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Now that LN discussions are officially allowed on Cred Forums - let's discuss incoming Dwarves.
Will Ainz go as official representative of SKAOG or use disguise?

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Papa Bones will ride Shalltear into the dwarf kingdom like a horse.
That will be the first chapter.
Calling it now.

Ainz will go officially. He has to spread the news about SKOAG and make diplomatic ties.

Official, otherwise he wouldn't be able to vassalize the artisans to work for SKAOG and offer them benefits in return.

i dont know how mentioning Akemi might be mentioned later on, created such a mess.

I think it will go something like this

>what up bitch ass manlets im ainz
>oh shit a spooky scary skeleton!
>oogabooga im a frost dragon where da dwarf women at?
>oh shit a dragon! well guess we should offer our lives to the skeleton guy because he obviously planned all this
>ainz 420metalgear360noscope the dragon qq more scrub
>yay were not dead! thanks mr. skeletal.
>here is a steady supply of gold, mushroom wine and toy forges, all crafsdwarfship is of the highest quality

I would read that

But what if they have high tear healing potions sprinklers?

Shalltear will mate with a strong dwarf woman after losing in a drinking contest.

She would win if they contest in drinking dwarven blood though.

Shouldnt it be the other way? Why would a dwarf woman want to mate with Shalltear?

Who's getting the Yen Press version of Volume 2?

I was actually pleasantly suprised with the first volume they did so I'll be picking up this one too.

>Shalltear is a rabbit

Depends on how many mistakes people find in it, 1st volume left quite the bad track record on how much they care about accuracy, what's with the synopsis being wrong for 5 revisions and rabbit, not knowing what's the difference between sisters and siblings in English.

I'll just keep ordering the nip originals though and support the author that way. Hopefully Yen Press does a collection sale with revised volumes for the 3 volume arcs, might consider those if they improve their effort.

are the official translations any better than what nigel provides? is it full translation or is it half jap keeping things like honorifics and sasugas?

also, how do I keep track of who is talking in nigel's fanfics? dialog from cocytus and lupu is obvious but when more than two people are having a discussion I cant tell who said what

>ainz and aura make mistakes
>ainz pushes all the blame on shalltear since he has to sacrifice his subordinates to make himself look good
>shalltear in even greater depression
>drinks with dwarves
>ainz orders her to kill every weasel demon and dragon by herself up make up for it

>You're one of humanity's finest
>Standing at the pinnacle of your race
>One foot in the domain of Heroes
>Completed numerous dangerous missions for the sake of survival and prosperity of humanity
>Fought and defeated monsters powerful enough to wipe out entire nations with just a few of them
>Your blood and sweat are laid into foundations of national security
>On one of the missions your luck ran out
>You fought valiantly covering the retreat of the main force
>Your body was recovered by one of the special forces units
>You earned the right to be resurrected for your valor
>After the grand ritual you are alive once more
>Your current weakened state does not allow you to resume your duties immediately
>Prospects of early retirement are tempting
>You reluctantly leave the Black Scripture ranks and enjoy casual lifestyle
>Full of peaceful time with your family
>And reminiscing past
>At last you could be with your beloved and your child
>TFW your daughter and wife
>Looks at with disdain
>Like you're a disgusting NEET
>A filthy jobless leech
>A parasite to society
>You can't take it anymore and enlist once more
>Sent to clean up Beastmen in Draconic Kingdom
>RIP cuz Crown of Wisdom is nabbed
>Wife and daughter cry at your funeral
>Receive your pension
>Life happily ever after
>Your former Captain actually shag them both on the schedule
>All for the sake of Humanity

The official translation doesn't have any honorifics or sasugas - it's a full translation. The official translation also has a lot of errors in it.

More like
>Drinks with Dwarves
>Turns into massive party
>Dwarves join SKAOG after Ainz promises even better drinks back at Nazarick
>Everything goes better than expected
>Demi and Albedo jizz over Ainz's keikaku

Will females dwarves have beards, or will they just all be lolis?

>Maybe Ainz has no idea what he's doing my liege
>No way he's a skeleton he must have something really evil planned

This already happened, Baziwood proposed that idea.
Jircniv snorted and rejected it on the spot.

I really hope that guy stays relevant, constantly guessing Ainz's true motives but nobody believes him.

>Ainz true motives
More like nat20 LCK rolls.

>Most NW humans are blond
>Gazef and Brain are not
Are they God Kin?
Descendants of asian-looking 8GK\6GG?

Why Albedo saw through PA morphed act while Sebas did not?
Cuz she's smart?

>Now that LN discussions are officially allowed on Cred Forums

Did a mod say this recently?

Since Murayama likes DnD so much it'll probably be close to that. I'm personally sick of the lolis already,

Two ancient vampires trapped in 12 year old bodies
Two loli dark elves
Ancient dragon trapped in loli body
loli farm girl

fuck off lolis

This counts?


So apparently both Albedo and Shalltear dont need to eat or drink but they can, what happens with the waste does it magically disappear in their stomachs?

>Ancient Dragon
user she's not a dragon, her blood is very diluted.
I doubt he can even manage a Dragon form.
She's also actually a milf.
>too many lolis
You forget how many stronk women are there in Overlord: Brita, Gagaran, Enri.
There are also male pussies like Nfirea.

I think organism with metabolism will excrete any waste naturally.
Shalltear probably have digestion organs since the blood she drinks goes somewhere.
Also EE pisses.

Most does not mean all. Just because someone isn't blonde doesn't mean they are god-kin or related.

I dont think thats right user, they work on magic alone (I think?).

On the topic of God-kin, who are the two God-kin the ST talk about.
I know ZZ is one, but do we know who the other one is?

Rubik's Cube of course.

Homunculi girls have increased food consumption.
Most guardians wear rings to negate hunger, fatigue and need for sleep.
I think living NPC do need food and rest without the ring.
There are not enough rings to equip all meidos probably, that's why they eat.
Or simply orders form Papa Bones to eat healthy.
The same he gave to Twin Dark Elves.

>4 peasant brothers buy some crossbows and rent a Death Knight riding it to adventure.

Humans exist beyond countries that are ruled by humans.

The Captain of the BS

BS Captain confirmed to be God Kin.
I think CD and Captain are the only God Kin available to ST at this point.
Clem's powerful, but not on the same level as them.
Nigga, that's safari.
This is how mobs go extinct in NW.

Yeah, but Im talkin about the seemingly magical ones, like Devils (Albedo, Demiurge) and Vampires (Shaltlear). Who apparently dont need to eat or sleep, and dont get tired at all.

Are there any hints on Players arriving in NW before 6GG?

Shalltear clearly stated that she doesn't need to eat or rest.
IDK about devils, but Sebas had his ring on to negate fatigue and he's Dragonoid (or something).
Narberal use this ring too.
You think Satan doesn't eat?

I'm rereading the LN, and in Vol 1 both Demiurge and Albedo mention that they hate all humans except one. This is Vol 1, so I doubt that it's Renner. It's probably an NPC in Nazarick, considering humans weren't allowed to join AOG. Any clue who they are referring to?

What's the likelyhood that red drop is affiliated with bukubuku?

Undead like Shalltear naturally don't have to eat or sleep, but that doesn't apply to devils like Demi and Albedo. They have to rely on items to make them immune to hunger and fatigue.

Doesn't the latest fanficition drop this month?

Sorry, but when was Captain confirmed as a God-kin?
Also, what does CD stand for, Catastrophe Dragon?
Holy shit I stopped going to threads when I thought translations had stopped, now I'm so out of the loop.

Lastborn is a human.

Lastborn of Pleiades.
100lvl immortal human.
Isn't it basically Lakuys uncle?
They probably got their gear from the founders of the Kingdom (from ST since KIngdom is their creation).

Well, apparently that answers my question about if Shalltear and Albedo need to use the toilet.

>Getting the official translation
>Going to miss out on Strings and Puppets

but why

Clem mentions "that monsters" when she's bragging about her power.
I believe it was explicitly mentioned somewhere, but Idk exact citation.

>ZZ = CD
>Zesshi Zetsumei = Certain Death

Captain was confirmed to be god-kin in the Volume 4 intermission, the same intermission where CD is introduced.

She can get wet and probably piss too, rest easy you sick fuck

CD = ZZ = halfbreed elf from ST, headcanon estimated at >=70lvl
CDL = Catastrophe Dragon Lord
Undead Dragon Lord sleeping somewhere in Ainz back yard.
ST suspected that it wiped out their Sunlit Scripture and sent fully geared Black Scripture to investigate.
We all know how it ended.

Thanks for clearing that up buddy.

Some people just want to see world burn and rabbit with fempero

>"There were only three awakened ‘God-kin’ in Slane Theocracy"
Wait, so who's the third?

>Wait, so who's the third?
I did not remember that.
Maybe the Shaman Princess who got killed by Clem or Kaire?
Maybe even Clem herself, just her potential is capped compared to other two.

Its not like Ainz didnt have to ask himself that question before going on a journey with his friends "daughters".
>"Anyone need to use the bathroom before we leave for the Dwarf Kingdom?, there wont be any stops".

Unknown. Might be this midget, since he's the 2nd seat in the BS.

Clem is not a god-kin.

>Clem is not a god-kin
her ass is

Careful not to trigger the lance rapier shit again
>Clem not godkin
Yeah, I got that impression too.
She separated herself from "those two" when talking to Momon.
You just beat me to it user.
Have a Clem.

If Ainz (somehow) impregnated Shalltear and Peroronchino suddenly came back, would it be NTR?

That would be fine.
Sick birdman bastard would enjoy that.

I was going to say no because she's his daughter, but then I realized it's only Ainz-sama who see's them that way.
I wonder what the other 40 supreme beings would see their creations as?


Why is she pi-
>spoilered text

What if he also impregnated Bukubukuchagama?

>implying if you were immortal you wouldnt choose a young body

women especially.

>ainz teleports in

she's just making sure her brother is clean like a good sister nothing lewd

>Condemns himself for letting Twins see lizard sex for eternity

Why cant I watch any anime voiced by Uesaka Sumire without lusting for Chair.

>ainz teleports in

Sebas was shitting bricks at the time.

what are those red straps? please dont tell me what I think they are.

Headcanon is that the Guardians would intimately know every detail about their creator or feel their power level or whatever. Albedo would know if her creator wasn't her creator whereas Sebas could probably tell if it wasn't Touch Me but not if PA was acting as Ainz.

Decided to read on the Wonderful World of Lizards arc in the manga. I have to say, I expected Frost Pain to look more like an actual blade than whatever this thing is.

that's pretty much how it's described in the LN

>The shape was a bit peculiar, the blade and the handle were integrated, resembling a three-pronged fork. Starting from the grip part of the body it became increasingly thinner, until becoming paper-thin at the tip of the blade.

That's what would be going on in Albedo's room if Ainz hadn't fiddled with her settings.

>genderbent Pero
>shaltear rabbit

I assume you are getting it for the memes, because jewpress doesn't give a fuck about quality in translation.

That's not so much a head cannon. Demiurge recognized Ainz when was wearing the Dark Warrior armor in Volume 1 because of his "aura".

she would still lust for the boner lord. just have some incubi fucbois on the side like shalltear and her brides

11-12 days till new fanfiction left familiars

>implying succubi arent omnisexual

Oh right. I need to go over the LNs again sometime soon.

>According to author, Ainz has another top tier spell that can summon swarm of deadly locusts 10 plagues of Egypt style.
>This spell alone can destory countries in NW

So I've been away since late April.

What all has happened?

new Pure Pure Pleiades OVA is coming this month

is this in the bonus content? Like a tier 12 spell or something?

Author said it himself in his site

no, it's a top tier spell, there are 1~10 tier plus top tier spells

These countries should be the last human strongholds thanks to the theocracy, humans elsewhere are used as livestock or slaves.

Did Ainz have another fetishes appart from big breasts that he could inflict on the female NPCs?.
>Albedo in naked apron
>"now hold this sandwich and dont forget to call me Satoru-chan~"

Seriously though, the lack of fan service in this show is upsetting. The author doesn't like money or something?

The show doesn't need fanservice. That's what fans are for.

umm hello? What more can you ask for than a hotspring scene?

Having sex with Solution while bathing.

n-no. You get what I mean user.
His editor had to tell him to put a titty monster into the series.

This is a good thing. I hope the author get rid of the harem parts because they're really bad.

oh, now I get how Time Stop spell works in the game. Its AoE statis field that immobilizes the victim but he can't be damaged.

funny how I got it by watching an old Starcraft video. It's like how Arbiter unit can trap units with its statis field.

>eternally nude bug
What more could you ask for?

Uh, sorry bud, that's wrong. Time Stop speeds up the user.

he was obviously a connoisseur. his guildmates had all sorts of sick kinks he enabled by allowing them to make npcs around their favorite perverted thing

>literal semon demons
>vampire lolis
>french maids
>trap loli and loli(male)
>slime girls
>insect girls
>whatever sick fuck made neuronist

I guess it worked, the nips love the fuck out of Albedo according to popularity polls.

With how popular it is, I'm surprised there isn't any spinoffs.

>momon x nabe adventures
>blue rose missions
>daily life of pleiades

Really? I figured because the whole "Cant damage the affected thing" like how Gazef was killed.

>daily lives of Pleiades
coming soon, actually

Source? I would like to read that and see if there is more info.
Checking if that's actually true is also another thing.

sadly there's only one guy writing part time

It does end the spell if he tries to interact with anything. That's why he is always casting Delay metamagics instead. So they don't take affect until after the timestop.

I think I would be more interested in a SoL spinoff of Nazarick than seeing Ainz wreck another yet another kingdom

>coming soon, actually

As in more Play Play Pleiades or something different?


tried google translate

this came from a wiki in my language

Wrong. During time stop he can't harm anyone so he casts delays so that the spell takes effect immediately after time stop wears off. The spell doesn't end if he interacts with things.

Well, PPP is quite like Daily lives of Pleiades

Then again, there is vol.8, which is daily lives of Nazarick

You're wrong. Stop spreading misinformation. Time Stop doesn't speed the user up.

What would it take for Albedo to accept (not)Ainz proposition of a sports uniform for Nazarick.
>Ainz: I love sporty girls.
>Albedo puts her ass into a buruma.

Mura bases shit on D&D a lot so


>Official dub's Albedo


Stop assuming every D&D rule and mechanic applies to Overlord. Canon proves you wrong.

well, I don't know if the author bases everything from D&D

a lot of video game elements are there too

Well stop throwing shit everywhere and properly quote. Until then you're full of shit.

I wonder how Pandora's Actor's voice be like in the dub, only reason I would even pay attention to the dub

The original voice acting was amazing

best waifu bath scene next vol?
Sept 30 I think

>momon x nabe adventures

1 of their mission result in Ainz having to leave to head back to Nazarick, leaving Nabe with a bunch of babies, to look after till Ainz returns.

>For added laughs, since there are so many babies, Ainz sent Solution and Entoma to help out.

>Still no fucking other players

Nigger I want my fucking legendary intrigue between a salaryman and a fucking neet