Cred Forums Sings Re:Zero - The F/a/gstravaganza

It's here:

It broke my computer to make this. I hope your happy.

Enjoy you fucks.

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It's fucking awful desu

This is even more cancerous than i would've thought. Good job.

Some parts are great but most of it is just a pile of cringe as always.

Sounds more like sings to me. Terrible show with an even worse crossposting fanbase.

This song sucks because there are too many long breaks.

The Luluco OP puts it to shame


>Cred Forums sings

hahaha if this board is making this kind of garbage, this place is indeed fucking dead

welcome to /r/anime.

Poorly mixed. Better than nothing, but please look at other people do it. The fact that you alternate a single person for the chorus, and randomly insert multiple people during none of the appropriate times has me beyond triggered.

There are some genuinely good voices in there, it could have been a lot better had you literally looked at any other Cred Forums sings and how they did it.

>Cred Forums
more like crossboarders sings

Should have gone for a chorus as usual


Why do these r/anime niggers think they should copy paste their same juvenile discussions about fad anime here

because you let them in

1.) At least let singers complete a thought before switching to another singer, the cutting off mid line is jarring and why everything sounds so choppy
2.) When you put in random babbling, make sure you have a lower slower voice contrasting the higher faster one. This keeps it tonally consistent.
3.) You want to fade in the decent singers along with the last person that was singing when you lead into the chorus.
4.) When in doubt, follow the original song. Put in additional voices with the original track.
5.) There will people you will cut, if they don't fit, don't shoehorn them in.

To give examples, 1:04 should have had more than one person. 1:22 was alright, but it meant that 1:28 would have needed another group line to keep it consistent. All the parts where you chose someone screaming off key to build excitement should have been a lot of people singing relatively on key.

I could go on, but I hope you get the idea. Unfortunately a lot of kneejerk reactions are going to be the singers suck, but the reality is, the mixing is what killed it.

Tryhards with no soul. And the whole namefag thing is absolute cancer.
tbqh any "Cred Forums sings" tracks are crossboarders because attention whores cant just stay on one board just like normal whores cant stay with one man.

Shit that's actually really fucking good.

This, this always works best.

Terrible. Andd not in a 'so bad it's good' way, it just sucks. Cancerous as fuck.

You fucked up.

Too cringe , didn't listen.

Why the fuck you didn't take this seriously and make something of worth.

Why couldn't you do something like this?

>One user told me he sang about me in this
>Wait all day for it so I can call him a cutie
>He was either cut or not understandable because of the horrible mixing
Feels bad, I was going to hold his hand.

Pretty much this. Doesn't help that there are some awful singers too.

wow did you edit this? Its like you didn't even try.

We could of had something like this Cred Forums. why can't we?

>reddit "people" wanting Cred Forums sings to be "serious"
>posting some guy's last mixing job, on a sad song no less, to justify it
The mixing was indeed shit, but please fuck off back to /r/anime

that's what orchestr/a/ does, and orchstr/a/ is actually suppose to sound great.

you must be new here huh

This isn't usually my policy, but I might as well address one or two things about my mixing process.
Of the ~30 submissions I recieved, 4 could be considered good. So if I were to only focus on the good ones, that would betray all the folks who spent time and effort trying to join in. r/anime Sings has a whole catalogue of songs pumped out by the same few people, and I don't intend to follow that example.
I do compare myself to Bedford and other mixers at various times throughout the process, but remember that of the hundred or so Cred Forums Sings out there, Bed mixed a full third. The ones on his channel are only the ones with at least ~35 submissions. Some of his lesser known ones had as little as 7 participants. I'm still working out how to best do these things.
It's my personal preference that things are messy and disorganized, cause that's 4chans defining feature. But disagree all you like. It's your right.

this is so fucking bad

why couldn't you fucks just sing the opening like a normal person instead of having this much autism.

Now let me open this door

Your mixing needs work, but you've got the right idea. Anyone trying to say that autism in Cred Forums sings is a bad thing is indeed some r/anime shitter like you pointed out.

Hello /r/anime

you do you. fuck these autist. it may need work, but it's decent at what it currently is.

Thanks for adding my picture in, fagolio.

What happened to Cred Forums sings God Knows?

My biggest complaint is just not having Stay Alive
could have switched Straight Bet with it and you still get a bunch of screaming autists

That was pretty bad.

Am i the only one who thinks that the clusterfuck of a song is hilarious? or am i too much of a newfag?

You are a newfag. Cred Forums can do much better than this disorganized trash.

In fact, even Cred Forums does better. And Cred Forums is suppose to be the older brother here.

Autism has its own charm. Some anons just don't like having fun.

It's pretty meh, it tried to find a balance of trying to sound good and mix and match autismos together. Too many solo cuts when it should've been paired vocals. The chorus was too much earrape even for Cred Forums. That way everyone has more lines sung and could be still very cherrypicked to find the least decent time anyone sounded horrible.

>People actually complaining about the quality

I thought the who point of Cred Forums sings and all that other shit was to be fun and fuck around, and not take it to seriously.

Fuck how could you do this without crying in shame

Cred Forums should sing the 91 days op next for maximum autism at those high notes

It's an Cred Forums thing. You can like it but you gotta really rub your ass on user's chest so he can feel insulted.

I would join in on that one.

I'll deliberately sing three octaves under the original tone just to fuck with you.
>that opera guy
>that duet

>Cred Forums cant do good mixes

Take it seriously next time, it was a half assed attempt and its shit compared to past ones

>Take it seriously next time
Okay reddit.

this gave cancer to my cancer

So thanks for curing my cancer, OP.

That mix was seriously slothful.

There is quality, QUALITY and then theres reddit

know the difference.

Fuck off redditor. It was fun and if the guy wants he can do a new mix, it's been done before.

>Take it seriously next time
no, faggot

/o/ shits on every Cred Forums (reddit) sings.

I like it, Thanks for your effort.

holy shit the opera guy is great. The other guys couldn't even complete.

>tfw this is so bad it becomes good
And that guy screaming "I WISH I WAS THERE" actually got me laughing

>some guy
>being so new he doesn't know who Bedford was
Bedford was a huge fucking faggot but holy shit you are new as fuck. You have no right to call other reddit when you yourself are showing off how little you know about this board.

At first I was embarrassed because I didn't think I would be able to sing certain parts right

and then I realized that the way this was mixed it didn't even matter

and then I realized that this is one of the worst Cred Forums sings and I'm happy I sat out.
>Dat scream at the end

Still one of the best solo performances I have ever seen on Cred Forums

But I've never been to reddit so how can I know what reddit is like?

I'm serious, I've never been to reddit once in my life


Why do all male anime fans have the same distinct voice?

You all sound like you're still in puberty.

its supposed be shit why are you so serious on this god awful website

Fucking this, I wasn't expecting and made me laught like crazy.

That isn't called 'singing'. What a disaster. This show didn't deserve a group of fucktards ruining one of its best songs. I'll forget this ever existed.

I think it was okayish

There's a perfectly good board called /r/anime for people like you.

Fucking destroyed. How can they even recover?

You can say it's a personal preference to make things shitty, and you're absolutely right, However it's a pretty big fuck you to the ~30 or so people you claimed that sent in submissions.

If 30 people sent me pictures they drew, and I crumpled them up into a huge ball and taped it together and put it on display, it's definitely my right, but it doesn't make me any less of a cunt.

Shit mixer. Shit singers. Are those singers even trying? Just a bunch of autists trying to be funny. Even r/anime is better

>suppose to


Go ahead and call me new for who it was that mixed that particular Cred Forums sings faggot, see if I care. Just so you know, if I were new I'd have bothered to open the video to see who uploaded it instead of remembering it was his last mix from looking at the thumbnail, so fuck off.

That wasn't Bedford's last mix though. That would be Komm, Süsser Tod for when moot left.

>Not knowing who bedford is
literally kill yourself

>Why couldn't you do something like this?
Dude are you serious.

>That thread was over 5 years ago
Cred Forums really is a different place

But r/anime take their singing videos seriously, user. If you had been in any Cred Forums sings thread early last year, you would have known.

well done

>tfw you get featured at the end

I can die with no regrets.

Just a few constructive criticisms on the mixing though. I don't really agree with the anons that say that it jumps around to much, it's not that bad. I think the main problem is that you don't transition switching anons, so it feels a bit too jerky. Maybe just reduce volume when you want someone else to take over, rather than mute them right away? On a similar note, I'd avoid abruptly transitioning from decent mics to shit mics (e.g 0:50), or from going from really loud to quiet when the backing music stays loud (e.g 2:30)

For the parts where you try to get everyone together, it helps if you pan out people to different sides. I noticed you did this for some of the duet parts, but I couldn't tell if you did this for other segments with a lot of voices. Also when you swap which side a voice is on (1:42 - 1:48) this could be done a bit more smoothly. It sounds a bit weird as-is.

Also, maybe some bits could be timed a bit better? I know a lot of submissions are off tempo, but parts like 2:15 and 4:00 sound like cancer because anons are noticeably off from each other.

Overall good job though. STRAIGHT BET actually sounded pretty nice. Probably my favorite part. Thanks for the hard work m8

I stumbled to one of their reddit sings at youtube by chance and tried to compare it to Cred Forums sings.

You'll easily spot the difference

yeah, 5 minutes is a long time

oh, you did ALL the songs? I guess some of the voices were pretty nice. Made me laugh, so it was alright

It was okay.

Holy shit. 3 years after and this song still leaves me in tears


oh god mein sides

>anime watchers are underage
What else is new.

So anyway, is the second K/a/mikyoku dead or what?

It's ded, no activity for almost 2 years.

That's what I figured, but that's still a bummer. Probably even more than Database being dropped.

At least you got this

>Cred Forums sings is not considered a reddit thing
>reddit is churning out more of their shitty songs
We need to change this.

I remember this. The fucking best of Cred Forums.

nothing will ever top colors

Change what? Make Cred Forums do more songs or stop reddit from making them?

It's fucking shit

I don't know user. Im just tired and upset and I want somewhere to vent. I'm sorry for bothering you user. I'm sorry. Please forgive me.

Cred Forums sings is a joke so I'm glad this one is actually funny.

The tryhard ones are just cringeworthy and autistic.

hi i'm a newfag, what the fuck exactly are Cred Forums sings?

Some guy organizes Cred Forums singing anime songs during the end of a series/anime. Everybody then sends in voice clips of them singing the song.

Editor takes the parts they like, edit in the song in the background, add different vocals, then put it on youtube as Cred Forums sings.

how does one submit to this autism?

You don't.

what happened to God Knows? not enough submissions?

hahah this is epic!

r/anime here i come!

Answer this, DJ Shitty.

>shit singers and mix
Glad I didn't watch this anime and join its cancerous threads

This is fucking great, where's the MP3?