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Not a red lightsaber, but close enough.

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Why is Saya such a shit?

Dr. Michael is My Hero.

my wife, Saya, is so cute

Aoi pls

How did Red World even get a computer so you could post that?

But Saya is mine!

She's mine too

Who is more pathetic Saya or Aoi?


Reminder who the real MC is

Definitely Amane.
>show up for 2 episodes
>get written out of the plot
>your harem gets stolen from right under your nose
>voiced by Yukarin so her suffering is eternal

Only one of them got a harem. You decide.


I love Hinata's evil smile.

Should this image be turning me on?

Of course.



>She was basically saying that Saya is too hung up on being special instead of actively doing something about it.
That's what Hinata said. Aoi's going a step further, saying you shouldn't even think about having a goal in the first place. If you're good enough, it will happen even if you never chased after it. That's the point of her "there has never been a master who wished to be a master" thing.

It's bullshit though. Besides, she's being a hypocrite anyway.

Hinata likes it rough!

Same here.


Must be hard to be the strongest.

If you took away the red eyes she would just look happy.

Aoi. She tried so hard.

Reposting these.

Western-ish showdown

Gravity slipstream

Happily ever after
(I lost original link so I re-upload it)

Reposting non-UC Progress Girl friend count with suggestions added

Non-UC Progress Girls and their friend count (not including family, mainly based on how much screentime they have with each other):

Mayuka - 8: Eins, Nya, Xenia, Aurora, other 4 members of L.I.N.Ks
Hinata - 7: Saya, Xenia, Aurora, other 4 members of L.I.N.K.s
Ruby - 7: Elel, Ramiel (based on Cross Links), Clara, other 4 members of L.I.N.Ks
Sofina - 7: Xenia, Aurora, Almaria, other 4 members of L.I.N.Ks
Euphiria - 5: Aurora, other 4 members of L.I.N.Ks
Aurora - 5: Xenia, Sofina, Euphiria, Hinata, Mayuka
Ramiel - 4: Elel, Ruby, 2 MCs from Cross Links
Xenia - 4: Aurora, Sofina, Hinata, Mayuka
Eins - 3: Nya, Mayuka, Ageha
Ageha - 2: Nya, Eins
Carene - 1: Stella
Clara - 1: Ruby
Dr. Michael - 0
Aoi - 0

I don't know. It's not obviously insane, but I wouldn't call it a normal kind of happy either.

Well now she just horny

>Corrupted: horny when domming Saya.
>Uncorrupted: horny when being dommed by Aoi.

Is she an S or an M? I'm confused.

>you're going to be raped Saya-chan

If Hinata is so loved why nobody calls her Miumi or Miumi chan?

She'll lure you in to a false sense of security then take you from behind

So she let Aoi lead first before turning the table on her and completely destroy her ass when they're having sex?


This is definitely a face of somebody about to satisfy their libido

>so many swords around me
>I want them all

>close up of her chest when running
Usually this is reserved for busty characters as some fanservice because you can animate their large breasts bouncing and swaying. What purpose does it serve to have this kind of shot for Saya?

Saya is like the cute kouhai that hinata and aoi are fighting over to see who gets to be her one true sempai.

Emphasize her flat.

To emphasize just how perfectly flat she is.



I wonder.

I thought Yukarin was retiring?

People think Hinata is her given name even though it's actually her surname.

Dem curves on Amane.

No, she just isn't as active as she used to be. She's the main girl in the Island VN/upcoming anime.

Saya's cute, nice, and has a harem. I wish I was this pathetic.

I mean in the anime.

No, she just changed her record label from King Records to TAMURA YUKARI. She also changed agency from I'm Entreprise to Amuleto. Yukarin is still 100% active.

She's the student council pres. When you have that position, not many would call you using your given name unless you're really close with them.

Those are actually great.

I thought she was going to kill herself?

Oh god the western one is goddamn perfect. I had totally missed when this was first posted.

Maybe Nana finally proposed.

Post bakas in the tube.webm

No one is taking that choice off the table yet. Last I heard she stay up all night watching European football while drinking beer.

They're not going to show Hinata hanging out with her friends in private if it has nothing to do with the UCs or Ouroboros.


I do that and I'm not trying to kill myself yet.



I really like Amane.

Do you have one of LL?

I hope at the end of the show Saya gets to suck on Amane's Amanes like the big baby she is.

You can look for yourself here

So far the only fanarts this show have are from its director and animation director.

Stella won't let Saya take her place.

>So far the only fanarts this show have are from its director and animation director.
Japan's shit taste knows no bounds.

Stella will be too busy sucking on Saya's flat chest.



By Tsunako? Neat.

First time I see Tsunako stuff with that style.

>Aoi and Hinata get no flashbacks
Saya really wants Amane bad.

Not on my watch.


Her voice when she was talking to Amane this episode was super sweet. Add that with her heartbreaking scream at the end and this line here, yeah.

No one can call Saya straight after this.

>Aoi and Hinata get no flashbacks
There's still next episode. I think we'll get a Hinata-Saya flashback then.

I doubt it, we had Saya's first meeting with Hinata in a manga. It was even scanlated by an user on /u/.

She wasn't gay, but now that all these dykes are all over her, she's getting a taste for it.

We also had Ramiel's first meeting with Elel in the same manga. Ramiel still got a flashback.

I want to bathe with Elel.

I think their rivalry is part of the games.

>their rivalry
What rivalry? Saya looks up to Hinata. She's her role model, not a rival.

Thanks Tsunako.

Oh sorry I thought it was about Hinata and Aoi.

Saya was jealous that she wasn't the only one for Amane. Straight was never an option.

She can still meet a nice male alpha driver.

You know, how well the senpais are treated seem to be inversely proportional how prominent they are outside of the anime.

Hinata: Pretty much the face of Ange Vierge up until Saya was made. Might still be the face of Ange Vierge. Doesn't even have her own dedicated flashback.

Sofina: The most prominent of the senpais other than Hinata since she's part of L.I.N.K.s, was also pretty much on the main team in Linkage as well. Gets cucked after a confession.

Ramiel: Seems to have a personal character arc based on her cards and is pretty much the third most important character in Cross Links. Managed to remain friends with Elel, though Elel doesn't seem to consider her top friend.

Carene: Her importance to the Ange Vierge world seems to take a distant third place next to Euphiria and Xenia, and possibly other White Worlders that didn't make it to the anime. Since she probably has the least prominence, ended up with a requited love and gets to be together with her even in injury. Also, Xenia's daughter doesn't seem to mind.

Eins: Can't really find any hint that she's a particularly prominent character. Gets the most comfy recovery capsule and her issues with Nya are resolved neatly.

What if he's actually just a beta driver?

Eins isn't a senpai though she a kouhai

Eins's card existed before Nya's, so she's a senpai on Seiran Island.

>Saya was jealous that she wasn't the only one for Amane
I don't think it's jealousy. She just thought that being the only one means she was special. It's different now that she has realized she's more special by having many friends.

What's Tsunako been up to lately besides drawing Neps and card game art, anyway?

You only get one alpha driver.

He would be perfect for Saya or Aoi.

That doesn't make any sense when she join Nya was already a super elite. She only higher because Nya just doesn't give a shit

Please, Ange Vierge is a TCG. You can have as many alpha drivers as the number of times your card's been printed. Unless someone decides to Seto Kaiba you and get all copies of your card.

That was from their time in the Green World troops and not from their time in Seiran Academy.


These are cool. Are there any other keychains?

I see love is your rail.
The key chains are also great.

Saya-chan is so cool.

When did Miumi change hairstyles, anyway?

It doesn't seem to have been just for the anime.


Saya was designed by Ryohka? Neat. Akio Watanabe's Alma is p good too.

She got stronger.

Are there time skips in the game? She looks like she is in middle school in the first one, the second one she looks more feminine.

Those twintails, though.

Still there.

The various anime plots have changed times, at least. In the old PVs Miumi was supposed to be the newbie, but in the current continuity she's student council president.

> Konomi Suzuki was 16 when she sang the song in the 2013 PV
Great voice she has.

Makes sense.

It seems the change may have happened in 2015, as there's art from that time with Miumi having both hairstyles.

Holy shit, Ruby can sing

I'd like to know more about this redhead. Too bad she didn't show up in the anime at all.

Who cares?

I care.

Download the mobage since she starts screaming about herself every time you open the game.

Who is she?

Tojo Haruka

Add Aurora on Ruby's friends count, maybe? since Ruby is sort of Aurora's bodyguard on her description.
Also in the op Aoi is shown with Hinata and Sofina, if that even counts- I guess she has most screen time with Hinata (counting the sparring they had)

Stop trying to make it look like you have friends, Hinata.

Found the ddl in baidu if anyone interested in the song from second link. It's not just songs, also have drama cd segment.
Pass: dmik

Or if you can't get them there I re-upload them here.

Info about the songs.

I was a bit iffy on Aurora and Ruby because Aurora's kind of Ruby's superior and I haven't really seen them doing much together outside of a subordinate-superior context.

Aoi just doesn't really seem to have that much presence in PVs and things from what I noticed and Hinata has plenty of other friends, so I decided to leave her out for now. If I added Aoi to Hinata, I'd have to add Ramiel to Carene and Xenia as well since she was making good science things with them in the OP.

I'm not super familiar with all the Ange Vierge material though and the list was made from the few things that I know, most of which are from second hand info.


Saya not even hiding her boner.

Looks like she's one of the main mobage storyline characters

More art


Help me Cred Forums, I want to be Elel's special friend

You think she friends with hinata?

I want to be her butt buddy.

Sorry, Ramiel is already in that poition.


You think she friends with Aoi?

how did this

become this?

Hundreds of men raped her when she was pow.

She was never a POW though.

Thank you so much, I went looking for them after watching the video, but baidu is beyond my ability.

So how this is Dr. Micheal fault

>her corrupted clothes became white


She was initially a new 1st year in the Seiran high school division.

For booster pack 3, Miumi and Xenia got a new card each illustrated by their original designer with new hairstyles. They also got other cards by other illustrators with their old hair too though.

The CM for the booster pack going on sale features Takamine Sakura (a QP:Flapper designed magical girl) on the day she starts at the Seiran middle school, and seeing Miumi and Xenia with their new hair, so I assume they're supposed to have moved up a year at that point.

Miumi was a candidate for student council president for booster pack 11, when the anime main characters were initially introduced, and then was the new student council president for the next one.

Stained with all the semen she swallowed.

>she has a chest

I feel betrayed.

>talented genius perfect girl who likes getting choked

Anyone have better quality raw?

Plan to translate this next but I'd prefer to work with clearer scan.

Yet to see any scans of Cross Links.

Ah well. Guess I'll just work with raw from /u/ then.

What an adorable friendslut.

My friend Elel is so cute!

But she's my friend.

Why can't I be a rubber duck?

Love isn't your rail.

What does "love is my rail" even mean?

It's alright user. Not everyone can be familiar with love rails.

It's like when love is your guiding star but there's 50:50 chance you're going in the wrong direction


Is that why the meatbags ended up in Cuckoldia?

I want to put my love rail in Elel's butt.


Stop lewding me, Cred Forums!

>saya wanted to be amane's only friend
>so she stole her harem

This concept needs its own series.

If not i'll stop being your friend!

Would Elel gain powers from a sex friend?

Maybe the power of herpes if you're talking about yourself.

Sex friends are still friends, so probably

I'm okay with being just sex buddies. No talk no bonding, just sweaty copulating.

What's with this propaganda?
Hinata is out the tube destroying everything.

Maybe she feels the need to destroy everything to distract her from feeling like a loser who everyone has abandoned for other, superior girlfriends.

No way, everybody sucks her wind dick

This. Hinata is a goddess of war who yearns to be dominated.

So basically fetish fuel for a male self insert.
Victim Girls when?

>implying girls can't dom girls
She literally got turned on by Aoi choking her in this very episode.

Never, thankfully. Asanagi's stuff are repulsive. There's just something about his drawing style that pisses me off.

It's the chin.

What are you guys gonna watch next season?

So far only Keijo!!!!!!!! that looks fun enough to fill the emptiness this show will left behind.

I feel that one will cringe as fuck.
If the bike show is next season then that I will watch.

we'll see each other in the threads for Ange Vierge season 2, i'm sure of it


There's Brave Witches, should feel pretty similar.

This and wixoss.

>yami uchi makes your innermost dark feelings come out
>violently grab hinata by the neck
>she submits to you in ecstasy
What an easy final boss.

I think Hinata was mocking Aoi the whole time.
The part when she was spinning in the wind after defeating Aoi angered me.

Hinata is so strong you can only grab her neck if she lets you, so I guess you could say she was mocking her. She's a clear cut case of 'want to be dominated but too strong for anyone to dominate'.

>want to be dominated but too strong for anyone to dominate
Anime needs more of this.

There are doujins of it at least.

Isn't that the entire tragic premise behind femdom?

>only girl to flat out confess
>gets NTR'd
Why is this allowed?

Because she's a tiny womanlet and Almaria needs a strong Saya to take into her arms.

WIXOSS is nothing like this.

Short girls > tall girls though

She has a big hair ornament with strong arms

Get back in the tube.

Hinata herself said you can't get anything if you wish for it

wixoss has serious atmosphere
brave witches is closer with silly fun antics

Clearly compensating for something here.

This is objectively wrong, though

The difference is that she actually will fight Saya for it. She just needs to get out of the tube first.

I don't think she would leave the tube soon, not after what happened to Hinata

Last battle hype laws dictate that every single character with exceptional power sided with the protagonist of the story has to appear and join the last battle for hype and fuck yeah value.

I predict some stray fireballs will graze Saya in last battle.

Now that Saya needs every bit of her power, Sofina is the only blood source available.

>I predict some stray fireballs will graze Saya in last battle.
Meatbags are inherently violent creatures.

Shut up molester. You're lucky tin can isn't considered a living sentient or you'll be rotting in lesbian jail now.

This panel is strangely lewd.

Sofina will remain the biggest loser of the show.

Rotting is a meatbag condition.

Pretty ironic considering how small she is.

We'll see.

What would your reaction if they pull a Gainax on us?

Apologies, rusting then.

By the time those lesbian are done with you their bodily fluids will rust all of your joints and you'll be no more than a glorified dildo.

>not Aoi
>wants to defeat Hinata Miumi so bad
>gets destroyed by her.

I will give them a standing ovation and yell BRAVO a couple of times, like I did with Gunbuster or Panty & Stocking.

What sort of Gainax are we talking here? Gunbuster? Eva? Gurren Lagann? PSG?

Androids are already imprisoned by the cruel meatbags. No change in the walls will change the fact that humans need to keep the superior races locked up to retain some sense of belonging in this world.

If the tin cans were really so superior, they would not get imprisoned by mere humans.

Androids are beyond primitive behavior such as imprisonment and violence and thus are engaging in a non-violent resistance. This might sound like an alien concept to your meatbag sensibilities.

Yeah, mine too

One is a shit and the other is a monster.

I know, Saya would be pretty damn OP if she turned and got upgraded to EXR or something. How do you beat someone who manipulates a fundamental force of physics?

Hey, Saya is a cute and special maiden. She is NOT a monster.

Almost all EXR has been disappointing, Sofina and Mayuka were shit.
Why do you think Saya would be better?

For someone who supposedly doesn't care about title, she sure put a lot of emphasis in being EXR.

Because she has main character hax. Granted in this sort of show she'll need a little help from her friends.


Translate it weebs.

Say please.

Translate it weebs.

Left: Yuru yuri (easygoing yuri)
Right: Gachi rezu (hardcore lesbian)

Top: Seme (The "top")
Bottom: Uke (The "bottom")

Isn't that taiga-neko for lesbos?



She pulls off naked apron very well.

A natural slut.

Only Onee-chan got to see it so she is pure.

She's in middle of the woods. Who knows who or what is there watching them.

Trained elites like them would know if there was another party watching them.

They've eaten everything and everyone else in the area.

Even each other.

The good doctor made a mistake.

She should have put the Baka Duo in a smaller, more intimate tube.

Literally can't even operate grenades.

Mayuka will still do her Onee-chan regardless.

Still curbstomped the academy scrubs.

>Gachi rezu

Take my advice and don't google that.

Because they're non-Japanese brutes.

As opposed to non-Japanese wimps like Elel, Alma and Stella?

Non-Japanese who can observe and respect Japanese bathing culture.

Why? First result is very relevant.

He means in katakana.

Barely anything comes up.

>Dislikes studying, bottling things up, bell peppers, shiitake
Urge to bully rising.

I want to bully her with my ochinchin.

You read my thoughts.


You're going to make her study bottled up bell peppers and shiitake?

How do you bully someone that strong?

Tubes and wheelchairs seem to work.

I bet Dr. Michael was behind this.

The robot's incompetence is not Dr. Michael's fault.


There is cause to suspect Dr. Michael of foul play. Remember the time she put Hinata's eyepatch on the wrong eye and put her in a wheelchair even though her legs were fine? Well, now she's evil.

>needing this translated
How fucking new are you that you don't immediately recognize ゆるゆり?

I fucking hope when Amane wakes up shes turned also and just lays it on Saya for being a bitch to her.

Amane deserves it. She never cared to tell Saya she was training in secrete. What was the point of acting all sneaky like that?

>Evil Amane
Cue OP insert

Something like this will happen.

>Saya becomes an EXR
>her special finisher is a RAIL GUN OF LIGHT

Cmon the whole point of Saya's development was that she never bothered to ask nor even thinkfor a moment about Amane and what she was feeling or doing. They've said it multiple times.

Amane had told her she was training,but Saya never even thought for a moment that it could be difficult or painful because she was so
self centered thinking she was training the hardest.


It's so fucking stupid that it might just work. If she fires her lightsaber in that thing then we're gold.

Useless tin can.

>Amane had told her she was training
But she didn't it. That's why I think she's to blame as well for her shitty relationship with Saya. Not to say Saya's not at fault. She is, definitely. But Amane too to some extent so I'd love if they both apologizes to each other when she gets out of the cuckcrystal.

based, thanks

>her special finisher is a RAIL GUN OF LIGHT
A laser then?

Next season is fucking stacked, I'll probably end up watching like 30 shows. I'm a little worried that Keijo will rush things too much and butcher it considering they have Ass Gilgamesh and Blubber Butt on the promo art. If they do it right it could easily be AOTS material, though.

I want a season 2 and a movie.

What if Amane doesn't get out the cuckcrystal at all?
Saya could just keep her in her room as decoration.

Create a final masterpiece and then disappear forever?

Even if Amane had told Saya how hard she was training Saya would have 100% brushed it off as nothing.

Buy the BDs and mobage microtransactions then, gweilo.

Maybe, maybe not. It doesn't change the fact that Amane didn't try to make her feelings clear. And it's not just with Saya. She also never tried to talk things out with Stella after they relationship went to shit.

Anyway, Saya will no doubt apologize to her when she's out of the crystal, as she should. I just think Amane should apologize too.

And why is that?

She enslaves robutts and doesn't afraid of anything.

I was re-reading Keijo all though the East-West to prepare myself for the anime, shit is fast man. The story beats very quick, 12/13 episodes is perfect for them.

I only accept Chihiro's microtransactions.

I want Saya doujins.

Saya a cute

I want Saya doujins by Cyclone