It's been a while, let's have one of these threads again. Heavy Object volume 12 was updated last night.

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I just started watching Railgun. I'm surprised that Misaki is so popular on Cred Forums despite the her introduction as a psychopathic bitch who's obsessed with being the center of attention.

she has character development

>she's hot
That's all it takes.


Myonri officially confirmed cutest HO girl, Kamachi agrees.

Misaka Mikoto is mine.

Apparently the guy who does the best MADs is too busy to do one for NT16 now. The one you posted was pretty cool, however.

Sounds like bait by someone who's already been through the series but like 90% of the characters, she's better than her first appearance makes her out to be. Her intro was incredibly out of place in the anime anyways.

Was there any real reason to show her when they did? All it seemed to do was help boost her popularity a bit.

>Multiple mentions of Catherine's butt
>Multiple mentions of Hime's butt
>Not mentioning Mariydi's butt
You're slipping, Kamachi.

Not really, but at least it saves them the effort of introducing her for a possible season 3 where she'd get a big role.
Give it time, Mariydi's butt is the best and he'll pobably have a whole paragraph dedicated to it.

Mariydi only good for bullying, give us more Burning Alpha.

Miki please go

Anything is possible. Index season 3 directed by Nagai with screen time for best girl in every science arc is possible.

I don't like how the anime downplays how introverted Mikoto & Misaki are

And turning Kuroko into a meme character was annoying too

We're going to get an Accelerator spinoff anime where Nagai replaces Accelerator with Saten at every opportunity he can get away with.

who are the two rightmost girls?

>turning Kuroko into a meme character

That's simply being true to source. We hadn't seen her treated with any seriousness outside Railgun since OT8, about thirty books and ten years ago.

Yukari from Zashiki Warashi and the White Queen from Blood Sign.

Saten in DRAGON when?

In dream ranker, perhaps. Assuming sniper-chan made it and is a part of the girl in the dress' squad.

>Saten replaces Accel
>Stelle gets killed
No thanks.

>implying that Scavenger and Hishigata wouldn't be absolutely destroyed by the power of friendship

NT literally killed the series.

Now threads just die without reaching bump limit.

There's nothing to discuss.

It's rough when we're getting railgun chapters every two months now.

Index 3 when

It's time.

Mikoto being "relevant" was a mistake.

Thank you based js06


Reminder that Nasu dropped shitty Tsukihime because it doesn't sells unlike his magnus opus FGO.

>“Oh.” In her blue bikini, the Princess continued inspecting her Object with tools in hand near the top of the Baby Magnum. She regained her balance after a slight tremor belatedly ran through the machine. The small butt contained in the synthetic fabric shook back and forth like she was surfing.

>She was fifty meters up, but during the late-night downpour, she could not see the distant tower of dust.

>However, her ample experience in war allowed her to intuitively analyze the tremor she felt. The waves running through the dark sea were not normal. They were clearly manmade and had the dangerous and weighty feel of destruction.

>She had heard that Quenser and the others were the attackers and the Capitalist Corporations were the defenders, so it was obvious what something this large meant.

>“Way to go, Quenser.”

Hime doesn't even gets worried anymore at this point. Also, the color illustration focusing on her butt was a genius decision by Nagiryo.

>Knows him so well she can tell it's him just by the size of the explosion
True love.

I come from pixiv with gifts.

Ohoho a shit.



Why does Kamachi do this




>barely any art of Myonri
>decide to draw that scene of all things
For what purpose?

Is there anything cuter than a wounded military girl you have to save?

He likes to bully girls with bowl cut

Truly the cutest.

>Heavy Object volume 12 was updated last night.
I want my season 2

Ohoho better have a good reason for her shenanigans. On another note, Kamachi is high on survival shit recently.
It's not okay when the same girl keeps getting bullied across multiple worlds.

It was updated a hour ago too. Still not season 2 though.

Ohoho is fucking brutal.

They're lovely, thanks.

And swimsuits. Kamachi probably watched HOTD or something.

If they announced a Index event, with kamachi, haimura, kawada and the Seiyus, Heavy object S2 confirmed

There's still the Accel manga.

>no raws

This Faith Organization elite is pretty based for a nameless character.

Someone has to put shitty lolis in their place when they misbehave. I'll be disappointed if he dies.

They had to get somebody eventually, one cute girl isn't going to cut it.

Touma a skeleton

Needs to eat more so he can grow, you don't get a solid form on a lackluster diet.

Touma a starving

Forget Touma, what the fuck happened to Nanami's arm and Biribiri's lower half?




You're all legally retarded. Nothing is going to happen to any of the Railguns and they're not going anywhere so you can all just stop already. The only characters that have a chance at dying are the magic side characters and you all know it's true. Nothing can stop these girls.


Its foreshadowing that Mikoto will become Mik oto
Then be fine next chapter

When you have worked for bonds as strong as this you're literally guaranteed safety. None of the Railguns have a chance at dying without something crazy happening that would alter the path of the entire story itself. It would be a very big deal unlike the very common magic deaths.


I honestly feel sorry for all you magic side fans because towards the end of this beautiful story 98% of all magic characters are going to be irrelevant and pathetic just like the unstoppable magic gods by the end of the series and the superior Railgun girls are going to be taking center stage and shining brighter than ever.

The only reason this series is loosing money and popularity in the first place is because Touma is the main character. This is why Kamachi said he regrets making Kamijou the main character instead of Mikoto but continues because his reputation is on the line and it's the reason he created Railgun to try and undo his mistake.

My filter was getting rusty.

I'd compare your little "filter" to World Rejector even though that doesn't work on Kuroko. You're literally shutting out reality because you can't handle the truth.

It's going to be truly delightful to watch you all squirm and cry when Kuroko finally becomes a level five. She's only thirteen and already a level four. It's going to happen at some point.

Here's one from twitter. I hope whoever made that website is dying a painful death for making fanart so hard to find there.

I love this series which is why I love the Railguns and Mikoto as much as I do. Unlike most of you here I actually realize it's these characters that keep the series going. This series would literally have ended already if it wasn't for Mikoto and her friends.

Building bonds and friendships is what the fans want to see. It's the most important thing is anime besides love and parings. This is the reason why despite all odds and him being a magic side slut Touma is actually pretty popular.


Nagai was right from the very beggining.

Thanks for finding it. If Heivia=Kakine then is his fiancee the Girl in the Dress?

One thing I noticed about you magic side freaks over time is you instantly fall in love with characters that are powerful and drop them as soon as they loose their abilities or become irrelevent. What you all fail to take into account is even the strongest characters in the series suffer and have their low moments.

This even goes for Accel with Last Order but you notice the characters with friends to share the burden usually come out on top and survive and have the "happy ending" when it all comes down to it and the others either die or lose their powers and go away forever.

It's a magic side slut tries to harm Kuroko episode.

It seems she forgot Kuroko actually has friends. She won't be makeing that mistake again.

All these magic side losers are a joke anyways even in terms of power. They really just need to give the fans what they want and give actual power to a character that deserves it.

Saten defeating a magic user with her esper ability is one of five things I want to see out of this series to make it perfect.


>Both don't have an official name
You might be onto something there, user.

>Blood Sign volume 3
If only the White Queen had told Beyondetta to make the Backdoor a hat instead of a glove.

>the entire Crimson Lady conversation
Don't tell me the "truth" is that the whole world is just a dream of the White Queen or something dumb like that.

Blood sign was literally written to get new people into the series and is failing in terms of production. Look at the numbers. Kamachi would have been better off using the extra time on Index or Railgun.

Honest question. Is Blood Sign even good? I heard it's not even canon but I can get past that if it's a decent read.

Can't hate her really.

Index eats all his food.

The White Queen never told Beyondetta anything, it was all subtle manipulation. Besides, The White Queen likes the challenge.

Not really Satan most people and by most I mean the 2-3 people who actually read it only do so because it helps them feel special when nobody really cares in the first place. You're better off reading the Accel spinoff.

I was introduced to this series with Railgun as the very first thing I watched so my opinion is literally more important than 97% of this fanbase by that alone. You can trust me.

Why can't Kamachi write characters without relying on le quirky verbal tics?

>Hating cute verbal tics
You can super-sized fuck off. Really though, only a fairly small percentage actually have those when you think about it.


>Choosing Kamijou for the lead role of the series has made my life a challenge but I'm not the kind of person to sulk about the past. I'll continue to work on the series with a positive outlook.

This is him basically realizing he made a huge mistake not having Mikoto be the face of the entire series in the first place and even without this quote the Railgun manga shows how desperate he is to keep the Railgun fans on board the series although it's not working as well as planned. Index sales go down ever year and there's literally nothing he can do about it without damaging his reputation. If he chose to make Mikoto the main character from the start he could be focusing on one LN right now and it would be much more sucessful. You can tell by the new LNs that his heart just really isn't into it anymore. It's heartbreaking.


The thought of this man sitting in a room writing all these side stories and secondary projects to keep everybody somewhat happy just breaks my heart and the sad thing is the magic side fans are literally the worst fans of them all and easily buy the least amount of merchandise by a huge margin and that's the main story he has to slave over. He should have started everything with Railgun and made it the main story and his life would have been far better and with better fans to support him. It's just not fair.

>Besides, it’s wrong to think a puny human can see the entirety of the world. All of you have scattered, individual intelligences that are satisfied looking at just the surface of the world and searching only through what you understand. Did you really think you could reject the words of someone who has swallowed up and conquered another entire world? What you saw here was the invisible being displayed due to some kind of bug or error. The deleted file returned. It’s the same as a monster like me crossing worlds to have some fun. Why can’t you understand something so simple?
It probably has a relation to the things she said in volume 2. Plus, according to js06 in the recent crossover Kamachi put on his blog the White Queen was implied to be able to interfere in other Kamachi worlds.

Index is the run of the mill action anime with a lot of girls thrown in the mix but Railgun was something special and held a lot of meaning and life lessons in the episodes. Railgun was special and that's why I can't forgive this pathetic fanbase. You're all pathetic worms and I hope Index gets canceled so Kamachi can focus on writing what truly makes him happy.


I suppose in a way I'm just like Kamachi. Even though I hate you all I'll continue what I do because I love this series.

I just wish there was somebody who cared as much as I did about this series and understood what's in my heart to post with. Somebody I could count on.

>Touma buys Index books on how to be a housewife/how to cook/how to clean/how basic technology works
That would solve their domestic situation.

Kuroko a shit.

Nice try but nobody actually believes that.

The sad fact is if you actually had brains and lived in Acadamy City and found yourself in danger Kuroko is most likely going to be the person to save you.

Misaka is such a qt. The series needs more of her.

Virgin girl is pretty cute, but Mariydi is best.

Fist of all Mikoto is the undisputed "best girl" of the series and secondly any of the Railfuns make these girls seem like a pathetic joke. I wouldn't go around using the term best girl so carelessly in the future.

>Mikoto is the undisputed "best girl"

Nagai has been desperately shitposting for hours now, just ignore him.

All this time you haven't responded and you couldn't hold it in any longer. I must have really hit a sensitive spot because you obviously didn't like what I said and most likely understand it as the truth. Mikoto* is the golden girl of this series and those pathetic Hoe-bags couldn't hold a candle to her in terms of beauty, power or brains. It's not even a contest and did I mention she can play the violin? You probably already knew that though.

>reading vol.8
>expecting the bullying people talk about
>suddenly Ice Girl appears
>best fucking entrance in the series
>slaughters half of their fleet
>almost kills weeb commander and mechanic granny
>Burning Alpha locks her once
>she smokes him in retaliation

Eh? So where is the bullying? She completely fucked them up and was minutes away from killing Burning Alpha.

He just started shittalking her through the radio like a sore loser.

If not for Hime she would murder the entire fleet.

This is beauty.


>Has to get saved from a missile by her wingman
>Gets absolutely furious from his trash talk
You forgot it wasn't a 1v1, Burning Alpha was probably the only worthwhile fighter the LK had up there while she explicitly had support.

>You forgot it wasn't a 1v1

Oh yes, it was the entire goddamn fleet vs 4 planes. Fleet full of missiles and laser CIWS.

She was furious because they ordered her to retreat when it was the perfect chance to kill enemy ace.

Well maybe if they actually had friends to count on they wouldn't have that problem.

>Implying any of those could do anything
It's like you've never played Ace Combat.

Saten could have helped them no problem. She learned to pilot in a single day. She's the best there is. It's too bad they're not friends with this SS tier Railgun girl.

>when General Secretary is in a good mood and announces a swimsuit day in Gulag camps

I can only imagine all the perverted things he was thinking about Kuroko while he was carrying her. He probably enjoyed every second of it.

user, HQ scans have been out for like a month now.

I can give you a good guess.
>I'm tired
>It's too hot
>I wonder if the class thinks I'm dead
>This lesbian needs to eat more
>I hope this hole in my side doesn't get infected

No, look at his face. He's clearly trying not to look down at her. He's scared he won't be able to resist the temptation to touch her boobs. You know he wants to do it.

i might be legitimately the only legitimate blood sign fan, i like it cause i think its good. it kind of reminds me of campione! except the MC isn't buttfuckingly retarded and i legit am waiting for the one time the white queen even needs to inevitably be bailed out of some serious bullshit by the MC because its gonna happen, it has to happen, thats whats everythings building up too.

>I might legitimently be the only legit BloodSign fan


faggot, if other ones would show up to actually exist then that would be something else.
your talking bout hipsters kurokofag, i actually like the series dumb lesbianposter.

is this way by the way.

Assuming you aren't Nagai replying to himself again, you obviously haven't been around the threads at all if you think you're the only one.

>if other ones would show up to actually exist


Mikoto - blue/amber
Kuroko - orange/velvet/plum
Saten - green/gray
Uiharu - green/yellow
Haruue - African violet/lime/
Kongou - white/red
Misaki - pink/gold
Wannai - terquoise/gray/gold
Awatsuki - blue/silver
Mii - green/yellow/white
Febri - black/white/green
Tessou - orange/blue

Nobody ever talks about how cute Kuroko's hair bows are. It's sad how underrated they are.

They're perfect!

What do you mean by "it's not even canon"? It's an entirely new series.

>If you have the will to follow through with your beliefs, the results will follow naturally.

Let that sink in first before you start asking questions.

These girls are best friends. That's why they're so close.

Mikoto looks mad but she loves it.

Satomi arai's voice's suck.

You're really digging the bottom of the barrel now.


You guys didn't think it would be that easy did you?


I can literally post whatever I want can't I?

I believe Haruue is the best character in the series during the time she had. She is the only character in this series or any other to change my viewpoint an anime in general.

The mods don't give a flying fuck for some reason and you've been at it for hours so I'd say yes.

>giving the slightest care about Raildex threads

I don't know exactly what it is but they way she goes about her life inspires me and actually made me view life from a differant point of view. You don't need to be the most powerful or talented to be happy. All you need are friends and love and that's what life is all about. The only reason people want those things are to fill the void or because they think it can help them find friends or love in general but honestly all you need is a cute smile and a shining persinality.


Railex threads are forsaken lands.
Literally no one cares what gets posted anymore.

Money and power won't hold you when you're sad guys.


Sometimes it just builds up and you need somebody to talk with you know.

Quenser practically counts as a human Object himself at this point. I wonder if factions don't actually list him as one in their database.

that's when you lean on your friends for support.

Knowing his luck, Heivia probably gets marked down as 'Quenser's assistant' in the enemy's report about them.

I'm sorry guys. I just want another season of Railgun. I'm mad that Index even exists to be honest and I think that's that's probably why I hate you guys.

What the fuck happened here?

I don't usually use the word hate either. I realize it's a strong word but I just want you guys to know you deserve it more than anybody and have truly earned it. I truly and sincerly hate this magic side fanbase with all of my heart. Congratulations.

I'd have put them down as "Walking Object" and "Lone Wingman".

Spam. Just filter image.jpg in Raildex threads.

No, no, no. Heivia is never allowed to get credit. It would completely fulfill his goal of becoming someone worthy of inheriting his family's estate.

It's basically pottery between the two idiots. Heivia wants the recognition and harem-antics that Quenser has while Quenser wants the financial stability and mansion full of maids and imouto that Heivia has.

You're not wrong, but don't be trying to start shit with mai waifu as your avatar.

Filter image.jpg, image.png and image.gif then hide the stubs and the thread is still mostly fine. The downside of having completely unmoderated threads.

Shitty granny voice.

I like the Vanderbilt daughter more.

WTF? He should really be more muscular than this, like he's punching people from on side of the room to the other with no sweat but... What? Maybe he's just lost too much blood recently.

Would you guys actually be happy if they made a season 3 and 4 of Index?

I'll take even flash animation at this point

I get that if Rensa had to take on the Level 5s she'd probably just spam Accel's vector shit, because apparently vectors shit on everything in the science side, but what would her response be when dealing with Accel himself?

And how well can she use those abilities compared to the original Espers? I get that she can use all their moves, but her brains are probably from a literally who. Does she even have the calculation ability of the Level 5s?

Can Kakine Original beat Saints?

I want to marry Mikoto and make 10 last orders

She'd use vectors to make the punch against accel or the #6 ability, and the computer power probably compensates for her lack of calculation power

Pretty much this. Although I question if the individual that was #29 really is a literal who and if those white wings will be relevant again before the end.


Can Quenser beat level 5s?

If Hamazura could.

He could probably beat Mugino, maybe Misaki depending on the circumstances.

How do people beat Misaka in straight combat?

Can't she just hit you at the speed of light with a bolt of lightning and kill you instantly?

Other than Accel and Touma everyone should die on the spot.

Yes, very very much so. I'd even settle for an OVA or something just anything that would show that they're gonna continue it.

We don't even know her name and she's pretty awesome.

Electricity does not travel at the speed of light

By distracting her with lewd thoughts of what he'd do to those middle schooler boobs?

>Can't she just hit you at the speed of light with a bolt of lightning and kill you instantly?
I always wondered how Touma survives that. Does he have other powers besides his hand, like lightspeed reaction time or something?

He can predict what the opponent will do and react before they do

SeeThey travel at 1/3 at the speed of light or at 220,000,000 mph

That's not how you gain muscle silly user.

Touma is just immune to all magic and science and attacks of any form.

He has super precog

Perhaps his true ability is being a quantum zombie? The version of him we see will always live because his precognition feeds him what not do if he wants to live.

That'd actually be super interesting. I'd super read that.

What a small Saiai

I wish Saiai would super hop on my dick

Speaking of Rensa, obligatory robutt post.

Which did you like better? The original or the new design?

The hoodie is great and all but her full potential revolves around the original.

>Touma gets cornered by Kamisato's harem
>brigade of Rensa's straight out of Aleister's ass save him

You have no idea how much I would love this. So why won't Miki just do it?!!

>12 years old
Saiai is always smol.

I think Kamachi likes cyborgs too much to not bring her back.

>Stiyl is 14 being at 2m
>Saiai is 12 being at 150
He'd destroy her smol kitty.


>implying Siyl's dick isn't small
He's a heavy smoker

Well at least it's not fairy Othinus.

Just finished vol.8. Wasn't as bad as many people said.

And when is that asian elite who ejected from Megalodiver going to return? Because I bet she will.

I liked that volume, especially chapter 1. That elite hasn't returned yet.

Mikoto is the most perfect girl to ever exist in any form of media. Ever.

Maybe when Kamachi starts adding more continuity. He's already started doing that though, Vol 11 was a big one for Heivia's story and Vol 12 takes place after Vol 10 for sure since part of Vol 10s epilogue takes place in Second Venice.

That's why I married her.

Go away Miki, it's an established fact that Enbi is best girl.

no I did (I'm Touma)

No one likes a hipster user-kun.
No, Mikoto is my wife, I'm Touma. Fakers please go.

No I am, proof is that selfie I just made

There was always some continuity, like the Oceania chapters. It just can't rely too much on previous volumes since you're supposed to be able to pick it up at any one.

A little far from perfect but the most sympathetic still.

Enbi is a shit girl from shit title no one cares about. This is an established fact.

Nothing hipster about liking best girl and (tied for) best boy.

I'm not Touma, and Mikoto DID marry me. Three years ago, and we have been extremely happy ever since. This fall we're planning to take a trip all along Route 66!
She tells me that ever since meeting me she's moved her feelings for Touma to a more mature admiration. It's a healthy relationship we have. If either of you actually are Touma I do apologize. We tried to invite you to the wedding ceremony

Where can me and my wife Mikoto read your fanfiction? We're looking for a good laugh. Pic related, it's me and her.

First chapter was great.

It's rare when enemy force is so much more competent than the good guys.


>having a best girl conversation without mentioning the actual best girl, Frenda

Someone post the bingo. I lost it.

Why are you so petty? Are you really that upset at this news? You're certainly not Touma. Touma would be more understanding and kind, without this childish animosity. Mikoto would never love someone like you, who calls genuine happy marriage photographs ""fanfiction"".
Please stop posting all of these old images you probably scraped from Touma's facebook. It's not funny

1. 2. Auto-defense. Everyone above high tier has some form of auto-defense.
3. She's not even the most powerful electricity user.


Dumb slut.

What is with Kamachi's boner for large and powerful religious organizations?

Somebody go punch Etzali he's fanfiction posting again.

She looks like she could be related to Quenser. Especially with her love for explosives.

I think he's got more of a boner for little girls butts lately.


You can do a lot of stuff with large and powerful religious organizations. I'd be more worried about Kamachi's boner for cutting off the arms/hands of his characters off.

That's more autism than I can handle, user

He's so good when he's not pandering to shit taste with cowtits and old hags

Soft, endowed girls are fine once in a while. I have a wide range of acceptance since it's the overall balance that's most important to me. Enbi is best girl with the White Queen a close second, but that's mostly due to their personalities, the one I really want to do lewd things to with her sister's consent is Librarian-chan.

>suit has a vibrator in it


The relatively high amount of middleschoolers/middle school aged girls in Kamachi's works is extremely pleasing. That 12-14 age range is simply the peak age of the 2D female species.

Especially true in Index and HO. I always figured Kamachi is a lolicon at heart.

Mikoto a shit, best girl High Priest died thanks to her

He did say he would make Index his lover afterall.

I wonder if they're ever going to publish more /ss/

Who would win a slut fight between Saiai and NTR Girl?

Your bait is amusing.

Saiai is not a slut


>Misaka genes only allows daughters

You underestimate the touMAN

The Hymen Breaker probably destroyed that illusion.

Her only lack is a bigger penis though seeing how nips don't go above 13cm Misaka cam pass off as one.

Speaking of Quenser and explosions, what the fuck goes on at his school?

Classic engineering.

>That 12-14 age range is simply the peak age of the 2D female species.
A gentleman and a scholar.

Definitely one of the reasons I like Kamachi's works.

This thread is fucking terrible and I'm going to tell you it's terrible until you agree

It's all Misaka's fault.

Mikoto will save this thread!

Relax mate, here, I'll post best girl and (tied for) best boy to make things better.

Okay, vol.9 is better than Index's best volumes. Holy shit, I hope this gets S2 some day.

Grand Theft Object would be season 3 material.

When's the fall fes again?
Also how likely is it that they'll announce a kamachiland anime? Give me a number from from 1-10, with 10 being certainly.

If it does get S2 somehow I hope they put vol5 as an OVA on the side instead of in the main set. It would confuse the hell out of anime-onlys and I would much rather see MIB than Mariydi. No offense to her, but she bores me much like Mai does without somebody to pick on her.

Next month. 3.

2, there's no panel for Kamachi anything as far as I know so they would have to make it a surprise announcement or something. Next year might have something though since Blood Sign and maybe Boo Boo will have enough content to warrant an anime if they don't do HO or Index.

Vol.5 was one of the best though.

But it would be better if she got an entire series for herself.

It's probably the only one I never reread, Maryidi is too professional and "perfect" without something else to shake her up like the insanity Kyousuke has to put up with.

And what exactly "shakes up" Quenser other than going after every pussy in sight?

Mariydi is insane in her own way and her volume was great. It's still the best selling HO volume to date. She + bodyguard guy made a great pair.

Hell, Putana was also great and would make a top tier lead. I wish more volumes had leads other than the idiot duo.

It's an issue of personality. Mai is insane too, but she's boring in the same way, even the other Hishigami women were more entertaining. Quenser by himself would be annoying, but that's where Heivia and Froleytia help. Mariydi just suffers from nobody to properly build fun interactions off of.

It's a Raildex thread. I was expecting worse.

I can't finish BS volume 1, when does it gets good?

First picks up when the White Queen arrives, picks up better in vol2 , even more so in vol3. The summoning ceremony can admittedly be a pain to follow sometimes.

I started enjoying it from chapter 3 on.

>“Tah dah!! It’s Putana Highball who piloted the Collective Farming! After we released her, she was placed against the wall and about to be shot for her failure, so I attacked and collected her because it sounded like fun!!”
>“I-I’ll kill you!! I’ll slaughter every last one of you who took the Sarasvati, the Faith Organization, and everything from me!! Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!”
>When he saw the disgrace of a former Elite starting to struggle and being restrained, Quenser Barbotage grew somewhat blue.
>If something happened, he would of course be the first she killed.
>“But she’s cute, so who cares!!”

I honestly started to feel bad for her. Like holy shit, they did such an asshole thing this time.

There's no breaks on the bullying that volume.

To be honest I'm surprised she didn't just break his neck the moment they were alone.

If she can lift three full bags of cement like she did she could break him in two like a twig.

I can't remember when exactly she found out he was the one who made the plan, but after that it was probably partially curiosity and the fact that nothing she did would bring back her old life. Ohoho already was interested in him before he boarded the Rush, but somebody who didn't already know about him would probably be curious about the crazy motherfucker who crafted a plan to steal a massive death machine with the pilot still inside.

I don't think S2 could even go that far if they keep the same pace they had in S1.