Hyperdimension Neptunia

I just finished this anime and really enjoyed it

we all agree pururu transformed is best girl right?

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She is best girl both ways

what about neptune? she's fine too

No this is best girl

you posted wrong pic, let me help you

>yuri ova when

Season 2 with Uzume and Big Nep when?


serious question: will there be a second season?

Neptune is actually the best

Too busy animating Jojo


man of fine taste

best girl is pic related

No, Blanc is the best girl

Are they fucking continuing Jojo part 5 after part 4?

Yes the CUTEST

>retard sex
I could only imagine all the hot grunting she would make.

you mean child-like noise

Iris Heart is my waifu heart

Truly the best.

Those delicious jugs.

I want her to step on me until I jizz all over the floor and then make me clean it all up

I can only hope she will not try to imitate neptune and deliver memes during sex, even normal hot grunting would be better.

>official manga still not publish in english
Man, i need more nep on my shelves. Also fucking hell noire is such a cunt to uni it genuinely makes her last place in my book.

If you you're going to make threads every night, at least dump the latest manga chapters or the the LN.

It's always funny how most Iris Heart love comes from secondaries.
Or literally anyone who didn't play her game for that matter.

I love her from the game, you uncouth constipated wombat.

Post Vert please.


Me on the left.

I've played her game and still love Plutie and Iris

Nepgear a perfection!




>highest rated part by fujoshits
Why wouldn't they animate it?

Worst Nep

>you got mail

Uni is the best nep. I want to fuck my PSP


I haven't seen this one.

What? It is posted almost every thread.

Why is Bert vibrating

I must keep missing it then.

Well, you better not be missing them, because they are funny.

I've seen these two multiple times, but not the Uni one.


she got me into the series

Pururut > Iris. Pururut is second best girl behind Nep and Blanc.

Iris Heart is the best.

Purple Heart Is the best-est best

Best girl and Goddess.

I want her to step on me.


I want to live a happy, cute, comfy life with Blanc

Bestest girl time.



>she's actually based on a real person


being Uni is suffering


Basically a "THINK OF CHILDREN" person who works for Unicef

>sister doesn't appreciate your work
>Nepgear only sees you as a friend
>not nearly as popular as her sister
>harder to accumulate shares
It's no wonder Uni started doing indecent things, this way she can at least generate some more shares and maybe even get a "good job" from Noire, thinking that definetly makes it easier to swallow all that cum people release in her mouth every night


Nope, pic related is objectively best girl.
There isn't one single reason to not wanting to befriend her

will she let me sniff her panties while she's wearing them and massage her bare breasts? This is important

She may be friendly, but I don't think she wouldn't get bothered by that

Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One. So Xbox One S when?

Nonsense, it's just a normal thing male-female friends do, I'm even going easy on her, REALLY GOOD friends also help each other with their sexual urges

I love Nepgear!

But you know, Compa hasn't exactly a good view on "indecent things"

How can you call her "best" or "friendly" when she doesn't even want to do basic things friends do, what a shitty nep

You can always hug her or play doctor, there is nothing "basic" about that

The cutest little murderer

There's arguments on who is the best girl, but its unanimously decided that Peashit is the worst.


But that's wrong, all Neps are lovely, but you can have a favorite

You'd need to marry her first.

>sneaky sneaky
>that scene

I'll marry her but first I need to check if she can make a good wife

I want to hold hands with Nepgear!

Sure, Compa is literally the best wife you can get, as agreed by all the makers in mk2

anyone know the source?



In terms of gaming, which nep you give most share to? I give most of my share to lastation

Last non-Nep game I played was Valkyria Chronicles, that's SEGA, so Neptune and Noire I guess.




I want to put my stiffy in Iffy.


Who doesn't?

Lastation, I guess. I still own a old PSP. I'd go out and buy a ps2 and play the ace combat games and res4.

None, cause I PC.
No, Peashy is not PC. That's Turbografx-16.

I'm mainly PC too.
Riot inspired girl when?

Worst girl. I hate how she tortured Noire and gets away with it, like everyone's afraid of her.

I buy lots of Lastation stuffs Noire and Uni should at least give me lap dance. And Arfore too

I want Uni to give me a bare bottom lap dance.

Does this anime have good plot?

Of course it does.

Plot is meh, I watched it for the characters.

post butt

Jesus fucking Christ they look like they would be nice to cuddle.


I want to be dominated by Iris Heart.

everyone's boobs change size in the anime

Happens with any anime.

It's the worst.

Oh my, yes.

It's all right. I don't think most non-fans would be impressed with it.

The ass size is consistent from my observation.

I know. I have no complaints on that department either.


Is that D.va?

>Iffy gives me a stiffy
What did user mean by this?



This always gets a chuckle out of me.

More like the jewest


Yes Ploot is great

>the CPU's evolved HDD forms still aren't strong enough
>Vert jumps inside a giant robot named WEIN-DOS and gattais with the Nepgeardam to save the motherfukken Gamindustri


I wish there'll be another Nep mainline game where the CPUs head to PC continent to seek the help of makers such as Blizzard, EA, Valve, Ubisoft, Bethesda and Activision who easily rival CPUs.




>it's all in ruins

And the PC continent is canonically 18+.

I wish Vert would take custody of me.

There's not enough Nep porn

PC continent in Nipland is being rebuilt though, one Steam game at a time.

Lastation is beststation.


Nep = Noire > Vert > Blanc

Switch Blanc with Noire and you'd have good tastes.

>good taste

Pick one

I bet you like dicks as well.

>no tits
>shit personality

Did yo even play the games?
>no tits
DFC is best C. Cowtits are gross.
>shit personality
Yeah can't defend her there.

She is plain when compared to all the other Goddesses. They deserve to be called Goddesses, Blanc just looks unremarkable.

You mean fuckable, right?


I would but I'd rather fuck Noire, Nep and Vert.

Vert fucks you.

>Normalfag pls go. Buran-chan is top tier and flat is justice.

Don't know how that happened.





I like Blanc.

Not to mention that Part 4 is selling above their expectations, so they know that there's an audience for it.




Rom & Ram too, I hope.

Rei is my nepfu

I want to Rom a Rom and Ram a Ram.

I want to make them watch as I do deplorable things to their older sister.

Why not make blanc watch while they do deplorable things to you?

That comes later.

I want to make them watch as I hold hands with their sister in the missionary position while gazing into her eyes.

Nepgear >>>>> Purple Heart > Neptune >>> Pururut > Iris Heart

>not even recognizing Temparing
What kind of fags has Cred Forums been overrun by

I want to make yellow heart a mom and rub her pregnant tummy and suck on her lactating breasts while we have s*x and she runs her hands through my hair and calls me a good boy



I love PH and all but is way too much health.




It all goes to Rom and Ram.

This is my wife. Do not steal.

Post sexy Neptune rather than PH

I too prefer DFC.

Uzume>>>>>>>PH>>iris heart>>>murderer>orange heart>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>pururut

>Vert gattais with Nepgear
Fuck off, Vert. Nepgear is not your imouto.

I'd have NepNep play video games all day on my lap pantyless.

All neps are fuckable in a way or another.

Neptune is the most fuckable.

Uni is the most fuckable.

Uni isn't my favorite Nep, but she is the one I want to impregnate the most.

I want to fuck the shit out of Uni and Nep at the same time while making Noire watch.

No. There's a reason that she's forgotten in the next game.

Lastation is the best nation.




Only because she charges the least

I don't think you can call free a price.

We need more of this girl

Big Nep makes me erect.

I defy anyone to tell me they wouldn't Nep those Neps.

Is there a date for MegaTagmension's PC release?

I'd bite her tush and lick her all over.

Fall 2016 is all I know.


I see a baka!

Blanc's face in the third box makes me hard.

>she sees your dick

>tfw 21cm
I don't know whether she's be scared or in awe.

>bets people like dicks
>when he likes the character with a boy's figure

>not liking petite, lithe girls
They make the best runners. I want my kids to be agile.

Oh and it makes my dick look even bigger than it already is.


You just like plutia because she is voiced by the KanaHana.
And I'm perfectly okay with that

She is the only good Hanakana.

How come Nep can turn to a jet or bike

What are other CPU's transformation?

Ploot can also turn into a jet.

>mfw no ploot in V-II

Thank god. V was a mistake.

Thank fuck. I really hope they pretend she never existed in the first place.

>all these fuckers talking shit about purururururururururururu

Why is she always sleepy?

Ploot is cute.

She prefers to be unaware of her existence.

Pot user.
Joking. I just want to cuddle her during a nap.

She's reading her game's script.

ploot a sloot

T̹̣o ͔̜̥in̼̪͈̗͈͚v̤̳͔̤͉̤͔o̖̣̼k̝̜e ̞̪t͓̖̣̱h͚̖͉̪e h̲͚͍i̯̘̬͓ve-̼̣̝̲͈m̭̥̤̺in̦͈̝͉̦̰̤d̗͚͎̦̙̼̠ ̦r̜̦̯̳͙e̖̯p͎̹̯̰̼re̞̬̠͙̫ș̱̣̳̝͍̳e͖̠̪͔͉n͍̗̗͓͔̱̹t͚̫in̫͎̦̦g ̭̭̞̩̪̤̞g̹e̟̖̩nk̫̜̖i͔͔.̝̦͈̗̲̞̙
͔̹̜̱͍̭In̖vo̩͚̼̮̻ͅͅk̙̜͍̫̳̳i̪n̼͍͎̬̱g͉͎̰̬͉ ͈̣̱͕t͕̖̙h̝̱͉̤͕̼e̖ ͇͖̻f̯̪͖̳e̬͎eli͕̩̜͔͖n̯g̹̳ ͇͓̹͎͖ͅo̠̺̲̣͔͕͖f̘̼͕̻̻̙̤ ͕͖͕̦̜̹̬l͚a̹̰͖̱zi̪ͅn͙̙̬͇̜̯e̘s̳͓̹̤͍͖s.̖̥̟̺̪ͅͅ
̖͔͍W̘̗̙̺͇̯i̯̖̻͕t̮̣͍͖̪̮̭h̲o̘̭̮̮̼̠̪u̱̪̺̭̮͎t͉̺̱̩̼ ̟̳̘ͅp̗̫̝̥u͍͇̖̣͎̪̹d͉̬d͔͈̞̭̥i̻n͈͙̤̯̞g̗̭͈.̪̮͕
̺̝͍T͈̹h͙̠̘e̳̭ P̳̰̠͕̘l̲͇̲̺͙̞a̺͓̤̙̹ne̪͍͈͈̖̰t̺̼͚͈͉͚̣u͉͍̻͈̠̪ͅn͓͍̺ͅe̖ h͖̺̣i͕͎̤͖ve-̟̭̤̝̦m̰i̫̜̺n͔̦̠̙̺͍d͔̱ o͎̥f̟̩̹̮͓̩̥ g̬͉̺e͙̻̤͓̮͍n̩ki̩̩ͅne͕s̹ͅs.̟̜͎̻͈̭̰ ̥̥̯̠̱N͍̠͚̪͈̖͉Ẹ̗̰P͎̫U͖̫͉̤̖͖̺!̰͙
̗S̳̯̥h͓e̗ w̥̲̭h̩̤̗o̙̟͎̯̺ ̦͕̫̬͔s̯̼̹̠ͅl̜̭̭͈̰͙e̖̝͚̙e̻̭p̣̰̥̻̞̫s͓̦̤͇̯͙ ͉̮͓o̰̹̫͈̬ͅn͖̬͉̘ ̺ț̮̯h̪e̻̦̟ ̺͈͔̜͓ͅc̞ou̬ch̜̻͖̗͉̱.͖͔
T̻̭̰̪͎͕h͕̭̖e̱̖̪ ̝̣̟̤̗e͕͔͎̙͇n̫̻̞̮̲ṱ̥̮̮i̙͉re̗̯̘̼̫ ̙̙r̝̘͖͕̲̯̞o̬͍o͎̫͕͔̮̙m̱͔͔̠ ị͔̣̠s͖͎ ̟̝̘͕f̟̤̝͔͓͈̭ill̮̝͇͙̱̰e̯̱̜̯d͔̜ ̻w̦̗̗̙̦̠̰i̘͉͔̯͎ṭ͕̼̝̥̮h̯̺̹̪ ̖F͖̮̯̝UN̠.͚






Truly an amazing nep, I only wish to do cute things to her

Yeah, she is.
She is a God.

Ram a qt.







>thread falls silent when I start Blancposting
A different approach then?


If your goal was to make me post Blanc to counterbalance those disgusting breasts, then well done.

My only goal is to keep the thread alive, if it means I have to post neps other than my one and only waifu, then so be it

Let me do much better than there.
I've fixed you're Nep.



The only good Neptunia doujin is the one with Vert and Nepgear.


I wish he/she would improve faster.

it's already good enough but he could always improve, the weird thing is that despite making really good "single" drawings these days, his pages have quality lower than that, most notably with the way he draws hands, and looking at it again, the smaller panels look worse than the bigger ones

It seemed pretty rushed and I don't really understand why. It's not like there is a high demand for Blanc doujins and needs to strike while the iron is hot.

>It's not like there is a high demand for Blanc doujins and needs to strike while the iron is hot.
Delete that you faggot before I snap your dick in half, also you can judge the demand by how quickly his doujins sold out

I'm not saying he shouldn't be working on them, just that he should spend more time on them.

>had a duet with Jackie Chan
That's pretty cool

I skimmed through the first few episode for the plot relevant parts but desu found it to be insufficient. I tried, sorry

It's not "good" but if you played the game, I think the anime handled the Yellow Heart arc better. The game keeps tossing a 10 year time skip repatedly over and over again which ruined the pacing for me. I mean, how would you expect a kid who was brainwashed for 10 fucking years to remember you or care for you at all when nobody even cared to rescue her during those 10 years of captivity?

>spot the autist