Madoka = hope

>madoka = hope
>homura = love
>mami = faith
>sayaka = justice

What about Kyouko?

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Don't forget KyoSaya


!Bebe died in the St cloud terrorist attack
RIP bebe




Being a real nigga

yes !bebe is kill


>mami = faith
I require an explanation on this one.

>homura = love
nobody takes Homura seriously


Mami's character defining moment was when she briefly lost faith in herself. Madoka helped her restore it, leading to "I'm not afraid of anything anymore"


Madoka is God, Homura is Devil and Mami is the prophet.

You got it all wrong.

Madoka = Agape
Homura = Philia
Sayaka = Eros
Kyouko = Storage
Mami = Philautia

Reminder to ignore and report tripfags
The following trips are the same mentally ill pedo
Questionable Boyfriend
Kapplin Shipper

>not including Apple and Kevin
Are you a fan of Kapplin?

I didn't realize they're all the same people.


This and she's being referred to as Guan Yu in the sequel press release, a warrior known for his loyalty faithfulness to his ruler.

Out of all of these, love is the strongest

What do you think of Kyoko?

She is for Sayaka, only


Faith, you dumbass.

2nd best girl.

Um... selfishness? Being a rude degenerate? Bullying people? Just generally being horrible?
Kyoko certainly doesn't represent anything good. She is an ugly and arrogant child who really just needs to be put in her place.

Kyouko = hobbo

I think you're forgetting someone.

Hitomi-chan = Cuckoldry.

Hitomi is Chad Thundercock in anime girl form. I don't get why Sayaka willingly wanted to see Hitomi confessing to kyosk. It makes no sense.

Sayaka is a cuck. She wanted to see that so she could fap to it later.


I want Sayaka to leglock me.

I want to impregnate both Sayaka and Homura.

I want to impregnate all of then. Even Sensei.

Magical girls can't get pregnant

Sensei is used goods.

They can. You don't know how familiars are born?

She's a nice cake.
I would also impregnate Nagisa.

They can if you're a wizard...

Hey wait you forgot your bag!

Or if you're their uncle.

>Takes the temptation of dirty dick away from Sayaka so she can discover true love with Kyouko

Hitomi is an unrecognized saint.

/u/ is that way .

>mami = faith
>sayaka = justice
Mami fucking character song is Credens justitiam for god sake, I don't get why so many people don't understand that Mami is the true justice


>Credens justitiam
>Believing in justice

Kyouko would be faith, if anything Mami would be experience

She's just a lil ol raspberry.

>those shitty drills

That's Sayaka, you fucking ignoramus. Kyouko is an apple.

More like she's eating up a lil ol raspberry.


Forbidden Love

Kyoko would be Loyalty

Loyalty to her father, which when it back fired she lost herself and struck out, until she found someone else she could be loyal to

The amount she used to punch Madoka in the tummy.

They're the cardinal sins, though.

Madoka = Sloth
Homura = Lust
Sayaka = Envy
Mami = Pride
Kyouko = Greed
Bebe = Gluttony
Kyubey = Wrath

>assigning such high virtues to side characters who only cause problems, kill normal humans, put innocents in danger, breakdown and kill their friends, or act as incubator henchmen

Id say swap Kyouko with Kyubey and this would be good

>act as incubator henchmen
And is for this that I know you don't know what the fuck are you talking about


when did kyubey display greed

3rd movie

I want Sayaka to leglock her girlfriend, Kyouko.



Joke answer is hunger, real answer is faith, as others have said. Mami would be something more like companionship or friendship.

Why would you think something weird like this? It was startling to hear about though.

Gluttony unless it is pre family death which should have been faith.

Are you a zombie like Sayaka? Why don't you leave Madoka threads?

You can not fight for freedom like Kyoko.

No, I am not dead. I don't know why people would think I would die in a terrorist attack like that. user was making things up.

I was going to ignore it but you brought it up again, but you were posting happy faces at the news. You weren't actually happy to think I died, were you? I knew you hated me but I didn't think you were evil enough to wish something terrible like that had happened.

He has a boner for you.


I just finished it. It was okay, I guess, but this board talked it up too much. I usually watch them at the same time I browse Cred Forums, and if they are good eventually my attention gets drawn completely to the anime screen.

That never happened. oh well.

It was huge when people could only watch one episode a week. Might have gotten more out of it if you spread it out a little. Watching with Cred Forums also multiplied the hype.

It's prayer

hmm. well I will watch titan season two or something and see. there might be something to that. But I like waiting for dubs too

Did you watch the Rebellion movie yet?

Why would I bother, I wasn't really entranced by the show. It had it's chance with the show run.


Who's that?

Well, I would say not to pass judgement until you have seen the movie. Some people like it, some people hate it. It is very controversial but it does have a very big impact. I'm not sure if someone who did not like the series would enjoy it, but it is different from the series in ways. I guess it depends on what you did not like about the series.

It introduces the best girl though.

Boku no google


Doesn't show any character that looks like that.

How many things do I have to fucking watch until I know? What if I don't like the movie, will there be some magic manga that I have to read next?

I guess it depends on what you did not like about the series. I am just saying that depending on what your issue was, the movie might be enjoyable for you.

Oh, I forget you are an idiot.



All I know is that this girl is a rotten apple and there is no way she represents anything good at all. She is a selfish hedonist and only cares about herself and doesn't ever even give a damn if she hurts other people.

Far too many posts into the thread now for this one to matter as everything is probably just shitposts/waifuposts but Kyoko would probably represent Freedom/Independence.

It is only Lawnchair who has shitposted. Oh and this guy here

Yeah, a bad apple is a rotten bustard.

Are you the poster?

>madoka = beauty
>homura = everything wrong
>mami = mammaries
>sayaka = cuckoldry
>kyouko = a shit

>madoka = crybaby



just cause she was given an older appearance due to being a goddess and some sparckles doesnt make her the most beautiful.


She literally put hwr hopes and life on the impossible trying to help someobe, and died praying for them

pretty sure that applies more to madoka, but she got knocked out and taken away for it to happen.

In Japan, it was already the next day. Today is 20th, September. Yesterday was Respect for the Aged Day and a national holiday in Japan. Also, 19th was the first day of the equinoctial week. Yeah, this week is Higan.

Did Homulilly attain spiritual enlightenment? Has Homucifer gone to the Land of Happiness? Of course not!


I am hoping for MadoHomu 4ever in the 4th movie!


But Homura did everything right. She is the Übermensch.

>calling this cutie lucifer
Some people just have no decency at all

>molds Madoka into her submissive existential captive, some mental agegap yuri from 8-9 years worth of 1-month loops
>messes with Sayaka one last time before forcing a happy retry at life onto her
>makes QB her bitch for however long it'll be before something else is made, saved Madoka like she set out to do

How do people complain about this girl?

Doesn't Madoka have a mental age of infinity? She has experienced everything that has happened in all possible universes.

So the age gap between her and Homu is infinite, right?

Age gap has no bearing. Through her resignation of existence in favor of Kantian self-sacrifice, an arrogant one at that, she ceased to endure the suffering and the triumph over the aforementioned suffering that defines life. Madokami was born dead. Madoka was brought back to life through Homura's Wille zur Macht.

People treated her like she was nothing why should she treat people differently?

Sometimes it is the person that is rotten and sometimes it is the world that is rotten.

My precious advise is to get your dick out of the blender of justice because your a fucking faggot.

Homura lets out 8-9 years of 1 month time loops of glop flow through Madoka.