Kumo desu ga, nani ka? 11

Will this spider ever catch a break?

No. No she will not.


>everyone just accepts her KILL EVERYONE plan with barely an objection

Kumo-chan is was so cute back in the labyrinth days, back when her stats were only in the double digits and she lived in fear of everything.

Well, they don't really have much of an attachment to the world and all the reincarnators are guaranteed to survive the soul abrasion once the system falls.

Besides if everyone is dead before the system falls, they all be able to reincarnate.

Welp, it's what she's ordered to do, she doesn't really care about what happens to the world, and people just don't realize how bad the current situation is... wait a goddamn second, is this LN just a subtle allegory for global warming?

not much unless all the theories of global warming prove to implicate elves in one way or another

>implicate elves

Well, that's all they're good for; implications and rape.

As usual, it all comes down to those big nos- I mean pointy eared bastards, hogging all the wealth and knowledge for their own gain, while the rest suffer under their control and schemes.

When do you think D will be done with her homework? Still waiting til everyone else finds out Shiro isn't Wakaba and they were all just stuck in a spider's web.

>MFW Shiro's army is dressed in all white

Also, would you try to sneak into Shiro's bedroom?

She's literally about to engage in the genocide of an entire race, so it's fitting.

Elves are kikes though, so stylish black military uniforms would've been more fitting.

She's moving on to the elves once the war with the humans end though.

>the pope literally agreed to ally with the people who are about to murder 80% of humanity

It's for their own good though.

Either they die now, and reincarnate after the system is destroyed, or they risk having their soul destroyed with the system if they have many skills.




I want to make Kumoko a mother!

But he knows they're eventually doomed anyways. Plus both sides hate Potimas since he made things go to shit. The only thing I'm worried about is what else Potimas can do considering how much he was able to fuck up and still be alive right now.

Since she has a spider in that one knife ear's stomach, you would think she could just massively multiply her spiders until she takes over the Elf kingdom

Will the spider ever get out of being underground?

Well he was able to make soul parasites out pieces of his own soul. I wouldn't put it past him to have an ultimate ace up his sleeve

she does eventually
becomes the patron deity of a town
when the town gets sacked, she goes on a rampage and kills a lot of people

Who's the cutest girl of the series?

not even close

>whats the plan?
>sounds like a good plan
>*sob* thank you so much
wasn't expecting demon king feels since it seemed like shirou and by proxy us, were completely expecting the demon king to turn against her for this, reading b1 again was fun though, reading last years theories on who demon king, kuro and shiro were were even funner

Sounds like fun

She goes on a rampage before the sack. When she comes back she cooks some elf stir-fry.

It seems to be a running trend for Shiro to assume the worst response from others.

Hell she hid the entire meeting from Kuro so he wouldn't find out because she still thinks he'd slap her shit if he did.

Even though Kuro has already privately admitted to the pope that he's pretty much thrown his hands up and given up and will let Shiro do whatever the fuck she wants now.

Where are you guys reading this?
Are there even translations?

Reminder that Kumoko takes care of her subordinates's sexual stress.

She certainly covered them with her sticky white fluids.

Is just me or the series has heavy yuri subtext lately? Between the mother complex of Sofia and the "complicated" feeling of Shiro toward the Demon King, this shit feel very forbidden


Cutest Kumo was when she just got out of labyrinth, and is hungry for delicious food and sexy middle-aged men

Isn't it illegal for a spider to be this CUTE?

Just you buddy. Loosen up those goggles a bit. Or don't, that's fine too.

This is probably the best in its genre
I just started reading this

>You will never be a drunk balding middle age man
>You will never grope Kumoko till she faints

how often does this update, weekly, bi weekly, monthly?
i mean the translation of course

Bestiality is not ok, user

elves = America

That's cool and all, but could spider beat Snot Necromancer?

Whenever the translator feels like it. Which is often enough

I want a videogame version of the monster creature survival dungeon she's in.
Imagine how much fun that would be to be in some giant dungeon were you are a random critter and can evolve in every way you want.

Would you fuck this spider?


Most recent WN chapter showed why. Even KILLING IS WRONG NO MATTER WHAT Oni agreed with the plan.

Translations are more or less up to date for the novel at least, the translator tries to release the TL'd chapter as soon as he/she can whenever the author uploads new chapters(which has no set schedule). Don't know about the manga.

I don't really see why they wouldn't cooperate with Kuro though.

For them, the sacrifice of 2 people in order to heal the world should be much more appealing than "mass extermination in order to save as many souls as possible", especially if they're going to die themselves because of the skill drain on the promise that their souls will be saved and allowed to reincarnate again.

Sariel did enough, it is time for her to rest.

You know that Ariel actually like the goddess, right? And she is sorta a buddy of Kuro-chan

Yeah, I'm sure telling everyone to limit their uses of oil, petrol and other liquid golds is very profitable.

Would you sacrifice yourself to spider for her to level up?

It makes sense for Ariel.

However, I thought that Oni-kun would against exterminating the world population just to give them a shot at reincarnating, and that Vampire-chan is actually pretty satisfied with her life and doesn't have any self-sacrificing instincts.

If Goddess and Kuro want to sacrifice themselves to save the world, let them do it. As long as elves are gassed before it happens, the world will be fine.

But Sariel and Kuro dying to save the system will still end up with a lot of people dead, given that Kuro will purposefully burn himself and the system out to save the planet. People with high skills will still die and get their souls destroyed.

Shiro's way keeps the system going while also saving more souls to be reborn overall.

It also lets System voice-chan get a shot at reincarnation.

>this is the best
>I just started reading this

Stop reading when you get to the part where she gains a complete human form. That's the shark jumping moment.

It's starting to get better again now that we are closing in on the time jump.

Reminds me of this.

Or Spore, if you want to be disappointed.

Only if she blow me first.

I'm not seeing anything wrong with the post godhood part, if you want more dungeon crawling there's other stuff you can read.

I think I should duck out of this thread after reading the first few posts. I'm only on like chapter 120 and was just told the side stories actually matter eventually at 200+ so I have no fucking clue what anyone is talking about.

Yeah, better duck out, spoilers everywhere.

SS stuff is pretty boring at first but gets better as it goes, and does become relevant.


anri a cute, though

Wasn't there some game a few years ago called city survival or something? You went around hunting in an abandoned city and if you killed enough things you got to be a different creature.

It was ps3 I think

Anri-sama a cute.

did i miss a chapter or something?

Nope, Estelion hasn't released anything in ages. Guy still isn't done with the WN side stories either.

Tokyo Jungle?

yea that

That cover is hilarious

it's a good cover

speaking of Isekai mangas, where the fuck is Arifureta ch6?

please respond

Isn't it... The opposite?


Here's your (You).


No seriously try reading something that's not complete shit.

>With my proposed method to destroy the System, using that energy to restore the world, the Goddess can be rescued without sacrificing her. However, with the Goddess already having exhausted herself to the extent that she cannot sustain her life, in the end she’ll only be able to return to the cycle of reincarnation. Her death cannot be averted. Still, complete extinction can be avoided.

Chapter 268.
Broski, if you're reading WN/LNshit you've long since given up your right to call out anyone else on their shit taste.

>if you're reading WN/LNshit you've long since given up your right to call out anyone else on their shit taste
>says this in a kumo thread

>Broski, if you're reading WN/LNshit you've long since given up your right to call out anyone else on their shit taste.
arifureta is like half the reason people think this stuff is shit

Kumo isn't high literature, I like it but I won't pretend that it's good writing.

I meant the burning out himself and the and the system thing. I thought kuro's method would JUST restore the world, without making any changes to the system. I could have read wrong though.

Series is pretty good for an isekai now. Seeing the spider focus on survival more than cheats or comedy is certainly helping.

That said, haven't read the LN. Does the series eventually fall within the regular isekai pratfalls (overpowered MC, excessive focus on RPG mechanics, loses its way with the original premise and becomes another cookie-cutter fantasy, etc)?

Well the RPG thing was set by someone else for shits and giggles. so make of that what you will.

Letting the system stay in place just means more elf fuckery because Potimas is fucking cockroach.

>or comedy
Nigga you what

Every chapter of Kumo is a comedy outside the one where she maxes Taboo and gets PTSD and goes on a rampage for a bit because she's in full "REEEEE FUCK ELVES" mode.

the rpg mechanics stop existing after a point for spider, though they're sometimes brought up for other characters

she does get isekai overpowered, though

I don't know what you think the 'original premise' is but she stops having to focus on survival after a while and then politics shit happens

it's still pretty good, i think

RPG mechanics go nearly completely by the wayside. OP MC is kind of subverted, problems don't just go away.

It does stop being a survival fantasy which is a shame, but it does eventually crawl out of the isekai pitfalls and builds a moderately compelling fantasy setting with more of a focus on character interaction and planning than Kumo-chan just killing shit and being adorable.

If both methods end with the destruction of the system, wouldn't that be redundant? What would the point be of saving the world with kuro's method if people will die and be unable to reincarnate due to soul abrasion anyway?

That's why i think Kuro's method would leave the system intact so nobody has to go through that. Though i give you potimas, he has to be erased before anything needs to happen.

The people will die with Kuro s method since soul abrasion would still happen.
The most he can do is sacrifice his life to protect everyone when Shiro shuts off the system.

Kuro's way leaves the system intact which means elf hitler gets another try at godhood, Shiro's way means lots of people dying but also the system going away which means that elf hitler can go fuck himself which also means no more world-shattering apocalypses.

That's why i said potimas has to die before trying anything like restoring the world. He could pull a fast one and ascend to godhood by absorbing all the MA energy that might come from either kuro's sacrifice, or the system's fall.

SoL comedy. Should've specified.

Should I read from Turb0 Or Blastron's translations?

Hey goys I mean guys, stop using all the stuff we've been using for years. It's bad somehow. Instead use all these new more expensive and less reliable alternatives! Don't worry about the cost, we'll get your government to subsidize it so it's somewhat affordable.

turbos machine translation level good enough to get the point across
if you wait for blastrton hes only up to 100
go blastron turbo raising the dead
or just straight turbo so you dont feel the huge drop in translations