Love Live! Sunshine!

Let's keep the Riko train going lads.

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If you wanted to fix this subunit, who would you replace Riko with?

Sex with Riko.

>remove Riko
>fixing Guilty Kiss
Pick one faggot.


A wall. It seems to be all the rage these days.

The only thing that needs fixing is your shit taste fampai.


What would that be like?

Happy Birthday Riko-chan!

Please don't remind me, we almost got Yoshiko, Dia and Mari.

My vote goes to this one.

I prefer to see that.

>dog joke quickly becomes the least funny attempt at humor
>wall fetish is utterly bizarre and hysterical
They fixed her, bros. I forgive them for the early episodes now.

Remainder that Riko's not the only one with a wall fetish.

>tfw every top 10 wall lists the Great Wall of Ching Chong as #1
Is Riko a mainstream sheeple or a hipster when it comes to these things?

There is no way that Hanamaru smells better than You.

What does You smell like?

Why? Chlorine smell must have stuck to You's skin by now.

That slutty wall has been touched too many times, Riko prefers her walls pure and untouched

But her anal walls are semen-stained and well used.

Mikan because she wants to attract Chika.

All these wallshiters




I mean I like Hanamaru, but You surely smells better than a chubby girl who doesn't even have indoor plumbing at home.

But Riko's a better singer than Dia.

Isn't sad that it didn't work at all?

I want to be Zura's personal toilet.


I wouldn't replace her but if I had to I'd pick Ruby simply because it'd be interesting.

>Yo surely smells better.

Smells like Sea, huh. Hanamaru probably smells like heaven without using some perfumes.

>you will never hear Maru mutter 'zura!' as she cutely presses her ass against your face, suffocating you in her smell

I love Riko in Guilty Kiss only cause she's normally so tame, but Mari and Yohane gives Riko and excuse to break out of her shell.

What's so funny, zuramaru?

Every time you guys say You I think you're talking about me and not the character from the show and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside

You a shit

I love you, user.


I feel kinda I appreciate more on maru's fanarts than You's fanarts. Maru's body seems perfectly fine but when it comes to You's body looks huge.


Top 3 worst μ's songs?

That really depends on the artist.

Poor Riko needs to escape back to the city. She was pure until these boonie degenerates forced their corruption onto her.

Yuujou no Change, Anone Ganbare, After School Navigators


Two most annoying voices squeaking for three minutes. Holy hell.

Riko wants it really badly though.

This and the two included with it are my least played.

I really want to be Chika and pleasure Riko.

But it's the opposite, she's the whore of Babylon tainting the minds of these pure catholic maidens.

>After School Navigators

Bitch, I will end you.


Who's the most evil in aqours?

>Anone Ganbare
Stab yourself in the eardrums please

RIko is a pure angel who fell in love with a lovely woman


>Anone Ganbare
End yourself please

Obviously Yohane, she's a fallen angel for fuck's sake.

I said evil, not pretending to be evil.

Are jokes about You still funny?

can we all agree Umi's voice in Anone was the best part about the song?

Anyone who disagrees is a based faggot

>Anone ganbare

Somehow this is scarier than Umi's face.

Sadly for Rico this one is taken.

What do raibus says to riko's birthday?

How do you pronounce "love live"?

not as sexy though


Robu raibu



love live

I want to drink Riko's fresh piss.

Obviously. Umi is the sexiest girl from Love Live!

Better than Green Tea.

What about Cowfee?

> can we all agree Umi's voice in Anone was the best part about the song?

There's no need to agree on facts

>nicofags thinks she's nico's successor
>she's actually not killjoy and she's a good girl

I'd let her fuck me

All of the Nozomi x Nico ones

>best part

it should be obvious

Congrats man, you just killed the joke for me.

guys my heart says kotori
but my dick says nozomi


Let's try something slightly different than usual. Looks only.

King, I mean Hanamaru.

What with Riko and walls?

She always smile like that everytime she near Yoshiko.

Say something nice about Umi.

she is not hanayo

Kiss Kotorisoft lips while fuck Nozomi at the same time.

Zura and You are my favs and the are both sex beasts and good girls at the same time.

Junai Lens is fucking terrible. Gonna add Yuujo no Change and Otome Shiki Renai Juku to the shit list.

Goddamn I love Akarin. She's my favorite raibu.

She has the basics. She is shocked when faucets turn on by themselves and toilets that flush without knobs

She's the third best girl in the first season and her butt is ripe for the picking.

Seems so.

Perfect woman.
Has the perfect figure. Long dark straightened hair, slim body, light skin, smaller than or equal to B cups.
Is independent. Is dominant. Is hard working. Is strong. Is realistic.
Why cant I marry 2D people?

That's for sure.

Only third?

>Perfect woman.
Well she's supposed to be a yamato nadeshiko. She has to be perfect.

Literally perfect just like her beautiful and talented seiyuu. Why they decided to make a character so much better than the rest of the cast I have no clue.

Mimorin=best seiyuu.
Emitsun is pretty close

>you will never go /out/ with Umi.

I just imagined Akari meeting Ruby and calling her onee san.

>Junai Lens is fucking terrible

Die in a fire please

You must be tone deaf. It's a horrible auto tuned mess.

Isnt she a normal japanese girl? Its not like the other girls with weird hair or perfect russian girl

>normal japanese girl
user, if Umi was the norm for Japanese women, I'd move there in a heartbeat.

>perfect russian girl
>no personality

Good one, user

its true

>implying every jap girl is perfect
Shows how much you have been socializing

It's one of the most fun beatmaps to play.

Wow Nanjou and Mimorin's acoustic cover of Love Marginal is great

Happy birthday to the prettiest Aqours.

>no personality
She's normal but not by anime standards apparently. In anime, you have to be a meme

>Yoshiko is the only one that can make Hanamaru happy
And please her sexually

Can I become cute, too?

Of course you can!

Like pool

>After School Navigators

Nah senpai

Her vaginal discharge taste like chlorine.

Kurosawa Ruby is a giant baby!

you cant

Sunshine is such a goldmine for NTR fan art.

He would make a cute boy

Walls are pure and do not get kabedon'd by girls.

The only thing that can please Hanamaru is food

Rin is not a boy.

Mari reclaimed her prize on the way home

Can't blame Kanan, really. She was cuter than half of Aquors.

She needs to stop, though.

What was the best part of the last episode and why was it not Chika catching the white feather like in Donna Toki mo Zutto?

I want to hug Riko and Tell her I love her.

>Girls with no drama get sidelined, even if they are cute

Welcome to Love Live

What's with Sunrise obssesion with cornering people against the wall

Never! Just don't feed her after midnight or else

She becomes little demon?

>tfw only Maru that didn't turn or say that she's a demon.

I wonder why yoshiko didn't say about this?

Omoide Ijou ni Naritakute.


You is my favorite Aqours, but I want to marry Yoshiko. What is wrong with me?

Why not both

>not wanting to marry kanan/mari instead of them


Riko is worst Aqours

I want to tickle Hanamaru-chan's pudgy belly~

Is Yoshiko going to be okay? Where is Hanamaru?

>KananMari v2

Considering that You ((You)) is your favorite, there's a lot wrong with you.

You just don't know her yet

Yup! Even when they meet again since childhood

You decided to not be a third wheel anymore and took matters into her own legs, poor Hanamaru has no idea to what's happening

I love their height difference.

Dia please

Who tops between Yohane and Zura? Who wears the pants in the relationship?

Bonus question: Is Zura going to stop stuffing her face once she marries Yohane?

A romantic reencounter of two childhood friends separated by fate under the cherry blossoms

How touching

Riko is the guiltiest kiss of all

>Who tops between Yohane and Zura? Who wears the pants in the relationship?
Zura obviously, how is this even up for debate?


Yoshiko loves to wear skirts and normal dresses but if its Maru she won't mind wearing the pants.

> Is Zura going to stop stuffing her face once she marries Yohane?

I wish.

I forgot, what was the Bandai Visual item for the week? don't tell me its Riko's wall doujins

tfw Honoka will never make an appearance in sunshine after this week's episode

Who's the other mom behind this kid?

I wan't to sleep with Riko nothing lewd though


We all know who it was

This but with mild to moderate lewdness.

Talking foreheads can raise children?

Was Tsubasa a crossdressing boy all along?


Cutest leader child ever

Ojous with a quirk are the best shit I tell you.

Hope we get more of You and Riko hanging out.

That class discrepancy is too good not to exploit.

Also, did the trophy indicate her winning or a podium position?

I dunno how those things work.

My wife's daughter is so cute.


Some generic brown haired woman.

We saw her in the episode guys, c'mon.

Yoshiko being able to run without dropping the bag of on her head is a feat on its own

So no more Muse?

Riko, you need to do something about your porn habit

>My wife's daughter

What will happen when Chika finds out about Riko's kabedon/wall/yuri fetish?

No men exists in the Love Live World so therefore walls are female.

Probably just the babysitter.

I want to believe, user!

It would be extremely awkward, I doubt she'd demand an explanation and they'd leave it at that

>Riko's chest

The only thing I would fix is your shitty taste.

How does Chika keep getting lewd call screens of her friends?


I wonder what her contact picture for You is.

She looks like somebody found out her secrets

How did i do ?

What type of hat is that

>Riko's kabedon/wall
Care to explain? I still don't understand this Riko & wall meme.

So why didn't Riko want to go back to Muse's school during their first Tokyo visit?

I thought there would be a deeper meaning

Watch the anime.

Riko wants to be cornered into a wall and fags think she wants to fuck the wall

Maybe she's a kidnapper and was afraid she was just exposed. I mean if it's Honoka's kid, I'm sure you could just tell her that you have some bread and she'd follow you wherever.

Now that Inorin voiced an extra, can she still become a Love Live School Idol?

We all know You has a cork board full of Chika backside

A convenient way to put it off until all 9 members could be present.

It's interesting how Sunshine used the original Love Live manga as inspiration for its overall story arc.

Where μ's had to prove to everyone they were more than copycats of A-Rise, Aqours learned they needed to do the same for μ's.

user did you hit your head and forgot her entire conversation with Chika the night before their Tokyo performance?

Open your eyes to reality user! That kid is just another background character!

She transferred after her bout with stage fright, she probably felt so humiliated that she didn't want to go back

Kabe-don (壁ドン) is the stereotypical pose where the tough guy fences in the shy character by the placing his hand on the wall and leaning in.

Remind me

I wonder why they didn't enter past the school's gate, I know not-Rem told them that there's nothing left inside the idol clubroom but why didn't they at least visit the music room for Riko?
W-what if that Inorin character was the current Idol in Otonoki?

I already did.

Oh, ok. Thanks.

It is pretty interesting, problem is μ's was no longer the copycats once they started getting more members. Aqours made it clear they wanted to be like μ's and make not qualms about it.

The current conversation is boring.

She said that she didn't enjoy being at Otonokizaka because there was a ton of pressure on her there. That's why she didn't want to visit it. Imagine getting constantly being picked on in high school. Would you want to visit it again?

How do you propose we liven it up?

Post walls then.

Let's engage into some interesting topic regarding Love Live Sunshine!! then user

We can always argue about shipping again.

That friendship.

I wonder where an ojou and tomboy would hang out and talk about.

Why are these girls so violent? Is it a country girl thing?


>Kissing up to the girl who stole your lover and bestfriend
If you can't beat em, join em

Is that Akari?

>other mom

user that's not how reproduction works.

Why is this dork wearing glasses?

Riko looks like she doesn't want to get close.

Considering their society is lik 80% women we can assume they live in some alternate university where 2 women can have babies

In Love Live it does!

Because her Mom Hanayo also wear glasses.

Haven't you ever heard of IPS?

Didn't we come to the theory that men migrate into towns during mating seasons and leave once the seasons over?

I don't support that theory

No there are probably just a bunch of single mothers. In a way LL/LLS are actually quite progressive.

Mating season being summer?

That doesn't explain the higher rate of women natalities

I can see it considering You was waiting for her daddy to come back, Kanan's dad is hurt or some shit, Mari's and Maki's are making some money somewhere, Honk's is self employed


Maybe males are rarer to produce than females. Because of the shortage of men there are men who have careers based solely on making new children such as You's Dad who sails the sea for pussy. It would explain why all the girls more or less look similar but with different eye and hair color.

Actually its, Rabu Raibu (ラブライブ)

Really they could just exist in a world where it is impossible to support a family as a wage slave in Japan so most japanese men work abroad in order to make their way.

Is UTX a cafe now or something? I need the the story on this because I must have missed something, I thought they were kill.

You can't tell me what to do!

We should make a compilation of all the conpiracy theories

Honoka is a magic time travelling Hobo

Nico's brother is actually retarded

Yoshiko's parents are dead

The raibus live in a society with a declining birthrate of men


I can't believe our precious Riko-chan was flicking the bean while she was in Tokyo. And here I thought Mari and Chika were the pervs of the group

Maybe she reads those for the story

Fuckin sunrise . How genius are they?

its Riko

What are they discussing here?

Why is she afraid of them finding her lovers magazines?

Riko is a good girl!

Honk can change the weather
Maki can turn into a loli
Mari is trying to revive Muse with her money and connections
Umi hates blacks
Riko is a pervert
Nico and Maki have night time jobs as enjou kosai
Tsubasa loves Honk more than Umi

That makes me wonder, at what age do they start to leave? Nico's brother was still around because he was still a toddler but then there was that guy Nico was trying to give the flyer to so early in the first season.

You don't see teenagers around in the series and the only ones you see are middle aged blue collar workers in Tokyo and Kanan's dad who seems to holed up in his house.

This mystery needs further study.

I think Honk changing the weather entrails in her being a magic hobo

Umi hates niggers
Kotori hates foreigners
Yoshiko hates strangers

UTX cafe. You think in LLS2 they'd let people from other school waltz in into their school just because A-RISE invited them? UTX is a good school.

Hand in the mystery box?

We need idols from Cromartie High School

>Kotori hates foreigners?
Go on

Just based on her meme song, which is funny.

But Cromartie is filled with boys, gorillas and a robot.

They have Alpacas


You rude fuck

Riko's birthday is tomorrow

Which one is the robot?

I want to buy her chin-in-hand manga

Sweet. It's also pretty cool that the legendary Nico-sama inspired Chika to move out of the shadows of her legendary predecessors.

The short one with the buggy eyes.

She just took her shit away

>That bridge

Dunno, I guess the Idol Club lost steam somewhere along the line and disbanded even after they were doing so well after the movie.

My question is now that not only is the school's idol team gone and now their idol club is gone too, where does that leave Muse? Is that bridge burned now?

>Kotori's back arch


Kotori is surprisingly flexible.

She's ready to breed.

>In the beach where Moos decided to disband, Aquas reaffirm their identity as group
>A new life that begins where the old one dies
Pottery in the works.



I remember her being annoying in the show. Kotori is actually cute

She was pretty pleasant, if anything I don't think there was enough of her

Both please and thank you

>Kanan will never call you randomly at night to flirt

>What are time zones?
It's been her birthday for 14 hours in Japan.


Kurosawa Dia is also a giant baby!

I almost thought she would throw a heil there for a second

Why haven't you been celebrating? You don't want to anger Riko do you?

I love how this dress suits her. Pretty hot, if you ask me.


Why is this allowed

What city has the worst train layout?

Because we love Dia, and we love bullying her more

UK ones

This scene cracked me up.

Hey, that's my city.

Shitake loved that outfit too

Get the D, is you know what I mean

Totally, we all did.



Just realized Dia and Ruby wear the same sleepwear


Why is this being pushed so hard?

Riko really doesn't like You does she? I feel like these two didn't really resolve their situation with Chika

Behold, a tree, the kawaiiest one, ever, in Earth, Space, all across the cosmos and universe, pinnacle of very existence.

Red blue
senpai kohai
good silly

>there will never be Love Live! Snowfall!™ OVAs focused on Saint Snow's side of the story before they inevitably get BTFO by Aqours


More like the lewdest


I like the two of them, but their song sucks.

What did Riko do with her girlfriend on her birthday?

I am still waiting on A-Rise's OVA

>Sit down boys and girls and let me tell you a story
>Once a upon a time in a bustling ocean city in Japan, there was a young little girl who loved to role play
>She loved to pretend to be a fairy and a sailor and a pilot and a dinosaur and a queen and a devil and a cat
>She had an active imagination and would imagine a new role to play everyday
>But there was one role she never forget to play as, one could say it was her favorite role
>She would never forget to play as a beautiful guardian angel, someone who could cure and bring happiness from the heavens to everyone
>Her best friend, a chubby little brown haired girl, would enjoy being "cured" by the little girl and they would spend their days at school playing to their hearts content
>However, the young girl did not come to school one day to play with her chubby little friend, in fact, she would never return
>Something had happened that day, an accident had occurred
>The young girl knew that cars were meant to go in the same direction on each lane, but for some reason a car was driving the wrong direction right towards her and her parents
>Her parents panicked, she had never seen them so upset, but she remained calm as the car smashed into them
>The next thing she knew, she was staring at a bright light and a beautiful face that she could not believe existed, it was a beautiful guardian angel
>The angel spoke to the young little girl, "I am taking your mommy and daddy with me to heaven. I am sorry but you can't come just yet. Please stay strong"
>The next thing she knew, she was in a hospital bed, with a nurse staring down at her in tears
>She was confused, she did not know why the angel did not take her with her parents to heaven, she knew her parents were gone
>She came to a painful realization
>She had been rejected by heaven
>She was cursed
>She stayed in the hospital for two more weeks cursing her existence before she was taken to live with her grandparents

>She grew up hating the cruel heaven that took her parents and not her
>The pain only kept growing as she grew up, until it became unbearable
>She asked her grandparents if she could go to school in the city, she knew they had the wealth to pay for her own apartment and she was mature enough to handle herself
>Her grandparents were reluctant, not because they didn't think she could handle herself, but because they didnt want her to go back to the city that took the lives of her parents
>They eventually agreed and the young girl moved back to that bustling ocean city
>She had one goal
>To relive her childhood and go back the days before that painful accident
>She had managed to locate her old best friend through her family name, knowing they owned a temple
>Everything was in place
>April 2016, the first week of the first month of the new spring school year
>Yohane, the fallen angel, the cursed one, the rejector and rejectee of heaven, descends on Uranohoshi Girls School...

Will Chika be the new student body president?

I'll fug that tree

She's not as dumb as Honk so she can handle it, plus she's got her girlfriend and doormat thirdwheel to do whatever she asks just in case.

They tie their hair into low twintails as well. Ruby didn't do that before Dia joined.

>Poor You
>Demoted to doormat under the transfer student

is there a reaction image where You is angry?

Transfer students always win. It's one of the fundamental laws of anime.

Name three anime where the transfer student wins

here (You) go

Not really.

I feel like there was a frame where she was genuinely mad but I don't have it. I know she was annoyed with Yohanne and Mari and their cooking

Doormats don't get angry. That's why they're doormats.

Only You that got jealous , though.


If LLS was a eroge Riko and Chika would be making love while You cried herself to sleep

c-could be a 3p situation




I've fapped to this scnario a couple of times. My favorite scenario is You walking in on Riko and Chika sleeping together naked. Riko is asleep but Chika is awake licking Riko's neck. You sees them and runs off crying. Chika gets up and Riko wakes up from the commotion. Chika tells Riko to wait there. Chika stops You and tries to explain herself. You grabs Chika's face and tries to force kiss her with tears running down her face. Chika is confused and tries to resist. You then puts Chika on a choke hold out of anger and knocks her out. She drags Chika to a secret underground hideout where she chains her up to a wall. You sits up against the wall and grabs the naked chained up Chika and sits her ass up against her pussy She grabs a dildo a shoves it up Chika's pussy as tears roll down her face. She tries to scream but her mouth is covered. You starts licking her neck and back while shoving the dildo into Chika's tight cunt. She is still so angry from rejection that she sticks the dildo soaked with pussy juice up Chika's tight asshole. Chika writhes in pain but You is turned on and thinks Chika is getting what she deserves. She keeps Chika down there for weeks as the police search for Chika. You is questioned but she managed to give a decent alibi. Riko suspects You but she never actually saw her that night Chika disappeared. Riko follows You one day into her secret hideout. You catches her and puts her into a choke hold. She ties her up on the opposite side of Chika and makes her watch as she rapes Chika. She then whips and tortures Riko as Chika watches. Eventually You goes too far and accidentally kills Riko.The police are on to You and finally manage to locate her hideout. She kills herself and Chika before she can be arrested. The end.


Chika is autarch!



Either that's a copypasta or you have some issues you need to work out.

wtf man

The fuck is wrong with you user?




>tfw when it's not copypasta

fuck is this complex alien map

Yall a bunch of degenerates-zura.

It looks like a clusterfuck when you see all of it but it's actually very well designed.



>Story I spent 30 minutes writing up gets no attention
>Sexual fantasy I came up with in seconds on one lonely day in the bathroom gets all the attention
Wtf I hate you guys now

holy shit this made my dick soft

Accept Zuramaru's loveletter or not?

It caught my attention at the ending actually

We're all tired of the Riko's parents are dead gimmick. Come up with something more original if you want attention.

See, clusterfucks like this are the reason America will never embrace subway systems like Japan does.

I presume those are bills of food she ate that I will pay for the date.

Sex and violence man, that's what sells.

>user, will you take this letter, zura, an..
> Yes! Hana-chan
>and give it to Yoshiko?

Yeah. Almost everyone in Love Live has super powers:

Chika has super speed
Honoka can time travel
Kanan is a super soldier
Dia and Mari can teleport
Dia can use the World
Yoshiko can catch time manipulators and puts them in a submission move

Anything else I missed?

Hanamaru has a void in her stomach.

Dia's also a sentai heroine.

>Dia was a power ranger
That's pretty fucking cool

You is Jack of all trades, master of non

I wonder what has maintained Otonokizaka alive during the sunshine's timeline, I thought they used school idols to attract yet its said that their idol club is kill. Is it because the influence of µ's is so big that up to that time, girls still enroll there because their favorite idols went there? Though, they'd probably be disappointed if they enroll there knowing that theres no more idol club. But doesn't the school have an open house activity (where moos performed borarara) so the applicants would know already from there that idols don't exist there anymore? Really makes me think.

I guess the closest one is from the Giant Baby Wooby image that appears on every thread.

And an alien that sealed 8 ultramen. Lastly, a student that got possessed by a chain BDSM magician in kamen rider ghost.

>Giant Baby Wooby

don't forget about Giant Baby Dia too!

That's fucking awesome

They're saving Snowfall for the 3rd Love Live group.

How is that guy not bored yet from posting that in every single love live thread

They should have just had the school end up closing but Sunrise didn't have the balls to do it because then oldfags would have complained that what Muse did was all for nothing.

He's trying to force a meme. It's a hard work.

I like talking about Love Live with my fellow anons. If I ever get bored then I start shitposting and start arguments where I post for both sides.

Even the guy replying to him in moon with a Ruby image got tired of replying to him. The guys who also repeats 'This is my wife Kanan/Mari', 'we'll start from zero to one', and 'a reminder not to sexualize riko-chan' stopped posting recently although the Riko poster made a birthday version of the post on one of the later threads

Finally it's canon.

Gotta admire that dedication.


If you say so user.

It IS canon!!

It's Riko's birthday. Just let him bask in his delusions for a little while longer.

Oh great, now you nerds are going to start fighting each other.

>fighting each other
As long as this thread is going, it's still Riko's birthday, and that means all of her ships are canon today.

Who's the most popular and least muse for nips?


Anchan on Bushiroad TV.


Dat ahoge on the wall

Anchan is easily the least attractive Aqours Seiyuu but I'd still introduce her to my parents

Fanfic fags please go

You wake up and see this? What do you do?

glasses you is so cute that it makes me angry.

Ask her to sit on my face

Become her urinal.

Who's she dressing up as this time? Austin Powers?

Wonder where the bottom of her shirt went

>Kotori hates foreigners
Kotori doesn't discriminate! a paying customer is a paying customer!

Go back to sleep.

Still the gayest LL song ever. 2nd gayest is Zurui yo magnetic today.

Which Aqours has your favorite character design?


From a rapist's perspective, who would be more satisfying?

Why is riko such a degenerate?

Different rapists have different motivations
Stop being rapist racist

So Riko-chan spent all her time while in the hotel room schlicking to all those doujins she bought? What a horny little minx.

Girl on the right would give me that plundering an innocent flower feel
Girl on my right would give me that dominating a tomboy boner

Both at the same time would be awesome.

What kind of monster would rape You?

That's the only logical conclusion to having a pile of doujinshi she's ashamed of. She's pretty much officially a masturbator.

Which girl(s) dislike anal?

Hanamaru is fat.

Beg her to remove her panties and stuff them in my mouth before sitting on my face and playing with me


Cutest thing since the fall of the USSR.

Happy birthday.


Does You like Riko?


You're right, I've elaborate more on the query.

This lad, Top bloke.

I hope so.

They'll make great friends, and that gap between them social wise makes me hard.

Yell that I'm a virgin and that I'm not capable of satisfying her.

I'm a Kananfag and I have to agree. She's my second favourite.


>and that gap between them social wise makes me hard.
How's that different from ChikaRiko?


Quick post love live reaction faces!



Dia or Yoshiko

You will never give Riko the chin in hand wall experience.


It's not, both are fantastic.

Although Chika and Riko are a given, more You and Riko interaction especially after the drama just adds to the atmosphere.

And I like You better than Chika.

>and that means all of her ships are canon today.
But we all know the truth.

The other way you could look at it is that Riko is a hopeless romantic which is pretty cute.

Were those doujins? I thought they were just magazines.

Chika's armpits are cute.

You're cute, user.

vanilla yuri chin in hand kabedon doujins.

>Riko & stuck in wall doujin when

Something like this? That'd be pretty hot

>The raibus live in a society with a declining birthrate of men

Is it going to become like a reverse LISA then?

So I just woke up from a lewd dream where I got self inserted as Riko and was pinned to the wall by Chika. I think I need help

It's almost hard for me to decide, what is the cutest? Chika's armpits or Ruby. Those are the two things I have the most pictures of.

I had a dream last night where I was trying to grill beef using a handrail.

Does this tickle your fancy or are you strictly attracted to Chika's and Ruby's armpits?

This is cute

Sometimes I think of yoshiriko as sisters and not lovers. It could have been interesting to see their interactions.

chin-in-hand lewd

Wtf man

Why Yoshiko x Zura so popular?

YFW you realise Riko would actually buy something like this.

>not letting Riko get raped by Shiitake

Missed chance, 8/10 nonetheless

Serious question, how did LLSS become a kabedon fetish anime?

We've had 3 Kabedons, that's not even getting into Riko's obsession with walls.

Is there something Hanada isn't telling us?

whats next after loveliveSunshine s1 ends?

Can't read. Explain please.

I want to say people liked the dynamic of a fallen angel getting together with the angelic choir girl. They knew each other as kids and every moment they're seen next to each other gives the pairers more fodder. Their interactions are cute too. They were together for most of that one PV, they even pressed the faces on the window together.

the wall is a metaphor

BD singles, The Final Live on BD, N Girl 4koma, Aqours Christmas single.

I wonder if Aqours will cover SnoHare. Everyone loves that song.

Shipping popularity ranking via Pixiv wiki-page clicks:

Sunrise is sending a subliminal message to all the otaku to mate.

>Dat fallen angel x angel fly high together

wow, she looks like Maki now

No, that just You that wants a baby.

>Riko's obsession with walls.

Riko doesn't have obsession with walls. The doujin she brough is actually self-insert. She has obsession of being Kabedon by someone.


>Youchika still that high
Why does Sunrise still keep pushing ChikaRiko though?

Because it's cute.

No shit, Sherlock.

It just another meme, Just like Riko x Shitake.

They're the most popular characters and their interactions are super cute.

Since the season is almost ending.

I predict there will be a KanaMari and RubyMaru magnetic gay song.

gotta love their closeness.

But the cover art has characters directly fondling the wall itself. Throw out your preconceptions.

Very gentle


Is this Amanchu?

You guys are nice and all right.

Kanan's fangirl a cute!

So next week isn't going to be Love Live, is it? It seems like that would definitely be rushing it, but on the other hand, I don't know what else would make a satisfying season finale

Because the series is canceled, the final five minutes of the final episode will quickly summarize everything that would have happened to them in season two and the movie

She just wants to build a wall

“I’ve noticed it! Riko-san always look at Yohane Yohane will wish for Riko-san too️”

So Yoshiko calls Riko-san now? nice change


I wish Hanamaru-san was my mom.

I was actually thinking about how that's a possibility. Next week they perform at Love Live, realize they can't win or save their school, but at least they had fun together. One more ED and that's the end of Aqours. I might kill myself desu

I can see this cutie beating the 1st years in love live at first try if she try to become an idol

What did she mean by this?

I'm predicting they'll spend the episode advertising the school open campus, perform Step021, and maybe end it by concluding the consolidation plot.

Well, overall I like Sunshine's story more than OG's (yuri drama aside).
I don't like OG's story that much because Muse won love live and became popular (in under 1 year) without breaking a sweat.It just too magical for SoL series.

I bet if Kanan asked her to lick her pussy backstage after a show, she would do it.

Who the fuck wouldn't though, really

What are these two any good for?

Sunrise won't shit on it, right? RIGHT?


Not sure how Sunrise could shit on it when there's not much yuribait between those two in the first place, just casual banter that yurifags took a liking to

>not breaking a sweat
they dont have an audience at their first performance

also dia already said that it is only hard today because LL becomes a serious competion plus 10x more idol group than muse era

I agree and I'm a big yurifag. My biggest yuri-based complaint with the show is I don't like any Yoshiko ships

They could suddenly push YoshiRiko in S2 like they did with NicoMaki.

Them being cute together doesn't really erase Ruby's existence as Hanamaru's official pair

NicoMaki was in the PV, the OP, manga and ED

Here's the original, not sure what it means too.

When will you learn?

>they dont have an audience at their first performance
Yeah. That was the only failure they had in the entire series.

>LL becomes a serious competion plus 10x more idol group than muse era
Just remember Muse beat A-Rise (school idol group with big fanbase & good financial support) into a pulp in under 1 year.

What does a real school idol looks like in nipsland? I doubt reallife school idols never exist

I think pushing YoshiRiko would be counterproductive at this point since Yoshiko has a more popular ship now and Sunrise ships ChikaRiko too hard to break it up.

I'm guessing that Sunrise will either completely erase YoshiRiko or we'll get an S2 ep or a few moments in S2 where Riko and Yoshiko show and develop their new friendship.

Ruby is an alpha girl.

I forgot.

I feel like Yoshiko would make a good pair with anyone because of her personality. Maybe I'm just delusional cause my previous u's pairing was a couple of tsunderes.

>I'm guessing that Sunrise will either completely erase YoshiRiko

Yeah if they decide to commit so hard on ChikaRiko it would be the worst decision to go back on it, it was a dumb move by Sunrise they should've let the cast interact more

I wish I had that image collage of assertive ganbaruby

Did Yoshiko even show that she's a tsundere? she has multiple personalities, though.

It's good they dropped muh ED pairing YoYo.

She's not a tsundere but she likes to banter with Maru

>expecting YoYo for 11 episodes

I felt so dumb

I definitely could see her with anyone, I just don't. Second-years are all wrapped up with each other, Dia and Mari are more like meme team buddies, Maru is a comic foil to her antics. Not much interaction with Ruby and Kanan.


Yoshiko is also a foil to Hanamaru's antics

It's a shame because I really like senpai kouhai relationships.

>Riko and Yoshiko show and develop their new friendship
I'm sure there will be a sub-unit episode like mius. And the yoshirikofags will have a field day.

more like Gangbang Ruby

Sunrise is so keen on protecting their OTP they won't even let Riko talk to Yoshiko on the phone

I don't mind to see that, i'm not a fan of those two but it would be nice to see their interaction. I could imagine them as sisters 2bh

Ok, so who hasn't done the armpit pose

I still don't understand what were they thinking when they didn't give sleeveless uniforms for every year.

I feel you, but I think it's sort of hot that only the first years get them, and they have to serve their time with their shoulders and armpits exposed for the pleasure of their senpais

It's like they want 2nd and 3rd years to have really sweaty armpits.



Pretty fucking badly, it's looks only so why is Kanan 8th, and Riko 7th? I think you may have no idea what you are even doing.

Why isn't Rikyako doing a favorite spree for Riko's day on twitter like when people greeted on her own birthday? does she hate riko too

>does she hate riko too