Defend your waifu against other anons' opinions of her

Defend your waifu against other anons' opinions of her.


Kashima's a girl.
>Not preferring reverse traps

You're are waifu is tall.

Please be gentle.

Just the way I like them. That way it's easier to get princess carried.

She's only the second best girl in her show.

I'll agree with you on that, Mikorin is best girl(male), superior to Kashima.
You've got a good one too, she's gotta get over that aversion to affection she shows sometimes in the manga with Waka.


Only in that mama-ate-her-veggies worldline

Why would I defend her? She's not a child. Any criticism is probably valid and she would agree with you anyway, so do your worst.

Revy is my wife.

Ugly pigtails

>born a woman in this world line
>still flat as a plank of lumber
>also smells strange, canonically

It's been a long time since I saw the anime but her personality is pretty cookie cutter. She seems manufactured to fit the "fragile, shy, moe" mold.
You're waifu is crass and classless, and she's oversexualized. You probably only like her because she shows so much skin.

>barely makes a move on rock
>not going full cock hungry dom on rock

>bootleg tomb raider

She's got a bad attitude.

Take that back you fucking asshole. Completely uncalled for.

One Punch Man in a wig.

There is literally nothing bad to be said about her

Sorry, I didn't mean it. Your waifu is cool and spicy.

My waifu can defend herself

Bring it on fucktards.

>implying that's a bad thing

I literally can't think of anything bad
she looks better without the hairband though

She suffers from ADHD.

Your waifu is such a best, easily best girl of her show
It sucks that people are so insecure

Mah nigga.

Thats barely an opinion [s]fucking retard[/s] user.

Having a K-On waifu is pretty cliche, but at least you picked the best one.

I consider it an opinion because it isn't really true. Her hyperness could be seen as a negative point. Actually I think she's charming and fun to be around. If it weren't for her k-on wouldn't have happened. Nice spoilers by the way, user-kun.

I'm prepared to give my life to defend her name

Bring it on anons, bring it on!

I thought it was strike instead spoiler. lol

Yeah she's probably not the most mentally stable, but neither am I.

I actually want to discuss this, other anons please point out more flaws.

Too busty to be around 156 cm. or not?

Bring it

Diabetus and an early death.


Fanart grossly exaggerates any character shown to have breasts

Kurumi Souma is my waifu.

b-but...she can control h-herself user...

You have a good waifu man

Fat tittymonster

She is smart enough to defend herself

Do your worst.

Boring, uptight, mary sue.

Too perfect


Chest 2fat. Papi is superior.

Papi is my second favourite monmusu, but Rachnera's chest is the perfect size.

The only flaw I can think of for yours is that I dislike her main DAN costume. I prefer her flat-chested.

Edgy otaku-bait with no actual character, only liked for her visual design.

She's from a shit show.


>thinking something could be wrong with my wife
Just try. She's literally perfect.

>having a child for a wife
There's something wrong and it's not with her.

Thanks user, she is great, isn't she?
Who's yours?