Who's the best YuruYuri and why it is Ayano

Who's the best YuruYuri and why it is Ayano

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brat a cute. CUTE!

Because canon lesbian

when did Cred Forums go to shit?


Kyoko is for Yui. This is canon.

It's hard for me. Akari and Ayano are both too damn good.

My favorite pairing will always be Akari/Chinatsu though, thanks to this doujin:



I only go there for melee threads and to shitpost

This guy knows.

Ayano is gonna get her heart broken

Chitose is patrician.

Can't you go to /vg/ leke a norman human bean?

She will get her consolation prize when she realizes her best friend has feelings for her.

nah, not for melee. it's only tr4sh babies there.

Sup, Yui


I'm listening to Drama CD right now and I must admitt that this is shit

That dumb bitch Kyoko trying to take focus away from Akari

>listening to drama cd's
There's your problem user.

I want to princess carry chinatsu into a trash can

What to do?

dogkurako die

Its Akarin you fat piece of shit

All of them are best girl, even Chinatsu who is clearly worse than the rest.

The sameface is strong in this anime.

Are you new to anime, faggot?

No, but in this one is stronger than normally.




>Kyoko is for Ayano.

>Kyouko is for Kyouko

>i love myself.png

Akari is the best and purest
Chinatsu is the lewdest and cutest
Kyouko is the genkiest and sexiest
Yui is boring

Ayano has pantyhose
Himawari is an oppai majin
Sakurako is pretty cute but an inferior Kyouko
Chitose has a pickle in her vag

Hanako pits are for dick rubbing


Pic related, your shit taste.

Gamer gal is never boring


Yui would make the best gf though. She's calm and has good hobbies. But she's bland for a genki girl comedy.

Because Buckingham