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jisho.org/search/遙 #kanji

dance muppets

who will win the superb owl, time to chair popcorn

nice thread op bakusyou

>taking Japanese 1 at my college this semester
>feel a little clammy since I was just sick this weekend
>16 year old girl in my class asks if I'm daijoubu

is this what anime is like?

is that what youre into

Depends on her cup size.

Did they at least teach you something valuable at college?

can someone say me what he meaned this


Thanks, it's the first time I made a thread for a general.
I thought these threads would be down for a while so I'm surprised to see 2 now.

Alice < Hisako

Yeah 水道, 受験 etc. are all really common words, even if the English equivalent isn't.
Also remember Core is based off newspaper frequencies, so the ordering might not be as relevant to VNs etc.

all that matters is that you won dude

its up to you to make your thread reign supreme






>Probably Chinese Kanji
I found those in a book I ordered from Japan. Was there a reform or why are they not recognized by kanji grid?


You probably found the wrong kanji when you looked them up.

No, it's written as 遙か in the book.
It's from 2010. Could it be that the author is just used to an older writing style?

The alternative forms are pretty common too though. I guess the Kanken just doesn't include them because they are alternate.


I wouldn't be on Cred Forums if I wasn't into 16 year olds.

for Japanese, i'm not sure yet. It's not even a month into the semester. I was hoping to get a different teacher, the one I have now is very cute but her lesson plan seems a little out of order. I've never frequented DJT before, so i'll let you know in a couple weeks time how it stacks up to self study.

Post a photo of the book.
遙 is not a Japanese kanji.

suddenly the reason they disown the anime sometimes makes sense

othertimes it just inspires people right

Yes it is, and a common one.


I don't feel like I'm using anki correctly. I forgot almost every word I reviewed even a week ago, even though I do all my reviews every day

have you tried jettisoning it into the nearest toilet

Sorry, didn't mean to quote you

Had to find it first.

Why are you apologising? You gave him like 2 free (You)s.

I see those in every fucking LN out there

jisho.org/search/遙 #kanji

i dont give a fuck about that shit

in the words of jay z save all your accolades just the dough

Maybe you should change the settings. Like needing to get a new word correct 3 times in a row for it to count as learned.

Or maybe you need to read more. How far in are you?
Could also be that you just had a bad day.


Set your default ease to 200.

If this gives you too many reps, set your new card graduation interval to 2 days. This won't affect lapses: they have a separate minimum interval setting.

I'm about a week and a half in, so I've only seen about 100 words, thus I haven't started reading yet.

How do I change those settings to make me need to get it 3 times for it to be "learned"?

I feel like this will make my already long long anki times even worse, though.


>Set your default ease to 200.


>How do I change those settings to make me need to get it 3 times for it to be "learned"?
On the "New Cards" panel, set "Steps (in minutes)" to something like 1 10 10.
Try it, if it doesn't help you can always turn it back to defaults.


Just finished clearing out a 2000+ Anki backlog. I wasn't even stressed while doing it. It was fun, even. Is this what it feels like to become an Ankidrone?

I had to tackle 3600 recently. After a while it just becomes an effortless task.
Would recommend everyone go through that at least once, because now Anki feels like a peace of cake everyday.

This is pretty normal. I notice that my retention time doubles with each new cycle of "forget-relearn". It usually goes: I remember for the day, remember for 2 days, 4 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, etc., etc.

Once I hit around 6 mo to 1 yr it tends to be something I feel has become worthy of the "easy" button. This whole process is faster if I've read or heard the word/kanji a few times before and understand the usage. Pure rote memorization is slower/less effective long term (which is pretty well established psychology).

When you clear a backlog do you do it all in one day? I had work hit me hard over the summer and my studies slid off. Now I've got a pretty bad kanji backlog.

I've always heard that doing your backlog too quickly doesn't really accomplish any learning because you're trying to process too much at once. I was just going to work through it over time and keep learning new kanji.

So, the next anime season will start pretty soon.

What seems like a good and easy Anime for listening practice?
Hibike! Euphonium 2 seems like a good choice.

Rewatch New Game every week

No I cleared it out in about a week or so. Starting slow and gradually doing more reps each day.

On the last day I did 100 reps hourly with the rest of the time as break in between sets.

I did it in 3 days, with about 1300 of it being done today.

Girlish Number will dethrone it.

show by rock is better bc the title is a pun

i never thought about that until just now

Damn. But will it be easy to listen to?

How long until you started reading? How many words did you know from the core 2k?


umm yah

I tried a manga with furigana, I think it was dragon ball, and just went ahead and read looking up every word.

Big waste of time initially, but don't be afraid to just start and read.

Flip Flappers gon b gud, I feel it

>This video is not available
Is the first episode out already?

Like 2 days, I jumped into Yotsuba straight after learning kana and reading some kimchi tom.
It was pretty easy since I knew half the words there from anime already.

its s1e1

s2 starts next month

Arigatou user in the last thread who recommended I read this.

im a 本当の美少女 and im not 二次元

Prove it.

つぐもも is pretty much the best manga in the "I can't believe it's not porn" genre.


It hasn't even really been lewd yet. I wonder how soon that changes.

I'm at 4900 and I haven't started reading anything beyond the example sentences. I don't plan on reading until I finish 10k; super cereal.

ur not gonna actually know shit what 愚かさ

... Why? Even with 10k words, you're not gonna know every word in a VN

Sounds like a massive waste of time if all you do is core everyday. Just start picking up something you're interested in.

So that's supposed to be り eh?

First volumes are pretty chaste, it goes nuts later.

Yes, why wouldn't it?
That's how you're supposed to write it?






I don't know the counter for words; fug. Oh well.

I just never knew until today.

this guy in the other thread is so mad about someone else giving advice to a jap

it's hilarious

>I don't know the counter for words

Not sure myself.

Looks to me like they are sperging out. All of them.

somebody explain to me why tae kim has essentially 2 whole versions of his guide on the website, and which one should I use?

I'm looking to get into verbs, their particles, and tenses currently

You should use the basic grammar guide. His complete guide is bad, badly structured, and incomplete

Well the answer is in the DJT guide, but I'll help you out. Read the grammar guide. The "complete" guide isn't.

20単語 or 20語 or 単語20個
○○XX個 is very useful and natural

at least they are keeping their fail chat in the fail thread where it belongs

this is why people should study kana with textbook fonts

Is there something like a definitive guide for counting in Japanese, or an anki deck or something?

One of these days I'm gonna have to take a closer look at that.

I'll be saving this post with the others; I have a feeling you are the person who also helped me understand phrases like 見ようともう. I should start referring to you as 先生 if that's the case.

thanks user-kuns

read as much as possible and use つ for things you haven't acquired naturally yet


Can someone explain the point of RTK?

It doesn't teach you the readings or meaning of the kanji.

It does, in later books.

So then why would you use such an inefficent book series?

its not called learn how to read or understand the kanji

its called remember the kanji

It gives you something easy to attach new memories/information to so you don't need to think as hard when learning new words.
It feels like it's pretty worthless but I went through ~1900 kanji with it so I can't tell you if it's just as easy to learn words not having done it.

It gives your brain super remembrance powers. Think of a gay little phrase to remember a kanji, and poof, the meaning, reading, and writing order all pop into your head at once.

Most people don't even get close to finishing the first book.
You should count yourself lucky if you do.

What are these people even learning for? Don't they want to read? Why spend all that time just learning kanji if it has no real value beyond that for them?

They're afraid to actually learn Japanese so they make excuses for themselves like "learning 2000 kanji is impossible" so they get stuck doing RTK forever.








Yes he is my pet.

クプ クプ

i laughed

Check out my new katakana skills. I can't even do this with hiragana!

> The digit immediately before a decimal point is paired with the decimal point, and the digits after the decimal point are paired every two digits. In those pairs, the digit 2 is pronounced as not (ni) "ni" but (ni)(long) "nî", and the digit 5 is pronounced as not (go) "go" but (go)(long) "gô". These different phonemes guarantee that all digits have two morae, which means the same length of time for each digit, so you have a less chance to misunderstand.
>For example, number 22.252 has two pronunciation pairs: '2.' and '25'. So its phoneme becomes (ni)(zi)(small yu)(u)(ni)(long)(te)(n)(ni)(long)(go)(long)(ni) "nizyû nîten nîgô ni". The last digit 2 is not paired, so its phoneme is not affected.

I don't understand it. Can someone link me to this being pronounced or make a recording/drawing?

20 ; 2。; 25 ; 2

two, point
two, five,

>So its phoneme becomes (ni)(zi)(small yu)(u)(ni)(long)(te)(n)(ni)(long)(go)(long)(ni) "nizyû nîten nîgô ni"
It's a giant pain in the ass to read because it's romaji, completely retarded at that, what the fuck kind of textbook is that.


Like this?

That's my fault, the page actually displays kana, but as images:


>You can skip this part.
>Native Japanese speakers are not aware of the rule
Maybe it's a bit early for you to worry about that.

well they don't have to memorize it, but getting it into the head once will probably help their brain naturally acquire related rules that may not be so unimportant

That's an intricate way of saying you don't know the answer.



Notice how only 2 and 5 have one mora and the rest has 2? When reading sequences japs subconsciously extend them to keep the 4 beat rhythm.
Get it now?

Also if you try to force it like this guy it'll sound retarded he's not keeping the fucking rhythm so it's pointless.

One ~
two ~
three ~
four ~
five ~
six ~
eight ~
nine ~
ten ~

notice how seven is spoken twice as fast

In German when we count we say zwo instead of zwei, because in the early days over radio communication zwei and drei were really similar.

The more you know.

Let's hear you do it, tough guy.

I can't do it as well and it's pointless to try.
It has to come naturally.
I mean, sure you can sit and practice counting with a fucking metronome for days if you're a north korean spy in dire need to come off as a real Jap to kidnap some people but I'd rather read some more of that anime porn to progress in parts of Japanese that counts.

>tfw this isnt in the paste

Tell us the dirtiest words inside.

お尻 :)

Get the hell out of here.

Damn that one's nasty


They're high school/college weebs that only took Japanese because they like anime. They have no real intention of learning and/or are unmotivated procrastinators.

I discovered lewd Japanese girl ASMR the other day. I'm learning fast!


Which is an even MORE intricate way of saying you don't know the answer.

Read the Brazilian edition and it's hilarious. And wrong in so many levels.

This is actually really interesting, thanks.

Answer to what?




I've done the basic setup guide for anki. Does it automatically start with easy words?




depends on whgich fabulous idiot deck of flash cards you feed it

If you're doing core the words in there are ordered by newspaper frequency, which just so happen to be some easy words in the beginning, but soon you'll have business terms among other stuff.

If you want you could have them appear in random order too. You are the Bubuki Buranki of your Anki.


Just the one in the guide.


>You are the Bubuki Buranki of your Anki.
Is that you Chef John?


>Is that you Chef John?
Watching all of his videos. Don't forget to add some cayenne to your Anki!


dont worry i got the next op already typed out and ready so you better make sure youre quick on the next thread

16 is a bit old, but I guess everyone has their particular fetishes.

That was probably the only episode of Thunderbirds worth watching.

Just started learning. There's no point in doing anything at all until I've memorized the two kana scripts, right?






yes that is correct that is the way to go about it i like you already

well would ideally already have a strong background in anime as well

You can always do listening practice, even if you understand jackshit.
As long as you have jisho and ears.

Just to catch the pronunciation of the sounds?

Well that and you'll pick up on many things without noticing. I recommend drama though because body language makes it easier to follow.

Who agrees with lingosteve saying that rote memorisation of vocabulary is boring and inefficient? Any thoughts?

Read this:
Let the author of the book explain it to you himself.

If it's all you ever do then yes.

It is very unlikely that I'll be around when another thread is being made.
〈(; ^ ー^)ダ

This is a redrawing of a really rough handwritten Kanji I encountered

Anyone know what this could be, I can't break it down and figure it out


Just got this message on my phone. Can someone help translate? I am assuming it has something to do with the approaching typhoon.


This seems close except for the left component being just off
This looks like it has too many strokes

Handwritten Kanji can just make deciphering a chore

Typhoon come. Big trouble. Stay home at 5pm.


Times like these makes it really useful to know the language, huh?




Are there any good Japanese Let's Players? I think this would be good for listening practice.


I would agree with him on that for any language except the one that has zillion of kanji with readings in every word depending on Emperor's mood.
When it comes to nihongo anki saved me from a lot of pain.

If calling it "rote memorization" excludes anki, then yes. Otherwise, no that's stupid.

If the language is much easier though, it will be that much easier to learn vocab. So maybe you could learn 100 Spanish words a day in the time that it takes you to learn 30 Japanese word.

The one big "BUT" is that I think vocab spamming is a lot less effective if the pronunciation is not clear from the spelling, in which case vocab spamming without audio would be retarded.

I hope you all haven't missed my funposting too much in the time I've been gone.

Post hanzigrids




So once I finish learning Hiragana, how do I go about learning Katakana? Should I be always writing down the Hiragana before the Katakana so I start treating them like two parts of the same sound, or should I practice Katakana separately?


How you write them out is up to you.
Get a Katakana word deck or something to help solidify them once you're done learning them. Or a good JRPG.

Also note that in Katakana you have sounds that are not present in Hiragana like ツァ and トゥ and ヴ.



How should I approach this?

(sorry if I gave you cancer, but I figured I shouldn't ask for advice in english in case someone who can't even read simple text like this wants to give advice knowing nothing themselves)

>I want to learn to do X
>what should i do?
Do X


>core 2k-6k doesnt teach the meaning of the kanji
>gotta copy the kanji and paste it in jisho to see its meaning
There has to be a less uncomfortable way to do this.


You don't have rikai installed?

Learning the kanas is easy and doesn't take long, so you can take that approach, but c'mon. As long as you are putting in the effort to learn the kanas, it doesn't hurt to, in the meantime, look up some basic Japanese grammar in romaji.

Learn about の (no). Look up the various words for I and you. Learn about は(wa) and が (ga) Look up basic sentence structure (subject then object then verb). Learn about sentence endings like か, ね, and な (ka, ne, and na). Look up the various K-S-A big threes/fours これ,それ,あれ, どれ (kore, sore, are, dore).

You'll get more out of your listening after looking these up, because they are easy to learn, and you're going to hear them all the time, so you won't forget them.

Add a button to core that links to jisho with the kanji as search parameter

>He fell for the "meanings of kanji" meme

Are the DoJG books enough by themselves?




Fair enough, but suppose there are two ways of getting to X. One takes 5 minutes and one takes 50 hours, but you don't know which is which. You would like to know wouldn't you?

Rikaisama? I thought it only worked as a mouseover dictionary for FF and ez way to import stuff to anki.

This should work, thanks. Cant see how to add it so I guess I'll fiddle with the manual.


What exactly are these trying to connote when attached to the front or back of a word?

Nothing, their meanings are so varied that you just have to learn all of those words separately. On the plus side, you can use them as mnemonic devices.

Could you expand on that a little more?

>Cant see how to add it
Just put the line somewhere on the backside template of the card and replace Expression with whatever the field is the Kanji is in.

Even genki 1 writes ri like that. What the hell man?





The eternal question: to keep spamming words or to get lazy and read

Off-topic but can anyone recommend me a good e-reader? I'm looking for a replacement for my Nexus 7.



Any hints on where to learn this stuff? I imagine some guides are better than others. I'm worried about looking this stuff up because I don't even know half of these characters yet and I get the feeling most of this information would assume I already know at least Hiragana.

>Any hints on where to learn this stuff?

why not both

Nexus 7 is not an ereader so it is not a replacement... and get a Kindle Paperwhite.


Cred Forums is an 18+ website

In regards to learning grammar.

read more

got every n5 practice question right now what

Learn Japanese



If you do less than 40 words a day you aren't trying

If you think Anki is important you can't learn Japanese

Daily you can not learn Japanese Thread

>That's how you're supposed to write it?

No it's not. That's just the print version.

Should I do Genki 1 or Tae Kim?

Well it's how you'd write it with a brush at least

Japanese the Manga Way


Then learn hiragana, you silly salami.

I used:




To learn kana. Plus a note book and paper. Writing the kana down pretty much solidified them in my mind.

Also read the guide.

notebook and pencil*

>Learning kana with some generic bitch instead of with top bro Namasensei


Oh, I am using the guide, particularly the Tae Kim stuff. Just very reluctant to dig into anything past the kana stuff when I don't recognize most of the sounds yet. Trying to learn vocabulary at this point could save time but it could also fuck my brain.

I'm using that website you linked there, and also drawing the characters from memory.

I'm just using MS paint on some writing sheet .jpgs to draw the Hiragana. It seems to be working, but I'll switch to real handwriting as soon as I memorize them decently, I think. Just didn't have any big notebooks or lots of graph paper on hand, and I'm not taking it seriously yet.

I have a motivational issue where I don't take anything seriously until I already have a bit of time invested, so I've visualized having memorized Hiragana and Katakana as the initial goal and the part where I start caring.

Hey Cred Forums

I just got 101 on the J-cat.

Please humiliate me so I either convince myself to learn this shit or put myself down.

Don't take longer than a week to learn both kana scripts.

I don't understand the reluctance to just dedicate a simple week to mastering it so you can move on to the next thing. Learning kana teaches you nothing by itself so there's no point learning it in isolation over any significant period of time; being able to read =! being able to comprehend.

I've been going at this off and on for 4 years.

Give up already. You'll be 40 before you can reach 2k.

How is that even possible? It took me 3 days this past week to master it.


But there's only 350 on the J-cat.

Bad genetics and a bad upbringing.


It's okay, we remember when we had only studied japanese for a week too.

Oh, okay.
Well, all three volumes cover the majority of things you will come across, so they are certainly a useful. There is a decent amount of pre-modern Japanese which shows up in contemporary Japanese, which you will likely need to refer to other sources for explanations of.
The 日本語文型辞典 is good for shorter descriptions, and covers some things not covered in the DoJG books.
For a more in-depth/textbook approach, the N1/N2 grammar books also have some things which aren't covered in the DoJG books.
You'll still find yourself naturally looking things up online and cross referencing other sources, but the above, along with the DoJG books are good for most things, in respect to textbooks/reference books.

Where are you at, exactly, with your studies? If you are just beginning, I'd suggest having a look at Tae Kim's Grammar Guide
and/or Japanese: The Manga Way.
Before diving into any of the above mentioned resources.

That, or Genki 1.

Man why I am I so retarded.

I'll be applying for Monbushou scholarship next year, reseach student position. I'm not sure what level of Japanese knowledge they expect, but I passed N1 with near perfect score, so I hope that should be enough.

Go back to bragging on reddit

I thought I was on reddit.

Why are you so sensitive?





Well you basically are these days

What exactly is 遺す? In the dictionary it's to leave behind but this sentence "かろうじて、形を遺している。" still looks weird to me. Barely I managed to leave my body behind, as in saving it?

How does your post pertain to the discussion of anime or manga?

Better to learn hiragana or kanji? Or both? Learn to write first or speak first? Or both? I started out learning hiragana, should I start elsewhere? Super new at this lol BIG thanks in advance for any advice!

How does this thread? Calm your hwabyung or you'll become hwa-kun no. 2.

No. 1 is already beyond saving

>How does this thread?
That's a good question.
Why is this thread on Cred Forums?

Tradition? At this point.

kys korean dog

Doesn't seem like a very good reason.

As I said before, I hope you'll pass N3 one day. Good luck, hwa-kun.

>I just visited 2ch and saw the word 火病 for the first time

>I have an autistic grudge which I follow through several threads instead of focusing on studying.

Hwa-kun, you'll never get any good like this.

>staying in a beginners thread just to brag and shitpost

I check it two or three times a day. But you're right, once things get more hectic for me (next month), I'll stop.

>beginners thread

>If you want you could have them appear in random order too.



i would say genki and use tae kim to reinforce/ look up the concepts you are having trouble with.

I think tae kim is better used a resource to look things up when you need to rather than reading it cover to cover

japanese for everybody by susumu nagara is a pretty good intro text




I often see のが what does it do?


>genki 1
This is the first time I have ever heard about that book. I have only seen り in the Google IME style font. Maybe I'll get that book once I finish memorizing katakana.

I guess I saw り written the other way in a manga panel that I was trying to read, but I couldn't tell from the other kana that it was supposed to be り. Funny thing is that I put it in Google's handwriting input, and it kept telling me "That's り, bro.", but I was like "I don't believe you!".

This time I could tell, because it was in ありがとう.

Nominalization の + が.

I've seen the light /djt/.

I'm learning for some time now and it occurred to me that I'm in fact a fucking stupid piece of shit.
I happened to talk to a Japanese girl I met this weekend, she saw me doing my anki reps and said 日本語を勉強していますか I said yes, she then continued to talk to me and I couldn't understand shit.

She was giving me a confused look, telling me that it's weird that I can't speak Japanese for shit but know rather complex vocabulary.

I'm a stupid lazy bitch that was just doing anki reps, thinking I'm actually learning Japanese.
The truth is I was delusional as fuck, Japanese language skills won't knock on my door someday and say here we are, I have to put effort into it.

I have to man the fuck up and give all I have.

>tfw I feel for the anki meme




Is this a pasta?

Nice copypasta

> I have only seen り in the Google IME style font

I have a question about Anki grid if anyone can help
the colour of kanji in Anki grid is based on the average interval of the kanji but the only kanji showing in the grid are solo kanji like 白
so my question is if I increase the average interval of let's say the word 白い does it increase the average interval of 白 in the grid?
so will make the colour more blue than red, or 白い doesn't affect the colour of 白 in the grid?

The color means not so much unless you have a pure kanji deck. Just use it to count the number of kanji you know

wtf u talkin about


no pasta faggots

Post hanzi grids

user here
I only use it to count the number of kanji but for 3 weeks the color didn't change in my grid only more red kanji
So I was just wondering





Man I fucking hate kanji readings

Just look at this cunt

You're never going to see that enough times in the wild to solidify it in your memory that way, so you have to rely on anki, so you do it like twice in anki and remember "okay it's つきいち", and then you don't see the fucking thing for like a month afterwards, by that time the thing's completely gone from your memory, so what's the reading? げついち?げついつ?つきいち?つきいつ?つきひと?げつひと? It's literally just a guessing game, guess what combination of readings this word uses and hope you happen to guess right. Rinse and repeat forever

Fuck kanji readings

Well 3 weeks also is not that long. It takes a lot longer than that to get cards to 1 year intervals and such

Already posted mine That's a pure mining deck right?

I know it's not that long but in these 3 weeks I got alot of kanji to intervals of 4-5 month and no change whatsoever only more reds.

Then why did you fall for the anki meme?

>You're never going to see that enough times in the wild to solidify it in your memory that way,
I read it as つきいち and never added in in anki. I can't even say for sure what it means without context.

Stuff solidifies much better when you are listening in my opinion. Like if you're reading you might have to see it 20 times to really solidify it but in listening it only takes a few.

But also it is true that anki loses effectiveness long term for the stuff you really never see anywhere else (but of course it's still more effective than nothing). So if you really wanted to make sure you knew every single word in your anki deck you would have to set the max interval to like 2 months or something. Unless you're really being tested though, it's usually cool to know most of them and have "familiarity" with the rest

You can finish Core 6k in 6 months going at a reasonable pace, at which point your main source of studying should be reading/listening (and should be shifting in that direction before you finish Core6k).

If you have studied for only 6 months, you aren't going to be able to have a good conversation no matter how you study, and having 6k words will give you a much better foundation than being halfway through Flyable Heart will.

Also, it is fully possible to study listening in anki.

I don't know how to build sentences and have trouble understanding the grammar in sentences though.

Is Amatsutsumi good for my second VN?


>You can finish Core 6k in 6 months

Why is core 6k so widely recommended? It seems pretty pointless doing 6k words in core when you can do 1k core words and 5k mined words instead and have much better retention and a better grasp of the language in general

The idea that some people actually do 6,000 words in core baffles me, you guys always meme on about how kana shouldn't take more than a week if that, and then you justify spending 6 fucking months doing a core deck

Any VN is good for you as long as you can read it without looking up stuff.

Koku draws top cuties.

If you don't have to look up stuff it's bad for you because you aren't challenging yourself.


Amatsutsumi is so easy you don't even have to know Japanese to understand the plot.

Nominalization means that the の turns everything preceding it into a noun, right?

And the rest of the sentence acts on the noun phrase? so it treats 邪魔をする as a single modifiable phrase?

I'm pretty much a beginner in terms of grammar and grammatical terms.
I don't know right now if I can recognise when to make use of の in that manner properly in a sentence, since that sort of construction in English comes to me without thinking.

But VNs are read for enjoyment.


I can't into grammar.

Is there something like a chart with common conjugations?
So you can easily check what conjugation that is you just encountered?


rikai shows that

don't forget japanese also has katakana, not just hiragana and kanji
I would say to start with a romaji book, start reading through that to get some vocabulary and grammar to get an idea of how the language is constructed. at the same time learn hiragana until you learn all of them and then move onto katakana. you can then move onto textbooks that don't use romaji if you want

once you've got the kana scripts done move onto kanji. it's not to common to find books written in just hiragana that aren't written for kids or for foreigners. kanji are tied to vocabulary and if you try to read something too advanced you will be overwhelmed by all the kanji. start reading kids books that have a few kanji and move onto more difficult books when you know more characters and more grammar.
learning either the characters in isolation will burn you out. you want to be be building vocab, grammar and writing skills as well as speaking. some people on this board don't learn how to write kanji, only just how to read them. i like writing them because you don't confuse similar looking characters

Cう simple
-> ます polite
た past
ない negative
->ません negative polite
Cおう・Cお inducement
れる potential
Cあれる passive
Cあせる causative

literally all you need to know

>you guys always meme on about how kana shouldn't take more than a week if that, and then you justify spending 6 fucking months doing a core deck
How are these incompatible?
Core 6k in 6 months is near 30 cards a day
Kana at that rate is barely more than 3 days

>It seems pretty pointless doing 6k words in core when you can do 1k core words and 5k mined words instead and have much better retention and a better grasp of the language in general
Core words will transfer better between different authors and mediums than mined words will. You'll see them in VNs, anime, manga, novels, whatever. But really it's just a source of easy words, and mined words are fine too. But the lower your vocabulary is, the harder it is to read. If you already know a few thousand words, then maybe in an hour you can read a reasonable amount and then it's a good trade off. But if you have a shit vocabulary then it will take forever to read just a couple pages worth of stuff. At that point, you should just ask yourself if you might have been better off learning 60 words a day as opposed to learning 20 and reading a single page for an hour.

Also keep in mind that the Core sentences do count as a small bit of reading.

not the user you're replying to but thanks for that


amata or suta which is more common

I've seen it once and it was あまた

Amata sounds like you're from Meiji. As I was told by my native Japanese teacher when I jokingly suggested it as a more literary variant of たくさん.

Use 数多く or 多数










Does it make sense to teach pronunciation radicals

I don't think they should be "taught" but it would be cool if anki decks just pointed them out when they came up


箸に はꜜしに
橋に はしꜜに
端に はしに



て form is an affixion not a conjugation

Options -> New Cards -> Order -> change to "Show new cards in random order"






>Great stuff user. These will be added to the CoR where appropriate. I'll check out the newfag stuff that wasn't added.

>almost one week later
>CoR is unchanged

actually he somehow managed to change the html version of the CoR without changing the public-facing spreadsheet



Guys I just made a Twitter who do I follow to improve my Nippongo



>I hope you all haven't missed my funposting too much in the time I've been gone.
Literally what?

japanese artists that tweet about their nichijou


>The typhoon had already passed while I was sleeping.
while, I, sleep






What function does the とはserve here? I understand that the と shows the preceding portion of the sentence is reported speech.

same function as scare quotes have in english

イモウトよ 英語を直して欲しかったんだ・・・

So it implies an expression of disbelief?


>The typhoon passed when I was sleeping
>The typhoon passed when I was asleep
>The typhoon passed while I slept

>The typhoon passed while I was sleeping
>The typhoon passed while I was asleep

>The typhoon passed when I slept





Are your butts ready for the last episode of the AOTY?

Wait someone watched this shit past the first episode? Lmao you really fell for the meme huh

8/8 b8 m8

When is it airing? Today?

I can't really think of many though, don't really keep up with jap celebs apart from a select few, any recommendations?

I think the raw should be uploaded soon


1) pick something you like
2) click the source link if it's pixiv or twitter
3) if it's pixiv go to their profile's about page
4) if you can't find it because you don't have a pixiv account wtf are you doing
5) follow that artist and follow people who are retweeted by that artist

Yup right after I watch episodes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11

Yup right after I watch episodes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, and finish episode 1

>Is there something like a chart with common conjugations?
All over the Internet. Here is the one used on the English wikipedia entry for Japanese verb conjugation: upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/68/AMB_Japanese_Verbs.pdf

So is た. It doesn't make sense to not include the テ形 is you are going to inclue "た past".
If you learn how the bases
function, then you will understand conjugation a lot better than some arbitrary "simple, polite, past, negative", etc. work.

So are almost all those conjugations. The joke is that て doesn't have lexical meaning or something and insert other sophomore's memes here




「cute girls doing cute things」のジャンル番組がとても好きです

>So are almost all those conjugations.
Do you understand what bases are? Things like ます and ない are added to bases.


yes i studied classical japanese for shits and giggles last summer

Nice good shout, I'll try that


Here we go

Sounds more like you made a suggestion without really understanding what Japanese verbs are, user.

Really doubt that, based on the suggestion here: Seems like another example of an user making suggests where he really ought just pass on links to actual educational resources. Posting stuff like
>literally all you need to know
It's like the guy who did RTK who thinks he has what it takes to teach natives and pass 漢検1級. Happens pretty frequently here, and one of the reasons why the Guide stresses to take the advice of anons with a grain of salt. Then again, if you come here asking for advice which is better off answered with a grammar guide or dictionary, you deserve to be misled.

nah it's more like I wrote a Cred Forums post and made fun of myself when someone posted out I left something out

>grind vocab every day
>can't properly memorize and understand grammar

I should just rope myself desu

Well the thing about grammar is you'll literally come to understand things you're ready to learn just by seeing them something like five times in natural material

The hard part is the "things you're ready to learn" part

I can't stand not being able to produce kanji (ie writing them down by heart) so I'm going to start RTK.

You don't learn grammar through grinding vocab you massive faggot

So read some shit

>Anki meme'd

I can't make it. Could someone help me please? I tried to draw it in vain.



I guess

Seems fine. Whole thing is then 調子のんな = 調子のるな.

Ah yeah it would make sense, thanks!

Pretty hard one, wouldn't have got it if it wasn't for that telltale 言 radical on the left

I usually mentally block out tiny handwritten text when I'm reading

this is very small and incomplete but it might help

For some reason I was seeing it as 官 and tried to dig in that direction... although now that I think about it that radical is never left.

nice reading comprehension


Thanks man it's because I do anki for 6 hours a day

Can anyone post the wallpaper with 女子小学生と膣内射精?



I just had a revelation today - kanji are actually easy as fuck, because you only mix and match like 20 different parts

200 but sure it's still super easy

20 factorial is 2.433*10^18 combinations so that doesn't actually make it any easier


Oh boy

At least the meaning remains

Meanings are casual shit

Readings are the real end boss of Japanese


>Readings are the real end boss of Japanese
Especially names, and having to remember 4 new arbitrary ones seconds after starting a new mango. Sometimes they are nice and use furigana for all names throughout a series, but that's only rarely the case.

I'm not good enough to beat the end boss, not even mid boss, so I'm fine with it.

>this is what beginners actually think

Go on then veteran nihongo master what is the end boss of Japanese if not readings

Names aren't that difficult when you get used to it. After following AKB48G for a few years now names are really easy to guess and get right. Not much different than in English to be honest. If you start a novel there's a decent chance they'll be a name or two you don't know how to pronounce.

Learning anything initially is just the beginning. The thousands of hours of reading to be able to read it with native speed and comprehension is the hard part. Anki makes initial learning pretty easy.

I said かなたこなた out loud to my jgf today and she laughed and told me to stop learning manga words and speak like a real person.

I hate this language.

lol thanks for sharing
i always do that to be bf XD

omg are you her

make fun of my anime japanese and cuck me harder with all the other English teachers you dated before me.

you guys LOL!

Needing to learn readings is something you have to do throughout your entire time studying not just initially though

well yeah it's on the same level as "betwixt and between"

use あちこち which is more like "here and there"

This is a perfect example of a reddit post. Good job. *gives reddit gold*

This is a perfect example of a shitpost. Good job. *gives nothing*

Perhaps the fact that the example sentences for it are from Kokinshuu and Shinshokukokinshuu should have tipped you off.


Idk what's worse these comments or the fact they get so much attention

Post pics

頬 is an entry level kanji

>entry level kanji

This is probably the weirdest place for me to ask, but does anyone know what the Japanese term for the milf character archetype is? You know. The ara~ ara~ type? There weren't any Christmas cake threads up so I came here.


Well 熟母 and 熟女 means milf but I'd imagine there's a different name for the ara ara types

Strictly speaking it refers to a different fetish, but there should be some overlap.

You could try searching yourself before asking? Even look at tags on eromanga? This isn't yahoo answers.

Who is THE milf? That's quite the title to live up to

Thanks guys. Yeah I was just wondering if the anime boards in Japan had a niche term equivalent to how we use the term Christmas Cake for that archetype (one that goes along with tsundere, kuudere, etc) It just seemed doubtful to me that they'd use the term jukujo.

>Christmas cake threads
Do you know anything?

My bad. I totally forgot. I tend to put the two in the same category.

The "garbage" category I'd assume

Look up who wrote manga you like and follow them on twatter

Fuck you. Don't bully the cakes.

You shouldn't expect a simple ankidrone like me to know what any of this means.

I figured it's worth always pointing out that >anime japanese and simply mining words isn't the best way to go, as much as DJT advocates otherwise. Surprised by the attention too though.



Where i can find many text from Reading text N5?


>learning readings

>being able to understand Japanese

I figure it's worth pointing out that ______________________get out


Ooooh myyy


>N5 level avatarfag reliant on Rikaichan to understand others' Japanese telling posters to get out

>simply mining words isn't the best way to go
Isn't the best way to go for what?
Mining words from anime it's the best way to understand anime.
Understanding what's common and what's chuuni comes with exposure (and not being fucking retarded).

Kanji is systematic.
To learn 常用漢字 in the right order is the best way.

>Kanji is systematic.

So is oppression towards blacks and women

What is "the right order"? The order in which children learn them in school? If so I disagree. It's far more efficient to learn by radicals, for example the Kanjidamage way because that way you can grind through all of them in a few months and build on from there. Learning completely unrelated kanji by order of usefulness takes too much time as you'll need to know them all to achieve fluency anyway.

Daily Janji Thread


I can feel the stench of a newfag on you even here. Kill yourself out of Cred Forums along with the normalfag trash.


>The order in which children learn them in school?
Of course.

Do many people study kanji with Kanjidamege?
I've not seen yet. I'll check it.



My dream is for someone to post this on their Facebook.

>Seeing what people put on facebook

Put this on a t-shit.

Been seeing this on Twitter lately, anyone read it and would recommend it to a beginner? It has furigana btw.

Can you understand the title? Each word and how they work together?

Looks interesting


>learn kanji in jouyou order
>learn only correct words from textbook
>make Japanese friends
>they're proud of you of not being an embarrassing weeaboo and speaking only real words like a normal person
>you go to a bar and talk about weather and what you had for breakfast and discuss who likes dogs or cats
>they say your Japanese is jouzu
>read newspapers to expand vocabulary
>find a beautiful Japanese girl, she's charmed by how fluently you can talk about economics and how you use 私 to refer to yourself
>you marry
>become a proud Japanese citizen
>make a kid to save Japan's dying population
>kid goes to school
>you buy him a video game to celebrate
>he wants to play it with you
>you realize the game is full of anime Japanese and you don't understand anything
>everyone realize you don't actually know Japanese
>kid laughs at you
>wife laughs at you
>friends laugh at you
>immigration service officers laugh at you
>you're deported from Japan
>divorce papers come in the mail a month later


Does this post count as an LN

Then how do you expect to understand the work itself?

Nah, this is a fallacy, the work is probably easier, I was just curious if you can see the title or not.

No, it's a WN
After divorce protagonist kills himself and gets reborn into 異世界 where everyone speaks anime Japanese.
I'm going to put it on Narou.

God fucking damn
I can't believe I'm actually going to reread はなひらっ
Kill me, please

Well, I asked about its reading difficulty for a reason... and, apparently the title means Foreign Girl, though I don't see where that comes from, except for the くに part.

>and how you use 私 to refer to yourself
Is it that time again?



と, the と 【外】 one.

つ, the 格助詞 one.

I don't think you understand the gimmick of the site.

Wow if there was ever a way to make me feel like I still didn't know shit that was it

と つ く に

Old Japanese

t. 私fag

Question is if the target audience of the comic is expected to know it.

t. 僕っ子


I always use 我 to refer to myself and 我が to refer to my shit. Feels pretty based to be honest.

>not using 俺様

>I took 8 years to learn kanji so everyone else should too

>not 我が名 and 我が名の




I personally use わたくし
That's what Igor from Persona games uses and I look just like him

Admittedly real nihonjin thought it was okashii, that we used 私 and です・ます

What are some good native podcasts for passive listening? Just so I can be more familiar with how people normally speak?

Just listen to Japanese ASMR

I used the japanese vocab deck 2k6k from the beginners guide and I'm at 2k cards now.

I think I have to start reading now, but I guess Yotsubato is too hard for me.
When reading Yotsubato I understand like 70% without looking stuff up, when I look up stuff from the reading guide I understand 90% of it.
That's okay, but there is always like 10% where I'm not sure does that actually mean anything, or is that just there to put emphasis on something or not.

The thing is, I'm never sure if I really understood it or if I'm just guessing and get it right by accident.

I forgot the actual question.

Is there something easier? Like a manga for people that learn Japanese?
A manga with training wheels basically where you can look up 100% of it?

You only learn and grow by challenging yourself. understanding 90% is pretty much perfect.

That's normal. You're not going to have 100% comprehension of material aimed at native speakers as a beginner. Just keep reading and it'll get easier.

Japanese: The Manga Way explains manga panels word-by-word.

I don't know about yotsubato, but I just read dragon ball since I already knew the story. So it was really easy to figure out wheather what I came up with made sense or not.

Isn't ASMR by definition not how people normally talk?

Stop putting off your anki reps user.

Do them now.

>She cannot have slept so early.
cannot, have, slept

pff. Having lolis lick your ears is the best way to learn japanese

But have you studied grammar already?


>but I just read dragon ball since I already knew the story
This a thousand times. When I got better I moved to light novels I watched the adaptations of. Worked like a charm for me.

Yes I did, I just need to get used to it in action.

miss I'm foolish.

Then stick to Yotsubato, it's really worth it. Install Kanjitomo if you need to look up terms you don't know on the spot

When doing the core 2k, do I memorize the reading of it? Or just the meaning, or?

He cannot have slept so early.
He couldn't have slept so early.
cannot have
can't have
These are equal?

Maybe I'll only do 50 new cards today instead of 80


I never noticed that, but you do say Seven really fast when counting if you do it without thinking.

What is the difference between なんて and 何?

Look なんて up in the DoJG

>she sees your ____

I'm pretty sure it's what used as an adverb opposed to a genitive of a noun, but I just wanted to ask

What's the english equivalent for ドン after a female's name? You can't just go with Don Mari or some shit and it isn't a simple -san etc. either.

Shut up I'll do them when I finish watching New Game.

I want to do them user but I just don't want to.

You'd enjoy new game a lot more if you didn't dread having to do anki after.

It's too early for the dread to set in, if I procrastinate past lunch that's when it turns to dread.

>not doing them first thing in the morning

>new game animu over
Season 2 when?

ナニイッテイルノ?コノヤロウガ 朝にバスで全部したんだ

This place looks aight.

and their entry for wakaru.

Do it user. Now is the time!

Well it's 2pm here.

That's the smart thing to do.


>Kirara magazine
Probably never since it'll be several years before they get enough manga material because Kirara always limits the number of pages per chapter to a ridiculously small amount.


hahaaaaa, Spanish.

I just encountered アップルっぽいパイ and アップルパイ is obviously apple pie, but what's the っぽい doing here?

っぽい, its sorta apple pie. Apple-ish.

a pie that's like an apple pie but I guess isn't

New thread where

But what is apple-ish?
Rhubbarb? Pear?

I would assume it's like mock apple pie?

Why are you asking me, i didnt make the pie

Is there a way to reselect something you've typed after you've pressed space? It's really annoying having to delete and retype shit when you select the wrong word

>pretty girl who attracts customers to come inside a shop
What's a good noun for this?


In english? Boothbabe

Poster Girl.

A non lewd one. Poster/showgirls seems wrong, but I'm an ESL, so who knows.

Really? I thought no one would say that irl.


>all Japanese to English fantranslators are ESLs

Guys my Japanese keyboard finally came but I'm not sure how I'm supposed to use it, it takes forever to type anything with it

How do you guys do it? Do I just have to get used to it?

Hmm, that's actually pretty good.

pls no bully

I'd suggest writing kanbanmusume and explaining that a kanbanmusume is a pretty girl that attracts customers to a shop.

Your readers will really appreciate you teaching them nihongo too.

Type in romaji and let the IME do the rest. Or learn Cangjie.

Dont forget to do this frequently, the readership really likes that. And tell them a bit about yourself on a credit page every chapter, that way they can get to know you!

Is there any free Japanese dictionary for Kindle? I found a J->E one based on JMdict/EDICT, but no straight Japanese one.

That just looks fucking badass.

I would almost want to get those keycaps for my english keyboard (even if that doesn't make any sense)

Could ログレス refer to Logres from the authorian legend? Like does ログレス = Logres make any sense to you or is Roguresu way to far away?

I'd definitely suggest putting a huge disclaimer informing everyone that you are an ESL from Brazil and that the suckers donating for translations feed you and your extended family.

Yes! Also, don't worry about just doing that for words that are hard to translate. Try telling them common words too, so they can have more useful ones in their vocabulary!

Another good idea is to put your opinion on the chapter in the margins. Like "MC really is in a pinch this time, I wonder how he'll get out of this one."

>Authorian legend


>editor san: lol! >.

>mfw reading Ouroboros

I like to believe this never actually happens

Holy shit lol
But yea that looks to fit, unless there's some character who has a shortage of logs

No, then it would be ローグレス

How far into the core2k should I get before I start reading?

I'm trying to work through both Tae Kim and Japanese the Manga way (Genki cannot hold my attention at all)

when you finish tae kim which should be within a month

I think the ー can be ignored here, as it fits in the context, the author probably just fucked up.

If you look online, the phrase "ログレス" is not uncommon on websites when referring to logless chats, etc, talking about private chats or secure vpns.

I still think its up to context tho.

> is not uncommon on websites when referring to logless chats,
Oh yes I always talk with my friends about logless chats





>there are people who take N4
These people sign up months ahead of time for a test that you could pass after 1-2 months of study

dude it takes years to pass N4 you need to know several hundred kanji and learning 2000 takes an entire lifetime


>Does she hear your name?
>Does she know your name?



Is Database a native?

Mr.Google said "hear is better".

The latter.