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Trunks best boy

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Based OP.

how does gowasu turn into black

Why is Future Zamasu mad at a Goku from a different timeline?

Same way Goku asked.


Black is best boy you fucking faggots

Because dying to a heart disease is a ningen thing that offends him.

Wonder if Marron will be strong since half her DNA is strongest human and cyborg

>They kept Freeza and company watching Goku vs Kid Buu in hell for some reason

Did they? Because that's pretty retarded on their part. Which episode was it?

Then again Buu Saga Kai was a production clusterfuck anyways.


>Still not out yet
This manga chapter better be worth the wait.

>best boy


It's a cropped image from an old doujin long before TruMai ever existed. Features her with just some generic human but it's worth reading just for her.

exhentai.org/g/579786/61a246bae4/ (Page 13)

And the sister doujin, though not as good


As a bonus, this doujin is by a different artist but it's still pretty good and features both Trunks and Mai.


H-He ignored her, Cred Forums

>all that shit taste

make tarble canon

He already is canon.

What is it with Saiyans and short women?

Soon perfectbro soon

I don't think being a Cyborg is a hereditary trait. But then again this is Toriyama. She did however inherit her father's manlet genetics seeing as she still looks like a toddler despite being 7 or 8 years old now.

>King Vegeta is a fucking giant
>Vegeta is a manlet
How short was Vegeta's mom?

Soon, user.

those manlet genes




>filthy monkey

King Vegeta was even taller than that pic suggests. King Vegeta was like 8 foot tall, Vegeta is 5'2".

Also friendly reminder.

God damn Toei, just do it. Pilaf and Shu can remain kids.

How does super fuck up small characters like that
Its like there are only normal and dwarf sized ones

I like this hair better

current trunks got his growth stunted by being a spoiled little piece of shit who probably gets to eat any garbage he wants


>Mother ignores him
>Father thinks he is a little shit


They'll never do it.
Because, 'Teen' Gohan in the manga is about Krillin's height, yet look at him in the anime. Which he's also 2 years younger than current Goten here.
Pretty much the same hair.

He will get his growth spurt when he sees F Mai.

>King Vegeta's kids are manlets.

His wife sure was smaller than him.

Saiyan women are womanlets. Bardock is like 5'7" same as Goku and Gine is like half his height.

Who's the yellow hair grill holding bra?

Probably Tights

Tights sister of bulma

Marron and Goten would be a pretty interesting combination. With GT not being canon anymore, and EoZ probably getting retconned I guess we will see.

Bulma's magical older sister that poofed into existence suddenly.

She must be about 10 years older than Bulma, she probably moved out of their house before Dragon Ball begins.

worst bula

i guess this what happens being in a hellish future

The current year in Super is 780, so Bulma is 47 and Tights is 58.

who is stronger Tarble or Raditz?


>Bulma is 47 and Tights is 58
Damn those genes are good.

Raditz. Raditz was fairly strong compared to the majority of Saiyans honestly. I mean he was no mid-class or elite-class warrior like Nappa and Vegeta, but he was still fairly strong.

As far as the canon Saiyans go, not counting Goku obviously, Bardock has been confirmed to be the strongest low-class saiyan, almost being mid-class. Since I imagine Cabba and those Saiyans don't use a similar system.

Possibly the only reason I can think of.

Mrs.Brief has strong genes. How old is she? Think about it, she saw Goku grow into an adult, along with Gohan. Fucking hell.

Honestly everyone has good genes apparently. I mean shit, Master Roshi is 350 years old. Yamcha and Tien are 47 as well.

this is future zamasu from the same timeline, he simply used the green time ring to go to trunk's timeline

Unless Toriyama has retconned the year she was born, she's 72 as of current Super.

Goten will always be special in my heart.

It's the asian diet.

short women suck so hard

Did the manga reveal Black's identity or something? What's the deal with the leaks?

it will be a big blow if Mai is a double agent, since her surviving looks pretty suspicious

No. Its just the usual chapter leaks.

So black is pilaf?

if this isn't canon I'm out

Goten will always be am irrevant jobber

Who would have guessed innocent Goten would be after Earth's female population. I'm sure he'll impregnate many of them.

How can he be a jobber if he doesn't even fight anymore? He is just a background character now.

>tfw last Gotenfag on Cred Forums
>tfw these three disappointed Goku and Vegeta

goku meant for goten and trunks as the next generation, he thought gohan was dead already

Jobber in the modern definition just means a worthless loser

He expected Gohan to after Cell, but he didn't live up to it. Goten and Trunks too, and they too, preferred a chill life.

Vegeta at least has Future Trunks and Goku at least has Pan.

pan was still in her goten/trunks phase, she will grow out later and be a dedicated slut



>Jobber in the modern definition just means a worthless loser
To be a "loser" you need to lose fights, a jobber is someone who lose to make another character look strong, just like Vegeta. The fact you don't understand some words doesn't mean they get a "modern definition" defined by you. Literally everyone in battle shonen threads use jobber right.


Its the human genes in them. It mellows them out compared to most Saiyans who live on fighting. Goku would probably prefer resurrecting Raditz or Nappa at this point just so he can train them instead.


In a perfect world...

>Goku then
>Let them fight and take care of themselves
>Goku now
>my fight my fight my fight lemme fight

like I said, they view fighting as childish

>goku then
>let them fight, im in the afterlife wooo
>goku after kid buu
>well I can't let them do shit, better stay alive in the world

He gave up on the afterlife pretty quickly, partly because they had shit fighters as well

He knows they aren't going to fight, might as well continue protecting everybody until the end.


>Goku would probably prefer resurrecting Raditz or Nappa at this point just so he can train them instead.

No, fuck that. If he is going to ressurect a saiyan then he should ressurect the good ones, like Bardock or Gine. Raditz and especially Nappa can stay dead.

When Goku first meet Fat Buu, Buu was a retard who don't even know how to fight right and he can defeat him pretty easy in SSJ3. So he doesn't got exited to fight him and decided to just let Gohan, Goten and Trunks fight him. After Buu absorbed everybody and stopped being retarded Goku got a hard-on and decided he wanted to fight him.

>like Bardock or Gine
Goku doesn't even remember them.

>Uub was supposed to be Goku sucessor
>He have been ignored for 10+ years
I think Uub-fags are the ones who must be pretty mad.

>tfw Vegeta succession is well insured while on goku's side of the family is not
all he needs now is ssjb

Those exist?

Goku doesn't even know who Bardock or Gine are, and I wouldn't call Bardock good by any means. Dude murdered tons of people.

I don't think there are proper "Uub" fags, there are just people who wanted to see a proper continuation from Z's ending, rather than immediately brushing it aside like GT did or just avoiding it and never going there like Super so far.

She's probably some kind of low level demon that Papa briefs saved in his young Science Adventurer days.

I know an Uubfag and that user is right. He is mad that Uub is so ignored.

Best boy shipped with worst girl

fucking gooks where is the full chapter so i can translate and give it to fast scans to clean up the scans a bit before uploading them?

Well, Uub is destined to be the new supreme kai and or god of destruction of universe 7. So you know.

>FTrunks has natural blue hair.
Why the fuck did they change this?

he always have blue hair it's the anime that changed it and went with it since then

Trunks truly is best boy.

>good saiyans

They were all evil shits who didn't hesitate to work with frieza.


No, she's always existed and been canon.
Hell I think she's been around longer then Bulma.
Toriyama had a small space adventure thing starring Tights and Jocko.


>Uub is destined to be the new supreme kai
Kais have their own race, so Uub can't be a Kai.
>or god of destruction of universe 7
Beerus said Frieza was a god of destruction candidate, so Uub can actually become one if he trains properly.

Because they didn't want to confuse dumbass japanese kids with Kid Trunks and Future Trunks. Just assume it turns blue as he gets older.
There is also art of him having lavender/purple hair by Toriyama as well.

Trunks super sayian god WHEN

>Beerus said Frieza was a god of destruction candidate

Jaco and Tights have not always been around user.
>tfw Uub is Black

SOON he just needs to go to the time chamber with vegeta for a year and will unlock it easy.

user that's just a very close blue colored violet. In the manga both Trunks and Bulma were supposed to have lavender hair.

The anime changed Bulma's hair to blue for whatever fucking reason but left Trunks hair lavender. Now they're changing shit again.

I like Mai and I'm happy that they gave a nice girl to the best boy and not a shitty one like Pan.

Uub is a poo in the loo

He's so fucking thin now...

I'm a gotenfag too man

Jaco The Galactic Patrolman, look it up fucktard.

He's some random darkskinned race that could be indian or black who fucking knows.

>like Mai and I'm happy that they gave a nice girl to the best boy
Mai is only given relevance because she was popular in Japan and the only way she could gain relevance as a legitimate character was to ship her off with a Major player. As it stands Toriyama had to do story backflips to get them to a similar age just to ship them together in two different universes. That's literally fanfiction type writing 101.

>and not a shitty one like Pan.
I was never for this ship either but Pan was only shit in GT which isn't fucking canon. So you're argument about her is fucking crap.

At least he has an excuse where he hasn't eaten, nobody else does.

They even redid Goku vs. Frieza for the RoF Director's Cut and Goku is fucking jacked. Toriyama's new style blows.

That manga is fairly recent. It was made after Battle of Gods.

Why does Akira love Trunks so much but hates Vegeta and Gohan?

Why do Gaijins call him ZamaZOO? It's pronounced Zamas, with a silent U.

>Jaco The Galactic Patrolman, look it up fucktard.
I know what Jaco the Patrolman is, Tights didn't fucking exist in Dragon Ball's original mango is what I was getting at you tard.

>Toriyama's new style blows.

It does.

I never hated Mai but I never understood why people liked her other then she was pretty in DB. In all honesty I hated the Pilaf gang and found their antics tiresome and obnoxious after watching them fail for so long.

Because he's a hack. I don't know why fags even bother watching this shit anymore.

I think it's the sweater/jacket. In that flashback from the Cell saga (pic related) and in that new leaked image from the manga he is still pretty strong.

He never liked Vegeta.
Gohan? He liked him, and even wanted him to be the hero. Tried really hard and wanted to bring fun superheroics and that school life trash into the series.
BUT he never could find the right mix of stuff and he couldn't get people to like the fun stuff.

If he had to fight more stuff like, lost cyborg from dr.gero. Space race that wanted to take over the planet?
Yeah that probably would have worked.
But the editors wanted goku so they brought him back and made it canon that gohan was a bitch nigga who was weaker then he was as a kid and weaker then vegetable who couldn't even go super saiyan 2 and goku.

nobody says Zamazoo, either like Zamas or Zamasoo

I probably wouldn't dislike it so bad if it wasn't for the coloring. Even the Goku vs. Frieza fight looks odd with all the updated colors that aren't very washed out and 80/90s.

I mean I've gotten used to the style, its whatever, but I wish it was more like the old school washed out style Toriyama used to do. Seems like he updated it to fit more with the times unfortunately.

Vegeta is in the top three strongest ningens in his universe. He's doing much better than Gohan or Goten.

>its a Vegeta gets his ass kicked for nearly 5 minutes episode

>Black: [Kukuku ... This is wonderful. The biggest problem ...... A world where God Destroyer Seventh Universe does not exist]
Excellent...time to fill that role as the god of destruction of universe seven...

vegeta could already go SSJ2


And since Zamasu is immortal, Black will be unstoppable. Now make them do pic related.

Eww Brazilians no thanks.

Plague needs to draw more Saiyan Girls that aren't those two.

I agree that there was nothing special about her in DB but I understand people liking her now that she's getting more development.

He refuses, they're catgirls now.


In an interview he said he always hated Vegeta because he based him off this asshole karate teacher he had when he was a kid. If it wasn't for Vegeta's popularity he would have stayed dead.

So Black is confirmed to be travelling to the alternate timelines using the green Time Rings, right?

I will go to Kentucky and beat Plague's ass, more monkeys, less other furry stuff.

Toriyama knows karate?

karate is fucking useless in a real fight anyway.

Well it depends, if you've got enough strength in your leg, a kick to the head is typically going to drop someone, the average person can't really kick someone in the head usually.

Otherwise you can just punch people in the throat, just hope you don't crush their windpipe when you do.

You sound kinda salty.

pretty much black and zamssu been doing some time fuckry with these rings.

Not until he was a majin.

He didn't have much popularity until the saiyan saga. Should have brought radditz back and pushed some of his personality onto him.

It's not real development if 95% of the reason she even matters is to be shipped off with Trunks.

Gine literally couldn't fight.
She was a constant hinderance too her team and eventually quit to work at a meat factory and bare Bardock's children.
Bardock was a basic level mercenary for FreezePops Saiyan army.
Nothing at all special about him, he was also a ruthless killer not much different than any of the other saiyans.
The only difference was Gine being such a caring mother that it slightly rubbed off on Bardock.
It would be like saying Hitler was a nice person in comparison to Stalin.



Nips teach martial-arts in elementary school.

Gowasu here is referring to Trunks a time ring is connected to his world since you know he created timline and shit and which the time ring was born most likely the silver one black is wearing right now.

>Not until he was a majin.
? He wouldn't challenge goku in the tournament if he didn't have SSJ2

He went majin to have the killing edge


At least she's doing something and has a personality. It's better than just make her a soulless character that exists solely to become the womb that will carry Trunks' kids one day.


This. Vegeta could go SSJ2. I believe their power levels were like 7,000,000,000 and 8,000,000,000 respectively and Majin jumped Vegeta up to SSJ2 Goku's power level.

Someone posted all the power levels in a previous thread.

Fem Broly is perfection. I need more.

Saying i'm salty just means you don't have a logical rebuttal to my argument.

Also, think about how many major character Toriyama simply left in the dust because he was too busy with Goku and Vegeta or didn't know what to do with them but here is a completely annoying and irrelevant comic relief character that should have disappeared 10 years ago but she's who he decided to bend over backwards for and devolve into fanfiction teir writing just to bring her into relevancy.

That kind of logic is pants on the head stupid.

trophie wife but a good wife nonetheless

No, he couldn't.

The Maijin thing gave him the fucking edge and allowed him to SSJ2.

At no point did Vegeta even HINT that he could go SSJ2.

It's been accepted litterally fucking everywhere that he could not go SSJ2 without going maijin. Period.


Any powerlevel value after Trunks vs Freeza is made up though.

>He didn't have much popularity until the saiyan saga.
Well of course he wouldn't be popular before his first appearance you fucking retard

requesting this colored.

Why would Vegeta have any confidence at all in beating Gohan at the Tournament then? Why did Vegeta barely react when Goku revealed he could go SSJ2 vs Yakon?

>he could not go SSJ2 without going maijin.

SSJ2 isn't some big jump, goku went SSJ2 AND SSJ3

vegeta was preparing ssj2 since the android arc

Vegeta straight up said he could have beaten Dabura and that Gohan was slacking. Vegeta wouldn't have been able to beat Dabura if he hadn't already had SSJ2. Goku also stated that both he and Vegeta were stronger than Gohan was currently. Kibito also mentions that Gohan was the strongest because he could go SSJ2 after Gohan revealed it, both Goku and Vegeta just looked at each other and then look away.

Calm down user, you get annoyed too easily. I was just joking but your reply only confirms your saltiness.

>At least she's doing something and has a personality.
But it's nothing like the one she had. Especially future Mai; she might as well be a completely different character altogether. She's only Mai in design and nothing else. Personally, the only difference between Mai and every DB girl with black eyes, black hair, and a hime cut, is that her eyes are drawn slanted.

Don't get me wrong, I like her personality in the future timeline but she's just not Mai anymore and her design is uninteresting.

Oh and how the fuck is she the same age as Trunks in the future? Did he just make her that age because "Story"?

Just like Gohan, Kibito gives Trunks Kaioshins' clothes, Trunks succeeds in removing Z Sword from the rock, Kaioshin of East tests the Z sword by throwing the Katchin.

this is getting interesting

>Full Power SSJ2 Mystic Future Trunks
>Gohan couldn't even really do SSJ1 as Mystic

Trunks is a goddamn beast.

Now the real question is, is this Toyo's addition based on what Toriyama has given him, or did Toei just decide to leave it out and Toriyama wanted it in so Toyo drew it?


>Rehashing Gohan

F. Trunks really is following in Gohan's footsteps. He's the perfect pupil.

They made the wish to become young in the future timeline too. Pic related.

About her personality. Well, she had to go through infancy, childhood, teenage years all over again and, this time around, she had to deal with a lot of shit like the androids, Black and possibly the death of Pilaf and Shu. So it's understandable that she's so different from the original Mai.

he isn't mystic, we don't know if he breaks the sword

Not him but everyone is salty about Toriyama's writing. The guy is a hack and everyone knows it. I have a theory that the only reason people keep up with this shit is because they started Dragonball long ago and feel some kind of masochistic need to see it through.

Granted, If this were still a gag manga like DB then no one would probably give a shit about consistency and logic.

based stupid sexy trunks no water why he got so damn strong with his half saiayn human genes with old kai unlock hos potential like he did with gohan. godamn
trunks literally the gohan of his timeline

>Now the real question is, is this Toyo's addition based on what Toriyama has given him, or did Toei just decide to leave it out and Toriyama wanted it in so Toyo drew it?
It's also possible that Toei will cover it in upcoming episodes, when they'll inevitably have to cover the whole "oh yeah, and Supreme Kai died in Trunks' timeline so there's no Beerus there" bit anyway.

Damn I need to see more of this.

When the fuck is this gonna get translated and scanned, hurry up.

>Kibito gives Trunks Kaioshins' clothes
I hope Goku gets some as well when the manga cover his visit to the King of All.

It seems unrealistic that she would have lived at all. Same with Yasrobi.

it's hard to believe the retard goku in the anime is this same goku

Why is her tail coming out of her asshole and not her tail bone?

so when will they address the elephant in the room

Goku could teleport to kaioshin's place, he really should've been with future trunks

goku black

Yajirobi was pretty good at hiding and got the last senzu bean.

As for them, the Androids still hadn't killed plenty of people, they just sort of dicked around half the time and then blew random places up over the years, they still needed clothes and fun to have.

>tfw Pilaf is literally the reason the future is such a shithole by ruining a wish

Too cool for words. Future Trunks is basically the best version of Gohan in Super. He looks great in this costume.


Trunks mystic power ?

>Goku could teleport to kaioshin's place
Future Goku? He doesn't know the Kaioshin, so why would he go there?

So Piccolo didn't fuse with Kami? Also why didn't Goku talk with Gohan after his death in future timeline?


I find it hard to believe that out of 12 universes- 18 if you count the ones Zeno destroyed- that there are only four alternate worlds, three of which are from the cell saga.

Probably not considering he still has the sword, meaning he never broke it.

Which is curious, what if he breaks it and then we have two Old Kais? Could they theoretically fuse and make an even stronger Mystic for Trunks?

It's a human being forced to dress up as one

Because he sensed ssj trunks for one

he went there when he sensed gohan, of course he can't teleport to the real world, kaioshins world is fine

Even Future Majin Pui Pui and Future Yakon make an appearance.

Does Universe 7's Supreme Kai ever get depicted with a house or residence of any kind? Seems weird that Zamasu and Gowasu have a whole palace while the U7 Kais just chill in the grass.

Hot damn Trunks, I fucking love you.

The absolute madmen tried to take on Trunks

>Mai is only given relevance because she was popular in Japan


Apparently Gohan can in the daizenshuus.

Hey XV Trunks, that's my sweater.

Into the trash it goes!

>Because he sensed ssj trunks for one
How do you know? Pretty sure Ki sensing isn't passive and we don't know how far Goku is from that place. Besides has Future Goku even met Trunks before?

There is no mercy in this dojo
Trunks is literally the only saiyan that gets shit done.

Bardock was supposed to be a great scientist.

> Future Kid Trunks has a different hair cut
> Looks "older"

I guess it doesn't help that the English Dub VA sounds older for Future Kid Trunks

Depends whether he gets a free day pass back to the Earth again. Probably not considering he died of Old Age and everyone else he knows is dead too for the most part. Though he may have to go see Chi-Chi and Bulma if they let him.

I don't think Trunks' new sword in Super is the Z sword though.

If he got the Ultimate power up though, it could be used to explain why his base is so close to the God tier Saiyans. Although the main issue then would be why Future Dabura is so stupidly strong. Freeza's training regiment strikes again?

>the only saiyan that gets shit done.
That explains why he came runing to the past for help.

Trunks is once again confirmed for best boy and best saiyan.

Says almost every user here. But honestly, what other reason would there be to make her relevant?


Its because he knows not to fuck around. He may do some stupid shit sometimes like not figuring out USSJ's weakness (which he managed to get USSJ2 and find an actual use for it), but he doesn't fuck around like everyone else.

Probably something he got from Vegeta, who goes all out, but none of the pride.

>no image

Toriyama likes the Pilaf gang and wanted them back.

18 is a pretty chill person

Oh boy the Trunksfags are getting obnoxious again.

>The glorious looking children they would have had if they fucked

Trunks plays no games, he always goes for the kill. Be it enemy or woman. Truly a Saiyan warrior. King Vegeta would be proud.

I think it could be Toyotaro's explanation for the whole "Trunks sparring with God tier SSJ2 Goku" issue. Although it's possible that Toriyama's outline had a vague "Trunks receives Kaioshin's help and defeats Dabura" explanation which the Toei anime team went with receiving "teachings" while in the manga it's the actual Z Sword training - > Elder Kai power up.

They don't really say it. It's just a random line about how "He's so strong and isn't even a SSJ!", which I'm pretty sure it's dialogue from the series. Just like the show itself though, the Daizenshuu never confirms one way or another whether SSJ could further power him up.

Krillin got immensely lucky with her. Not only are her looks stunning but she has one of the best female personalities in DB.

That's some shit taste he has. But I shouldn't be surprised.

hey, going to the past have some benefits like getting stronger just you wait till trunks pops this out

It could be that Trunks' potential wasn't as big as Mystic Gohan. There's no guarantee that the ritual powers everyone identically.

>tfw DragonTeam didn't have the money part in it
>tfw 18 was just hitting on Trunks

For "the only saiyan that gets shit done." he sure needs alot of hand holding.

Consider this possible sequence of events:

Trunks trains with Z-Sword like Gohan. Kaioshin tests sword with Katchin and it breaks. Old Kai gets out. They can't bribe him with nudes because Chichi and Bulma are too old. So Trunks goes on his merry way with SSJ2, and Old Kai fades into bolivian .

>best boy
It IS possible, but not much.

>he always goes for the kill. Be it enemy or woman. Truly a Saiyan warrior.
This wasn't a comon to Mai you faggot. He just didn't want to be alone because Bulma just died. She was his only friend.

Actually, the second one does say it.

if getting training is handholding then Goku is the one that needs to be more hand held than any other

>Can't bribe with women
>Old Kai admits he likes them mature

he has the option to get stronger then sure since no one in his timeline could train him i mean beerus is dead and perhaps whis as well.

>Trunks used Mai instead

This was a flashback dumbass. This was after she saved him from Black. Bulma was still alive at this point.

Zarbon, get the fuck outta here before I school you again.

i can just feel it coming.

Perhaps Trunks just told him to fuck off then.

Unlocked SSJ himself
As well as SSJ2 and SSJ3
Didn't fall into the SS Grade 3 trap
Kept the power of SSG after the time limit

Doesn't run away to another timeline whenever he gets rekted.

>Goku is the one that needs to be more hand held than any other
No, not really

Goku would be death if Trunks didn't run away

I just think that he's lost too much to dick around. He's a gentle soul that's seen his world shaken every which way. He legitimately wants power to protect it. It's not a thrilling joyride for him.

It's kind of refreshing. I only dislike that Super portrays him as a bit more of an idiot, but I think that goes for almost everyone.

He also came up with FPSSJ.

Bringing Future Trunks back was the best decision ever made by DBS.

Because he saw gohan slacking off and losing his edge. He didn't just completely close himself off in his training chamber and do fuck all.


SSJ2 is a TITANIC fucking boost. What the shit? The only one who was able to go SSJ2 for long ass years was Gohan. Goku learned how to do it in the other world after training his ass off and then learned how to go SSJ3 later.

Vegeta couldn't even FATHOM a fucking SSJ2 in the android saga or the cell saga.

Doesn't fucking mean he could go SSJ2. Just means that he's got a strong Super Vegeta form now. And let's get something out of the way. Vegeta is ALWAYS talking about how he could stomp this person or that.
He's over confident.
And they look at each other and look away because gohan is weak as fuck not because vegeta could go SSj2.

Master Roshi
King Kai
Other World babying him

I just realized, what's that SSJ2 & 3 are just variants of SSJ & won't be used again?

So why didn't Goku use Kaioken against black? Did they already forget?

Toryiama said that during the first BoG movie. That's null now since those forms showed up a lot in Super.

Now he only needs to defeat Black/Zamasu and put some saiyan kids inside Mai's womb and he will be the true new king of the saiyan race.

Trunks is too polite to ask ChiChi for nudes, and Bulma is his fucking mom.

Have we even seen SSJ lately, it's always been SSJ2

I doubt Trunks would use Mai to bribe that old faggot though.

not only was that anime-only, even in the anime Goku said he wouldn't use that again

It destroyed his body, he couldn't fly, couldn't IT correctly, etc

I want this Goku back.

well to be fair, he did say "probably"

SSJ2 best form.
who needs a shitty ssj3 transformation when you have a ssj2 with the same power?

>tfw most potential

We did it bros, we did it.

People take stuff Toriyama says off hand in interviews way too seriously. He has even given contradictory accounts on stuff like Launch ever getting together with Tenshinhan. So, it's not he's keeping track of interview statements that closely.

If that same person went SSJ3, they'd be even stronger.

Mmm, Cellfags.

Don't give me that shit, it did normal kaioken things. And hes obviously going to die, why not try it anyway? He was willing to do it in a fucking tournament.

> SS1 to SS2
> Hair is spikier for SOME characters (Not Vegeta or Adult Gohan)
> Sometimes has sparks

And they say SSB is lazy...

I am not ready for Goku not being the hero that saves the day

SSJ2 is everything the base form wants to be, and more. It also doesn't have the power drain of SSJ3. It sounds like the ideal form.

> Hair is spikier for SOME characters (Not Vegeta or Adult Gohan)
Also, Super Trunks in the anime.

Nice daddy. Oh wait, I'm your daddy.

I guess I'm the only one who wants to see Super Saiyan Red.

she is already dead

>is everything the base form wants to be
FP SS is everything the base form wants to be

SS2 still has a drain, just not as ridiculous as SS3

We saw a lot of SSJ1 and no SSJ2 or 3 at all between BoGs and the copy Vegeta episodes (Well, there's Vegeta in BoGs who had some sparks, but the episode title and description just called it a mutated SSJ), but then out of nowhere we started seeing SSJ2 basically being used as the basic Saiyan transformation in the current arc.

You're on thin ice, user.

He will be a fucking monster if he gets SSB.

SSJ3 Future trunks would look beast mode and sell a fuckton of merch to nerds.

ESPESCIALLY if it came down to a knockdown dragout fight where he's forced to use his ultra form while in SSJ3.

The vids for that alone would shut down youtube for days.

> Loses to Beerus
> Gets rescued by Vegeta, and gets fed a Senzu against Golden Freeza
> Loses to Frost
> Loses to Hit

But he did beat Botamo right?

Merchandise sales user. All the planned SSJ1 figures have been released for months now. Time to get that sweet SSj2 money.

Would Mai be able to handle his PTSD nightmares?




Oh but it does sell, user.

Yeah because Vegeta saying he could easily waste Dabura and still only be SSJ1 makes more sense right?

SSJ3 has an massively increased output some heightened durability and it's stated to have increased healing ability for some reason.

It also looks cool as fuck.
Them doing SSJ2 only is just them being lazy and conservative.


his current sword is the Z sword?

>tfw your kids are cuter than Goku's kids

Trunks is making up for the disappointment Gohan was

That would be nice, user. Would explain a lot of things.

Z sword

>all these people saying mystic trunks
It's not going to happen, otherwise he wouldn't be turning SSJ/2. Most likely he takes the Z-Sword to the battlefield, it breaks open and then old Kai gets killed

I don't get it

They trainned gohan to use this sword because it was the only thing able to cut majin bu. Why is trunks learning to use it when he was not a thing yet?

>Finished training with Kai's
>still weak enough that Supreme Kai died against Dabura


It's not that he can't, but he didn't need to. Back then he was already at his strongest. He's still strong enough to spare with Piccolo without transforming but had to against TagomaGinyu.


>Only thing able to cut Buu

>future trunks sword breaks during his fight against rose black
>the old kai comes out
>beerus come back to life once he is released


Vegeta also said he could be final form frieza with a power level that wasn't even what...200k?
He talks big shit all of the time.

Notice the hair and how Babidi is still trying to control him and hasn't given him a power increase yet.

Vegeta was SSJ2.

Gohan "fans" continue to be outraged at how he lives happily with his beautiful wife and child, in a big house, pursuing his dream job.

I'm just mad that we don't get to see what Pan's made of now that she's born


When gohans training finished with the Kai's Old Kai had given him mystic power up, it appears as though Trunks only did training with the heavy Z-Sword

People only care about the fights, user. A character is worthless if they don't fight.

Even GT treated him better

Yeah, Kai actually had some of Z's Hell filler in the Buu saga. What makes it even worse is that this episode aired AFTER Resurrection F already premiered, so everyone was just extremely fucking baffled as to how Toei could commit such an enormous oversight.

It sucks because Super would have been the perfect follow-up to Kai if Toei didn't do that shit. I'll admit the series has been a lot better since the U6 Tournament, but you can't change the past and boy did they fuck up the BoG and RoF arcs.

Why did they ruin Gokus character so much

>I don't think being a Cyborg is a hereditary trait
Do you know what fucking series this is?

Future Goku probably didn't keep his body.


So if trunks is actually using the Z sword that means that they can bring back beerus if they free the old kaio?

Holy shit, that looks like some Cartoon Network show doing a DBZ parody more than an actual shot from a Dragon Ball show.

>his cute tomboy stopped being a tomboy

>Even GT treated him better

>Son Gohan GT Perfect Files
He transformed when fighting with Goten after Goten had been taken over by Baby!! It seems that even in times of peace, he hasn’t neglected his training. The differences in Gohan’s facial expressions before and after transforming are the most intense out of any warrior!!

Well he's the Old Kai. I doubt it works that way. Even if he was to become the Supreme Kai again, they'd likely need a new God of Destruction instead.

She really cucks Krillin doesn't she.

In case Buu got resurrected. They were training to stop Buu, but if the need arised..

Even Gohan after the time skip & barely some training with Goten at least kept up with Dabura.

Fuck off, Herms

God, Pigtail and Short Haired Videl were so fucking great in design and personality.

Chinese Doll Super Videl sucks fucking ass.

>It seems that even in times of peace, he hasn’t neglected his training.



Future Goku did, see the little strip they did about it.

Gohan pre training couldn't beat Dabura. Gohan after using Z-Sword was quoted to not be as strong as Buu but be heaps stronger, this most likely means he was above daburas level but below Buu's and that means trunks must have been at a similar level.

>rains and enjoys his scholarly work

Truly the best of best worlds.

No you stupid bitch.
Hidden in the same way Gohan's mystic form was hidden.
Or the powers of fucking krillian and gohan were hidden when they were unlocked by guru>


Gohan deserves better than Videl

short haired videl was ugly

That was just a joke panel showing that he's now dead. They did it with Piccolo as well


u wot m8

Damn that forehead.

Being able to hold his own is already enough. This means that the power loss over the years wasn't enormous. If Trunks was only comparable to Gohan in that state then Trunks isn't getting enough gains.

NOW I see.

Zamassu and his fuckboy Black went to Trunks timeline to become the new Supreme Kai and God of destruction becuase Trunks fucked up in getting the old kai and supremem kai both killed.

So...what is the Whis of that universe doing?

It was better in EoZ

Future Trunks attacks Future Dabura using Z-Sword, Dabura then spits and the Z-sword turns into stone, when Dabura attacks using his own sword, Trunks drops the Z-Sword and it breaks after hitting the ground, killing Old Kai in the process I assume (since it was turned into stone).

Good job Trunks.


You mean cute

get lost spopovich

I don't think you understand basic reading comprehension and how that page implies that Babidi has yet to release Vegeta's latent talent inside of him, yet the pages before while Babidi is just trying to control him in general (before he has yet to release Vegeta's latent power as said later on the page) you can clearly see that Vegeta is SSJ2 due to Toriyama's artstyle by giving it far more spikes than he does SSJ1.

Children understood this back in the 90s user, why can't you as an adult understand this?

Besides if we want to go by your logic, then Majin gives him access to SSJ2, it doesn't mean he gets to keep it afterwards, which we see both during Super Buu and Kid Buu later on in the Saga. If by your logic, Majin and Babidi were giving him free access to SSJ2, through his magic. When the magic is gone, so too would SSJ2 seeing as how also by your logic he wasn't strong enough (despite the manga basically confirming at multiple points that he was) to have achieved SSJ2, which makes no sense as to why he would have it later on in the Saga.

Probably with Zeno. In the end though, Trunks fucked over his timeline.

This user confirms it even more.

long hair > short hair

>Trunks didn't go back and make 18 and 17 if you're into that his bitch
Missed opportunities

No, Trunks was not equal to Mystic Gohan after training.
If he was then the buu saga would have ended in five seconds.

He's strong and a brilliant fighter but he's nowhere near the sheer raw powerlevel of Gohan.


They didn't.



Short haired tomboys > all other women that have existed and will ever exist
Ugh Super Videl
EoZ Videl was good too. She's taking the Chinese Doll concept and actually making it look attractive. Instead of weird and creepy like she belongs in a Silent Hill Mall Window.

This makes no sense.


Great men think alike, he beat me by a few days

If Goku is that short, then why does his height fluctuate between that and being as tall as Yamcha?

She can handle anything for her husbando.

Roshi is more or less immortal, or at least he can't die of old age/natural causes because of the Immortal Phoenix.

Because Japanese people don't know how to draw accurate height comparisons at all.

>all this shit taste
i feel sorry for you

>tfw gohan didn't pleasure videl enough

Why is the DBS manga so much better?

>Gohanfags actually believe this

Bitch, current SS2 Trunks would make Mystic Gohan call him daddy within the first three seconds.

lol "Mystic", what a fairy ass name.

That was amazing.

I think his official height is 5'10". Yamcha's a clean 6'0". There isn't much different in that case. Maybe Yamcha slouches? Goku's hairstyle probably gives the illusion of equal height as well.

Did you just say short haired tomboys were shit taste? Here is a better place for you.

i dont think its fair to call it stupid for not figuring out something

Manga director actually knows how to explain shit. Anime is all over the place and complicate things worse


It's written better and drawn better.

Various reasons, though one could be the fight choreography when compared to the anime.

>doesn't like tomboys

So why doesn't future goku and gohan not talk to trunks and give him pointers like in the present timeline? Are they just dicks in the future or what

That panel clearly states that he is in the process of releasing his powers.

He then outright states he releases his HIDDEN POWERS and lo and behold the SSJ2 form that he's never even hinted at having IS UNLEASHED.

He only gets SSJ2 after he becomes a majin. That's why he fucking allows himself to get taken over and even puts himself into position to get taken over.
If he honestly believed the bullshit he spoke then he would have not done that. His big goddamend speech at the end about him not being powerful despite doing what goku did?
Remember that?
He meant that he couldn't go SSJ2 or get appreciably powerful.
That's it.

And him LOSIING fucking SSJ2 because he's not a majin anymore? Do you even fucking watch this fucking show? Has a magical fucking power boost that unlocks power simply fucking worn off and never worked anymore?
Ever. EVER?
Fuck no.

Only fucking you because you're fucking stupid and the idea of him needing to go majin to unlock it upsets you so goddamned much.

That was the entire thrust of that entire fucking battle you stupid bastard.

Did you even read that shit?
Did you even watch that shit?
Could you fucking not put two and two together with all of the context that was shown?


>future goku
turned to Black

The anime would be better if they didn't half ass most fight scenes and focused on the story instead of insignificant filler. Some is good, others are annoying

Instead of showing a flashback to History of Trunks, they could have showed what actually happened with Future Trunks and Kaioshin

They're dead, user.

>was only SSJ3 Goku level pre training

yea you must be a ESL

so 4 out of 12 universes have more or less been revealed what kind of people are in them, how many more will be shown before the all universal tournament?

Future Gohan and Goku are busy training.

>he likes tomboys

It's not.

>SSG comes back for no reason and it makes no sense
>the U6 Tournament fights are fucking awful, especially Frost's
>SSB is suddenly downgraded to 1/10th of its full power if the user attempts to transform a second time, which isn't even hinted at in any of the films or the anime and also makes no sense

>showed what actually happened with Future Trunks and Kaioshin
Or at the very least mention that Kaioshin died, which they completely left out so far.

good fighters keep their body when they die in battle
like yamcha, tien, piccolo, goku, and gohan

>this is a bad thing

Hypothetically, how much of a shitstorm would it be if they made GT into a separate universe rather than timeline

>>SSB is suddenly downgraded to 1/10th of its full power if the user attempts to transform a second time, which isn't even hinted at in any of the films or the anime and also makes no sense

goku used it again to defeat frieza

I think it's because Toriyama checks Toyotaro's storyboards every single chapter, while he just occasionally checks in for the DBS episodes.

see there is nothing about power or SSJ2 there

He simply did it so he could fight without being soft


Official Heights.

Kid Goku – 2'5” 77 cm
Teen Goku – 5'4” 164 cm
Adult Goku – 5'7” 171 cm
In Frieza-Buu Saga – 5'10” 177 cm

Kid Vegeta – 4'1” 125 cm
Vegeta Saiyan Saga – 5'5” 165 cm
Adult Vegeta – 5'6” 168 cm

vs. Raditz – 2'4” 74 cm
Kid Gohan – 3'10” 118 cm
Teen Gohan – 5'2” 159 cm
Adult Gohan – 6'0” 183 cm

Piccolo Junior – 6'1” 185 cm
Adult Piccolo – 6'7” 205 cm
Fuse Nail – 7'2” 218 cm
Fuse Kami – 7'5” 226 cm

Teen Trunks – 5'1” 156 cm
Trunks – 5'9” 175 cm
SSJ Grade III – 5'11” 182 cm

Kid Goten – 4'2” 126 cm
Adult/Teen Goten – 5'9.5” 176 cm

Kid Trunks – 4'3” 130 cm
Adult/Teen Trunks – 5'9” 175 cm

Kid Kuririn – 3'2” 96 cm
Adult Kuririn – 5'0” 153 cm
Buu Saga – 5'1” 156 cm

Teen Tien – 5'11” 182 cm
Adult Tien – 6'1” 185 cm
In Frieza-Buu Saga – 6'2” 187 cm

Cell Game Saga – 6'5” 188 cm
Buu Saga – 6'2” 176 cm

Yamcha – 6'0” 183 cm

Raditz – 6'7” 200 cm

'Bardock' Nappa – 7'1” 215 cm
Adult Nappa – 7'6” 229 cm

Just some references.

This, honestly.

Super's manga is only better than the anime when it comes to choreography, otherwise a lot of the shit that's exclusive to it is baffling and stupid.

I don't know about all that, but Vegeta is undefeated against Goku. 3-0, when?

>GT is Universe 6 Earth
>SSJ4 Goku vs SSB Goku

>the U6 Tournament fights are fucking awful, especially Frost's

nigga yes they did, hes a fucking child

>tomboys are a good thing

Did you not notice that Chi Chi too was at her best as a tomboy?

Did you even watch or read it?

I'm not even that user and I can tell he's SSJ2 in that panel before he's even taken over fully. As for your Zenkai Boost, it only works when you're near death, not when you're actually dead.

>Adult Goku – 5'7” 171 cm
>Adult Gohan – 6'0” 183 cm

Ox King genes I tell you

because toyotaro doesn't have to draw 25 different pictures for one second of actual video

>tomboys are a bad thing

>Adult Vegeta – 5'6” 168 cm

Future Trunks' timeline probably doesn't have the Dragon Balls. Kami and Piccolo never fused.

>having garage taste

So, i just realized
The world that cell came from had no androids, and after he left, no trunks.
So, that world most likely recovered until babidi arrived.
What if that's Black's timeline?

>SSG comes back for no reason and it makes no sense
hm? That's canon, he can transform to SSG without ritual youtu.be/LB_CQJ1H-4o?t=778
>the U6 Tournament fights are fucking awful, especially Frost's
they are better than anime
>SSB is suddenly downgraded to 1/10th of its full power if the user attempts to transform a second time, which isn't even hinted at in any of the films or the anime and also makes no sense
they literally talk about it, since all transformations have a stamina cost. Otherwise they would be SSB forever

S-Stop it



He meant Black as in Goku Black. Uub's race could either be the few black people in the show that don't have big lips (mulatto or Cab Calloway looking redesign of Staff Officer Black from Path to Power) or Indian. Or he could just be some generic poor dark skinned race from the tropics. Doesn't matter anyway, he's still a human Kid Buu, and that's alright I guess.

>SSG comes back for no reason and it makes no sense
Nice try

>SSB is suddenly downgraded to 1/10th of its full power if the user attempts to transform a second time, which isn't even hinted at in any of the films or the anime and also makes no sense
We don't see much of SSB in the movie, calm down Toeifag.

>goku used it again to defeat frieza
Who reverted to his final form and also was losing stamina.

FUCK Launch, marry Bulma, kill Chichi

Why not Heroes?

Oops these two are supposed to be Mr. Satan/Hercule.

Cell Game Saga – 6'5” 188 cm
Buu Saga – 6'2” 176 cm

>Kid Kuririn – 3'2” 96 cm
>Kid Goku – 2'5” 77 cm
But Kid Goku was always taller

no dragon balls doesn't mean they don't have bodies in afterlife

they must've went to king kais place and watched over earth while training

then when he saw kaioshin, he can easily instant transmission to kaioshins place

Mystic gohan had a standing power level of nearly 100billion+
SSJ2 Trunks got his shit slapped by Daboura who had a canon power level of 890,000,000.
Mystic Gohan had a standing power level 32,000,000,000.

If ssj2 trunks was even half as strong as mystic gohan the buu saga would have been over in seconds. Not even minutes. Fucking seconds.

And you know what?
How in the fuck did Trunks train to get almost as strong as a SSJ3 by himself, in the future? Real talk.

Impeccable taste.

Because Bardock hasn't interacted with Goku in that series as far as I know.

Trunks didn't know Mai at that point, he only met her after Black appeared.

Kuririn is only 5" shorter than vegeta?

Because Heroes is a mish mash of shit. Fun shit, but still shit. You've got Super and GT characters, which don't make sense, and then you've got canon characters and movie characters, which don't make sense.

>That's canon

No it isn't and a three second segment where he draws out the last of his SSG power doesn't prove otherwise. The ENTIRE POINT of SSB was so that he could access God ki without needing the ritual, that shit is even force-fed to you in Super.

>they are better than anime

Absolutely not. The manga's fights are all rushed to the point that it's not even enjoyable to read.

>they literally talk about it, since all transformations have a stamina cost

Stamina cost has never done anything like that at all. It's literally something Toyotaro pulled out of his ass because he wanted to bring back SSG.

Man, power levels are bullshit.

>How in the fuck did Trunks train to get almost as strong as a SSJ3 by himself, in the future? Real talk.
vegeta at BoG was already stronger than goku SSJ3, so it isn't hard if you keep training you would improve

Can't wait for these two to talk at long last.

>tfw best girl is non canon

Nice of Goku to always job to Vegeta. Unnecessary though it is.

Thanks for the clarification. May I have your references?

>Absolutely not.
Toeifag pls

Buu wasn't at all threatened by SS3. It is a shit form.

>that crotch

According to Toriyama, yeah.
Some of it is official Toriyama stuff I've had written down for ages, some others such as Goku growing or appearing taller during the Buu Saga for instance is based on manga references I remember looking up ages ago compared to other characters, so those parts might not be entirely accurate.

Goku straight up says he could have beaten Buu with SSJ3.


Saying is not doing

why does this matter and why should i care?

Absolutely anything...

He needed his past self because he wasn't able to get to gokus level and he thought by becoming who he was he'd be able to beat him AND get his SSJ2 form.

And that's what fucking happened.

He's not a fucking super saiyan you absolute fucking buffoon. He needs the electric sparks and super spikey hair and that didn't fully come to be until after he was fully under the control of babidi.
When he POURPOSELY got taken over by babidi he did it because he saw how powerful it made people.
He, and only he saw that fucking goku had gained a tremendous boost in power during that fight with the energy absorbing alien?
Remember that?
Remember how that made Vegeta's asshole visibly pucker.
He ran head first into the maijin thing so that he could finally reach gokus level. AKA SSJ2.

Get it?

Cause even children got that shit back when it was first aired.

And I didn't even mention anything about a Zenkai boost.

At the end of Z he's supposed to be nearly seven foot tall.

We still don't know when did they first met as adults.

I'd fill her with my bubblegum.

SSB isn't even mentioned toeifag

They went to get training with whis to understand Godki. Then when they fully mastered Godki, they transformed into a SSJ. Hence the name SSGSSJ. You can't achieve it without SSG and they literally say a SSG who has achieved SSJ.

>Stamina cost has never done anything like that at all.
you must've missed most of DB when goku mentioned how SSJ3 is a big stamina drain

>cherrypicking one scene out of the countless scenes that actually had weight and excitement to them unlike the shit manga

Desperate little Toyblefag.

Critique my power levels:

2% Frieza: 2,800,000
100% Frieza: 140,000,000
SSJ Goku (Namek): 150,000,000

King Cold: 100,000,000
Mecha Frieza: 155,000,000
SSJ Trunks: 185,000,000
SSJ Goku (Yardrat): 190,000,000

#19: 95,000,000
#20: 100,000,000
Piccolo: 180,000,000
SSJ Trunks: 240,000,000
SSJ Goku: 260,000,000
SSJ Vegeta: 280,000,000
Android #18: 500,000,000

Imperfect Cell: 450,000,000
Piccolo (Kami-fused): 520,000,000
Android #17: 520,000,000
Imperfect Cell (+humans): 650,000,000
Android #16: 650,000,000

Semi-Perfect Cell: 1,170,000,000
SSJ Vegeta: 750,000,000
ASSJ Vegeta: 1,500,000,000
SSJ Trunks: 700,000,000
ASSJ Trunks: 1,400,000,000
Perfect Cell (Suppressed): 1,670,000,000
Perfect Cell (Suppressed): 2,000,000,000
USSJ Trunks: 2,100,000,000

Perfect Cell (vs. Goku): 3,340,000,000
MSSJ Goku: 3,330,000,000
MSSJ Gohan: 3,500,000,000
Piccolo (RoSaT): 1,560,000,000
ASSJ Trunks: 2,000,000,000
ASSJ Vegeta: 2,200,000,000

Perfect Cell (Full Power): 5,010,000,000
Super Perfect Cell: 6,680,000,000
SSJ Gohan: 7,000,000,000


Is this like the Chi-Chi thing? AT punishes himself with a character he doesn't like always getting rewarded? Won the main girl of the series, son who saves multiple timelines, always beats Goku (aside from often being strong, is the better fighter, father, husband, friend, hero, etc.), continued prominence and so on? What next? 3-0?

I suppose that makes sense. I think I'll compile my own baseball stat information in the coming days for these characters. It doesn't matter much, but I think it would be cool if these threads had a Pastebin with this kind of information available to the curious.

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

>He's not a fucking super saiyan you absolute fucking buffoon

Then why isn't his hair black? Why is it spiky unlike SSJ1?
>He, and only he saw that fucking goku had gained a tremendous boost in power during that fight with the energy absorbing alien?

Remember when he also implies that Goku had also learned SSJ2 and wasn't visibly surprised at all and just shrugged it off?

>that pic

Must not be fighting Goku, then.

>the countless scenes that actually had weight and excitement to them unlike the shit manga
>countless scenes

How was Beerus vs Champa in the anime?

That's a fucking bullshit asspull power up and you know it.

And fucking future trunks has nowhere to train or the resources to build training chambers to train as hard as vegeta.
That's fucking bullshit.

He should be cell saga level at best.

>still no gooks scans
>not even ms version

>SSB isn't even mentioned toeifag

It's literally explained to be their way of accessing God ki, Toyblefag. Fucking Toriyama himself said that Goku would never use SSG again after BoG.

Quit defending anything Toyotaro shits into your disgusting pleb mouth, faggot.

>you must've missed most of DB when goku mentioned how SSJ3 is a big stamina drain

SS3 was never brought down to a fraction of its power, dumbass, it just expired. Learn to read.

Didn't vegeta specifically say he decided to let babidi take him over when he saw goku transform and realized he couldn't match him?

Its no problem. A few characters had official heights stated like Goku's, which was 5'7", and I know Toriyama had done a few height comparisons with lined backgrounds so it was a little easier to assume the heights of some other characters by comparison and then go from there.

I'm sure you could find it rather quickly.

>sexualizing pure Note

I actually got a boner from this picture. I have something of a fetish about women riding my dick while wearing that sort of open dresses or skirts with leg tights. The only thing missing from that pic would be tits coming out.

i'm pretty certain 16 was as strong as semi perfect cell before he ran around and ate more people.

Fuck Bulma, Kill Launch, Marry ChiChi.

Imperfect Cell is the 1st form, Semi-Perfect Cell is the big lipped nigga one

Goku in SSJ3 could have easily murdered fat buu.
That's canon.


I just stopped watching that saga, right when Piccolo was about to go in and everyone just told him to job

Vegeta only ever says he was still lagging behind Goku like always, so he needed a little bit more of an edge.

SSJ3 goku got weaker until the point he couldn't sustain it

learn to comprehend ESL
>Fucking Toriyama himself said that Goku would never use SSG again after BoG
toriyama approved of that scene of the manga my man, it's 100% canon

Beerus vs. Champa wasn't even really a fight, just a skirmish to show off their rivalry. I'm talking about the actual main story battles in Super.



Source? Also, does anyone have source for pic related?

we have been a lot of dbzfags from Cred Forums these past 3 episodes

why are their funimation minds so small they think vegeta couldn't go ssj2 and think majin vegeta was only about ssj2


>SSJ3 goku got weaker until the point he couldn't sustain it

He literally says he couldn't sustain it because he runs out of stamina, not power.

>toriyama approved of that scene of the manga my man

Now you're making shit up. We don't know WHAT Toriyama thought of SSG coming back.

But did he say when he realized it? Cause if it was after he went ssj2, that pretty clearly implies vegeta hadn't gone ssj2
Don't forget that ss full power goku was strong enough to beat cell, the problem was cell was a great fighter, so gokus skill would only get him so far.
Dabura was a low skill fighter relying on his strength, which even at cell level, means a full power super saiyan could trounce.

Have another.


>Then why isn't his hair black? Why is it spiky unlike SSJ1?
I meant SSJ2 and that's because the M is starting to take him over.

>Remember when he also implies that Goku had also learned SSJ2 and wasn't visibly surprised at all and just shrugged it off?
Care to point that out?
I'm curious.

he said this only

>weight and excitement


The main story battles sucked ass in Super until recently. The guy who said Goku vs Frost and Winnie the Pooh was better in the anime is a joke.

Bless you, user.


English version

Taking the Toriyama route eh?

so does anyone have any hope on gohan doing anything this series

wouldnt be crazy to see him or piccolo get some stupid boost at some point

how am I making shit up? It's right from his interview

>Speaking of the manga, I want to ask you two about how you put the manga together. I hear Toriyama-sensei checks the storyboards for each chapter.
>Toriyama:That’s right.


Here, user. Stay tuned.


Dabura transforms the Z sword in stone. The death of the old Kaioushin

That panel right there makes it look like he was surprised that goku could reach that level
Considering goku was stronger tham him when he died, the only reason to think that is if he himself hadn't gone ss2


It was about SSJ2.

If it wasn't then why in the shit did he allow himself to get taken over by the maijin?

He wanted the kick to get to SSJ2 and that's it.

That page doesn't prove anything other than Vegeta noticed Goku could also go SSJ2.
Not him, but Goku couldn't beat Cell, he mentioned it quite often he was still a little weaker than Cell which surprised everyone.

He also says they won't use anything about SSJ again dipshit, yet look what Super has

You're a fucking idiot. Die.

this is the only true path!

he says it here you it isn't up for debate, he wanted to be the big bad evil guy with no connections to feelings

Jesus fucking Christ user, why are you doing this to me?
and give me sauce please!

what a savage lmao

gf beerus

>this dumbass Vegeta argument

Vegeta has pretty much always lagged behind Goku despite having the same transformations. Majin was just to close the gap between the two, which it did.
We Mystic Trunks soon.

RIP old timer.

vegeta at beginning of android arc was stronger than goku

New thread


I assume that they didn't have the Z-Sword slice through as many metals this time.

Brutal. Really looking forward to this release.

Why is Dabura so strong in Trunks future?

SSJ2 Vegeta< SSJ2 Goku
Majin SSJ2 Vegeta=SSJ2 Goku.


To me here it looks lke he's in regular SSJ with the twin spikes, did he not achieve it even 7 years later?

Looks different to his SSJ2 form now.

He wasn't. The only times Vegeta has ever outright been stronger than Goku was after he left the Time Chamber and after his training with Whis, and the Saiyan Saga.

Wait, wouldn't the sword being destroyed free Old Kai?

Trunks might just be fighting as SSJ1.

WHOA NOW, stop using logic in here

I feel like Mai is responsible for the pilaf gang becoming relevant again, but not for the reason you think.

Mai was given a large role in the Dragon Ball Evolution movie and that movie turning out so terrible is one of the main driving forces to return Toriyama to his series. So to prove he could do it better he brought them back in BOG and took a more loving swipe at GT as well by making them kids again.
The comedy romance angle was his idea as well. Pretty sure he said in a BOG related interview that it would make "future developments" come easier.

I don't think the Mai or the Pilaf gang's popularity had anything to do with this. Unlikely romances are quintessential Toriyama anyways.

It could be just Trunks & no Buu to eat Dabura.

Thanks user

None of those power levels are canon or even remotely close to accurate.
150M for SS Goku and 120M for Freeza were the highest stated canon power levels.

V-Jump listed some others:
2.5 billion for Gogeta
1.4 billion for Broli
470 million for Coola final form

Additionally, Goku at the beginning of BoG, in both Super and the movie version, was still weaker than Freeza in base.

So all of those ridiculous power levels are laughable.

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>turning oozaru after SSJ2

Those V-Jump power levels aren't canon either. Power levels only ever went up to the Future Trunks' first appearance and only for Future Trunks' hiding his power level.

What happened to these two?

You mean the very same interview where Toriyama encourages Toyotaro to do his own thing in the manga? You mean the interview where Toyo says he'll take that same advice to heart?

Until Toriyama SPECIFICALLY says he approves of SSG's return, then yes, you're making shit up. Go cry about it elsewhere faggot.

He's powering up in that panel and the aura is rising his hair even more.

apparently that includes his crazy hand gestures.

He's shown as a SSJ2 in the page where he blasts Dabura and Kaioshin dies though.

His reactions are him basically saying to himself goku is now able to go SSJ2.

If that meant nothing.
If it was just something he naturally assumed then it wouldn't have even been worthy of note by vegeta.

But it was.

Want to know the most damning bit of evidence.
He doesn't say also or too.
He doesn't smile and say this is going to be an epic fight.

He simply acknowledges that goku is now an SSJ2 or beyond SSJ and pouts.

>You mean the very same interview where Toriyama encourages Toyotaro to do his own thing in the manga?
No, in that interview he just says that he'll use Toyotaro's ideas in the main outline.

> Toriyama:
>Good idea!! I bet it’ll make it more interesting to include Toyotarō-sensei‘s original ideas.

>T-That’s so much pressure… (sweat). But I think it’ll be really cool to help Dragon Ball someday reach its final chapter.

>Oh, that’s good! People will go “Wow, Toriyama-sensei planned it all out from the beginning!” and I’ll look really cool (laughs).

Even regarding the other interview though, you're (alongside many other people) taking it out of context.

>Oh no… This whole time I was afraid of adding to your frustrations. Since the original story you give me is text, I constantly have your manga by my side as I draw. I don’t want readers to say it doesn’t feel like Dragon Ball… But at the same time, I also want to stretch my imagination and come up with brand new action and different kind of expressions.

>Just go wild! I won’t mind a bit (laughs).

>U-Um… Really? There’s nothing you think needs to be fixed or thrown out? Don’t hold back for my sake… (sweat).

>Hahahaha (loud laughter). Not really… (thinks about it a little bit). Nope, not a thing! Well OK… If I have to say something, then I guess your compositions would be even better if you utilized more diverse angles. Also, I think it would be great if you included more of your own original ideas. I’m really grateful to you. I never thought an artist like you would come along to draw the continuation of my story!

They were talking about composition and drawing, not story.

That's not logic.
That's you interpreting it as vegeta simply getting a power boost.

The problem is that it's inferred by everything that he allowed himself to get controlled so he could go SSj2. That's it.

You are just assuming that he only needed a power boost from the M when that is total stupid bullshit.

He needed the M so he could go SSJ2 AT ALL.

No one not one single fucking person you can ask will say that was not the case.
This is, without a doubt, the first and only time I've EVER heard anyone even hint at what you're saying. The only time.

His SSJ1 form actually was stronger then gokus during the android saga.

Goku was just dying like a bitch. As a matter of fact Vegeta was stronger then goku up until goku stepped out of the time chamber.

They aren't canon to the manga, but they may be the official PLs for those movies.

I just posted them to illustrate how ridiculous this concept of power levels with so many trailing zeroes is.

Sounds like a power boost to me.

>implying the adults got taller after they hit their 20s

Unless Super Saiyan makes you taller. Besides, I've seen that Vegeta is actually shorter than Bulma, and that Goku is officially as tall as Toriyama (175cm, so about 5'8).

>No, in that interview he just says that he'll use Toyotaro's ideas in the main outline

He's not talking about the base outline, he's talking about the manga. That entire interview is about the manga.

Or are you seriously implying that certain events exclusive to the manga (like Goku using SSG again in the U6 Tournament and against Trunks) was IN the base outline but Toei just took it out for no reason? Don't be fucking retarded, Toyotaro takes his own liberties just like Toei does.

A power boost in the form of being able to go SSJ2.

>He's not talking about the base outline, he's talking about the manga. That entire interview is about the manga.

They mention the anime too and the outline in that interview, like the bit about how the animators used Toyotaro's artwork as reference at one point. For that question they just say "Dragonball Super" and mention how up to that point Toriyama is the only one involved in the story writing process - they were clearly talking about the actual outline there.

Anyway, I'm not saying that Toyotaro doesn't add anything - he just receives an outline, not a full page by page script. I'm denying the idea that Toriyama is pushing the manga to diverge further from his outline. There's nothing indicating that anywhere.

Also, the anime removed SSJ God from the ending of the Beerus battle for no reason. So, it's not like they haven't randomly changed stuff for seemingly no benefit.


Sorry user, I forgot to post the video for you.

The interviewer's statement was "So far Dragon Ball Super has followed Toriyama-sensei‘s plot, but I think it might be interesting for Toyotarō-sensei to become more involved with the story-writing process from here on out!" which doesn't at all specifically mention the base outline, just that the DBS manga has followed Toriyama's plot and that the interviewer wishes Toyotaro had more input on the story. That could EASILY be referring to the story-writing of the manga in general, so no, it's not even remotely clear.

Even if we're to accept the idea that Toriyama doesn't push Toyble to diverge from his outline, it's clear that he still takes his own liberties regardless so this whole debate over whether the manga or the anime is more "canon" is utterly pointless.

>That could EASILY be referring to the story-writing of the manga in general, so no, it's not even remotely clear.

It doesn't say "Dragonball Super manga", just "Dragonball Super". And would Toriyama's answer make sense in that context? If the manga completely diverges from the anime people won't think that it's Toriyama behind it all.

Let's not forget that the manga had the whole Battle of Gods bit too, where the main focus was in a seemingly manga-original story about Champa and Kaioshin running around during BoGs foreshadowing upcoming arcs. Are you saying that it all came from Toriyama now? It really doesn't make sense for that statement and the reply to it to be specifically about the manga.

>Also, the anime removed SSJ God from the ending of the Beerus battle for no reason

To be fair to Toei, Super's BoG and RoF arcs aren't even adapted from Toriyama's outlines, they're adapted from another adaptation of Toriyama's outlines which are the films. It's only obvious that some shit would get drastically changed around in those arcs considering they're an adaptation of an adaptation.

>And would Toriyama's answer make sense in that context?

Yes, in fact it would make far more sense than whatever you're suggesting. Why on earth would he say something like "People will go “Wow, Toriyama-sensei planned it all out from the beginning!” and I’ll look really cool" when people don't even have access to his scripts? He's obviously referring to the manga, not his outlines.

>Let's not forget that the manga had the whole Battle of Gods bit too, where the main focus was in a seemingly manga-original story about Champa and Kaioshin running around during BoGs foreshadowing upcoming arcs

I don't think the interviewer was aware of that though, it's obvious he was just trying to nudge at Toyotaro to be more involved in his contributions to the Super story in his manga.

But again, none of this really matters in the end. My main point was that liberties are taken on both sides and it's really dumb that people are bickering over canonicity.

>being this retarded
Why does no one get the concept of mystic.
Tired of hearing that bullscrap about why didnt he go ssj derp.

>Yes, in fact it would make far more sense than whatever you're suggesting. Why on earth would he say something like "People will go “Wow, Toriyama-sensei planned it all out from the beginning!” and I’ll look really cool" when people don't even have access to his scripts? He's obviously referring to the manga, not his outlines.
Because the outlines would be reflected in both manga and anime, rather than just manga.

>I don't think the interviewer was aware of that though, it's obvious he was just trying to nudge at Toyotaro to be more involved in his contributions to the Super story in his manga.

He doesn't mention the manga, and Toriyama's suggestion of everyone thinking of it as his own work only makes sense if they're talking about the outline, since it'd affect both manga and anime, not just the manga.

>Why does no one get the concept of mystic.
Because there's no "concept" given. It's all fan assumption. It's like Goku post-God only using SSJ against Beerus but now being able to use SSJ2 and SSJ3 just fine. If there's not anything clearly establishing that it can't be done, silent rules can easily be thrown away.