Planning to watch some titles, that I never watched from the early 2000 Adult Swim

Planning to watch some titles, that I never watched from the early 2000 Adult Swim.

Is Outlaw Star any good? I'm either stuck between watching this or Trigun. I heard it's at Cowboy Bebop level.

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watch both

It's very overrated. It's not exactly bad, but it's pretty generic and does nothing special. You can watch it and have some fun, I guess, but it's by no means obligatory.

Its more light hearted comedy then anything else. Trigun had more of a story behind it

its from the 90's user. everything seems generic in retrospect

not the anime

Download Armour Hunter Mellowlink from the Votoms franchise.

Download the Gundam OVA's.

Download Now and then, Here and there.

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>Download Now and then, Here and there.

not OP, but i'm going to watch this once i'm done with Initial D.

Will I be depressed as fuck after?

It made me drink.

It's fun but also very 90s.

Best girl dies in episode 4

Its pretty sad man. All goes downhill post episode 1.

There are plenty of 90s anime that are better than Outlaw Star, without suffering from genericness. By generic I mean that it doesn't do anything interesting or particularly well, not that it has typical cliches or has been imitated a lot. They can still be good if they were executed well.
For example, I do not consider Sailor Moon generic, even though it has a lot of very common tropes. Because it does what it does very well, and is one of the best of its kind.
While Outlaw Star doesn't do anything any better than your average "good enough" anime, while also not doing anything really interesting you can't find elsewhere. That's what I mean by it being generic.

I'm working on Now and Then, Here and There, and I'm really enjoying it. It's interesting, and has great execution with amazing visuals and great music. Seen 8 episodes so far

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Both outlaw star and Trigun were heavy on the comedy but the world building off trigun was done better in my opinion~~~

>Is Outlaw Star any good?
Fuck no, it's bad and ugly

Sailor moon set the general for its genre standard though.

Im in no way saying outlaw star was breaking barriers but it must be my memory lacking to forget all the other space shows where ships engage in melee combat

Watch both.

Outlaw Star is still my favorite anime to come out of the 90's.

Aisha introduced me into fit brown girls and still my favorite to this day.

It's a poor mans Cowboy Bebop. Just ok.

Space ~~~ a boy has the right to dream

Outlaw Star is pretty bad, not least because the art and animation is mostly terrible.

Trigun is good.

watch this instead.

>there are no space western anime ever
>suddenly, in one year, three space western anime are released
>they are all successful
>genre goes back to being dead
How could this happen?

It's not as good as I remember but it's still worth watching. Bitchin OST, bitchin BG art sometimes (though I think I'm the only one who cares), fun character interactions, a few touching moments, both EDs are top tier especially the first, caster is one of the coolest weapons in anime. But the main plot is blase, and half the one-off episodes are not great, and the character designs use the same fucking hair.

IIRC japan fucking hated Outlaw Star.

Why would you do this to anyone?

2/10 made me reply.


A lot more popular in the west than in their homeland. Trigun and Cowboy Bebop were well written enough and lacked the typical dumb anime stereotypes of the era so they could attract even the most normie of audiences over here. Both space and westerns are really niche interests in nipland so combined they don't hold much promise.

>I heard it's at Cowboy Bebop level.
Not even close.

Outlaw Star has a really cool world and atmosphere, but I mostly just found it fucking boring. It's theoretically an action show, but it doesn't have enough action. The characters aren't very interesting or even likable. The story is a conundrum. On the one hand, I really would have loved some episodes where they're just taking random jobs and shit. That stuff always works. Some solid episodic stories. But that never really happened. It seemed like the main plot was sort of stretched over the whole series. Which sounds like it should be a good thing, but it just wasn't here. It was stretched too thin, and kept getting in the way of the fun.

It's a shame, really, because the show is so stylistically distinct. I really think it's worth watching for this reason alone, but for a show that's supposed to be fun it's just not that much fun. The comedy generally falls flat, the story is awkward and has pacing problems, and the characters, while beautifully designed, are otherwise forgettable.

Trigun is pretty decent, but it's not great either. Cowboy Bebop was definitely an order above Adult Swim's other action shows.

I'm not sure if there's any point to watching Outlaw Star if you didn't watch it dubbed back in the 00s when it aired on tv.

And this is coming from someone who really liked it back then.

>Outlaw Star is a poor man's Cowboy Bebop
I really wish this meme would die already.

as someone who never watched it on tv when it aired, i still enjoyed it.

it wasn't anything the hype makes about it, though.

Is the Trigun anime likable if you watch it before reading the manga? I read the manga first and the anime pissed me off. It had great music though.

It's a favorite of mine, but as other commenters have pointed out, it's VERY 90's.

Anime reviewer JesuOtaku put it thusly:
>"This show gets a free pass for being the most wish-fulfilling sci-fi title ever. Everything you can love about sci-fi is here: space races, space combat, diverse planets, alternate dimensions, weird aliens, hot aliens, aliens of questionable gender, giant robots, bio-androids, human cyborgs, cold-sleep beauties, shapeshifting beast men, laser-gun fights, sword fights, fistfights, paintball, Mad Scientists, Tao magicians, robotic panthers, kung-fu housecats, and a Hot Springs Episode that is actually funny.


It'd funny the first time i watched it i was coming off Bebop and didn't really give this a chance, so i didn't watch past the first few episodes. Wouldn't be till years later that i watched it all the way through and loved it.