Let's be honest. No way in hell is she younger than 20

Let's be honest. No way in hell is she younger than 20

Explain further.

you don't profit from that. if you get a kid you even lose a lot of money

>you don't profit from that
It feels good. There's your profit.

>jam it in

Only do this if you're sub 5''. If you're any bigger you will hurt her and sex will probably be cancelled for that night.

Tell me more

Writing from experience.

She's like 30 if we base it on that one dagashi she remembered eating just when it came out.

Vaginas are small. If you jam it in, it hurts. A lot. Just go slowly and use lube.

Hah, I am lucky and can just jam it in. Fuck you guys.

>No way in hell is she younger than 20
Too sexy for your typical teenager?

What happened to the manga scanlations? They just stopped.

>use lube

Lube is for amateurs who haven't yet found the self-lubrication subroutine. Or at least that's what I was told.

Shitty watermarked scans.

No staff to do it

Oh fuck that. I hate it when that happens.

Is it worse than what happened with Dragon's Rioting, where the "new" scanlators stick a READ ON OUR BLOGSPOT FIRST page before the entire chapter and on the first half of the first page?

Do you mean foreplay you fucking square

Why do her eyes turn me on so god damn much?

Teenagers are the sexiest age group.

You do know that "teenager" starts at age 13, right?

Yeah, why do you think he said that?

not if you know the right people to sell the kid to

I'm aware. Why do you feel the need to make a statement?

No, it means there is no good scans and in top if it gooks and chinks watermark their version to hell.

Isn't that exactly the point he was trying to make?

>Teenagers are the sexiest age group.
no they aren't.

well maybe in chinese cartoons. But judging strictly by 3dpd, women really reach their peak physical attractiveness somewhere between 21-29 (personally i think the sweet spot is around 27).

3D women aren't attractive at any point in their entire lives.

t. Christmas Cake

Delusional. I'm 26 and the women at the same age already show signs of getting old.

you're thinking of men, faget
for women it's 16-19
and i like milfs

nah. I'm thinking delicious post grad students and office girls before marriage and kids. Really women in that age group just get sexier and sexier. then they hit a wall and turn into soccer moms. it's terrifying.

that's why I like my 2d. who would want to lock themselves into a monogomous relationship with a woman who in 5 years will have an ass 60" wide?

People just get less and less attractive with every passing year once they're out of middle school, honestly.

Why would she be attracted to a teen boy like that, then?

Nah, men just keep getting more attractive.
Assuming they stay in shape.

Finally someone with sense

You should come to visit my country (Colombia) here we have teenagers so fucking hot, full jailbaits. (not pic related 'cause Cred Forums hate 3DPD)

I'm in High School (I'm 18) so I'm good for this year.

>No way in hell she's younger than 20
Neck yourself already.