Part 1: a Herculean lad with a strong moral core fights using a sword

>part 1: a Herculean lad with a strong moral core fights using a sword
>part 8: a little twink with a sailor suit fights with a Soft & Wet

Where did it all go so gay?

part 5

The 90s. Schwarzenegger became less popular.

Ironically, Josuke is probably the most heterosexual out of all of them. He has a love interest as his main companion.

Gappy isn't a twink at all. He's pretty buff actually, it's just that Araki doesn't draw mutants and call them men anymore.

Now, Giorno? He's a twink.

He's fairly lean, but he's also 15. He's decently muscular given his age.

Gappy is literally manlier than any other JoJo ever you dumb faggot

>Josuke is probably the most heterosexual out of all of them
Daily reminder that Joseph pumped and dumped Josuke's mother

Yeah, but when you look back at BT, he's got some pretty strange moments.

Also he dressed like a woman once.

>implying dressing like a woman to seduce your enemies is the manliest thing ever

Look man, he climbed a long oily shaft until it sprayed everywhere.

Guess Hercules and Thor are gay then.
Well, I don't know about Hercules, Greeks were open like that it seems.

>implying mounting a large shaft isn't a manly display of perseverance and focus.

JoJos ranked by manliness
Gappy > Johnny > Jolyne > Josuke > Jotaro > Jonathan > Joseph

What the fuck is jojofag's obsession with ranking everything?

is this a coincidence

Autism. It really kills discussion potential which sucks because it's actually a good series.

their autism > their love for jojo

What do you mean? There's two Josukes.


He's pretty fucking manly.

Kira Yoshikage is Jousuke Higashikata

Why is he named jojolion?what does he have to do with lions?

went to the bar

Araki stated outright the -lion is from Evangelion, so it's Jo-jo-lee-on

Different universes. Part 6 was originally the end of the series then 6 months later Araki started Steel Ball Run as a new series, but people were confused as fuck because the two main characters were a Zeppeli and a Joestar. Most people figured it was just a reference but a few weeks later Araki brought Stands back as well. Apparently Araki considers it a completely different series if it's a different continuity, even if it still has Stands and Joestars in it. Obviously no one else thought like this because they aren't insane, and so after a few months Shonen Jump slapped JoJo's Bizarre Adventure on it to stop the confusion and for marketability and moved Araki to Ultra Jump where he can write whatever the fuck he likes. The sequel to Steel Ball Run, JoJolion, stars a character named Josuke Higashikata, just like Part 4.

Only a literal retard would not realize part 8 is better than part 1 in every sinle aspect

Just look at how much the art improved, shit is unreal

Universe was reset in Part 6

After it was reset, the new universe turned out slightly different than the old one. Versions of the previous people do still exist, but they're very different in some ways.

Johnathan in first universe = Kind strong British lad
Johnathan in second universe = Horse racer with a deadly instinct

Josuke in first universe = Bancho who gets upset about his hair all the time
Josuke in second universe = Weird guy who turns out to be the fusion of two guys in a weird way, and has four testicles.

SBR/JJL is not the reset universe from the end of part 6.

It is though

Dio looked like this in stone ocean, so I'm pretty sure Jonathan would look as muscular as Josuke in the current art style.

It's neither confirmed or deconfirmed.

Araki said that josuke is as muscular as jotaro

It's not, the only thing that changed in Part 6 was that Pucci was gone. Made in Heaven only changes things based on who Pucci kills, did you even read Made in Heaven.

>I don't know how Made in Heaven works

You don't have to admit it to me, I know you don't know how it works.

Oh, that settles it.

But this is pretty weird, now that I looked it up, Jotaro is 195 cm tall and weights 82 km, I know people with this height and weight and they look pretty thin.

But it's impossible for MiH to create the SBRverse.

I can't say I hate the fact that we get more Jojo, but I gotta know what was going through the head of whoever greenlit this. Part 7 made no sense in continuity with the series and nobody had any idea what the fuck was going on.

Because Araki didn't intend it to be considered Part 7 but as a new series. Whoever his editor was that greenlit it wasn't thinking straight though. There's two completely unconnected continuities in the series now. Calling it Part 7 might be part of the confusion, since it implies it's somehow connected to the prior Parts when it isn't. Should have just called it JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run and not numbered it.

He isn't Arnold or Stallone, but "little twink"?

He's twice the man Arnold is.

Made in Heaven caused the universe to become reset and return to a certain point with everyone's memories of the previous universe intact. As long as Pucci doesn't interfere, all the events occur in an identical fashion as they did in the previous universe. The only individuals that don't know about the future are those killed by Made in Heaven before the reset.

After Pucci's death, the world enters another reset that's different from the original world. In this version, Jolyne and her friends are all reborn as different individuals, while Pucci is presumed dead and everyone else remains unchanged.

SBR is in a different universe. Holly Joestar and Yoshihiro Kira had a son named Yoshikage, who exhibits traits similar to both Jotaro and Kira of the original universe. Since both Stone Ocean and Jojolion take place in 2011, they couldn't possibly be linked.

Oh no it's dyslexic and made the list backwards

>least manly
The list was shit but don't say things that are outright incorrect, people won't trust you again.

There is no trust on an anonymous cellar water connoisseur imageboard

But I trusted you user.

Easiest way to start a fight.

So has the plot of 4balls gone anywhere yet, I'm somewhere in stone ocean iirc

Fuck, I want to get to this but Vento Aureo is a huge slog for me.

Do you mean for the character or the Part as a whole? Because yes to both, it's a mystery story so there's been a lot more development than other Parts but we still don't know a lot of things. It's really interesting and engrossing, I wasn't sure about Araki's renewed focus on character drama and mystery over conflict (there's still plenty of conflict, just not outright fights of exchanging blows) but it's worked really well.


Just don't rush yourself, people who speed through the Parts to get to a certain one miss out on all the subtleties that make them so good.

Skip it
Vento aureo is not worth it

If I could go back in time I would tell my old self to skip vento aureo and stone ocean

But they're both great you dipshit.

they make that stupid face all the time

I like it, sometimes araki has too much insane shit going on at once but I feel like part 8 balances it better than some previous parts

Holy shit, so wrong

Johnathan > Jotaro > Johnny > Joseph > Gappy > Josuke > Giorno > Jolyne

All these years and Araki is still a retard at anatomy...

Move Johnny above Giorno and Gappy above Joseph.

It's weird because he CAN draw proper anatomy in certain things but in JoJo he just chooses not to.

>jotaro that high

Being serious and brooding all the time should not be associated with manliness when you are over 14, Jotaro tries to hard to be cool and is easily one of the less manly jojo

Jotaro is still fairly masculine but Gio is actually one of the more masucline Jojos.

He's pretty ruthless, especially for a main character.

>Gappy less manly than Joseph
Joseph is my favorite, but the guy who started the Joestar secret technique can't be one of the manliest. Put them both in the same situation, and Joseph would run away first.



I'm speechless
He looks like a total sissy

I never realized that jotaros hat is actually part of his head

wow rude

Well he was a pretty upper class kid and didn't really get swole until he was older

I will be honest here, I don't like jojo's art style overall. But I'm fully awere that this is because of Araki's weird taste, and not lack of skill, his mona lisa and venus on this page are fucking great, his fucked up anathomy, and clusterfuck fashion design must be completely on purpose

He already looked muscular as fuck as a kid
He turned into a behemoth when he got older

Why is araki drawing a 15 year old boy like that??? This is sick. Chris Hansen needs to pay the man a visit

Unbelivable, I looked more intimidating than those guys when I used to lift seriously

I understand not wanting to draw bodybuiders anyomre, but why retcon the first jojos to be as lean as the new ones?

So, is there any chance Irene is going to show up during Jojolion? Since Stone Ocean and Jojolion both take place in 2011 I presume there's a chance they'll overlap, but obviously the father Irene mentioned can't be Josefumi since he was only 20 (though araki can just retcon that)

I guess maybe she could be part of the illegitimate branch of SBR!Joseph's family, or maybe she's not even in this universe and Kaato is just this universe's Jolyne

It's not retconning, he says he just can't draw in his old art style anymore. Phantom Blood was drawn 30 years ago so I can't blame him. Canonically they're still huge.

The way MiH works makes it impossible for the SBRverse to be the one with Irene in it. And the counterparts don't really mean anything in SBR and JJL anyway.

They don't need to be in the old style, just in the new one but bigger

There's probably not going to be any Jolyne equivalent in JJL.
Also Parts 1-6 universe and SBR!Universe are two entirely separate entities.
Since it's implied that at the ending of Part 6, everything is the same except for the Part 6 crew cause Pucci killed them.

Araki forgot how to beefcake

Im ok with the jojoniums designs in general but fucking cars, and the pillar men, I mean they are the gods of fitness not the gods of vegans

Oh my god, why is Joseph starving?
I take back what I said in if Araki can't draw characters more muscular than this then he is a bad artist

I know but that's the reason Araki gave. He said himself that being unable to draw big guys like that anymore doesn't mean they were retconned.

On the bright side, since Jotaro always wears a jacket, he doesn't look as skinny.

fucking kids is legal in japan

>bad artist
Not very versatile, but that doesn't make him bad.

>He has a love interest as his main companion.
He does? When? Who are you even talking about?

he looks like mr skeltal

Irene wasn't in the original universe though. It was in the universe created after Pucci was killed, which I thought was the SBR universe

How is it impossible?

It's actually Jonathan. He was always a product of his time, being ripped at the age of 12.

Go away animeonly

We're talking about Part 8 Josuke.

He must've gotten a lot of shit for when he did draw muscular characters.

Josuke Higashikata


the only way to differentiate nu-Jonathan and nu-Joseph is the latter wears a hat


Isn't he a Jojolion in that he's like a chameleon?

I was thinking the ogre street shot but yeah.

>You can still see the low quality black of the original book in the background
Sasuga josephfags

The one with Irene IS the original universe, just sped up through it's cycle. The way MiH works is that only people Pucci kills are changed, including himself if he dies. SBR can't be that universe because the earliest change made is Pucci being replaced after dying. It's exactly the same as Parts 1-5 except Jotaro, Pucci and the Part 6 gang were replaced. Nothing else changed because no one else died during MiH. SBR started as it's own original series anyway, completely unconnected to JJBA despite having so many similarities.

The events of parts 1-5 still happened in the ireneverse because of fate. Steel Ball Run and Phantom Blood have completely different plots, so the SBRverse can't be the same as the ireneverse.


No, Pucci explicitly says that if Emporio kills him, the universe will be reset and everything will be different. Hence why in the third universe none of the characters are in prison

but Irene wasn't in the phantom blood universe. she was in a third universe created after the heaven universe was reset

first post is best post came here to post this

It's the same universe in different iterations. Fate applies across all of them, the only time fate changes is from direct meddling during MiH. The only dates that changed were the ones Pucci altered after Emporio fucked his shit.

>she was in a third universe created after the heaven universe was reset
Yeah, the "ireneverse".

No, Pucci explicitly says "If I die, the fate of all mankind will be altered". If he dies before Cape Canaveral, then the fate he created won't exist.

>part 6 ending is so bad people are still arguing about what happened

That's just how italians greet each other, he was just trying to fit in; when in Rome, etc.

It's speed readers who don't get it and think it's related to 7 and end up over complicating it.

Actually, maybe it's just best to assume Kaato is this universe's Jolyne.

I wonder if she's SBR!Joseph's illegitimate daugthter, or maybe that's just who Josefumi is.

I refuse to believe she's just a random woman related the the whole mess by marriage

>I wonder if she's SBR!Joseph's illegitimate daugthter
Incest? In my JoJo?

well i guess that explains Joushuu.

I'm glad the earlier parts happened when they did; I don't have a problem with Araki's current style, but all of the older characters look terrible in it.

Made in Heaven is morr confusing than King Crimson.

is this list backwards?

King Crimson isn't even confusing when you understand how it works

>Kaato is this universe's Jolyne.
The "stone ocean" on her prison outfit was just a reference.

There's about 5 generations of separation. if two people are so distantly related that they would never have been able to know the generation that caused them to diverge it's not really incest.

the stone ocean prison where she was jailed with her hair up in two little buns?

Gappy with King Crimson never

So is the puke coloured lip stick supposed to be attractive and I'm just not fashionable and hip enough to appreciate it?

>the stone ocean prison where she was jailed with her hair up in two little buns?

You match your lipstick to your eye color. It just works, for men and women.

I just can't handle the fact Jotaro fucking had the moment to end it all and he instead chooses to save his daughter. Which he fucks up generally and dies straighter after.

What the fuck? I'm pretty out of the loop in the Jojo fanbase, but a few years back it was hailed as being incredible. What kind of stupid faggots didn't like it?

That user has shit taste and should not be trusted.

did he really have a choice? if he punched gay priest then the knives would've killed Jolyne

After all the times of almost dying permanently, he goes down to save his daughter. To just have the verse end anyway. So I assume it ended. Shit I need to reread it.

>did he really have a choice

Don't save her and ORA gay priest.

I didn't like it, not because it was confusing or anything I just didn't like that emporio/weather are the ones to finish the fight..

the upside is that they're all resurrected, can't have that if he punched gay priest

Wasn't it that Jotaro's soul wasn't the original?

I dunno nigga it's confusing

ok so...i ve read the first 3 parte of jojo and i don t really see a reason to continue? It s always the same, it s just a shonen with more phases?

Part 4 changes it up into a slice of life/murder mystery that just happens to have stand fights. part 5 is a mob drama. part 6 is orange is the new black if it ended with the entire universe being overwritten

Because it gets better as it goes along and is always reinventing itself and trying out new genres rather than getting comfortable with one and staying that way like a lot of other series. If you don't want to read the rest or you're not enjoying it then don't, there's no overarching main plot and each Part is it's own story for the most part so you just take it as it is.

what about Star Finger?

>just a shonen with more phases?

people will argue that each parthave new themes, and different characters, and they do, but the "feel" of the manga is pretty much the same, it IS just a shonen with several parts

that move he pulled out the ass once 20 years ago?

It's a top tier battle shonen where fights are decided through specific powers, thought, locations and plot normally advances during fights. It's themes and cast change all the time and there's plenty of unexpected and hype moments.

It's basically battle shonen formula with unique characters, style and no power level shit.

Chapter 1, Page 1

oooh so it becomes just an interest in what araki will write next? i don t want to say it sounds boring but, in this way there won't ever be a real general plot. Like, you will have elements in common battle tendency the real end of the story? like, most of the open plot points were solved there ...and that ending was epic

>This is what speedreaders actually believe
Where is Irene then? Shouldn't she be Yoshikage Kira's daughter in this universe?

yeah there is no overarching story, some elements from previous parts might reappear but other than that they're all pretty self-contained.

hanging out with annakiss

Japan's always retarded with that. The height-weight relation never reflects how the characters look.

That or japanese people are less dense.

Post-Pucci universe=/=SBR universe

battle tendency also had this main theme of "oh I thought that before you did" which was really funny...and I would speedread the other parts just to see the main character find new ways of deceiving the main villain and so on

could someone tell me about the "other universe" thing? what does that mean? Did Araki destroy Jojo's universe?

There isn't an actual ending since they're all mostly self contained with a few crossing elements. Battle Tendency just happened to give some cluster on stuff from Phantom Blood because when Araki was writing this shit back in the 80s he pitched it to the editors as something revolutionary because it was taboo to permanently kill off characters at the time, and Araki thought he'd kill off Jonathan suddenly and have his grandson pick up afterwards. He also knew he wanted DIO to come back in 3 as the conclusion to a trilogy but he didn't have any of it planned at that point. Everything after explains more and more though, Parts 4, 5 and 6 explain where Stands came from and more about what DIO was up to after getting out of the ocean and culminates in DIO's best and only friend trying to make DIO's dream a reality, which is the closest you get to an actual ending. 7 and 8 are a reboot. I'd suggest trying Part 4 since most people agree that the series really hits it's stride and becomes what it's renowned as around halfway through 4. If that's not enough to keep you hooked then I guess the series just isn't your thing.

Most japs are tiny as fuck and I have no idea how to scale up weight for characters that are taller or have more muscle. Goku is infamous for this, he supposedly weighs something like 130lb. It's stupidly unrealistic even for the DBS artstyle which came far later than the source for that figure.

You're speedreading this thread, user.

i stopped reading after part 3 - i realized it wasn't getting any better after joseph

>is battle tendency the real end of the story?
You can end there, at part 3, or at part 6. All are good enough places to stop reading if you don't feel like continuing.

>oooh so it becomes just an interest in what araki will write next?
I haven't really visited the Jojo threads that much other than when a new chapter/episode comes out, but from what I remember from a few years ago people were just interested in everything Araki, including things like Baoh for example. People just generally enjoy his writing style/art style or fights and that is pretty much the main thing that connects his works.

Well you're not really wrong.

Joseph does get to do some stuff in part 4 though.

In the ending of Part 6, DIO's best friend unlocks a powerful ability that speeds up time for everything except living beings. He speeds up time to the end of the universe with everyone still alive so they carry over into the next universe but with all their memories intact, so that everyone knows the future before it happens but are powerless to change it. Before he can make this permanent, he's killed which makes the universe reset except he's removed completely and no one knows the future. In this universe Part 6 never happened because he never existed and the main cast get to live happy lives, except the one who killed him since his memories remained. That's it, 1-5 happened the same it's just that 6 itself is erased to give the cast happy lives. 7 is a reboot set in an entirely different universe.

thanks user, I ll check it! I found interesting though that, as what I understood from these threads, Araki totally left that "search of a greater power" main theme and it's focusing on more human and emotive stories. That's odd and kinda nice for a shonen

JoJo actually switched to Seinen in Part 7 which is part of the reason, though you could tell he wanted to try some of the more character driven emotive stuff in Part 6.

ohh that's interesting to be it 8 in the same universe of the 7?



I always thought Fate was a main theme for Parts 3-6
With Thoth and how DIO said fate intertwinned him and the Joestars. To King Crimson being totally reliant on fate, and what Pucci did with his reset universe.
I think that was dropped by Part 7 though.

Everyone from parts 5 onwards look the same on that pic (Giorno just looks more detailed than he normally did), and old Joseph and Jotaro are looking pretty fine. I actually like that Jotaro a lot.
Really I think It's mostly Phantom Blood and Batlle Tendency characters that suffer from the new style, but I did like a Kars illustration he did (it was in an illustration with all main JoJos and villains with the Stone Masks in the background). DiU characters suffer a lot too because of their very expressive features. They usually would go all boggle eyed when scared and that kind of stuff. That Josuke's looking really weird.

Where do these people that can't even type in actual english even come from? Like, how do they find this site?

merely pretending

You know, thinking about it now, next to Jolyne, Johnny is probably the dumbest Joestar we've had so far.

The guy didn't even know what a dinosaur was.

Araki himself would agree with you. The mind was willing at least:

"The first thing I wanted to consider when writing the characters of Kars and the Pillar Men was how they would surpass Dio. We're talking about an Ultimate Being, so you first have to consider the fact that those who put on the stone mask become vampires, thus surpassing humanity. Therefore, I had to take things up a notch to the level of gods. That's why I based the four of their appearances (including Santana) on Roman statues, Egyptian sphinxes and Japanese nio statues--to give them a strange physical beauty as godlike figures in organic form. The reason Kars' ability, the Brilliant Bone Blade, was a Light Mode was because I thought a shining blade was appropriate for a godlike technique. At the same time, I wanted to visually express to the readers that defeating Kars would be impossible.

I think the Light Mode: Brilliant Bone Blade reminded a lot of readers of Reskiniharden Saber Phenomenon from my previous work, Baoh: The Visitor. While we're not speaking of scientific development per se, there were aspects of Kars' quest to become the epitome of biological evolution that overlapped somewhat with Baoh. Visually speaking as well, as a mangaka, I really enjoyed drawing a technique where flesh and blade merge like that. In my opinion, taking those two completely different materials--flesh and blade--is something you can only do in manga. For example, the movie Terminator 2 had an enemy that could morph his arm like memory alloy into a metal spear, but that's not what I was picturing for this. The blade I wanted to draw was something more organic, more skin-like. I think I was able to convey what I wanted to because of this medium, black-and-white manga! I can freely draw things that can't even be done with Hollywood CG. Besides Kars' technique, there are several ways I feel like I'm helped out by manga as a medium. Both then and now, I never forget how thankful I am for manga."

Jolyne wasn't dumb at all. And dinosaurs weren't common knowledge back in those days, the world was a VERY different place 100 years ago.

Were dinos even common knowlege back in the 1890s?

They're both kinda simple

Okay I get that two grown and men, one of which is always covered in soap, pressing and posing all sexy like is kinda gay. but they were bros, and isn't the best thing about bros that you can do borderline gay shit and not have to be concerned about your sexuality or have I just been gay all my life


Not really, they just weren't academically smart. Jolyne was super compassionate but also pretty cunning when required, and Johnny was cunning as fuck and able to manipulate people but was easily manipulated himself.

>manlier than any other jojo
>Jonathan literally forces poison out of his veins by flexing

>the joestar secret technique was used specifically to lure danger away from those who can't defend themselves
That takes balls, user. MAN balls

really? you are probably an autistic fat kid typing with his greasy cheetos fingertips from Houston Texas. How many languages can you talk? just shut the fuck up, do you understand this, lil faggot countryboy?

Kira Yoshikage is Kujo Jotaro is Josuke Higashikata

I have to agree with the DiU part. I think it's unique because it really marks the beginning of araki's transition into his current style of Greek gods, but he still wanted to fuck around with fist of the north star, and that's why everything is so over the top, at least expression wise. Pic related.

Gappy literally has four testicles.

Sorry user, but happy just can't compare to the sheer strength and manliness of Jonathan. Here, I even have proof that he I Greek god.

>Tfw you had a funny jape but typos make you want to die

Part 2: it's shit and you are a pleb if you like it

I too wear only a sailor hat when I ask myself the deep questions.

Your old self should kick you in the balls if you tried that.

Not that I really think Ireneverse and SBRverse are the same, but she if they are, Irene could well end up being Kyo's daughter instead.

Jesus, I remember missing the Ripple like hell when Araki was going on and on about golden rectangles and spirals during part 7.

>Letting your daughter die
Yeah that makes sense

Kyo and Irene are the same age dude, JoJolion is set in 2011 just like Stone Ocean.