Is this body type good or bad?

Is this body type good or bad?

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It's my favorite body type irl, I think it looks goofy in anime though.


boobs too big and hips kinda disturbing

It's perfect

No, needs bigger boobs


Fuck off normalfag trash.

It's disgusting.

Cowtit and thickfags, everyone.

>he likes skeletons

It's a good body-type, but the face seems somewhat off.

Waist is a little bit too wide, but generally nice.

that's not an insult

I wish western porn culture didn't destroy female pubic hair.


What about this?



d best.

how's the harvest lad

This body type is better.

Backed up with some example.

what about awoos?

that body type is unsexy

I guess it's okay to be gay.

>attracted to the body of a small boy
>calling someone else gay


That face is kind of messed up but the body is more or less my ideal.

>they're a boy because they don't have disgusting cowtits

What if its a bit more?

Thick with smaller breasts is so much better. A thousand times better.

I don't have a picture to illustrate it though because artists only draw huge bazongas.

May as well be. Come out of the closet, user.

its not over yet

this is the perfect body type

no this is

f*ck off

you are wrong my friendo

Difference between trimmed and well kept pubes and "it's a jungle" pubes

There really needs more health in the world.

Do breasts really work like that, jesus.

When is that artist going to draw more brown girls?

Why does it matter? You guys would fuck anything with a pulse (and even some things without).

>not chocolate

no u

when they are huge enough, yes

I like this bodytype in anime

this girl has large floppers

literally god-tier design

This is perfect.

>not this instead


A women with no boobs ain't no women, it's just a poor excuse for a women.