Who is the bestest best girl in the history of best girls?

Who is the bestest best girl in the history of best girls?

Pic clearly related

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bato.to/search?artist_name=Yokota Takuma

Yo, Molester Man was a pretty good manga, I literally read it three days ago and was pretty solid, MC was great and Kansai was top tier.

Did you checked Onani Master Kurosawa? It's from the same artist, I don't want to exaggerate but personally this manga has to be one of the best ones that I ever read in my life.

The artist do any other manga?

YOKO isn't exactly a distinctive name.


>manga when


See here: bato.to/search?artist_name=Yokota Takuma


thanks mate


The platonic ideal of best girls. All other best girls are but a mere shadow of her truth.

the only reason why Kansai is best girl of all bests is because she is literally real

>Cred Forums's favorite best girl actually exists irl
Explain this, Cred Forums.

She later cheated on Molester-kun and they broke up.

Not joking.

Anyone have Toothbrush bro?


He also watched them fuck and then licked the other guy's cum off her feet.

>the manga name is Molester Man
>the molester theme is dropped after a few chapters
>The supposed main girl that was stalked becomes secondary pretty early
It was a good manga, but at first I thought that it was going to be a story about how he searched for the stalker, though.

>wants to Princess Carry her love interest
>Plays the male mc in plays
>short hair
>flat chest
Find a flaw
Protip:you can't.

There's even a pic of Molester and Kansai irl? The story kinda feels less convincing than Train Man.
Maybe he made up all the dramatic bits and it was actually a pretty simple thing?


Where did you find this picture of me?

Neat, I can find/stalk Ziploc-kun posting whenever I see his image names.


>a slut
>best girl