Does the Black Scripture have any chance against the Pleiades ? CD included

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>without CD
BS doesn't stand a chance. Nabe one-shots them all.

>with CD
We don't know how strong CD is. If she's lvl 60-70, Pleiades can still win. If she's 70-80 or higher, then the Pleiades lose.

70-80 is PDL, which CD can't beat. She's 50-60 at most.

If that's the case, then the Pleiades will win.

By Shalltear's estimate, the BS captain is stronger than Solution, who's level 57. Without CD there are 12 members in total. Assuming the average BS member's strength is the same as a level 35-40 Yggdrasil player (which is a generous estimate), and with the average level of the Pleiades (not including Sebas or Lastborn), that makes 12 level 35-40s vs 5 level 54s. Without CD I'd say it's a somewhat difficult win for the Pleiades. With CD the result could go either way. Including Lastborn and/or Sebas it's an easy win for the Pleiades.

Simply comparing their levels doesn't give you an accurate picture of how a real battle would play out.

You aren't taking into consideration that Nabe can most likely one-shot most if not all of the BS with a single 8th tier AOE lightning spell.

With many members having high level equipment left by players, it's unlikely that most of the BS members would die in one shot, and carelessly using AOE damage spells in the middle of a fight could result in friendly fire. Plus I doubt Nabe can spam AOE lightning for very long without draining her mana and leaving herself vunerable.

We've never seen the whole team fight together though. So they might be able to take on opponents much stronger than them. Might be able to pull off some super sentai bullshit.

Is the extra/bonus episode out yet? When's it coming out?

Sept 30


which one is CD again

>high level equipment left by players

Shalltear had no trouble one-shotting two BS members with minimal effort. Equipment can only do so much. It's not going to allow low lvl scrubs to tank an 8th tier spell. 8th tier magic is superior to any magic found in the NW. Even if they could survive the first spell, can they survive multiple 8th tier spells? I highly doubt it. Assuming they can, you don't think they're going to be heavily injured?

Nabe can't use AOE because friendly fire? You don't think the other maids can just move out of the way? Pleiades are a group, they can coordinate and use teamwork.

Don't forget that:

>CZ can snipe
>Entoma can summon multiple giant spiders
>Yuri can blow someone's head off with a punch
>Solution can stealth kill and is resistant to physical attacks
>Lupus can heal and can possibly transform into her werewolf form

I don't see how the BS can possibly win.

>Equipment can only do so much. It's not going to allow low lvl scrubs to tank an 8th tier spell
Remember that plate armor worn by players is often warded against the lightning element.

Certain Death is the strongest member of the BS. She's a teenage girl but hundreds of years old. Is a god-kin; a descendant of a Player.

Has it ever been stated what approximate level a person would have to be to actually damage a level 100?

NW "levels" don't seem to be the same as Ygg levels.

For Ainz at least, who possesses the body of the high tier Overlord race, High Tier Physical Invalidation III means an attack must have a source of level 61 or higher to harm him.
For some reason, he claims the Razor Edge sword bypasses this.

That doesn't mean they can tank one or more 8th tier spells. Nfirea wearing Touch Me's armor isn't likely to survive an 8th tier spell.

That sounds like your interpretation and I would think otherwise.

You're severely overestimating the power of equipment.

I fundamentally disagree. Ainz in Touch Me's armor and shield was able to receive no harm from a series of attacks from Shalltear, who is armed with a Divine-class weapon and is an actual level 100 combat NPC. Her attacks should shred even enemy warriors (Perfect Warrior would not have given Ainz any defensive abilities, just a warrior-esque HP pool), but Touch Me's armor and shield was sufficient to reduce her amazing attack power to nothing. Even without the shield she wasn't doing a whole lot of damage as they traded blows.

I'm saying high lvl equipment isn't enough to tank high tier magic if your base stats are shitty.

>Mag Def 95
>Touch Me Armor adds 100 Def
>Total: 195

>Mag Def 5
>Touch Me Armor adds 100 Def
>Total: 105

That's a big difference.

Ainz' divine class robes have absolute fire immunity, even an over-rank fire spell would not damage him.

And that is again your interpretation, we have no idea of the actual thresholds required.

I'm trying to get a point across. If your base stats are low, high lvl equipment can't save you.

Perfect Warrior turns the caster into a warrior as if they had leveled as a warrior instead. A warrior's physical defense is higher than a magic caster's, therefore the spell would have given him more defense.

... to reiterate
>And that is again your interpretation, we have no idea of the actual thresholds required.
In other words, you don't know that. You don't know if top level gear can invalidate 8th tier magic or not. We'd need to see it occur in-story.

I feel like you're overestimating the type of equipment the BS has.

Here's how weapons/armor is classified in Ygg from weakest to strongest:

Low, Medium, High, Top Class, Legacy, Relic, Legendary, Divine

Are you under the impression that every member of the BS has Divine equipment? Because that is highly unlikely, considering it's rare for lvl 100 Players to have even one divine item. Shalltear one-shotted 3 of the BS; they definitely didn't have divine class equipment. At the most, all the BS members have legendary equipment (and that's being generous). The Pleiades have legendary equipment as well. If both parties have the same class of equipment and one of them has superior lvls/stats, which one do you think is going to win?

There's two threads. Go to the other one, it's bigger.

They have inherited items from the Six Gods who had a WCI, I'm sure there's one divine item in their legacy too. And in such a case they'd reserve the best for ZZ.
The ones that got blown away were humans, not god-kin.

The only reason pdl hasn't attacked is because CD is there.

Fulder is lv 70~ (3rd tier (x2) 6th tier and more)
PDL and CD are lv 90~

Shalltear is a lv 100 and had to use her lance skill, narberal doesn't have that kind of firepower.
Gagaran and ninja managed to stall entoma who is 20 lv higher than them, the BS have the numbers,and equipment advantage.

>The only reason pdl hasn't attacked is because CD is there
It's the other way around though, the Theocracy doesn't want to attack the Republic that has a child of the Dragon Emperor as one of their councillors. CD is one of the Theocracy's aces they don't want to reveal, because otherwise they would let her go fight the Elves. Not to mention that both the Theocracy and PDL are older than her.

>had to use her lance skill

Shalltear didn't absolutely need to use her lance skill, she only used it because the WCI was already taking effect on her and she was too far away from Kaire to attack her with her bare hands. Shalltear could have slaughtered the BS with her bare hands. You seem to have forgotten that one of the BS members attempted to capture Shalltear after she got mind controlled, and she killed him, presumably with her bare hands.

Entoma got stalled because she isn't a front line fighter, she's mainly for support. Lvl difference is the most important factor to determine the outcome of a battle.

Nabe can one-shot most of the BS with a single 8th tier AOE lightning spell. The equipment makes little difference.

Yes definitely. though even if they do destroy them Nazerick will just bring them back which is kind of a disappointment

>Nabe can one-shot most of the BS with a single 8th tier AOE lightning spell. The equipment makes little difference.
Unless any of it has total elemental resistance, which is in fact possible.

It's actually highly unlikely, but if that were the case, the other maids can one-shot whoever's still alive. The BS can't beat the Pleiades.

You're in the habit of making bullshit claims based on your own preconceptions.

Too bad the pleiades aren't lv 100.
KC blocked lv 100 shalltear's full powered hand swipe, way more powerful than what most of the pleiades can do.

Doesn't matter, entoma had a 20 lv advantage and didn't take them out instantly, the BS will survive narberal's onslaught and slaughter the rest with ease since they have way better equipment than blue rose.

>The equipment makes little difference.

Nice headcanon.

Is that a joke? Are you fucking kidding me?

>maybe they all have top tier player equipmet
>maybe they all have total elemental resistance
>maybe equipment > lvls

Every single one of your arguments is speculative head cannon bullshit. You think I'm making bullshit claims based on my preconceptions? Look in the mirror, equipmentfag. I'm done trying to explain simple things to a retard like you.

Nice bait, retard. You made it too obvious.

>hand swipe > 8th tier magic

Nice head cannon.

I'm not making absolute claims, though. I'm only working with maybes and perhaps. Your projection is weak and irrelevant.

Pleiades have equal or better equipment than the BS, and they have the level advantage. Pleiades easily dominate.

Your head cannons are weak and irrelevant, equipmentfag.

8th tier magic > BS

Make up your own retorts next time, they have less weight when you're mindlessly repeating someone like a child.

Come up with some better insults next time. Those were pretty lame.

Nabe can one-shot the BS. Prove me wrong, equipmentfags.

Nabe gets mind controlled, ZZ solos other maids. Prove it wouldn't happen.
>but Shalltear
Is way faster and stronger than the Pleiades and only barely managed to prevent herself being controlled.

Climb becomes lvl 120 and solos the BS. Prove it wouldn't happen.

You faggots keep forgetting that most of the pleiades are min maxed.

a min maxed level 5 fighter will completely fuck up a level 12 fighter/peasant/cook/carpenter

The existence of their Captain, the existence of CD, unknown factor of their equipment, all of the BS being higher level than Khajit, the fact that all of them (except for their strongest) were sent to subjugate someone called the Catastrophe Dragon Lord.

There's at least one retard here who thinks the BS can tank multiple 8th tier spells because muh equipment. He's not going to be able to understand such a simple concept.

Eclair Ecleir Eicler defeats Ainz with the World Savior and rules eternally as a dark god king, prove it wouldn't happen

What happens with CZ then?

Their plan was only to use the WCI to mind control the Catastrophe Dragon Lord. They didn't intend to defeat it in battle. The BS was just acting as body guards and support for Kaire.

>no harm from a series of attacks from Shalltear
youre an idiot, he was suffering damage even with the armor, he was just able to tank it better.

Pleiades are kept as a harem, of course.

He's an equipmentfag, he can't understand simple concepts like that.

And Albedo and Shalltear? executed?

doesn't solution have total physical immunity?

how the fuck is bs going to even do 1 point of damage to her? with their puny tier 4 magic? she'll just touch one of them and they'll instantly die

Nazarick fag please.

>legendary equipment, Enhanced Magic Resistance martial art, higher level

KC tanks the hit then slaughters nabe easily.

Entoma sure dominated her fight right?

>lv 63 magic stronger than lv 100 vampire Valkyrie phy. attack

Headcanons everywhere.

He was taking no damage when he had the shield out, actually.

They were still sent on a dangerous mission where anything could happen. That should say a lot about their competency. And considering their line of work they probably wouldn't be as easy to stun with shock like Khajit, so they wouldn't just stay idly waiting for her fry their asses.

No, she isnt a slime shes a shoggoth.

Nice bait, humiefag.

All it takes is one 8th tier spell and BS will be annihilated.

she says she's a predatory slime

Anons, a shoggoth is a slime monster.

blocking attacks with a shield =/= taking a hit while wearing the armor, keep moving the goalposts.

>KC tanks Nabe
while the idiot claiming Nabe will cast 8th tier is a moron, youre quite stupid yourself.

Lets dispell somethings.

Nabe needs special requirements to cast 8th tier spells, but can still cast 7th tier shit, which is above and beyond anything fludder can cast, and the Theocracy never wanted to fight fludder cause they were sure they would lose valuable resources.

Entoma managed pretty damn well fighting, fucking up Gargaran and Tia, and did exceptionally well fighting a mage that had a spell specifically tailored to screw her skills and deal huge amounts of damage to her.

Shalltear backhanded KC without a care and KC did not attempt to keep fighting after MC shalltear fucked up the poor bastard that tried to take her.

>blocking attacks with a shield =/= taking a hit while wearing the armor, keep moving the goalposts.
The goalposts were never budged. The statement was Ainz with armor and shield, not just in armor. You're the one who misread.

Humiefags are delusional.

Can't you tell you're being baited by the humiefags?

>Nabe needs special requirements to cast 8th tier spells
i don't remember reading this

read again.
>>blocking attacks with a shield =/= taking a hit while wearing the armor.

And read your own post while youre at it.
>Even without the shield she wasn't doing a whole lot of damage as they traded blows.

>Nabe needs special requirements to cast 8th tier spells

citation needed

What gave you the impression fluder is lvl 70~? Narb is level 61 and can cast 8th tier magic, granted she's min/maxed but would a lvl 70 really only be able to cast 6th tier magic?

>>blocking attacks with a shield =/= taking a hit while wearing the armor.
And? Nobody said it was.
>And read your own post while youre at it.
>>Even without the shield she wasn't doing a whole lot of damage as they traded blows.
Are you seeing some text that isn't there or something? That's saying damage was going through. "Wasn't doing a whole lot" is not the same as "doing nothing".

Nabe mentions this in PPP

Nabe one-shots the BS with 8th tier magic. Keep crying, humiefags.

they are taking the false equivalency that 25 levels in Yggdrasil = 5 levels in DnD.

No, she doesn't actually. Literally all that's said is that she cast up to 8th tier magic. Go watch the episode again.

>and the Theocracy never wanted to fight fludder cause they were sure they would lose valuable resources
What? Where was that stated? And you also forget that exceptional individuals in other countries also count as valuable resources for them, just not utilised properly.

ZZ tanks then solos, prove otherwise
Oh wait we don't actually know how strong ZZ is L O L

Cant Ainz just commision Fludder or a group of NW wizards to craft a spell that could make him grow functional organs?

If he cared he could cast Wish Upon A Star to do pretty much whatever he pleases, but he has no reason for that.

Nabe spams 8th tier magic. ZZ gets rekt. Prove otherwise.

>claiming absolutes when we don't actually know

ZZ is higher Level than the Captain and wields the legacy of the Six Gods who were capable of casting Super tier spells.

geh, youre right, she can cast 10th tier under the right conditions.

>Albedo is on the verge of comitting treason
>Shalltear is growing depressed
>Every NPC is anxious about the possibility of Ainz leaving
>No reason.

Yes, I remember that was mentioned somewhere, which just goes to further prove my point. Nabe can one-shot the BS.

>so desperate for a challenge people will make shit up and raise estimated levels by ~10 just to give NW a chance
The whole narrative up till know does not support the argument that anyone from NW will give Nazarick any form of challenge. At best Ainz will have to get all those lazy 70-90 levels npcs to actually do something outside patrolling floors all day.

Humiefags will claim humans can tank 10th tier spells because muh equipment.

You forgotten about the

>muh special bloodline
>muh special spell
>muh willpower
>muh NW level are different from Ygg levels
>muh headcannon

There is a single implication that the World Savior ended up in the NW, so someone nabbing that could threaten Nazarick. But there's no indication that it's still around and it was not adequately foreshadowed in such a manner as to say "this will appear again"

Anyone who thinks the BS can survive multiple 8th tier spells is a retard and a humiefag.

>all those lazy 70-90 levels npcs

Yes, just let the Evil Lords slaughter the BS. They haven't done anything since Volume 6.

>she can cast 10th tier under the right conditions

That was a misstranslation, 8th tier is her limit.

>Shalltear backhanded KC without a care and KC did not attempt to keep fighting after MC shalltear fucked up the poor bastard that tried to take her.

Wrong, shalltear already sized him up and then swung with deadly force but KC blocked the hit and was ready to fight, KC is stronger than shalltear assessed.

Fluder has a shit build.

>same fagging this hard

Is it that hard to accept nazrick fag?

>being a johjfag

It would still take a long time to power it up, and Ainz is aware of what it does and can try to steal it when it's still weak.

Downfall of Something and Country is way more dangerous since Ainz isn't aware of it's full capabilities yet. NW only chance is spamming WCI when all the guardians are gathered at once outside of the Tomb since getting past Victim might as well be impossible.

You think humans can tank 8th tier magic. Are you retarded, humiefag?

Are you, johjfag? You seem to be under impression that Khajit (who was still in the edible state after the 8th tier spell) was the strongest human ever.

I don't think it ever powered down, considering the implication was a single goblin killing countless dragons with "a branch". And NW gobbos suck while NW dragons are at least special thanks to wild magic.

You mean an awakened Godkin who is higher leveled than nabe and has better equipment? nazarick fags sure are desperate to put down the NW next you'll tell me how overlord isn't a shounen right?

Humans can barely handle 3rd tier magic, humiefag. Don't be a retard.

>higher leveled than nabe
>has better equipment

Nice head cannon, humiefag.

entire black scripture and the pleides vs the burger and rubix cube, who wins?

>Level 30 and higher humans with equipment better than anything the neighbouring countries can offer
>can barely handle 3rd tier magic
Johjfag, you REALLY think that Khajit, that weak necro who first tried Holy Magic, is the strongest human ever, don't you? And you really think his equipment was anywhere close to what the BS wear? I bet you don't even remember that as a Level 30 or less warrior, Brain wasn't afraid of the poison that would surely kill Climb, despite not having any poison-resistant gear either.

Why are the SB on the other side?

how can pestonya summon a level 100 burger? is that super tier magic?

Why are there so many humiefags in this thread? Obviously, the Pleiades dominate the BS. How is this up for debate? KC and CD are the only real challenge, the rest of the BS is just fodder. Nabe spams 8th tier magic and the other maids support. Pleiades > BS

Yes humiefag, MOST humans can barely handle 3rd tier magic. If you think the BS can tank a single 8th tier spell, you are delusional. Nabe could easily one-shot Clem, a former BS member. The BS is fodder for the Pleiades.

Ok, let's be fair, direct head on, it is a toss up. BS outnumber them, and we don't actually know what they can do.

But if the location is like urban ruins or forested, good luck to BS.

What kind of character build would make it easier to get a date with each one of the Pleiades?

What's wrong with Sebas

shota mage boi for all 6

With the exception of KC and CD, the rest of the BS is about as strong as Clem. The Pleiades will have no trouble one-shotting them. And don't forget 8th tier AOE lightning spell.

8 greed kings equipment. They already showed one of the world item in possession and Ainz wouldn't give them to the maids to counter act them. If the old hag ever wakes up, she could down one Pleiades already and make her fight against the others.

We don't know how strong Clem would practically be with the scripture gear she was deprived of, either.

The old hag died, but presumably the WCI can be given to someone else and it was only left in her control as a matter of ceremony.

>If the old hag ever wakes up
She's dead. And obviously if you include WCI, the Pleiades will lose.

>The old hag died
When they said this? I remember in v10 intermission they said she's still in critical condition

Read it again. They say she died.

Why is everyone being an equipment fag?

> “You’re right. As it is, we’ve taken considerable losses. Though the dead have been revived, the Black Scripture will still be short on manpower, while the Sunlight Scripture is effectively dissolved. The Crown’s been stolen, the Miko Princess and Kaire are dead. It’ll take us at least 10 years to recover our strength. We can’t go around roasting meat next to a sleeping Dragon in this state.”

>When they said this? I remember in v10 intermission they
“You’re right. As it is, we’ve taken considerable losses. Though the dead have been
revived, the Black Scripture will still be short on manpower, while the Sunlight Scripture is
effectively dissolved. The Crown’s been stolen, the Miko Princess and Kaire are dead. It’ll
take us at least 10 years to recover our strength. We can’t go around roasting meat next to a
sleeping Dragon in this state.”

Because they hurt.

CD, lastborn and sebas aren't in this match, this just between the others.

>what is martial arts

KC slaughters any pleiades.

>Nice head cannon

Nice head canon, nazarick fag.

Oh, well. BS chances just went down. It would take considerable time to find another owner. If they're desperate they could unleash PLD and take the guild weapon binding him. Though I doubt they'll come out unscathed.

user, you are going to likely die, or suffer worse fate then death.

Which one do you think won't kill you 1 way or another.

I never said anything about Sebas or Lastborn. If CD isn't included, then Nabe one-shots the BS.

>KC slaughters any Pleiades.

Nice head cannon, humiefag. Nabe > KC

>TFW Enfirea becomes the new member of the BS and wears DoC&C.

>It would take considerable time to find another owner
I don't think it's like the crown where it needs a specific user. It's a WCI, you can likely just equip it and fire.

>they could unleash PLD and take the guild weapon binding him
He is not that bound considering he is one of the councillors in that northern Republic.

depending on kc's level even lupu can probably take him on 1v1, considering she has godlike min/max'd stats.

Then why would they give it to Kaire, a frail old woman, if anyone could use it?

Sure, he could still move armor. Still can't move his real body.

>two weeks time we will probably have the first chapter of vol 11
Looking forward to it, I hope we get full Theocracy

Because she's ancient, wise, loyal, and it doesn't require physical fortitude like all the melee weapons they got?
Or perhaps removing it causes its current control to break, and they had something important under their thrall for decades?

reminder the Lakyus can unleash the full power of her weapon and wipe a city (basically a one time super tier spell that EE comments on at least twice)

BS should have access to similar level items. Levels don't matter in this situation.

Gear > Levels

>b-but muh hard work grinding has to mean something, it's not fair that the 1% with the good drops can beat me

Pleiades are completely outclassed in the equipment department

And I fundamentally disagree with your disagreement. If gear was the end of it all then Ainz would have used the AOG member's leftovers far more lavishly.

The divine-class items are so great and sought after because they compliment your build and it's strengths and weaknesses.

And unless 6GG left behind complete training regimen on how to 1:1 their builds by training then the 5 holy leftovers might as well be shit tier scrap if none of the cardinals or BS/KC/CD can make use of 'em.

Nice bait, humiefag.

“Ah, according to her, once it goes wild, it’ll lead to grave consequences. A city, no, a
nation, was it? Apparently it’ll be completely wiped out. She did say something about having
to use use part of her strength to suppress it…”

>Believing Lakyus's lies

Pleiades vs. BS is boring. I want to see Enri and her army vs. BS.

I know you're a humiefag and you're just trolling, but why do people think the Pleiades are outclassed in terms of equipment? A lot of anons are acting as though they think the Pleiades have shit tier equipment. The Pleiades have legendary equipment which is either the same as what the BS has or better.

Also, Levels > Gear

>t. buhhurt nazarick fag

An item from one of the thirteen heroes can wipe a nation. BS has access to similar level items. Pleiades really can't compete with hand-me-down items or against the usage of WCI which the BS will happily use without a second thought. Only bu rushing them with lvl 100s will work before everyone just gets mindcontrolled.

Enri is leveling so fast (Like level 5 in the span of a couple of months?) she can become a strong enough commander to take over her own kingdom soon and just drown BS in numbers.

maybe using it drains a person's life force, and she's actually just a 40 year old sacrifice

Daily reminder that Enri will be the hero to defeat Ainz

>t. butthurt delusional humiefag

>immortal benevolent ruler
>needing to be defeated



Levels > Gear and Pleiades have equal or better equipment. BS gets rekt.

Level 90s like Wiseman or that Area Guardian made of lava can be stronger than individual lvl 100s. A 10 level difference doesn't really matter that much it seems, you really need like 15-20 levels on someone to be considered out of their league. So under certain situations I can see individual members of Nazarick losing to some NW guy.

BS should be sending some members over to get rid of that goblin infestation.

That's because those lvl 90s are optimized for combat while some lvl 100s like Demiurge aren't. Levels are still the most significant factor in determining the outcome of a fight. Death Knight is lvl 35 and it would never lose to Brain or a lvl 25 adventurer.

I hope the v11 interlude features either renner's preparations or an status update from dragonic kingdom's status by either lolimilfqueen or ex-bs squad.

Though since dragonic kingdom doesn't seem to relevant for this arc that status update could also be in 12th as interlude (or long epilogue).

Would be nice to see Enri's pov for once too considering she has to rule over the 5k goblins and idle army doesn't earn its wage. She certainly has had to contact Ainz for help though.

Yuri can solo EE, CZ did nothing that fight except snipe that stupid crystal shield. Yuri going into melee and keeping up the pressure completely fucked EE.

They wouldn't stand a chance. Enri has 10 red caps, 5000+ army and Zhuge fucking Liang

Lupus could solo EE with half the effort of Yuri
Lupus > all other pleiades

Here posted for you user

Nabe is stronger. She can one-shot EE and the BS.

cleric stronk!

the real topic we should be debating is what Lupus' favorite sex position is,

missionary or doggy?


Doesn't EE have passive magic resistantce? Kind of a counter to Nabe who is a caster, Lupus can easily nullify EE's attacks
missionary holding hands for the purpose of proceation

Will KC end with one of the Pleiades?

that's a damn good question.

>Doesn't EE have passive magic resistance?


>Fluder is lvl70 meme

Magic tiers cannot be used to accurately guess one's level. See Narberal.

If we were to guess his level, I'd assume that he'd be around the mid lvl40s mark

Does it explicitly say? I would imagine as a caster she would have some magic resistance as is the case in most rpg settings

There's no mention of EE having any kind of significant resistance to magic. Even if she did, it wouldn't save her from an 8th tier spell.

The only guy who really gets Ainz is Ainzach, literally his only true friend at this point.

If Jircniv stopped cheering for Go Gin and started cheering for Ainz, we would already have a clear winner of Ainzbowl.

Hopefully at some point Ainz reveals he's just a normal dude to Justniv and they become friends. I wonder if Jircniv is a potential candidate for class changing like Renner. The only other guy I can see switching sides is Fluder and becoming a Lich after he reads the Book of the Dead or whatever it was called.


use proxy

What settings? Barring racial abilities, you usually need gear or magic to provide magic resistance for you. Evileye might be able to cast something like Lesser Glove of Invulnerability, but nothing nearly strong enough to combat Nabe.

Being a magic caster, she would have higher magic resistance growth, but no special resistance a la Shalltear.

I found Lupusfag on a feet thread

This is the kind of scum you share your thread with

You honestly think that Ainz revealing himself would change anything? It would just make jircniv even more paranoid. He'd think that this is a new plan by Ainz.
Dude has gone way past the point of return. He'll only get more and more mind broken with passage of time.

good taste

E-even you?!

Beat the Pleiades

>Yuri: Wear baby/shota armour
>CZ: Wear kitten + puppy armour
>Entoma: Insecticide
>Lupu: Water spray
>Narberal: Penis
>Solution: Lye

Humiefags are getting really desperate. They think BS can tank 8th tier spells with muh high lvl equipment and muh lvls don't matter.

I'm not Entoma poster if that's what you're insinuating.

I know, because the filename isn't Entoma_number

I mean you, user. Even you, whoever you are, another loss for the degenerates.

Actually CZ sniping might be a way to keep EE away from Momon and Nabe.

Think of it as an active denial.

They also think that while BS has legendary-tier equipment all Pleiades has only low-tier equipment. And don't forget
>muh Downfall of Castle and Country

At least it's not as bad as Peroroncino levels of degenerate.

Why was previous thread archived?
I thought we can discuss LN now.
Cuz it was too lewd?

I think it just didn't get bumped

Died like a spastic candle from inactivity.

It died because I wasn't shitposting enough

More like humiefags chose this to one to vent off their superior manhood.

Downfall of Castle and Country has a pretty short activation period though, is there a way to counter it? I guess Entoma can throw a low level summon in the way or scatter a swarm of locust to block it if it works by LoS.

I'd say the only counters that are probable are putting the caster out of commission (stun, shock, death etc) or wield world-class yourself.

Probably works by target. Since Dual shields stood in front of Karin.

Broken ass item then since it's reusable and has no real drawback. At least the top 20 have a risk involved with their use. Downfall is just a free win vs any single target.

I honestly don't understand what there is to talk about.
We already saw Narberal's 7th tier [Twin Maximize Magic Chain Dragon Lightning] which can confirmed to jump at least 3 targets.
Even with CD and KC - BS loses 3 members in first seconds of the fight.
Generously assuming CD at 80 lvl KC at 70 lvl and the rest at 30lvl - that makes BS a total of 450 force.
Pleiades are 327, but higher average level individually.
1. [Twin Maximize Magic Chain Dragon Lightning]
2. [Fly Breath]
3. CZ snipes lowhp with her ridiculous stats
4. Lupu and Yuri are taking the front
5. Solu sneaks and melts at least one away while everyone is distracted

I assume only half of the BS members will remain standing after the first seconds of the fight.
They're now at 300 total levels with some AOE damage done to them.
It'll be only KC and CD left after Pleiades cooldown their spells\skills and hit again.

Pleiades have ways to cut down the numbers of BS very quickly, BS most likely do not have ways to deal necessary damage quickly to Pleiades.

Killing the caster, which is already done and the BS doesn't have anyone else capable of using it.

Ainz specifically states that WCIs are meant to be broken and the devs told anyone who complained to fuck off.

>Broken ass item
Every WCI is basically this. We just haven't seen any of Nazarick's WCIs in action that's the only reason that humiefags think so highly of DoCaC. Once Ainz unleashes his own WCIs, DoCaC wouldn't look much special.

The thing with the 20 is that they are extra broken.

Humiefags don't listen to reason. They're delusional enough to think the BS can tank Nabe's Chain Dragon Lightning.

According to the section on Magic in the bonus material, Slane Theocracy can barely get 7th tier magic off through large scale rituals or the Dominion of Authority (which Ainz casually laughed off). There is nothing anyone can do to stop Nazarick. PDL and CD are in like the 50-60 range at best. Nabe can probably solo PDL unless he does his bullshit wild magic (which seems like a really inefficient form of magic, at least martial arts are practical).

The more I look at this pic the more think that it lend itself to be another Anime. Maybe like Black Lagoon type or Paranormal investigation.

We have
>Genki hot-blooded kung fu chick
>Cold and distant firearms loli
>Blonde airhead chick
>Old and retiring mentor
>"You disappoint" senpai
>"Ara Ara" senpai
>Cheerful Goth imouto

The question is who the main character gonna be like?

>Shota with no self-confidence
>Over-confident high school teen
>Professional middle age man
>Clumsy but hardworking interm
>Grim and edgy high school dropout
>Average salaryman.

It probably can only MC 1 person at a time. Naz can just gang up on whoever is MC.

>ST lures Albedo Kill Squad with desinfo about a Player
>Brainwash Rubedo

Ainz will activate all the golems in the treasury in response and re-live a raid from the good 'ol days.

>Albedo gets tricked by inferior life forms.
Humiefags for you

>implying a genius like Albedo would fall into a trap
>implying Rubedo would be sent out immediately without first investigating and confirming the existence of an actual Player

>Because Ainz hasn't given WCIs to hit squad as a countermeasure.
>Because Albedo is idiot enough to walk into a trap without any intel gathering.

Daily reminders that
>Black Scripture Captain first estimated Chair to be stronger than Certain Death
>He then lied to avoid Extra Seat getting hyped
>Leaving to fight Chair for kicks immediately
>And leaving ST without their triumph card
>They won't even be able to recover the body with Chair around in sentry mode
>Moments after lying to CD
>Captain goes full NW "Impossibru"
>In the face of overwhelming Nazarick power
>As usual NWers do - gravely underestimates toplvl entity
>Due to poor imagination and no good reference point to compare to
Also PDL remote armor vs Chair
>PDL is not stronger with his RC toys
>Than default-attire Shalltear
>It's just idle state Chair
>Judged that mauling down walking plate armor with her nails
>Is fucking stupid and geared up

You all know that Rubedo will be the end of Nazarick.
Don't struggle and accept it.

>Brainwash Rubedo
>Fail because Rubedo is made with a WCI

Chair is no comparison parameter. Ainz-sama himself said her class is broken

The colorifersomething stone thingy?
Yeah, I think so too.

in WN fluder tell ainz that nabe can kill any of the BS except KC


Not broken, she's just like 10% stringer than other guardians or something.
As well as hard-counter to Ainz.
That makes enough the difference to call her The Strongest.

well you are overestimated if nabe can solo pdl

Caloric Stone.

Reminder that Rubedo should win based on stats, but Touch-me would still outskill her because he is the World Champion for a reason.

>Chair kills CD
>Ainz checks the ST records
>Discovers CD is Akemis willingly born daughter
Is Shalltear condemned to always commit mistakes?

I thought it's not relevant anymore since many things changed
user this If 8GK were toplvl - each of 10 Dragon Lords facing them need to be at least 80-90lvl to fight equally.
PDL is >=80.

Resurrection magic exists for a reason user. It's not a big deal.

>Nabs the corpse
>CD is drawn to strong males
>Sasuga Ainz-sama


It's specifically said she could win in pvp against Touch Me.
I don't think author meant that Cuck Me would flail his weapons around mindlessly.

CD works for the people who MC'd Shalltear and essentially forced Ainz to kill his adoptive daughter. Ainz wouldn't give a shit about her, Akemi wasn't even part of the guild.

I can see the chikubi.
The mods are coming for you.



>If 8GK were toplvl - each of 10 Dragon Lords facing them need to be at least 80-90lvl to fight equally.
Uh, didn't the 8GK destroy all the dragon lords that openly faced them, with the exception of PDL? The only surviving dragon lords other than PDL were the unreliable or cowardly or selfish ones who avoided battle.

Why did Demiurge choose CZ to assist in his 9/11 in Holy Kingdom?
Is this even true?

Shalltear should have beaten Ainz in pvp as well. Touch-Me is a dirty p2w item spammer, don't underestimate him.

>CD becomes a runner up for the Ainz bowl
>Ainz only sees her as another one of his daughters
>"I have never seen my mother"
>"I can do something about it"
>Resez Akemi
>Akemi wins the Ainz bowl
>CD is both happy and sad that her mother came back


I thought it was said that 10 DL required to took down single Greedy King, but they resurrected and all DL who fought the war perished.
Rubedo is broken overlvl DPM too.

I dont know anything about Wiseman, but Guren is fucking OP when fighting in his stage because his stage is a god damn pool of Lava that burns crushes anything that he drags in, while constantly healing him.

It can be frozen with [Creation].
This is what this spell is for anyway.

it's really easy to underestimate rubedo because we're using nazarick as a benchmark, just like new worlders underestimate nazarick because they use someone like gazef as a benchmark.

but when you think about it, if she was made from one of the twenty, she's, at minimum, as gamechanging as like ouroboros or longinus. she's probably as strong as a world boss, which requires an entire guild to take down.

NTR in the Missionary Position with the purpose of Impregnating the Victims Loved one

Yes, she should be World Boss lvl.
There is a limit to how far p2w can take you against overwhelming raw power

Wiseman is mentioned as being a class of Overlord that specialized in combat magic I believe. Ainz also mentions that Wiseman and Thanatos are both really strong since they require exp to summon. I wonder it Ainz can use that pot of greed item to pay the exp cost and just dual summon two really op montherfuckers.

JUSTniv is some Sasugas away from wearing a mind broken Ahegao Elf Face.

Demiurge didn't choose CZ to assist him with 9/11. All he needs is a doppelganger.

isn't pdl a second generation, weaker dragon lord, or am i confusing two things?

>implying I'm an NWfag
Level 100 equipment can have utterly broken stats like, for example, 100% lightning resist.

>Pot of Greed
The gloves?
I was under impression Ainz wasn't able to collect any XP in it.
I would have thought he'll calm down after his breakdown at the Coliseum
He's royalty blood, child of Dragon Emperror
I see, thanks.

>Broken ass item
What fucking game did you think they were playing?

In WN he does use them against the army (you see their souls getting literally eaten), tough it seems like he didnt use them in LN probably cause he wanted to check if he could level up.

Does the ST have any sort of counter time stop devices? If not, even CD is fucked in the face of Ainz.

Their MA accelerate them in a similar way to timestop, timestop countermeasures dont work.

>Their MA accelerate them in a similar way to timestop




I would think the difference in powerlevel between Ainz and levies were far too great for him to earn any XP.
>mobs too weak to farm even 1xp
>common late-game MMORPG occurrence

Slimes are usually pretty weak to certain elemental magics, much like wraiths.

Check fight against Clementine.
It is said that you always get at least 1 xp point no matter difference in levels.

That is immoral

You're fucking retarded though.

Shalltear also confirmed to have time-related skill.
IDK what level 6gg were, if they didn't hit 70lvl - they may have no timestop countermeasures with them.
If they were 100lvl though - TSC is a must have.
They would definitely inform their subjects of it's importance.
>get at least 1 xp
Where was this stated?


What the fuck are you doing?

Erm Fluder?
Arguably Evil Eye?
Where were you for the last 10 tomes, living in your mother basement with no access to web?

>Super TIer magic
I believe you get first supertier spell at 80lvl.
Maybe 6GG didn't have it, just informed ST of it?

I think it was lvl 70?

6 gods had super-magic, was the minimum level for super-magic ever mentioned?

Here's what you're not understanding; there is no such thing as "Level 100 equipment". Items are classified like this . Most of the BS would be outfitted with Legendary tier equipment, any divine items would be given to CD and KC. The Pleiades are also outfitted with legendary tier equipment, since they're common items for players. The BS and Pleiades essentially have the same tier of equipment, but the Pleiades are higher leveled.

> In Yggdrasil, the amount of experience points gained was reduced in accordance to the level difference between both parties, to a minimum of one point.

You forgot to mention
>Jolly cooperation

I'm saying that Albedo isn't retarded. She won't walk into a trap just like that.
You have some reading comprehension problems, user?

>It can be frozen with [Creation].
>You can use a super tier spell.
>when the fucking lava pool is right besides the entrance of Demis Domain.

nice one.

Lvl 70.

So the Gods aren't even guaranteed to be max level. PDL might be a level 60 retard who gets killed by Nabe at some point.

Hm, thanks, I missed that.
Still 130k XP (if you even count the summons kills) for 100lvl us probably a speckle of dust.
You don't invade fucking alone.
I also doubt Gurren can drag 100 people down in lava at once.

Those are literally the WoW colors though. Players would be lucky to have more than one Gold-Purple item sure, but a level 1 gold-purple is worse than just a level 50 green.
Even aside that the main unknown factor here is ZZ. How fucking strong is she? We have no clue. We have a lower limit, she can't be significantly weaker than Fluder and is good enough to deter PDL, but no upper limit.
If ZZ is actually as strong as PDL and level 80 or so, the Pleadies may well be fucked

First, learn the difference between time stop and time acceleration, which are two different spells. Ainz used time stop against Gazef, which completely stopped all movement. Shalltear used time acceleration against Brain, which sped up her movement like Clem's MA.

Time Stop =/= Time Acceleration

>Gods aren't even guaranteed to be max level. PDL might be a level 60 retard
I don't thing 8GK were not toplvl though, they confirmed to arrive with Guild Base and it doesn't seem like scrub-lvl guildbase either.
Guilds are typically accept late-game players.

>I also doubt Gurren can drag 100 people down in lava at once.
The thing is the size of a house, it just has to latch onto you. Also
>loading time

>believes she can make babies with a skeleton
>Not an idiot

I'm not the user who's been battling you about this shit but you're contradicting yourself quite a bit here friendo.

Quit telling the other user to not interpret, because you are as well. You're entire shitty argument is telling this user he's wrong because you have nothing worthwhile to state, other then "HURR DURR YOUR INTERPRETATION"

Second, what you are INTERPRETING right now is all the other user is doing. No one really knows who has what right now, other then BS may/may not have a legendary/divine piece of armor. But also, the user states:
>At the most, all the BS members have legendary equipment
and you state:
> I'm sure there's one divine item in their legacy too
(Which, by the way, is an INTERPRETATION)
You don't know that. You don't know if they have a divine or not. You're just fucking "interpreting" what they have.

you can't dismiss and what they're saying, if you are doing what you are dismissing

>If ZZ is actually as strong as PDL and level 80 or so
Nah, she can't fight PDL alone.
Assuming she need support - she's not on the same level.
She rivals.
Probably 10 level difference.
Source: my ass.

D&D timestop works by accelerating yourself as many d&d fags explained.
And then this.
However, even faster than that, Clementine used another martial art.

“[Flow Acceleration.]”

This martial art had a startling effect.

It felt as though someone had used time-controlling magic to slow time down. Everything moved slowly, as though immersed in some highly viscous fluid. The speed of Ainz’s swing slowed to a crawl.
However Clementine moved at the same speed in this decelerated world. She effortlessly dodged Ainz’s counterattack and approached Ainz from the front.

>p2w sand watch
You were saying?
Ainz would go around this issue with no time if only he wanted.
I highly doubt Yggdrasil did not have any temporal race change items if not in the form of joke stuff like Mask of Envy at least.

>Nah, she can't fight PDL alone.
Could well be just that wild magic is a good counter to her, if she carries a war glaive she might be a warrior or battlemage type.

What game dev designs items without level restrictions? Fucking mid level people running around with end game equipment, nice balance.

>Warrior thinks magic can do anything

I see no problems with this.

Didn't Ainz comment on how she was actually moving faster, not him - slower?

>You were saying?
I meant literally the area loading time. Guren literally sits his ass right beneath the entrance, if you have the slightest bit of lag you're fucking finished.

What a fucking scrub laugh at him with me

Oh, but a full raid still worked through him somehow.
I think if it's >30 people - it's possible to cast [Creation] with p2w before you're swimming in lava.

>Ainz still has all that shit on Floor 8 that can keep up with Rubedo
why are we cheering for NOT Nazarick?

not binding or anything, but in the wn the flying castle guild is one of the three guilds momonga is afraid of if they were to show up in the new world.

in the ln he specifically tells albedo not to investigate the base, and presumably his other minions. there's a good chance he knows which guild it is.

Who gives a shit about balance? Yggdrasil developers didn't at least.

>Spamming Storm Gust, Meteor Storm and Lord of Vermillion at them Emperiums entrance.

those were the days.


Late but
The creator thought they were the 6 Good Gods, not AOG.


This isn't D&D user. This is Overlord. Re-read theses parts in the LN if you have to, Time stop and Time acceleration are two different things.

Nigger the original argument was that Guren was much stronger than his level might indicate. You can't bring up the 1500 for this, only Rubedo the Perfect One and Victim can claim that title.

>its the Cred Forums/2chan alliance guild

Cuz it doesn't seem like Nazarick control any of this said shit well.
Same goes for Rubedo.
It is contained to entertain invaders, but now when the rules changed - it's a fucking timebomb menace at the heart of SKAOG.
He also asks Sebas about Flying Castle immediately after his initial investigation on the surface.
He probably was afraid these fuckers use some WCI bullshittery to surprise rape AOG at the last day.

The LN doesn't tell us they're different though. DnD Timestop is literally giving yourself bullet time but to a retarded extreme.
Flow Acceleration is bullet time.
Time Stop isn't stated to not actually stop time, in fact it's likely to remain the way it works in DnD since you hold the very strange restriction of not being able to damage anyone while you're stopped.

>Still 130k XP (if you even count the summons kills) for 100lvl us probably a speckle of dust.
The very next line said it should've been enough to level him up, but he obviously did not.
I think it's implied that Yggdrasil does not actually have a lot of EXP demands. Players level up fast but are expected to burn EXP or die regularly so their EXP meter would always be in rapid fluctuation.

No. Enough D&D fag, Overlord time stop is different.

>temporal race change items
I'm still waiting for that meat exobody suit WCI to appear.
pic may be related.

What was the role of the Miko Princess within the ST? A high priestess of some sort?

Okay, I actually argued with this few threads back but some user said it's the other way around and I believed him like a bitch I am.
Maybe some divine tier MA can serve as TSCM
Nigga my original argument was about usefulness of [Creation] against lava lake.
And I still think it's a valid use of spell.

>Overlord time stop is different.

>they had something important under their thrall for decades?


>It is contained to entertain invaders,
Oh shit we might get an entire volume of Ainz and the guardians doing a boss rush on Floor 8.

Proof. It may be different in NW but not likely in yggdrasil.

What's so interesting about cheering for the I-WIN faction?

We still have zero evidence if it's different in NW.

>Quit telling the other user to not interpret, because you are as well
No, you read me completely wrong. Interpretation is fine so long as you phrase it as interpretation. I was telling that user to not declare his interpretations as ironclad facts, ya long-winded dolt.

I was under impression he did not earn any XP in NW up to date.

He doesn't have an EXP bar to measure (that was part of the user interface which no longer exists), so he really can't tell.

Is that not what you are doing as well? You are taking your interpretations and using them as ironclad facts against the user whilst saying your same "HE CANT INTERPRET"

Show me once where you don't interpret in the same sense the other user is. I am willing to learn and correct my mistakes.

>they had something important under their thrall for decades?
Ordered CDL to sleep or something.

he's dual classing warrior now and leveling that

Overlord-cum-Warrior soon boys

You were wrong as he explicitly stated.

He can tell his mana, spell range and AOE range but not XP?
I doubt that.
He stated that he should have leveled up.
Not that he earned enough XP and did not level up.
Citation is not clear enough for you to be this sure.

her one job was to use the Miko Crown, so she could be used in rituals.

>Is that not what you are doing as well?
No. I didn't suggest anything as a fact. I was working entirely off maybes and perhaps, as I said. Perhaps their armor is warded against lightning. Perhaps they have specialized divine class weapons, which are stronger than nonspecialized world class items. Perhaps ZZ is actually as strong as a level 100. I don't know, and I don't claim to.

I was not saying he must not use interpretations, only that he should not declare his interpretations as absolute.

Because we have a shittonn of other titles for that?

it is a valid spell.

That no NW has any hope of gaining access to, let alone casting agaisnt Guren.

I never talked about NWers.
I doubt they can even learn Super Tier if someone ever live long enough to reach 10th Tier.
It's not really magic, more like a skill.

not sure, but it's implied she got blown up after ainz countered the spy magic against the sunlight scripture.

i think the best guess is each scripture has a miko princess, and maybe they're responsible for different magical items (like the crown of wisdom, maybe kaire with downfall)

i think this was a different princess

the fact that even though he could steamroll the entire planet he is constantly under duress from keeping appearances and being a lonely beta kissless virgin faggot that cant sleep, cant eat, cant fap and refuses to acknoledge his friends forgot about him and the guild he used as a familial substitue the hurting never stops, I miss my old Ragnarok Guildies.

He can use magic to read his mana and HP. They're measurable stats that can be examined via gameplay, not mere interface data.

>It's not really magic, more like a skill.

He can feel his mana, as for spell range and AOE range he had to check by using spell themselves as you see in vol 1.

Mana can be detected through Mana Essence and a lot of settings make you feel fatigued and sleepy if you spend too much.
AoE range and spell range is memorized.

No-no, Ainz did not set up trap as counter to scrying third party.
Miko Princess was killed by Clem when she forced the Crown of Wisdom off her.
Either Clem killed her personally or someone had to do it later.

I get the basis of what you are saying now after some investigation in the replies. But why'd you get so involved? Makes it REALLY confusing that you aren't just interpreting a ton of jack shit as well.

You find cheering for the weak, shitty I-Lose faction more interesting?

Ainz doesn't know the exp requirements for 100->101 he might still get a level up.

All right, he did say that magic is a part of his power now.
I though he can feel the XP too.
So he can basically level up suddenly one day since there is no bar available to him to monitor progress?


These people literally have no idea what's even happening anymore.
>dude 500 DKs holy shit
>meanwhile DKs are trash mob tier

He did the math and should have lvl up when he killed that army.

It's a slow night.

>the weak, shitty I-Lose faction
I never cheered for the Kingdom, if that's what you are asking.

There are two Mikos that died. One died in Volume 1 when she attempted to spy on Ainz with divination magic, but his anti-scrying counter measures activated. He sent an explosion spell to the ST to fuck her up.

Miko #2 was killed by Clem and her crown was stolen.

>500 DK
Wait until mass food production and mining kicks in.
Ainz will swim in money from Exchange box and will start amassing 90lvl Merc troops.
>What can we enjoy if not the antics of a clown?
Maybe he need an intense fight against a strong opponent instead.
Like he did with Chair but several times.
I didn't see him mock fighting any guardians.


>Explosion spell
I was under impression this is what Ainz said could happen with counter measures, but he didn't actually set it up to retaliate.
Do you have a citation?
>Miko #2 was killed by Clem and her crown was stolen
Clem said "cute girl gone mad" so at least she forced off the crown first, killed miko later.

I heard Nigel was retranslating Volumes 1-3, anyone know if that ever actually happened? Or is it all a rumor?

I think he needs to do some sort of hidden quest and get a special job/race level as reward.

He did.

I dunno user, what do you think?

Don't suppose I could get a tinsy hint as to where. Skythewood doesn't seem to have anything but the old ones =/

>I was under impression this is what Ainz said could happen with counter measures, but he didn't actually set it up to retaliate.
>Do you have a citation?

Sounds like a vague misreading.
>A widened [Explosion] might not be enough to teach them how to behave… oh well, things being as they are, playtime is over.
Basically, he's saying his standard countermeasure of "Widened Explosion" may not be enough (he was not completely aware of just how weak everyone was yet). I don't have the citation for where they say that the other miko just got blasted to smithereens though.

Lurk archive or use DesuDesuTalk

>These people literally have no idea what's even happening anymore
They do have a better idea than most others.

>Level 11 magic, another god!

That E-Rantel mage:
>well, maybe that Ainz can cast Level 8 spells, oh man, I'm growing senile, of course he can't

Still, noone in the NW is on the level of Philip-sama and his keikaku, the real top-level New Worlder unlike those scrubs Dragon Lords.

he also ghost updated sky
citation [v4 interlude]:
> The 'Earth Miko Princess' died from
a mysterious explosion recently

Okay, I'm re-reading vol1 now, thanks.

or mega link .

Thanks, got it from desudesu talk. Much appreciated!

Will we ever see full scale battle with Nazarick on one side and some Players on the other?
I'd like to see how Ainz would command Guardians and what keikakus he will use to dispatch with Players outside of Nazarick.
I would also like too see him triumph and all NW onlookers to have their strings cut after realizing comparable firepower is not enough to win over Undead King.

Possibly in volume 18, the 'end of the prologue'.

Was it So-Bin who recommended listening OST while reading LN?
This is simply marvelous.

I doubt it. It has long since been established that 1500 enemies in what was basically a world raid could not break through Nazarick's fully operational defenses. Even a handful of PvP experts could not hope to get past the 8th floor without WCI support (AKA bullshit).

Imagine Philip an Ainz would meet somehow. And get along.

Ainz said they can manage up to 30 invading players without resorting to The Twenties now that other SB are all gone.
Also I had a fight on the surface in mind.

I'd read Ainz's flashback about that raid, written in first person.

That would rise to the higher level of litrpg than Prologue was.
Author will have to asspull shitload of mechanics, skills, spells, mobs and tactics.
A tedious task.
Shit would easily fill a volume.

Reposting BS shitfanfic from dieded thread for bump
>You're one of humanity's finest
>Standing at the pinnacle of your race
>One foot in the domain of Heroes
>Completed numerous dangerous missions for the sake of survival and prosperity of humanity
>Fought and defeated monsters powerful enough to wipe out entire nations with just a few of them
>Your blood and sweat are laid into foundations of national security
>On one of the missions your luck ran out
>You fought valiantly covering the retreat of the main force
>Your body was recovered by one of the special forces units
>You earned the right to be resurrected for your valor
>After the grand ritual you are alive once more
>Your current weakened state does not allow you to resume your duties immediately
>Prospects of early retirement are tempting
>You reluctantly leave the Black Scripture ranks and enjoy casual lifestyle
>Full of peaceful time with your family
>And reminiscing past
>At last you could be with your beloved and your child
>TFW your daughter and wife
>Looks at with disdain
>Like you're a disgusting NEET
>A filthy jobless leech
>A parasite to society
>You can't take it anymore and enlist once more
>Sent to clean up Beastmen in Draconic Kingdom
>RIP cuz Crown of Wisdom is nabbed
>Wife and daughter cry at your funeral
>Receive your pension
>Life happily ever after
>Your former Captain actually shag them both on the schedule
>All for the sake of Humanity

>Currently, there were only five spells he could use in his armored state, but sadly, the flight magic Momonga wanted to use was not part of them.
What are those spells?
Some super tier shit + [Message]?
I think we saw Ainz use [Message] while armored.

I will not let this thread die!
ESL-kun to the rescue
>Clem shitfanfic repost time
>Few volumes later
>Ainz annexes Katze plains
>During the thorough investigation of his new domain Zuranon secret base is located
>Go full SWAT on them with Guardians and 90lvl shop monsters
>Covering entire area with anti-skry and counter-teleport measures beforehand
>All Zuranon members were captured
>Presented to Ainz in respectful poses [Kneel]
>Ainz strode before rows and rows of prisoners, striking his staff into the ground while keeping regal posture he carefully rehearsed before the mirror.
>A pair of humans with most elaborated equipment cauhg his attention.
>AZ: They seem to have most mana pool among the prisoners
>AZ: "Tell me, I know that a man called Kajit and a woman named Clementine was ranked among your members. What happened to them? Do not lie to me, this will end poorly for you."
>ZR: "Yes, exalted one, I would not dare to lie, we are all pledging our life and loyalty to you, the absolute overlord of Death, we strove long and hard to find someone like your excellency"
>ZR: "Kajit and Clementine was our fellow executives, one of the highest ranking members in our humble organization."
>ZR: "Unfortunately-, they were killed by despicable human hero (be cursed his name *spits*) Momon! before they could complete so tediously prepared ritual!"
>ZR: "We recovered their bodies from E-Rantel to avoid leaking any intelligence, as you may know-, no, as you DO know, your Highness, Kingdom have resurrection at their disposal."
>ZR: "We all are well versed in necromancy, but not in high level resurrection spells"
>ZR: "The bodies were preserved in hope of future when Zuranon would be able to wield such spells"
>AZ: Ainz gulps down non-existent saliva, this is the chance to close up this slip up which tormented him for so long

Probably 0-manacost spells or something.

>man, Hat-chan is so damn hot, I so wanna fuck her.
>stare at the dark-red orb below her
>wonder what it is
>ah, just like Shalltear's blood frenzy
>but why is it placed below her?
>Oh, it must be her period blood.

I don't want to talk to myself for at least a week.

>[Period Frenzy]

Perfect Warrior I'd presume

>Being THIS fucking bad that you complain about low levels

>Wait until mass food production and mining kicks in.
>Ainz will swim in money from Exchange box and will start amassing 90lvl Merc troops.
At least until the NW starts running low on resources. Sooner or later he's going to have to start making undead von Neumann space miners.

Muv Luv is bad
Soomika deserved better

>starting running low on resources
You can just use magic to grow food and turn it into whatever you want with the exchange box. Or since running low of resources would require a long time they should have developed some space section already to send DKs/angels into the space to get metals.

>Space miners
I dig these developments too.
I bet coupled with books from Nazarick library Demiurge can make decent technological progress, if magic works in space - it would be even easier.
Few years back it was announced that an asteroid almost entirely consisting of platinum is flying somwehere in our solar system.
I bet you can grind it in space with Super Tier magic or some explosive summons then guide it to land in Theocracy for procession.

M8 White Dwarves are basically sun-mass lumps of diamond heated to ridiculous temperatures.

>Equip absolute heat and gravity resistant gear
>Walk on star surface
>Cool it the fuck off with [Creation]
>It covers an entire area according to rules
>Since star surface is somewhat homogeneous - it cools down entirely
>Casually mention to Jircniv how you extinguished a star over lunch

Seems like you have bad memory, he knew he had 90% filled on the road to unachievable lvl 101 (probably just buffer for xp eating stuff back in Ygg), explicitly stated in 2nd volume.

And his conclusion combines with that fact from way back in 9th volume that the 130k kills converted into minimum 130k points if Ygg rules still applied to him should have taken him over the limit.

But no, the rules don't apply anymore and he couldn't perceive any change on his self so he rules the possibility of level up impossible for himself.

Running around with endgame gear at mid-level is going to make you a massive target for high-level PKers who want to take said gear off your dead corpse. It's risk versus reward.

>Time to go explore the space
>Tomb of Nazarick converted in a fucking Star Forge
>Sucks up entire stars out of matter for Exchange box
>Numerous merc summons
>Demiurge comes up with designs for monstrous beings the size of celestial bodies
>Begin galaxy conquest
>Jehovaism intensifies

Those are not the redone ones, vF is ultimate final that won't be further touched in anyway.

Been a while since I checked mega folder.
Thanks for an update mate.

>Ainz starts summoning world boss levels monsters as mercenaries

"Time to find good old Earth."

If magic works in space - I doubt it's the same universe.
Then again:
It will only delay Ainz, who is undead and does not really care about that.
Except all his friends would be dead.
And original Satoru would die of old age too.
And Earth would probably be dead too by the time he got there.
And the Sun.

by the way who is that at the middle? I recognize the rest but I can't pinpoint who is at the middle


fucking facepalmed, yes of course he is, he is a dragon himself thanks user

Its a Twenty. It powers up then vanishes after being used.

Meant for

Do we know which guild held the shtick?

If Overlord time stop is just you moving faster the time stop countermeasures don't make sense. It's logical if time stop actually stops time and everyone with the countermeasures have 100% resist against time stop. Or else everyone with the countermeasures would be moving around with super speed all the time. That MA Clem used is the acceleration version.

I'd think countermeasures would only kick in when timestop fuckery is detected.

It's named World Savior, sounds like something that would drop after killing Yggs end boss the World Devourer(I think. So a really large guild would have it.

>The Shtick confirmed
>The Ouroboros for auto-translate
>The Five Elements to introduce tiered magic
>Ainz was wary about Flying Castle right after transfer
Could 8GK guild be the next in WCI possessed after AOG?
Supposed to have three.
Also it could've been the Cred Forums guild since degeneracy, rapey and infighting.

>Ainz was wary about Flying Castle right after transfer
He actually asked if there was any floating structure. He was not specific.

>Floating structure
This is still quite specific question.

He was also asking about blade-like grass because he was still thinking it was a game.

Yet I doubt it would the only unique floating structure in all of the 9 homeworlds.

If you read Nigel's translation then you can see there's nothing about structure (building) and Sebas answer
>The heavens are as boundles
shows that Momonga was asking if there's a "wall" above.

>Momonga could not help but smile.
>All this was too much… “In other words, the Great Tomb of Nazarick has been wholly transported to a different place?
>…Sebas, is there anything floating in the sky, or did anything like a message appear?”
>“No, there is nothing like that. The heavens are as boundless as the 6th Floor’s night sky.”
Why you lie to me?

I just read the latest volume, so Ainz wants to unify all races eh?

Here user, I fixed that for you

But he wants to sugarcoat it right??? so I used the term "unify"

Enslavement is for those resisting or not having respect. Silk-gloved guidance and protection for those that submit respectfully.

Is that blond haired maid is fifth? is that her form??

>Why you lie to me?
Why don't you have any reading comprehension?
Momonga is asking about "roof" floating in the sky because that's what it would look like in a geme. Sky texture on the ceiling.

Yes, user. Enslavement, which is far better than the freedom NW-ers currently have.

>they have WMD
>they attacked our allies
>they sank our corvette
Yes anons, he wants to sugarcoat it.
>submit respectfully
user a fucking god-tier undead tries to conquer you.
Of course your initial reaction would be to resist.
Wild undead fucking hates all living.
Should be her.
The one that tried to scale the building facade to catch up with flying Ainz
>floating in the sky
This shit is indeed beyond my comprehension user.
Shouldn't sky look realistic enough in 2200AD DMMO game?
>better than freedom
Republics, city states, ST and Empire were doing just fine without Ainz.

>Almost every isekai there is
>Have human supremacists as antagonists
Should we all agree that humanity strength lies in racism?

Fucking Nazis and their human propaganda!

>Shouldn't sky look realistic enough in 2200AD DMMO game?
Even if it looks realistic it's still there. You can't have boundless space in game.

You're saying this like this is a bad thing user

Then how Sebas would be able to distinguish realistic looking VR sky and why is it called "floating" in the sky?
I assume "sky" is environment and "floating" refers to an object in this environment when I hear this.
Not environment = object and it's is floating.

>“Continue your loyal service, As for Demiurge… some other time.”
>“I understand, Momonga-sama. I shall continue working hard in future to prove myself worthy of such a mighty ring.”
When will Best Boy be awarded with AOG ring and why didn't we see that already?

I think Ainz already gave a WCI user

>how Sebas would be able to distinguish realistic looking VR sky
He's not required to distinguish anything. NPCs are now real and the Ygg world they remember was real for them. That's why Albedo doesn't know about GM.
Momonga asks about sky and grass because he himself knows how would it looked like in a game.

Also people are overestimating Ygg engine. They didn't even have moving mouths so why would they have realistic sky.

I assume all the NPC's having been giving their rings off screen at this point.

>Ygg world was real for NPC
Then how the fuck would he know the difference between realistic simulated sky and natural one?
>Ygg engine
Cuz modern VR games have sky realistic enough?
It's a fucking neuro-interface DMMO user.
I assume they can't into moving mouths cuz reading people's emotions on the fly is nigh impossible task considering huge variations in brain anatomy, chemistry and wiring.

WCI is more like a protection, not a reward.
Maybe this user is right.
Demiurge spend so much time outside of Nazarick that he might not even need the ring, but he's a defense commander on the other hand.

>Then how the fuck would he know the difference between realistic simulated sky and natural one?
They wouldn't. That's why Momonga doesn't ask "is the sky/grass like in Yggdrasil", he tries to go around with "something floating in the sky" and "frozen grass which would cut
you as you passed them".

Yeah because the non-humans were so nice before the first players came along.

Hello, I hope this thread is still active enough for a reply.
After watching the show and hearing about the LN itself, I would like to know where I can read it myself!
I don't know japanese, so translated if possible

IDK user let's leave it at that.
I understand about the grass, but "something floating in the sky" still doesn't feel like a VR sky to me.
Who are you arguing with?
I'm not the user who reproaches Nazis.

Read thread.

Check Desu Desu Talk
Another user already asked and got his answer in this thread

Even if you don't agree with VR sky there's still nothing about a structure like it was in previous translation.


Okay, "something floating in the sky" is still accompanied by an "object" in my mind though.
If it was a creature or a flying apparatus - it would be "soaring" or "flying".

I replied to the wrong post.
was meant for

Why you spoonfeed FBI-kun!?
This is why we can't have nice things.

What's he gonna do about mega link?

Like no filehosting services ever go down due to copyright issues.
I don't know where is it hosted - but deleting content on DMCA request is common practice for those.

Thanks for the help!

Out of all the guild members of Naz, who were the best pvpers?

What are the strongest units in Naz now?

read LN

>strongest units in Naz now
Rubedo, but not properly controlled

Chimera hamburger when?

Shhhh, Entoma is sleeping.

Who's this?


Thank you.

That is actual Yamaiko, AoG's healer/off tank.

Yuri's creator, a teacher in real life.

Hey, I have not ever had a foor fetish. blood maybe but not being stepped on.

>Don't like being stepped on by gorgeous cute spider legs

Your loss

Check reddit and stay there, lazy retarded newfag.

why is bottleguess doing here?? narberal would be fucking pissed off

fucking HD!



there's literally nothing wrong with using reddit.

Using it like a cheap whore it is.

I'm back! after long time of overlord abstinence i'm hyped up for new volume (even though it's about dwarves) so have just wo questions.

1. anyone know if this month's manga chapter will be released together with new volume?

2.any spoilers for volume 11 (don't say that it's got a dragon)

>don't say that it's got a dragon
It's got a dwarf

The name of Ains Ooal Gown will never know defeat and will always know victory

Unless the enemy is also Ainz Ooal Gown.

The final Overlord enemy, Ainz's good twin!

The delegation from the sorcerous kingdom arrives at the dwarven lands at Azellerisia mountains, only to find that it is besieged by demi-human tribes called Quagoa. Seeking to recapture their capital, the dwarves agree to forge ties with the sorcerous kingdom if they help them with the problem.

To be honest, this synopsis reads eerily like Nigel's fanfic volume 10 about the dwarves digging up some invading force, and eventually offering vassalage to Nazarick, upon Igni Ro Falen's suggestion, to save their asses.

I want more Guardian SoL

Nigel probably had a fangasm when he read that synopsis

>yfw the volume 10 on skythewood was actually the vol 11 all along
>even the demixmare part
send help

We might get some guardian action in the ova

Nigel's dad is literally Ainz

Nigel can see into Ainz and Maruyama-sama's keikaku

>implying Nigel isnt literally Ainz
>implying it isnt everything his keikaku to conquer earth before it develops tech that can defeat him
>implying Nigel/Ainz didnt plan breexit too

that would mean that my fanfic was also part of volume 11 xD

But i'm sorry to say that I think that this will be one of those "we don' talk about it" volumes like volume 4 and 7. fingers crossed that I'm wrong.

To be fair we all knew it will be some Moria kind of bullshit with "make dwarven kingdom great again" keikaku from Ainz,

I am sure volume 12 will be a blast though, i expect this one to be more like vol 5 as it will build up into the next

I'm expecting the beastmen kingdom or slane. the dragon princess seems more likely. ayways watching Ains owning beastmen is something to look forward to.

> Ains owning beastmen is something to look forward to.

What if, Ainz actually helps the beastmen.

he wants to subjugate all races and take over the world...

he's going to biatch slap them from one end of the draconic kingdom to the other. end the volume will end with demiurge going "sasuga Ainz-sama"

I think shit begins to hit the fan with this volume

PDL remote armor fought and got owned by MC'd Shalltear
Shalltear appears publicly as Ainz Ooal Gown's subordinate
Another dragon sees them together

Unless Ainz realizes this and silences that dragon immediately, that dragon might report to PDL, and then the more countries begin planning in secret to kill him.

This could also prove to spin in Ainz's favor if he manages to persuade the world that the evil "Henyupenyoko" now is on his leash, and he "manages" to quell Momon's anger over Henyopenyoko and the other vampire, making himself appear like a god-like negotiator who could calm monstrous entities down and make them settle their differences in peace.

PDL attacks random innocent vampire enjoying sunlight in the middle of the forest. What a dick.

I don't think all dragons report to DL. Most of them are probably just monsters.

>not purging evil on sight

user please.

PDL was able to detect Shalltear's karma, so it was natural for him to try to subjugate her

Too many gasps in the start, my hopes for dub are rapidly diminishing from already low point.

well if you see our history then i agree

Fuck off with that disgusting shit.

Hey, if it does well then higher the chance of nips doing S2, it's shit but it's useful shit.

>success meme
Yeah, nah, stop posting.

>caring about how well a dub does
Your delusions are showing.

The novel didn't even chart in the US, the buyfags let us down.

I can't even remember what happened in volume 7, is that the Workers one?

i can't tell where the slime begins and ends

>The screen goes dark for only a few moments before he finds himself completely immersed in the online world of Yggdrasil.

>Embracing his new identity as the fearsome mage Ainz Ooal Gown, Momonga continues his search for bigger, badder adversaries. Leaving the people of Yggdrasil to wonder—who exactly is trapped with who?

The uploader has not made this video available in your country.

>immersed in the online world of Yggdrasil

It might be true, the prologue hints at it.
The gov is using him in their experiment.

If Albedo or Demiurge were the ones to encounter the BS instead of Shalltear, would they have gotten mind controlled or would they have handled the situation better?

Why do we see so much third party POV then?
Then again: scientist give our reality 20-50% chance of being a simulation.

Albedo had WCI on her from the start.
Even if one got MCied - the other would figure the shit immediately and off the user.

Demiurge could order most of BS kill themselves with [Domination Mantra].

I meant if they encountered the BS alone, not together. But yes, I guess Albedo is immune and she would have slaughtered the BS. If Demiurge encountered the BS alone, would he have been able to handle things differently and avoid being mind controlled?

Even better, he could order the ones affected to attack KC and the other high level BS members or use them as meat shields.

>If Demiurge encountered the BS alone, would he have been able to handle things differently and avoid being mind controlled?
If he was in Chair's situation then no, he wouldn't be able to avoid MC.
But he wouldn't be in Chair's situation in the first place.

Demiurge wouldn't expose himself rashly as Shalltear did.
He at least have ranged attacks I believe BS won't be able to defend against (except for KC).
He could also use [Domination Mantra] to instantly incapacitate them not letting Kaire use WCI or at least buy himself a time to retreat.

Where the hell would they even get 20-50% from?

source: their ass

They didn't.

Why not have it be an ensemble cast revolving around them? The mysterious Lastborn is their mission control, while Sebas joins them in their work.

They get requests from people who look suspiciously like Overlord characters to deal with problems and monsters.

>"Everyone in my business keeps expecting so much from me and I don't know how to meet their demands. My head accountant keeps on going on about how I'm a master of the stock exchange after i made a series of bored purchases and my secretary keeps trying to seduce me in my office and I can't tell if I'll get reported for sexual harassment. Also why are their children running around?"

I feel like Demiurge wouldn't just rush them like Shalltear did. I imagine he would observe the BS from a distance and summon a high level familiar to attack them. When he sees the WCI being used he'd call in reinforcements and snipe Kaire from a distance. That would a smarter, more strategic way of dealing with the BS.

Yeah they fucked up that part big time, also
I noticed what bugged me in the Dub trailer(beside the obvious things).
They're fucking over the translation, I mean it's still about the same and 1:1 translation of the original, but god dam it's like they arranged it on purpose to sound bad.
0:10-0:30 They're doing it pretty good, but at 0:33 They start fucking it up.
>"Attention all units, our prey has entered the cage, devotes yourselves to the gods to carry out their will"
This too literal translation of the original, it would better come out if it was:
>"Attention. Prey has entered the cage, devote yourselves to god"
To god since every scripture is specific for each of 6 gods, while it's not uncommon to pray to all 6 I can see that they primarily focus on their own god first, similarly like NPCs would chose their makers first but Momonga 2nd.
1:03 Ignore the automaton Albedo before this, but here it goes:
>"The most enjoyable thing now might be taking over the world."
While I get what they tried to do here it's still a fail in my book, it'd be better if they went:
>"Taking over the world might be an enjoyable thing to"
As it:
1. Makes it sounds like a passing thought and a little joke.
2. Is still too ambiguous enough to sound like an order or at most a suggestion to Demiurge, where as their line makes it seems like a direct order.
At least the Ainz VA is awesome so far.

TLDR: They're fucking it up badly.

"I'm sorry sir, we deal with supernatural problems, not mundane ones."
>This repeats every episode where they have to reject the calls of an increasingly worried CEO who has just stumbled onto all his success

>implying Demi wouldn't destroy the ST to break their wills instead of ever deigning to fight them

Demiurge could literary fly in without any danger and just say "Kneel" to defeat everybody but KC, simple as that.

Is it going to be another >rabbit translation?

>He eventually buys them out.

But he wouldn't do this. Demi always has to be prepared for shit.
I also don't think [Kneel] would stop Kaire from activating the dress.

In the finale: they see him and are immediately awestruck by his greatness and genuflect before him.
>"Please forgive us our incompetence, great lord. All we can hope to do is not interfere with your divine will."


Demiurge: Kill yourselves

Sadly, as much as I want the dub to make it, I don't know how bad, but it's going to be worse than >grotesque.

O well thread dying. Hopefully we see more PPP shorts from now on.

If Emperor can have some trinket that prevents Demi's ability then there's a hight chance BS has something even better.

>The ultimate "trapped in a game" anime

Most likely Demiurge exempted Emperror from [Kneel] on purpose.
No way some shitty NW item can stop the voice of incubus.

At least Ainz is not a boy.

Yeah, I was hoping they would do that, and well, there it is.

*They wouldn't do that*
Fuck my ESL lifeplz Yuri, I love you.

Demi vs BS

>Demi observes them from a distance
>summons high level familiar to attack them
>sees them use WCI
>calls in reinforcements
>snipes Kaire
>summons dozens of demon familars
>engages BS in his most manliest form
>BS gets dragged to Happy Farm

>trapped in a game

But what if it's true?

It will be like triggering by zero.

a few corrections

a. Kaire's dead baby
b. it will all go down a little more epic than that
c. CD will probably be there as well
d. I don't have any more remarks just hate stopping at c

>snipe fails cause he's not shalltear
>mind control successful
>sasuga KC-sama