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Gappy makes me sad.

Your next line is : gappy makes me happy !


She is truly Best Girl


I just realised that right before Jotaro beats the shit out of Kira he was

>heavily wounded and being talked down to by a blonde guy who was counting down the seconds while his friend had just been donuted

I just rewatched the scene and Kira uses the word "muda", too

Jotaro got hit by the PTSD hard

do you guys think soft and wet will look better with colored outlines?

Gappy makes me happy

Looks good already

Ball Breaker Chapter 1 is out in color.

Also, Reddit faggots get out

The guy who made the fake laefy posts posting the arcade game on reddit

Make it white/purple.


What is part 8


Part 8?

Part 3

Here's a though:
It would've better if the fortune teller scene didn't exist. It spoils that Doppio is Diavolo, it would've been infinitely better if we got to know that in a more dramatic way, with the phone calls foreshadowing that there's something wrong with Doppio.

The anime adaptation should cut that chapter out or at least remove his transformation and instead of Diavolo straight up killing the fortune teller, Doppio should call Diavolo and tell him that he needs to order someone to "remove a problem".

brief appearance of zeppeli

Vento Aureo

Part 8
Pucci is apparently half Italian

just reread vento auero and i want part V to get an anime adaptation to clarify the shitty drawing skills of some parts but then im not sure if ill know/notice the things the cut out because of my lack of understanding of whats going on in some scenes. its suffering not knowing and possibly getting even more confused by the end of this shit. and color scans are dragging their feet so hard by the time they get released so will the anime.

anons im scared

Part 5

what did he say?

>Suzi Q
Also Holly is half Italian I guess

where? when?

Shit forget what I said

That's fucked up dude

Fuck I forgot about her.

>Narancia listens to gangster rap
I'm glad Diavolo impaled that little wigger

Joshuu makes ME happy

Jotaro is the embodiment of suffering from "Not again!"

I want to ____ Narancia

That was all

Fuck you fucker I love narancia.
I hope you do want to fuck him because he's mine.


I agree with this honestly.

I think a good way to approach it would be to have only part of the exchange be shown initially then later when Diavolo reveals himself to Polnareff they show all of what happens between them.

WHy does he have stallone lips here

>I hope you do want to fuck him because he's mine
What did he mean by this?

His lips look like total shit in that page, and it's just two pages before he dies what the fuck


I had doubts but the 3d shit is actually looking pretty good desu. Stands are great, but the question is, how do the human character models look when they are ran through the sprite maker?

Fuck that. What should have happened is Doppio should have temporarily joined the group and used Epitaph in their fights. Hol Horse also should have come back along with Polnareff and told Giorno more about DIO

>Narancia fag is into cuckoldry

How about this?


Don't shit sorry.

Surprisey diamond

How fucking mad are animeonlyfags going to be about RPS Kid?
>where are Jotaro and Josuke?
>how are they flying?
>I hate Rohan
>no Kira this ep?????

Looks like ACDC

Do you have a website with your progress and info on the game?

so is ever explained by Josuke's stand is just a gayer THE WORLD


Where do you learn to 3D model?

why the fuck do you care

Well, there's this.

>implying the number of Rohan memes isn't going to skyrocket after RPS Kid.


havent tried it on any jojo but this is how super man looks.
also i found out the sprites look good when the colours have 3 or 4 shades.

I'm going to marry Narancia !!!

>mfw it's canon that Rohan can move his spaghetti arms at 300km a second

Concentrated spite is the autist's favored pastime.

>Early on the manga's art is incredibly awful
It's an acquired taste for a millenial like you but it certainly isn't awful

>The first 3 parts are probably a better experience as anime than as manga
Parts 1 and 2 animu get the job done if you can't read the manga and I don't fault people who started the series with that. Part 3 anime is painfully boring at times and it's best to read the manga just because it's way easier to finish that way

Post em

Also here's the narancia album I made if anyone wants it.
Fuck you fucker he's already my wife.

You should run Jolyne through it, I wanna see best girl in sprite form

I think it looks good as is there, black outline is fine.

Well it's not surprising, he IS the most powerful JoJo character.

>300km a second
That doesn't even make any sense

>favorite part 4 stand
>the spaghetti

Keep the black outlines, also doing good work so far man, keep it up.



I meant changing it's colors to white and purple instead of white and blue.

yeah the black looks good.
im going to do that tomorow since its getting late.

I've been thinking

Based on what's happening in DiU all sex pistols will have Mistas voice

Also it's unlikely to happen but imagine if Magenta Magenta was the bug bad of part 8

I think pale pink is the best colour for S&W.

but other interpretations of Mista have used a bunch of high pitched voices and shit

Damn, I should've been more specific.

I meant the colors ON S&W.

Hey. How the hell you think this spindly motherfucker reaches all those deadlines?
300kmps, user. It just works.

>ehen you whip your dick out and she whips her out too

Don't open this image.

>Based on what's happening in DiU all sex pistols will have Mistas voice
What exactly is happening in DiU? Echoes doesn't sound like Koichi at all

how do you do these?


White and purple is easily Soft and Wets best look. Gappy is good in any color but orange, white Gappy, UPS Gappy and blue Gappy are the top 3.


That's fucking Bullshit Rohan


He takes the previously existing models from ASB/EoH and runs them through a spritification plugin on blender.




If you know 3ds max this can help you. other than that.
1. export the model from eoh
2. split the texture based on color
3. make a alpha mat from those split textures.
4. create a ink and paint mat for each color.
5 apply the alpha mat of the color to the ink and paint.
6.repeat for every color

nah the blender plug in was shite. i needed to use a text file to specify every clour using rgb values now i use 3ds max

Why is JJL so good?


not his fault if other people are slow

as a non anime only fag. The full on flying is still complete shit in Dio's world. Floating a little off the ground is okay (which I believe is the case in RPS kid) but high speed loop de loops over the tallest buildings is just terrible on Araki's part.

Because Joshuu is finally starting to claim his role as the main protagonist.

No, in RPS Kid they fly pretty high up.

What about the OVA

Daily reminder that Funny's dad died, raped and tortured at the hands of Mexicans.

I think arcadefag is the killer.

Because Araki is actually enjoying it personally, while the mystery story writing means you never know what the next chapter is going to contain and keeps you reading it.

bruh in RPS kid they straight fly above the entire town

i loved dios world in the ova more than in the anime. but i cant understand the road roller da change.

Who'd he kill?

When did Jonathan and Erina rob a bank?

>Polnareff introduces that you can just have your close range stand pick you up that high, which would definitly be a very situational thing, this explaining the rarity of high altitude battles
>Araki drops this for full on flight the characters can't acess in other situations despite neither fighter even being flight based

Arcadefag really steals?

no dignity[\spoiler]

my osd.

They both go out of their way to make the fight DBZ as fuck in different ways

This is precisely why I think animefags are going to get mad about the next episode. For some reason they don't seem to like Rohan either (maybe because they haven't seen Highway Star yet).

Only Fujoshi, faggots, and women like Rohan, I'm a big fan of the RPS fight but the threads next week are going to be awful.


Who cares what they think about RPS kid, their brains will be reduced to cum when Another One Bites the Dust begins.

Really wish they could have gotten the style down. Otherwise it would have been the best version of the fight.

>both guys just logically use the extreeme leg power of their stand to super jump
>Jotaro's stooped time movement being revealed in a much cooler way
>that amazing High Dio filler so the fight isn't over immediatly after final form
>fits the entire final showdown in one episode and then some

Im gooing to edit a few models to make new characters. like kira8 and ff. (jolnye+overalls+vilager hair)

Stop it.

My Jonathan is pure and noble


Right before Stronheim tried to sell drugs drugs

Just started watching, but does the ED remind anyone else of Steely Dan?

I want summer to end already.

What the fuck is this?

But it's over, user.

KIRA8 is in game?????

>There are people ITT that still haven't read Gorgeous Irene.


Part 9 the universe gets reset again.

sorry for having a bad taste.

It's Roundabout by Yes

>I'm going to edit a few models to make new characters
He means he's going to take Josuke's model and Killer Queen's model and edit them to look more like JJL' Kira + KQ.

But Steely Dan is in Part 3

> manga goes from weekly format to monthly
> anime goes from tv format to OVA, thats releases once in a half-year.
> both of them starting from part 7

>Gorgeous Irene.
Isn't that the Gucci Jolyne manga?

May god have mercy on the anime onlys when Parts 5 and 6 drop, its will break their minds

tried to drop a flag on d4c. the ears made holes.

Gorgeous Irene, I'd recommend it, it's only 2 volumes but it's pretty fun, there is muscle girls in it but unfortunately they are uggos


catch me up user, what exactly are you making?

im going to sleep bye

I heard about this one for years, but was never interested. Still aren't honestly. I just want to know, is it as gay as it looks?

>tfw It Just Works

Is water wet

Of course not man does this look gay to you?

>mfw watching the reactions and seeing how many Jotarofags there are
Oh, this is gonna be fun.

Surely not!



We have cute girls too.

>Blonde Yasuho
>Grey haired Hato

Why is Kira8 so perfect?

>blonde yasuho


Joshuu makes me HORNY

>Blonde Yasuho
her hair is canonically pink tho


Don't reply to shitposters dude.

No canon colors but blonde haired Yasuho is a travesty

>replying to shitposters

ignore it and it will go away

So when's Yasuho gonna die?


>people still don't understand that it's the perception of time that changes, not time itself
Fucking scrubs.

God I fucking hate these threads, both of you need to be permanently banned.

If you didnt know im a stand user.

It doesn't matter how many times the universe gets reset, Kira is destined to be perfect every single time.

You say that while posting a cover that gives her red hair. Her hair has been every color of the rainbow and then some.

Never, Joshu will sacrifice himself to save her.
What was the last chapter that she was in, anyway? It's been a while.

... And I think he just tried to solicit Erina for a porno.

he stoped.

that image was clearly pink tho

Don't you mean Dan of Steel?

It's red. A fairly dark shade too.

>particular colors for anything


>both of you
It's the same guy.

>be me
>be in a discord chat
>shows cringey headcanons
>get asked why the headcannons are cringey
>everyone starts spouting their sjw headcannons


what were your shitty headcanons, user

do you know what that fucker did to me? do you remeber the real arcadefag shit? do you think i woud do that shit to me?


You can color Yasuho's hair diarrhea brown with corn yellow highlights but that doesn't mean it'll look good

your fault


all i did was show this off

Question, are you using ASB models for Johnny and Gyro or the ass EoH models.

Last time Hot Pants, Diego and Gyro died. My question remains the same. When's Yasuho gonna die?

what was the real arcadefag shit?

every fucking time
also pisses me off they can't even get the low hanging fruit like Bi Dio and Autistic Jotaro.

The only one acceptable there is Gay Dio

These people need to stop existing

>Koichi is an autist
>Joseph is a member of the Nevada Police Department

Fuck off.

She doesn't have to be the one to die you know, there are other characters

>pansexual Joseph
>is straight as fuck and has two kids
>trans Jotaro
>canonically has a kid and has no signs of being """trans"""
fucking tumblr

>but that doesn't mean it'll look good
She's been a brunette before and it looked good. Her design gives you a ton of freedom in color choices.

Yeah, worst girl could die instead.


Dude... That bulge. It how you say... Gave me a boner!

>best girl

There are other characters but in SBR everyone except Johnny, Lucy and Steven died. And then Johnny became a rockstar.

She's gonna die m8

these kinds of people are allowed to live on the green earth with the rest of us, fml.

The overall color composition can easily make Yasuho with diarrheish hair look great.
Blonde Yasuho looks unnaturally natural and that's what makes that art interesting.

>any of this shit
Go write your own story if you want every character fleshed out with some weird sexuality quirk.

when are they releasing the Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe OVAs?

After everything

They're turning them into OVAs? Are they gonna do one for Deadman's Questions too?

>you will never study under Araki-san and draw requested doujins for anons


Fucking hell


it comes as a bonus after buying all the DiU BDs

some people should not be allowed to like jojo

Isn't that the shitty translation?

why would you make me look at that with my eyes

Some time after the last DiU Blu-Ray.


Nah, only Millionaire Village. We won't get to see it until the last BD is out.

Dio and Giorno are canonically blond

Is that blood?



Look at the image, numbnuts. He's clearly "deleting" the time in between him getting shot by Areosmith and the bullets hitting Nero



what the fuck

That's irene sempai



But hopefully this sets a precedent of making side stories OVAs for BDs

You got your (you)s...

But was it worth it?

But what if Araki-san is shitty teacher?

if thats the only one, then its disappointing, there should be a few more but its too early to tell

Nope, it's Kakyoin's pubes
Which is even worse than blood

Fingers crossed for Purple Haze Feedback and more Rohan one-shots

Ah, okay. I haven't actually read Araki's stuff before JoJo. I was wondering what the actual fuck was going on with Jonathan.

Funny thing is from what I've seen absolutely everybody looks down on western Jotaro/Kakyoin pairing fans. They're consistently the worst.

>that cradling of Josuke's face
More like Cuckchi, am I right?

Dead Man's Questions could be the VA bonus, considering it was made near the end of Part 5 and has that art style and fashion sense.

>No...you've already lost...the moment you entered this room...
is araki capable of writing a fight that isn't "LOL I TROL U"


A fucking ambulance

>tfw you will never get the collected volume of Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe and "Rohan Goes To Gucci" in English

>all those years that people always posted Falcoon's garbage art for representing Jojo characters

Imagine if Gappy gained the ability to steal 5 seconds of time. it's the same as King Crimson, but when the bubble pops, every "event" that happened at a specifc point in space happens there to whoever was there now?

Will this pull the characters from the part 5 video game, like ghiaccio, cioccolata, secco, SCR, ect?

post the raw version please, i need it

r8 and h8.

Was Rohan driving the ambulance?


>Fav is Part 5
>Least fav is Part 7

Yeah I definitely h8

view at your own risk


There is absolutely nothing wrong with having 5 as favorite Part.
It had great supporting cast, Stands, and fights.

All of these characters are confirmed on the roster so far,
with this updated on occasion for displaying progress.

No, because Araki is a hack.


No, the Ambulance driver was a Stand User, and Stand Users attract other Stand Users.

Nah, it was Hol Horse

Please give Koichi blonde hair and give Joseph a scarf.

but those are all 2D sprites
didn't he say it was gonna be 3D

And Hierophant Green is green. No shit. But in Arakiverse it doesn't matter.

Nope, that was a shitposter. What he's doing is getting 3D models and turning them into sprites.

Diavolo looks like he's more on the side of the bullets though. Only his stand is inside the bullets.

Doesn't matter. The bullets are still passing through Diavolo. Stand bullets, which would affect stands, are passing through his stand, without hurting it.

He's fucking erasing time.

>I'm literally retarded so there's no point trying to argue with me. Just disregard everything I say as either confused ramblings or bait

If you say so

And Jolyne is 3/4th Italian or something

i want to see what araki would say if asked about how king crimson works
does he even remember what king crimson is?

Well, I guess we'll only know when there are better translations or when the anime comes out.

Goddamn that's such a cool picture

4 > 5 > 7 > 2 > 8 > 6 > 3 > 1

SCnS > Bloody Stream > SCnK > Stand Proud > CNBT > Chase

Joseph > Josuke > Johnny > Gappy > Jotaro > Jolyne > Jonathan > Giorno

DIO > Valentine > Kira > Pucci > Kars > Diavolo

1/4 japanese, 1/4 english, 1/2 italian

Or when your fucking eyes start working

Why even post if you're not gonna argue what I said? Unless you can't prove me wrong?

Thank you.

You can't really trust your eyes when it comes to JoJo, you should know that. Think about Weather Report.

A time-bending manifestation of some pink double mafioso's unmitigated homicidal tendencies? Who could forget...?

>Confused ramblings/bait



Beautiful taste, user. This is me to a T.

>not liking part 1
>not liking giorno
>liking part 4
>joseph as your favorite jojo.
>not even liking chase.
"yup nothing wrong here"

Fuck, kill, marry, impregnate

In that order. its the only correct order desu senpai

>still can't prove me wrong
>still imagines how the ability works even though he REFUSES to acknowledge the shitty translation
I bet you think Weather Report literally turns people into snails because that's what they've shown. Stop being retarded and speculating.

What the hell else do you think could be happening there?

It's not about "what I think is happening", it's about "what is happening", especially since the entire subject of King Crimson is so divisive, it's completely retarded to think this way.

I agree but I'd fuck Dio and kill Diavolo


>liking part 1
>liking Giorno
>liking Chase
>disliking part 4
>disliking Joseph
Holy shit. Is this bait? How do you even get such shit taste? Were you raised on a diet of piss and liver?

No Kira no likey

I was rereading RPS kid to see if they rrally fly. They go high yes but its clearly a Polnareff-ish jump, as they decend immediately and and have their legs in a jumping motion through the ascend.

However this seems like clear bullshit. How can the baby alter the kid's hand? You mean to tell me she physically reached out from Rohan's hand and gripped his fingers?

When did DIO get implants

>Thinks anybody is reading his confused ramblings/bait

where is Jobin?

4 more days

Jeez, that oddly-shaped cat looks pissed.

The writing can be pretty shitty
Sometimes the characters are unlikable or lazily written
Some of the fights are boring

I don't get it. Why do I love this series?

Of course she did, because that's what heaven's door commanded. I don't see why she wouldn't be capable of it if stando power was willing/guiding her.

I see your screen shot there.

Listen, can you just stay on that website?

That would be great.

Also in what moment did Rohan managed to get the baby from Joseph?

Fuck and Marry
Fuck and Marry
Fuck and Marry

>Fem DIO

this is one of the most bullshit things to probably ever happen in jojo. it makes no sense at all

Every new encounter makes you think "what the hell is going on". The suspense is great.

rohan's life is second only to joseph's in terms of bullshit

>Favourite stand ability
>Weather Report


>non binary trans fem polnareff
>non binary trans masc okuyasu


>bad writing
oh yeah?

What's your dream artist/band/song/album you'd love to see in JoJo?

>Favourite stand design
>That aborted crow looking KQ knock off

Death Grips

it doesn't even specify this though. It just says "turn" as of he can just proxy code like that.

Joseph was also no where near Rohan at all for him to do this. And the kid had most of Heaven's door so he should have been able to tell the second a book person was touching him anyway.

Also the scissors is right here, Kid clearly doesn't have to adhere to timing since Rohan early rock punched earlier.

Rate my taste


Which JoJo has the best ass?

DOOM, Viktor Vaughn, Madvillain whichever alias
pls araki


I'd honestly love to see another Micheal Jackson based stand


Danger Mouse would be a pretty cool stand name

take out 8 for know since I'm really have to see where things go at this point. Swing the "6>2" to the front.

That's mine.



>Final hit is YUH

Echoes, you dog...

Whats the most insane theory's you guys have heard? Friend is telling me that Funny will be the new DIO of SBR-verse but I have no idea how he came to that conclusion.

>non F.F. genderfluid

But Diego's right there?



Hato or Kaato will have King Crimson as their stand

This was before stand their reveals though

but Dio is confirmed bisexual
what a fucking idiot

>Inanimate Sensation's opening when the stand is summoned

Heaven's door doesn't have to specify how exactly something happens, if it's within the realm of possibility it'll just happen.

I guess we just have to assume that Joseph was near him again offscreen at some point.

He'd only had part of it for a short while and was pretty worked up over their super intense RPS battle, and had no idea about Shizuka. To me it looks like his hand was changed just before he completed his throwdown.

Gimme the uncensored you cunt

is... is there an uncensored version?

I hate him.

>When the GER hits just right.gif


You're not me, fucker.

Kinda lewd hehe

Do you say that every time the gif is posted?

One thing I wasn't sure if it was mentioned in Stone Ocean.
Was the whole "reaching heaven" thing exclusive to Pucci and Whitesnake? Or could any old Stand user say the 14 words to the Green Baby, and get C-Moon and Made in Heaven?

And you aren't me.

What is your point?


Welcome back to JOpardy! You've selected "characters" for 500.

Until the poster changes the file name.


Jonathan and Giorno

This is worse than the censored version.

Gyro and Hol horse

josuke and loli jolyne.

Technically anyone who knew the 14 words could.

It was how to identify to the green baby that you were DIOs "precious friend".

It is also why Pucci wanted Jotaros memory, Jotaro was the only one alive who read DIOs journal where DIO had the words, and Pucci didn't know them off hand.


Lil Jolyne and Josuke

>implying Gyro didn't get his horse at Hol's Horses


skrillex xD

Part 4 Jotaro and Part 5 Polnareff

Araki and Consistency.

Voodoo Child or a Jimi Hendrix based Stand

Would Echoes act 3 be better if he could just make rhymes come to life
> fire liar makes people on fire if they lie
> two poo causes someone to shit themself
> orange makes them not exist for a couple of seconds

So if Tonio knew the 4 words, he could get C-Moon and make everything sideways.

Johnny and Giorno, so we can see what actually happens when you turn infinity into zero.

>jimi hendrix based stand
>stone free
>Purple Haze
>basically all the stands from Purple Haze Feedback

C-Moon might be different since it was a fusion of the original stand and the green baby, but Made in Heaven will always the final goal.

Do you ever think Lolyne has met Turtle Polnareff?

>I never read Purple Haze Feedback

> two poo causes someone to shit themself

>Koichi goes to India

>It was how to identify to the green baby that you were DIOs "precious friend".
>Pucci didn't know them

It would be a fusion of the Green Babys stand and Pearl Jam.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that since Tonio doesn't care about gravity as much as Pucci did, it would probably wouldn't be C-Moon. It would be a different stand with a different ability.

look at the baby right here

Jonathan and literally any of his decedents.


What if DIO tried to tell Pucci, but Pucci never picked up the phone


kill yourself

Dio and Giorno

I know it sounds weird, but DIO never told him.

DIO was planning on surviving Part 3 and that didn't happen.

It's sorta how Rohan made Josuke fly backwards at 70 m/ph

Although Araki supposedly loved Yes, he made Daiya a Yes fanatic and the ending is fucking Roundabout, there are no Yes-based Stands yes. Why? Something like Machine Messiah, Starship Trooper or Heart of the Sunrise would be a cool Stand name.


but, we already have one.

>I didn't read part 5

shut your whore mouth

>Became a marine biologist and gave birth to jolyne
>Lived to old age
Became a turtle

Do you ever wonder what the fates of the other crews were?

Isn't that David Bowie?

wasn't it proven that rohans spaghetti arms move faster than josukes crazy D that could punch at 300 mph?

Daiya and Scarlet Valentine.

>Polnareff's pet and later castrated

it's 300kmps

but yes

Yes and the picture was posted in this very thread.

there's no way the kid would miss Rohan launching HD. It's not Star Platinum.

did you even finish part 3?

This could be literally any two characters. How is this question fair?

>tfw expected this to happen before reading Vento Aureo

That's a weird way to type "kicked to death by a gay biker."

Yeah but its still not proven that he can make his arms grow 20 meters and the grab the baby
unless he has telekinesis

>"gave birth to Jolyne"
>Fucks up the format halfway through

Today on "how did I fuck up"

This may be hard to believe, user, but you're not actually playing jeopardy right now.

Well William died, Jonathan got his body stolen by DIO and Speed Weed created a multi-million dollar organization.
Caesar also died but Joseph married Suzie Q and gave birth to Holly as well as have an affair
Smokey became an elected official and who knows what Messina did though

It's ok, we won't bully you on it today.

Jotaro was a proud mother

I've always wondered what the hell Gyro was doing in this gif

>we will never see Scarlet Valentine seduce and molest Daiya
>with Daiya being initially afraid but her sexual curiosity ultimately winning

Misread it I thought it meant
>What would have their fates been
referring to the Crusaders that died

>Jonathan and William
Both dead
>Joseph and Caesar
Caesar dead, Joseph lived till he was old as fuck
>Stardust Crusaders
Already posted
>Duwang Gang
Probably graduated high school, got jobs, then watched in panic and helplessness as time sped up and none of their Stands could do anything about it
Buccellati dead, Narancia dead, Abbachio dead, Trish probably leaves to do non-gang shit, Giorno keeps on being the boss. Then Giorno probably has to watch time speed up, but although Gold Experience Requiem protects him, it can't help anybody else.
>Green Dolphin
>Gyro and Johnny
Gyro dies, Johnny fucks a Japanese bitch before dying

Dio, DIO, Diego, and DIegO.

I like Cars' massive fucking body, fits his character that he's bigger than a human

The hell are you trying to pull...

Mista and Hol Horse

Style over Substance

What did he mean by this?

>all Sex Pistols will have Mista's voice

Just kill me now senpai

>The Whole Horse
>The Entire Equestrian
>The Collective Colt

Any more?

Hold the fuck on mane you're not me either.
Why are you trying to pretend to be me?

Because you'll find this problem in pretty much anything else you get into and JoJo avoids those aspects the majority of the time.

>be rich genius
>trashtalk some thug
>get shot and be paralyzed
>abandoned by dad
>meet a Italian who likes to spin things
>race across America to find Jesus
>kill the president
>get shit on by British rival from parallel universe
>fuck a Japanese slut
>have a son
>Japanese slut starts turning into origami
>get Jesus
>heal slut
>heal son
Johnny had an interesting life

>The Complete Cumlord

"abandoned by dad" was before he was shot and paralyzed

I always thought the "flying" in RPS kid was just kind of visual hyperbole to show how intense the "fight" was

Act 3 sounds exactly like Koichi

>JoJo,this has truly been a bizzare adventure
Seriously araki?

The Full Foal
The Perfect Pony

could be but even literally it was just super jumping

/jojo/, say something to him.

Something cool. Let him have it!

y-you too !

I bet you like 3D women you cuck

Fuck you fucker.


this is why 40 year old virgins should stay virgins!

can someone explain what the fuck is up with this drawing and "kakyoin egg"

I'm serious


Your next line is, "say something to him. Something cool. Let him have it!"

Naranciafag is that you?

Why are you mad at me? I said literally nothing that implied I have anything against your twinkfu.

>not knowing who jouta is

Nothing personnel, kid

It's jouta you mlevin

I'd be so pissed if Funny was behind the rock people

>The Sufficient Steed
>The Gross Gelding

You know what I'm mad about.
How you pretty much insulted me and narancia in a thread a couple of days a go.
How you refused to die.

Back in the 90s before they got famous, CLAMP drew a notorious Stardust Crusaders dousing where none of the main cast died and Jotaro buttfucked Kakyoin who then laid an egg. The egg hatched into Jouta, who competes for Kakyoin's affections against Jotaro. His Stand is a cross between Star Platinum and Hierophant Green called Charmy Green, a name Polnareff picked based on a brand of laundry detergent.



Oh yeah, that fiasco

That was fun

hold on


You almost ruined narancia's good name I'll never forgive you.

read correctly. Its my line to Kira's dad.

You got some good taste except for hating Diavolo
but otherwise good taste


Oh ok I'm an idiot.

>The Total Trotter
>The Brimming Bronco


It was ruined when you decided to make him your fuccboi

I improved him fucker. He's happy now.

yeah, such a proud one.

where is proof of this

fan art and panels don't count

>Ultimate Kars favorite fight
>While being least favorite villain.

Post Pucci

Are you a man of the land,or are you a man of the sea?

He barely talks or has much of a motivation, he's not even as intimidating as the other pillar men, until he gets his ultimate form
But the fight was really energetic and had a lot of well thought out motion.

I'm a man of loash.


Then what the fuck do you want?

As you know, I'm a man of loash.


...proof? can you read?

He's a handsome son

I'm still waiting for my Bastet porn you nigger

quick, post hol horse

Kill Diavola (forever), fuck DIA, marry Valentina, impregnate Karera


JoJo makes me Gio.

If you don't want fanart or panels then what do you want?


Why does Araki draw dogs so weirdly now? They almost look downright disturbing (at leadt this particular one does)

>Friend is telling me that Funny will be the new DIO of SBR-verse
Joubin is actually a Valentine and is the new DIO
Jo2suke is descended from Johnny which is why they look so similar.


Like what? I only have fanart and panels.

That one is drawn weirdly on purpose, other dogs recently actually look like dogs.

>Jo2uke is descended from Johnny
no shit, he's literally half Kira

Well then I guess you made Narancia shit then

just realized something. For the first time, a joestar managed to have 2 kids (blessings not bastards) are we going to explore both joestar routes?

What's rock pupper's Stand called?

He loves me.

I just made this up on the spot but.
Johnny somehow turned into a rock human, and it just looked liked a boulder crushed him. In reality he's been asleep and will wake up and become the final boss of Part 8, if not then some kind of High Voltage fight thing.

If you can't prove it then he doesn't

Rock Lobster

But you're asking me for something I can't provide.
All there is of him is fanart and panels.

Stone Ocean X Evangelion opening:

What ACTUALLY happened was Johnny died from the rock disease but corpses affected by it look like Jesus' corpse so the agents recovered the wrong body and Jesus is still chilling in Morioh after 110 years, biting niggas who go near his Wall Eyes.

>that split second shot of Yo Yo Ma

Not my problem

I have proof that Narancia is autistic tho

I think that was the original intend of act 3 but there was no room for it since the first half of the series was about Koichi


So was the baby that washed up on shore Aisho?

Where we ever get a explanation to those bite marks? Is this the worst case of ariki forgot yet? Can we (e)mail him some this question?

It was the rock dog.

What's that?
I can beat your bum? Oh your into THAT stuff

>That autistic edit

That isn't how Act 3 was intended to work.
It was supposed to be this really specific type of wordplay involving both English and Japanese words, but Araki realized that nobody would understand it so he silently wrote it out.

No but it's a mystery story, just because it hasn't been explained yet doesn't mean Araki forgot it. It's like you don't know what mystery means.

Kira and Josuke are foils.

Josuke heals life, Kira erases it completely.

Also, Kira is popular with the girls but not interested in them.


Iwasuke is made from the meteorite that the stand arrows are made from.

I imagine Sex Pistol will have Mistas voice high pitched
Spice Girl on the other have will be the same as Koichi with act 3
same voice but slightly different

I remember one user made this pretentious interpretation of
Act 1 is the sound of words
Act 2 is the meaning of words
Act 3 is the weight of words
I just go by that logic even though it's probably wrong.

>weight of words
>"I rhymed three with freeze"


The fact that that's how the episode ends makes it so much funnier

Extremely High Quality taste, I want to dock you for putting Giorno so low, but I also know you know he's a godly JoJo.

Araki loves the words bizarre and stand

>Acts 1 and 2 are the beat
>Act 3 is the bass drop

Everything except 2, 4 and 7 is garbage and you have shit taste for liking them.

I'm personally a fan of Sky High and Diavolo, but you seem like a cool guy.

Fuck you

This clearly a joke, you guys are retarded

nonbinary trans fem polnareff doesnt even makes sense. A tumblrite would never make that kind of mistake unless it was on purpose

>Liking literally filler parts and a knock off one that just works to squeeze out more money


You fucking madman

Now do Beach Boy

That's not fucking proof he's autistic fucker.

>yfw all of part 6's budget will be spent on animating stone free's mobius strip

Okay, I just tried to join those two pages together and wow... I have a lot more respect for people who are able to do that now

I wanna fuck that outlet

The absolute madman

Could you do Fun Fun Fun next?

Stone Free in general is going to be a pain in the ass to animate

『 GOOD. 』


I keked hard


Guys I just can't get behind part 8, there's so much random shit and plot devices, even for jojo. The wall eyes, the magic soil, fucking rock people, will we ever see the corpse again? What look to be Valentine's decendants, magic fruit, what does the fucking maid want? Even shit in part 6 seemed to make more sense then whatever the fuck is going on in JJL.
I can't be alone in thinking all this.

God is dead, and we killed him

Nothing in part 6 was really that confusing unless you speedread it

That was a surprisingly good edit, especially considering how retarded some of the shit this fanbase vomits out is.


underated but still pretty good if we are posting jojo youtube videos.


>What look to be Valentine's decendants,
What? He did't have any kids Scarlet was barren as fuck. Even though he is my favorite antagonist and character I dont want more of him anyways.

Why does its treads sound so cute when it moves?

New Thread

Is this the work of an enemy stand?


Golden Dynamite mind.

Instead of censoring gold experience to golden wind couldt they turn it into goldEN experince?

I'll give you that
Part 8 has way to many things going on, and when something is resolved like 10 new different things are introduced
Tho so far its managing them well

Some guys with Valentine looking hair show up in Johnnys flash back and also a woman that looks like Lucy


It's a mystery story, it'll be like that until the last quarter where we start getting actual answers. I swear some of you guys must not read anything outside of shonen manga, JoJolion really isn't that convoluted or confusing.

>yfw part 6 is never animated because japs haet and stone free is too hard for the koreans to draw

Because it sounds like a little toy tank, or like clunking gears
I miss the high pitch voice from ASB/EoH but I guess it wouldn't come off as menacing

are those bad comany sprites from metal gear?



>Was waiting for color scans to make this fight understandable because D4C Love-Train's Light-Lines are a visual mess
>it's like 40% better at best
Welp, I guess this will have to do