Kimi no Na wa

Why aren't we talking about the movie that's shaping the industry right now?

We had a whole thread about it yesterday. It 404d this morning.
But yes, this movie is fantastic.



I fucking died at this part.

What do you want to talk about? It has quite literally no discussion value

Glad to know that the teacher survives now and can get dicked by the shoemaker from Kotonoha no Niwa.

I see nowhere near enough discussion about the "plot holes" as there should be.

my generic harem battle series every season has better shaped boobs

It's not shaping anything in the anime """""""""""""""""""industry""""""""""""""""""""

Because it managed to find a way already. Nothing to be talked about anymore.

Because it's shit, like every other Shinkai movie.

Who else is lost that requires our assistance in finding a way?

I thought this wasn't otaku shit.

As long as it's funny even sex is family-friendly.

Too many plot holes. Waste of my time. Garbage.

Like you wouldn't do that if you were a girl for a day.


>shaping the industry right now

You don't seem understand when you're in the industry. Each for their own!

shinkai isn't shaping the industry non will the industry bends towards him. If you want to change it all you have to control it. And the TV media groups with the mega publishers are at the top. Either money or people and both are needed to shape the industry.

Control or have investments in all the studio you can find in tokyo. This includes 2nd key animation, Inbetween, backgrounds and digital/CG studios.

And by then you could manipulate the currents of the anime landscape to your liking like the moon's tidal force.

Anime is otaku shit, get over it.

gz on being more autistic than op

I'm not sure if you're just being ironic from that posting style but anime is very easily influenced. Kimi no Na wa isn't exactly a trend, it's just a really good movie, but it shows people care for high quality anime, which might trigger some more effort to be put into other anime by other creators.

Yotsuha is best girl

Because it's not out on BD yet and I won't watch it 'til it is.

That guy types like a retard, but one good anime being a hit is pretty damn unlikely to trigger any significant trend in good anime. It might trigger more romance movies, or more Shinkai imitators, but "good stuff" isn't really a viable category in this context.

>really good movie

You can believe that and I don't blame you. But I gave a honest answer to idea on how to shape the industry.

Regardless of quality, it's the people who have bank that dictate usually what get's made. I do think it will influence and affect creators on a personal level but this film won't change the direction of the industry's method of doing things. Commence before art.

Yes I do type like a tard after 30hr no sleep and I second your opinion. here's a smile face ;)

>novelization selling like hotcakes
I read comments that the novel's writing is LN level of trash.

Well, aren't they written by Shinkai himself

Dunno, it's just what a lot of people were saying in various comments.
Apparently there's a scene where Mitsuha complains about how stupid male body is after she had to take a piss with morning wood.

It is a LN.
And the concept doesn't work too great as a book, it's kinda trippy to read, well, anime originals, especially movies, don't usually translate that well to other mediums since they are made with anime's strengths in mind.

>what is an archive?

I know for sure that the 5cm/s manga is.
No idea about LNs though.

It's all him.
Though I think a novel or manga based on one of his older works is by another writer.

BDs when

Apparently not until summer next year.

I bet you've been hitting F5 for the past two hours waiting for a (You).

>Too many plot holes.
I love this meme.

Buy a plane ticket to Japan and buy a movie ticket at a Japanese movie theater.

>Why aren't we talking about the movie that's shaping the industry right now?
that's a good question

>Why aren't we talking about the movie that's shaping the industry right now?
Koe no Katachi thread?

Wait at least half a year.

Well, she is right. You really can't argue with that.

This is what KyoAnuslickers ACTUALLY believe...

Koe no Katachi is flopping. We did it bros.

>those socks

watching it right now !! SHUT THE FUCK UP OP!!!

>Watching Kimi no Na wa for the first time through the 480p Chinkrip