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first for PORK


Reposting, because why not?

too flat
too fat

>too flat
There is seriously nothing wrong with being flat

when the heck are we going to get a Carrot P.O.P?

Did anybody buy anything from here and if so what? Only thing I picked up was a venom snake nendo for like 15 bucks

>+160 €

How do you guys keep dust away from your displays?
I'm thinking about getting one with sliding doors but it may not be possible.

Picked up maebae and chitoge for 20k.

> same boring brown desks
Are you anons not allowed to bring in your own furniture?

Kill yourself.

DMG and Nico for 120$, pretty good steal.

how much was dmg alone?



Just a Kancolle Nendo and a Zeon towel.

Considered getting RAH nero but my budget is already blown for the month.

The Ishikei girl is nice, but I think I speak for everyone when I say fuck Porkchaco. She's a cancer to the industry.

How so?

>hair down

Paint your tank.

venom snake for 1500 yen? i cant find it anymore, fuck, is it sold out? usually it's at least listed and would say sold out

She was 10.5k which I am very happy with

Yeah, he was 1650 when I got him, he's listed as discontinued now though. Sorry user

WOW, fuck this gay earth

I really regret not picking this one up during the sale.

Those sales never have anything I want.

54$ or something around that.

Does anyone know when Meme in Japans website be alive again?

Hey what's the board archives everyone is using now? That's like in the desustorage style.

Desuarchive? Fireden?

Is building a display with 6 30cm tall shelves overkill when I have only 2 25cm+ figs?

Pochaco nendo when

Only if you don't plan on filling those shelves anytime soon.

fuck i forgot there was a desuarchive.

soon I hope

I need to find a larger glass display so I don't have to dust so often. The open look is nice, but it looks like a blizzard came through in 2-3 weeks time.

Tnx m8


Anyone else pulling the trigger on this?

I did, getting her and Alter's version because fuck it.
If I'm unsatisfied with one I can just sell it, a 20$ loss won't kill me.

I think there is another one being made that people are waiting on, isn't there?

thought about it. Decided to give it a pass.

Err, not that I'm aware of. Googled it out of curiosity and I just found some cheap Chinese knockoffs on Ali Express

I hope next year has some good figures because I haven't bought a single thing this year and so far doesn't look like I will in the next few months either. I would buy Melona in this form in an instant.

EUR 160 and more as I'm guaranteed to get fucked deep in the ass by our dear customs because
But I don't give a shit.

>no bulge
>no feminine dick

cause it's missing friendo

Why does all the cutest manga have to be gay ass shit.

But she got back his friendo.

>Mizuki turns back into a boy
>That slight hair growth during his time as a girl
I should really finish this manga at some point.

well I wouldn't know cause THE LAZY FUCKS HAVEN'T TRANSLATED THAT FAR YET. I know the ending but still I want to read it

She doesn't have a penis though so it's all good

You can combine the bases?

man this manga has the best reaction faces

good end too

Picnico for 5.5k. Pretty good.

i was thinking about getting the metal gear rex half size, but the shipping is like 4 bucks and i dont have space for it at the moment so i think im going to pass, does anyone here have it and recommend it?

Only a super cheap gunpla parts kit from the actual sale. Visiting the sale made me check the WISM Megami Devices which apparently they opened up more preorders for, so I took those.

Also the Medabot Rokusho kit they specifically notified me they could not source (even though I knew it was getting a re-release) went back in stock, go figure.

During last sale I went full 400 USD for a doll body. Now that was blowing my budget.

Cordelia for 6k. Didn't like her that much in the game but she has a pretty design.

>That feel when I paid pre order price for her.
I love her but it feels like I've had a dagger shoved in me. Oh well.

Picnic Nico and Porkchops

>tfw seeing all the shit you paid PO price for getting 50-75% price reductions
just end me

Do the items change every day or something?
wut. I get nothing searching for this.

>Pochacofag is also a Nicofag

I knew shit taste comes in clumps.

>still hating on PORK
hey man this a pretty good deal for the amount of pvc you're getting

Man, that thing is just too huge

I wonder how out-of-scale th figmas would look with a 1/16 tank

Yes they do change everyday. when they get sold out they get discontinued or bumped back up to PO prices

If I valued my collection of figures by the amount of PVC I've collected then sure, it's a great purchase.

Seeing as I don't have shit taste though and that comes first, I've gonna give her a miss.

Too bad her tits are too big

Id get her if they were smaller

Anyone know any good lights to put into the Detolf shelf?

You and Red Saber user need to buy some TS-80 already

It's like $5 for a can

You could melt her down and make like 5 Nicos.

How are they going to have a sale until the 30th if everything sells out before then?

Go read Tomo-chan, treasure trove of reaction images in there user.

read the guide

porkchop needs a figure where shes not wearing a generic white bikini

mcbeetus actaully suits how OBESE she is

>waiting patiently for preorders to go up

Most of this stuff is on sale because no one wants it. Even at a lower price, a lot of it will still be unwanted.

There's a Ques Q one in the works.

Should read Golden Kamuy while he's at it.

Just like mentioned, there's also a Ques Q figure in the works. Based on the GK in pic related.

Queen's Blade is dead, dude. Rebellion and Grimoire both tanked.

Will they be adding anything else to this?

There's like 2-3 QB scales up for order right now. Branwen and Tomoe off the top of my head.

Wasn't really interrested in her at first, but seeing such a high quality figure so cheap, I just couldn't resist.

The time has come

and so have I

Well, I finally bit the bullet and preordered her. I wasn't going to initially but seeing as her aftermarket is probably going to skyrocket I said fuck it. Shouldn't affect my budget that much.

Doesn't look bad. The face makes her look way younger though.

They have rarely in the past added some random things here and there (at least it appeared so) but last time they actually told us if they were, so I doubt it.

If she wasn't so expensive I would've considered getting her just so that she could be alongside my Wo and Re. Unfortunatelly I don't really think "sweater puppies" is a design trait as attractive and elegant as Wo's or Re's

Is this your first HLJ sale? One of the fun things about them is spotting the same stuff that has been going on sale for seasons or even years. Some stuff will sell out, a lot won't.

My favorite is Wo but I think I'll order Seaport if things get a bit better on my end later this month.

What's your criteria for buying figures?
I know we have that stupid ass chart but I'm guessing not everyone has to triple or quadruple check if they think something looks nice.
Personally I can tell I'm going to buy something the moment I see it, it's basically "Oh this looks nice, I want it in my home"
Like decorations, expensive decorations.

You weren't around when the liveTLs happened, huh?

Look at this fly from my shot the other day

I was never really a fan of Re's CGs in game anyway, so that's why I don't have her figure. As for Wo and now Seaport I've always thought they looked great, that's the main reason why I get them.

Looks nice.
I know the character.
Fits the budget.

>like and know character
>looks good
>from a manufacturer with a good reputation

That's all.

I hate those green fuckers. I haven't seen many in my life, but the ones I did always complete ignored me. They just wouldn't fly away

That's a pretty detailed fly figure, where did you buy it?

GSC bonus for extra 1500 yen

Same as you. I usually choose eye candy figures. Of course if I know the character and I like him/her that is a plus but for me is more important how beauty or well detailed the figure is.

The character has a nice design and looks a bit unique.
The figure is of good quality but not too expensive.
Bonus if I'm a fan of the franchise.
Rude, Re a cutie but to be fair those three look great for me.

It at least feels less terrible than a rerelease without so much as a recolor. Or worse a rerelease with a color you like more.

My patience has come to an end but there is nothing neither I nor muh dick can do about it.

OBLIGATORY CRITERIA: I like the fig (pose and quality).
Budget depends on how much I like the character or how much I like the pose/sculpt.
I did buy some figs of characters I don't know about, but they all are designs I'm very familiar with. Like, I don't like Kancolle. I would never play the game. I don't give a shit about the characters. But I'm in love with some of the designs.

If it's an established character my first check is the face. If I don't like it and can't come to like it, no. Then it's mostly the novelty or styling of the pose and design. Quality is important, but more in a "is it worth that price" and "will this look like shit" sense.

shiny PVC
character likey
me buy

If it looks cool, I buy.

>Is this your first HLJ sale?
Yes. I've been buyfagging for ten years, and this is my first time using hlj.

Just like most people, I have to at least know the source the character is from. I used to do the "only buy figs from things I've watched/read/played/etc." but as of late I've bought several figures simply because I liked the design.
Has to look good. Pose/sculpt/paint all that jazz. Obviously which manufacturer made the fig plays a large role in this.
Price is a given, as long as it fits in the budget then I'll get the fig.
I think most important point for me though is I have to decide whether or not I'll like the figure 5, 10 years down the road. I don't plan on selling my collection yet, and I don't know if I ever will. I don't want this hobby to be something I regret a few years later, like some of the anons in here.

>Queen's Blade is dead

Thanks homer

This, I've only been buying shit for a bit over a year and I can already tell what they've been desperately trying to get rid of and its part of the fun

I remember being interested in this kit, someone said to wait for an HLJ sale since they can never get rid of them, sure enough it was on sale for like a couple of dollars later, and still they had stock.

On a recent sale the madmen put it up for 95% off, making it 50 yen and finally selling off their stock

>Nice pose
>Nice paint
>Nice size
>Cute enough (when buying nendos)

If it's a flavor of the month character or character I'm unfamiliar with I will give myself a few months to decide. Considering how long it takes for figures to go from announced to up for pre-order this is more than enough time.

Sweaty tits. Not really a steal but I have another order I can combine with it and I've had my eye on it for a while.

There's no hard criteria.

I'm like you, I just instantly know when I need to have something. Once I fall in love with an item, it's an auto-buy unless it's over $300.

If I had to specify something, I'd say I'm partial to military-themed figs with nice bases, and knightly girls who aren't Saber.

Ah fuck, those majin bones. No matter how low they put those things, I could never get myself to order them even as sacrificial practice kits. Looking at them gets me fucking giggling. I even bought 8 of those Sky Girls kits over the course of a few years and not a single one of these.

the quality on mine is pretty good so i'm sure you'll be happy with her

>there is literally nothing I want in the HLJ sale
Welp. Maybe I'll get the tiny Yamato not-nendo.

HLJ doesn't always have the best prices on figures compared to amiami, but when it comes to "hobby" merch (licensed models for example) they are generally cheaper than Hobby Search/ My biggest draw to them is their Private Warehouse feature that allows you to store any product for up to 60 days before shipping it off so you can be pretty flexible in combining orders. I usually end up with a big box of some preorder stuff and some assorted modelling guff I got in a sale.

If they didn't have that I'd probably use amiami more often, but for the type of stuff I get it really makes a huge difference in shipping costs.

good to hear

Shouldn't it be accessible by now? 48 hours are over. I cleared my cache but still nothing.

Holy shit that softness. I wish I could buy that.

It has been offline for almost 4 days.

I hope they didn't steal my packages.

1. Must be familiar with character or source material on some level. Willing to go out of my way to watch/read
2. Scales only, no figma/nendo (besides the 3 I already have and started off with)
3. General rule of thumb $100-150 per month or 1 figure. I average these out over a year.
4. I will buy things to shill. Any extra profit goes towards higher budget for #3
5. No 3rd tier manufacturers unless there is absolutely no other option (Plum, Freeing, etc)

That's a big tank

Vacuum sealed display cabinets

Her tits need to be as big as her head, if not bigger.

Buying figures that will be expensive as fuck in the future

> hikage from senran kagura
>Akeno from DxD

Feels good

Hope they don't steal mine either. I'll give it another day.

looks cool
i like the series
i have an emotional investment in the character

>Saving money for a new computer that i DESPERATELY need.
>Must resist buying figurines until then

Being a poorfag with a shit job really sucks....

If I can hotglue it Ill buy it

You guys own any statues?

>got a pay rise
>resisting buying an extra 5 figures each month even though I only got a small rise

If I didn't have an ounce of dignity I would get shit like this because I secretly love it

Would you hotglue porkchop?


got mine today too

ive got the F4F artorias PO'd as well as the TSUME genos in pic related

When does the pre-order on natives site end?

Ooga booga, me Miku.

>Ooga booga booga, where da Vocaloids at

Come to bed user.

2017 :( seasonal waifu will be long dead.






Dat sculpt.

can you see her benis?

I decided that I want this to be my first figure how much should I expect shipping to be? nagato bunny$pagemax=15$getcnt=0$pagecnt=1

How do you get such precision? Holy shit.

>that tight butt

Here is the link to the photographers flickr account.[email protected]/

Everytime I see this figure again I am blown away by how good it looks.

What does this mean? Did it get returned to amico?

tracking updated yesterday on it's way as normal. Now I check and the dates are all wrong and it's back in japan? I've ordered 6 packages to the same address no issue

>literally everything is good
>good figures
>good car
>good house

Bunnies usually cost around 5000 SAL, 5200 EMS to ship. Those fuckers are heavy.

Get a quote? Can be anywhere between 20$ to 60$+ depending on what you use

Also that reminds me I always wanted to buy Ryouko.

>people where asking 200$ to 400$ for it on ebay back in 2008
>now freeing haruhi bunnies are cheaper then when they released

>Do I like the character?
>Do I like the source material?
>Does it look good?
>Can I pay for it right now?
>Do I have somewhere to put it?
I haven't spent anything on buyfagging in a while. Everything I want I can't justify buying right now because of income. My last big purchase was this $220 keyboard.

Are her shorts removable? I kind of want her to display with bath loli and Chie but not if she's got shorts on in the bath for some reason.

Chance the Sinon Figma getting a rerelease? It's like 150 USD on Amazon but someone selling for 85, considering taking the offer.

>all those doll pics

Oct 24th

About 4.5K to the US via EMS.

Don't remind me, I bought Ryouko in the days of 1:76 USD:JPY.

I want to be this man.

Almost forgot to order this one. How long are the pre-orders open for?

That belly, that lace.

I am living in Yokohama for the next 3 months, does anyone have any recommendations for good stores to check out in Akiba while I'm here? I've already been to Amiami and Manda a few times but I'm sure there are a lot of other cool places that are less well known.

Native charges right away don't they? I think I remember someone mentioning that recently.

Have you checked out the smaller stores that have pre-owned items?

Thanks. On a sidenote: Wonder what his next series will be. Loki is such a fun character, I wouldn't mind some 4koma or sidestory with Loki shenanigans.

B-but new OVA next week

>scrolling down
>scrolling down
>see pic related
>muh dick.jpg

fucking christ.

>the hood is up
Holy fuck, I thought I had been forsaken when they first showed the finished color version and never looked back. GOODBYE MONEY, THE SOFTEST IS CALLING.

So uh, OP. No offence or anything, but do you have a script or something that automatically posts this thread every hour or do you sit around all day just to post it yourself?

>ships to AU
>doesn't ship to NZ

Buy from NY. That's what I did.

Use NZ Post forwarder

Where do you display your lewds?

I think this one would go nicely in the kitchen

It's expensive as fuck

Cost me $40 to send a Pokemon Trainer nendoroid from the states

Just buy It from NY you child

Is there any info on this guy? What does he do? Just richfag in general?

With the rest of my figures in my room, where the door is always open and they're amazingly visible because I keep them at the top level shelves because they're nice figures. I also keep a bunch of eroge boxes and shit in plain view.

>Rules and the like, educate yourself

Speak for yourself. Why can't you read the rules of Cred Forums?

These threads aren't anime or manga. Take these generals to /jp/ where they are meant to be. Save up board space on Cred Forums for actual anime and manga discussion.

>All these waifu statues
>Everything I have is JoJo manlymen and their Standos

Am the outlier?

i want to get some jojo toooo

Based on the room pictures last thread yes. Unless robots count as guys.

>actual anime and manga discussion
Like the 50th Re:Zero thread that we absolutely need?

I'd fucking love some awesome JoJo figures

Not really. Most of mine are JoJo manlymen too. Debatably manly. I feel you senpai.

I have quite a few other things but tons of Jojos.

Are there any figures to avoid?

I'd like more JoJo but I wish there were some actually good figures. I do have a few SAS from my more naive buyfagging times.

Goddamn lazy fucks!

SAS Gappy and Soft and Wet.

They were rushed. Gappy's hands don't fit quite right into his arms. And Soft and Wet has some painting issues. Wait for a rerelease or get Gappys Statue Legend

I bought Gappy and I haven't faced such an issue. S&W's coming in a few days; time will tell if you're right with him, though.

I feel privileged to the fact I am able to gaze at photos like these.


Gappy's SAS is pretty ugly and the painting is spotty. His Statue Legend looks much better. My friend had it and the colors are vibrant and really solid. The SLs in general are a great investment if you want something nice to look a that isn't poseable.

Otherwise I can't say that there are any to "avoid". Find your husbando and go forth.

Though adding to this I'm also going to say that you'll have to do a lot of digging to find anything from Part 4 that isn't high-balled as fuck in price right now. A lot of the SLs are getting rereleases but some of the older things are getting hiked up higher and higher in price with the animu hype.

I don't understand, my Gappy looks/fits fine

Granted all I have is a shitty iPad camera at best so I suppose you can't tell that well


A lot of the ones I have seen in photos have made me sketch on buying it. I think they really rushed to get merch out for him. I almost bought it until I shopped around.

It's a matter of taste in the end. I love his shoes.

Maybe you have a good Gappy. Jojo thread and /toy/ both say otherwise.

It's well known that Gappy was a rushed item just to get the newest Jojo out. As is his soft and wet.

>order a "unopened/damaged box" item from mandarake
>order arrives
>box basically perfect

It says buyfag thread, lad, not statue thread

Maybe waiting until the immediate rush ended paid off? Perhaps it's like buying consoles day one

If you breathe on anything collectable in Japan, it's damaged.

Are you new?

That's a good way to put it. Love your Gappy.

It's my first order from Mandarake and 4th total

Thanks lad

What said applies generally everywhere Japanese (though I suppose he already stated such)

maybe not, since mine is mostly manlywomen

Update on E2046 cancelling Shinobu:

>We were informed the figure was not available any longer from supplier, that's why we have to cancel all the orders. I am afraid that this figure has very low chance to be released again in future. You can add it into wishlist for update. Sorry for any inconvenice it might cause.

Do you think this will bin any harder in the future? Else, do you think I'd be able to resell the game codes?

Hi, I just got some extra cash from taxes, and I want to buy some cute Japanese stuff, but mainly Dragon Quest, Etrian Odyssey, Monster Hunter and other a bit more gaming related stuff, but I have no idea which sites are good. Could anyone please help me out a bit?


>being this new
I bet you shit up sadpanda threads with "hurr durr " too.
Go fuck yourself.

I did skim through the catalog and the thread for any stickies, but coulnd't find any

I don't believe you.

Reading OP is hard.


I'll give it to you, that was pretty retarded of me. But, in my defence, it was really rather hidden compared to other stickies of other threads and places.


Do any of you actually 'properly' do garage kits, i.e. assembling and painting them yourself?

Buying prepainted does not count. Buying unpainted and storing them unfinished in your closet does not count.



cant wait to cum on yukino's feetsies

buddy of me is doing GKs only.

No because I'm a fucking retard

Lurk a year or two before posting.

They're covering their asses in case the boxes suffer damage during shipping. Same reason why you see so many A/Bs on AmiAmi

I do model tank kits, but I don't have the confidence to build and paint a person.

But they explicitly say that sales are final and that they won't cover damage that may occur during shipping. They're probably tired of all the autismal otaku that complain about the whitened box corners and just list everything as box damaged.

How about Iroha, will she get a proper figure?

Nippon Yasan accepted my request for refund. Almost regretting it. Oh well, money saved at least or just used on another figure I don't need

Yes, but not often and I get easily distracted by plamo.

But mostly because getting kits is hard. I've not had a good wf proxy for years.

what a shame, that was a great looking figure

>bought figure from BigInJapan
>changing web adress and overall remodelling
W-will my figurine be okay?

this desu.

Yamato looks so good.
sorry for garbage image

I hope they take the time to make their website not shit.

I still think the water looks cheap though. Good job you can display her without it.

Couldn't find anything in the guide so I'll ask here, does anyone know whether bootleg dakis specified as 2way is the same material as 2way tricot or a cheaper alternative?

>first time order from amiami
>pay almost $80 for shipping
>been over three days still no package
>open paypal dispute
>email from amiami saying my account is closed

Seriously, how do you people deal with these shits? Worse customer service ever

Bad post

Is there any legitimacy to MHtoyshop? I noticed they had Saber Alter for a lower price than amiami, but they weren't listed on the guide.

Have you ever thought about making figs by yourself fellow buyfags?

I had the chance to meet Takeshi Miyagawa and see him in action, I kinda wanna try it myself now.
It's seem relaxing and fun, did anyone here actually try it?

Bad post

There are lots of things I've thought about doing but they would all ultimately be a waste of time and effort.

>relaxing and fun
If you knew what you were doing, I could see that.

hahaheheh this post sucks man

This is as far as I got before I gave up. It was just taking up too much time and I'd rather work on my other hobbies. I think if I did try again I'd do something like a nendoroid first. A full figure is just way too complicated, especially when you have to consider seams, and how to put various parts together while still making it easy to paint.


This is my first time making the thread actually. I wanted to discuss the hlj sale but the old one archived. I just followed the format is all
But she's from a manga user. You silly goose

a friend of mine did this back in high school (over 12 years ago mind)

The rough sculpt he had of Fei wasn't bad

I've thought about it, but only as a secondary thing to all the other work I'm doing with plastics.

Thanks, I almost forgot about them.

Got some waifu goods in today.

This mug will probably never leave it's case until I get another one.

And a couple of phone cases.

I'm going to preorder this and there is nothing you can do to stop me

She's so fucking generic looking though. Just big tittied anime girl #27. I didn't realize who she was until I saw her name and I own quite a bit of Saki figs.

she is a good 16.77in tall though, her face bothers me more than anything

Got Maki this morning. Looks fucking amazing, except for just one thing..... see if you can spot it.

hahaha penis!

Other than a really small imperfection on that one blade of hair in the middle I can't tell.

His garage door probably cost more then my car.

Thoroughly jealous.

one of the corners of the lamp is missing the spike?

The fucking spike thing is missing on the lantern. I didn't even touch it, it just fell out when I took it out.


Can't fix it? Maybe email the supplier, they'd possibly send you a new lantern.

Maybe it is my own fault, but I don't think I put any pressure at all on the spike when taking it out.
How hard can it be to fix such a small thing? R-right?

Other than that, it looks amazing. No regrets.

It'll be very easy to fix, just don't ham hands the glue as well. Make sure you put an absolutely miniscule amount on and nothing more.

Then we both are unstoppable.

oh yeah

I just want to emphasize what said: if you've never done a repair before, use about 1/4 of what you think is enough glue.

Don't worry I'l just use the glue on the spike itself, so I don't overdo it.

Wait a sec, they didn't weld the breasts on a figure like this, did they?

No, that's still too much. Cover the base of the spike and it'll ooze everywhere. Take a toothpick, dip that in glue then touch the spike like you're scared of it.

Alraight. I'l do that later today, will post pics of the disaster that might ensue.

Good luck user!

purge saberfags

I'm in too

Can't wait for next year.

Balzac and Nico. Pretty good

Got Tiamo and Mebae Miku. Usually I don't get anything from HLJ sales but the deals for these were too good.

Really struggling not to buy crap from series' I haven't seen just because they're cheap and in a limited sale.

Just RD Char's Zaku

Literally the only redeeming factor of Huke's Saber Alter.


Had my first figure from e2046's gathering arrive today. Quality seems alright, I haven't physically seen other painted GKs so its difficult to compare. There are a couple imperfections if you look closely, I'm guessing that's somewhat standard for GKs though.

Face and proportions look a little off, but as long as you're happy with it, it still looks pretty good. I can definitely appreciate the uniqueness it has.

More interested in your wallpaper though, if you want to share it.

>tfw my old one didn't survive my move

>e2046 bootleg prices are like 1/3 of the original thing
Wew. I'm a bit tempted.

Proportions are definitely off, that's just the style of the kit though.
And sure, here it is.

Looks like they're doing a gathering prepaint of this sculpt.

>tfw I think about having to move all my stuff

What is happening in this page? Does he turn back at some point?

Ta very much.

I wish she was cast-off, those tits are glorious.

No, she remains a girl.

What? A non-existent ass?

With a dick? What is she talking about then?
I stopped reading a good wh8le ago because I had too much shit piled up.

What's /buyfags/ opinion on this Miku fig? I'd like to get one but i'd prefer one of her costumes rather than her standard outfit. Has anyone got this one?


every fucking time


Is that pre-paint version, do you have to join all parts?

Hand soap. I can tell from the bubbles and transparency.

Did the custom already broke one of your fig?

Yeah pre-painted, no assembly for that kit because it's pretty basic but I think some of the more complex kits will have minor assembly just like with non GK scales.

Later on the Kitty-ning is tied to state of mind, so there is like twice where she switches back. But of course the moment Takeru walks by again *poof*

She just came in, the sword took a bit of force to get in her hand. I don't know what i'm gonna do with the picture yet, I can't find a good place for it to fit with my display.

Keep telling that to yourself.

Who is ready for teh Rei?

no he's talking about the "what do tomoko's feet smell like" or the horse pussy threads that are absolutely vital to our consumption

muh dick. fug why are they so fucking expensive.

>those faces
I don't know how even lolifags can like this figure that much.

why does Cred Forums use the term loli so fucking loosely? they are not lolis you dimwit.

Was trying hard to resist ordering Takao, but I don't think I'll be able to resist getting one to go with Atago. It's a shame they're coming out almost a year apart from one another.

Oh boy here we go

Cred Forums doesn't use the word loosely. I use it as a good indication of crossboarding

nice handholding

Anyone want my second numbered copy of the Spice and Wolf anniversary for exactly what I paid for it (plus shipping obviously).

Wanted to preorder. Cute fucking shoes and legs. They fucked up Subaru's face though omg.

re release when?

Might be the only one getting this but is this delayed?

That's a gorgeous looking figure. Really have to get around to watching the series sometime.


Loli Feito is better.

>forgot to reserve it
My biggest buyfag regret to date this year. I hope I can get away with $250 for her in the aftermarket.

>not liking both
>not having both

>not liking both
>not having both

You can like and have both while liking 1 more than the other.

What more could I want?


Ponytails and Impulse Form are only available in adult Feito mode.

Fair enough.

That's fair, but I feel like her beautiful twintails, budding chest and gorgeous thighs mean there's no real competition right out of the gate.

Ok, I despise Idol culture, I fucking hate Sunrise studios and especially A-1 Pictures. SOMEHOW JUST BECAUSE OF PIC RELATED I FUCKING WATCH CINDERELLA GIRLS. AND GUESS FUCKING WHAT. I FUCKING PRE ORDERED TWO TEES AND THE STATUE FUCK FUCK FUCK still going to love the statue and the tees are pretty lowkey


EuhH, a dude..

>despises idol culture
>watches a secondary series and buys trash

I now own these anime related items

I want that Hibiki.

Best girl Nozomi.

>Get scammed on ebay
>get refunded
>send the item back hotglued

It's based on this official artwork which is almost as fucked but can't blame them for trying to be accurate

The real problem I have is that the colours feel REALLY washed out and faded, it might be the limitations to working with translucent materials.

hope you get sued for fraud you sick fuck

What's in the blue box, user? is it a Saber?

I wack my meat to trash
That's just how I live.
Anzu is the perfect girl in my eyes.

>that girly taste

not him.
That's a book with artwork and stuffs about FGO a shit game on mobile phone

>School outfit Nico next month

Anybody else looking forward to her?

I like having my figure in matching sets, I like both as well

I use them they're fine they're just extremely slow expect to get things upwards of 3 months after release

amiami is kill

Sometimes I wish I was a girl, so I can buy cute figures like Nico.

Will it fit in a Detolf?

no, why do you think this user?

Would something like pic related look completely awful to display my collection? I share a studio and need a temporary way to display my figures while I save to move out and get a proper display case. I am already used to dusting weekly. Basically the only room I have left is to stack a shelving unit on my desk and expand vertically. I do not have room to add a bookcase and I can't drill holes so no wall shelves

There is literally nothing stopping you from buying that Nico right now regardless of gender.

>he doesnt buy cute figs anyways
what a faggot

Insult that man one more time and you'll lose your hands

That paint job looks pretty shit.

forgot to mention Ikea is not an option

>being this overly self-conscious
This kills the society

fgo is a shit game on mobile phone

That's kind of cute.

>Would something like pic related look completely awful to display my collection?

Are you one of those homo "manly" buyfags? Come out of the closet already I'll accept you

Sometimes I wish I was a dude, so I can buy sexy figures like Maki. Just kidding, I bought her already.

M-me too


I cant, all if not most are sets so I am staying away from detolfs, a nice commercial glass cabinets are what I'm using/getting

>i was just le pretending to be le retarded and you fell for my elaborate ruse :^)
fuck off

>this damage control

Lame post

>inb4 normalfag
S-she's just cute is all!

You have to go back.

this user loves her baby!

This thing probably cost more than the scale at this point

>that much dust in that amount of time
Do you come home from your job at the quarry and shake your clothes off in your room?

This is probably one of the best Figma's out there. It sucks they really cut back on accessories.

inb4 smoker

>Best Figma

Not quite

I've kinda fallen in love with Polyinians.

The next one I buy will be Emir

All of my figs are cute anime girls except for one.
So I basically have a bunch of anime girls hoarding around MGR Raiden.

Got this qt in the mail today.

i kinda want one now desu

I want a bjd I can't fight it anymore

Just like one of my Japanese animes.

Yes, but caring about how your display looks should be fairly low on your priorities.

Reminds me of pic related desu

I kind of want this Homu but I already have the You Are Not Alone Homu and Aniplex's Timeshift Homu along with a trading Homu

>those fucking plushies

every time

Don't fight it user.


And now imagine if Toy Story was real.

guy from pic, yeah I had a couple others as well including the Aniplex one, kind of jumped on this one for the pose and the face being tolerable. Price prob gonna drop so no rush lol

Ryu has it difficult there

>all my beauttiful scales become jointshit
no thanks

Stupid bratposter.


Me too thanks

There's soo much lewdness its almost distasteful. This kind of arrangement doesn't fit lewd displays, do you happen to hide all of this behind a curtain?

reminds me of this

Its in the bedroom so it's not like anyone sees it ;_;

how long do EMS packages usually stay in britbong customs?
mine's been in there since the 15th and I'm beggining to get worried

I hear some brits have packages stuck in customs for up to a month.

I've been explicitly advised not to use EMS by ParcelForce, they send it could be sat in customs way longer than RSAL.

Comiket proxy order came in. Nisekoifag ahoy

Well they don't do shit on the weekend, so they've only had 3 days to hotglue it.


Does anyone here collect or has RAHs? I've always wondered if they're actually worth the cost. They look kind of cool.

o-oh. I'm not too bothered. it's not a proper fig or anything but I was hoping it would at least arrive before my phone would since I mostly only bought it to go with the phone. is there anyone faster that you'd recommend. sorry, pretty new to buyfagging

>supporting a murderer

it was either nepgear or uni and I was never a fan of the lastation girls


She will get better figs,

I want to hot glue her.

To be honest it's sort of down to luck. I've had stuff arrive in 2 weeks, or 4 weeks. RSAL is always the best pick for shipping for us guys in Britland. It's cheaper than EMS by a lot and it's way less likely to get caught by customs. I'd advise reading the guide as other people will chew you out for asking something like this. Only use EMS if it's for something really really cheap that's below our import tax threshold, because it probably will be faster in that case.

Just don't. Only lewd ones deserve hotgluing.

>Hibiki and Nozomi
Great taste 10/10
yeah I guess you have shit taste kys

Customs takes less than a week for me with Parcelforce, and even then it's faster than using RSAL which usually ends up in customs for more than a week after taking a month to get to the UK

Cred Forumsnon i'm getting mixed messages

I was sad too. Not much I can do about it. Not gonna pay another $100+ to try and get a perfect one. The silver part is an outer shroud. The book itself is slightly better but still shows some bends.

My only Jojo related stuff is this

PF costs more due to their customs cost. Whilst you're totally correct that PF is way faster with their customs,not everyone wants to pay the extra. Personally id rather have all my packages come through PF and me pay the extra because I can pick it up far sooner, but RSAL is better financially and has the chance to slip past customs.

>Item out for deliver - three hours ago
>OhFuck.jpg, getting off work in 30 minutes
>Rush home, sprint up the street
>See delivery truck turning the corner
Sorry for the blog

My wallet is going to feel that weight—wish the exchange was still at 120 instead of 100.

100 is a lot better than 75.

Comment on Amazon:
>This should not be listed in the toy department. Shame on you guys. My daughter wanted a cat from books that inspire her to be strong and to value herself. Instead she got a glimpse into why so many women are on antidepressants. This teaches her that her straight A's and hard work mean nothing. Can you please change the description to not be in toys?

Post the item, friend.

Boku no Pico

Glad we don't have to fuck with that shit in the US. I don't think I've ever had a package held by customs either via SAL or EMS. Just the post office complaining Japan sometimes reverses the sender and recipient addresses on the label sometimes.


That's bullshit, not even a cat, and how can they look at that and buy it for their daughter?

What if she likes dressing sexy at the end of a hard day working at CERN? Checkmate, SJW.

Japan's anti-gay sentiment is really something else.

>mfw MXN
I am afraid of the payment requests coming in October.
Send help

It is a pain in the ass, it doesn't help that stores really dont want to undervalue. Things only slip past customs here if you order from amazon generally as they'll just mark it as a gift and 1,000 yen. It sucks but that's life!

amazon reviews are gold. I saw a woman negative review on the strike witches DVD complaining about how when she bought it for her 12 y/o duaghter and they started watching it together she found out it was lewd. I'm not sure how she didn't notice when she saw the cover

>12yo daughter
Why didn't she look up a preview on Youtube or notice that the age rating recommends 17+?

Any one have those Prism Illya walmart reviews?

What figure is this?

FREEing Fate

Not sure which ones you are talking about.

Boku Girl

Yes! I remember that thread and going on to read some of the other angry reviews. I should have screen capped them.

Only see two five star reviews on walmart, couldnt find the amazon reviews either

>that shine on her lip

Holy fucking shit, they managed to capture the best part of LL's art style.

Tomorrow can't come soon enough.

delay when

Must have been taken down.

Fucking Trump already fucking us in the butt amigo.

>tfw october and november orders are 50000 yen each w/o shipping

I'm having maruchan for christmas

Was it lolicon?

>vote trump
This is why I'm against that tard. He and Hillary were the fucking worst choices that we could have gotten. Cred Forums is going to support any incompetent spazz just as long as he's racist like them.

Yep, they immediately bounced it back to Japan for some reason, judging by the timestamps.

Wrong board, Tumblr.

>See delivery truck on next street over
>Have to leave in 5 minutes.
Fucking hell

Isn't her ribbon the wrong colour?

>make america shit again
Yeah no. If he wins and the US loses it's place as the world leader, you have yourself to blame, autist.

Better than Hillary. She gonna put that muslim Huma into power and we gonna get a ban on all lewd chinese cartoons.

>Cancel order
Might have to ask Amico for mercy.
I might have to cancel a personal trip too. Fuck Trump he is not president, yet we suffer.

I've always wanted that skytube one on the bottom in the middle. She's so gorgeous

>he's voting for muslims secretary of state who will ban lewd anime

At least go TL the last chapter

*unzips wallet*

>citation needed

Be like a rock and let the crashing waves of the world wash over you

I don't give a shit about muricans not getting lewd and loli shit I care about my taco tickets losing value just because a fucking country has 2 shitheads running for president

We can't if the idiots that get in might fuck EVERYTHING up. Hell, we might not have much longer as a species if climate change goes on a run away effect which is scary since the orangutan doesn't believe in it which is my biggest gripe.

what did he mean by this

You have to be the rock there nothing you can do. Everything will be fine

user. The past 11 months were the hottest on record. Even rocks melt.

The world isn't so fucked that rocks will melt outside of a furnace or a volcano, and if it was heading into that direction, voting won't change things.

Stuck between a rock and a hard-on?

You know we can potentially reverse or lessen the damage right? That's like giving up when you're told when you have stage 1 cancer.

The idea that humans are the primary cause of global warming is debatable, and by that I mean there are people in power that would debate tooth and nail against that suggestion. They will still be there no matter who gets elected president and will curb efforts to "reverse or lessen the damage". Also a lot of responsibility falls on rising industrial powers like China who pollutes the most (although to be fair, a good deal behind the US in per capita carbon emission), these countries do their own thing largely independent of the US presidency.

Sage for off topic.

>nd the US loses it's place as the world leader
World leader in what? Aside from having the highest GDP, and being the largest importer of goods (which might actually be China since the last study was done in 2014) we trail in every other category. Exports, Education, Healthcare, Happiness, spending money, work hours, availability and cost of utilities - the list is long.

Even in military spending, the old favorite, we're beat by Russia when you take it as a percentage of GDP. Which isn't surprising given the abject failures the last few wars we started turned out to be.

I'm not even trying to defend Trump here. I'm convinced both him and Clinton aren't the solution. He doesn't understand the issues this country has, and she doesn't care enough to want to solve the incredibly fucking huge issues like domestic debt and the fragility of the currency against large American banks.

tbf the rating on the box is a 12

>see pic
>recognize ass and that specific pose unconsciously before brain recognizes the face above

>The idea that humans are the primary cause of global warming is debatable
No it isn't. There is no 50/50 debate on this. There is more than enough evidence that shows humans are the root cause of climate change. Yes climate changes over time, but not at the levels that we have witnessed in the past 200 years. I'm not here to educate you on this, there is more than enough reports, journals and documents online for you to sit down and read through.
We had a candidate that had a plan on fighting it and the bitch fucked h
Don't you remember what happened in 2007 with the housing bubble? We shat the bed and the rest of the world felt it. There's talk of another larger recession around the corner.

The fuck is taking GSC so long to ship my order. Shit was released last friday for fuck's sake.

I didn't espouse either views on the cause of global warming, I'm just saying there are many politicians who will bitterly oppose any large, costly measures to "prevent" or "lessen" global warming, you can see that this is true, yes? Additionally, global warming isn't the biggest hot topic issue for voters either, so there are few if any politician making it his/her primary issue to write new laws for.

Sage again for off topic.


That's why voting is important. We need to get those idiots out of power and the only way is to vote them out. It's not the most popular but it is the most important. Humans have this knack of putting shit off until it's too late.

That mom will remember making that post forever when her daughter becomes a cum dumpster at age 12.

>implying that I can DL the files

Got my Chris-chan. She's actually quite large compared to my other figs in more ways than one. She's beautiful though. Also didn't have any issues with her twintails falling off like some people have said they've had with the black bunnysuit variant.

>age 12.
They start at 8 now a days.


Damn son.

Just walk over and ask for the package. I've done it.

That's cute minus the cowtits.

Why would you want to have that coward she-devil in your room, friend?

You may want to use something else to refer to her, I thought there was a figure of the autist.

>getting the edgy boring black one over the girly cute pink one

Holy shit, that would be great

>not resizing and rotating you image before posting

Don't make fun of me, it was right side up when I opened it and in the preview.

>3.53 MB, 4128x3096
>Worst girl

Why wouldn't you want a semen sommelier?

>>Worst girl
Fuck you.

The only good thing she had was money, man.

Because I find the black one to be sexier.

Blame Hibiki for that one. Also I'd completely forgotten about him.

You forgot
>using Flash
Dumb memerap poster.

Is there a way on amiami to sort by release date, to search for items I want to add to my monthly order?

I always found dolls unsettling, never understood why people liked them.

I'm kinda the same way. I just prefer a more uniform look with as few different materials as possible. To each his own.

>only have a few older figures and everything else is miscellaneous merch
>phone is potato so the few pictures I do take are shit
What do?

Find an old used camera for cheap?

i like this memejet, is it worth?