Bello Cred Forums, today i'm sharing with you a song i dedicated to my favorite Kancolle, Shimakaze...

Bello Cred Forums, today i'm sharing with you a song i dedicated to my favorite Kancolle, Shimakaze, tell me what you think

Sometimes you just have to
Talk to your self about what
It is youre ready to do
To satisfy your wishes
Sometimes i truly think that
I really should adress that
Issue that keeps me sleepless
Every other night
So here goes everything:
Why is Shimakaze always in trap porn?
Why can't i just have my
Standard vanilla lolicons?
Why does it have to be just trap porn?
I'm already shamed enough
I really dont know what to do

I've already tried with 3D
Cosplayers but they peave me
I really just want 2D
Banal, good hen tai
Sometimes i just feel desperate
Like at the end of my wit
I take the the trap porn and I
Jack off anyway
It shouldnt be like this..
Why is shimakaze always in trap porn?
Why can't i live in absence
Of underage anime girls?
Why is it always,always trap porn?
Loli g-string was enough
Now i like transvestites too?

How old are you, holy shit.

Is that a yay or a nay
I'm thinking yay

It's a gay, actually. Like you OP :^)


You really get me, user. I was afraid people wouldn't get the moral of the story, but i was wrong.

Is this some fresh new copypasta?

What do you think of Kishida Mel's cospray of Shimakaze? Is he cute?

who cares
I'd rather mate with this cutie

>small c

Is that what disturbs you the most here?

It's all about initiative

Boner inducing just like his drawing.

Kongou dess~~

watch out reimu
there's a new queen of armpits in town

My first EP, by the title of "Why can't i buy a fakku subscription with Roblox money" is going to contain my debut song along with the b side track "Who said i can't end my suicide note with a tilde?"

>not a rap

why? you already have a very good bridge (the trap porn part)

sorry I mean hook

Any creative input is highly appreciated, mixtapes are easier to sell anyway

>my favorite Kancolle

I told you make the trap porn part a hook and you're set


Fucking hell, what makes the Kancollefags so cancerous? Do most of them come from forums?

Needs more swords.

It's not about the boats, it's about the art

>his favorite KanColle isn't the blonde with the big tits

good thread