giving a handjob on a banana.

Lubed banana

Fuck, you people are cancerous

There will always be trolls, and people will not stop feeding them.

Which is why I'll never mention who she originally was, and when I'll make the transition. I'm glad I was a literal nobody to the threads, makes life easier

Isn't it great how all activity in the general comes back when the weekend threads end?

Thank you to the drawfag who did this. Natsu was the only option to be like that, since he's silly.

Also people never report it

I report, but one or two reports aren't enough it seems

Just verifying for the Pkmn gijinkas - lemme know if I took yours down wrong or missed you:

BB - Arbok
Mai - Flareon
Cosmos - Moltres
Rias - Golbat
Gamegear - Grimer (Is she Cred Forums? I'm just asking because I'm not trying to catch any trouble when delivering.)
Hinagiku - Arcanine
Maki - Ninetails/Vulpix
Aigis - Jolteon
Momo - Vileplume
Valerie - Seadra
Ai - Vileplume
Touko - Goldeen
Shion - Eevee
Neptune - Jigglypuff
Mimi - Wartortle
Kobeni - Wigglytuff
Nanako - Venomoth (Cubone may be better due to her story)
Yasuhiro - Rapidash or Omanyte

I bet most of the shitposters are the salty waifulessfags who hate the WWD and all the attention it gets over the general.

Are you nanakofag?

It's Momo Hanakai, just to make sure.

Its the same anons in both threads and it always has been.

Fucking newfags.

I'm not. I'm going to try and see if she'll collab with me on them for reasons but no.

Yep, I've got the last names written down.

This. Inversely, it's the waifufags making the shitty porn requests here, claiming "the wwd is better for this very reason"


She's in anime on one episode from "Hi sCoool! SeHa Girls"

Fuck this I got hemorrhoids.
Please cheer me up by drawing my Girl in a nurse outfit.

I wish you had some more gijinkas to choose from.

No, she isn't Cred Forums related at all and the waifufag probably isn't even a real one, but you're free to do whatever you want.

Just checking, you did remember to see all pages, right?
Anyway, yeah, I know. I tend to favor really intricate ones and I didn't think I'd be able to do the ones I had in my folder in a timely manner for that reason so I figured those would be better. Sorry user!

Really? I'd been gone for a few weeks and just thought they were a newbie. I'll wait on them for a bit then.

Patchouli on a pile of burgers while eating one please.

sorry no big tits


Love your shading, she turned out ultra cute.

23 looks tasty.

They might just be a newbie, who knows. This is her Cred Forums ticket apparently. Honestly just do what you feel like doing. Don't let others influence you. You're the drawfag, after all.

Excellent choice

Remember. When some shit-child attack you with no reason or their opinion, just don't listen to them and ignore it. And you're free to draw whatever you want.

>This is her Cred Forums ticket apparently
No, it isn't. I watched that crap anime, he's referring to a cameo where an image of Gamegear appears.

Crap anime is still anime.


Crap Anime can still contain good waifus.

Nice reading comprehension

Just let the drawfag draw whatever they want and that's all i need.

I agree. Mahou Sensou was crap, but it had Momo-tan.

There wasn't just any that really fit my waifu.
Maybe some other time, at any rate I'll be excited to see what you're gonna draw.

What a cutie!

I relearned some things I forgot about the Decorate code language.

That I need to change my ways.

Crew the rules, my sword is a gut that shoots doors.

I haven't liked a character enough to say this.

You tried

Requesting Kotoko asking if she looks "totally adorbs" while dressed in gyaru, maybe a cute, pink leopard print top.

Try Bubuki/Buranki.

Pretty sure it was waifufags shitposting over some petty discord drama.

I don't get why they don't just go rant in /ghost/ or something, that place is made for that drama.

Was Mahouka the reason Madhouse did a shitty job on Mahou Sensou?

The story was a fucking mess and the characters where horrible. Some guys got OP magic powers and the other one got the power of breast enlargement.

Every weekend I wonder why I'm still requesting.
The threads are garbage.

Well even the author said that it was a mistake to have Madhouse adapt it.

This. I know your feels bro.

Drawing on Sunday was a mistake

Legit question: what's /ghost/? I see a lot of people mentioning it but never saw such place


Drawing hips is not my forte, really need to figure it out.

Sorry. Only the coolest, trendiest girls allowed.

That's why so many people stopped requesting lately or stopped pretending to be waifufags.

The ghost board on desuarchive.

Maybe this will help.

Can't wait to see it.

Thanks user found it but honestly I wish it wasn't the case. Damn why do people here like to gossip that much? I just used to come to threads, request, draw and then would go to my daily routine. Isn't it the purpose of an anonymous board? I seriously can't understand.

thanks, hopefully this will help.

>Isn't it the purpose of an anonymous board?
Not now that there's 4+ discords. Things have changed horribly.

Because the threads became more than just requesting, drawing, and delivering.

It's not even gossiping most of the time, just blogging.

The population of the drawthreads is quite different from the rest of Cred Forums. There are many people from sites like tumblr or reddit, who only come here for the drawthreads, and bring their highschool-tier drama and Internet Personality mentalities along.

Those threads are no longer about that anymore. It's about shitposting the most popular and drawn waifus and creating Internet personalities and communicators through outside chats. This also bleeds into the main threads where people treat them as the Wednesday waifu threads and their personal chat rooms. The threads have lost any meaning they originally had and we are stuck with this aftermath.

Very nice drawing

How about smug bump

Its not because of the usual boogiemen, its just how general threads work. They last very, very long. Long enough for communities to form inside them.

It and it doesn't help that we're a lot less anonymous because of waifus.

It's a fact that those people exist, they admit it themselves all the time. The drawthread mentality is radically different from the Cred Forums mentality.

I agree but I also think all of Cred Forums is like that now. I see people get away with emoticons on a daily basis now. There's even calls to ban people who don't add the source to their posts.

I just want the whole site to be nuked now so I can move on.

Requesting Tamamo Caster on her unzipped casual outfit, playing with her navel.

Cred Forums has gotten bad over time, but drawthreads, especially that place, is in its own league.

Discord was the downfall. We had smaller groups on streams, irc, skype and such before, but those mostly kept to themselves, too much thread activity of such group would get shitposted too. Now we have huge dicord chats and I bet you ten bucks those who were against circlejerking in the past are probably the biggest personalities there.

I think that the real problem is that most people in drawthreads don't do anything else but post in the drawthreads (or in outside messaging systems that derive from the drawthreads), which disconnects us from the rest of the Cred Forums community. Naturally just as boards develop different customs and lingo, the drawthreads do their own sort of thing. The only thing that prevents this division is people from Cred Forums outside the drawthreads coming in, but we've become so disconnected from the rest of the board that they usually quickly get driven away by it.

Ojii was the downfall.

That's how it is with all the generals. Its also why they get so much hate.

I wish we could have some sort of global reset.

of course

this was funny to draw

Discord was a mistake.

requesting all 3 licking each others feet pls

Understatement of the year

In a sense the last sentence is very true.

It's nice to know I'm not the only one who thinks this place has gone to shit.

You should've stayed ignorent. Now you see the world as we do.

Requesting an anime girl of your choice saying this

Discord is only a symptom, the real disease is people who don't belong on Cred Forums to begin with. That's why they thrive on Discord.


>tfw looking out for a Mai delivery

I'll wait here all week drawfag

Did it involve her massive, pendulating breasts?


Look at the post you just made. Just what sort of insight were you trying to provide us with a post like that? You should be ashamed of yourself.


Very well done. Thank you!

>not making your own


>not toasting your burger buns

>not even the same type of burger

>expecting plastic and spray paint

Depends on where you go, some places actually have the burger look pretty much exactly like the picture (of course, you pay more, but it's also a FUCKING delicious hamburger)

im gonna see what I can do user, it could easily end up really bad so please don't be too expectant im going to try them but if neccessary you don't mind if i leave her feet out right?

What was the point of using your name in this post?

The name stays on. Having to take it off and then remembering to put it back on is a pain in the ass.

And since today it's a day off, any one has a bunny girl color request? I feel like coloring more bunny girls.

Requesting this.

This one is better

That's pretty good.

Requesting Noire cosplaying as Noir VinoCacao! i.imgur.com/dWOS77w.jpg


You have it off right now though.

This. You see the same sort of drama in /vg/ threads. People need to accept it's the result of a permanent small population but also they need to learn to stop taking bait and perpetuating drama.

But I am not asoc.

Or at least, keep drama out of the threads. Go bitch in /ghost/ or a discord.

Now we just need Tamamo as Pink Guy

Neither am I.

I want to fuck all the female requesters. List of female SI?

Requesting colors/lines of Shion as a office lady
color ref: imgur.com/a/aFK2r
Thanks in advance



Id punch this slut in the anus

user never change

Why does he even have it on if he doesn't even colorfag anymore? All he does is request and make one word compliments. I won't even be surprised if it turned out that he was just a bot at this point.

I bet this is what it feels like to have someone shit in your mouth.

>Cyanfag is shorter than Cyan
My sides

Literally all of them?

check your nearest cliff

At least the wwd gets deliveries

No problem user. I know how hard they are and if it means the pic is better without, then by all means.

That's irrelevant.

Just wait till someone starts drawing SIs losing to cock while their waifus watch.

So glad I never made this.

Already happened

The one BB made? But that's waifu-tan and user in general, not specifically targetted ones.

Just the fact that you thought about it is demoralizing.

Good thing I didn't make mine on that app thingie. Neither is uploaded there.

But it says were doing something right, from the general.

No I don't mean that one.

Had a thought, saw the models and I backed out. They look awful to boot.

No only does this faggot some what looks like me but he has the same waifu. The shit?

No, 2 drawings were made on /h/ of Kirinofag.

Its irrelevant because its the same exact people in both threads.

Why do all the guys look like they got manginas?

the people shitposting about SI's are just as pathetic when you think about it, WWD shit shouldn't even be discussed here

Kirinofag and yumifag both got drawn on /h/ ycake drew one of shinjirofag as well

k-on artstyle.

Damn. Levfag is so short she could almost give Lev a standing blowjob.

>ycake drew one of shinjirofag as well
No that was Kyousukefag

And yet, it is being discussed. What does that tell you about the quality of these threads?

Could I get a link?

I want to seriously waifu Yumifag.
SIs are like OC right? I want to request her doing cute things. Fuck lolycunt for all the porn shit.

>WWD are autists who can't let go of shit

It's another episode of "My thread is better than yours", we'll have our standard intermission of bestiality requests in a few minutes.

2nd time someone mentions beastiality in this thread and i'm yet to see any.

You haven't been in the general very long have you?

Who would be a good target for beast?

I don't see why not. Prove your love for her

Funny that the thread is still hung up about a group of artists that literally just draw.

For long enough for my brain to automatically avoid reading certain requests. Well, I guess that's the cause.

>Its a WWD 200+ clubber makes a beast bait post to start shit episode

You could just filter them. I've filtered nearly every Tamamo and Patchouli picture that's been posted here.

Cyan, Mimi, and Taiga come to mind.

which Taiga?

Toradora of course

Either one, really.
The Taiga/tiger connection seems so obvious.

kill your self

Requesting both Fate series and Toradora Taiga's being beasted by tigers.

Welcome to the general, where this is not the waifu thread.
Fuck your feelings.

they should probably not allow these threads for a good while, though I feel like the people who make these threads shit would be so desperate to take part they would wait as long as it takes

Welcome to the general, a.k.a. the second /d/ drawthread.



Hey, I'll take it.

Needs more flat violent tsunderes blackedfag

I think the general's lack of hugbox and edgyness is why no one really draws here outside those who got scared of the autism in a WWD thread or lewd artists like Reptileye and sometimes smurf shilling himself


We should do like /jp/ and just wait at least a couple of days after the old drawthread dies before making a new one.

Why not just go to the first /d/ drawthread then?

same people in both threads yall

saaaame people

That wouldn't change anything, /jp/'s threads work because there's NO requesting.
The fact that they die for a few days is because the board and thread are slow so there's no point of having a general up 24/7.

Just get rid of WWD and make this the new weekend thread.

That's why it takes months (years in Rokka no Yuusha fag's case) for some deliveries.

>Daily WWD thread

That would be awful.

Why would anyone want to request in this hellhole when barely anything is delivered at all ever?

Maybe we should just stop having requests then. It seems like the fundamental problem is the requesters themselves.

They should me making out and holding hands as well.

>Just get rid of the wwd
You realize how many people will kill themselves because the wwd is gone right? I'm surprised the Monday thread went by quick.

t. 200+ club

You gotta accept not all random nameless idiots on the internet are gonna ask for worksafe art even on a blue board

Please keep spouting the 200 meme when I'm not even close to that. Your next move will be to say 300 instead, because you can't fathom the idea of anyone saying this thread and the general in general is shit.

It's not like waifufags aren't killing themselves already with it still going.

i hope Niofag isn't dead


all the other catgirls too

>WWD threads are only going at slightly faster than hollowed out general speed now

Shitposting is doing some damage even if deliveries still happen

My serious biggest problem is the exclusion of waifu-tan as the OP. Can you collage fuckers stop pushing your greed on that shit?

omg just fucking ignore and report it.
You fucker killing this thread again.

Waifu-tan is a stupid meme.

Why do you? You're here, obviously. Are you just here to bitch until next weekend? And supposedly we're the bad guys? And by we're I mean both thread types because its all the same! Its all the same shit!


I think you overestimate people being serious about that, most do it for attention

why not use this?

>make the thread where people request futa, bestiality and other fetish crap the place to post waifus
>shitposters start replying to waifu requests with "this but with a dick", "this but getting fucked by pigs" and say that this allowed in the general

Sure sounds like a great idea that won't lead to constant shitstorms.


Waifu-tan represents all waifus, not like collages that only represent the 4-5 regulars .

I'm here to watch the thread burn because you can't control your autism.

Who the fuck gives a shit about fucking waifu-tan? It's a retarded meme and I'd rather see collages that took a lot of effort to make instead.

Are against Bob Ross OPs as well?

New thread
I was tempted to put the naked apron in the OP

My biggest problem is the people in the general who are seemingly oblivious to /d/ being a thing. I've absolutely no desire to draw for this place. The only reason the threads are such a disaster area is the general is a goddamn mess nobody wants to draw for.

didn't we do this on yesterday thread?

Should keep this thread for sfw stuff. /h/ is for the nsfw. Sexually suggestive stuff should be ok and partial nudity like nipples but full blown sex should be for /h/.

And they somehow don't count as deliveries.

Does anyone have the link they used? I didn't take it down and I wanna see what everyone picked

That last sentence is spot on, just look at koborifag

Fuck off you moron and stop bitching about collages.

Reauesting beast of Waifu-tan.


You didn't deny it.
Go ahead, explain collages to us.

>waah waah muh waifu is never picked for collages

I'd love to have been in that, but alas I was in work when the signups were about. Can't be helped.

Thanks so much, user!

Why do you hate colleges so much but you love memes?

Was this suppose to be funny ya fucking faggot?

But Mimi isn't a catgirl

Are you guys not around?

Because I am waiting on your explanation on collages in the wwd.

I wasn't the same person. I just wanted to know why you're sperging so hard about this.

How productive are the other drawthreads, like in /e/, /h/ and /d/?

I mean, you can backlink through and see the two posts that contradict each other.

As of late, more productive than the Cred Forums threads.

All the porn boards are basically dead, just like Cred Forums will become if we keep it up as it is.

>those who were against circlejerking in the past are probably the biggest personalities there.
Fucking this. I remember when Miofag got blacklisted for a while because he got caught "spying" on draw streams and shitposting about it on /ghost/, and now he's the mod of the fucking discord. Fucking shitposting hypocrites

Miofag doesn't hide how much of a dick he is in the discord either. He's not the only one either.

There was no change for Miofag. He was already circlejerking in /ghost/; it was just a different circlejerk to the stream one.

But this circlejerk is now accepted because it has likable drawfags

>Ban 3 Hakunimu artists from the discord
>Suddenly people start talking about me for the first time in months

I suppose that's the moment when I'm supposed to accuse the jews or something ?

If you guys have questions I would gladly answer them.

>Suddenly people start talking about me for the first time in months
No, I never gave a shit about daughterus, you're just the biggest example of the hypocrisy of the discord. I never liked you, you fucking wife beater

which ones?

Wait who are we talking about?

Thread is almost dead. All of the important people aren't here.
Besides, I don't care about the shitty drama, but hakunimu draws.


The assholes who used to burn threads to the ground arguing about draw streams are now the same ones in charge of the biggest fucking circlejerk there is. That's who

Miofag, I think.

Apparently it was coupon, choco and cioti

>you fucking wife beater
That takes me back. "Mansion 2 : Revengence" when ?
For the hypocrisy accusations, I don't exactly know what you're meaning, can you explain or something ?

>But hakunimu draws
They just draw mass deliveries of random people just to spite the usual requesters.
You can lie to me, but don't lie to yourself, it's sad.

And? It's still drawings.
You're really telling me you're mad that drawfags draw in a drawthread?

Meanwhile, Miofag _______

What's Audere doing now?

Hakunimu only draws to either spite or for themselves. They're irrelevant as far as drawthreads go.

>those three
the biggest shitposting artists? Whats this whole thing having to do with daughterus? either way seems like you did the right thing

Which drawfags are in Hakunimu?

Absolutely nothing. They don't hang around anywhere any more.

>don't exactly know what you're meaning, can you explain or something ?
You were among those who spent so much damn time complaining about "the circle" and drawstreams and how bad their circlejerking was, both in the wwd and in /ghost/, and yet now you're one of the biggest circlejerkers there is. And the same can be said for Koborifag. Fuck all of you