No s2 ever

>no s2 ever


The madder she gets, the harder my penis.

This show was so cute and funny.

Shiraishi a cute

>>no s2 ever
Why not?


poor sales

Also Japan having shit taste

Both are good.

>no s2

But you need willpower to fight for your second season!


Maybe no more season means never having to lift a muscle again.

I wish someone would just bring us a new season.


slut doujinshi when?

I never thought that anyone liked this besides me, miyano best waifu


>miyano best waifu
But ecchan

Finished it the other day, pretty cute and very funny.

If you liked the anime, I seriously suggest reading the manga, translations only just overtook where the anime gets to the other week

The tone tips the balance between comedy and relaxation from the anime, going more for the jokes and delivery, but it's still great and there's some great parts that were cut from the anime

why's he so sleepy