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>tfw Evolution and Revolution sucked dick
>tfw the artstyle doesn't look good in modern coloring/animation
>tfw the books had a shitty ending
>even with all of these negative points, Slayers is still more interesting and original than all of these shitty pseudo-harem isekai LNs Japan has been churning out.

It truly captures the essence of adventure.

This desu

how small is too small?

Man, I'd had such high hopes for those newer Slayers series, too. And while they got better after the weird thing in the beginning where they all just apparently forgot that Sairaag happened, it was still not great.

I wish they'd have ditched the 'cute magical mascot' route, and gone another direction. I was really hoping there'd be more with any of the Dark Lords or even some dragon gods.

But nah, let's see everyone fight Zanaffar again, this time with some little fuzzy thing.

While it wasn't a great show, I did enjoy getting to see Gaurry kicking ass during that fight. He was always one of the characters who frequently got shafted during the cool fight scenes, so it was nice to see him cut loose.

The new season just came out.

Times have certainly changed.

>luna will never be part of the main cast, doing adventures
>naga will never join the main cast, doing adventures
>you will never see lina react to naga flirting with goury

I felt the same way. It was watchable and actually enjoyable, but the overarching plot was wasted potential. Imagine if they actually adapted the later LNs and animated the fights with Sherra and Dynast. Demon lolis have never failed to disappoint.

I would hardly call the series original in that it followed a lot of fantasy conventions that have existed forever. That said they at least focused on shapeshifting demons and roided up chimeras rather than orcs, skeletons and other fodder you would expect in a sword & sorcery series. I suppose that the MC not being an otaku is also a good selling point.

We need a proper Rance anime or even a Discworld anime.

Lina is 4'10". I would say that she is just too small.

Would you watch slayers if it was rebooted as western cartoon and not in anime style?

That depends. Are they doing something original or adapting existing material? Is there a Japanese dub? Am I allowed to talk about it on Cred Forums?

Glad I'm not the only one seeing this obvious parody. It sucks and isn't like Slayers at all. But its obvious they're trying to copy Lina and Gourry.

The show had so much potential it could have gone on for 100 seasons of Anime only material. Its just bad that TRY was the only one who did this okay.

JC Staff just needs to get Junichi Sato back to oversee a TV reboot. And get rid of the old staff.

I marathoned the first episode of slayers and it was awful. The most low-budget, over acted weeaboo garbage ever.

I liked revolution final battle was awesome.

>I marathoned the first episode
Hot damn that must have been a long night.


I prefer more serious fantasy but yes please someone do this

Slayers Return is the best Slayers

>Marathoned the first episode
Are we being taken for a ride?
Watch the movies and OVAs at least, they are different as far as tone goes and the production values are a lot better

The final fight with Shabby in the novels was better in my opinion. Lina actually isn't able to rely in Giga Slave for that one and it is punctuated with her being partly responsible for Shabby's reawakening.

Thankfully the anime is considered its own reality. So it allows people to like whichever one they want. And it also allows the anime to have infinite growth without having to rely on a novel source (which is being squandered by a bad team).

I thought that the novels ended pretty well. The Gyria arc especially were pretty good. I am not sure about the later volumes of Slayers Special though.

The novels were good. But the anime had the potential to have an endless story. It was just squandered by a lackluster team who couldn't do original content well.

Its dead user. Let it all go.

There is nothing that stopped the novels from continuing on either. It just ends with them agreeing to eat grapes, and tops it off with a standard "Their travels continue" blurb. The afterward explains that he wanted to leave it to the readers imaginations on what happens after. He just didn't want to turn it into Dragon Ball as he mentioned a couple of times.

He also wanted to create 3 alternate universes with different settings. And did it for two of them. They just never took off as much as Slayers.

Lost Universe needs an anime remake.

The three alternative universes were the SFC Game, Anime, and SEDS/Aqualord manga, right? Other than the game I thought that they all worked out.

I agree with you on Lost Universe. I find it kind of sad that the second season was canned.

The three alternate universes were where the other gods/mazoku lived. Slayers had SHabby and the Dragon God. Lost Universe had Dark Star and Vorfeed. Then there was two more planned series which never came out. Kanzaka claimed one universe would be a modern day like our own. And Lina did visit a modern day universe. But I don't know if that story went anywhere.

What is he even doing right now? Last time I checked LNDB it didn't look like he had put anything out since.

Kichikou rance seasonal anime would be sweet

I have no idea. I haven't heard of anything from him since Slayers Rev. Which obviously he didn't work on. Just that he was working on some new project back then. And I never saw it.

I really do miss the days when writers had the sack to have an actual fantasy setting instead of setting it in a motherfucking MMO.

I miss this series so damn much. Whatever happened to it? I followed it for a while, fell out of touch, and when I looked it up again, I couldn't really find much of anything. Was Evolution-R the last thing they did with the franchise?

No, they continued to put out a variety of books (All untranslated of course). Anime-wise though, Evolution-R is it.

What would you do if you caught one of pic-related?

Usingthe MMO premise would be fine if they did something original with it. Hell, any setting is fine if the story and characters interacting with it are handled well.

The problem isn't the setting. Its lazy writers.

"I'll just throw in a bunch of zombies, dragons and humans together in a gritty fantasy world! Brilliant!"

"What about character development? What drives the characters?"

"Character wha-?"

I would ask where her eggs are

Probably kill her. She's dangerous. Not even joking.

They should make the fact that the MMO is a separate reality relevant beyond using MMO mechanics as a crutch. Snowcrash anime when?

>No, they continued to put out a variety of books (All untranslated of course)

How unsurprising. Sucks this fanbase is basically non-existent and we'll never get translations.

It also makes the Mary Sue elements really sad when you think about it. It's like, "MC-sama, we brought you to this world because you are so awesome at wasting your life."

Hey flatty. Just thought i'd drop by and say MY show was way better and i could kick your ass in a fight too.

>i could kick your ass in a fight too.

Man I love Gokudo but hell naw

caster vs rogue. have you never played an rpg. gokudo would kill her the second she started casting magic.

meant for

How does it feel to know that Slayers R1s are horrible and only R2s are worth watching, yet are near impossible to find on the english interweb?

Slayers is THE comfiest shit ever. Fuck I could watch new episodes of it forever.

>Even though I actually didn't watch the fourth and fifth series

I kind of miss this art style. There was something so fun about it.

I miss it too. Especially Amelia.

Amelia was my favorite, despite the hate she definitely got all over the internet back in the day. But she was the character with the most growth over the series, which made her more interesting. I really wished there had been a point in the show where she met up with Naga face to face, rather than all those little 'almost!' moments in the movies.

>Naga is second in line to the throne of Saillune

It just hit me how horrifying that thought is.

How about Goblin Slayer?


It's shit.

She technically would have been third in line, considering Phil's dad is still kicking (barely, but he's still Prince Phil). But considering she renounced her claim as far as I know, Amelia's still top contender for third place. But considering how eccentric all the royalty is in that kingdom, I doubt Naga would end up being terrible when it came down to it.

Phil's dad doesn't count because he's the king already.