When did you all fall in love with Sonia?

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When I met her daughter

Don't forget to pray for our boy Juzo today.

Sonia is superior to Chiaki so this thread it is then.

Class 77 will appear tomorrow right?

fuck it im posting this same shit in both threads cause i dont know which one to fucking pick

I hate how i cant accept kirigiri being dead until the next episode confirms wether that bottle was to cure the sleeping, the ng poison, or just a red herring altogether.

Like its not that i cant accept shes dead, its the fact that just the right amount of ambiguity is there to keep thoughts in the back of my mind. I think it might also have to do with how kodaka said he wouldnt kill any survivors in the past cause he hates that in fiction.

its less that i want her alive (im conflicted about that actually) but more i just want a legit definitive answer that is seeing it first hand in the show.

When she started showing interest in Gundham. It reminded me of Stéphanie de Monaco who fell in love with a circus performer.
And also because she's a serial killer otaku.

Just finished watching all 20 episodes today. I am genuinely surprised this series isn't as awful as the first danganronpa. It's actually quite fucking good.
Anyway though.
Chiaki's death a sad. That is all.

Okay that's not all. Mikan is a weak willed slut. Bitch pretty much fucked everything up.
Remove Mikan forever.

I was always neutral to her, but after DRAE I started to think more about the SDR2 cast and she stood out to me as top tier.

Danganronpa was a mistake

Imagine if the roles were reversed and chiaki received a quick, relatively painless poisoning death while Kirigiri had to suffer 10 minutes of slow physical and mental torture.

What of it?

I doubt poisoning would be enough to send class 77 into Despair, but I would enjoy seeing Kirigiri suffer.

Despair is a bit of a trainwreck in places but Future is shaping up to be really good.

Im still enjoying it.


When she started talking. I liked her voice. Never played any Daganronpa with english dub by the way so I'm obviously talking about japanese VA.

Juzoboy here, i wouldn't let the voice actress comment get to you, i was saying this in the other thread but people were getting too high on emotions to listen but the actresses will always stay consistent with what the current episode wants you to believe red herring or not, At the moment juzo and kirigiri are about as alive or dead as they were before this.

I realize im not helping with the ambiguity you are complaining about though. I just really want to stress the voice actor thing means nothing especially since ogata has lied before. And before people say she hasnt, keep in mind the fact that she said juzo was dead means she is either lying about juzo or kirigiri (keep in mind ep 9 show she did say kirigiri was dead)

i think we are all just getting our hopes up too much, at the moment lets assume both are dead and whoever the "losing side" is lets not act like immature little fanbois like some people did last thread.


>Chisa gets debrainwashed by Munakata's love, revealed that Chiaki was saved by SHSL God but wakes up from a coma at the same time the other 77 comas wake up with their brains free of brainwashing.
>The entirety of class 77 plus Hajime, murderers of millions, get off scot free and can shape their future.
>All class 78 deaths are forever "it's an actual death" death.


These threads made me fall in love with her.
I was only interested in Akane beforehand.

Umm, excuse me, why is this slut so shameless?

I'm confused, why is there a leg popping out of Juzo's chest?


The way Juzoboys talk to one another is so cute. It makes me smile.

When she proved how far she is willing to protect her purity.

Every week we say that and every week it's disappointment.

She's not a virgin though

What would Naegi think if he saw his little sister being so inappropriately lewd?

But she's not a virgin.

She's lying for both, brother. Believe it. All waifus will come back to life. All of them.

>had no problems wearing a school swimsuit in the prologue

Thought she was the muderer honestly.

The dead FF leaders too. Dead for real.

Chihirio still lives on through alter ego

You now realize that she hasn't changed her underwear in months.

I wish we could've seen Gundham go through the Final Dead Room

LAST CALL for bullshit theories

>RoD are not despair. FF is despair but mindhacked to think RoD are. RoD are trying to save everyone from the FF

Surely there are washing machines or clothing stores in Towa City somewhere?

>ywn hold Komaru's stinky panties to your face and take a huff

The killing game is taking place in the boat.

Do not believe such propaganda. Sonia is pure. PURE.


Boy Seiko a cute!! A cute!!
Even though Juzo is gay and I love it, I liked thinking about him and Seiko as an odd couple. They would have been really adorable and the few fanarts there were made me smile.

Our boy is so lewd sometimes.

I was 100% certain she was the traitor.

Her being a big fan of serial killers and being from a made up country made her really suspicious. Not to mention the previous mastermind was also a bigtittied aryan.

Wh0o knows. Just enjoy the man's crushing guilt.

Naegi has Junko inside his mind and she will be activated next episode

>It was all a dream
>I used to read Word Up magazine
>Junko is actulally a well ajusted individual
>Everyone lives

You know what to do already, Hopesquad.

Why was komaeda in the reserve course?

Wasnt he shsl luck?

Sonia is the worst DR2 girl. She's not a bad character but everyone else is so much better.


>Punched Naegi so hard Rihanna playing sticks and stones
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag and makes niggers drop faster than the Detroit police department
>Went one on one with the Gozuboys
>Rekt Hinata so hard he turn Izuru
>100% accuracy rate in Olympic chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was just to flex his muscles and check dat ass
>Went full ham on the old man and crew just to get his kick quota fulfilled
>Roundhousekicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet
>Too busy punching manlets, so some mentally deranged kid blows up half the school
>Great try, but no normalfags died
Fucking reeeeeeeeeee
>Tried to kill the donut but jobbed again
>Survived 2 missile barrages by some random ass cripple in a wheelchair
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, declaring himself to be best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his friends no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Seduced by Ruruka's sweets, but who gives a shit, our boy definitely doesn't. Fuck candy and fuck that whore, time to get her killed via NG
>Kicks the riot down with the power of flaming fists and thousands of normies
>Crawling to safety as we speak! :v(
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece



PS:Normalfriends and Chiakifriends need not apply to based Juzo

But I didn't, brother.

Why is is collar so fluffy?

Well at least if class 77 ever wakes up they'll never be able to leave Jabberwock all because of something they had no control over due to mind control.

Mukuro is the CUTEST

Sure do


i'm going to have the time of my life rewatching dr3 if i get shots like these

>I hate how i cant accept kirigiri being dead until the next episode confirms wether that bottle was to cure the sleeping, the ng poison, or just a red herring altogether.

What bottle?

Damn what I wouldn't give for my head to be between those thighs.
Really does look like he wears his belt under his shirt. Munakata's gonna find his dead body and see the belt and get emotional because how could he have been despair when he still carried his hope after all this time? ;__; Screenshot this.

Is "the entire anime is made by Mitarai to cure despair" still a bullshit theory? Because nobody mentioned it in awhile.

Fuck off secondary.

>Why was komaeda in the reserve course?
He wasn't. What the fuck are you talking about?

This a bit too perfect but, she okay.

Who was your favorite DR2 character then, Juzoboy?




>Damn what I wouldn't give for my head to be between those thighs.

that is extremely lewd there are children on this board

Who are the top 3 worst girls of the overall series?

>Better than Sonia

Every time they say "brother" I read it in Hulk Hogan's voice and it improves the quality of these threads for me significantly.


Hopeman is so last season.
Juzo is the new hotness.

Have a very shocked Juzo

Make me

I want to bury my face deep in her armpit and take a deep breath of her scent.

Akane,Ruruka and Junko


Peko, Chihiro and Akane easily

>Voice actors spoiling the next episode of their show right before it airs
WHY is this allowed?

Reminder to all Chiakifriends, Kirigiribros, and Chisapals that this will have a happy ending!

Akane, Toko and Mikan from worst to not so worst. Hibuki is followong Mikan really close.


Akane, Ruruka, and Junko
wait, fuck

Hiyoko, Ruruka, and Karen


It's not, you're just retards who believe it is.

>Favourite characters are Gundham and Sonia
>Had to deal with Gundham's death
>Chapter 5 Sonia starts acting weird and leaves by herself to the military base
I don't think I ever felt so worried about a character like this before


Akane,Junko and celeste.


Watch this for more hope


Regardless of who wins or loses, lets just comfort the losing side as we all know full well how they will feel.

juzo boys and kirigirifags have a mutual bond.

Take that back

Well, what is it?

Akane, Ruruka, Kumaru

Overall, I enjoyed the whole cast, brother. Komaeda was probably my favorite one. But just to be clear: I like Sonia, I have absolutely nothing against her!

If you're asking about the girls exclusively: either A.I Chiaki or Mahiru. I am a sucker for short hair.


Mikanfriends report in!

Are any of you hoping to see our girl with the remnants in future arc? I'm not entirely optimistic but I have hope!

what user said here is why, they just say whatever the current episode wants you to believe whilst possibly dropping ambiguous hints.

While everyone was freaking out about kirigiri being confirmed dead only a couple of observant anons pointed out that ogata was at a loss for words to describe kirigrii still having more lines and giri's VA had to more or less damage control her out by saying flashback, we all have brain farts but come on an actress isnt going to forget that a flashback is a thing.

I hate the stupid fucking Cheshire cat grin they gave her

That picture reminds me of this for some reason.


Let me rephrase, why was he hanging out with the other reserve course shitters if he was shsl


Would you let Hopeman fuck you if he asked you?

It's for the sake of hope, of course.

I know at this point however DR3 ends I'm going to be mad or at least disappointed, but these threads have made the ride worth it. I'll miss the juzoboys when this is all over, and I don't even like Juzo as a character.

This Karen.

#3 Toko, pre despair girls
#2 Akane
#1 Mikan

>why was he hanging out with the other reserve course shitters if he was shsl
But...he wasn't

When did Komaeda ever hang out with normies? You might want to go to the hospital user.

Maybe the Remnants will appear in the same way the Warriors of Hope did. In the background without speaking, just enough to show that they are okay.

Reporting! I hope so too but,I'm not so sure.

>All this Akane hate
What's wrong with her?


you must post rare hajimes to continue

>why was he hanging out with the other reserve course shitters if he was shsl

I-I'd do anything for the sake of hope really

What do they do in DRT?

here's the artist twitter.com/himduldago/media

>Spoilers real

>Spoilers fake
>Bigger shitstorm
Isn't the choice obvious?

Does this look like the face of a man who would associate with normalfag scum

Who? Do you mean
Tsumiki "Swiss Cheesaki" Mikan
Tsumiki "Gamer Girl Grater" Mikan
Tsumiki "Every Drop Counts, Give Blood Today" Mikan
Tsumiki "Chiaki's Dead, I'm Giving Hinata Head" Mikan
Tsumiki "I Hope You Like Really Big Needles, Chiaki" Mikan
Tsumiki "Kill the Gamer, Win the Game" Mikan
Tsumiki "Kill his hope with despair to get his hope into your despair" Mikan
Tsumiki "Chiaki Got Penetrated, Hajime Penetrates Me" Mikan
Tsumiki "Overwriting Chiaki's save file" Mikan
Tsumiki "Chiaki got Bored and I Scored" Mikan
Tsumiki "While Nanami naps, I empty his sack" Mikan
Tsumiki "Dungeon Master" Mikan
Tsumiki "Taking your extra man to make him her man" Mikan
Tsumiki "Game over for you, New Start for her" Mikan
Tsumiki "Cheating Chiaki for Hitting that Hinata" Mikan
Tsumiki "Healing your man's heart while you bleed out of yours" Mikan
Tsumiki "Keeping him warm while you go cold" Mikan
Tsumiki "Your hope is defiled so she could bear his child" Mikan
Tsumiki "Stealing Chiaki's levels in love" Mikan
Tsumiki "Capture the Flags" Mikan
Tsumiki "Tripping onto Hajime while Chiaki trips on traps" Mikan
Tsumiki "Giving your man life while you face death" Mikan
Tsumiki "Pierce you with despair while he Pierces her with hope" Mikan
Tsumiki "Leveling up" Mikan
Tsumiki "No Revives for you" Mikan
Tsumiki "Hajime's new white mage" Mikan
Tsumiki "New #1 in being your man's new Player 2" Mikan
Tsumiki "Hijacking Hajime" Mikan
Tsumiki "Plays doctor with your man while you play video games all day" Mikan
Tsumiki "Make Chiaki despair to get into Hinata's underwear" Mikan

Hopeman's voice is so fucking good. I wish they would make something like a Hoperadio, or just imagine him narrating a sports game.

She's literally just Aoi but dumber and without her character development.

I had a convincing Sonia culprit theory for every chapter except 4. I just kept waiting for her to do culprit things, but it never happened. Maybe I would have enjoyed her more if I didn't spend the whole game being suspicious of her.

Killing normies and doing shit.
Normal things of RoD.

Even Nidai got sick of her shit

Subarashii yo!

I want to suck this man's dick

Damn right I do

She had a chance for good character maturing in Ch4, but rubberbanded straight back to food and "violence first, questions later"

Boring. Since they scrapped her being a rival she has no actual character.
Aoi is essentially her but better and more attractive.

Its Monokuma's face and she has had it since 1

Thanks, though I know. I follow them.

Reminder to vote in this extremely important poll!

No development
Useless and stupid the whole game
Still survives for some reason

You're so tame user. I wish they would make a yaoi drama CD.

Gunning for a piece is still my favourite line in the whole dub.

Even better since it was lie. Do you think they told his english va ahead of time?

i hate mikan so fucking much

She is Aoi but without everything good about Aoi and everything bad about Aoi x 2

But I'm a newfag and I only have common's to semi-rares

No you don't.

Got Nidai killed then immediately tried to get him killed again. Instead of becoming a better character out of it she immediately reverts back to being a braindead comic relief. This is even referenced ingame when she fails to understand what Fuyuhiko was trying to tell her. She's literally a throwaway character who got a survival spot that pretty much any of the other characters deserved more than her.

What we're trying to say is, fuck OFF secondary.

Good for you, user

Get in line and wait your turn.

I wonder if they;ll remember the sim.

Juzo is for cuddling and holding hands only

Same here.

I wish to bully her to the point she suicides

Woah woah woah, why does everyone hate Akane? Did I miss something here?

I got you, senpai


>Class 78, the "idols of hope"
>People with all more or less decent upbringings (with the possible exception of Kiyotaka) who are pretty much all self-serving sociopaths and probably would have become UD if not for Naegi holding them together

>Class 77, the Remnants of Despair who helped destroy the world
>Absolutely shitty upbringings but pretty much all optimistic and trusting of each other

Where did we go so wrong?

It's the same VA as Space Dandy, my friend! I doubt they had to tell him ahead as he usually is a VA that knows how to bring along some good lines!

Reporting in! I wouldn't get your hopes up but who knows? She's gotten a lot of screentime so far.

>Thread is 90% actual faggots lusting over either komaeda or the bara fuccboi
>Only 10% actually care about all of the cute as fuck girls this series has spawned.

What the fuck is wrong with you degenerates?


What about petting?

The Akane Hate exist since DR2 was released, Even Nips hate her. She is the second least most popular character in DR2.

>Kirigiri comes back
>She becomes mute from the poison
>Only lines are flashbacks, leading the VA to believe she's dead
It wouldn't be the stupidest thing Kodaka would pull, admit it.

Did you miss the 5+ replies in this thread explaining exactly why?

You now remember that one time hopeman abused his overpowered luck to find the traitor, hahaha! the madman!


What do you mean, brother? My love for Juzo (and Hopeman) is totally straight.

She's just a boring one note character and it makes it especially bad because she took a survivor slot too.

Do you think Munakata will finally give Juzo the dick he desires if he lives?

clearly did since someone asked and it was explained

I guess you weren't here for the 100 previous threads or so

meh, aside from Sonia maybe being a rape victim and Nidai/Nagito being diseased, they dont have anything too atrocious.

Hiyoko's family just bullied her and teruteru has typical poorfag sick mom shit.

Yeah, I see why now. I didn't go through the whole thread yet when I asked.

Have some Akane, anyways.

What the fuck is it with Kohacku always making it a point to talk about how bad someone smells.

He must have a smell fetish or something

I'd pet him if you know what I mean.

>a single zukyuuu and he's breathless already
H-how pure.

>Hating Hopeman

I want the stepping stones to leave.

>Kazuichi in a tub with a cute girl
>Takes it for granted

You're forgetting Akane and Mikan. And no, I'm not a mikanfag.

No way. He wants to get as down and dirty with Munakata as I do with him.



Being in a tub with those three would be awful. Individually it could be fun but not all of them at once.

oh and Mikan is a big bully victim.

Mikan, Nidai, Nagito have the shittiest backstories. Sonia probably has seen fucked up shit but has gotten out of it fine. The rest have pretty small in comparison, like dead parents or they are poor. I'm not saying those are nothing, they just dont seem too atrocious.

I wonder if he'd let one of us suck his dick while he stares at his pictures of Munakata.

I don't hate him. I just don't want to fuck him.
I want to fuck the plethora of cute girls instead.

Where's the "I expected as much so I wouldn't feel much about it" option?

I'm a girl.

I'm always curious how they would've written her as the anti-hero/rival that Nagito is now since her backstory was the only thing that seemed to be consistent and wasn't changed.

Hopefully there's a female rival as well in DR3

H O P E' S P E A K

Who's going to be best boy in V3 and why is it going to be pic related?

He'd better. He needs to make it up to our boy.

tumblr please stop drawing

That's fine, just don't bully those who do.
Here's a worst girl.

>trusting of each other
>class has hopeman in it

I don't hate her, but is it true that the character could have been a lot better, initially she was going to be the antagonist for Hajime, that would have been cool, sadly not only that did not happen but make her not unlikeable but a very flat character

But she still is hot as fuck

What's that?

Just to be devil's advocate for class 78, they were trapped in a dark school building not knowing if it was day or night while class 77 got a nice island resort.

Junko's entire character makes it so Kodaka can change whatever she says it's truth

I'll just post this as an answer.

I sure hope Nanami fans don't expect her to be alive.
No asspull will save her. Absolutely none. They even have it so that her death fits in with the creation of Chiaki AI in DR2.

Kirigiririri on the other hand COULD be alive. There's numerous ways they could pull that shit off without it seeming like too much of an asspull.

Just sayin'
Wouldn't want you guys to get your hopes up for nothing.

On another note, why is Mikan a fucking slayer of waifu's? This is bullshit.

>with the possible exception of Kiyotaka
Mondo's wasn't all that great either, to be honest.
>has deadbeat parents who didn't care about their kids and was raised by his older brother instead
>He essentially had to live on the streets and be exposed to the gang lifestyle at a young age, which is why he gets so angry and quick to fight
>He had a cool ass dog that died and still misses him
>Was ridiculed and talked behind his back from his gang because they thought he wasn't good enough to lead after Daiya, and it's was got him to accidentally kill his brother
>Has to man up and makes sure he keeps his brother's gang together. Other rival gangs always go after the leader first so his life was constantly in danger. Eventually came to ta point where he lead a large majority of all gangs under him

He mentions he has a couple of friends, but the only person who he was able to reveal his softer side to and still accepted him was Ishimaru. They were able to get along because they both realized how much they had to work to get to their positions.

That would be fucking insane if it happened. In a good way.

>They even have it so that her death fits in with the creation of Chiaki AI in DR2
But how was she created.

And Chiaki said that stuff not being able to do anything or save anyone. The complete opposite of AI Chiaki.

I don't think Kirigiri or Chihiro had the greatest upbringings.

It's an onomatopeia that's usually there when characters kiss (pic related) or fall in love According to reddit "it implies that tightening in the chest due to excitement or some similar feeling".

>Studio execs receive word that the ending they were informed about is not actually what Kodaka wrote, which is instead an ending so disappointing that the Tragedy itself will be caused if it airs.
>It's too late to stop the animators or the VAs, the final episode is finished and being broadcast in two hours
>Race against time to stop the despair-inducing anime from airing, as a private truck owned by Kodaka is already enroute
>Yakuza under exec employ storm Kodaka's beach house, but he kills himself via NG poison embedded in his wristwatch before he can be tortured into revealing which truck it is
>An improvised explosive device fails to destroy the broadcast tower and it airs worldwide
>World falls into chaos as the episode plays

>Dr. Strangehope or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Despair

>Class 78
All their own people

>Class 77
Complete hivemind.

Chisa sensei is still alive.
We're getting a Junko pulled on us.

She also begged to live. For relatively selfish reasons, because she wanted to spend time with her classmates and Hajime. She didn't talk about saving them, she talked about all the things she wanted to do.
She'll be alive in some form, even if Izuru could only save her brain and not so much of her body.

Im coming around on Monokumas new voice

I imagine Juzo going to a gay bar to hook up and let out some frustration, only to leave in disgust because none of the men there compare to his muhkanata

If I had to choose. I'd rather Chiaki be alive over Kirigiri.

Kirigiri died heroically with no regrets. Chiaki died in the most pitiful way.


I still miss obaa-chan tho

That probably happened numerous times.

Chisa is dead. Junko is alive.

Did you guys like Phantom Pain's major twist? Well you're going to live through it again.

>She also begged to live. For relatively selfish reasons
That's perfectly fine. That's what makes her a human and not an AI.


Awwww. Thanks, user.

I bet her room smells like gunpowder and CLP.

And that's why she's bae.

I mostly like her because I'm a dragonballfag and I liked spotting all of references she tossed out to the series.

>Mitarai actually helped for all of the killing games
>Naegi blows off his limbs one by one with Izayoi's gun

How old do you have to be to go to bars in Nipland?
I ask because in DR3 he's only supposed to be around 18/19. So the tragedy happens when he's 20? Our poor boy didn't even get to enjoy his youth before despair ruined the world.


I am much more of a Chiaki fan than a Kirigiri one, and while I would like for nothing more than Chiaki to be alive, I just cannot see it happening. She got skewered.

So basically you're disapointed she's not waifujesus anymore because of her showing too much humanity.
Sasuke Chiakifags.

I should say in Zetsubou side of DR3 he's only 18/19.

I want to marry Sonia!

Juzo is so sad, i wish the man could catch a damn break

21. Does it matter though? I doubt anyone would dare ask Juzo for his ID.

That's what you get for being gay

That's why I hope Izuru saved her stupid ass. The flowers arent a great sign but if she has a real body in a coma to represent her AI's death in DR2 like how all the other deaths have an IRL coma, that's my only hope. It doesnt look good of course. She's probably dead.

>no Hopeman
Your poll a shit. A SHIT

Tell me about it

she had quite a secret

Pretty easy to sneak in. Just don't sneak in alcohol, they flip over that shit

light blonde in the game
yellower blonde in the anime

>Karen Kisagi
>mature moms

When did I say I was upset? I just said they were selfish, not that she was wrong for being selfish. Selfish compared to her SDR2 version.

The point I was making was, in SDR2 she died satisfied but as a real person in-universe she did not. Considering how fiction and stories go, this can't be the final chapter of the book that is her narrative. Especially given how much importance has been placed on her character. She's a collage of her classmates in the ED for god's sake.

And to add, I really blame Junko telling Chiaki that she wont be getting a miracle for getting my hopes up.

>Kirigiri dead
I've accepted it.

I'm pretty sure he's like 22/23 in future side

Time to decide this.
Who is the mastermind?
and who is the attacker?

Who will die this week?

hahaha silly user

might as well draw a big fucking circle from the 2nd row down

Mastermind: Chisa
Attacker: Mitarai

Chisa is the mastermind, the "attacker" is Ryota but all he's doing is pushing the play button on the Despair video like his NG code is forcing him to do.

How do you think Juzo felt the first time he killed for Munakata?

at least one nanamifag isnt delusional as fuck

Mastermind: Chisa
Attacker: 16th-kun

>the first time
user knows something we don't.

He was probably confused. That's all I can think. In that moment really fucking confused.

Chisa was the original mastermind but her plans got foiled and the game was hijacked by someone else.
That someone else can only be Tengan, Ryota or Juzo

My theory is that Tengan used the game as a way to turn Ryota into the new ultimate hope

>survivor count: 7

DR2 is the happy ending for Chiaki.

...Except, of course, for the times where she isn't. Maybe, just maybe, this is another one of those times.

20 is the drinking age


For AI Chiaki. Not real Chiaki. They arent the same.

what did he mean by this?

Endings Kodaka could write that would subvert the most expectations possible?

Will we ever know why imposter-kun was impersonating Togami?

A miracle will certainly not occur!

It's fucking obvious who the mastermind is

You know why

>A.I Chiaki or Mahiru
I already had a good deal of respect for you Juzobro, but it has now reached another level.


Because you're despair and I bet you took the pictures of Chisa when she killed those kids.

I want to know how Munakata got the pictures and if Juzo is dead will he see the pictures Junko blackmailed him with? Will their secrets come out after dying?

despair made Juzo gay
Juzo must die


canon homo end

I think his second expression in nails it.

literally most boring, worst girl. She only became worse after ignoring Broda's advances to instead ride Gundham(Worst guy)'s small chunni dick

Naegi is the conduit of Junko, and comes out of the killing game alone.
Everyone on Jabberwock is purged by FF.
Monaca nukes from orbit.

Oh man, I would be so fucking ecstatic if Naegi just slugged Junko.

Or everyone dies.

>Even if Kirigiri were despair and I had to kill her to save everyone, I would still be glad to have met her!
So, is this going to tie into Chisa being alive and Munakata having to kill her or is KiriJunko going to be played straight?

But both Ishimaru and Mondo are dead.

She managed to save everybody,even if it was a AI.
For me,it is.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but did I spy that neurologist guy from Danganronpa Zero somewhere in one of the episodes earlier on?

I wont believe my girl is dead till the episode airs, stay strong bros of both juzo and kirigiri, all is not lost until the fate lady sings.

>series ends with old man naegi visiting Kirigiri's grave and CQCing with Junko.
>what they thought was junko's body was just junko using mukuro's corpse for the millionth time

Don't say bad things about my mom

I just will never ever see the AI and Real Chiaki as the same thing. They are too different.

Pic related is the most tragic character in the series.
Prove me wrong.

What about your other mom? Can we say bad things about her?

I'm assuming she's dead until proven otherwise. I have nowhere to go but hope, and you have nowhere to go but despair.


>less than 12 hours

This is always the most unnerving part
Hard to believe it all ends next week

Come on Kodaka!
Give me those tasty twists!

It's probably Human Chiaki. Considering she was only ever created to be fed to Junko's slaughterhouse.


You better fuck off.
or i kill you

This shot was pure Kino. It was great how they emulated the game's style.

His name is Matsuda, secondary, and yes. He was overlooking the riots from the reserve course.

You should have also see the SHSL Spy cameo in an earlier episode.

Probably. But then class 77 barges in and stops that shit and love and crap.

>episode will finish on a cliffhanger


So what will the pixel versions of v3's cast look like?

thats fair brother, and probably smarter, i keep telling myself thats the best way to handle it but i think ive accepted that i just want her alive and that helps me cope.

I'm not delusional, things arent looking very bright for her chances but ill still hold onto hope especially since kodaka has specifically said he hates it when sequels kill off surviving characters, not just that he wouldnt do it, but that he specifically dislikes it.

Literally zero lines in the entire show and the only scene with her is having her head twisted backwards.

When is somebody going to make a game execution of Chiaki's gauntlet?


I am now 4 days without fapping because of what happened.

well despair ends next week, we still got 2 more weeks overall with the final despair possibly being an epilogue or something

Surprisingly this minigame was pretty fun
School/Island/Prison mode felt so comfy

I know, but just don't expect Chiaki to come back for the Junko "no miracles happens"-think
I'm pretty sure that is it just a Call Forward to SDR2

Both the copypasta Juzobros have good taste. They both like Mahiru, Chiaki and Mukuro.

So as far as we know, the episode's gonna be out on time right?

His animal self insert was bullied and killed in the entire of DR2.

I find it funny that people gave up on kirigiri today just cause the VA said she died, yet completely ignore that ogata almost spilled the beans that kirigiri has more lines and they had to awkwardly say flashback. like she could totally still be dead but knowing ogata has a seriously massive issue of spoiling shit i find that really suspicious.

I'll accept giri is dead after tomorrow if they make absolutely no mention of the bottle, personally i hope the bottle was meant to cure the sleeping pills and we see her die next to naegi in a flashback after she solved the mystery.


Did I really miss such an obvious clue?

Yeah, I pretend she's Usami.


>"W-why aren't my arguments working against him!?"

Magnetic rebuttals, Kaede! Nature's rebuttals!

>I'll accept giri is dead after tomorrow
Why tomorrow? There are two episodes left.

In Ep 9 after everybody rushes to Kirigiri there's a split second, blink and you miss it shot of a bottle rolling across the ground. The color and style matches the "Cure W" medicine Seiko was clutching right before her death. The popular theory is that she took the medicine, either to stay awake during the attacker phase and find out who the traitor was before dying, or counteracted the NG poison and is faking death to fool the traitor/mastermind.

Oh shit, you eagle eyed fuckers.
Actually makes a fair bit of sense too, considering she did examine Seiko's corpse.
Well, I'm already a believer.

no one expects the GREAT GOZU

Basically i think its gonna be too late to reveal her being alive in the final episode, like it needs to be the stinger at the end of the next episode at the latest. it very well could be the final episode she comes back but im personally accepting shes dead entirely after tomorrow.

like i dont know about you guys, but im fully expecting this to have a hopeful ending where it shows the surviving characters living happily ever after as much as you an in a fucked up world like this one.

>I'll accept giri is dead after tomorrow if they make absolutely no mention of the bottle

Don't give up until the last episode mate. It could happen last episode. We're gonna make it.

sleep tight chiakers

Will she write in her book that she's alive? How can they confirm outside of Hajime analyzing her body?

Yep, that is definitely within the realm of possibility and I can totally see it being the case.

I'm that user saying i was gonna believe that you replied to, let me be a total hypocrite and just lower your expectations, kirigiri's actor did say she was dead so its very possible this shit was a red herring or it only meant she found a cure to the sleeping stuff.

I guess i should say i 90% believe shes dead, but im hopeful for that other 10% thanks to the ambiguity of it all.

Did you never do Akane's FTEs? She had it the worst, except for arguably Nagito. It just seems like no big deal because of her personality being so upbeat.

caus he qt

I probably skipped them to get her panties. Something about getting poor and being felt up?

>last episode
>after credits
>"Naegi-san! About Kirigiri's body... we couldn't find"
>Naegi's eyes widen
>cuts to black

How mad would you guys be?

The book MIGHT say shes alive, but i doubt it, i believe shes genuinly trying to fool everyone to thinking shes dead (hence why even the viewer is kept in the dark) so i think when they reveal her being alive its going to literally be her saving naegi's ass, personally in my own headcannon im picturing it being a parrallel to the opening where naegi is reaching for kirigiri as shes falling but it will be reversed and naegi will fall down something only to be caught by kirigiri (possibly another parallel to koichi)

And oooo boy let me tell you, i am NOT looking foreword to thinking back to this comment if the episode confirms shes dead as fuck tomorrow.

Sorry but he can't be when these two exist

The clean bar drops way too fucking fast despite how many people I have cleaning.

id laugh hysterically because it'd make no sense for her to be alive if she wasnt gonna reunite with naegi eventually.

Hat boy is either dead by case 2 or is the Kirigiri/Chiaki of the game.

She pretty much had to raise her siblings in what sounded like the equivalent of the Brazilian slums.

Well it's not that her personality is upbeat, it's that she's dumb as rocks.

She didn't realize she was being taken advantage of, and she's lucky one of the old perverts told her that she could make money through gymnastics.

I think it was probably the former and not the latter.

For most of these cases of people coming back to life it would completely ruin the whole point of them dying, so I personally consider there to be almost zero chance Kirigiri or Chiaki are alive as they both died for certain reasons.

I just went back to that episode, and you can even see her looking in her hand before that scene, so we should be able to say, with some confidence, that the bottle will at least be somewhat significant. Whether it will stop the poison and keep her alive, I can't say for certain.

I know this shits probably already been found and discussed in depth but considering I've only just found out its pretty exciting stuff to me.

Juzo probably did die thinking the love of his life was a homophobe who thought he was disgusting. That's the saddest part.

And then the message "Please buy New Danganronpa V3: Minna no Koroshiai Shingakki to see the continuation of the story"

I cant find Hikasa Yoko's statements too conclusive. Not with how hesitant Ogata is there.

You could argue her being a dumbass is having to forgo an education to make money for her siblings. And with that much responsibly in a dangerous environment, it wouldn't be best for her to start more trouble with her mother's boyfriends.

I want tumblr to leave.

Keep in mind that unless Togami and Hagakure have both entered the game (which is a possibility), one of the spoilers we have been given is false.

Hagakure didn't count from the start. If he and Togami both entered the counter would be 7.

>Togami and Hagakure have both entered the game
I would be so fucking mad. What would the point be?

believe me you dodged so much shit that you didnt want to be part of with this speculation, these threads have been excellent till around that point and everyone just starts calling you delusional for either side of the argument you were for.

I've been called delusional for saying i think shes dead pretty confidently as well as expressing that i think her living is a legit chance. The argument has more or less been held together by taking VA comments horribly out of context. The only good thing to note about this is 70% of juzoboys are understanding bros who gave their condolences for kirigirifags, unfortunately when the Va said kirigiri was dead a small but noticeable portion of them were gloating

again i was pretty convinced kirigiri was kill until those comments unlike most people. Like the way ogata got really awkward talking about yoko's later lines just felt like she was on the verge of saying too much and yoko came in to damage control. Ogata is adorkable and she keeps spoiling shit cause of her genuine excitement and appreciation of this series.

>Holds a grudge over some girl who helps her out whenever she asks for something purely because she can't eat some sweets she made that would LITERALLY kill her if she did
>Kills someone that very clearly would never ever betray her, the same person who has stuck with her and protected her for all of her life, and her only protector in this killing game situation

She's either riddled with despair and is the mastermind, or she's a dumb as fuck retard who deserved to die.

No exceptions, it's one of those two or nothing.

>a small but noticeable portion of them were gloating
That wasn't Juzoboys, that was the memeing shitposters who go on the offensive no matter what. They were probably the same ones talking shit when Asahina "died".

>Kyoko confirmed dead
>Juzo confirmed dead.
>Gekko got sliced in half.
Our girl is alive! ALIVE!
No but seriously, how fucking mad would you be if she somehow survived while those two stayed dead?

The whole reason she says "Whatever happens" to Naegi is because she gambled whether or not the cure's gonna work.


This is one of the many reasons that speculation is a bit pointless cause its not as simple as yes or no to kirigiri's fate, theres so much ambiguity in the survivor count and the bottle and all this other shit alongside weedman and togami's involvement. We dont even know if miayabot is counted.

also i will just warn, there were 2 autists that ruined a previous thread with this hagakure not counting argument, it was literally the same posts back and forth for 20 minutes of
>This leaker said hagakure doesnt count
>nuh uh kodaka said he did just that hes outside
>no you fucking retard this girl on tumblr said he doesnt count
>your the fucking retard kodaka said he counts just that hes outside
and just repeat those almost verbatim for 20 minutes. it was awful.

>Kirigiri-san, you didn't know if the cure was going to work, but you took it anyway? Why?
>something something i guess you could say i HOPEd it would work ;)

Nah im a juzoboy too i just like giri more ( can be both damn it juzo is the best DR3 character), i can tell the difference between shitoposters, some of them genuinly got caught up in the moment and acted like assholes and got scolded by some of our more respectable brothers.

Us juzoboys do not disrespect others.

The counter had to count Miayabot. I'd be pissed if it didnt.

Yeah, I find it strange how the count being pretty much an anomaly is being explained away by Cred Forums as "Kodaka's probably pulling a DR1 and having a hidden 16th participant" when that's pretty much exactly what he'd want you to think.

Thinking about it, the way people are treating the survivor count as an almighty objective plot device, when in reality that would be the FIRST thing you would fuck with to subvert the audience's expectations. I'm surprised it hasn't popped up as "???" yet.

i think the reason i believe it did, is cause its way too roundabout to do, like theres literally no way to confirm this unless monobear quite literally has a section where he explains she didnt count and then explain who was there in her place. It makes things even more confusing cause that makes 2 mysterious slots on the survivor count.

again theres so much ambiguity its genuinly hard to tell where this is going with the most certainty.

>Oh Kyouko-chan! Hahaha!

What is all this about kirigiri's VA saying giri is dead for real? Is this actually true?

I want to hatefuck ruruka



Oh it does, these threads just got influxed with alot of really obnoxious shitposters that are convinced they are solving kodaka's wild ride then making wrong as hell predictions at every turn. If anything these threads have convinced me this series actually does a great job at making people buy red herrings based off expectations cause we are seeing massive amounts of people go to the first possibility that seems logical then when its proven wrong they just ignore it and pretend they knew all along

like most people still think chisa is the mastermind when if anything thats been shot down pretty hard by revealing her despair brainwashing not just to the audience but even to the characters.

Do it pussy what could go wrong?

don't cuck baby gangster

If Aoi really wanted to win the manlet bowl she should have driven some spears into her "corpse" after Naegi left..
You know, to prevent her from coming back as a despair zombie or something.

It seems like Ogata didn't consider she as a participant.

A-user, I...



Guys, I have a question. Hajime was recruited for the reserves right? He had a normal highschool and then HPA put him in the reserves to prod him into the project? They probably found out about his Hope/Talent obsession through some weird HPA means. Tengan referred to Hajime's "old high school" is my reasoning for the question.

yes it is

>6. This bit is important so I’ll just transcribe the whole thing:
Ogata: So, I can’t talk about many things happening onwards with Hikasa-san anymore, Er, how should I put this, she’s still coming out a little… bit… There’a a scene something like f, flashback so…
Hikasa: Well, yeah!
Ogata: I can’t really talk about that either… Well, in many ways… it’s hard right? Until the last… for now…

7. Hikasa comments that Kirigiri’s a dead character. A character that had just died. She herself doesn’t have any regrets left for Kirigiri. Kirigiri died entrusting everything to Naegi, So it will be excruciatingly painful and distressing for the remaining people.

everyone freaked out about it even though ogata said kirigiri was dead last week anyway, i find the first part suspicious as shit like ogata almost spoiled shit (keep in mind this is a live recording)

How did this Mikan stealing Hajime meme start? Did I miss some romantic moment between them in DR2?


Okay, so what the fuck is up with Weedman in terms of survival count. If he doesn't have a bracelet and is outside yet is counted, why doesn't the counter increase when Togami and the no-names show up? Was there an unused NG code for weedman?


Do you think Chisa might be alive?

I'm pretty sure he was just a random student from the Reserve Course who wanted to be talented.

Kodaka said that he isn't in the game.

>Kirigiri's a dead character. A character that had just died
>Mentions dying
>Doesn't mention staying dead

you guys do realize the OG danganronpa fans in the west are all used to calling him monobear right? The something awful lets play was where this series popularity in the west started and the people who participated kind of have a unspoken bond to all the injokes surrounding junkos and so forth especially since that site turned into an abomination shortly afterwords.

>Kirigiri lives
>Chisa dead
Munakata will be so butthurt.

The real question is, who would win in a match between Juzo and Ippo with his Dempsey Roll unleashed?

i will always be sad the thread for the second game never reached junkoland

Fuck user, I JUST finished watching this episode.

Tsumiki "Swiss Cheesaki" Mikan
Tsumiki "Gamer Girl Grater" Mikan
Tsumiki "Every Drop Counts, Give Blood Today" Mikan
Tsumiki "Chiaki's Dead, I'm Giving Hinata Head" Mikan
Tsumiki "I Hope You Like Really Big Needles, Chiaki" Mikan
Tsumiki "Chiaki Got Penetrated, Now I'll Penetrate Hajime" Mikan
Tsumiki "Kill the Gamer, Win the Game" Mikan
Tsumiki "Kill his hope with despair to get his hope into your despair" Mikan
Tsumiki "Overwriting Chiaki's save file" Mikan
Tsumiki "Chiaki got Bored and I Scored" Mikan
Tsumiki "While Nanami naps, I empty his sack" Mikan
Tsumiki "Dungeon Master" Mikan
Tsumiki "Taking your extra man to make him her man" Mikan
Tsumiki "Game over for you, New Start for her" Mikan
Tsumiki "Cheating Chiaki for Hitting that Hinata" Mikan
Tsumiki "Healing your man's heart while you bleed out of yours" Mikan
Tsumiki "Keeping him warm while you go cold" Mikan
Tsukimi "Your hope is defiled so she could bear his child" Mikan
Tsumiki "Stealing Chiaki's levels in love" Mikan
Tsumiki "Captured the Flags" Mikan
Tsumiki "Tripping onto Hinata while Chiaki trips on traps" Mikan
Tsumiki "Giving your man life while you face death" Mikan
Tsumiki "Pierce you with despair while he Pierces her with hope" Mikan
Tsumiki "Leveling up" Mikan
Tsumiki "No Revives for you" Mikan
Tsumiki "Hajime's new white mage" Mikan
Tsumiki "New #1 in being your man's new Player 2" Mikan
Tsumiki "Hijacking Hajime" Mikan
Tsumiki "Plays doctor with your man while you play video games all day" Mikan
Tsumiki "Make Chiaki despair to get into Hinata's underwear" Mikan
Tsumiki “No no nanami” Mikan
Tsumiki “It's not NTR if she's dead” Mikan

>She herself doesn’t have any regrets left for Kirigiri.
Oh hey, they changed the mistranslation.

I really think that would be unfair if Kirigiri is still alive after that brutal death that Chiaki had.
And if both are alive it would be bullshit.

>DR got a port pretty much thanks to Something Awful
Were they the stepping stone to a greater hope?

Personally, i dont think its an impossibility but i highly doubt shes alive, people point to the theater scene but i think thats just people looking far too into whats there for just a thematic segway into despair arc.

Chisa was likley just a pawn who had a hand in setting things up but was still killed first as part of the plan. She was crying like the rest of the bodies so its very likely in her dying moments she was actually back to normal

>And if both are alive it would be bullshit.
Izuru and Seiko's medicine are bullshit.

They also changed the blunt "Kirigiri's dead." to the more ambiguous "Kirigiri's a dead character. A character who just died."

It might have gotten popular anyway, just a bit later, due to the Project Zetsubou PSP fan TL of the first game coming out just when the LP ended.

Kirigiri might be dead, but that doesn't mean KiriJunko isn't still around.

There were some great memes for DR2 though like when everyone was just speculating that the entire DR1 surviving cast were in disguise in the dr2 cast cause of nagito. There was a great image that i cant find anymore that someone drew of naegi terribly bad job at blending in as nagito, togami just coughing up touko and getting suddenly skinny, asahina swiming in like a ship, and kirigiri just tipping over inside a trash can.

they were simpler times, i recall people being able to opening talk about character attractiveness without any femnazi shilling back then, the good ol days before something awful became non ironic about the title.

>tfw only one (You).

I should learn to meme better.

She's like the only girl after Chiaki who shown interest in him.

>Juzo "Butt Slut" Sakakura
>Juzo "Rump Humper" Sakakura
>Juzo "Semen sampler" Sakakura
>Juzo "Rectal Ranger" Sakakura
>Juzo "Anal Astronaut" Sakakura
>Juzo "Penis Fly Trap" Sakakura
>Juzo "Back-door Bandit" Sakakura
>Juzo "CornHole Commando" Sakakura
>Juzo "Cakepipe Cosmonaut" Sakakura
>Juzo "I've fucked ten men" Sakakura
>Juzo "I'm gay for Kyousuke" Sakakura
>Juzo "Sphincter Specialist" Sakakura
>Juzo "Hope he's into Homos" Sakakura
>Juzo "Faggot for a baguette" Sakakura
>Juzo "Pining for some Penis" Sakakura
>Juzo "Have no fear I'm Queer" Sakakura
>Juzo "I'm Here and I'm Queer" Sakakura
>Juzo "I'm as Gay as they Say" Sakakura
>Juzo "I want to marry a fairy" Sakakura
>Juzo "Gay for my bae Kyousuke" Sakakura
>Juzo "Super High School Level Homo" Sakakura
>Juzo "Come Dock Your Cock" Sakakura
>Juzo "The Ball Bandit" Sakakura
>Juzo "Doggy Style All The While" Sakakura
>Juzo "Adam and Steve" Sakakura
>Juzo "Don't Drop the Soap Unless You Wanna Get Roped" Sakakura
>Juzo "SHSL Anal-yst" Sakakura
>Juzo "LGBT For LGB-me" Sakakura
>Juzo "Bros Before Hos" Sakakura
>Juzo "Two Dongs Make a Right" Sakakura
>Juzo "It's My Way Up Your Highway" Sakakura
>Juzo "Boss Of This Gym" Sakakura
>Juzo "Not Above Boy's Love" Sakakura
>Juzo "NG Code: Can't Donkey Punch" Sakakura
>Juzo "Sheath Muna's Katana" Sakakura
>Juzo "Dempsey Roll Those Hips" Sakakura
>Juzo "Bare-knuckle Bareback Brawler" Sakakura
>Juzo "Makes You See Better Fireworks than Chikatilo's" Sakakura
>Juzo "You Know Why Brown Ass Don't Lie" Sakakura
>Juzo "Pound My Ass Into Mush" Sakakura
>Juzo "Fuck Me Crippled and Roundhouse My Insides" Sakakura
>Juzo "Can't Guard His Shithole for Shit" Sakakura
>Juzo "Remotely Controlled Vibrator" Sakakura
>Juzo "Taking it All Live from the Bathroom Stall" Sakakura

2 factors actually. The first is the BD illustrations, the ones with Mikan+Chiaki and Kyouko+Aoi are titled "heroines and love interests"
The second one is that Kodaka has written about how SDR2 Mikan actually has a thing for Hajime because he is genuinely nice and caring with her.
Which is true enough, but I always found weird. Mahiru constantly stands for all the other girls all the time, but she only defends Mikan like, once.
People scream Mikan down all the time and the only one to think "dude, not cool" or try to confort her somewhat consistently is Hajime. Mahiru is more supportive to Hiyoko than to Mikan, and Hiyoko is a cunt.

I don't think even Izuru's ultimate everything can bring someone back from the dead.
Maybe if her brain and spinal cord aren't too damaged he could put her in a cyborg body or something, but even that's a stretch.

>there are people who doubt based Chisa being alive

How does t feel to be wrong?

I'm honestly though, 50/50. On one hand I truly believe she is the mastermind, however, I also have to reserve the possibility that the mastermind is someone else.

To be fair the heroines thing is misleading as shit, in japan they have a tendency to refer to the entire female cast as heroines, i recall when tales of zesty zestiria had the big alicia controversy baba backtracked and said shit like "shes not the main heroine but there are many female heroines in the cast" referring to the entire cast. In those pictures love interest was definitely referring to chiaki and kirigiri while heroines was overall for all 4 girls in the picture.

the real reaosn those 2 characters were picked was solely cause sex appeal though

Can the mastermind really just be a pawn of junko's though?
Seems a bit anticlimactic to me.

>Hikasa says Kirigiri is dead
>but they say she still voices lines and fumbles around by saying it's a flashback
>it's technically correct if KiriJunko is alive and Hikasa is voicing her
>the 16th participant is Junko inside Kirigiri
Make it happen. I want to see these threads devolve even further.

>I don't think even Izuru's ultimate everything can bring someone back from the dead.

Somebody post air guitar Izuru.pdf

>someone actually took my suggestion of making this seriously

I'd ask when and why, but I'm too filled with hope right now

The fact that chisa was revealed to the cast as a despair kind of ruins any mastermind chances for her. It'd be kind of like if the DR1 cast found out junko and mukuro were twins before the reveal or if the DR2 cast figured out hinata was izuru

Mastermind in DR:AE was just a pawn of Junko.
Not everything has to end with Junko.

>wanting it to be Junko

fucking please no. Besides, monokuma talks differently.

Depends on how they pull it off honestly. But Chisa being the mastermind allows for the RoD to come in.

We actually know why now
It's top tier pottery

If they wanted sex appeal it'd be Mikan and Sonia in bikinis!

Chiaki is cute but not what I'd say sexy.

This has been a great chill thread so far, really makes up for the train wreck that were all the threads the past 2 days.

Now to repost my favorite meme

Oh, I agree, just reporting why I think it started.

Nigga's no, I didn't say I want it to be Junko again. That would be the absolute worst case scenario. I'm just saying, would Chisa being the mastermind really be satisfying enough to you?



I forgot about that too. Mirai-10 ends with them off leaving Jabberwock for some reason while Despair-10 has them going to save Chisa/Stop Junko but failing miserably.

The fanbase greatly prefer chiaki in terms of sex appeal, like if you look up fanart you will see a metric fuck ton of chiaki in her swimsuit while youll find jack of that for sonia.

Kirigiri and asahina are sexualized to shit all over fanart to the point where its probably easier to count the non sexualized stuff

Keep in mind we're essentially in the final case for DR3, which is where the biggest clues are dropped.

Actually believe it or not, Cred Forums seems to be the only one who believes Chisa is the mastermind

>I'm just saying, would Chisa being the mastermind really be satisfying enough to you?
For me personally, yes. I'd be fine with it. It makes the most sense plot-wise.

It's possible Chisa broadcasted it to Jabberwock Island.


That's because the Japanese are retards and dont like Sonia because maybe she's had some experience, like that's a bad thing or something.

>Kodaka makes Junko being the mastermind a running gag
>Danganronpa v5
>It's set in magic school
>Murders appear to be done using magic. They actually weren't
>People expect Kodaka won't put Junko as the mastermind for the 6th time
>She's the mastermind again


I thought it was also because she's dirty gaijin

i'll never forget

>Mukuro tears into Makoto on the first meeting

>Juzo "Makes You See Better Fireworks than Chikatilo's" Sakakura
I'm so turned on right now. God I want to experience those fireworks.

And mainly because he met Chiaki

>Doesn't Meet Chiaki
>Doesn't become Izuru
>Junko doesn't recruit Izuru
>Komaeda successfully kills Junko
>No Tragedy

>It's possible Chisa broadcasted it to Jabberwock Island.
That would be great. As an attempt to rebrainwash the cast but she doesnt account for Hajizuru stopping to not give a shit about everything.

>Actually believe it or not, Cred Forums seems to be the only one who believes Chisa is the mastermind
no thats actually incorrect, ive seen all across mal, reddit, twitter, and the like putting chisa as their number 1 suspect.

and while yes this is chapter 6 were in, they did reveal the chisa despair thing in what would be chapter 5, Dr has always saved its masterminds as the big last minute twist, unko appeared about an hour before the game ended and izuru being the mastermind came straight the fuck out of no where turning the entire final trial on its head cause they want to believe its just ai junko

I could be wrong but chisa strikes me as the ai junko while the izuru is still waiting to be revealed.



It keeps going

He was a student who wanted to attend really badly but whose family didn't have to means to pay for the tuition. So hpa made a deal that they used as compensation for the money.

>then sub


I believe HPA had his eyes on him even before him meeting Chiaki. Even if not, I don't believe she had any relevance for them to choose him.

HPA would have picked someone else. And then everything would have turned even worse since that Izuru would've had no connection to Chiaki.

Dub footage is probably easier to find on youtube.
Sub footage was easier to find on his hard drive.

oh man i wish i could go back to when chapter 1 on SA was still ongoing, everyone collectively losing their shit over the nagito reveal was glorious.

Things were alot simpler back then, but im glad DR got so popular to actually get release here. playing Dr2 on my own was quite a treat since i basically marathoned it in 2 days, id dont think i could handle chapter 5 ongoing

I cant think of any where else they would go but to save chisa or something.

Dont know where else they would go.

I don't think he would have kept at it if he didn't meet Chiaki. He would probably just have left the reserve course.

Nice projecting, Mukuro.

The question is how would they even know where the secret base is? Nobody from FF would tell them. Is it possible Izuru still has contact with some members of Despair, like the mastermind?

>Mukuro not knowing what to do and looking uncomfortable at the end of the school mode when monokuma is defeated

What if that Izuru was Naegi Komaru?

It's not hard to take a hostage and find out, is it?

Did Tengan not say his "old highschool" though? I think in case 3 of DR he has a dream about the school before HPA but I have no idea if thats his middle school or not.

Not really, he desired talent to join the main course more than anything at that point. Chiaki influenced him both ways.

Dub is much better.

Wasn't he already on the fence about agreeing to the experiment? I think being with Chiaki delayed him from excepting it sooner. The final push was him not being able to do shit about the Twilight case and getting his ass kicked by Juzo. He even tried saying the same thing Chiaki said about being more than just talent before Juzo literally beat his ideals into him.

see you guys tuesday

It'd be pretty great. And them saving Chisa is like their attempt to right the wrong.

What did Tengan mean about the whole attackers being everybody shit?

Could pic related be hinting at Izuru?
Did the whole conversation just go over my head?

you're fucking right

I kind of think of it the other way. Chiaki was trying to convince him that talent doesn't matter, but she failed spectacularly. His insecurity vis-a-vis Chiaki is a major factor for him undergoing the procedure

That base is supposed to be super secret even among FF per episode 1.

I like the being broadcasted to Jabberwock idea better then ever now.

>What did Tengan mean about the whole attackers being everybody shit?

maybe it'll get answered in the next two future arc episodes ;)

>naegi the ladies man
>hajime the friendzoned

I think the dub voice goes better with the sprites.

Chiaki actually influenced him not to do it. Then Natsumi and Juzo made him feel worthless. And not so much Natsumi but her death. She was at the core, just like him

If the reserve course also has the "must already be a high school student" rule, then I think he might've looks really hard for ways to get into the school.

Alternating killers
Probably due to mind hacking or some shit

Go back to Facebook/twitter, spike

It's probably the brainwashing anime from the monitors. One person is brainwashed into despairing, killing, then forgets it all and goes back to sleep.

Frankly tengan is probably my biggest supect for the mastermind on this, its like he was planning on all this happening to get them all in one place and slaughter eachother.

Munakata asked him if he were a despair, being a despair is irrelevant to him being behind everything. I think he really is dead but this nigga strikes me as the guy who set all this up. The big thing that throws me off is how he was genuinly surprised at ryota being there, i think he wanted to weed out the futurue foundation of undesirable leaders but he wasnt ryota to be someone un involved.

I think Chiaki was a minor pillar. It was mainly him wanting to be proud of himself. Not to impress Chiaki.


delete this


worth 30 bucks? I'm also considering getting Yoshikage Kira's tie too

Not really.

>buying a tie ever for any reason

Wouldn't Kiri being dead just make the OP of Naegi reaching out to her a little awkward?

>What are interviews

>WANTING to be hired by a company that requires ties
That's a red flag.

>What is money

>thinking girls like Sonia or Mikan will take a "let's just be friends" as an answer

Not gonna happen

>Hope's Peak began with a bunch of old fools. Now they've all passed away, their era of folly is over.

Not if it's intentionally mirroring that one DR1 promo pic where Naegi reaches out to Sayaka.

Welp im out now guys, i wont be back till well after the episode comes out subbed so ill leave my hopes, not what i expect genuinly but what i want:

>kirigiri is alive and saves naegi last minute to parallel the opening of him reaching out for her
>someone other than chisa is the mastermind
>ryota not dying cause i pity him so much
>the Dr2 cast coming to save the day alongsie togami and hagakure

The fact that he even bothered saying talent doesn't matter means that he was at least making an attempt to get over his insecurities. But he gave up on that after getting beaten.

Baby don't hurt me
Don't hurt me
No more

Juzo boys wish you best of luck even if we are rooting for a opposite outcome, as long as one of us gets what we want and not both of us left in despair.

Gozu is the attacker, the dead body is actually Bandai's

I thought the point of this was to kill the despairs and himself and let the traitors go?

Actually that was the one time he got the opposite of his desired result.

You don't need a tie for retail job interviews, that's overkill and a sign that your desperate enough to do the hard jobs with no complaint.

But he has the wrong skin color

I reject your 16-hours wage slave despair

No. It was a gambit to force the remaining hopes to figure out who the traitor is, because his SHSL Luck would guarantee that it was the traitor who finished him off with the poisoned firebomb.

Yeah, that was the idea. Get the traitor to kill him so every RoD dies except the traitor, who isn't one at all. The plan would have fucked them over in the long run because Junko would have taken over their bodies though, so it's actually an example of luck not being good for him.

Anyone here know how to do extracting from game files? I want some of the voices lines from the games.

Really hope Chisa isnt dead. I'd hate for her story to end just like that. Too sad.

who were your favorite sdr2 characters at the beggining and the end? just curious


>souda, mikan, hajime

> twogami, kuzuryuu, ibuki

You do know she's not gonna have a happy ending either way, right?

What do you mean?

>she loves despair, thus she is happy

Nonono, that isnt the real her.

>Mikan and Sonia

>Mikan and Sonia

Her story already ended in DR1, user.


The knife is the killer and the mastermind. It's Junko's ghost within the knife.

It all makes sense now, why else would you cut up Ruruka's body like that.

The knife (Junko's ghost) is mad that she used it to kill Izayoi as Junko herself as a ghost was supposed to do the killing.

This is 100% what Kodaka will pull off, after this he'll beat Uchikochi in being the Ultimate Hack.

No, Despair is far better written while Future Arc has been a bit of a trainwreck.

Future Arc has such big plot holes on how the characters didn't see the obvious "Chisa is just Junko Enoshima 2.0" nonsense. That was my first fucking guess by episode 2.

Sadly, this would have worked better if Mitari was the killer and that everything was a literal anime in Future Side. So none of the events actually took place. Basically, it's a huge 4th wall break.

Instead, we got Chisa is Junko now.

>Well written

Obviously the knife means something.

>Despair is far better written

You're fucking with me, right?

>Well written


saionji, chiaki, hajime

komaeda, chiaki, gundam, mahiru, hajime
Fuck you, 5 favorites at the end is the best I can give you, dr2's cast is so fucking good.

>Instead, we got Chisa is Junko now
Which is a plot point that began in the despair arc, which you say is better written.


But guys, it has a cute girl getting tortured to death for ten minutes!!!

>how the characters didn't see the obvious "Chisa is just Junko Enoshima 2.0" nonsense
How is that a plot hole? She acted normal around them.
Also, Mitarai being the killed doesn't make sense he is too weak to do all that.
Your theory being wrong =/= Plot hole

Reminder that this other thread is still up.

But Future Side would never have happened the way it was if any of the Future Foundation had actually USED THEIR GOD DAMN BRAINS AND CHECKED CHISA'S BODY.

Geez, the evidence was literally hidden on Chisa's person! The moment that Munakata saw that shit, he knew who the killer was! All of this could have been avoided if someone ACTUALLY CHECKED THE BODY.

No, it would have been better if Mitari was the killer, he was using his anime to insert commands like 'kill yourself' and the entire Future Side was one big anime 4th wall break moment.

Oh no
Last time I argued about this, it lasted for an hour

You aren't fooling me this time

>he is too weak to do all that
I don't think that matters in DR

The entire fucking despair arc is a meme. It's been shit after shit after shit. From slow pacing to sudden 130mph trip on the highway to 10 minute scenes about torturing some kid to fucking mindhack video.

Don't even get me started about all the asspulling around Junko, it's a massive fucking meme at this point.

>Geez, the evidence was literally hidden on Chisa's person! The moment that Munakata saw that shit, he knew who the killer was! All of this could have been avoided if someone ACTUALLY CHECKED THE BODY.

Geez, I wonder what Kirigiri did once she got some air from being chased off by a bunch of morons. You fucking dense, lad?

This part kind of turned me on.
Do you think real Chiaki would be into femdom?

>didn't check the body

That is the one thing the characters kept on doing


Then how come none of them mentioned the obvious pictures of Chisa on a swing with a bunch of dead kids saying "It's me!

Juzo did it, Kirigiri did it and munakata did it.

Because only Munakatana had that picture you fucking moron.

>tfw when you have a 1/3000000 chance to be born and you're a born a nigger

Munakata was carrying those from the beginning

Then where did Munakata get the picture from the very beginning? This still does not add up.

No you moronic assfuck.

You're actually retarded, aren't you? He was her girlfriend you dense fuckwit. Why the fuck do you think a boyfriend would carry around pictures of his girlfriend?

He kept it on him, but downplayed it as denial or some prank


Mine didn't really change. I went in before knowing anything about them and expected to like Akane more because I am a huge Aoifag. It literally lasted a few seconds tops, though, so not sure this counts as beginning.
From her first line of dialogue, filled with genki and cringe and all of her looniness, my favorite in DR2 is actually Ibuki. I am nothing like her, but she is the kind of person I get along with the best, albeit with every personality trait much more intense.
I like how she seems to be the kind of person who would push me out of my confort zone and drag me into trying new things, for example.

But why would he keep pictures of her girlfriend on a swing with a bunch of dead bodies on the background while she smiled and wrote on it "It's me!

DR usually gets pretty happy endings.

She died a long time ago, user

Look at this fucking guy and tell me he had sanity in his mind after she died.

Yeah,It does.
It was a important point in DR2 case 4.

Is this the new "Why" game?
Okay, then WHY do you think he was so obsessed with destroying despair?

She didnt get a chance though like Class 77 did. We all know Hajime will wake them up, lets not joke here.

>happy endings
>4 worst characters that I wanted to die off are the only ones that survive every time

No m8, danganronpa's endings are true despair.

shit taste

Chihiro's death was sad. The others were meh. Sakura was fine but I cant take her seriously with her design.

And in DR2 there is a chance to wake them all up.

Because he's clearly an idiot who can't tell the obvious that is in front of his own eyes.

That, or the writer didn't think that part obviously through.

>wanted Sonia to die

You monster

I enjoy that both Aoi and Aoi's voice actor are apparently shipping Naegi off with Kirigiri. That's cute.

What? Without the context Tengan provided of every single member possibly being despair, there is no way Munakata would have taken the photos seriously, he'd think they came from Monokuma trying to fuck with him
Would YOU believe random-ass photos on a corpse that died while you weren't concious? Seriously, you are actually more gullible than Juzo or Munakata. I am at a loss for words
And what significance would the photos have for the rest of them? They wouldn't know about the child killings and would safely assume that it was just Monokuma trying to drive Munakata crazy. The reason they took a toll in Munakata was because Tengan's NG gave credibility for his statements and planted a seed of doubt in his mind.

I'm not arguing it's shit writing, but it was clear he was in denial and was carrying around those pictures as a reminder to destroy despair

When someone brainwashes your waifu to become the thing you are suppose to fight, it puts some conflict and hypocrisy into your character. Which is probably why he went Punished Raiden


How would those pictures even make sense to them you numbskull? They were literally planted there by the enemy.
He himself says he didn't want to believe it, he only did after Tengan exposed the possibility of her being a RoD and showed his NG giving the statement credibility.
Oh, "it's me" is written here, she OBVIOUSLY did it, right? It couldn't possibly have been ANYONE else.
My god, you actually manage to be stupider than Raiden

Only if Munakata would jam his Youth into her instead of worrying about is retarded Keikaku

I don't think this particular instance is shit writing, though. At least it's nowhere near as bad as other things we've been expected to buy from Despair arc.
When Chisa had just died those pictures made no sense to the guy obviously because he had no reason to believe she had despair in the head.
Then he found a guy who couldn't answer questions with lies and he said she had been tainted with Despair. THAT made his gray mass put a little bit more thought into them and only then did he go full bananas over the contradiction that sprung up on him.

i'm thinking that Mitarai's NG code is something like this "during the sleep phase, at least one participant must sleep in a room with a monitor" (of course with a clearer phrasing)

Kirigiri figured out that through the monitors someone is turned into a killer or into a suicide, and Asahina believes the killing game is over because they will have to sleep together in a room without monitors.

Mitarai figured out that the monitors are using the mindhacking anime, and he will have to decide if he will sleep in a room without monitors and break his NG code, or take the risk and possibly become the next killer/suicide

of course Monokuma could anticipate this and deploy a monitor in the empty room where Naegi and Munakata allied, and everyone will be very confused once they wake up, Mitarai still being alive even though he slept in a room without a monitor

No, just boats.

>The entirety of class 77 plus Hajime, murderers of millions
Those millions were also just in comas.

His desired effect was rooting out the traitor, which he accomplished. His preferred outcome was that the traitor won the game, but he was also fine with the traitor getting executed.

The exact same things that are wrong with Weedman.

Mukuro doesn't actually smell bad though.