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Missed them. How was this volume?

What about summary user?

Should have waited until tomorrow, Cred Forums is in full shiposting mode since Re:Zero ended.

here >summary user

Not seeing that anime at all so completely forgot about that.

>Kurumi chapter is next
Time for a re-match.

>>summary user


Don't know much about this series. It's a harem right? Any chance of a harem end?

It's either a harem ending or a main girl ending, none of these would be a good ending though.

It's kind of a Battle Harem type and a 'harem ending' is a likely possibility unless the people's favorite (see ) wins

Was anything of interest released in Encore 5?

>newer short stories
There is a Reine short story though.

Why would they be bad?

Personal opinion.

Some people is angry that the 'main girl' gets way more attention when compared to the others.

Main girl ending is way too obvious and honestly she is too childish to the point she feels more like daugther or a mascot, she is not a bad girl though. Harem ending wouldn't be good because some the harem members are utter shit or so irrelevant that it makes you wonder why are they even considered part of the harem.

This is the main girl by the way.

Saw the summary thread in the archive, Mukuro sounds like absolute love and I think that "inverse form" of hers wasn't exactly an inverse so I guess that explains why there's so little change.

Previously in Date a Live:

Summary user please be well and sound.

hiro killed summary user

I love Tsunako, great balance in cute and lewd.


I like the way they directed her hand in this series.


Still wish to know what they were about.



I like them all


You should get some standards then.

>liking Miku

I always thought Tachibana's idea of having Kotori be the main girl would have been a better way to go at it. I don't particularly dislike Tohka or anything, but she's too childish and innocent, she doesn't have those thoughts and feelings main love interest should have. Inverse Tohka fixes that though since she's more matures and assertive, but that's an inverse state.

Also Rinne.

Me too dude.

Inverse Tohka shouldn't even have feelings, dark spirits were introduced as genuine threats that should be avoided at all cost.

>Inverse Tohka shouldn't even have feelings
Volume 15 kinda overturned that.

People like you is why authors can shit whatever they want knowing fans would happily eat it up.

I know and I didn't like much what Tachibana did. Now dark Tohka feels like another troubled personality instead of a geuine threat.

For a series like this, I think can't help but to love all of them. Too pretty a design and I don't exactly condemn the girls for their "cockblocking" all that much. I tend to like big casts of characters.
Miku a cute

I won't mind it depending on how it plays out. Still very dangerous, but not impossible to befriend wouldn't be such a bad thing. But if inverse is too easy then there's no challenge and threat, so it would make it pointless.

You are a lost cause.


DAL is a special case for me. Granted, when I say I like them all, I mostly mean that I don't hate anyone. If I had to choose then it would have to be Yuzuru or Mukuro.


No that's a better main girl then the actual main girl

It's Rosario Vampire all over again.

>But if inverse is too easy then there's no challenge and threat, so it would make it pointless
That's what happened in this volume, dark Tohka literally sealed herself if the spoilers are telling the truth. Origami was such a perfect example dealing with dark spirits is trying to achieve the impossible but you can still do it if don't give up like Ratatoskr did with Shidou.

I love Ai


>>she doesn't have those thoughts

She kind of does.

Tohka was cute and her story of being someone completely rejected by humanity was sweet but then we got more stories with the other girls and her reasons for loving Shidou don't seem to matter much.

Do you happen to have a link to the pics of Volume 15?

>>Rosario Vampire

Only got the barest hint of what that is.


Probably because what Shidou is doing for the girls is, at the very core, the same he did for Tohka: accept girls even if they are rejected but with varying degrees of effort.

Cute and polite main girl had a violent alter-ego and it was her true personality.

Friendly reminder that Natsumi always saves the day.

Oh yeah I kind of remember now.

Wasn't the 'dark' personality her grandmother or something like that? Or was the other way around?

Think it was her mom

I'm happy for you user

Origami was a good start, but if spoilers are right then inverse Tohka was dealt with too easily.

It was a mild inverse. It was enough that she became negative, but the negative feelings she had weren't as powerful as her first inverse state.

Speaking of Origami. Can someone tell me what was going on in this scene?

They all wanted to wash shidou's back when he was bathing to recover some damage he received in some fight.

Shidou fights against Mukuro and gets a bit of help from Tohka while Origami held off Artemesia. Ellen was getting her ass kicked by the new Fraxinus.

Shidou gets some serious injuries in the fight where he temporarily heals it with Gabriel to numb the pain, Haniel to copy some flesh, and Camael to heal it up. But lasting wounds needed him to take an entire bath with some medical-type Realizers. Cue everyone trying to wash his back.

Speaking of Origami again. It's definitely her Angel mixed in with a new CR unit. It's apparently called Brynhildr

Cute stuff as expected.

>>Natsumi always saves the day.


Haniel is a versatile as fuck power.

Haven't made all of them yet.

Copycat girl always best girl.

Not that guy but what does that have to do with Natsumi saving the day? What did she do?

The dark inner personality was the real Moka. The outer personality was the Mom.

She used Haniel to copy Michael and gave to Shidou, then he used it to unlock Mukuro's emotions.

Couldn't Shidou do it himself?

I don't think he can use Kaleidoscope. Not sure.

He used the copy ability in this very volume apparently.

He can use the transform power, but Natsumi was there in the situation anyway, so I suppose he can't use Kaleidoscope, Haniel's ability to transform itself in another angel. Maybe that's why they needed her help. She used kaleidoscope and gave it to him.
Just waiting the translations to confirm that.

No, I mean he literally used the copy ability on his flesh rather than just transforming it.

To cure himself, you're saying?

Yeah, the spoiler says he copied his own flesh instead of transforming it back to normal probably because the damage was too much.

I stoped reading in the Origami devil/angel(?). We have new girls? How advanced are the plot now?

Is this series any good? I don't have anything on my radar that isn't the new working!!! so I'd like to try to pick something up.

Yeah, but that's one thing. He can just use the ability, he never summons the angel(Sandalphon is originally a throne), so it'd make sense if he couldn't use kaleidoscope, since this ability transform the angel [Haniel] into another angel. Maybe it's something different than just transform into anything, an ability that only the spirit itself could use.
I'm just saying speculations from what we've seeing, not that I'm right about all that, it just seems right to me.

The spoiler clearly says he is using the angels though, remember Shidou unlocked them in volume 13.

Yeah, I'm reading some parts of other volumes, maybe I'm wrong.
If that's the case, I'm curious to know what Natsumi was doing there.

Probably just helping like the rest so that Shidou doesn't have to do everything on his own.

It says that she was disguised as Shidou, but I don't understand what was the meaning of this.

Strategy to distract/fool Mukuro.

Depends on how big your tolerance level is for stupid shit.

Well, if that was it, she was useful anyway.

I enjoy slice of life, so it's pretty big. Where should I start?

Slice of life is definitely part of this but you're going to get some conflict and lots of fights.

Like the rest of the girls who stayed to fight Ellen, no wonder Kotori won the rematch.

The fight was with the new Fraxinus overpowering Ellen's Goetia. I don't think the spirits had too direct an input.

The spoiler says they used the girls powers as power supply to defeat her.

A few new girls if you take the (now canon) games but the main plot still needs more development.

Only Rinne Utopia is canon though.

There is also the movie girl, Mayuri.

Everyone is canon. Maybe.

Ay idea what are these about?



Mayuri is the less canon girl in the series.

You mean least


The same was once said of Rinne.

Movie subs fucking when?

Good question.

Even if the movie is easy to follow. Having actual subs would be nice.

I like this one the most.

That would be Rio.

This opens up a huge can of worms in that if inverse spirits are completely different personalities and also redeemable then Shidou is kind of being a hypocrite by saving the spirits at all costs but ignoring their inverses.

Only retards who claimed it couldn't be canon because Tohka wasn't the main girl, also it's the only game where the author said it could fit in the canon.

How is Shidou a hypocrite when he doesn't even abot the true nature of dark spirit? Inverse Origami was broken beyond repair.

Why is Vert evil now?

Fun times

know about**

>Inverse Origami was broken beyond repair.
Inverse Origami was the original Origami's personality succumbed to despair.
Did you forget that Shidou and NeOrigami saved her?

She may or may be not been brainwashed by Westcot.

She's the sluttiest

Who is that cutie on the left?

>more shitty non-canon short stories
Date A Quest wasn't very good.

Who is the QT in the upper left?


It's a not a good thing

They're side stories for a reason. I wouldn't exactly care about it being canon but is there any particular reason they aren't? Granted, everything returns to status quo but I personally enjoy just more antics with the cast.

They didn't save her from inverse form, they just put some sense into her to free her from the despair and it only became possible because inverse with NeOrigami merged.

Not sure how to feel about inverse personality is actually a major part of a Spirit's personality that volume 15 revealed. we now know that every Spirit is originally human, and those human girls all had to be broken, traumatized, or disturbed in the head to have such a personality that was kept under wraps. But I guess in a way this opens a new plot line where it could be about saving each of the girl's inverse side now. Maybe.


Short stories used to be much better quality-wise and there is no point in writting non-canon short stories when you can write something that actually matters like Mana Research or the Reine short story.

>is actually a major part of a Spirit's personality
I thought it was stated the personality is part of the inverse crysal personlity not the normal one.

>and those human girls all had to be broken, traumatized, or disturbed in the head to have such a personality that was kept under wraps
To be fair every spirit thus far has had major personality problems so that's not a big stretch. All four inverses we've seen so far reflect the biggest traumas they've experienced too (inverse Tohka = Tohka's mistrust of humans, inverse Origami = ああああああああああああああああ, inverse Nia = torture, inverse Mukuro = inverse Tohka rehash?)

Kind of silly for the inverses to remain even after their trauma is cured though.

Is it? Aren't they, in some way, linked either way though?

if this will allow us to see inverse side of the girls then I'm all for it. I'd love to see how Inverse Kotori and inverse Kurumi and inverse Yoshino are like. The latter two's Spirit personality are borderline inverse already, so one can imagine.

They are different crystals, two sides of the coin probably.

I like sidestories because the main volumes get through with enough plot I feel but I can admit that I don't think we'll get all our questions answered by the main volumes alone. Also, the girls tend to get shafted some way or another and I find the sidestories to be fun supplements. I don't demand too much from this series.

>But I guess in a way this opens a new plot line where it could be about saving each of the girl's inverse side now. Maybe.
Kadokawa won't let their cash cow die.

Inverse spirits were supposed to be represent disasters that should be avoided, the fact Tachibana is turning them into "misunderstood personalities" is kind of stupid.

The spirits started out as disasters that should be avoided too senpai.

Only Shidou's all loving spirit and his magnum dong can cure the spirits and their inverses of their ills.

>The spirits started out as disasters that should be avoided
Um, no. Kotori told Shidou they were unstable girls being pursued by the AST and they never actually killed anyone(except Kurumi). Dark spirits used to be a different thing when dark Tohka was first introduced.

There is not much plot in the serious volumes most of the time, volume 12 was supposed to be a plot centered volume given it was about Shidou but the 4 first chapter were filler. It's like we have short stories during 4 chapters then actual plot that doesn't even give us answers, only more questions.

What were your reaction when Origami went BSOD when she traveled to the past?


Movie subs when?


How people reacted when Shidou saved her parents only to find they still died later by Track-kun.

As expected.

This. They were also good at giving the non-Tohka girls some extra time in the spot-light.

Please post them when you have them.

>>Origami in Battle Armor.
Illustration of Yoshino in her Azure Armor WHEN

Probably never, since Tachibana doesn't give a shit about Yoshino.

>>Made it into that pic.

Feels weird...

I can give you this, at least.


I appreciate it.

That cat yoshino is great.

>yfw this finally gets animated and they play during Origami's inversion sequence

How did the MC handle this development?

>>Reine short story.

Any summary on that one?

Im going to marry Tama!!

I like her Kanade-shan voice

If only we could ever get a good pic of it

>Shido losing an arm
Why couldn't we get an illustration for this?

We had like 3 threads before and the fourth one finally died. Can't be helped when the spoilers came out two days later.

Light novels tend to omit the most badass parts involving MCs. Maybe one or two cool moments but rarely do we ever get that one illustration that we all want.

I know, just expressing my disappointment. Seeing Shidou with only one arm would have caused a more impactful reaction.

>>more impactful reaction.

Oh boy this.

Unfortunately lowering the moe output in the illustrations will probably kill them given the otaku audience.

Every make except Kannazuki lost an arm this volume apparently. Wescott and Woodman really duked it out.

No, it was only Shido, Westcott and Elliot that lost body parts.

>Westcott's reaction to losing an arm didn't affect him in any way and he even threw his arm at Ellen for her to catch it, he didn't seem to be in any pain either.

>Woodman lost both an arm and a leg.

>Shido lost part of his shoulder down to his wrist.

Tachibana still hasn't forgotten about the pain he wants his characters to suffer. This last one bites the cake compared to when Shidou was shot.

>>That face when all this carnage.

Reminds me of the rooftop battle against Kurumi.

Meant to say every male except Kannazuki

It was worse though.

Well, technically there were lots of Kurumi parts all around the place in that battle.

The anime tonned it down apparently.

It was tonned down and changed so, so much that it lost almost all of its coherence and impact. Such a missed chance for the anime in general, they clearly cut corners when it comes to action.

Nice OST all things consider.

Japan is fast.

Not bad and quite exploitable.

They also cut out the scene where Phantom erases their memories.

Haven't been playing much attention to a/ but it's me or has the clock threads have become more rare?

Yes, fuck off.

This series really went to shit.

This one needs a better version.

When was the last time you were in a DAL thread?


Boring villains. Boring drama. The charm early volumes had is completely gone.

Anime aired ages ago and recent volumes are meh.

She's pretty hot.

Remember that he was 'asked' to make changes to the series after it became very popular.

Not a excuse but something to keep in ,ind.

>Boring drama
Why am I not suprised?

Not only that but re-using the same setup would be boring. A new girl shows up, Shido goes and dates her, AST try to kill, Shidou seals her, happy ending.
That'd have been boring after a few volumes and the plot is actually good so I'm glad with the "changes"

Mukuro's arc was good, probably the second best after Origami's. And we start Kurumi's arc in vol.16.

Can't wait to see interactions between Kotori and Kurumi in the next volume. It should be interesting.


Those also meant that he had to extend DaL beyond it's original intended run of ten volumes.


I don't know about you user, but it was thanks to those changes that the series started growing on me.

Good Job.

I remember some talk of Shido getting a shirtless color illustration in one of the volumes, did that actually happen?


>D-do I fit in now?

They couldn't keep the same formula forever but I don't hate where they are.


Actually I was talking about the girls getting sexy poses or something in the earlier volumes and people assuming that Shido would be next, I guess that never happened?

Maybe as Shiori?

I somehow never realized how similar to Eva this is.

Is there more shirtless Shido?

No, but we lost the chance of seeing him without one arm.

I never really cared about the girls of this series until Mukuro showed up.
Now I'm mad because I know Tohka will win the Shidobowl.

Why would you want to see that?

You're kidding.

If I recall, Tachibana wanted to write a much edgier story with Inverse Spirits being the main girls. It was changed because the girls were relatively unforgivable.

Kurumi enjoys it being the sadomasochist she is. I am hoping that the next fight against Mana is even more brutal.

He didn't want inverse spirits to be the main girl, he just wanted to story to be darker and he had the chance to do that with dark spirits but now it turns out they are not that bad.

Now only DEM and maybe Ratatoskr can be considered threats, such a shame.

From what I can tell, Inverse Tohka seems to have been the original draft personality.

Color user, you know they're lying on the rooftop viewing the stars, right? Or you just wanted that background color?

Yeah but they still were normal spirits.

Inverse spirts are not necessarily bad, just dangerous beings to approach to.

I found it and saved, user. It was someone else who colored it.


Really? He has been missing for a while?

Except they were bad the first and second time it happened then it almost happened again but Tohka resisted the transformation, but now it's revealed they are not that bad it makes previous scenes feel like less shocking.

I was talking personality wise. Inverse spirits were the front face instead of what we have now.

I don't know, inverse spirits used to pose a bigger threat when they were first introduced then he decided to give them troubled personalities which still is far from the original idea.

We never knew what they really were but Tachibana did. We just assumed things.

It's not really assuming things considering we went from "save the girl from despair" to "you can date inverse spirits". The change in tone is obvious.

Did they even have a date? Dark Tohka met up with the rest on the way and just had a slight confrontation with Mukuro for Shido.
If you didn't know, in one of the encores Tohka goes inverse and Inverse Tohka spends time with Shido. I assume they got to talk and know each other becuase apparently Inverse Tohka didn't act hostile towards Shido this time around.

>If you didn't know, in one of the encores Tohka goes inverse and Inverse Tohka spends time with Shido
You do realize they are not canon and just part of Shidou's dream, right?

Yes, the one that was sold with the BDs in S2 was not canon. But the latest which is in encore 5 seems like it is. We'll never know since it's not translated.

>FFF is releasing Director Cut S1 BDs

Oh well, just checked it out and ep4 has 40 secs of additional content, pretty neat.

>But the latest which is in encore 5 seems like it is
No, it isn't. You have Tohka in Origami arc refusing to go inverse because it was a bad thing to happen and now you are telling me she went inverse because reasons and spent some time with Shidou?

Here's hoping for the movie release.

Any minute now

She really, really looks like a slightly grown-up Neptune in that pic. That anger mark adds to the effect.

We will never see more of Mana and Yoshino. This is the only thing that makes me mad.

>Season 3 never
IMS is not worthy, let White Fox do it.

>white fox
>s3 is 1 cour and ends right before pic related instead

>White Fox
What a piece of shit studio

Mana is a girl who represents the plot. She only gets involved because plot demands.

That would kill DALfags and Origamifags.

They did a decent job with Re:zero

Not really, DAL II did enough damage already. Making a S3 would be either just more anime to discuss or another shitfest like S2.

Did they really?

Now, do you have any questions as to what happened with, like fucking anything?

They rushed some things, had some really iffy animations at times and there's the easy-way-out ending they chose. It was probably the episode directors that made it seem so good.

Couldn't DAL get another chance? It's not like the series itself wanted to be shited on because of the low production values.

Why does the blue maid gets more fanart attention than the pink maid?

We're talking about the industry where top sellers like Horizon and Index have yet to get another season. It would take a miracle for DAL to get another.

She's waifubait.

Wish the VNs were in English, I just want more damn Tsunako.

People have shit taste, pink maid doesn't slobber all over the MC dick, and is in a dubious relation of magic sharing with a clown.

In any case, if fucking White Fox had done shit right you wouldn't see Blue Maid ever again after all the retards who fell for her waifu baiting would have committed mass suicide right after the episode ended.

Go play Fairy Fencer and Naptunia, they're not bad games.


DAL is not popular enough to guarantee a good adaptation since nips consider it to be your average harem series but with a really cute art, the designer's popularity also helps.

>they're not bad games
Yes, they are.

Nips love it though.

Yes but not because they think it's actually good.

Lying this much on the Internet

Not really, if you actually think the Neptunia games are good then you need to play more videogames. The gameplay is awful and even though it improved in newer versions/games it's still bad.

VII is unironically a good jrpg

I am unabashedly excited for the new Compile Heart game. Mary Skelter looks pretty fucking cool and the enemy design is pleasing. Hopefully they balance it right.

>PS Vita
Also the gameplay doesn't look that good.

I've played plenty of Neps, I still need to play FFF though.

It's a dungeon crawler. You either like the gameplay or you don't.

>CH games
Why not play a real jrpg like SMT?

Because only Strange Journey is good.

Nocturne and SJ are still the best.

>only Strange Journey is good
Shit taste, but that's to be expected in a thread where Nepfags exist.

Is there any clock on the movie?
She is basically the only reason I watch/read DAL (and the trap MC).

I like the mainlines games, persona series is not very good.

The rest of the games are just boring as fuck.
Atlus should try making a fun game.

Dungeon crawlers are a personal pleasure of mine. Some of them I just can't get into like Class of Heroes.

Like I said shit taste and thete is always persona for waifufags like you.

>Cred Forums - Video Games



Casual SMT with more personality. Still shit.
Why are you even in this thread?

No that guy but DAL threads are for discussion if you want to see circlejerking and waifufagging go to clock threads.

Just dropping by to say that Origami will always be the best and that you're all faggot.


No please. The last time they had a fight bad things happened to them.

Mukuro is new best girl.

Please respond.


No surprise there.

>>doesn't slobber all over the MC

That explains it all.

Final off-topic question: What's the deal with the mistress-like girl (Emilia?) that also appears in the art? Is she out of the 'range' of the MC?

>Clockfag, likes gender swaping shit and newfag.
I actually feel sorry for you.

Don't reply to him.

Emilia is the white haired girl. Is that who you mean?

The elf girl is a dirty communist who deserves death, yet MC is madly in love in the best Haremtarded fashion ever with her because she saved him. Re:Zero is bad

There are many re:zero threads up. Go discuss there instead.

The IS girls are better than DAL girls, except for Kurumi.

Only Laura and Rin

Rematch is going to be Kurumi and Mana. Should be less of a stomp this time around, or so I would hope.

>at anything
Literally the worst harem, which is an achievement of its own, and the girls are somehow more shallow than eroge characters.

>Mukuro calls Shidou 主様(Nushi-sama). Apparently this is how girls politely calls guys in the Edo period, something like milord.

Called it, she's just best girl.

>actually replying
Seems like that clockfag is not the only newfag here, also you are responding to obvious bait.

The last thing you can say to fuck up even more is that Ichika is a better MC than Shidou, user.

Tricky question, they are both shit.

Shidou is a lame copy of Shirou from F/SN

Muku a cute glad we finally got a decent harem member

Now i can root for the harem end with confidence

TouMAN is way better than both of them.


>people replying to a blatant shitposter
Are we in 2012 again? Or is the same guy replying to himself?

>literally walking plot armors
This thread went to shit, making a thread after a popular shows ends is truly a mistake.

Touman is great, though Shido is much more tolerable and even fun to read compared Shitchika.

Are you new?

Shidou has way more plot armor than either TouMAN or Shirou.

Shirou > Shidou

Saber > Tohka

Can the guy spamming that Shidou is the greatest MC ever stop? It's no longer funny.

It's on, user.

>off topic discussion
>obvious bait
>suddenly fanbase wars
Yeah, better avoid making new thread.

>plot armor
Nothing can even compare to the amount of plot armor that Touma has not even Shirou.

He is rated above average at best otuside and inside these threads, you don't see people claiming he is based or refering to him in a cringeworthy way like TouMAN.

He's not shit but he isn't particularly good either. Basically middle of the road.

Seems like you've yet to read DAL and index.

Shido is not the greatest character but he's above the typical harem MC. If we compare him to Ichika, it's obvious who's a better MC.
This has to be a joke.

Same goes for you.

Reading one volume of each isn't enough, user.

Then read more volumes, user.

How long? Until the translation of vol.15 is finished?

>people who haven't read NT10 yet

Holy fucking plebs.

A week or a few days, people are still shitposting about the Re:Zero ending, just take a look at this thread.

Probably. It's better avoid making generals, since there isn't much new content, and this new volume was quite underwhelming.

I thik we should wait until the first chapter is done translating, user, there's no much to discuss anyway. I myself can make the thread if needed, after all I'm in that translation group and constantly checking for updates every week.

The one who provided the spoilers loved this volume though.

>this new volume was quite underwhelming
How? The only underwhelming part was the whole thing with dark Tohka.

I read it already, I guess it's just my opinion.
It isn't bad per she, just not quite what I was hoping for.

It sounds better than volume 12 and 13, I din't like how Tohka goes inverse again and becomes a good girl? Seriously, what the fuck Tachibana?

So, what were you expecting?

>I read it already
What? Be more specific or I might minunderstand what you are saying here. Did you read the whole volume?

Yes, I read it in glorious Nipponese.

I don't really know, but I still felt kind of let down.

>I don't really know, but I still felt kind of let down
That can't seriously be your reason. In my opinion bringing dark Tohka back just to make her seal herself was a stupid move and lame excuse to put her in the cover oh and the cliffhanger was predictable though there is no much they can add at this point since the series is ending, other than the volume was satisfying and Mukuro's date was really good.

Summary user, is that you?
Just kidding, anyway want to ask a question. Does Mukuro genuinely love Shidou?

As I said, it's only my opinion, I didn't think it was bad, it was just oh so average.

I believe she does.

That was my opinion too but if you tell me you don't know why it felt so average, how am I supposed to take your opinion seriously?

Mukuro's arc as a whole was better than most of the others, I believe her arc is second best after Origami's.
Shidou can't seal Inverse spirits.

The last few girls being introduced are fine.

Nia is great

But DAL has gone straight done the shitter after the Origami arc, clearly showing that the series as intended by Tachibana was much much different from what we ended up getting.

Drop the series already

I mean compared to Miku and Natsumi, there ain't beating Origami's arc.

The sealing works as long as there is enough affinity, it doesn't matter who kisses first.

>Dropped the series
Yet you still keep lurking DAL threads for some reason. Why do you want to convince us so bad?

>Drop it
It's one of three things I read. This is my light-hearted story fix. I honestly didn't expect anything from this series when I first started it when there were only 7 volumes out.

I like it enough but not like my complaints are going to change what Tachibana needs to do.

What's your problem? Drop it if you don't enjoy it anymore, but that doesn't mean everyone else must do the same.

Is this some kind of elaborated bait, if you don't like then drop it. We are not forcing you to read the series, user.

You some sort of angry IS/BDshitter?

>Nia is great
The only thing she did in her arc was teasing Shidou a lot and only because she knew what Shidou was doing. Mukuro's arc is not the best but has been much better than volume 12 and 13.


Quite an interesting fact to know.

People are calling Mukuro best girl and like her design but did you guys read the part about cutting her hair?

Wait, she did?

She got mad becuase Shidou told her he liked her long hair and got cut by Tohka. That proves how much love she harbored for him.

No, I mean she is going to cut her hair anyway so expect a different look next arc.

Shidou's gonna cut her hair, she told him to cut it so probably in vol.16 we will see her with shorter hair. Her hair was long AF. I just hope Tachibana doesn't decide her hair must be as short as Origami's.

>another Origami clone
I only hope is not a fucking Nepgear clone, she could have a similar design to Yuzuru.

Bravo, Nisio.

There is literally nothing wrong with Nepgear clones, except the fact that the original is a murderer

>the blandest of the blandest designs
>nothing wrong

That side story looks promising.


Not really, replace her with Mukuro and you have a deal.

Mukuro is the true busty character we deserved.

What part of Mukuro's name is her spirit number?


Since when was Origami that big? She is supposed to be flat as fuck.

So, why was one of the volumes called Mukuro family if there are no relatives of hers?

She wants a family of her own.

Knew her number but I was asking for which part of the Japanese name is the 'six' part.

Probably but all I really know is that 'kuro' means dark/black.

I think it's still one of the top battle harems. It's not unusual for an arc in the middle of the series to be the best, right? That's almost how it is for everything.

Hoshimiya Mukuro: 星宮 六喰
I think the number is 6 = 六.

Miku calls him darling and now she's worst girl. What happened to her.

So, she only considers Shidou as family?

She'll take a while to warm up to the other girls. Or maybe she did by the end of the volume, I don't know.

Character assessination, the author thought turning Miku into a raging lesbian was "funny".

She loves him too.

No, I mean if she doesn't really love him but thinks of him as paternal figure or something.

There's also character necromancing, what with Natsumi and shit

Copy Cat.

Natsumi is an annoying character but at least she helped out this time.

Mana and Kurumi volume I hope will be good. I think if the volume has the two girls forced into a ceasefire and constantly trying to one up each other, it would be entertaining.

>character necromancing
Yeah, you can also call it that way.

>Miku changes and becomes a lovable girl
>author kills her and makes her an "out of character" personality in the second game
>brings back old Miku but with 100% more lesbianism

That won't happen, Kurumi's plan requires a massive amount of energy and we need her to go inverse so Mana will not stand a chance in their rematch unless she fights the normal Kurumi who is not a very good fighter.

Anyone else feel like DAL is being bogged down by all the girls? I mean, aside from Kurumi and Mana they almost all appear in every volume, and that's basically making the plot gradually slow down. It might be better if some volumes didn't try to have all the girls in it. Then again that would probably alienate the large amount of nips who only read it for the girls

I mean just having antics involving the two of them. Having both of them insulting each other and annoying each other.

Really, I actually feel the opposite. As if Tachibana is leaving out the girls and only focusing on Shidou. Compared to older volumes, in the recent ones the girls only appear in 1 or 2 chapters and before they used to appear in every chapter.

It doesn't look like Kurumi has time to spare this time, she is the only unsealed spirit left and Shidou is right there for her to take.

Considering she's attending school again, I think she has plenty of time.

This volume had a total of no Yoshino

The story always had Shidou as the focus along with Tohka in the first 7 volumes. Yoshino was never relevant, the twins are just kind of there because Tachiban find them hard to write, Miku is raging lesbian and is only there as the annoying comic relief, Nia doesn't even have a reason to be around them, only Natsumi is getting a few of minor relevant roles like drawing the manga in vol 13 and directly helping Shidou in this volume along with Origami. It's not really he is focusing on Shidou too much, it's the fact he made more than half of the girls irrelevant.

Probably to tell Shidou about her plan again or enjoy a final date before killing him.

Do you guys think Kurumi's plan will succeed?

Genuinely curious as to what people here think about it.

I don't see how that's a problem though. Is the lack of girls the problem or the lack of plot. When all the girls are around people complain no plot progress is happening, when half of the girls are gone people complain about their relevancy.

The girls are not the problem, it's all the unnecessary fanservice and pandering.

I guess this is what I'm trying to say.

>When all the girls are around people complain no plot progress is happening
Because they are only used for fanservice except in the final chapter where they finally do something of relevance hence the irrelevant part.

In volume 9, Tachibana stated that he'd like Natsumi to be the main girl, so she's probably his favourite one.

That's all the girls are good for. That is literally all they are good for.

He was only joking but it's obvious Tachibana likes her and he only writes about the girls he likes.

user, you have to know that even if DAL is better than the average harem, it's still a harem. I know the series would be 3 times better without the fanservice, but that's how it is.
At times I get the feeling the fanservice scenes are kinda forced, as if he editor told Tachibana to add one or two scenes for the sake of it.

I'd do this too if I were him.

Considering how he makes her yuri for Yoshino and has a neurotic personality, I can see why he likes her.

The fanservice itself is not bad, it is the kind of fanservice they are using. I mean, only having the girls in pretty outfits is fanservice but like you said it's like the editor told Tachibana it had to be lewd fanservice to pander to horny otakus.

That is also why she is second worst girl.

She's cute when acting like that, though.

No, she is annoying.

I want her to, but I don't think she will.

>actually supporting her retarded plan
Get out of here you clone.

Miku is worst girl.

This is a good chance that rooftop Kurumi shows up again.

Why do you think that?

Because no matter how cute she is(she looks like a green-haired Yoshino) acting like annoying brat is still annoying.

For what purpose?

Well, I can understand that, but I don't see a real reason to think she's as bad as Miku, who's always poorly trying to be a comic relief.

I don't think Shidou will be able to make her fall for him, that's why. Rooftop clon might be the key to sealing her.

I didn't say she was as bad as Miku though, I just said she was annoying. Miku is pure shit.

If a clone fell for Shidou then so can the original, there was no reason for her to kill rooftop unless she knew it was a danger for her plan.

Oh, if that's the case, it's ok.

Why do you like her so much, user? What's so special about her?

Just like the rest of the girls.

It's not like she's more special than the other girls, or better, I like the way she acts and the things she says. Obviously that she being cute as fuck is part of it, but when I read volume 8 and specially 9, I couldn't hate her. After that, the other volumes and side stories just got me to liking her and looking forward to see more illustration of her.
I have a extremely bad luck when it comes to fav characters, because all of then are infamous or unknown.

Does Tsunako have some kind of authority when drawing? Because I can see her asking for some lewd pics.

Welp. Someone hates us.

So, in other words she fits your taste better than the other girls or you are the kind of person who likes the more "niche" choice.

I really want to believe she does. If she does, she would need to decide better on what to draw.

I read his comments, it's a fact he's never been in DAL threads before.

The guy claimed DAL was a "never ending" circlejerking even though we barely have threads now, he is shitposting.

>baka best girl
>random image dump
>jojo fan
user, he is blatant shitposter.

She fits my taste. I like inferiority complex(in fictional characters, it's a little strange to say that).
I agree that she was annoying in volume 8, what made people hate her forever, but she is redeeming herself, so there's no reason to purely hate her like many anons here are doing(not talking about you).
Annoying, she really can be from times to times, but I still like her, so that depends on taste, I believe.

I know, but I found it funny he wanted to get us all banned.

There are only a few haters, every girl has them, but most people only find her annonying and even if she does help that is not exclusive to her and as long as she keeps clockblocking Shidou and Yoshino the general opinion will remain.

But if a third season happens, the hate towards her will grow due to see it animated. I don't mind her, in fact I don't care about any of the girls

It must be too because I never really cared that much about Yoshino, maybe I stopped caring about her when I met Natsumi.
Tachibana tried to revive Yoshino with her, but that only drowned her more.

She will be hated but then the Miku hate will overshadow Natsumi because damn, Miku was utter shit and annoying in Origami arc.

I'm already ok with a third season not happening.
It'd only be good for a new game to come with Natsumi in it, otherwise, the anime art won't do anything to me, since it's ugly and full of QUALITY.

>Tachibana tried to revive Yoshino with her, but that only drowned her more
I don't think he even tried to 'revive' her since he never cared about her, he probably thought it would be funny to pair her up with another loli and people obviously didn't like that.

Well, sucks to be him because LN are allowed on Cred Forums.

Miku is worst girl

I don't think she really cares about the LN as long as she can draw cute girls or more Nepgear clones.

user, how about you try to contribute to the discussion too? We know already that she's the worst

I'm starting to see a pattern here. Why would you reply to him when people keep telling you he has been doing it for ages?

Well, she's still and probably will forever be my favourite girl.

Feels great to be part of the group.

Better than being a Mana fag. Nothing like having the girl you like being held at the mercy of plot.

It's fine as long as you don't mention the reason why you like her because honestly it sounds like something an old Origami fan would say.

It's the first time I reply to him though.

Old Origami was disgusting, nothing to be compared with Natsumi.

Why should Manafags feel bad? Yeah, Tachibana forces her to be on the bench but she is a very good imouto and is actual helpful every time she is involved. She is one of the few girls safe from being used as fanservice material.

And she's actually trying to help, instead of being some kuudere who does """funny""" things for no reason.

but the reason is still very weak, like old Origami fans claimed she was their favorite because of the stalking.

How many volumes is this going to be?
I don't think he can keep dragging this much longer. There is basically only the Kurumi plot left to be solved, isn't it?

She's sidelined in all materials and people don't appreciate her enough.

What's that supposed to mean? Origami has already helped out plenty of times including in this volume.

Unless that arc solves the issue with Phantom, DEM, and Shidou's family, yeah

>kuudere who does """funny""" things for no reason
Origami had a reason though, she was a slut and used Shidou relieve some of her frustration.

We are talking about old Origami here.

And this Mio girl.

So what part of this sounds like what I like about Natsumi? She isn't stalker and don't do strange stuff.

and the first spirit, and Mio, and Phantom, and the issue between Elliot and Westcott, and Mana dying, and Shidou finally sealing all the spirits.

I like Origami now, calm down, user.

When you said you like her because "she fits your taste and like inferiority complex". It doesn't sound very convincing.

Phantom, Shido's family and DEM are basically the same thing.
Also, for him to seal Kurumi, would mean knowing the truth about the first spirit, so it all connects.

I forsee at minimum 3 novels. At most 5

But Shidou did say she was cute like she is now because he knows how important Muku's hair was to herself.
IE he won't cut it.

Why does he need to convince you on why he likes a girl? People like things just because they like them. Sure it's why we have shit taste, but that's just how things are.

>would mean knowing the truth about the first spirit
Just like Nia was supposed to be connected to the first spirit and DEM, who are also connected with Shidou and Mana, who are also connecte with Kurumi. We can do this with several plot points since they are all related in some way but that doesn't mean we will see everything being resolved at the same time.

Having just finished reading this volume, I've to say that I didn't really enjoy the last 2 volumes, maybe I'm growing out of harems, but I'll stick around to the end, since this was the first LN series I've picked up.

But I can't honestly see a way to solve Phantom's mystery without directly revealing the truth about Shido's past, unless it's a ridiculous asspull.

>posting inferior scan

Because if you are in an argument and your reasons are entirely subjective or weak you will get destroyed.

Well, she is trying to be liked. She do stuff trying to make people like her, but can't do that properly, so that makes her be way more negative.
Most people irl would not really like to deal with someone like this, but that's diferent to me. It's not like she's stalking someone or saying/doing disgusting things, she's just trying to be better with a little of shyness.
I don't consider her even tsundere, since she REALLY thinks she is shit, what she totally isn't.

No, not really. And the purpose of an argument is not to destroy someone else.

It doesn't have to be only Phantom anymore. Mio is also related to Shidou past and who knows perhaps there is something deep and Phantom is trying to save Shidou from someone else who knows the truth about him.

There is literally no argument here, or rather there's no winning at all.

Maybe you should give it a rest. That may also be, it happened to me too. Be away for a while and come back and you'll notice you will enjoy it again.

Yes, it is when you are on Cred Forums also if someone has stronger arguments it's clear the losing side will be seen as an idiot. This is what happened when Origamifags tried to explain why they liked old Origami.

Luckily this thread doesn't have haters or people who dislike Natsumi.

DAL threads are usually filled with them. Most of them are no longer here because summary user is gone though.

It's mostly because Cred Forums is still in shitposting mode also weekend threads are usually slower.

You could call me a newfag because I started Cred Forums in 2015 but what happened?

My favorites are Kotori, Kurumi, current Orgami, and Nia, but I like Natsumi too.

Yeah, I think the Natsumi hate is more shitposting than actual someone who have proper reasons to dislike the character.

Why did they put Shidou as Shidomi?

Also Dat Nia.

If you HAD to choose
Ellen or Miku?

>Why did they put Shidou as Shidomi?
Because it's cute.


Who's that? A resident of Sodom?

Neither of them.

Ellen is pretty cute. But so is Miku.
Can I get both?

Origamifags? The just gave stupid reasons while completely disregarding her terrible actions. Among those reasons we had:

>"I like Kuudere characters and find her stalking antics funny!"
>"she is lewd so she is perfect for fucking!"
>"she would do anything for you!"
and the funniest one
>"Origami fights for justice, spirits are evil!"
It's funny because it was revealed in her arc she didn't actually love Shidou.

Ellen, because at least she would be good for hatesex.

I can never say no to that dress.

Now this is shit taste.

Can I say neither? If not, then Ellen.

DaL II Thread Checklist:
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Inverse Origami hype
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Volume 11
Rio hype
Date a Live Material
Volume 7 translated
Volume 12 hype

It's Shiori you newfag

Well fuck me, I missed something so funny.

Shido was called Shidomi in vol.13 though.

We've had 5 DAL threads over the past 2 weeks and I had forgotten all about this list.

And that's completely different from what I feel for Natsumi.

That happened around 2012-2013 so you are way late to the party.

Volume 5, and that was when Tohru was introduced.

What's all this?

Since isekai has all but superseded the battle harem genre, which one was your favorite?

Not in female form.

A vestige of how common DAL threads were

Except for when you said "she fits your taste and like inferiority complex" the same way Origamifags like old Origami because she fit their taste in Kuuderes and liked her stalker antics"

And now clockfags are doing the same thing. I can't wait for the Kurumi suffering it will be grand.


Those lists were never accurate though, it misses some of the most relevant stuff like imouto wars, purple threads, etc.

But not even clockfags are delusional enough to think that she will win the Shidobowl.

Again, that's not a very convincing reason because at the end of the day she still fulfills the role of the cockblocker or acts insecure.

Clockfags won't care much since they only jerk off to her but when vol.16 comes out the usual DAL threads will be stuffed with them.

Clockfags don't give a shit about the series though and they certainly don't give a shit about Shidou or the other girls unless they want to fuck them.

The image has Shiorin as Shidou's game character.
So both of you are wrong.

>Tohka = Kato
Holy shit, what a retard.

We can always just ignore them or not make threads at all.

But it's different from some weird girl who is trying to do any lewd thing she can with the one she "likes".
The cockblock starts before she even exists, because Yoshino already had no relevance.
Acting insecure doesn't do any harm to anyone, just to her. Again, liking her for what she is, isn't the same to like someone like oldOrigami.
It's okay to not like that she is so insecure because you want her to change, but not just 'cause you hate her full character.

Okay, now that we're reaching bump limit, we should avoid making a threads either until the first chapter is translated or the whole volume.

What about Nia's and Natsumi's?

but that's not a very strong reason either, Natsumi is stuck in that role and she lacks characterization because most of her scenes are just "insecure cute girl doing insecure cute things" when she is not forced to be the cockblocker. Her short stories can't help her either because they are full yuri pandering.

Everyone fighting for Shidou's dick in front of his parents while she is "anything is good for me" is full yuri pandering?
I understand that and don't like too that she doesn't change much after being sealed, but that's the author's poor writing's fault.
We are all victims of that.

>Everyone fighting for Shidou's dick in front of his parents while she is "anything is good for me" is full yuri pandering?
You mean the extra volume? That wasn't a Natsumi short stories. I'm talking about the Natsumi centered ones that for some reason include Yoshino most of the time.

That SS literally confirms they all want his dick. Gags are just that, gags.

DAL, Chaika, Hataraku, and Antimagic

Great taste, user.

Shidou parents do exist?
Is the story translated?
Please give me a link.

Wanting to be in good terms with the parents is a pretty common thing to do in Japan, user. If there is not a greater force involved then they won't go for him.

Serious question, Is there any real reason Kurumi is so popular? I am relatively new to DAL but I watched both seasons and read the LNs and I still don't see the reason people like her so much over the other girls. I know half of them just circle jerk over her design but besides that why is she so popular compared to the others?

Isn't Hataraku Isekai? And later in Reverse Isekai?

It's Kotori's parents.

Adoptive parents.

I don't like that too. At first, I found cute that she was Yoshino's friend, they're lolis, after all, but the two being a couple is out of question.

Reverse all the way, Maou was the bigshot who became a loser.

There should be more of this since Maou and Alsiel's bits are the best.

Her design and personality are the perfect normalfag/waifufag bait.

Her design is pretty fucking great. Attitude is nice too being the first anomalous spirit but people took it pretty far.

And at the same time, I like that she sees Shidou more as a friend and don't go full slut to get his dick for her. Not even saying I like seeing her with Yoshino, it's JUST cute, nothing more. There's no ship from me.

It doesn't seem like is out of question if Tachibana actually goes for the Tohka ending, he needs a reason get rid of the rest after all.

I'm saying for me, at least.

Her design is good and retards who think she is "so dark and edgy XD", she is perfect for normies.

If a main girl exists, then Rinne Utopia cannot be canon.

I wish for more outright fantasy adventure settings like Chaika and Antimagic went above and beyond in entertaining me.

A harem ending seems better at this point. At least we got a new better onee-san type of character.

What does that have to do with RU being canon? It was Rinne's story and it fits in the main canon. Tohka being the main girl in the LN doesn't make it non-canon.

going to leave now, we can talk more in the next thread

But it's not.

user, remember

Shidou would have been stuck in Rinne's story forever if Tohka was the main girl.

That's what I figured. When I picked up DAL people kept telling me how she was the best girl by a mile so I went in expecting to like her but ended up just not giving a shit about her compared to other girls.

Are you one of those retards? Rinne won in RU but that was her story, Shidou could go for a different girl in the novels because he is not the same as he was in the first 4 volumes.

Normalfags sure don't give a fuck about this series.

Not really, since Shidou is job is to date the girls and he just happened to go for Rinne for a change.

Clockfags don't care for the series. Kurumi is great and all and I'm happy she's getting her real arc but she's not "that" amazing.

Pseudo yandere, isn't crazy retard like most female villains, uses guns instead of muh sword/katana, ara ara, top tier design, Tsubako's favorite character, multiple personality traits, has a goal on her own, pantyhose, not a moralfag, not a retard like, not a slut stalker like Origami, cool bantz/trolling,/trashtalk with Imouto Mana, is into /SS/, chuuni hiden past, likes cat, rapes rapists, good taste lingerie.

Multifaceted character

Don't be delusional. Only you must be the only one thinking this right now that is ignorant of Rinne no Utopia's main point.

For Rinne to have won in RU, Shidou must have gone for all the other girls first in order to unlock her route, and focus on each individual girl every time. Which wouldn't have been possible if Tohka was the main girl since he'd have gone for her every time.

201 would be a great year for DAL if:
>New season announcement
>Kurumi's arc
>Threads start getting lively again
>Origami arc and suffering

I dream too much.

>he'd have gone for her every time
Yeah, you are one those retards. Shidou doesn't have romantic feelings for any of them and he certainly won't choose Tohka over the other that early in the series but it was thanks to Rinne's influence that he went for different routes while making sure he will never go for her route but it didn't work and Shidou eventually chose her.

Do you think Shidou is in love with Tohka or something?

We can't go back in time sempai.

Normalfags like Tohka calling her a Houki clone while thinking Kurumi is a yandere.

>201 would be a great year for DAL
I don't think DAL existed back then.

Sorry for fucking up, user.

>he certainly won't choose Tohka over the other that early in the series
What? He would.

Besides if there was a main girl Rinne would inadvertently influence him to pick her every time, even if her only intention was for him to not pick her at all.

Leaving Kotori aside who he completely treats as a younger sister, Tohka was the first Spirit he interacted with. And with that she already had a huge advantage.

And since in that setting the epilogues are set much later, she'd have as much of an advantage after months passed in that world, as she would have after months passed in this world.

>What? He would.
No, he wouldn't. It's like you don't even understand Shidou's character, Rinne's job was to make sure Shidou would be happy with any girl and it wasn't limited just to Tohka and she didn't want him to pick her because kissing her would seal her and erase the dream world, pay attention to the game before spouting bullshit.

but Shidou is not in love with her.

Shidou is not in love with anyone.

>Rinne's job was to make sure Shidou would be happy with any girl and it wasn't limited just to Tohka and she didn't want him to pick her because kissing her would seal her and erase the dream world
Yes, but that wouldn't stop him from gravitating towards Tohka anyway if she was the main girl. If.

Then there would be no reason for him to end up with only her in the main series. Unless everyone else got killed but that's not likely to happen.


Yes, it would because Shidou didn't have feelings for any of them at thime and he still doesn't. What you are saying he would go for Tohka for no reason at all even if he doesn't even have feelings for her.

>Then there would be no reason for him to end up with only her in the main series
There is, that's why people say it will be either a harem ending or a Tohka ending.

Reine is true end

This thread lived long after all.

See you next time.

Shut the fuck up.

Ellen is the true end, user.

Suppose Tohka is the main girl. He picks her at the end of the series. Then that would have meant that, while he wasn't in love with her initially, she ended up being picked by him. This is because she had the main girl status, so to speak. The status that would cause the MC, Shidou, to gravitate towards her, after a certain time period in the real world.

It's the same thing in Rinne's world. Because this is what would have played out after the same time period in her world. He would help Yoshino or Kurumi or some other girl, but he would still end up with Tohka. And the world would never be broken as a result, because he needs to have ended up with all girls at least once each to unlock Rinne's route.

This is why, if RU is canon, there can't be a main girl. (At least before Yamai twins. Who knows what, say, Mukuro can do.)

Rinne True ED

Her only true end is death.


Stop deluding yourself, user, you know she is the best girl.

She should have lost an arm too, user.

There is a high chance that, if Wescott bites it, she will go down with him.

That's not how it work you massive retard. What you are saying is that Shidou would choose her just because she is the main girl, that's how fucking stupid your agument is. Shidou didn't know well the sprits back then so there is no way he would choose any so Rinne manipulate the events a bit so he could go for any girl, she also made sure he would go for different girls because she wanted to see him happy with everyone.

>Her only true end is being seduced by Shidou, just like Tama-chan, and Ai/Mai/Mii.

>Rinne manipulate the events a bit so he could go for any girl, she also made sure he would go for different girls because she wanted to see him happy with everyone.
And by doing that she ended up allowing him to break her world. If that is the case, does that mean she is stupid?

user, at that point in the series Shidou can finally pick a girl but RU Shidou would never choose any of them unless there is some kind of influence and that was Rinne.

Why is she such a Nepgear?