Live action anime

Why do they always try and make that?

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Wixia is a chink thing.


Especially why make a live action show after already making the anime?

Wait, Nippon made live action Last Airbender too??

I thought that was R'ylai

So does Hollywood, they've been ripping off anime for years.

It kind of boggled my mind when I saw some random live action Japanese acting after years of manga and anime, not even just films based on them either. I hadn't watched much Japanese film or television before.

I thought anime and manga were detached mediums where some of these types of exaggerated characters and interactions often found are wholly their own but some Japanese actually act like this in films. I was surprised how much of this had a basis in reality.

It's often awkward and hard to watch for me.

Looks like Taiwanese shit

Elements of both Chinese and Jap shit can be seen.

Genuine best live action anime EVER.

At least that gives credit to the source material.
Unlike pic related.

The Matrix wasn't a Manga? what are you talking about?!

It was heavily "inspired" by GiTS.

Eh, some of them end up decent like the live action Kenshin.

>try and

You mean "try to", as in "try to make" because what they are trying is the process of making. You use the infinitive because they are attempting to do some thing.

When you say "try and", you are communicating that the entity in question is first attempting and then subsequently completing an action, which is redundant and asinine.

Learn to talk more good, you fucking faggot.

This is the biggest stretch I've seen in a while. Like, you may actually be retarded.

>The Matrix copied Gits

This is another level of Delusion.
Ok hotshot, If Matrix """""Copied"""""" Gits then fuck i guess Blade Runner copied Akira.
and The good, The bad, The Ugly copied Cowboy Bebop. Or Samurai Jack was actually a copy of Ruronoa Kenshin.
You're dumb.

>live action anime

But Matrix came first? ?_?

>Live action Captain Tsubasa.

>"Japanese director Mamoru Oshii's Ghost in the Shell was a strong influence. Producer Joel Silver has stated that the Wachowskis first described their intentions for The Matrix by showing him that anime and saying, "We wanna do that for real."
From the Wikipedia article. Check the article if you want the actual sources.
Except Ghost in the Shell came before The Matrix unlike those other examples.
Are you incapable of using a search engine?

Best manga adaptation ever.

This was decent.

Definitely not as strange as the anime.

My browse is fucking up I wasn't done talking, aaaanyway, at the point some nigg ... black chick was giving him blood to drink is the point at which I stopped watching Crying Freeman.

Granted I was 9 years old at the time.

Did people like this?

The fuck is this shit? Asian legolas water bending, wat?


It's only a matter of time until that gets an American movie.
And they'll turn all the characters black.

Only the secondary characters. The main characters are going to be ashkenazi jews.

must be some chinky shit with element bending like avatar

Especially Mikasa will be a dindu

close ups: the anime

This scene brought to you by Seven Eleven™

I guess so, especially after the change for American Death Note L

I have no doubt it was highly influential, especially from a visual perspective, but it ends there.

Likening The Matrix to GiTS at even a referential level is simply wrong. There is nothing fucking similar beyond a strictly topical sense. Posting it in a live-action anime thread in response to another movie that is actually just a shitty live-action version of an anime and accusing the Wachowski siblings of failing to give credit to the source material is nearly retarded.

My statement stands. It's a massive fucking stretch and you might be retarded.

Anybody think the Gintama movie is gonna be good?

>sexy fluffy hair
>cute pointy nose

>the nose knows
>thin scraggly hair
Do they even try to make women look sexy in movies anymore?

from the visionary that bought you Snow White and The Huntsman.

I'm pretty sure he fucked Kristen Stewart while he was filming it as well. A pretty disgusting individual.

The fights in this movie were fucking cool

>Live action anime thread

Does vidya count?

Back when I first heard of this movie I thought they were remaking Steel.

I was kinda disappointed that wasn't it.

I-iron chief?!

And even today it's still better than Captain Tsubasa ever will be.

Sometimes it turns out pretty good.


I think something like Berserk could work if you got the right director

Is this any good? I loved the anime but I don't know if I wanna watch it.

It depends on the series. With comedies, it works if the actors can pull it off. The GTO live action adaptation was pretty good


Damn. That made me spew out my drink on the keyboard.


damn that woman is sexy as hell.

yeah. That was pretty damn funny. Disappointing that it didn't do some of the other scenes from the show.

If the Matrix ripped off anything, it was the Invisibles. Either way, it was mostly a patchwork mish-mash of everything that inspired the Wachowski Sisters -- including a lot of popular (and underground) cyberpunk lore.

live action hyoukai

I liked it.

I am a Hero's movie was good too

I also would like to know. The anime was great.

it was good

kenshin also has good live action movies

>that sissy shit grunting in place of ATATATATATATATATA
those special effects were pretty decent though even though the acting is terrible

Actresses are literally high dollar prostitutes. He did nothing he shouldn't have, outside of his terrible film skills.


So, what's the difference between an educated prostitute and a high dollar prostitute?

>year 2000+20-4
>still no anime of pic related

According to the nips, the really educated prostitutes get to pick their customers.

Is that Asian Moiraine Damodred?

oh boy

He's just a shit version of Paul W.S. Anderson. Why make an insanely high budget flop just to fuck a 5/10 like Kristen Stewart?

Anderson made 6 Resident Evil movies so he could fuck Milla Jovovich for an entire decade.

No, it was pretty badly panned for the special effects sucking, changing the storyline, the characters, omitting fan favorite Levi, and introducing a new love interest for Mikasa.

Ironically, if they made the characters sans Mikasa and Levi to white then it would be MORE accurate to the manga.

Mikasa and Levi are canonically the last(Half) asians in the world.

Well, one had a sex change, then the other did a few years later. It puts their work in a new context, especially with the transhumanism and body-transcendence parts. I read somewhere that Switch (the blonde girl in the first matrix film) was supposed to be a female avatar in the matrix, but a dude on their ship in the real world.

So this is from an asian movie named Man of Steel? Holy shit this Does look awesome. Going to have to torrent it.

>MFW seeing that

I have yet to see a live action anime adaptation that isn't full of hammy over-acting and cheesy zoom-into-the-face shots. When it comes to comics and cartoons, the Japanese are #1. When it comes to live action, they're lower than Bollywood-tier

Everything good so far until migi fucking talks, so disgusting

>based on number 1 manga

What if the hammy over-acting is from the original material though? I fucking loved the Pheonix Wright movie.

>Mikasa and Levi are canonically the last(Half) asians in the world.
Levi isn't half Asian.

As a long time Toku fan I can appreciate live action adaptations

At least the comedy at will be right.

Given the people involved.

>I am a Hero
Where the hell did you find it?
Last I checked it was a limited theater release in nipland and there are z-e-r-o DVDs or Blurays floating around.

Not him

I watched it at Sitges Festival

Very good and enjoyable movie.

So far this is the only part of the franchise I've seen and it was good.


>Anderson made 6 Resident Evil movies so he could fuck Milla Jovovich for an entire decade.

That seems like a fair exchange.

1998 GTO Live action shits on the 2012 one.

kristen stewart is way hotter than mila jovovich, who is just a trap with a vagina.

It's Ice Fanasy

At least the guy that makes Dragonball the american movie apologize and spill the beans that he only wants to make a quick buck back then

Aya Hirano was really the perfect voice for Migi.
So perfectly alien.

They try too hard to make them actually look like anime instead of like live action and as a result it always ends up looking cheap.

It was funny that when the movie came out in my country, the dub name was something along the line of "my best friend is the world-eater". Guess how many parents bring their kids to the theater.

you guys know nothing about cinema, and by attempting to make authoritative claims about it, you only end up looking retarded

also is it just me or do the actors act in a kind of...odd way? it's hard to describe,but weird is one of the words i'd use.

A Classic.


Oldboy is still the best live-action adaptation of a Japanese manga or anime.

Whatever happened to the Monster hollywood life-action adaption? It's still going?

>still no Cowboy Bebop movie
feels bad user

The good, bad and ugly is the last film in the Dollars Trilogy.

The first one is a copy of the Yojimbo. Then second/third are the simply running off of the first movie.

Holy shit,user. It's been so long I almost forgot. Wasn't Keannu Reeves supposed to direct it or something?

>still remembers the movie that was supposed to be made
wow user i completely forgot about that
i thought it was only supposed to be a rumour tho

Just a market thing. They try to appeal normies.

Well, that's easy to do.

I've only ever seen one live-action thing based off an anime/manga that was very good.

Supposedly GTO is good but I don't think I can stomach it. Japanese really can't act.

But Serenity was made over a decade ago.

The first movie's not a hit but still decent. The sequel barely made half of the first, probably due to the OOC Mikasa and shitty not!Levi.

It's comedy so I think it will be decent. People forgive the shortcomings of comedy more easily.

>hears cowboy bebop movie being announced
>excited as fuck
>3 years later still nothing
i feel betrayed

Normie brains prefer 3D faces.

I enjoy Rurouni Kenshin, mostly because of Takeru Satoh's performance. The Kaoru is really weak though.

no budget,fampai

Aya Hirano is always the perfect voice.

>It kind of boggled my mind when I saw some random live action Japanese acting after years of manga and anime

I know, it's weird, and the idea that Nips would typically look down on anime makes little sense to me given the state of their live action work. Like, I get that they'd have a stigma against the kind of person who goes out of their way to watch late night otaku bait, by I don't know who the fuck watches all that other stuff they have on TV in the first place.

Kimi ni Todoke's movie was better than the anime. So many best girls.

Watched terramformars yesterday, it was surprisingly good. As live action because source material was terrible in the first place.